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Weekend Rubber Experience

by Jester

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© Copyright 2003 - Jester - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bondage; cons; X

Weekend Rubber Experience - Part One
by Jester
Soul Mates by Aaron Roberts
Weekend Rubber Experience is @1999-2003 by Jester.  Any Unauthorized uses of this story in any shape will be dealt like this: Torture in a rubber suit, sealed in another vacuum suit, smothered in deep thick mud, and encased for an entire weekend.

Weekend Rubber Experience

Friday Night

Jack walked around New York’s East Side, not knowing how much more trouble he’d get into this evening.  His girlfriend Sandy seemed to want more of a commitment from him, but he wasn’t interested in settling down yet.  He was 28, had dated plenty of women, and thought himself to be a regular guy.  He did have one fetish, which was inescapable, and that was rubber.  He loved to wear rubber, to feel rubber, and the smell and feel and taste of rubber…just thinking about it made Jack want to jerk off, with or without any women around.  Sandy had no idea that he was into rubber so hard-core, yet she had no problem making him wear a rubber when they made love.  It was when he showed her his rubber catsuit for the first time that she freaked out, and told him that it was too much for her.  It was either become more “normal,” or leave.  Jack chose to leave.

So here on this cold rainy fall evening, Jack was wandering about the East Side of town.  He knew that around here, people of all different types and orientations walked around freely.  Some wore leather, some wore latex, and other people had spiked hair, many piercings.  Jack just wore a black overcoat, twill sweater, and a pair of jeans.  He was just looking for someplace around here that maybe was into his type of fetish, and after walking around for a long time, he just didn’t see what he was looking for.  He ran his fingers through his wet scalp, pulling his hair back, letting out a sigh for not finding what he was looking for.

All of a sudden, a taxicab whizzed by Jack, and dashed its front tire into a large puddle.  All Jack saw was the wave of dirty water come crashing over him.  The water drenched him, hitting the ground with a loud splash thump.  The taillights of the cab lit up, as the taxi quickly skidded to a halt.  Jack was still in shock from the chilling water covering him. He stood by there, watching a brunette bounce out of the cab, yelling back to the driver, “Next time get your tip from a Cracker Jack Box!”   She turned her head quickly in Jack’s direction; her bob haircut flashing to show him the most glowing blue eyes he’d ever seen.  She was wearing a large plastic black Mac, and her hands were covered in black matching gloves. The cab took off, as Jack heard her boots clicking away against the concrete sidewalk, coming closer to him.  “Are you O.K.?”, she said in a smooth educated voice.  The water was dripping off Jack’s nose and hair, and he felt his body shivering.  She peered up into his brown eyes, and liked what she saw instantly. 

“It’s my fault you got drenched, that driver had no clue where he was going.”  She ran her gloved hands on his trench, wiping some of the water off him.  “Are you O.K.?”, she said again.  All Jack could think of were her gloved hands, the plastic Mac, and the long shiny boots he just noticed she had on. “This girl’s covered in plastic!” he thought. “I wonder if she is into latex and rubber as I am?”  He looked at her with this stare of incomprehension. “I live right around the corner.”  She looked him over, and gestured upward with her hand. “Would you like to come up and get out of your wet clothes?  I have a nice bottle of sherry, and a warm fireplace that I think you may need about now.”  She gave him this innocent smile, her red lips slowly parted to show the whitest smile he’d seen.  Just under her chin, he saw the blackness of shiny material, and the flash of metal studs, and a large metal loop that could only be a D-ring from a collar.  All Jack could do was turn his head, letting rain fall over him, and say, “Yes.”

She smiled back at him, and turned to lead.  Jack noticed the light shining off her black mac, and her boots, how they had such a sharp point to the heel.  She turned the corner, and reached into her pocket, pulling out her keyring.  Jack made a quick note of the small keys that were also on the ring, smaller than usual padlock keys.  The woman turned the locks open, and proceeded up the stairway.  Jack closed the door behind him, but still felt very cold, even in the closed stairway.  Jack had a good look up her mac; the boots seemed to flow into whatever she was wearing.   She got to the top of the stairs, and undid the top bolt.  “I usually don’t do this without knowing your name…”she trailed off. 

“Jack.  Jack Summers.”  He looked into her eyes, and extended a hand.  “Melissa McGivans.” She took his hand, and shook it.  Firm grip, he thought, through the soft plastic gloves.  She opened the door, and turned on the lights.  “Jack, why don’t you go over to the fireplace.  It’s one of those gas ones; the switch is right next to the mantle.”  She pivoted on a heel to go towards the kitchen, and Jack walked over to the fireplace.  Large ceilings, he noticed, with a nice, yet private view of the neighborhood.  He saw a leather couch close to the fireplace, as well as what he thought were modern pieces of art.  He also saw that Melissa had some good taste in art, with some duplicate Moyet hanging.  Jack heard some glasses clinking, as he found the switch.

Heat rapidly filled his cold face, as he stood there dripping on her hardwood floor.  He kept his back to her, his eyes entranced with the dance of the fire.  Jack heard what sounded like plastic crinkling together, and he assumed it was her taking off her mac.  He rubbed his hands together, and warmed them close to the fire.

“Jack, why don’t you take off that wet coat, and hang it over the radiator?” Melissa said from behind him, making a tap-tap noise as she walked on the hardwood floor.  Jack turned, and saw that Melissa was carrying a bottle of sherry, 2 longstem glasses, and was wearing a full covering catsuit.  The boots he had noticed before were of the types that were laced all the way up the front of her thighs.  He could make out through the dim light that her nipples were pierced.  A tight hard corset boned up her tummy.  The gloves seemed to be a part of the suit.  The fire was dancing off her curves, like the smile she was giving to him.  Jack was in heaven now, not a word spoken between them.  They both knew that she was into latex, now the question was, was he?  Jack liked what he saw, and turned to take off the overcoat. 

“What do you do for a living, Melissa?” 

“I’m an owner of an art supply shop located a couple blocks away.  Perhaps you heard of it?  McGivan’s Artisan Supply Company?”  She sat down on the leather couch, watching Jack place the coat on the radiator.  He looked so good to her; she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.  She was pissed off from her lover not showing up at the club earlier, but was so happy to have come upon this sweet gift.  “No, can’t say that I have.  I’m not from around here, I was looking for something that I couldn’t find before.” Jack said as he slipped onto the couch next to Melissa.  She handed him the bottle and corkscrew.  Jack popped the bottle open, and poured them each a glass.  The fire was building rapidly, heating them both, as it also glowed off Melissa’s black suited figure. 


They both took long pulls on their drinks, letting the sherry work its effect on them. “That’s an unusual garment you are wearing, Melissa.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. What is it?”  Jack coyly played to her. “This, Jack,” placing her glass down on a side table “ is what I think you were looking for.”  She looked again into his eyes, making contact.  She looked into his soul, and the only sound to be heard was the fire cracking.  She ran her latex covered hand onto his bare hand.  “This is a catsuit made out of a thin layer of rubber called latex.”  Her cold hand and smooth, slow voice made his backhairs stand up, and gave him goosebumps.  He knew all along what it was, and he wanted to savor every moment.  “It covers my every curve, every pore, filling me into something erotic, something powerful.  Have you ever tried latex, Jack?”  Melissa ran that hand up over his sweater, and up his shoulder, to caress the back of his neck.  She started to massage him, watching his body react to her gloved hands, and their magic. 

“Yes, Melissa, I have.  I was looking for a rubber club, and I heard that there was such a club down here on the East Side.”  Jack slid his body on an angle to Melissa, and spoke trembling as she ran her hands through his mane, running them over his face, his neck.  “I looked in vain, and was just ready to give up when your cab splashed me.”  A single drop of rain fell from his still wet hair.  It glistened on her black hand.  Jack’s breathing had started to shallow, and he was beginning to feel that rubber high he had only felt a couple times before, by himself.  Now it looked like he’d finally found someone to share this with.

Melissa lowered her head so her eyes were even with Jack’s.  “Jack, before we go any further, I just want you to know that if at any time, you feel uncomfortable, you need to let me know.  I mean really know.  I feel so horny right now; I want to do so many things with you.  You may go tonight further than you’ve ever gone before.  I really need you to go to that level.” Melissa’s voice lowered itself even more, almost to a hypnotic level.   “You should pick a safeword, one that I will know means that you don’t want to go any more. Think of one now.”  Melissa started to lick her bottom lip, like a vulture ready to eat it’s prey.  She wanted to rip his sweater off him, but Jack arched his head in delight.  Jack let out a deep breath, and slowly let out his word.   Melissa let an erotic smile come off her lips, and pulled away from him. 

“Allright, if that’s your word, fine.  My word to you is this: Never.”  Melissa pulled a long leg on top of Jack’s, spreading her legs wide open.  “If I say “Never”, that means I don’t want to play anymore, O.K.?”  Jack nodded as Melissa stopped talking, and pulled close to Jack’s lips.

“Kiss me.”  Melissa breathed onto Jack’s lips, biting his lower lip and they kissed for the first time.  Their tongues intertwined as they darted over each other.  Melissa pulled away.  “You kiss nice.  Let’s get you out of the remainder of your wet clothes.”  She got up, and started to pull off his sweater.  Jack unzipped his jeans, and let them fall to the floor.  He took off his boots, and placed them next to his still wet trench coat.  The fire warmed only the area by the fireplace, so here by the window, his body was rapidly getting cold.  Jack was still in his boxers.  Melissa shook her head and mouthed a slow “no”. She took a plastic finger, and pulled his shorts down to the ground.  She slithered her body, shaking it as a dancer would.  Melissa slid up onto his naked body.  His cock was getting so hard from being seduced by this lovely creature, and he didn’t want to hide it at all.  Melissa pulled at his nipples, and ran her plastic hands over his firm chest.  Such a hard body will go over so nice in rubber, she thought.  I want to be fucked so badly by him; I can’t wait too much longer to get him rubberized!

Jack looked down at her wild expression, and kissed her again.  He slid his hands around her waist, by her laces, pulling her into him.  His cock was getting hard by the impulses, the smell of her latex and sex mixed into the most desirable fragrance.  He took a long deep breath, and shuddered as she took a hold of his expanding penis.  The firmest hold a woman ever gave him.  Viselike, she took control of its throbbing.  Her eyes never left contact with his, as she slowly started to stroke his tool.  “You like this?” she deeply said.  His expression left no doubt.  After what seemed an eternity, she released his penis.  “I think it’s time we dressed you up for the occasion.”

They walked into a room that could only be described as a walk-in rubber closet.  Here he saw many different sizes and shapes, some on mannequins; some stretched out like a kite.  Some looked like women’s suits and clothes; others looked like men’s.  There were different masks and metallic rods, with padded cuffs at each end.  On one wall were many various shapes and contours, some long and narrow, some blunt and thick.  He didn’t see the same shape twice. “Do you like what you see, Jack?”

“Melissa, I….” He trailed off in amazement, seeing things he had never imagined with rubber fetish.  He started to walk to the shaped wall, when Melissa pulled him to her.  She put her hands up to his neck, and very quickly, snapped a collar to his neck.  Jack was stunned as she pulled a silverlinked chain from the ceiling and clipped it to a D-ring on the front of the collar.  His body got a quick yank towards the ceiling, and Jack thought that was going to be it.  His head jerked upward, lifting him unto his tiptoes.

“Jack, you be a good boy.  When I am done with you, you WILL thank me. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.”  Melissa said these words firmly, with emphasis on the actions.  Jack’s position left him with a view of the detailed plaster ceiling.  It had some cracks along the upward curve of the wall. 

“Jack, what ever I tell you to do, you will do it, GOT IT?”  Her voice was level and stern.  Jack let out a soft “yes”.

He heard a bottle top open, and heard what sounded like shampoo gel squeezed out of it.  Her heels clicked over to his naked body.  He felt her cold hands at his feet, smothering his skin with the gel.  He loved the sensation, as she slowly worked in the gel on his left leg, then his right.  His cock was hard, and Melissa noticed it.  She looked at her prisoner, strung up like a side of beef.  His cock was a delightful prize, and she wanted to taste it before it was covered up.  She bent down to grasp his balls, and she slid her lips onto his cock.  She took her sweet time, sliding her lips just on his hood, making him wait for more.  Her pussy was so wet from the wait of fucking this guy; she loved his wet, dripping body.  The smell of the liquid bodylube and his precum made her senses go wild. 

Her tongue darted on his hard, almost totally erect cock.  She closed her eyes, loving the feeling of filling her mouth with her soon-to-be lover’s cock.  She pulled on one of her nipple rings, and the shock of ecstasy rolled through her body.  Her slippery labia wanted to grind on his leg, but Melissa didn’t want the lube to mess up her suit.  The last time she had “jumped the gun”, she had to throw out that old suit, and it wasn’t cheap to replace.  She remembered that, and licked his cock’s dripping precum off of it.  She stood up, and went back to finding him the perfect beginner’s suit.

Jack loved what he felt, his cock wanted to cum, but he knew that this was going to last a while, so he’d better wait.  He tried to rotate, but found his position fixed.  He felt a smooth skin like thing go up one leg, and then the other.  Jack felt Melissa’s hand slide up his thigh, and then he could feel her hand cup his balls.  He felt that she was leading his cock into something; he thought it was a giant condom. 

“Spread your legs.”

Her firm voice was so commanding, he parted his legs immediately.  Jack instantly could feel the rubber warm up his legs, taking on a heavy feeling down there. 

“You may feel a little intrusion.  Trust me.”

Jack could feel a small finger with more of the gel on his anus.  He has played with it in the shower a couple of times, but thought it was a strange feeling.  His hole widened, and the pressure let go.  Just as fast, he felt a slim rod slide up there, reaching what he thought was his bladder.  The rod slid down, leaving something in his large intestine.

“OK…this is what I wanted, right?”, Jack thought.  “Trust me”, she had said.  Jack did, and so it continued.

Jack felt his cock sliding into the condom-like thing just right.  His cock felt great, although it seemed to weigh more than it had before.  His cupped balls were slipped into a tightfitting cup-like thing.  Jack seemed to forget about it after a second or two. 

Melissa let go of his encased cock.  It glowed in the dim light of the fire.  She couldn’t wait to pounce on it; she slipped a hand down to her pussy, slowly rubbing her clit.  Melissa was on fire, she wanted Jack covered and covered NOW!  She frigged herself a little more, and then walked up to his form hanging from the ceiling.  She licked one of his erect nipples, sliding her tongue around the stud.  She let the hole from her pierced tongue almost get filled by the bud, she forgot she had taken out her stud earlier this evening.  She quickly walked into the adjoining bathroom, and inserted it.  She took a look at her body, flashed her metal stud in the mirror, and strode off to lick her prey.  The stud was cold on his wet nipple, and Melissa could tell he loved it.  She felt his cock again.

“Did you notice something, lover…Grunt for me!”

She clamped down on his cock again.  “GRUNT!”  He let out a loud moan, one that she could tell meant that he wanted to fuck her soon. Melissa smiled to herself, and continued to lube up his upper body.

Melissa slid lube all over his body, and then on the outer arms.  She forced him to open his arms, and she slid in-between them.  His upper torso was finished.  She started to unfold the suit onto his body. 

“Hold an arm out.” 

Melissa smoothed a sleeve onto his forearm, and then over his biceps, the glove attached starting to pull onto his wrist.  She took the glove, and worked each digit into his hand.  Melissa was on the brink of orgasm just suiting Jack up.  She loved the way people looked as they were transformed from ordinary people to erotic creatures to fuck!

“The other arm.”

She continued to unfold him, and quickly finished him off.  She walked around Jack, and closed his suit up, pressing the ziplock-type binds closed.  She hit the button that controlled the winch that Jack was bound to.  His body relaxed onto his booted feet, and he finally could look Melissa in the eyes.  His chest was encased in rubber; the only part of his body not encased was his head.

Melissa took the clip off the winch, and looking Jack in the eye, clipped it unto her collar.  They were connected at last!

“This is what you want, right Jack?” she said breathlessly.  She stood there, looking intently into his eyes.  The fire was burning brightly at both ends.  Melissa reached out to pull the chain to him, firmly, not jerking.

Their rubber bodies touched, as they began to kiss in the room.  Melissa took a hold of his back, the rubber squeaking as they moved together.  Their tongues darted around each other’s mouths; they were quickly becoming entwined.  Melissa licked Jack’s neck, down to the collar, and wrapped her arms all over his body.  She ran her hands down to his ass, and took a hold of the bulb.  She quickly pumped it up, until Melissa could see Jack parting his legs.  Jack had never had an anal inflatable inside him before, but he had one in him now! Her legs stuck to Jack’s as she pulled her legs around his.  Jack was balancing them both, arching his back from the contact of the rubber all over his body.  He had never felt anything like this before, and he wanted to continue; he wanted to connect so badly with this rubber vixen before him.

Melissa smiled back at Jack, knowing the feeling that the suit would give him, just as it had her when she first began her fetish with rubber.  That was years ago, and now that she had so much experience with it, she felt this need to experience it with others, as many people as she could.  Melissa had become one with the rubber, and when others did so, they became part of her as well.  Melissa didn’t want to wait any further with Jack; he had to know the entire experience, and then he could make up his own mind if he was to be one with the rubber as well.

Melissa offered up a gloved finger for Jack to suck on.  He looked into her eyes and immediately began sealing his lips upon it.  The pull was unmistakable; her body locked onto his more.  She was wanton with her desire, and wanted to reciprocate.  Taking Jack’s hand, she placed two fingers in her mouth.  Her lips smeared the black rubber with her red lipstick.  Jack’s sucking and subtle thrusting began to match Melissa’s, and he wanted more.  Their bodies glowed in the fire’s sparkle.

“Jack, I need you to become one with the rubber…Do you think you can do that for me?” Melissa said in her even, breathless tone. Jack nodded his head, his breathing matching hers.  He was about to fall through space with her, and loved every second of it.

“Good.  Find a hood for me, and I’ll do the same for you.”  Melissa pointed with her eyes to her collection of masks and hoods.  There were all different types; ones with eye lenses, tubing from all places, pumps hanging from where the mouths should be.  Some had no openings at all, and there were all different colors.  Jack spotted one and from the moment he saw it, he knew she would want it on her head.  It was a matching black hood, with open holes for eyes and mouth, but it had tubes for the nose.  It had lacing on its back, so it could not simply be stretched on.  He pulled that hood up, and looked back at Melissa.

She grinned at the hood, and continued her rummaging.  She bent over, exposing her slick ass to him. Jack leaned over, and started to press his hardened cock into her space. Jack noticed a small pump attached to her inner thigh, like a patch.  He also noticed that her pussy was covered in latex as well, a dark latex cavern.  Melissa rubbed her ass into his cock.  She gasped as his rubber cock slid over her latex bottom. Melissa pressed her hand into the patch, and started to inflate her anal dildo, making her tract fill with such a naughty filling felling.

“I want to fuck you…fuck you in the way most people will never experience.” She said with emphasis on the “fuck” in such a way that Jack’s cock could throb so hard in it’s rubber prison.  The hood Melissa picked out was one that also had an opening for the mouth, but it had pinholes for the eyes, and two small holes for the nose.  It was molded of a thick rubber, so it needed to be pulled on his head.

“What are you waiting for?”  Melissa turned her back to him, so he could slip the hood on her head.  He placed the chin into hers and then slid the rest over her head, her bob compressing against the hood.

“The tighter the better, lover…” Jack pulled her body close to his.  Melissa moaned and arched her body into Jack’s.  She buckled her legs together so she wouldn’t fall, and rested her body on top of Jack’s cock.  She was wet and dripping from that compression. “I want this fucker in me NOWWWWW,” she thought.  He had unknowingly pressed into her inflatable dildo, and filled her to gigantic heights.  Her asshole was being held firmly in place with it, and she wanted his rubber cock in her soon.

Jack pulled the lace through the hooks, each pull harder than the first.  He got to the bottom one, and slid the flange into her collar.  He smoothed out any air or ruffled hair that didn’t make her head look so wonderfully oval and inhuman, and helped her maneuver the tubes into her noseholes.  There were clips on each side of her head, and he pulled a tube through each.  Melissa pulled away, and looked at Jack.  Jack thought he had an alien before him.  She kissed him quick, tipping up to him on her toes.  The stud on her tongue played on his, and she stuck her tongue out at him. She ran her hands over her head, her body, and her tits.  She loved her body, and how it felt at this moment.

“Lock me in.”  Melissa pointed to the wall where at least 20 small locks and padded leather cuffs were hanging from a pegboard. “I want to be locked in this shape until we orgasm.  Can you handle that?” she said breathlessly.

Jack took a lock off the wall, and handed it to Melissa.  She opened up her collar, and first slid her hood more securely into her suit.  Then she redid her collar, and locked the clip in, so it couldn’t be undone.  Jack was so enticed by this sight, that he grabbed another lock and did the same to himself.  Melissa took a couple more locks and cuffs, and did his wrists and ankles, so he was totally locked in.  He couldn’t take off this suit with out her help, and he loved it. 

“Me, now.”  She held out her hands, and Jack did her into the bonds, the same as he.  They were locked into a bondage that neither wanted undone. 

She tugged on the chain linking them, and they came back into the living room.  Melissa sat him down on the couch, and took his hood. 

“Jack, when I say so, I want you to breathe in and out.  In and Out.”  She motioned him to begin.  On the last out, She pulled the rubber mask quickly over his head, yanking it down as hard as she could.  The molded rubber had very little give, so it couldn’t be put on easily.  Jack couldn’t see much; it was going to take a little time to get used to this restricted sight. He felt her place the tubes into his nose.  Melissa smoothed out his hood, and he felt her lips on his.  He kissed her for a while.  Jack reached out, and grabbed her left breast.  He pumped it, grabbing it hard.  Melissa arched into his lips.  She placed her body into his, Jack kissing her rubber body as it made contact with him.  Melissa stood up on the couch so her rubber abdomen could be at Jack’s mouth’s height.

Jack placed his lips onto her smooth rubber skin lips.  Melissa arched, and reached up for the spreader bar that was directly over them.  She snapped her wrists in the lock, and hung there.  The locks were of the type that could be opened if pressed inward; Melissa had no reason to do that right now.  She hooked her boots around Jacks upper torso, as he continued to nuzzle at her box. Their locks shook against each other, making a lovely metallic sound of clinking metal.

Melissa’s body swung from the bar; her nipples ached to be sucked. She wished that she were gagged!  She started to moan loudly from all the attention given her rubber pussy.  Jack felt his way to her laced boots, and started to caress her lower leg muscles.  Melissa felt the familiar winding up of her body.  She was ready for her first orgasm. She wished that her rubber sheath was gone, and that Jack was licking her raw naked pussy.  Jack reached up; he pulled her body into his.  She couldn’t wait anymore, and she released her body’s pleasure.  She let out a small scream, letting Jack know to continue pulling her into him.  She felt her pussy juices spread out into her suit, and down her leg.  She knew that this was only the start. 

Melissa pressed her wrists inward, and she fell into Jack’s body.  Breathlessly, Melissa stammered to Jack, “If you only knew what that felt like!”  She slid next to Jack’s body, wanting to share more with him. 

“Jack, stand up.”  He rose, and she took hold of the spreader bar.  “Don’t move a muscle.  If you do, you will hurt yourself…and me.”  She took his arm and lifted it above his head.  She placed one wrist in the lock, snapping.  Jack had no idea what was in store for him now.  The other arm went up, and that locked into place.  Melissa also undid her chain, letting it hang from Jack’s collar. 

“I’ll be right back.  Remember, Jack, Trust me.”

Melissa clicked her boots across the room, and she opened the main door.  Knowing that the spreader bar faced into the fireplace, and that his hood prevented most sound from coming into his ears, Melissa put her next plan into action.  She pressed a button, and a pin action spring started a chain reaction, making the same noise as if her hard tipped boots were walking down the stairs.  Melissa quickly shut the door, but remained inside.  Melissa wanted to see how Jack would do in this situation.  She tiptoed to her rubber room.  She peered into the room, and Jack’s cock still was as hard as it was before, twitching uncontrollably.  Melissa then grabbed two gag balls, and her keychain.  She silently slipped her gag around her neck, and then glided over to the door, and opened it up.  Jack flinched when the door opened. 

Melissa strode over to his erect form.  She bent towards his shiny cock, and parted her lips onto it.  She loved a rubber cock.  Jack seemed to like it too.  Her rubber fingers wrapped around his cold scrotum, and rolled his balls a couple times.  Jack grunted and he arched his head upward.  His cock was being sucked like a vacuum cleaner, and his balls were being tossed like a salad.  Melissa’s hands pulled his ass into her face, filling her mouth with his rubber cock.  She ran her hands down his legs, continuing to suck his cock.  She was on fire, the rubber becoming a part of them both.  She loved this.  This combining is what she lived for; it was the most important thing in her being right now.  She thought of nothing except of how to please herself and her new lover.  Her stud scraped along his veins, and tenderly lapped upon his cock’s rim.  Melissa then licked her way up his body, and at his chest, bit on one of Jack’s nips.  His breathing was so controlled, she marveled at the way he had held together.  “Jack must have had some experience…” her mind wondered. 

“Jack, have you ever done anything like this…Be truthful…”

“No, nothing like this…this is beyond my wildest dreams…the most I’ve ever done is jerk off in my catsuit at home…I’ve never had rubber sex with anyone…I’ve been with rubber, but not like this…Please continue Melissa…. I was so close to cumming…” he shook a little, and was a little breathless with his words.

“Good.  I don’t want you to cum yet.  You may be close with the rubber,” she ran her hand over his body as she talked “but you have never been one with the rubber and me.  I promise you will.”  So breathless was her voice, Jack wanted to cum just from her sound.  ”Just a little longer, and we will cum together, in such an explosive way, that you’ll never want to have sex without the rubber ever again.”  Melissa pressed a rubber finger up to lips to suck on.  Jack greedily sucked her finger, and his cock was twitching.

Melissa’s pussy was dripping down her leg, making her latex slide against her inner thigh.  Her hoses were steadily pulsing, as she was breathing though her nose more than her mouth.  She wanted to fuck him so bad.  She made her choice.

Melissa stood up on the couch, and first redid her chain to her collar.  Then Melissa placed the red gag around his neck, and then pushed Jack’s wrists in to the spreader, releasing him out of the spreader bar.  His body limped a little, as Jack fell a little to the couch.  He saw her body, and wanted to enter her latex lined vagina with his hard rubber cock.  He pulled her into him, and kissed her hard on her lips.  Their tongues intertwined and their bodies fell together.  Melissa pulled on his chain, and led him to one of the metal pieces of art that she had on display.

“Jack, what do you think this is?”  Melissa slowly ran a hand on the framelike contraption, reverently.  Jack took the piece in, having noticed it before, but not really knowing what it was.  It had large loops, and hooks, and springs.  Jack had no idea what it was.  “I don’t know,” he said to her, as she slipped in-between some of the metal loops.

“Jack, this is a Fucking Machine.” She said cold and evenly.  ”This machine can be used by one’s self, or with others.  What it does is suspend you body with the hooks and the timer over here controls the springs, and the pressures that it builds.”  Melissa turned a large metal key behind a polished metal box.  A green digital countdown timer sprung to life, reading “20:00”.

“Jack, with this machine, we will experience the most intense orgasm that you’ve ever had.  For a starter like you, I have set the timer to twenty minutes.  In this machine, you cannot stop it.  So, I need to know do you trust me?  There will be no stopping once I’ve begun the machine.  If you want to stop now, then that will be it, and you can go, but” she lingered, placing her wrists into the padded cuffs the machine “you will never” she snapped her right leg into its cuff.  “Know the feeling” she then snapped the other one into place “of extreme rubber sex.”  She placed her thighs into their cuffs, holding open the legs, with her body on the bottom.  Melissa’s body was now on the bottom, with her arm in an open goal position, and her legs opened up.  Her rubber vagina was wide open, and her legs spread.  For Jack.

“Trust me.” She looked up from the contraption.  Her eyes glowing from the fire.

“Where do I…?”

“Jack, slide into the machine, and then place your cock into my sheathed pussy.”  Jack crawled in, and joined her as he was told. “Ohhhh…. Yessss…right there…. You are going to love this…Place your left hand into mine, and press up into the cuff…” Jack did that, and started to follow his instinct to do the same with his right hand.  “Not yet, not until we are firmly locked into the machine.” She said.  He started to grind into her body, and her pussy gripped his cock.  “OK, now place your thigh into the two cuffs there…like that….”  Jack’s body was suspended face down over Melissa’s body; the only connection was his cock in her pussy.  “Then place your ankles into the cuffs.”  Melissa was arching into him against her bonds.  “OK, are you ready?”  Her face was directly in his sight, and he tried to extend his tongue to her.  She tried to reach, but couldn’t.  “Gag me.  Gag me now.  I want to fuck you RIGHT NOW! DO IT!”  He took her gag, and firmly placed it into her mouth, he took his, and placed it in.  She mumbled through the gag, and with her eyes, looked at Jack’s undone cuff.  He slid it in, the cuff clicked, and now they were locked into the machine, totally.  She looked into his eyes, as he continued to pump, and she pressed the button next to her index finger.

The green display started to countdown.  Jack started to notice that the springs suspending his body where now unclamped and his actions were causing his thrusts to do a couple different things.  The gearing would cause his oscillations to build up, and crash into Melissa.  The grinding made their bodies crash, and soon, they were both moaning loudly into their gags.  Melissa, knowing what to expect, came within the first 5 minutes. 

Jack, not knowing, and being pleasured by the machine’s effects, didn’t let go.  He wanted to see what would happen at zero.  He continued his pushing, and loving the effect it had on Melissa.  Her body writhed under his. 

The display clicked down to 11:00, and Jack then noticed some changes to the machine.  He could sense that the whole structure holding their bodies was now rotating to his left.  Melissa then was on top, and at the same time Jacks springs were clamped while hers were now free.  It was now her turn to provide the kinetic energy on which the machine ran. She ground into his rubber cock, and tried to arch her head.  She could not, being locked up into the machine. 

Melissa continued to grind on his cock, and the springs allowed their bodies to become closer.  She came again after fucking her brains out for 6 minutes.  Then at the 3-minute mark, the machine let its final action begin.  The whole machine started to vibrate, and rotate on all 3 axes, like one of those astronaut trainers.  Their bodies continued to fuck, and they loved every second of the machine spinning them in all directions.

Jack saw out of the corner of his eye the display start to blink at the 1:00 mark, and he knew this is what he was waiting for.  He started to cum, and his fucking of Melissa was at its climax.  The machine continued to push and pull their bodies together, and for the next 40 seconds, all they could do was hold on, giving them a wild continuous 50-second orgasm.

Their lungs were pushing and pulling oxygen in and out, their chests rose and heaved so quickly.  The machine recomposed itself, and came to a stop in 30 seconds. When the machine was secured at last, Melissa reached with her index finger, and pressed the button again.  Jack’s wrist became free, and he collapsed on to her wet glistening body.  He let his body slide out of the machine, and then pulled his gag off.  His breathing was still very rapid, never having had an experience like that.  He crawled over to the couch, and slid up to rest on it.  Melissa then slid out of the machine.  She also took her gag out, crawled over to Jack, and reached into a drawer.  She grabbed a pack of cigarettes and lighter, pulled one out, and lit it.  Taking a long drag, she offered the cigarette to Jack.  He took the cigarette in his fingers, and said, “Smoke?”  Melissa exhaled her smoke in a slow controlled movement, and let a grin form on her face.  Jack inhaled, and let it out with a quick exhale.  Melissa took the white cigarette, and played with it in her rubber hands.  She took another pull, and breathless said, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Smoke was Jack’s safeword.

This story continues in Part Two


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