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A Weekend of Surprises

by R Sly

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© Copyright 2006 - R Sly - Used by permission

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Part 1

Hi my name is Robert and this was the first time that I had lived away from home, having been moved by my firm to an office in the City. After a seemingly never-ending search, I found a flat to rent – more expensive that I had had in mind, but much better than a bed-sit. It was in fact an ordinary semi-detached house divided into two flats, one on the ground floor and the other upstairs, which was mine. A small garage was there for my car, and although somewhat uncared for a very private walled garden at the back. As part of the deal to get the flat, I agreed with the landlord to at least keep the grass cut.

One great advantage for me of being away from home was that I could wear my rubber clothing in privacy whenever I wanted. I had amassed quite a collection, mainly through mail order, which until recently had to be completely kept hidden away, and only worn on the odd occasion. However, this pleasure was overtaken before long by a feeling of loneliness, as I hardly knew anyone in the area. I knew that two girls lived in the downstairs flat, but although I heard them from time to time, I never seemed to meet them. The prospect of the summer bank holiday weekend with not very much to do was rather disheartening.

The Saturday morning was bright and sunny, and after visiting the local shops, I decided to tackle the back garden to see what I could make of it. Much to my surprise the lawnmower in the garage was in quite good order, and before long I had made a reasonable impression on the grass. Just then, the side gate opened, and a young lady appeared carrying a laden washing basket.

“O K if I put this washing on the line?” she said. “Certainly”, I replied, “No problem”.

“I’m Janet by the way – Wendy and I rent the bottom flat”.

“I’m Robert nice to meet you at last.”

Janet offered a handshake, which I quickly responded to, quietly pleased that she had left her rubber gloves on – semi-transparent ones, although with quite long cuffs. What was even more fascinating was what she was wearing – a tee shirt and white cycle shorts together with a blue rubber apron, exactly the same as the one hanging behind my kitchen door.

Janet pegged the washing on the line as I finished off cutting the grass.

“Could you hold this sheet on the line while I put the pegs on?” said Janet.

Out of the bottom of the basket came a large red rubber sheet of the old-fashioned hospital type. Needless to say I was very quick to assist.

I was invited to meet Wendy and to have coffee. Whilst Janet peeled off the rubber gloves, she left the rubber apron on, and I was mesmerised by it.

Janet and Wendy must have been in their mid-twenties, and were nurses at the local hospital. Both of them were quite well built as well as being tall, and they were really most pleasant, making me feel very much at home. Both of them were on duty that afternoon, and I didn’t take any persuasion to agree to take the washing in for them later in the day. They were not working on the following day, and before I knew it we had arranged a trip to the coast with an early start. How much I enjoyed taking in the row of washing, which included a variety of bras and knickers, and carefully folding the thick rubber sheet at the end. I carried the basket of washing upstairs to give the girls the following day.

I had set my alarm for early on the Sunday, but was awake before it went off. It was hot and sunny again, although the weather forecast from the previous day had not been too promising. I wondered what I could wear? Could I get away with my blue nylon shorts that were lined with black rubber? They looked perfectly ordinary, but tended to be “Noisy” to wear with the crinkly rubber lining. At least I could wear them while I had breakfast, so I put them on. Straight away there was a tap on the door. It was Janet, after the load of washing.

“Oh, I see you’ve got your shorts on today – good idea, be sure to bring your trunks” said Janet.

In return for the transport, in the form of my car, the girls had offered to provide the picnic. In another bag they had packed their swimsuits and towels and some spare clothes.

With our early start the journey was easy, and we arrived at the selected beach by mid morning. By now, however, high cloud had dimmed the brightness of the sun, and darker clouds were to be seen on the horizon.

“We’d better make the most of it while we can”, said Wendy, as we unloaded the bags from the car and climbed down the steps to the beach. Whilst I had offered the rug from the car to sit on, the girls said their groundsheet would be better as the sand was quite damp from the outgoing tide, which also meant that it was unsafe to swim. Much to my pleasure the groundsheet turned out to be the thick red rubber sheet that had been on the line yesterday.

Janet was the first to put her swimsuit on. Two towels sewn together provided an instant changing room. Wendy held the towels up, whilst I was delegated to pass the clothes. It gave me a very funny feeling as Janet passed me her cycle shorts and then her panties from under the towel and I returned her swimsuit. The swimsuit when revealed was most attractive – one that I had noticed in a chain store a couple of years ago. It was mainly blue Lycra, with high cut legs, but with inserts of black rubber fabric on the front and sides.

Janet then held the towel up for Wendy. The funny feelings started again as Wendy passed me her shorts, and then to my great surprise a pair of black latex briefs. Her swimsuit was made from rubber wetsuit material – black with green stripes down the sides, and she seemed to have quite a struggle to get into it.

“Right, your turn”, said Janet, as she lowered the towels for me to step in to. As I stood on the rubber sheet, Janet pulled up the towels around me. Having worn them all morning I had almost forgotten that I had my mackintosh-lined shorts on, and there was no escape from taking them off and passing them to Wendy.

“I’ve not seen shorts like that before”, she said, “That lining feels like rubber – are you a rubber fan as well?”

Well, in for a penny in for a pound I thought to myself, and I admitted that rubber was to my liking. To my great relief this seemed no great deal to either of the girls, and Wendy was quick to tell me that her previous boyfriend was a rubber devotee, and had introduced both the girls to the subject.

“Actually, we’ve come to like it ourselves”, said Wendy. “You can’t have failed to notice that I was wearing rubber briefs this morning”.

Needless to say, by the time we had got our sandwiches out, it was pouring with rain, and a quick dash back to the car ensued. It showed no signs of improving, and so, along with everybody else we made a move for home. The journey took twice as long, and it was getting on for teatime by the time we got back to the flats.

I must have looked weary after the long drive, and Wendy was quick to suggest that I took a bath in their flat, whilst the girls sorted out a meal. I thought this a strange suggestion, but nevertheless a welcome one, and was soon stepping into a warm tub. No sooner had I got in, then the door opened, and Wendy came in, having taken off the tee shirt that she had previously put on over her swimsuit and replaced it with the blue rubber apron.

“I’ve brought your shorts and pants”, she said, “And whilst I’m here I might as well give you a scrub. I expect you would like me wear rubber gloves as well – well I was going to anyway because we always do in the hospital”.

Wendy pulled on the smooth semi-transparent rubber gloves that she had brought with her, and I was very professionally washed from head to toe. It was done very quickly, and before I knew it I was getting dried. Wendy asked if I could do her a favour by asking Janet up to my flat that evening, as Wendy’s new boyfriend would be coming round. I agreed to this without hesitation, needless to say.

“I do like those shorts of yours”, said Wendy, “Would you let me try them on for a minute?” She took the rubber apron off and pulled the shorts on over her swimsuit. They were quite a good fit and crinkled magnificently. “I bet you wear these without underpants most of the time”, she said, as she took them off and passed them back to me.

Part 2

After tea with the two girls I volunteered to wash up, and on going into the kitchen I was handed a blue rubber apron, and told to wear the yellow rubber gloves, which were by the sink. That certainly made a pleasure out of a chore! Wendy was getting concerned that her boyfriend would be arriving shortly, and as soon as the dishes were done I went upstairs to my flat, and Janet said that she would be up in a few minutes.

There was soon a tap on the door, and I let Janet in. “I’ve brought some things that you might like,” she said, “And if it’s alright I would like to rinse our swimsuits and hang them up somewhere”. She handed to me two large red rubber sheets of the old “Hospital” type, and a number of pairs of thin rubber gloves. “They were clearing out an old store room at the hospital where we work”, she said, “And came across these old rubber sheets which look as though they had never been used – so I thought they might come in handy one day and picked them up, because they were only going to be thrown away”. I couldn’t believe my luck!

“Do you want me to do your trunks as well?” asked Janet as she unravelled the girls’ costumes from the towels. “Yes please” I replied, and gaining courage in the situation “Do you want an apron or anything?” I am not used to such an offer being readily taken up, but before I knew it Janet had my blue rubber apron on, and rubber gloves and was washing the swimwear. The job was soon done, and the costumes hung on the old maiden that was in the bathroom.

“So how long have you liked rubber?” said Janet. Hesitatingly I explained that I had really liked it since I was thirteen or fourteen, although I can remember one or two events before that, when I came into contact with the treasured material. “And have you got a big collection of it?” she enquired. “The boy that I used to go out with had quite a lot of things, and seemed to like shiny raincoats, although he was always too shy to ask me to wear them. I couldn’t understand that”.

Well, what an opening! In acute embarrassment I stumbled through my life history as far as rubber was concerned. I just couldn’t seem to stop it all coming out. And yes, I did have a large collection of items gathered over many years, and always hidden out of the way. By the end my heart was beating fast, and I was visibly shaking. Janet took hold of my hand and said that I shouldn’t get so upset about it, and there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. “And what about girlfriends?” she enquired. The simple fact of the matter was that I hadn’t really had any, and certainly had never confided in anybody about my strange desires.

“Right then”, she said, “Why don’t you put something on for me to see? And for that matter why don’t I try something on as well?”

My heart still beating frantically, I went to my bedroom, and after some hesitation pulled on my black latex top and tight fitting trousers. “Well, what’s wrong with that?” said Janet, as I stood before her in my shiny black rubber. “I hope you’ve put some rubber undies on as well”. Actually I hadn’t. “Have you got some rubber undies that I could try on?” she said.

I fetched a white latex vest and some loose fitting grey knickers, and suggested that Janet change in the bathroom, which she did. The door opened and there stood Janet wearing the rubber items that I had just given to her. “There”, she said, “Nothing to be afraid of is there? I tell you what, is it all right if I have a bath? And I tell you what I would like you to do, and that is to put your apron on and some rubber gloves and come and scrub my back in a few minutes time”.

I waited for a while after I had heard Janet get in to the bath, and then plucked up courage and did as I had been asked. By this time I was shaking like a leaf – I don’t know if it was fear or excitement. I did just as I had been asked and no more, and then made to leave, but was firmly told not to be silly, and to stay just where I was whilst Janet lay in the soapy water. “I always enjoy a good soak, don’t you?” said Janet, “But I think I’ve been in long enough – would you mind pulling out the plug for me, because then I’ll have to get out”. I did as I was told, but Janet still lay there whilst the water level steadily fell, and it was only when all the water had gone that she stood up and asked me to pass a towel.

“I hope you don’t mind”, she said, as she dried herself, “But I really need to stay the night if that’s all right because I probably won’t be welcome downstairs. The settee will be fine”. How could I object in my mesmerized state? “Is it all right if I borrow your vest and knickers again?” I went to find the spare pillows and a blanket for my unexpected guest having taken off my rubber apron and gloves. I put the pillows and blanket on the living room settee as Janet emerged from the bathroom, once again wearing the vest and knickers. “These do feel rather nice”, she said. “Rubber does have a very soothing effect doesn’t it? Are you going to wear something similar? Or perhaps you would like to have one of those rubber sheets on your bed tonight? I know, while you make us a drink, I’ll make your bed for you”.

Whilst the kettle boiled there were some interesting swishing sounds coming from my room. “I’ve put your pyjamas in the dirty clothes basket”, said Janet as she returned to the kitchen. “You’ll be better without them tonight, although you will need a bath in the morning”. Having said goodnight, I soon found out what she had meant, for Janet had completely remade my bed using both of the thick red rubber sheets. I hesitated momentarily and then took the plunge, sliding in between the ice-cold layers of rubber. I never expected to be able to sleep in such circumstances, but I was so tired following the day’s events that I must have dropped off before I knew it.

Part 3

It was Bank Holiday Monday, and I awoke with a start. Had everything that happened yesterday been a dream? Apparently not, for I lay naked between two thick rubber sheets, and just at that moment Janet came in with a mug of coffee. She was still wearing my white latex rubber vest, and grey loose fitting rubber knickers.

“I think we both need to have a bath” she said, “The rubber certainly makes you sweat. But strangely I really feel fit this morning. Perhaps you would like to share a bath with me when you have drunk your coffee. But you had better put some pants on – some rubber ones might be good”.

Janet headed off towards the bathroom and I could hear the bath water being run. Who could resist such an invitation? I certainly couldn’t. I stepped out of bed and fumbled in the drawer for a pair of black latex briefs, and having uncovered them at the bottom of my collection of pants pulled them on hastily.

Janet was undressed and in the bath already. She told me to get in at the other end with my legs to one side and hers on the other. “Please will you soap me all over, just with your hands,” she said. This was something I had never even dreamt of doing before, and so with my heart beating very fast I soaped my hands and then started on her feet and legs, followed by her arms. Sensing my hesitation she took hold of me by the wrists and pressed my soapy hands to her breasts. “It’s alright” she said, “You can touch me anywhere. It is as nice for me as it is for you.” Still hesitantly, but perhaps gaining a little confidence I continued with her shoulders and tummy. Janet then stood up and turned and told me to do her back and her bottom. She turned again, and knelt in front of me with her legs apart. Her hands guided mine between her legs and up to her vaginal opening. “Just massage me there please”, she said. I must have gone white as a sheet. “Don’t panic,” she said, “It feels very nice”.

She sat back in the bath, and between us we rinsed off all the soap. “Right”, she said, “I’m getting out now, but you stay where you are while I get dried”. She stepped out of the bath, reached for the towel and dried herself leisurely in front of me. “Where can I find some rubber gloves”, she said. “There are some in the kitchen by the sink, or some new ones in the bottom drawer of the chest in the bedroom” I replied.

Janet soon returned pulling on a pair of new pink rubber gloves, but otherwise still completely naked. “I’m going to wash you now” she said, “I thought you might enjoy it more with these on. You better stand up and take your pants off now”.

I did as I was told, and as I pulled down the latex pants, I felt quite embarrassed by the firmness of my penis. Sensing this, Janet told me not to worry about it at all, and it had the advantage of making it easier to wash. Then without any hesitation, and whilst I was still standing, Janet soaped the rubber gloves, and firmly taking hold of my penis in one hand, soaped my bottom with the other running her fingers right up the cleft. After gently rubbing my penis, she then soaped my legs and told me to sit back in the water. Then followed very thorough washing of the rest of my body from face to toes.

“Lie down now to rinse off” she said. I was sitting with my back to the taps, and as I eased myself forward and lay back in the water from behind me came the sound of the plug being pulled out. “Plug’s out now”, said Janet, “You just relax while the water runs away”. Once again Janet took hold of my erection with her rubber gloved hand, and gently fondled it until all the bath water had gone, by which time a drop of clear liquid had appeared at the tip of my penis. “I think you had better get out now, and get dried before you get cold”, she said.

Janet asked if it would be all right to try some of my other rubber clothes, a suggestion to which I readily agreed. As I dried myself, Janet disappeared back into the bedroom, and I could hear the opening of the drawers of the chest where I kept my rubber clothing. She soon returned with my blue latex vest and cycle shorts, as well as my one-piece white rubber suit.

“Can I see you in this vest and shorts please” she said, “and I wondered if you would like to try a pair of my panties on underneath?” I readily agreed, and before I knew it was pulling on a pair of pale blue bikini briefs. “I hate to say this”, I said, “But I really need to do a wee”. “O let me help you”, said Janet, “That’s something I always wanted to try”

I stood in front of the toilet and Janet stood close behind me, still naked except for the rubber gloves. She reached round me and pulled the little panties down to my thighs, and then gently took hold of my penis with her right hand and held it generally in the right direction. I just about managed to start, but my erection was becoming steadily harder, and the stream soon dried up.

“You certainly like the feel of rubber gloves on your willy”, said Janet. “Mind you, they quite turn me on as well some times”. As I turned, Janet reached down and inserted a rubber-gloved finger into her vagina, and then pulled it out. “Just look how moist I am” she said, holding up the wet finger. “However, it doesn’t stop me going like it does you”. With that she turned and sat on the toilet and produced a golden stream before my eyes. She wiped herself and pulled the chain as she got up.

After pulling up the panties I powdered the inside of my latex cycle shorts and vest and put them on, stretching the blue latex rubber of the shorts as high as they would go. I opened out the white rubber suit for Janet, powdered the inside, and helped her step in to it.

“Is it alright to wear it with nothing underneath” she said as I zipped up the front. “Of course it is,” I replied. “It probably feels nicest that way”. I found the belt and tied it quite tightly round her waist. The suit fitted her very well, the thin white latex rustling gently as we made our way to the kitchenette for something to eat by way of breakfast. Janet had quite a struggle getting the rubber gloves off, as she has pulled on the suit with them on and the wristbands were quite tight.

There was a small amount of washing up to be done, and Janet suggested that not only should I put the rubber gloves on, but the mackintosh apron as well. As I stood at the sink Janet came behind me and ran her hands over the shiny blue latex of my cycle shorts, and down to my crotch. “Are you all soft down there now”, she said. “I think I should have let you come when you were in the bath. If you like I will make you come before I go to work”. At this remark my heart started beating hard, and I must have looked rather worried. “What’s the matter?” said Janet, “Have you not been masturbated by a girl before?” “No” I hesitantly replied. “Well it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of” she said, “In fact it should be rather nice for you, so we will definitely have to give it a try”.

The washing up done, I suggested that it would be a good idea to wash the rubber clothes that we had worn, which I was quick to volunteer for as I still had the rubber gloves and apron on. Janet also suggested that we should wipe the rubber sheets that were on my bed as they probably were rather sweaty. Just as we were finishing this there was a knock on the door. Janet didn’t think twice about opening it, notwithstanding that she was wearing the white rubber suit. It was Wendy, who was of course invited in.

“Hey that looks exciting,” said Wendy, looking at the latex suit. She ran her hand over the thin white rubber covering Janet’s shoulder and down her arm. “Is it just plain rubber?” “It certainly is”, said Janet “ and I’ve got nothing on underneath – it feels lovely”.

Wendy then noticed me. “And you too” she said,” What have you got on?” For some reason I took the rubber apron off, and peeled the gloves off revealing the shiny blue rubber cycle shorts and vest. Wendy ran her hands down my sides. “It’s so smooth,” she said.

Wendy had really come to see if Janet was getting ready for work, as the girls had to be on duty at twelve o’clock. “Yes, I hadn’t forgotten” said Janet, “But before we go I just wanted to give Robert some hand attention, as he tells me that he hasn’t had it from a girl before – perhaps you would like to assist?”

I suddenly felt very nervous. “Come on”, said Janet, “Perhaps it would be most comfortable if you just got on the bed. But pull your shorts down first.” I did as I was told, and standing by the side of the bed rolled the latex cycle shorts down and stepped out of them. “And the panties as well”, said Janet. She slid her hands down the sides of the little panties and pulled them down for me to step out of them. “They’re a bit damp”, said Janet, “Now on to the bed and lie down”. I once again did as I was told. The rubber sheet was really cold, having recently been wiped with a damp cloth.

My heart was beating faster and faster, and despite the erotic situation I had no erection at all. “There’s some rubber gloves here,” said Janet. I found myself staring at the ceiling, as there was the sound of two pairs of rubber gloves being pulled on. Two pairs of hands with smooth rubber gloves were caressing my genitals very gently on.

The situation was really too much for me, and despite some very pleasant feelings, my Willy failed to become erect. “It’s surprising how many men like the feel of rubber gloves”, said Wendy. “Do you remember that bloke we had on the ward last week for a minor operation. Sister told me to go and check on him because he was supposed to be shaving his pubic hair off in the bath. Of course when I went in he asked me to do it for him. Anyway, I pulled some gloves on, and of course the water in the bath was too deep so I had to pull the plug out for a bit to let some water out. By this time he really had a hard on. I put the plug back in, although I couldn’t have got it in properly as the water still seemed to be going down. I smoothed shaving foam on the hair, and I couldn’t resist touching his erection. Anyway, after I had shaved him, I gave his penis a couple of strokes and he just came into the bath. I pulled the plug out again straight away, and managed to wash his cum away just as the last of the water was gurgling down the plughole. He certainly seemed to enjoy it".

This little story, whether it was true or not I don’t know did the trick for me, as my erection was suddenly very solid. Wendy said that she would leave Janet to it, and went out of the room. Janet must have got some cream from somewhere, which she applied to my penis, and before I knew it I was ejaculating into the palm of Janet’s rubber gloved hand. What a relief it was, and somehow or other I didn’t feel guilty at all, like I normally did. Janet cleaned me up with a paper hanky.

I offered to give the two girls a lift to the hospital, so that they wouldn’t be late. Janet asked if she could borrow a pair of rubber panties, just to try and see how she got on with them at work. I told her to take whichever pair she liked, and she chose a pair of pale pink elasticated briefs. Still dressed in the rubber suit she went downstairs to the girl’s flat, taking the rubber panties with her. Hastily I got dressed. Somehow or other I couldn’t resist pulling on Janet’s panties once more, even though they were still a bit damp.

I went down and got the car out of the garage. Janet and Wendy soon appeared at the door, now dressed in their nurses’ uniforms. All too soon we were at the hospital. I got a big kiss on the lips from Janet, who whispered that she would give me another treat that evening. I could hardly wait!




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