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Weekend in Latex

by Catawba

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© Copyright 2001 - Catawba - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; liquid-latex; mummybag; cons; X

I left work early, hoping that traffic would be light. I wanted to get home as quickly as possible. I knew that Melissa would be waiting for me. I've known Melissa since we shared a dorm room in college. When we first moved in together back then neither of us had a clue that we shared the same particular fetish. It was several semesters before we opened up enough to each other to confess and discuss our mutual love of latex. 

Now Melissa was a successful reporter in Chicago and I worked here at the local hospital, some two hundred miles away. Melissa would fly in occasionally and we'd share the weekend, at least one if not both of us dressed in latex. Melissa had called me this past Monday and told me she'd be coming in. She said she had a special surprise for me. I'd been going nuts all week wondering what it would be. I'd barely been able to keep my mind on the endless stacks of files crossing my desk. But now it was Friday and I was on my way home. My nerves were tingling and my heart fluttering with the excitement of discovering what the surprise was to be. 

I pulled into the driveway and threw it in park. I grabbed my purse, locked the car and dashed up the steps. I opened the door and called out a greeting. Melissa came through the archway leading to the kitchen with two glasses of cabernet in her hands. We exchanged pleasantries and sipped our wine. After about thirty minutes of chatting, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to ask. "So what's the big surprise?" 

She got up and went to the back of the house, where the guest room is located. A few moments later she returned with a gift-wrapped box in her arms. I knew it would contain latex and happily reached out for it. 
"No, no, no!" she chided me mockingly. "It's for you, but I'm going to do the opening. All you need to do is strip." She smiled wickedly at me. I quickly complied and tried to wait patiently as she removed the bow and wrapping paper ever so slowly. The first item she handed me from the box was a clear plastic drop cloth. I must have looked confused, because she grinned and instructed me to spread it out on the floor. 

Once the drop cloth was down, she handed me a pair of latex leggings with feet built in. This was getting better! I worked them over each foot and up each leg, carefully smoothing out the air bubbles as I went. Next came a long sleeve shirt with mittens built in at the end of each sleeve. I wriggled into it as quickly as I could, somewhat hampered by the mittens. Melissa just smiled at my progress. I was now encased in latex from my neck down. It was wonderful, the smell and feel of the rubber was exquisite. 

Melissa ordered me to stand in the middle of the drop cloth and I did so. I watched as she took several small paint cans from the box. Each looked to contain about a pint. I wondered what in the world she was up to, but before I could ask she had opened one and grinned at me and said, "Liquid latex." Before I could protest, she pulled the waistband of the leggings away from my body and began to pour the liquid latex down inside them. She worked her hands over the outside of the leggings, distributing the liquid latex somewhat evenly inside. 

When she felt it was coating my lower legs well she took some rubber strips from the box and wrapped them tightly just above each knee. She then poured more of the gooey latex into my leggings, making sure my thighs were coated well. She removed the strips of rubber from above my knees and placed them at the tops of my thighs. She opened a new can of liquid latex and dumped the whole thing in unceremoniously. She rubbed her hands over my ass and crotch. She knew she was getting me incredibly excited and was having a blast watching me squirm. 

She retrieved a small foam brush from the box and opened another of the cans. She carefully dipped the brush into the latex and then painted it on around the outside of the waistband of the leggings. She pulled the bottom of the shirt over it and smoothed out any air bubbles she found. She took a roll of black duct tape and wound some around me where the shirt met the leggings. I shot her a quizzical look and she replied, "So there aren't any leaks." I knew what she had in mind next. She poured in about a can and a half of latex down through the neck opening of the shirt. She worked it down each sleeve and into each mitten as well. Finally, she stood back to admire her work. 

"You told me once that you'd like to spend a weekend encased in latex from head to toe. I thought I'd see to it that you did." She smiled her most endearing smile. 

"But..." I got no further before she took a faceless hood from the box. She worked it onto my head, making sure none of my short blond hair was showing, and then proceed to paint the outside of the hood and my entire face with the liquid latex. Before it could start to set she pulled another hood over my head. This one had no eyes, but it did have two nostril tubes and a mouth tube. I was now truly encased. As the air whistled through the tubes from my breathing, Melissa led me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. I noticed as she laid me down that the liquid latex inside my outfit was starting to set, binding the leggings, shirt and hood to my body firmly. It was an incredible sensation. 

Melissa climbed in the bed beside me and started rubbing her hands over my latex covered breasts, exciting me even more. I felt her climb between my legs and the unmistakeable heat from her mouth as she pressed down over my latex covered crotch. I moaned. It was about all I could do with the breathing tube in my mouth. I could make sound, but forming clear words was out of the question. Soon she had me in a frenzy, but my motions were somewhat limited by the tight latex bonded to me. I came hard, but even the sweat I had built up didn't budge the latex from my skin. That's when it dawned on me. She had said all weekend. I was going to have to eat my meals like this and inevitably they would have to leave my body. I tensed up and Melissa must have sensed my apprehension, somehow known what I was concerned over, because she informed me, "Yes, dear, you are my prisoner this weekend. All weekend. And yes, that does mean what you think it does." She laughed at my predicament. 

She placed me in a latex mummy bag for the night and zipped it up tight, my breathing tubes the only thing showing. It took me forever to go to sleep, but I finally dozed off encased in a latex prison. 

Melissa rocked me awake gently and unzipped the bag. She helped me get untangled from it and rubbed my limbs until the feeling returned in them. She helped me to stand. Walking proved even more difficult than when I had been led to the bed the night before, but she managed to get me to the kitchen and seat me at the table. I was starving, but I also had to pee terribly. I grunted and tried to point to my crotch with my mittened hand. 

"Too bad, my dear. You'll just have to do what you can and live with it." 

I groaned and let my bladder release its contents. I could feel the hot liquid travel down my thighs in the spaces that the liquid latex had missed. Melissa fed me beef broth for breakfast, which I sucked in through my mouth tube greedily. I was blind and clumsy about it, but I managed to get most of it in the tube and not on the table. She cleaned up what mess I made and moved me to the living room and placed me on the couch. She climbed on top of me and I could feel her mouth pressing against the sides of the latex hood. 

"Too bad you can't kiss me back I'd love to be kissing you on the mouth," she purred. 
A wave of desire washed over me, but I was totally helpless to do anything about it. I just groaned. 
Melissa laughed, "Just think my dear, you get to spend the rest of today and all day tomorrow like this!" 

I knew for a fact it was going to be a long weekend. 

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