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Weekend with Anya 5: Anya's Slave

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; public; hum; toys; oral; cons; X

Chapter 5: Anya's Slave

Anya sat and looked at me for a long time.  I could see that she was thinking of how she might be able to manage things.  I knew that she wanted to accept my submission, but clearly there were some major logistical issues she would have to overcome.  I knelt in front of her, trying to look down, but unable to tear my eyes from hers.  I desperately wanted to beg, plead, promise - anything that might get her to say yes - but I had said my piece and had sworn I would never speak again except to say "Yes, mistress," "No, mistress" or "Thank you, mistress."  I knelt there in torment, silently praying she would keep me.

I watched her wrestling with ideas, discarding them, thinking of others.  An eternity passed.  My legs and feet were cramping as I knelt there but I dared not move until my mistress told me to.  All I could hope was that the longer she thought, the more likely it would be that she would find a way.  Eventually, she leaned back in the chair and sighed.

"This is a big decision for both of us," she said.  "Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?"  I nodded vigorously. 

"Yes, mistress," I answered.  "Have you really thought about what this means?  Forever is a long time." 

"Yes, mistress," I said again. 

"And you are willing to submit to all my instructions, no matter what they might be?" 

"Yes, mistress," I responded a third time, sure now that these questions meant she was going to accept me as her life-long slave.  My pussy was responding to my excitement, sending electric charges through my body.

"I have had weekend slaves before, but none as submissive or as beautiful as you.  I have truly enjoyed this weekend like nothing I have done before.  While I have often fantasized about having a real slave, I have never found anyone willing or believed I could work it into my life.  I have a very successful business that needs a lot of my attention.  I have to travel quite a lot.  As much as I would enjoy your presence, I do not see how I can manage to keep you with all the things I have going on." 

My heart dropped at her words.  What would I do if she turned me down?

Then Anya smiled and said, "I am going to postpone my decision for a week.  The Frankfurt show starts tomorrow and you must be there.  You will come as my assistant.  You have lost your voice and will not be able to speak to anyone.  During the day, you will serve me in the booth, doing whatever I tell you to do.  At night, you will share my room as my slave.  I will continue to think about the hows and the wherefores.  You will continue to think about whether you really want to do this for the rest of your life.  If, and I say "if," I decide that I am willing to take this on, I will ask you again if it is what you truly want.  If you agree, there will be no turning back, ever.  Understood?"

I nodded with mixed feelings.  I was excited that I would be Anya's slave for at least another week and very confident how I would answer if and when she posed the question again.  I was also frustrated and concerned because my future was still in doubt.  I just couldn't imagine a future other than the one I envisioned.

My mistress got up and, putting her gloved hands around my shoulders, helped me to stand up.  "If we're going to Frankfurt in the morning, we've got lots to do.  Follow me."  She led me upstairs to her bedroom and then undid my bonds.  I was still wearing my nurse's uniform as she set me to the task of making preparations for our trip.

Anya sat back on the bed and relaxed while I worked.  Under her explicit instructions, I got out suitcases and packed them.  Many of the items were typical for a business trip, but one suitcase was filled with latex clothing and bondage toys.  I got very excited thinking about how they might be put to use.  I was also filled with trepidation about how I was going to survive the next three days as a secret slave under the eyes of all the people at the fashion show, some of whom would undoubtedly recognize me.  I didn't know what my mistress had planned for my days, but I suspected it would involve more humiliation than I felt ready for.

When everything was packed, Anya made me take the heavy suitcases downstairs and put them in the back of the Mercedes ready for our early start.  When I came back in, my mistress was ready with a blindfold, ball-gag and the single glove I was already familiar with.  She pulled my arms behind me, slipped the glove over them and then tightened up the laces, forcing my shoulders back and pushing my tits out.  Then she locked the blindfold in place and strapped the ball-gag in my waiting mouth. It felt so good to be back in harness and helpless again.

I felt her reach under my mini-skirt and pull my panties down far enough to slip a dildo into my pussy.  Then she slipped cuffs around my ankles and attached a foot-long halter-chain.  I was in heaven.

"Amuse yourself, slave.  I have some work to do," she said to me and I heard her walk out of the room. 

And how was I to do that?, I thought. 

I didn't know how long she would be gone, so I decided to see just how helpless I was.  Blind, hobbled and with my hands bound tightly behind my back, I edged my way forwards, being very careful not to trip over something, until my foot found the wall.  It must have taken me close to ten minutes to cross half a room because I was so terrified of falling without being able to use my arms to save myself.  The dildo was working overtime and my helplessness was making me cum.  When I reached the wall, I just leaned my head against it and let the shudders rock me from head to toe.

After a minute, I tried to guess which way was closer to the door.  I guessed "right".  So I hobbled my way along, carefully working my way around the furniture, still terrified of falling.  It was totally quiet in the house.  The silence and my imposed darkness made me feel tiny and insignificant.  I fantasized that I was trying to escape from a cruel mistress who would torture me if she caught me.  That increased my tension and had my poor throbbing pussy cumming again.  The dildo kept going off and on randomly, so that I could never get used to it either way.

After two turns at corners of the room, I realized that "right" was wrong.  I had already made my way around more than half the room but decided that at that point I might as well keep going.  I found the door when, working my way around a table, my foot went past the open door and my face smacked right into it.  I had been gradually building up my confidence and moving a little faster so I was surprised when I banged my nose and gag straight into the edge of the door. I staggered backwards more in shock than pain but the hobble-chain stopped me from being able to brace myself. 

I fell backwards, trying to twist as I went down so that I wouldn't fall on my outstretched arms.  I landed mostly on my left side but a lot of the impact was taken by my left breast which must have caught on a chair on the way down.  I lay on the floor in agony, unable to move.  I couldn't help but cry from the pain, and the tears built up inside my tight blindfold.  I needed my arms to hug myself and massage away the pain, but they were useless behind me.  I felt like a small child, miserable and alone in the darkness.  I tried to cry out but the ball-gag just released a quiet moan.  I waited there, hoping my mistress had heard the noise and would come to me, but she didn't appear.

Lying there in the darkness, hurting all over, I needed comforting.  Even the dildo was silent as I cried to myself.  I realized that I had been foolish to try to act without my mistress' explicit instructions.  While she hadn't told me to stay where I was, she hadn't told me to wander around either.  As the pain slowly eased to a dull throb, I swore to myself that I would not experiment again unless my mistress told me to.

I made a couple of attempts to get up, but without my arms and with my legs haltered together, I couldn't quite get up on my knees.  All I could do was lie there and wait, feeling sorry for myself.  The vibrator must have been turned off by the fall.  I could feel it still inside me, willing it to come on and cheer me up but it remained silent.  Time crept by as I laid there.  I tried fantasizing about being kidnapped but I just couldn't arouse myself.  I couldn't even go to sleep because if I rested my head it really stretched my neck painfully.

Finally, my mistress came back.  She helped me get back up and then, without a word, led me off.  She helped me relieve myself and then took me down to the basement.  She removed my glove and gag and the chains around my feet, then pulled a suit up over my legs and body.  She explained that this was a new design she had been working on.  It was a suit within a suit.  The inner suit had arms and legs that fit snugly around my body.  The arms were attached to the side and the legs were stuck together so that once inside I couldn't move.  She pulled it up over my breasts and zipped it up tight under my chin.  The outer suit was basically a divided air matress which fitted into the collar on the inner suit, she explained.  Once the outer suit was in place, it could be pumped up, putting extreme pressure on the inner suit.  Before doing that, she fitted a matching hood over my head.  She slipped two small tubes into my nostrils and then sealed the collar's hood onto the suit's.

My mistress had me lay down on the bed and then I felt the air pressure building in the outer suit, pressing the inner latex against my skin.  I felt two plugs pushing into my orifices, expanding to fill the cavities, the front one pressing the dildo deep inside me.  My legs felt the pressure as they were forced together and my arms were crushed firmly against my sides.  The waist of the suit pressed in on me like the tightest of corsets and my breasts were squeezed from all sides.  The pressure kept building until I could hardly breathe.  Then I felt the hood pumping up, pressing against my eyes and mouth and pushing up on my chin so that I couldn't move my face at all.  I strained to inhale against the pressure on my chest and stomach as the suit got even tighter.  I could only take short breaths and I was panting through my nose tubes to get enough oxygen.

I began to panic as I struggled for air.  This was much tighter than the suit I had worn the first night, tighter even than the vacuum bed.  I was completely immobile, unable to even wiggle my fingers or flex my legs.  All I could hear was the sound of blood rushing in my ears.  The pressure made me feel like I was deep under water.  I struggled to get my breathing under control and slowly I felt my heartbeat slow down to a more reasonable rate.

I found that I could relax without stopping breathing although I was still taking very short breaths.  I started to ease into the feeling of isolation and pressure.  The strong rubber smell in my nose and the absolute inability to move were getting me hot.  The dildo was still inside me, pressed hard against me by the suit pressure, but it refused to vibrate.  And I couldn't even squirm!

As I lay there, I started to feel really disoriented.  In spite of the pressure all over me, or perhaps because of it, I started to lose feeling.  I couldn't even move my skin against the latex so I was getting no sensory input at all.  I guess I was actually floating in the outer suit so there was not even a feeling of up and down.  I felt giddy and detached from everything.  I wanted to cry out but I couldn't make a sound.  I couldn't even hear my own grunts and groans so I'm sure they didn't penetrate the two layers of rubber.

Time became meaningless.  I could have been in there for five minutes or five years.  I had no idea.  My memories started bubbling up in front of me like cartoons but I couldn't grasp hold of them.  I tried to concentrate on things but they kept slipping away.  I couldn't even count to five - I'd lose hold half way through.  I found I couldn't remember where I was or how I got there.  I couldn't even remember who I was.  My mind just wouldn't hold on to anything for long enough for it to make sense.  It was like that half-awake dreaming where you drift from scene to scene without any continuity but it was much more intense.

When the suit finally started to deflate, all my nerves began to tingle as the pressure eased.  It was like having pins and needles all over at the same time.  With the outside pressure gone, the suit and hood were still very tight but I could at least wriggle a little bit.  At first it was involuntary - trying to ease the pins and needles - but slowly I remembered who and where I was and I squirmed with the pleasure of the experience I had just had and the knowledge of my situation.

Then suddenly I felt the almost-forgotten dildo come alive.  I struggled to move my hands but they were firmly glued to my sides.  Somehow I got my legs to move enough that I rolled first on my side and then onto my stomach.  I writhed and struggled as the vibration took me higher and higher until I felt a rocket explode inside me.  I gasped air through my nose, but the cocooning pressure on my head, arms, legs and body kept me coming in spite of the lack of oxygen.  I seemed to keep coming forever.  Each time I thought it was over, I would make a slight attempt at movement and the feeling of the tight latex on my skin would make me cum all over again.  I could feel my body jerking involuntarily as I grunted and gasped my way through this endless orgasm.

Eventually, the spasms lessened until I was just occasionally twitching with aftershocks.  The dildo turned off and I heard my mistress' voice coming through the hood.  "Are you all right, slave?" 

I wriggled to indicate I wanted to be on my back.  She understood and rolled me over. 

"Do you want to sleep like this?"

I nodded. 

I felt her stroke my face and run her hand down to fondle my breasts through the latex. 

"Can you breathe all right?" she asked. 

I nodded again.  I was already drifting off to sleep as she continued to gently stroke my body.

I awoke in a euphoric state, cuddled as I was by the warm latex pressing my body.  My mistress was already there and she rapidly removed my cocoon.  She was already dressed for the road in a tight blue skirt and blouse that emphasized her beautiful figure.  She was wearing knee-length leather boots laced tightly.  She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where I showered and prepared for whatever lay ahead.

When I saw what was laid out on the bed, I nearly died.  My mistress helped me into a leather corset that she laced as tightly as she could.  She picked up a steel chastity belt with two large dildoes and fitted it to me, slipping the plugs into me gently.  She fastened the belt behind my waist with a small padlock. 

"This is so that you will not forget what you are," she said.  "I will turn these on whenever I feel like it but you must not give any outward indication.  Only you and I will know." 

She put on a black latex bra that further accentuated my already protruding breasts.  She helped me into full-length shiny black latex gloves that hooked to the top of the corset so they would not roll down.  She gave me a pair of black net stockings and a black latex garter belt and made me put the on.

Next, she had me slip my feet into a leather leotard jacket that fitted tight against my pussy and around my waist but had loose sleeves and shoulders.  She zipped it up to just under my breasts and fitted a padlock on the inside so that it could not be pulled up any further.  Around my neck, she placed a tight black leather choker with a cameo at the front.  Then she helped my feet into a pair of 4" heel black shoes with thick ankle straps.

As I was dressing, I couldn't help getting excited by the way I looked and felt, but I was also mortified at the idea that people would see me like this - people I had known in my former life.  I tried to tell myself that it didn't matter any more - that all that was behind me now - but I kept seeing myself confronted with one of the buyers I knew well.  What would they think or say?

Anya kept watching me as I dressed, gauging my reaction as if to test how committed I was to being her slave.  If I was unwilling to wear what she told me to wear, I was clearly not submissive enough to be a real slave.  I started to get teary and came within a hair of giving in, thinking I just couldn't go through with it, but the events of the last few days and the strength of the emotions and feelings I had experienced won the day.

My mistress made me sit down while she made up my face.  She was more dramatic than I would have been, but the effect was striking and went perfectly with the costume.

When I was ready, Anya put cuffs on my wrists and attached a chain that went between my legs and fitted on to a ring on the back of the jacket.  She then shackled my ankles and fitted a silk blindfold over my eyes.  "I will take these off when we arrive but you will wear them on the journey."

She paused for a moment and then asked, "Do you still want to go through with this?" 

"Yes, mistress," I answered although the butterflies in my stomach were screaming "NO, MISTRESS!"

She led me to the car and strapped me in tight, running the seat belt over my chained hands so that I couldn't move them at all.  As we drove, Anya told me that she had made some calls the previous evening that might, if things worked out, make it possible for our relationship to continue. 

"Assuming you still want it to when this week is over," she added. 

My thoughts on the journey kept jumping from the wonderful feeling I had wearing these clothes to the horrific thought of wearing them in public.  My customers had always seen me dressed conservatively and I couldn't imagine how they would react to seeing me like this.  Then I would think about my wonderful mistress and my determination to survive the week would come back.

We pulled into the parking lot at the hotel and Anya came around to my side and released me, removing my bonds and blindfold.  "While we are in public, I will use your old name, slave.  Don't ever forget that it is no longer your name, that you are now nameless, just Anya's slave.

"Now get the suitcases and follow me." 

I did as she bid, struggling with the four heavy suitcases.  As soon as we walked into the lobby, everyone turned and stared at me.  People stopped in mid-conversation to nudge their partners.  I felt myself flushing and again, I wanted to just drop the suitcases and run away.  Tears of embarrassment came to my eyes as I tried not to look back.

Anya proudly walked up to the reception desk, seemingly oblivious of the spectacle we were making.  I stood patiently as she checked in, looking at the floor, grateful that no-one came up to talk to me.  I knew that I was under instructions not to speak and I didn't know how I would handle it if anyone tried to talk to me.

While I was standing there trying to be invisible, Anya flipped on both vibrators with her remote.  I nearly jumped out of my skin.  I could hear them buzzing through my body and I was convinced that everyone could hear them but when I glanced around, no-one seemed to have noticed.  They were all trying to look like they were busy doing something while sneaking glances every few seconds.  I struggled to stand still as I felt my sex awakening, making me want to squirm and grab my pussy.

When my mistress had finished checking in, she beckoned me to follow her to the elevators.  It was difficult to walk, let alone carry the suitcases, with the vibrators exciting me, but somehow I managed it.  I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when the door closed on just the two of us.  The shame and embarrassment of the last few minutes flashed into a huge release as I felt myself coming.  I was still shuddering with pleasure as the elevator doors opened for a middle-aged woman in a sedate business suit.  She looked at me and then at Anya and just stood there in horror as the doors closed without her.  I couldn't help but crack up at the look on her face.  Maybe this would be fun after all.  Of course, this woman wasn't someone I knew.  Anya was laughing too.  I wondered if she had been experiencing the same anxiety herself.  She flashed me a loving look for just a moment but then it was gone, replaced by her stern mistress persona.

When we reached our floor, I lugged the suitcases down the hall to our room.  Anya flopped on the bed and watched me while I unpacked.  When I had finished, she called me over to the bed.  She had taken off her skirt and blouse and was sitting back in matching blue latex underwear.  I nearly came just looking at how beautiful she was.  "We don't have much time before we have to go downstairs.  I want you to satisfy me," she said, laying back on the fluffed pillows and draping her hands out to her sides.

Remembering how my mistress had enjoyed me the previous day, I picked a pair of handcuffs out of the drawer and, turning my back to her, offered my hands and the cuffs.  She put them on my wrists, squeezing them until they hurt.  I turned around and knelt at the foot of the bed where I could reach her foot with my lips.  I slowly kissed her, massaging her boots with my tongue.  I worked my way up her leg, faster than I would have liked, but conscious of the time.  She was moaning with pleasure by the time I reached the top of the boot.  I was getting hotter and hotter myself but I held myself in, concentrating on her pleasure.  She was wearing beautifully patterned silk stockings and I continued to work my way up, glad that my hands were cuffed because otherwise I couldn't have stopped myself touching her. 

By the time I reached her sex, I was on the bed, lying on my front between her legs.  I had to writhe my way up without the use of my hands and that made me even hotter.  If she had not turned the vibrators off after I came in the elevator, I would not have been able to stop myself.  I wanted to caress my own pussy but I couldn't reach it with the handcuffs on.  I started to lick and kiss her latex panties, feeling her soft pussy underneath them.  Her moans were getting louder and I felt her hands take my head and push it into her as she raised her knees to improve the contact.  I kept working my lips and tongue against her shiny latex, feeling her build towards a climax.  When she came, her shudder ran right through me and I was only a second or two behind her.

We lay there for a couple of minutes breathing heavily until Anya got up and started to dress.  I slipped off the bed and stood up, bathing in the afterglow and thankful that she had given me such an opportunity to please her and myself at the same time.  She touched up my make-up and brushed my hair while I was still cuffed.  She stepped behind me and grasped my breasts in her hands, squeezing my nipples through my jacket.  I started to get hot all over again, but then she released me and unlocked my handcuffs. 

"Time to go," she said.



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