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Weekend with Anya 4: Yours, Truly

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; nipple; outdoors; hum; toys; cons; X

Chapter 4: Yours, Truly

I awoke, unable to see or move, calm and comforted by my tightly enclosing cocoon.  I had never felt so at peace.  I squirmed a little, revelling in the feeling of slick plastic pressing against my skin. At some time during the night, my exhaustion had finally overcome me and I had slipped into a warm sleep.  Now I was rested and I lay there, with no idea what time it was, waiting for my mistress to call me to her bidding.

After a while, I heard her soft footsteps enter the room and then felt her gentle touch on the tape over my lips.  She ran her hands over my body and her touch, distant through my mummification, brought me once again to a peak of sensitivity.  I writhed in pleasure as she slowly brought her fingers closer to my sex.

I felt a more insistent touch as she snipped away parts of my covering with a pair of scissors.  She carefully cut away circles around my mouth, my nipples and my pussy, brushed each revealed area with her lips, then concentrated on my wet center.  She slipped the vibrator out and replaced it with her tongue. I felt her exploring, thrusting, caressing, pushing until I exploded with a loud gasp and a shudder.  I could hear that she too was breathing heavily and she laid down beside me, wrapping her arms around me. We lay there for a while, enjoying our closeness. 

After some time, I felt Anya get up and then she slowly started to peel away my cocoon. As each part of my body was unwrapped, it felt as though she was removing my skin - something that belonged around me.  I didn't want to be freed from it. When she had finished, Anya pulled me up to a sitting position and gently removed my blindfold, kissing my closed eyes.  I opened them to see her dressed in a black latex catsuit and gloves.  Her head was covered with a matching hood with holes just big enough for her eyes and mouth to be visible.

"Enough!" she said.  "It's training time." 

She took me by the hand and led me to a large wooden "X" against the wall.  I let her lift my hands to the top and shackle them with fur-lined black leather cuffs. She then attached more cuffs to my feet, forcing my legs wide apart. Reaching her hands around my body and pulling it away from the cross, she attached small clamps to my still erect nipples.  As she eased them closed, I felt an exquisite agony that shot through my body.  I tried to relax but as I came forward, they pressed against the cross making the pain unbearable so I was forced to arch my body so that only my hands and feet were in contact.

To each clamp, Anya then attached a small weight on a chain.  As these swung loose, the clamps pulled painfully on my already aching nipples. I couldn't help but scream out and immediately was rewarded with a large ball-gag that Anya strapped tightly around the back of my head. I tried to look imploringly over my shoulder but the effort of turning round brought my right nipple back in agonizing contact with the cross so I was forced to face the wall and suffer my punishment.

I heard the swish of the cat-o-nine-tails just before the first sharp sting bit into my buttocks.  Anya was not being gentle.  As she brought the whip down again and again, she said, "You must not forget that I am the mistress and you are the slave.  What I do to you is for MY pleasure.  Sometimes it is my pleasure to bring you pleasure. Sometimes it is my pleasure to bring you pain.  It is for you to please me, responding appropriately to your punishments and rewards. Do you understand?"

Between my muffled gasps of pain, I mpphed a "Yes, mistress" through the ball-gag. 

Each time the flail came down, I flinched, banging the clamps against the cross and causing the weights to swing wildly, pulling on my nipples until they felt like they would be ripped off. The pain was excruciating and I prayed for it to end. After what seemed like an eternity, my mistress stopped whipping me, leaving my sore skin burning and my nipples throbbing.  My arms were aching from the effort of holding myself off the cross and drool ran down my chin and dripped onto my breasts.

My mistress unfastened my bonds and then pulled my arms behind me, slipping a single long leather glove over them.  This had straps that she ran over my shoulders and fastened behind my back.  Then she started to tighten the glove's laces like a corset, forcing my elbows together behind my back.  The glove had no fingers and my hands were forced into fists inside the tight leather.

"Kneel before me, slave, and show me how much you love your mistress."

It was hard to keep my balance as I knelt down, trying, not very successfully, to keep the nipple weights from swinging as I did so. My mistress removed the ball-gag and wiped my chin with a cloth. "What do you say, slave?" 

"Thank you, mistress."

"I want you to prove that you love every part of me.  You may start with my feet.  Kiss them." 

She stood before me and I carefully lowered my head until my lips could reach her shoes.  They were shiny black latex pumps with ankle straps.  I reached down gingerly, struggling to ease the pain in my breasts, and kissed the toes of one shoe.  The flail came down harshly on my back. 

"Is that the best you can do?" 

I came in again and started pushing my mouth into the shoes to make sure that she could feel me doing so.  After a few seconds I started to get into it and began running my tongue over the latex, tasting the shiny rubber.

Slowly, the pain in my breasts changed to a dull ache and the excitement of my slavery re-asserted itself.  I did my best to convey my love for my mistress through my lips and tongue as I ran them crazily over her feet.

"Good.  Now you may work your way up my legs," she said. 

Slowly, fighting the urge to go straight to her sex, I caressed her ankles with my tongue and lips.  The latex was smooth and shiny and I could feel her firm muscles beneath it.  A couple of times I heard her gasp and I knew I was doing a good job.  I was getting hotter and hotter myself but I concentrated on making my mistress come.  I couldn't allow myself to orgasm now.

By the time I reached her knees, I felt my mistress shudder with pleasure and knew that I had pleased her. 

"Now start on my fingers," she gasped. 

I took her right index finger in my mouth and started sucking on it as if it was a penis.  I worked my way down each finger in turn, then taking two and three at a time.  As I sucked, the nipple weights pulled on my breasts but they were pretty numb by now and the feeling just made me hotter.  My pussy was on fire but I fought it off and just kept working my way up her plastic-covered arms.  As I neared her elbows, I had to stand up which was almost impossible without losing contact but somehow I managed it.  I kept swapping between her arms, slowly bringing myself up to her shoulders.  I felt her shudder again.

"Now my neck and then down my body," she whispered. 

I obliged gladly, licking around the joint between her hood and suit and then slowly working my way towards her breasts. If my hands hadn't been tied firmly behind me, I couldn't have stopped myself from caressing her.  They burned in the glove, struggling as if they had a mind of their own, desperate to touch her slick body.

As I finally felt her nipples through the latex under my tongue, I just couldn't hold it any longer and the orgasm ripped through me as it did through her at the same time.  My satiated mistress fell back into a waiting chair as I stood there, my entire body gasping for air. Like a good slave, I waited patiently for her to recover and give me more instruction.  After a few minutes, she pulled herself up and came over to kiss me gently on the lips. 

"Well done, slave," she said, her breasts still heaving. "I think it's time for breakfast, don't you?"

"Yes, mistress," I replied.  She removed the clamps from my breasts and I immediately screamed as my abused nerves were released.  The pain was extreme but with my hands fastened behind me I could do nothing to ease it.  It quickly returned to a dull throbbing and I was able to follow my mistress up to the kitchen.

As before, Anya fed me and held my cup so that I could drink.  The sexy feeling of helpnessness came back, exciting me all over again. Although I was the slave, I was helpless and my mistress was taking care of me. When we had eaten, she helped me take care of business and then led me to a large walk-in closet filled with all shapes and colors of latex clothes and bindings. 

"Now how shall we dress you today?" she asked, rhetorically.  "I know.  You can be my nurse.  I'm not feeling at all well."

So saying, Anya removed my glove and started to dress me in powder blue latex underwear - bra, panties and garter belt, not before sliding a vibrator into my welcoming pussy.  She eased my feet into powder blue stockings, fastening them to the belt.  Over this, she helped me slip into a tight blue latex mini-skirt and skin-tight blouse and finally a white latex pinafore-style apron with a large red cross on it.  She slipped white nurse shoes on my feet and tied them up.

She pulled tight cream-colored surgical gloves over my hands and then worked a matching hood over my head.  The hood had no eye-holes and so all I could see was very hazy shapes through its translucency.  There were two tiny holes at the nose but the hood was tight enough that I couldn't open my mouth at all. My mistress put cuffs around my ankles and linked them together with a short chain.  She cuffed my wrists and neck as well, attaching chains from each wrist which she ran between my legs and up my back, linking them to the back of the collar.  I couldn't bring my hands up higher than my waist without choking myself.

"I'm rather tired today, slave," I heard my mistress say.  "I think I'll use the wheelchair.  You may take me for a walk in the sunshine. Don't worry, I'll give you directions."

She took my hand and led me to another room.  I could only take small steps because of the hobble chain and I could hardly see anything.  My mistress placed my hands on the handles of the wheelchair and sat down in it.  Reaching my hands up to the handles pulled the chain, forcing my neck back and pressing hard against my pussy.  The vibrator was pushed deeper in and started working on me, activated by the pressure.

Following my mistress' directions, I pushed the chair into the hall and down to the front door.  Anya made me stop the wheelchair and go and open the door and then push her through it.  I hadn't noticed before but to one side of the entrance was a wheelchair ramp and she had me wheel her down it.  From that point on, all I could do was follow her instructions.  I could vaguely see the shapes of trees against the sky but everything at ground level was an even darkness. As I walked, the chain kept grinding against my pussy and the vibrator sent shivers through me, taking me to the brink but not quite all the way.  I squirmed as I went along, trying to come but, frustratingly, unable to do so.

I had hobbled along for a couple of minutes before I heard the swoosh of a car going by.  As it passed, the driver tooted a couple of times on the horn.  I wasn't sure if it was to tell me to get out of the way or a comment on my appearance but I was deeply embarrassed that ordinary people would see me this way.  Even though my head was covered and they could not tell who I was I panicked, wanting to run back to the house but having no idea which way to go, knowing I was totally at the mercy of my mistress's whim.

"Did I tell you to stop, slave?" she asked.  "Keep moving.  Any more of that and you'll be well and truly punished."

I forced myself to keep moving, even when two more cars went by beeping their horns.  It seemed like hours before I finally felt the ramp under my feet and was able to get back into the house. When Anya finally told me to stop, I stood there trembling.  Taking my hands off the handles, I immediately put them between my legs, working the dildo until I came with a violent shudder.  I groaned with pleasure and shame, knowing my mistress was watching me playing with myself but unable to stop. When I had stopped shivering, Anya came and pulled the hood off my head and looked into my eyes.  After holding my eyes for a long moment, she leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips.

"Sit down, slave," she said, with more gentleness than command.  I sat, my hands forced between my legs as the chain tightened.  I knew what was coming and I was dreading it.

My mistress took a deep breath and began.  "You have been a wonderful slave," she said.  "The best I have ever known.  I wish I could keep you forever.  But all good things must end and we have a fashion show to attend tomorrow.  You will need to be fully rested so I think our little game should end now.  I'll unbind you and you can have a long soak and a good night's sleep before we set off early in the morning."

I couldn't speak.  I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks.  I had never felt so miserable.  All my life I had been searching for something - something I couldn't see or define but that I sensed was out there - and I finally knew what it was.  The fashion show, my career, my life, held no attraction.  All the experiences of this weekend had made me alive in a way I had never imagined possible and now it was over - just a game that had been played out. Slowly, I slipped forward off the chair onto my knees.  The neck chain forced my hands further between my legs as I bowed my head before my mistress. 

"May I speak, mistress?" I asked tentatively. 

"Of course you may, my love.  I'm not your mistress any more."

Those words tore at my heart but I forced myself to speak.  "But you are my mistress.  And I am your slave.  Nothing can change that. Whatever will I had before is gone and the only thing that will ever drive me again is your pleasure.  As your slave, I cannot ask or beg or command you but I must take this last moment to tell you that I cannot return to my old life.  I have no will to do anything but your will.  When I have said my piece, I will never again say anything but 'Yes, mistress', 'No, mistress' and 'Thank you, mistress'.  I am yours.  Send me away if you will, but know that I cannot survive without you to instruct me, to punish and reward me as is appropriate for the ways that I serve your pleasure. "

"Whatever your will, I thank you, my mistress."



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