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Weekend with Anya 3: Yes, Mistress

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; vacbed; wrap; bdsm; toys; cons; X

Chapter 3: Yes, Mistress

The sun was going down as Anya led me down into the basement. "I think you need a big hug," she said, leading me into a room I hadn't seen before.  Anya went over to a cabinet, took a small vibrator out of a drawer and slipped it into my still wet pussy.

"It's radio-controlled," she said, smiling. 

The bed appeared to have rubber sheets on it that were wrapped around a frame.  Anya untied my arms and told me to get in.  This was the first time I had been completely unshackled since it all began but we both knew that I would not try to escape. I climbed in between the rubber sheets and laid down.  The top sheet had a mouthpiece going through it and Anya helped me fit it into my mouth.  Then she told me to put my arms palm down at my sides with my fingers splayed.  Anya pushed earplugs in my ears so that I couldn't hear a thing.  She pulled the top sheet over me and attached it at the top of the bed.  I found I could breathe quite easily through the mouthpiece and I could see dimly through the rubber sheet. 

Through the earplugs, I could just hear a distant whirring and slowly the top sheet tightened around me as the air was sucked out.  The rubber tightened up around me until I couldn't move at all.  I couldn't even open my eyes.  The feeling was incredible. This was even tighter than the previous night's bondage. I tried to wriggle but aside from jerking my body up and down a little I could do nothing. The feeling of compression was amazing! 

Every nerve was tingling and I grew hotter and hotter with excitement.  Then I felt something brush lightly across my breasts.  It was like an electric shock.  A few seconds later, I felt the same on my thigh.  Every few seconds, I would feel a touch somewhere different.  Each one drove me to new heights.  I was constantly waiting for the next touch, yearning for it.  My pussy was on fire.  I writhed and wriggled but to no avail. 

Suddenly, the vibrator came to life.  Immediately, I orgasmed.  All of a sudden, there just wasn't enough air coming through the tube to handle my gasping.  I was screaming in ecstasy.  Anya kept on touching me in different places and I went on and on coming, shuddering as the waves passed through me.  At each touch I rose higher, thinking I couldn't take any more but yearning for the next one. Far too soon, the dildo went dead and I felt the pressure easing in my cocoon.  Anya opened the top of the bag and looked down at me.  I couldn't speak - my breath came in huge gasps.  I had never imagined I could have such an experience. 

When my breathing had calmed down, Anya helped me out of the bag. 

"Did you enjoy that, slave?" she asked. 

"Oh yes, mistress," I gasped. 

"Well I think you need something to calm you down now.  I've rewarded you for enhancing my reputation but I don't want you getting ideas above your station.  I think I need to remind you that you're a slave." 

Anya's words filled my with a joy I could not have imagined.  I had never realized how much I wanted her to control me.  I sat submissively on the side of the bed and let her undress me, a little sad to be losing my "angel" costume but excited about what might be coming.  When I was totally naked, Anya brought over a bowl of hot water and gave me a sponge bath.  The sponge was scratchy and she was not gentle.  Then she towelled me off roughly with a scratchy towel. By the time she had finished, my skin was red all over and tingling.

Anya picked up a tangle of red rubber straps that I soon realized was a chastity belt with two large plugs.  She coated the plugs with jelly and made me spread my legs while she slipped them inside, pulling the straps up tight and cinching them behind my back.  I had seen the two small wires dangling from the belt and assumed it too was radio controlled. Anya then fitted me into a bright red latex-covered boned corset and laced it up as tightly as she could.  My waist felt like it was 15" and my breasts were forced up over the top.  She kept pulling and pulling on the laces until I could hardly breathe. 

"Make two fists with your thumbs inside, slave," she said. 

As I did so, Anya slipped two balloon-like red latex bags over my hands.  They fit really tightly so that I couldn't move my fingers at all. 

"Now kneel before me, slave," she ordered. 

I got down on the carpet and knelt, putting my ass on my heels.  Anya took a long silk rope and wound it round and round my left leg, tying my shin tightly to my thigh.  She did the same to the other leg, bringing the end of the rope up my back and then tying it off with a couple of turns around my waist.  With a second rope, she tied my wrists to my upper arms, leaving my helpless hands sticking out the top.  Then she slipped a large ball-gag into my mouth, forcing my jaws apart.  This she buckled behind my head and I heard the snick of a padlock closing. 

"Upstairs, slave," she barked, "as quick as you can," and left the room. 

At first I didn't know how to respond, but then I leaned forward, falling onto my elbows.  With difficulty, I levered myself up on my knees and started working my way to the door on my knees and elbows.  Just as I had started to move, the two vibrators started to work, causing me to lose my balance and fall over.  I started to get wet again as I thought about my helplessness.

Slowly, I worked my way back into an all-fours position and edged my way to the doorway.  Every move pressed me against the vibrators, increasing their potency and sending shivers through my over-excited body.  When I finally got through the door, I came face-to-face with the stairs.  I didn't know how I would ever get up them but I had to obey my mistress. It took me a couple of steps to get the hang of climbing when trussed but I finally got into a sort of rhythm.  Then half-way up, I came again, the pressure flooding through me.  I had to stop and catch my breath which was difficult with such a tight corset and a mouth full of ball-gag, but eventually I calmed down enough to continue my ascent. 

At last I reached the top where the insistent throbbing and the relief of having made it brought me to climax again.  Again I had to rest and catch my breath before I could head towards the sound of music coming from the front room. I made my way into the room where I saw Anya sitting in a big armchair by the fire, sipping a glass of wine.  She was dressed in a gleaming black latex catsuit with built-in corset and full gloves and boots. She looked fantastic.  It made me feel totally insignificant as I knelt there before her, drooling around my gag. 

"About time, slave," she said.  "I thought you were never going to come and entertain my guests." 

It was then that I realized that there were two more people in the room.  Sitting on the chair beside me was a woman completely encased in deep blue latex.  The only openings were two small eye holes.  Several ball pumps were attached and I could see that they had all been inflated.  The breasts of the suit were much larger than her breasts could have been and her cheeks bulged over a big balloon gag.  Her wrists were strapped to her knees with fur-lined leather cuffs that matched her suit and her ankles were chained together.  Small tubes with valves hung down from her nostrils and she seemed to be having trouble breathing.  A tight collar held her head firmly and the small eye holes prevented her from seeing anything that was not directly in front of her. 

On the other chair by the fire sat a tall woman dressed completely in shiny gold latex.  A tight mini-skirt revealed the tops of sparkling stockings over thigh-length gold boots.  She wore full-length gloves, a tightly laced gold corset under a gold bra and a beautiful gold choker.  Her long blond hair was tied in a pony-tail from the top of her head and it fell luxuriously over her shoulder. 

"Mara, this is my new slave.  What do you think?" Anya asked. 

"Very attractive," the gold woman replied.  "What do you have planned for it this evening?" 

Anya sipped her wine thoughtfully.  "I thought perhaps that we would have our slaves make love for us.  Would you like that?" 

Mara let out a quiet laugh and replied "Oh, yes.  That would be fun." 

They continued to talk about us for a while, referring to us both as "it."  I felt totally worthless and de-humanized but I couldn't help but think what the girl in the blue latex might be like.  I was getting hot thinking about playing with her latex-clad body and the vibrators kept my pussy and ass excited.  I had a feeling that we wouldn't be naked in bed for this love-making.  Neither mistress seemed interested in just watching two women enjoying themselves.  In the meantime, all I could do was stay crouched on my knees and elbows, drooling through my gag.  The ropes were getting very tight and I was cramping up.  My corset really restrained my breathing.  I was more than ready for something different. 

When both mistresses had finished their wine, Anya got up and untied my arms and legs and told me to stand up.  My pain was much worse as I slowly worked my sore muscles.  My hands were still in their bags so it was difficult to rub my aches away.  Anya placed a silk blindfold over my eyes and plunged me into darkness again.  Then she took me by the hand and led me off to another room. I felt her fit a collar around my neck, a belt around my waist and cuffs around my wrists and ankles.  She removed the chastity belt and slipped out the vibrators.  Again, although my orifices were both sore I felt an emptyness as they came out.  Then she removed my gag.  My jaw felt as though it was broken as I tried to work out the stiffness. 

"Slave Anna is six feet in front of you," Anya whispered in my ear. "She is as hot for you as you are for her.  Make your mistress proud of you.  You are tethered to the wall behind you with elastic rope, as is Slave Anna.  She too is blindfolded and her hands are bound like yours.  You are to go to Slave Anna and make her come, just as she is to make you come.  There is a line on the floor two feet in front of you.  Every time you step back across the line you will be whipped. You will not be freed until both of you have come three times.  And don't try to fake it.  Believe me, we can tell the difference."

"Now, go." 

I started to step forward and immediately felt the tug on all my bondage.  If I leaned forward, my feet were pulled back.  If I pushed with my feet, I started to fall backwards.  I felt the first lash across my ass as my feet went back to steady me.  I let out a gasp at the pain.  I had never felt so helpless.  As hard as I tried, I didn't seem to be making any progress.  Then I found that if I held my arms out to the side and back a little, I could move a little further forward.  The ropes were looped at the wall so that if I relaxed one another gave a little. 

I felt my nipples brush something and a shock ran through me.  I stretched harder and felt Anna's face touch mine.  Our lips met and we kissed through our gasps, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.  I arched my back and our bellies touched.  I wanted to put my hands on her body but they were pulled tightly behind me, as hers must also have been.  We kissed again and I whimpered as I felt myself coming. I could hear her groaning as she brushed her breasts against my nipples.  Then I felt her mouth drop to my breasts and she bit hard on my right nipple.  I screamed and came at the same moment.  The relief was so sudden that I relaxed my efforts and fell backwards.

Immediately I felt a sharp sting as Anya brought her flail across my back.  I pushed forwards again until I reached Anna.  My shoulders felt as though they were being pulled out of their sockets.  I bent over and suckled her, running my tongue over her smooth breasts and tugging gently on her nipples until she screamed with ecstacy.  A second later as she slipped away from me, I heard her scream again, this time in response to the loud crack from her mistress's whip. 

I don't know how long it took before we finally climaxed for the third time, this time together.  Both of us had received many lashes and my back and ass were burning as I finally sagged to the floor, weeping with joy and pain and relief.  Over all the emotions flooding through me was the knowledge that I had pleased my mistress.  No pleasure or pain could could touch that.  I slumped over weeping uncontrollably, unable to sort out the myriad of feelings rushing through me.  Every inch of my body was alive from my bruised lips to my sore shoulders to the burning sting of the lashes and the exhausted throbbing of my sex. 

I was barely aware of my mistress untying my bonds and leading me away.  Dimly, I realized that she was wrapping my legs in plastic. She continued until both legs were totally wrapped and then continued to wrap them both together.  After going around two or three times, she continued around my body, then over my shoulders and down my arms, finally wrapping my arms to my body.  I was as tightly bound as I had been the previous night but the feeling was very different.  There was no talcum powder this time and the slick plastic was lubricated by my sweating body.  My mistress brought the wrap up my body again, pressing my arms tighter against my body, and then wrapped my head, leaving a small space for my nose so that I could breath. 

I heard the "zip" of tape and felt her wrapping something firmer around the outside of my cocoon, starting at my feet.  She was stretching the tape as she went so that it pressed even more tightly against my body.  This was more intense than even the vacuum bed. Eventually, I was taped all over except for the small hole at my nose. Then she pulled open a small space between my legs and thrust a dildo into me. When she was done, my mistress laid me down face-up on a bed and kissed my swathed lips. 

"Sleep tight, slave," she said, lovingly. 

I lay there in true ecstasy in my plastic cocoon, feeling the tight pressure hugging my firmly at every point on my body.  Every now and then, the dildo would start vibrating, bringing me close to orgasm but always stopping before I could climax. 

Although I was totally exhausted after the day's events, I was too excited to sleep.  My thoughts and emotions whirled me around dizzily.  I could feel my cocoon making me hotter and the heat eased the ache in my shoulders and the burn on my back. Sometime that day, I crossed the line - I was now Anya's slave in every sense.  We both knew that I would do anything she wanted of me. My submissive side had fully blossomed.  No matter how degrading or painful, the joy of being a helpless slave, existing only to please her mistress was my true happiness. 



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