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Wedding Night in Rubbersuits

by DrInflator

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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; F/fm; latex; rubbersuit; inflatable; maid; captives; toys; climax; cons/nc; X

The Day Before

Alison was busy making last minute preparations for their big night tomorrow.

She was at the hotel where she and John had reserved the honeymoon suite. Her last request to Jennifer, one of the hotel staff, was to have multi-colored balloons decorating their room, she also requested that two air tanks be left behind in the room for their wedding night. Jennifer then told Alison that the tanks would be in the room for her wedding night as requested. Jennifer then turned to the bellhop and told him to take care of Alison’s request for the air tanks. The bellhop nodded and headed to the elevator. Once he stepped off the elevator he headed to and entered the honeymoon suite. He entered, while noticing the tanks, two helium and two air tanks. He then rolled the two helium tanks into the closet and left, figuring the closet wouldn’t be used.

Alison then left the hotel and went to the local lingerie shop to pick up her order. She entered the shop; she was abruptly captivated by the aroma of the rubber clothing that was on display around the little shop. Her order wasn’t any of these garments, but a special order she requested to be made-to-order for her and John’s wedding night. "I’m here to pick up my order", she said to the rubbersuited buxom brunette behind the counter.

"What’s your name ma’am?" the rubber vixen asked.

"My name is Alison", she proclaimed.

"Oh, you're Alison! Everyone here was captivated with your rubbersuit order when they saw the final product that was made from your diagrams you submitted for your rubbersuits", the brunette said.

"Really, I was just going by what John had said he would like to see me wearing, it’s sort of my wedding present to him for the two of us to enjoy," Alison replied. "The rubbersuits are black and sized to my exact specifications, mine with built-in inflatable butt plug and vaginal plug and his with an ejaculator in his rubbersuit," she asked.

"Oh yes! And then some," the brunette said.

"What do you mean?" Alison asked. "The manufacturer takes the customer’s requested rubbersuit inflated waist size, in your case, you asked for 100 inch waist when inflated and they took it to the nearest standard size which is 250 inch when inflated," said the brunette.

"That’s good! Like John always says BIGGER is BETTER when inflating a lover in a rubbersuit," Alison remarked.

"Do you want to try on your rubbersuit, Alison?" the rubber encased buxom brunette asked, "that way we’ll know if your rubbersuit is sized properly."

"Well, I guess so, I have everything done now and at least I will know that my rubbersuit will fit to fulfill his fantasy even if his doesn’t fit," Alison said.

"If you don’t mind me saying, that John is one lucky guy", the brunette said. Alison had her rubbersuit in hand as she followed the rubbersuited brunette back to the fitting rooms. All the time, unable to take her eyes off the shiny rubber encased form’s hips and bum sexily swaying back and forth in front of her.

They finally arrived at the fitting rooms. Alison entered the room, stripped down naked. Then came the rubbersuit, she unzipped the rear zipper. She sprinkled some talcum powder that the brunette gave her, into the feet and legs of the black rubbersuit. She then started to step into the attached rubber feet of the suit. She then pulled the rubbersuit up her legs noticing how skin tight the rubber was becoming on her. Alison had finally got the rubbersuit up to her waist when she sprinkled more talcum into the sleeves of the arms and started to carefully force her arms and hands into the long rubber sleeves with attached rubber gloves.

Once her arms were in, she then prepared to put the attached open face hood hanging under her chin over her head. She twisted her blonde hair and guided it through the small hole in the top of the hood and pulled the hood over her head. Her brilliantly shining blonde hair extended out of the hole and down her 5’8" frame to just above her now rubber encased bum. She then adjusted the hood around her face, so just her big blue eyes, nose and mouth were exposed in a small circular opening in the hood and the rest of her head was encased in shiny black rubber. Alison then grabbed the zipper’s ribbon that was hanging just below her rubber bum and pulled it up to close the zipper at the neck of her rubbersuit.

Now Alison was fully encased in her black rubbersuit. She was admiring herself in the mirror, when it came to her, that she didn’t know where they put the air valve on her rubbersuit. She then turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder, noticing the valve was on her right bum cheek. "So that’s where they put it!"Alison said. She then had a vision of John inflating her rubbersuit with her totally helpless inside it, blowing up, larger and larger, and unable to get her over-inflated arms around to her huge inflated rubber bum to remove the air hose.

"Are you alright in there?" asked the brunette.

"Oh… What’s that? Yeah, I’m fine," proclaimed Alison, snapping abruptly out of her vision.

"Why don’t you come out here so I can see how the rubbersuit fits you?" the brunette asked.

"Sure", said Alison.

The brunette stood gaping in awe at the black rubbersuit encased form coming towards her. "John is going to be on his knees when he sees you in that rubbersuit tomorrow night, Alison, you look absolutely captivating!" exclaimed the brunette. "Your D-cup breasts look wonderful encased in rubber," the brunette said.

"Good, I’ll take them!" Alison said. Alison then changed, paid for the two black rubbersuits and headed back to her small apartment to gift wrap the rubbersuits.

The Big Night……

Alison and John left their reception at midnight. They jumped into their rented limousine and told the driver to head to their hotel. When Alison and John reached their honeymoon suite, John insisted on carrying Alison across the threshold. She graciously accepted. John was amazed on entering the room, which was tastefully decorated with the multi-color balloons that Alison had asked for. The ceiling covered with hundreds of helium filled balloons.

John spotted on the red rubber sheeted heart shaped bed, two boxes wrapped in shiny black wrapping paper. "What are those for?" John asked.

"They’re my wedding presents to the two of us," Alison proclaimed while lovingly gazing at John.

"Really, well let’s open them up," John said.

"Go ahead, open yours first," Alison said.

"You got me a black inflatable rubbersuit? Why? I thought you didn’t want to help me with my fantasy," John said.

"I thought that now we are married we could try and live out your deepest fantasies," Alison said. Alison then opened her box and John was astonished to see she also had a black inflatable rubbersuit.

John then said, "Well, I guess we might as well get ready for our night of rubber fun."

Alison took her rubbersuit out of the box and dressed in the middle of the room, while John was seated on the bed in complete shock as he watched his new bride turn into a rubber encased blonde vixen. "Are you going to sit there all night or are you going to get ready?" Alison asked.

"What? No, of course I’m going to get ready!" John said. He then quickly donned his rubbersuit and was waiting for Alison to finish. As she was dressing she noticed a pair of scissors and a roll of string on the dresser. Alison then asked, "Can you zip me up, lover?"

"Sure! My pleasure", John said. He carefully moved her mane of blonde hair coming out of the top of the hood aside as he zipped her up in her rubbersuit, also noticing the air valve on her right bum cheek.

"Can you grab those scissors and cut off the ribbon on the zipper also?" Alison asked John.

"No problem," John replied.

"Can you cut my ribbon off also, Alison?" John asked.

"Sure, lover", Alison replied, noticing the air valve on his suit was also on the same bum cheek.

They then looked over at the two air tanks in the corner of the room. Alison walked over to them, bent over, flashing John a full view of her sexy rubber bum, picked up one of the thirty foot air hoses, turned the air tank valve on to full and started sexily walking towards John on the other side of the room. She then was standing in front of John. Alison then started to massage John all over with her rubber hands, while circling around him at the same time, ending with her hands caressing his rubber encased bum and finally pushing the hose on the valve on his rubbersuit. John’s rubbersuit started to inflate at a fast pace and he then noticed something in his rubbersuit grip his cock (like a rubber hand wrapping around it), it was the ejaculator. Alison backed up to watch John blowing up in his rubbersuit. John was blowing up rounder and rounder with each passing second, much to Alison’s delight. His rubbersuit was now so large that he could barely walk.

Once the air tank had run out, she pulled out a remote control. "What’s that for?" John asked.

"Oh, I’m going to juice you like a grape balloon boy" Alison said. She then grabbed John’s hand and was leading him back to the air tanks on the other side of the room, while John waddled in a baby step motion as he was blown up completely round like a balloon. John was trying to keep up to his rubber bride’s pulling as he was admiring her sexy round rubber bum swaying back and forth in front of him, much to his delight. It then came to him, that this predicament was one of his fantasies he had told Alison about when they were dating, about being blown up in a rubbersuit and being lead around by the hand, waddling like a balloon boy and following a rubbersuited blonde.

Once she had gotten John to waddle over to the air tanks, she then demonstrated the remote to him. She pressed the button on the remote and John nearly came in the first few seconds. Whatever was gripping his cock started a fast up and down motion and had John moaning loudly as Alison watched her balloon boy attempt at thrusting his round rubber body forward in a bucking motion. "Just think how much ecstasy you’ll be in with this juicing you while it intermittently turns on and off" Alison revealed. She was ready to put her show on for her lover. John stood next to the tanks, watching his new bride grab a hose off the floor. She then hooked it up to her own rubber bum, as John couldn’t do it himself. Alison then asked, "Are you now ready to see me blow up in my rubbersuit like a balloon, also?"

"Let’s see how big you’re going to get!" John replied. She then turned on the air valve.

The flow of air was showing more right away on Alison, as she was only 115 pounds. Her rubber bum, legs, belly and tits were growing slightly from the inflation of her rubbersuit. As time went by she was blowing up into a female shaped rubbersuited balloon girl much to John’s delight. Alison watched in the mirror next to the tanks, seeing her rubbersuited form blowing up in unison with each passing second. Alison then turned sideways in the mirror to see herself widening in the mirror, her inflating rubber bum pushing out the back of her rubbersuit larger and larger. Her inflating tummy and boobs were pushing out the front of her rubbersuit. Her legs were also blowing up, trying to keep pace with the rest of her inflating rubbersuit covered body. "How do I look, John?" Alison asked.

"You’re blowing up nicely in your rubbersuit Alison" John replied. There was then rubber stretching sounds coming from the area where she stood.

"The pressure is getting too high!" Alison said. Then she started to moan lightly and the moaning built with each passing second as the inflatable butt and vaginal plugs inflated in her, filling her two orifices.

Alison’s rubbersuit had blown up enough to be about 50 inches around at the waist, her butt was sticking nearly 2 feet out on her backside and her boobs were in the JJ stage sticking straight out in front of her. Her belly was extended out in front almost as far as her boobs. Alison’s rubber legs were each about 24 inches round and looked like two big balloons on the bottom of her torso, even her attached rubber feet were blowing up. John was so captivated watching his new bride blowing up into a female shaped rubber balloon. He watched as his beautiful rubbersuit ballooning bride was nearly 100 inches around the waist now. Alison wasn’t even near being fully inflated in her rubbersuit, but she was loving her situation so much that she was constantly cumming now from the plugs and her sense of helplessness being blown up and unable to escape. She was in so much ecstasy she didn’t realize what was happening to her.

Without warning, one of her rubber feet started to lift off the floor. "What are you doing now Alison?" John asked.

Alison then snapped out of her trance long enough to notice that her one foot was floating in the air. "John, what's happening? I’m floating!" Alison said shocked.

"I don’t know!" John replied. Alison was still blowing up in her rubbersuit still growing rounder and rounder.

"John, help me I’m going to float away!" Alison said, nearly in tears.

John had to act fast now as he was still blown up in his rubbersuit and movement was slow. He spotted the roll of string and waddled over to the string.

"Hurry up, John! If this hose lets go I’ll be stuck on the ceiling and unable to get down!" Alison said with panic in her voice.

In a normal room it wouldn’t be a problem, but this suite had twenty foot ceilings. Alison started to rise faster in her rubbersuit like a human rubber balloon. "Hurry up!!!!!!!" Alison screamed.

John, fighting with the string, just getting it to loop. He looked over to see his ballooning bride about 6 feet off the ground. "Help Me! Alison screamed. John waddled over to her, nearly falling himself. He reached in the air and just caught her by the ankle with his rubber encased hand and started to tie the string on her ankle so she wouldn’t float away. She was still blowing up, her rubbersuit now comical in proportions and she was still was cumming.

"Thank god, you caught me John" Alison proclaimed. "How do I look now, John?" she asked.

John looked her over in her inflated rubbersuit state. "You look sexy, my big black rubbersuit balloon bride!" John said.

"You like me like this?" Alison asked. "Oh yes!" John replied looking at his ballooning bride.

"But…I’m almost completely round in my rubbersuit!" Alison said.

"I just like seeing you, blowing up in a sexy rubbersuit and totally helpless, trapped and unable to escape without my help," John replied.

Her rubbersuit blew up to the 250 inch waist size and the tank emptied causing the hose to fall off the valve that was on her bum before. John held the string while he looked at his bride. She was a fully inflated huge black rubbersuit balloon with only her head, hands and feet sticking out and the rest of her completely round with no sign of any form of tummy, breasts or bum visible. The only other thing protruding was her blonde hair out of the top of her hood and half way down her back.

"I don’t think we will ever forget tonight, Alison," John said.

"If we ever are able to get each other out of these rubbersuits," Alison said.

"I don’t know how? Can you reach down and unzip my rubbersuit, Alison" John asked.

"I don’t think so, unless you can pull me down low enough to your back," Alison said.

John pulled and pulled but couldn’t keep her down low enough to allow her to get her hands to work the zipper as she kept floating up. He then tried to pull her down so he could unzip her rubbersuit, but he had to use two hands on the zipper and she kept floating away, just grabbing the string in time before she floated out of reach. Alison then passed out from her orgasms with her head dropping forward. They looked like a pair of over-inflated clowns, one clown inflated while standing with the other one inflated in her rubbersuit and looking like a balloon on a string. John then dozed off in this position, holding the string that was tethering his inflated rubbersuit bride and dreaming of their wedding night.

The morning arrived fast, with John waking with a laugh. He was remembering the trick he played on, Alison, his balloon bride, still on the string he held in his hand. "What are you laughing about?" Alison asked.

"Well, do you remember when you told Jennifer to leave two air tanks in this room?" John asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" asked a puzzled Alison.

"I was just coming out of the bar from a business luncheon with a client, when I spotted you going out the front door" John revealed. "I then asked Jennifer, who was an ex-girlfriend of mine, what you were doing here," John said. "She then proceeded to tell me about your request for two air tanks to be left in the room, and I then told her to leave one air and one helium tank instead. I had them put an air label over the helium label, with the corner turned up, so I could tell them apart when we started to use them for whatever was in store for me" John said.

"So it was you who blew me up into your own helium balloon bride!" Alison purred still in ecstasy from the plugs.

"How are we going to get out these rubbersuits? We’ve been in them since midnight last night," Alison asked.

"Don’t worry, checkout time is ten o’clock", John said. "The maids will find us and release us from our rubbersuits then, just float there like the rubber balloon bride you are, I have the string, you won’t float away", John said. Alison then passed out for a short while in her rubbersuit balloon.

Alison was awakened by a female voice talking to John. "Are you two alright, there in those rubbersuits?" Jennifer asked, all dressed up in her latex maids uniform.

"Yes, we’re fine; can you deflate and unzip my rubbersuit, Jennifer?" John asked, noticing it was his ex who was also the maid.

"Yes, sure I can!" Jennifer said. She circled around him caressing his inflated balloon body while ending with her hands on his rubber bum and started to press the valve’s center in, releasing air from his rubbersuit in great force. "You know John, this reminds me of old times in our rubber games" Jennifer said. She stopped the deflating to grab a hose from the closet next to them, hiding it from John’s view. "You know, I never forgave you for dumping me" Jennifer said.

"Come on, that was two years ago, Jennifer," John exclaimed.

She continued to deflate his rubbersuit without a sound except the releasing of air from it. She then stopped, took the string out of John’s hand which had his balloon bride on the other end and tied the string to the bed post while Alison was in so much ecstasy she didn’t realize that Jennifer was looking up at her in her rubbersuit balloon. She then went to the closet and pulled out two six feet long rubber leashes. She then went over to Alison and tied one of the rubber leashes around her inflated ankle and the other end around the bed post. She then continued to deflate John’s rubbersuit. She just got it deflated, when John felt her attach another hose to his rubber bum and felt the tension building again in his rubbersuit.

"Hey, what are you doing to me Jennifer?" John asked.

"Oh, I’m going to make you pay for dumping me," Jennifer said. "I’m going to blow you up into a big rubber balloon like you did to Alison there," Jennifer said.

It was happening again, with every passing second he was blowing up bigger and bigger. Alison was watching in awe as her lover was again being blown up faster than ever, while she was just floating above the bed post in her ballooned out rubbersuit. John’s rubbersuit was going for broke (or should I say POP) inflating rounder and rounder with time as the 5’7" brunette, with the C-cups (Jennifer) watched and laughed at her inflating ex-boyfriend. He was now gripped by the ejaculator and was being "juiced" nearly constantly. His rubber feet were even blowing up like the rest of his rubbersuit. Then like Alison he started to float in the air. She quickly grabbed him by his ankle before he floated out of reach, tying the other rubber leash around his ankle. He rose to about 6 feet in the air while she leashed him. He then was perfectly round and the tank stopped.

He sighed with relief when the hose dropped to the ground. "So, what are you going to do to us?" John asked Jennifer.

"Well, I’m going to take the two of you out for a walk in your rubbersuit balloons!" Jennifer said while straightening her latex maids’ uniform. "They won’t even notice my latex maids’ uniform with the two of you rubber balloons dangling in the air like a pair of Macys balloons" Jennifer said. "No wonder you two got married, you look absolutely adorable together in your rubbersuit balloons," Jennifer said while looking up at her two balloons. "I hope you like your new rubber balloon bodies as I have also glued and taped your rear zippers closed permanently. You are my rubber balloons and you’re going home with me," she said.

Jennifer then left the room and headed for the elevator. She then put the elevator on service so she could load her two balloons on. Once in the elevator, she let them both float up to the roof of the elevator. When the elevator reached the lobby, she grabbed the two leashes and pulled Alison and John down and through the doors. Everyone was in shock to see her pulling two human forms blown up like balloons in their rubbersuits behind her, floating in the air tethered on leashes in her hands. One balloon had long blonde hair and female face visible. The other balloon was just a round balloon with only a face visible. She then exited the building and began walking down the sidewalk, while all passersby were shocked to see her pulling these two enormous rubbersuit balloon people, floating above her head.

Alison and John were in too much ecstasy to realize that they were on public display now. Jennifer quietly walked home with her two rubbersuit balloons, not paying attention to what people were saying. Happy with her revenge she got on John and his bride, Alison.

The End

By DrInflator


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