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by Baronlaw

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© Copyright 2004 - Baronlaw - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

I hung up the phone with a puzzled feeling and started to get ready for bed. I wandered into the bathroom to brush my teeth still puzzling over her last cryptic remarks. The she in this case being a dear friend of mine for over a year now. I had called her up on a whim and we had talked for well over an hour. Sure we chatted online all the time and not much had changed lately but sometimes it was good to actually hear someone’s voice and not just stare at a glowing screen.

We had first met online and discovered that we were only a 15-20 minute drive away from each other. At first we had tried dating but the chemistry had not been right.  She was only 25, I was pushing 30 and both of us had many interests in common. We had been together long enough to learn that we were both interested in bondage and other kinky activities. I had tied her up a time or two and she had returned the favor. We considered each other "friends with privileges". Both of us were between partners at this time and I had just been mentioning that I felt the "need" to be tied up again. That was when she had made her rather puzzling remarks. I replayed the end of our conversation in my head as I diligently brushed my teeth.

"I miss being tied up" he had said.

"Really? Well maybe something could be arranged." she had slyly replied.

He tried to keep his tone casual "That would be fun, when?"

"Actually I do have an idea or two in mind." she had replied just as casually "Do you trust me?"

"Of course, what do you have in mind?"

"I've had a little plan that I want to try out, what are you doing next Saturday?"

"Nothing on the schedule, what little plan?" 

"It's a secret of course, just expect a package from me sometime this week and do not open it. Then Saturday morning log on and fire up your web-cam. Say around 8am or so and we will have a little fun. Night." 

She had quickly hung up and he had been left wondering what her little plan was and how long she had been plotting it.

I shrugged to myself in the mirror, finished my nightly preparations and went to bed. Tomorrow was Monday and I had a lot of work waiting for me.

Monday dawned and I went to work. It was a hectic day full of problems and people needing this or that and I soon forgot all about her plans for me on the coming weekend. Tuesday through Thursday were just as busy and full of stress. When I finally got home every night I collapsed into bed too tired to do more then cook a meal and watch a little telly. Friday came and went much like the rest of the week except for the surprise waiting for me on my doorstep when I arrived home. It was a small parcel about the size of a large shoebox.

"Ah" I thought to myself while I unlocked the front door "this must be that package she had promised me".

I sat on the sofa and idly turned the box over in my hands, it was a bit heavy for it's size I thought. Curiosity was consuming me but I had promised to not open it and I could wait till tomorrow morning. I went to bed that night still wondering what she had in store for me the next day. 

I had set my alarm for 7:30 and as I looked at it the clock the next morning it read 7:45.

 "Crap! I must have hit the snooze button!"

Quickly jumping into the shower and then throwing on some clothes I raced to the computer. Firing up the web-cam and logging on just as the clock read 7:59. I noticed she was already online and quickly typed a "Good Morning"

She responded "There you are, had breakfast yet?"

"Just got up, no time for breakfast. Doubt I could eat until I find out what this is all about though." he typed and added a smiley face to the line.

"Box unopened?" she typed

I grabbed it off the sofa and held it up to the web-cam for her to see. "Satisfied?" I added another smiley so she wouldn't think I was being sarcastic.

"Now before we begin I want you to promise that you'll follow my commands to the letter, no questions asked."

Before I typed a reply I thought for a few moments. We had been friends a long time and I did trust her completely. 

"Okay sounds like fun. Do you want me to call you Mistress or something?"

"No that won't be necessary. Now leave the box there and go get that suit of yours."

I typed back "Errrr...which suit?"

"LOL, you know exactly what suit I want you to get. Now do it."

I did indeed know what suit she was talking about. A few months back on a whim I had bought a full latex bodysuit online from a place called Erosboutique. I had only worn it twice, once to see if it fit and then another time just for fun and to see how long I could wear it. I had enjoyed the clinging tight feeling tremendously but had yet to use it in a “scene”.. I went to the closet and pulled it out and grabbed the bottle of talcum powder I keep in the bathroom. Sitting back down at the keyboard I made sure to hold it up in front of the camera. It had no hood but included feet and gloves. The thought of wearing it already had my manhood stirring slightly.

"This suit?" I typed

"That's the one, now open the box and lay out the contents within reach. You are not to leave the camera from this point on. Understood?"

"Understood, although I am wondering what this is all leading to." I typed.

Grabbing a nearby letter opener I opened the box and pulled out the contents. I found a set of leg cuffs, wrist cuffs and a collar all made of latex with lockable buckles. A set of six small brass padlocks already open and a small sealed enveloped marked "keys". The last item puzzled him the most though, it appeared to be a series of rubber rings with a strip on one side holding them together but about a quarter inch apart at the same time.

I typed again "Okay box open and an interesting set of items it is. How long have you been planning this?"

"Long enough, now strip and start putting the suit on. Stop when you get your legs in and let me know before you go any farther.”

Making sure to put on a good show for the web-cam I pushed my chair back and pulled off my clothes. Powdering my legs up and then the legs of the suit, I sat back down and started working my feet into the rubber. Soon I had the tight rubber pulled up both of my legs.

"Okay legs in, now what?"

"Find the ‘Gates of Hell’ and slip it on."

So that's what the rubber rings were called I thought while siting back in the chair.

A new message appeared. "You said you would follow my orders to the letter" obviously she had seen me lean back and my expression.

I gulped and hesitantly reached for the item. Well this will be a new experience I thought to myself. Slowly I stood up and starting figuring out how to pull it over my slowly stiffening manhood.

 “I can see you’ve never used one of these before. Locate the larger ring that is a little farther apart from the others. That one goes below your balls, the rest of the rings go on the shaft” helpfully appeared on his screen.

Making sure she could see my activities I proceeded to follow her directions. Before I was completely done I could fill the effect it was having on me. When it was fully on, my cock and balls were throbbing and hard. Barely able to think straight I quickly typed "This is an incredible feeling, what next?"

"Pull your suit on the rest of the way and zip it up tight." she responded.

Pulling the suit over the top of my straining balls and cock was very difficult. They were incredibly sensitive and the latex clinging to them did not help. Rushing now to see where all this was leading I powdered up my arms and slid them in the sleeves. Quickly I pulled on the ribbon attached to the back zip and tugged it closed. 

Fumbling at the keyboard in the latex gloves I asked "Next?"

"Is the suit just the way you want it on?" she asked in reply.

Posing for the camera I did a slow turn and typed "Yes, now what's next. My balls are throbbing something fierce and I need to get some relief soon."


"Not painful just like I really, really need to cum. Soon, please."

"Attach the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. Make them tight but not tight enough to cut off your circulation. Then lock them on, you do have the envelope marked keys right?"

"Got the keys right here, locking on the cuffs now." I made sure to put them on tight and lock each one on in view of the web-cam so she could see.

“What about the collar?” I typed when that was done.

“Getting impatient?” She typed on my screen. “Don’t worry that’s next, put on the collar but when you lock it on make sure the hasp of the padlock goes through the collar and the zipper pull too.”

She was locking me into the suit, this was an interesting scene. I patted the envelope marked keys to reassure myself I could eventually get out. In for a penny in for a pound I thought as I fumbled the fifth lock into place and snapped it closed.

“One last lock left, what’s left?” I asked.

“I know that suit of yours has a three way zipper to give access to your fun bits. Place the sixth lock through the two zipper pulls” was her reply.

“But if I do that how will I get relief?” I questioned.

“I’m waiting.” was her response.

Standing again so she could see I locked the final padlock through the two pulls.

"Very good, how does it all feel?" was her only comment.

I took stock for a moment and typed back "Well I am now locked into my latex suit and I don't think I have been this hard and turned on in my entire life. What happens next?"

"Do you think you could cum like this?"

"I'd be happy to try."

"Do so and make sure I can see it in the camera."

I was more then happy to obey that order. Leaning back in the chair and in view of the camera, I tried to get a grip on myself. I couldn't do it! The latex on my hands and covering my shaft would not let me get a grip. I tried stroking myself on the sides and top and was definitely fully aroused. But I could not get off this way and the ‘Gates of Hell’ around my privates was keeping me so hard I ached. 

After a few minutes of frustration and further efforts I typed "Hope you enjoyed the show, but I can't cum!"

"LOL, then it worked."

"What do you mean it worked?!"

"Well when I was reading about ball bondage it said that it would keep you hard and frustrated. Then I was thinking if I had you put your suit over that you wouldn't be able to get off at all. It seems to have worked perfectly."

"So now you have me hard and horny and unable to cum, but why?" I typed while reaching for the envelope with the keys.

"Those won't do you any good."

A horrible suspicion crossed my mind as I tore open the envelope. I held them up in front of my face, blanks! The keys were uncut, they would not open anything.

"The keys for these locks?"

"At my house" she typed "I'll expect you soon, if I don’t see you in 20 minutes I’ll be out shopping when you finally arrive."

I sat stunned at the keyboard as she logged off. At her house? How could I get over to her house. She was only 15 minutes away, a quick jaunt down the freeway. But it might as well be the dark side of the moon! Dressed head to toe in skintight black latex. My obviously rampant hard-on visible under the latex. Locks at ankles, wrist and neck, I wouldn't get 20 feet out the door before someone called the cops. I couldn't get out of this outfit by myself, so what could I do. The constant ache coming from my privates was driving me mad and I needed to think. But I had no time to think. If I couldn’t get out quickly, by the time I got over there she would be gone.

Maybe I could disguise myself somehow. That was it, I could put clothes over the top and hide the suit and other things.. I went to my closet and pulled my leather pants, jacket and boots out. I would be sweating like a pig under all this gear, but it couldn't be helped. I put on my motorcycle helmet and grabbed the keys to my bike. Checking myself in the mirror with the helmet on I couldn't see any of the latex showing except for my neck and the lock on the collar. But that would be mostly hidden once I was crouched over the handlebars.

I went out through the garage and backed the bike down the driveway. Closing the door and starting the bike had sweat pouring down the inside of my suit. I climbed on the bike and started down the road. The vibration from the bike was not helping my need to get some relief from the device on my balls. The only good thing was the wind was cooling me off slightly and I was not heating up like I had worried about.

It was only 8:45 or so on a Saturday morning so traffic was light. At first I raced down the highway until I saw a police officer merging onto the ramp. There was no way I could afford to get pulled over in this outfit. I slowed down immediately and pulled into the slow lane. In my helmet I cursed my bad luck and prayed for some relief. Luckily he stayed on the freeway while I pulled off and it was a short trip to her apartment from the ramp. I pulled into her driveway at 9:00 and raced to her doorway. 

Ringing the doorbell I waited for her to open the door. When it did open, it stopped at barely a crack. I could see her looking out past the door chain.

 "Who is it?" I heard her voice say with more then a hint of laughter in it.

"You know who it is." I said opening the visor so she could hear my reply.

"Take off your helmet I really can't hear you with it on." she was practically giggling by now.

I knew that she would just keep asking if I refused and by now I was practically hunched over in need and I was starting to heat up again. I fumbled my helmet off and stood there with the latex suit peeking out and the locked collar around my neck silently praying her neighbors were late sleepers.

"Please let me in." I begged

"Oh it's you" she acted surprised. Shutting the door I heard the chain slid open and then the door opened all the way. "You made good time getting here, were you in a hurry?"

"As if you didn't know. Now please help me!" I had stepped into her living room and immediately ripped my jacket off and sat on her sofa tugging at my boots and pants. She was holding her sides and laughing by the time I was done. When I was down to just the latex suit I lay there panting a minute trying to cool off. She had me get up and led me to her shower and turned the water on full cold. Even through the latex it felt so good and helped lower my body heat. She had me step out and then toweled me off. When she reached my still raging hard on she made an effort to make me cum but she was unable to do it through the latex also. All of which only served to make me all the more desperate to get some sort of relief.

"Although I appreciate the cold shower and I am feeling better, why not just let me out?" I was trying to remain calm but by now my hard on had lasted well over 45 minutes and I was beginning to worry.

"You are still under my orders." Was her answer as she led me to her bedroom. "Lay down on the bed, spread eagle".

Too tired and sore to argue I did as I was told. Soon she had opened each of the locks reattaching them one by one to chains at the four corners of the bed. Clicking them closed again and placing the keys on a side table. She then went to her closet and pulled out her "toy chest" as she jokingly referred to it. It was a small footlocker where she kept all her bondage toys. She pulled something out that I could not see and hid it behind her back as she turned back to the bed.

"Close your eyes" she purred softly.

Hoping this was the last surprise of the day I closed my eyes. She inserted a rubbery ball into my mouth and strapped some belts around my head and lower jaw. Soon it was fastened tight and I could not make more then grunting noises. But she was not through yet I could hear a zipper being opened and she tugged something rubbery over my head. It hugged my head tightly and had no eyeholes, just nose holes. My head now enclosed in tight thick latex and my mouth stuffed full of rubber I awaited my fate.

I could barely hear her through the hood as she asked "Comfy?"

I grunted in reply, which she could translate as she wanted.

"Well how do you like your bondage so far?" she asked rhetorically "Earlier you asked how long I had been planning this and I must admit for awhile actually. Ever since you got this latex suit of yours several months back. After you got it from Erosboutique I visited their site. I saw all the neat toys they had and started making my plans. I was just waiting for you to give me an opening and when you started talking about bondage on the phone the other day it was the perfect chance. You see I like the way latex looks and the way it clings to your body."

As she was talking I could feel her rubbing something all over my body. “I especially like the way it looks when you are helplessly tied down. Like my own private human rubber toy.”

"Right now I am polishing your suit with a special liquid shine." She explained "There you go, very shiny and oh so sexy. Whoops I seem to have missed a spot or two." 

She promptly started shining my crotch, rubbing as hard as she could. I struggled against my bonds, the intensity of the sensation driving me mad. The bondage on my balls and the tight latex conspiring to keep me hard as a rock and yet denying me sweet release. I felt like I would go mad soon, the erotic pressure building inside me. She climbed off the bed for a second and I wondered how much longer this could go on before I was damaged either mentally or physically.

Climbing onto the bed between my legs she said loudly enough for me to hear clearly. "I just wanted a picture or two of you all shined up. Time to give you a little relief though. Now hold still I’ll just be a minute.”

She was doing something with the padlock at the zipper pulls that could give access to his manhood. Suddenly I felt air on my groin and she reached into the latex and pulled my shaft into the air. "My what a lovely shade of purple." she commented. 

I sensed her sliding off the bed and wondered what was next. I couldn’t hear what she was doing but with my cock waving in the wind like a flagpole it hardly mattered. After what seemed like an eternity I felt her climb back on the bed.

She stroked my shaft and slowly placed her mouth over the tip. Licking, teasing and driving me even madder with desire. Soon she had most of my shaft deep in her mouth and was driving me rapidly to the brink of no return. I came in a huge gout and she continued to suck until I was spent and gasping for air. The small nostril holes in the hood on my head barely allowing me to suck enough oxygen into my lungs.

Well I thought, that was the most intense mind blowing orgasm of my life. I tried to relax my muscles and concentrate on drawing air into my lungs while I waited for her to unlock me.. She climbed off the bed and apparently went into the bathroom. I grunted into my gag and wiggled my body as much as I could. I heard the water running and waited until she returned. My ball ached and were incredibly tender. Feeling her on the bed again I grunted a question. She couldn't understand me but must have known what I wanted.

"While the ‘Gates of Hell’ remain in place around your balls you will not go soft anytime soon. Now that you finally have cum they will deflate a bit and let the blood pump in and out a bit. So there is no danger, as long as you don't get excited again too soon."

I grunted again and shook my hands.

She replied to the grunt "Oh you probably want out now?"

I shook my head as much as I could in a yes motion.

"Silly boy that was just the first round, I still need to have some fun." she replied while stroking my shaft. "After all we have all day to play."



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