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Watery Grave

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2010 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; latex; catsuits; bond; sleepsack; ocean; burial; nc; XX

Based on an idea by Abrank


“It is the decision of our high priest that, for their safety, these women are to be buried at sea.  We shall now carry out his will.”

The four women stood on the deck of the ship, trying to keep their balance as the vessel bobbed amongst the waves like a child’s toy.  Their limbs shackled and restrained, they were helpless to stop the nuns, who descended upon them.  A short distance away, locked in a cage, Sanshi watched as her fellow virgins were prepared for a burial at sea.  

“How does it feel?”  The high priestess asked her.  “Knowing that within the hour, you will all be at the bottom of the ocean?”

Sanshi put her head up high.  “I would take ocean’s embrace over your draconian institution any day.”

The guard scowled, twisting his grip on the stick.

On deck, the young women were being freed from their cuffs and stripped naked, forced into thick, white wetsuits, upon which the zippers were padlocked shut, trapping them inside.  Arm binders were produced, which their arms were forced into and then strapped down with numerous belts, their legs cuffed back together, restraining them once again.

“Why not just throw us in and get it over with?”  Sanshi demanded.  

“The act of burial is a complicated matter,” the priestess said, eyeing the procedure before her.  “We must prepare these women, yet remind them that this is punishment for betrayal of trust.  Your trust.”

Sanshi looked away, scowling.

“Do not forget Sanshi, it was your act of lust that has decided the fates of these women.  They were under your care.  And when you broke your vow of chastity, we have to protect them from being corrupted.”

“By murdering us?”

“By ensuring that they will pass from this world while still pure and untainted by the carnal desires.”

On the deck, the other nuns were busy outfitting the virgins with additional restraints, including thick muzzles that covered and filled their mouths.  But the women did not struggle.  They had been well trained by the faith, and would not struggle, even in the face of oblivion.

Sanshi cursed as thick hoods were pulled onto the heads of her charges.  They had been quiet and defiant during their preparation, but when the hoods went on, blinding them, they began to squirm and mew, realizing that they would never see the sun again.

“Monsters!”  Sanshi spat.  

“You would do well to watch your tongue,” the nun said.  “This is your own doing.  This is justice.”

“This is cruelty!”

“You are all getting what you deserve.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It is what our priest, and our faith, decree.”

The women were struggling as belts were strapped around their legs, immobilizing them even further.  Their slick white suits glistened in the sun as they were picked up and carried towards the edge of the ship, where giant blocks of cement awaited.  Within each block was a long chain, to which a pair of manacles were attached.  Each woman’s feet were placed within the manacles, which were then locked shut.

Despite their refusal to show fear, the women began to whimper, knowing what was coming.

“Are they ready?”  The priestess called out.

The guards nodded.

The cage door was opened and Sanshi yanked out, struggling in her cuffs as she was marched to the end of the stern.

“You will watch your charges go to the deep,” the priestess said.

“A thousand yells in hell for you!”  Sanshi snarled.

Ignoring her, the priestess looked towards the other prisoners.

“Send these pure virgins to their graves.”

One by one, the henchwomen were taken to the edge of the ship and tossed overboard.  They plunged into the water, immediately sinking from sight.  Each one struggled for all they were worth as they were tossed to the sea, and then claimed by it.

The last virgin was finally tossed over, splashing into the water before sinking beneath the waves, vanishing from sight.  

“The burial is almost complete,” the priestess said.  “Prepare Sanshi.”

Sanshi fought as she was grabbed by the nuns, but she was helpless, surrounded by too many of them to fight off.  

They tore off her virgin’s dress, leaving her naked.  Like her charges, she was forced into a slick rubber suit that was two sizes too small, sticking to her like glue.  But unlike her charges, Sanshi was going to head to her watery grave in a different set of restraints.

Once she was sealed in her suit, Sanshi watched in horror as the nuns pulled out a thick neoprene sleep sack, also two sizes too small.  She kicked and struggled as she was forced into it, her arms and legs going into the internal sleeves.  The zipper was pulled up and locked shut, sealing her inside.

She struggled, trying to get free even as belts were wrapped around the sack and buckled shut.  Escape was impossible now, but she continued to fight, defiant to the end, refusing to go quietly.

She was hoisted to her feet, still struggling as the guards brought, of all things, a scuba tank and forced the mouthpiece in.  It tasted horrible, for it was covered with a fast acting glue that quickly took hold.

“Such a defiant one,” the priestess said as the air tank was strapped to Sanshi's chest.  “Truly, if you had focused your energy on your studies, you would have gone so far.  Instead you wasted it by having sex with an outsider.  Now you will end your days here, and the corruption you brought will be buried with you.”

Sanshi scowled, trying to curse behind the thick mouthpiece that plugged her mouth shut.

“Because your sin was mortal, your punishment will be more severe,” the priestess said as the engines of the boat roared to life.  “The virgins were buried in shallow waters, where their bodies will become one with nature.  But your grave will be much deeper.”

Sanshi glared at her, wanting to throw a few curses at her priestess.  

“Your grave will be further out, where you will be buried at the very bottom of the ocean.  You will be given an air tank, so that you will spend an hour contemplating your crime, and the fact that you will spend eternity in darkness, your name recorded in everlasting shame.”

The boat stopped.

Sanshi was picked up and carried to the back of the boat, much as her own charges had been carried.  But there were no cement blocks waiting for her.  Instead, there was a large rock that had been attached to a crane ever since they had left the dock.  It was lowered towards her, a single large cuff chained to it.

Sanshi watched in horror as the guards took the cuff and locked it around her sack, ensuring a tight fit.

“Farewell Sanshi.  With your burial, the sin you brought to our faith will come to an end.”

The crane moved the giant rock away from the deck.  Helpless, Sanshi fell to the deck, wiggling furiously as she was dragged off the ship, dangling above the water, watching as the guards and the priestess watched her.

She tried to scream at them, to curse their names and the day she had joined with them.

The rock was released.  It plunged into the water, dragging Sanshi with it.

Her last sight of the world above was the ship, and those glaring down at her.

Then the water covered her face, and she was pulled under.

Once under the surface, the rock began to plunge quickly, Sanshi helpless to stop it as she was dragged along.  Her eyes darted about, stinging in the water, as she watched the water get darker and darker.  High above, the boat was already becoming hazy and hard to see.

Helpless, she watched the dark blue of the ocean surface fade to black as the rock plunged ever deeper into the depths of the Indian Ocean, taking her with it.

Soon…all was dark, and Sanshi knew nothing but her pounding heart, and the ice cold chill of the water surrounding her.  Loosing track of time, it was a shock when she hit the bottom, the rock embedding itself into the mud and muck.  She floated from it, helpless, bubbles of air seeping from her mouth, but she couldn't see it.  

Thrashing, Sanshi tried to get free, but she had no such luck.  The manacle around her ankles was solid steel.  There was no way to free it.  The awful realization made her rock back and forth in despair... until she hit something.  

Startled, Sanshi wiggled again, trying to figure out what she had it.  Whatever it was, it's surface was rough and coarse... and it suddenly struck her that if she could get the zipper on the infernal sack caught on the surface, she might be able to wiggle it undone, slip out, get rid of the manacle, and swim to freedom.

It was a desperate plan, but it was all she had.

Wiggling, she moved as quickly as she could, trying to get the zipper to catch.  But it was harder then she thought.  The zipper wouldn't catch.  Thrashing as much as her restrained body would allow, she tried again.

The zipper caught.  It was only for a moment, but Sanshi's momentum was enough to pull it down half an inch.

Encouraged by her success, Sanshi tried again.  But she could feel the air leaving the tank much quicker then she had imagined.  Her panicked efforts were going to suck air out faster then if she was still.

But that only forced her on to greater efforts... whether she would live, or die, she had to try.

Deep down in the dark depths of the ocean, Sanshi fought, alone... her fate uncertain.



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