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The Wardrobe

by Slinky

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© Copyright 2004 - Slinky - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; MMM/f; bondage; vacuum; cons; X

Rachel stood nervously at the foot of her large, empty bed and, taking careful and slightly shaky footsteps, made her way slowly around its familiar edges towards her oversized wardrobe. Her skin felt clammy and sticky, which was normal at this summery time of year, but today, something else having a similar affect on her. Today was a day that she had been waiting to arrive for a great deal of time.

Having checked that she would have no unwanted interruption for the next few hours and having drawn every curtain and checked and double checked that the door to her home was locked, Rachel pulled open the wardrobes heavy, creaky door. Although she owned many beautiful clothes (her taste always one of a shy, but attractive girl), she had recently started to purchase a collection of less 'conservative' garments and had chosen to store them here, for very good reason, separate from her many others.

As well as her busy career as a member of a leading production firm's administrative team and her participation in a local photography group, Rachel had other more important and secret interests... today was a day she had set aside especially for them. Taking a small step back, away from the wardrobes frame, she inhaled a deep and satisfying breath. An unusually strong, but greatly pleasing smell wafted from its contents bringing a wicked smile to Rachel's dry, thirsty lips and a warm glow to her pale cheeks.

Inside her wardrobe hung the fruits of a month or so's hard work on the Internet, twelve carefully chosen outfits from many distant parts of the globe. Not only were they carefully chosen, tailored and expensive, but they had also one single and most important 'theme' that ran through them all. They were all made entirely from slithery, clinging Latex.

Rachel felt her heart rate go into overdrive. Her pulse raced and her skin tingled at the sight (and smell) of her 'special' purchases. She hadn't slept at all last night, and here, hanging, unctuously in an old dark wooded wardrobe, were the twelve pungent, sensual reasons. Ever since Rachel could remember, she had always had a strange feeling that she was somewhat peculiar, and since the time when she first pushed her long hair clumsily into a tight black, squeaky swimming cap to go for a dip in the local pool as a teenager, she knew what it was. She loved the Rubber!

At first, Rachel was confused by the feelings that she got when she wore it, but as she secretly experimented with wearing the material (the rubber swimming cap served her well both 'in' and 'out' of the pool!), she began to realise that it was not only a 'warm' and comforting feeling it produced, but also a deeply erotic one. Becoming slowly more mesmerized by the lovely feel of the material on her skin (both her body and her face) as she finished her teenage years, her now sexually active mind was filled with naughty and forbidden, 'rubber-encased' fantasies. So much so, that she often found it hard to think about anything else...But Rachel was a very clever academic and artistically minded girl with a keen interest in her own success. She was able to gain top qualifications at the best local college and university, finding herself, at the tender age of 25, in her present, 'well-off ', (if single), position.

Rachel knew that her 'passion' for rubber, would be frowned upon by many, but she knew also that it was something she considered to be important enough not to give up on or feel embarrassed about. In fact, the very notion of it being 'kinky' and 'naughty' brought her yet more satisfaction from it! After all, she hadn't fallen fowl of the same 'yobbish' and 'stupefying' behaviour of her college friends and was enjoying her lifestyle, free from 'Children', 'Boredom', and 'Financial Gloom'. Nor had she accumulated a string of 'Bad Relationships', 'Debt', 'Regrets', and 'Frustrations'. It couldn't be all that bad she thought!

Rachel began to undress, looking up at the clock on the dressing table every few seconds to check the time. It was important that she had finished doing what she was about to by 4pm it was 3pm now, and so Rachel took her time, languishing in the excitement, she felt coursing through her veins. Taking things 'easy' was the last thing on her mind!

Rachel really had been a busy girl over the last few weeks, not only buying expensive rubber clothes from various outlets, but also 'surfing' the Internet in search of 'like-minded' friends. She had discovered a wealth of opportunities at various 'fetish-clubs' and 'chat-sites' along with amassing herself an enormous collection of 'yummy' rubber photos and on-line movies that kept her feeling hot for days! She was pleased to have made contact with people who shared her feelings about rubber and had arranged a special get together with one in particular, at 4pm today at the 'Latex Lair' chat room. She intended today, for the first time, to be suitably dressed.

Having removed her 'normal' clothes and neatly, if a little stupidly, folded them and stored them away, Rachel sat down on the edge of her bed and stared, trance-like into her wardrobes slithery and exciting collection of rubber wear. In her desire to get just the right items, she had bought far too many, and was presented with an almost limitless collection of 'rubber-covered' possibilities. She was feeling spoilt for choice.

Reaching into her collection (some of which hung provocatively whilst other sat freshly 'talced' inside the wardrobes tidy drawers.) Rachel pulled out several 'squelchy' rubber items and rubbed them between her fingers before plopping them, noisily on the bed beside her. She was feeling quite dizzy at the sight of all that rubber and her mind swam with thoughts of 'erotic' scenarios and orgasmic situations. 

Remembering her thirst, she quickly moved (still naked) through to the kitchen for a little relief and a cold drink. Having quenched her thirst and wetted her lips, Rachel returned to her now strong smelling, rubber filled bedroom. Her face lit up like a cute little pixies' every-time she thought about how much fun today was going to be!

Rachel picked up a pair of black rubber pants that had ended up on top of the beds rubbery pile. Supposing that she had to start somewhere, she examined them. They were very pleasant looking, if a little plain and it wasn't long before she was desperate to get them on. 

Thinking back to her steamy conversations over the Internet, Rachel began picturing the type of garments that other girls might want to wear. Placing the rubber pants back upon the bed, her mind filled with an even 'naughtier' idea, Rachel rummaged through one of her drawers she pulled out an item that she had forgotten about. A pair of black rubber pants, which included as a yummy little extra, two delicious rubber 'dildoes', which could be inflated with the use of a pair of attached hand pumps!

Rachel swooned at the steamy thoughts she was having. Steadying herself, and having nervously garbbed a tube of cold KY Jelly, she began to apply some to her tingling ass and pussy. "This was nice enough!" She thought, "...god knows how nice it's going to be when I got them on." Having expertly applied plenty of the cool jelly to her body, she picked up and positioned the rubber pants next to her almost shaking legs, and stepped slowly into the correct holes.

Holding her breath, Rachel pulled their slithery form up her legs until they were high enough for the next stage. Reaching down (whilst spreading her legs to hold the pants up), she located the two, ridged dildoes and started to position them at the entrances to her vagina and anus. Having made sure that she was pleased with their placement, Rachel started again to pull the pants up, this time the affect was startling! The front dildo slid easily up inside her wet pussy whilst the second, pushed, excitingly against her back passage. Feeling too hot to stop, Rachel quickly placed a hand behind her and eased the dildo forcibly up inside her ass. Letting out a tiny yelp as it slipped inside. 

Rachel was in heaven, and she'd only just begun. She was having so much fun that she began to think that she'd never make it to her Internet date. She loved the feeling of the deep penetration the pants gave her and started to writhe slowly around in them, creating a wave of pleasure by grinding her legs together. Finding her-self having to sit down, through fear of passing out, Rachel sat down firmly upon the bed again, not realising that in doing so, the lodged dildoes would push further up inside her stretched orifices making her almost moan out loud and cum right there and then. She hadn't even inflated them properly yet! Rachel battled to get her body's feelings under control. She didn't want to spoil the plans she had made for later! 

Looking around, Rachel chose her outfit quickly from the items spread out on the bed. She had always liked the idea of wearing something enclosing yet transparent. She wanted to see her sweat building up under the rubber. Rachel picked up her chosen item, a transparent rubber catsuit and held it up to the light coming from the drawn curtains. She could make out vague shapes and patterns through its layers, imagining seeing herself in it and through it.

Finding the smooth zip that ran the length of the catsuit right the way under the crotch and up the small of its back, Rachel slowly unzipped it, causing it to flop out of shape in her hands. Taking her legs, whilst still perched on her bed, Rachel began working her way inside the rubber suit. It felt so good as it encased her legs tightly and she started hurrying, but the more she hurried, the slower she managed to get into it. At just about hip height, Rachel passed the bulbous ends of the hand pumps through the catsuit's open crotch where they hung comically. Pulling firmly, she managed to unroll the thin rubber up suddenly to chest height. It felt so good to be wrapped up like this that she wished she'd done it earlier, much earlier! She started to think about how nice it would be to sleep in all this rubber. She made her mind up to try it tonight, as an extra treat to herself!

Tucking her arms into the clinging and tight sleeves of the suit, Rachel heaved the top half of the suit upwards towards her neck. It made a wonderfully erotic, slapping sound as it snapped tightly around her top half. With only the zip to do Rachel smiled, this experience was worth every penny that she had spent. Grabbing the zip, Rachel teased it up her body, sealing herself, ever so tightly inside. The feeling was fantastic, she felt so hot and horny that she started to writhe around the room, moving as much as she could, contorting her body to feel the rubber pulling, stretching and creasing as she did so, not to mention, to churn the dildoes in her ass and pussy even more, which gave her such a thrill.

Next, having checked the time again, Rachel decided to put on some thin black long rubber gloves to finish off her costume so far. This was relatively easy compared to the catsuit, but Rachel took pleasure in it all the same, the two layers of rubber on her arms giving, a lovely 'trapped' feeling. Checking the time once more, Rachel decided that she had plenty of time to explore her new rubber covered form. Walking over to her full-length mirror, she gazed in amazement. She looked so 'curvy' and gorgeous that she didn't know what to do with herself. She started to explore the feeling of her 'new' body, its curves and crevices, rubbing her rubber covered hands all over it. She delighted at the symphony of 'squeaks' and 'snaps' it made as she did so, the sounds filling her ears and working a spell on her already plugged loins!

The time was 4pm at last. She had been dressing for ages. However, it didn't matter, this is exactly why she had taken the day off in the first place! Rachel walked from her bedroom with a smile on her face and a warm glow all over her body and switched on her expensive computer. Waiting for the usual 'bleeps' and 'buzzes' of its start-up system, Rachel floated in a rubbery daydream. She still couldn't believe how good she felt, it was as if her whole body was being kissed and squeezed all at once, inside and out!

The computer was ready, grabbing the mouse in her rubber covered (and now sweaty) hand, she clicked on the Internet icon and watched as the various options appeared on the screen. Clicking on her address bar, she excitedly typed in (which had become more difficult than usual) the chat room's address and held her breath as it loaded.

Signing in as her established 'chat' name "Wrapped Up Tight (F)" she looked at the list of the chat rooms 'current occupants. Her special guest had yet to arrive, but they'd be along soon, she was sure, if their steamy chat yesterday had been anything to go by! Soon, to Rachel's excitement, "<<Smothered(M)>> has joined the chat room" flashed up on the screen, that was him, he had arrived. The fun was about to begin.

Rachel got straight on there, and reminded him of their deal and re-introduced herself. Within moments, he had replied. They were to meet in the more private 'Red Room' where they wouldn't be interrupted. Clicking the options, she found herself in the quiet Red 'Chat Room' and waited. Her whole body was shaky and wet with sweat and her pants were filling slowly with her bodies' 'juices' as she got even more excited. Her guest arrived and, as their deal had stated, he began giving her sexual orders over the Internet. His language was lewd, but he knew what he was doing. Rachel felt herself shudder as he ordered her to start grinding herself against her chair. The inserted dildoes both started sliding rapidly in and out of her heat racked body, more and more pleasurably as she increased her speed. Looking at the screen, another order came through, one that she hadn't prepared for. She had been order to fetch an elastic band and a large plastic bag. Moving away from the screen, Rachel hobbled over to the kitchen and found both items. It seemed very 'dirty' but that was exciting!

When she returned, she read the next orders. She gasped as she read them. She was to place the plastic bag over her head and secure it in place with the elastic band. Pausing for a few moments, nervously, she did so, taking a huge gulp of air before she sealed it. Once inside, the feeling was wonderful, she had yet to breathe, but she knew straight away that this was something she'd do more of later. The bag began to steam up inside, Rachel could feel the condensation of her slowly exhaled breath fill the bag, then writhed at the feeling as the bag clasped around her face as she breathed in. It was such a turn on that she forced most of the air out deliberately to keep the bag tight over her face.

By now, Rachel could hardly make out the screens text, but thought that it was probably the effect he was after anyway. Sucking in as much of the bags air as possible now, Rachel ground her ass hard into the chair, causing the rubber to squeak and her pulse to race uncontrollably. She was short of air, gasping for a breath, but the more she struggled, the better it felt. The rubber catsuit felt so warm and tight, she wished that it was this male stranger fucking her ass and pussy and that it was he holding the bag over her face... she could feel herself loosing control and she panicked, juddering to a body spasming orgasm inside the rubber suit and bag. Tearing the bag from her head, Rachel, breathed deeply, trying to come to terms with the wonderful feelings she had just experienced. Lifting herself up from the chair and moving to her bedroom wobbling as she did, she collapsed upon the bed, thoroughly satisfied and drifted off into an erotic-dream-filled sleep.

Discovery In The Rubber Chamber

Rachel awoke, still dressed in her transparent latex catsuit and gloves, her dreams had been wild and scrummy, partly thanks she felt, to the twin dildoes still lodged firmly inside her Butt and Pussy from the special rubber pants. Rachel stretched out and took a large fresh breath of air that filled her chest and slowly exhaled. She felt very strange, she looked down at her rubber-covered body, and pools of sweat had built up inside the rubber suit forming curious shapes on her firm body. Slowly turning over on the bed, to face the opposite side of the rubbery smelling room, she delighted in the tickly feeling of the now cold sweat running down to new areas inside the rubber suit.

Feeling distinctly 'unusual', she decided to use her power as a hard working and reliable business administrator to her advantage. Reaching for her bedside phone and hitting the 'Dial Memory Number 3' button, which rang through to her Boss, she pulled the phone to her ear, waiting for a reply. A few moments later and his familiar voice answered, "Hi Rachel, its unlike you to call up, what can I do for you?" Rachel apologised and told him calmly (as best she could) that she wasn't feeling too well and that she'd have to come in tomorrow instead. This was greeted with a warm and genuine well wishing from the Boss. Rachel was pleased with herself. She hated to lie, and did it rarely, but today she just couldn't handle the idea of sitting in a lavish office, surrounded by grey people in grey suits talking about how much 'green paper' was changing hands!

Rachel felt pleasantly warm in her catsuit, but decided due to its pungent, sweaty, odour that it would have to be cleaned. Rachel smiled, she had thought of a way to clean both herself AND the suit at the same time! Sitting upright now, and letting her dizzy head settle for a short while, Rachel stood and made her way, if somewhat squeakily to her cool, white bathroom. Once there, she began running a warm shower for herself. Feeling the waters temperature with her foot (the only part of her body not encased in latex), she stepped bravely inside, still wearing the rubber clothes she slept in.

Rachel gasped with pleasure as the warm water hit her rubber-covered body. The loud sound it made as it hit her rubbery skin surprised her. She was also taken aback by the delicious feeling it caused in her, a wonderful tingle all over her body. She couldn't help but be turned on by it. Letting her hands wander a little, she began gently rubbing herself, grinding her legs together, which she knew from last nights' experiences would turn her on even more.

Rachel could feel the presence of the lodged tight dildoes inside her and enjoyed the 'naughtiness' of her situation. She was growing ever more fond of this life style with every bit of pleasure she felt. Rachel turned her attention to getting herself cleaned and freshened up for the day. Pulling at the fingers of the shiny rubber gloves she had worn Rachel eased them noisily from her arms, dropping them to soak at the bottom of the shower tray. Her hands now free, Rachel decided to unzip the top half of her catsuit and allow some water to trickle inside. No sooner had she started unzipping it when a filmy wash of fresh warm water found its way down inside the suit. Rachel gasped out loud. It was a great feeling; she could feel the rubber rising slightly from her encased body, almost inflating the suit. "Wow" she thought to herself! "I wasn't expecting that to happen at all!" 

Having let as much water into the suit as she could manage, Rachel began to pull herself out of it slowly, languishing in the feeling of the rubber and the water on her skin. Soon the suit was a crumpled, creaky mess at her feet, which she kicked carefully out of the shower cubical and onto a waiting towel on the floor. Rachel grabbed some soap and vigorously washed the parts of her body she could get to. Looking down with a sigh, she began easing the dildo pants down her legs. The tight dildoes resisted her movements until eventually giving up their fight and plopping out causing Rachel to jolt with pleasure. Finishing off her wash, Rachel stepped from the shower and wrapped her 'rubbery' smelling body in a clean towel and made her way, now dry, to the living room/ kitchen area.

Whilst making herself a deserved cup of hot tea, Rachel noticed that her computer had been left running all night, (not that it mattered as the company she worked for paid her phone bills!), she approached the screen and sat at the chair. "Mmmm" she thought, "I wonder if I've got any Email today?" Clicking on the relevant icons, Rachel was transported to her Email screen. The inbox flashed up telling her that she had received one new message. Looking at the Senders Address, she was startled to see, "Smothered_M", her intimate Internet Chat Room friend from last night, on her screen. "Oops, she thought" I forgot not to send my address out to people I don't really know!" With that, she clicked on the Message and watched as it appeared.

Rachel calmly read the message; it was short, but made her heart race as she read it. It thanked her for last nights steamy encounter, then advised her to pay a local friend of his a visit and that he had been told of their exploits and would have a nice present for her. She had also been told to take some 'special items' with her. The Bottom of the message detailed the address, time and the name of his friend, Jonathan.

Rachel made a note of what she needed and shut down the computer. Breathing rapidly, she thought about the contents of the Email." What had he meant by this?" "Who was this 'Jonathan'?" and "What 'present' was waiting for her?" Rachel knew that it was dangerous, but her excitement was getting the better of her. She was dying to find out more and the only way of doing that was to Travel the 10 miles out of town, to the address shown. Rachel smiled to herself nervously, what was she getting herself into?

After finishing her cup of tea and checking the time, Rachel wondered about what to do next. Not wanting to disappoint 'Jonathan', she decided to go to her bedroom and pick out some items to take with her. Making herself a little room on the bed (which was still strewn with unworn rubber outfits from last night) Rachel plonked herself down and sighed. She had no idea what she should take, or any reason why she should take anything anyway, but still, it was fun thinking about what to wear, even if she ended up staying in alone with her two 'probing' rubber toys!

Rachel chose to take a selection of items so as to give her 'new acquaintance' Jonathan, a choice, she liked everything she had, and so the choices were hard. First, she decided, was that she would assemble some 'standard' items. She picked out some plain rubber pants, a pair of rubber stockings and a matching set of long rubber gloves, red this time. "These should go down well," she murmured to herself. Next, she decided to pick out a couple of main items for the adventure. "Number one!" she thought, would have to be a long, tight, Green Rubber dress. It had long sleeves and a nice zip up collar, which would make her feel all wrapped up. For her second choice, Rachel picked out two items; a black rubber catsuit with feet, and a transparent rubber, girls swim suit. She also grabbed, though not really too certain about the choice, a transparent rubber hood with twin breathing tubes for her nose. This item was the one that made her most nervous. Placing the items carefully into a large suitcase Rachel added, her tube of KY Jelly and a bottle of Talc, 'just in case!'

The time was getting on and Rachel knew that she had still to find her road map and have something to eat. Fixing herself some toast and marmalade and another cup of tea, she studied the road map until she was sure of 'Jonathans' location. Dressing herself in her normal way, casual but smart, Rachel found her car keys and made her way to the car with suitcase in hand.

Rachel's driving, which was normally so solid and reliable was, for very good reasons today, a little 'haphazard'. She was daydreaming about her fate at the hands of Jonathan and what 'presents' she would receive from this mystery man. Finding comfort in the music of her areas local radio station, Rachel tapped her hand in time to the beat, upon her steering wheel to calm her beating heart which grew ever more increased in rate the nearer she got.

Upon reaching the location, Rachel positioned her car at the entrance of the grand houses' driveway and turned off the engine. "Mmmm" Rachel thought. "What now?" Rachel was startled when a tall, handsome man approached her car and politely opened her door for her. Getting out, Rachel glanced up and down the man, "Jonathan?" she asked. "You must be Rachel." He replied and then gestured for her to follow him to the house. Rachel now very nervous, found it hard to swallow, her pulse was racing, and she so wanted to make a good first impression, but her excitement was getting the better of her. 

Entering the house, Rachel was offered drinks and shown briefly around. The house was large, old, and expensive. She was surprised at the youthful look of the man who no doubt, owned the entire property. "I'd like to see what you've brought with you Rachel, may I?" asked the man, in a warm and kind voice. "Of course" replied Rachel in a kind of 'half-put-on' posh accent. Jonathan opened her case and removed its contents onto a large table. They slithered out making a beautifully yummy sound, which caused both Jonathan and herself to smile knowingly. "You look like your going to enjoy my 'special gift' Rachel. I hope you do. I know I will," whispered the man. Rachel gulped and couldn't help but giggle a little. She was getting very excited, and was getting very wet inside her underwear as she continued to study Jonathan's strong physique and good looks. As far as she was concerned, taking her, forcefully, there and then across that old table would be present enough for her!

It wasn't long before Jonathan gathered up her clothes and replaced them in the case. He then took Rachel by the hand and led her slowly, along the house's long corridors, to a room at the back of the house. Opening a door, Rachel's heart went crazy as he switched on a light to reveal the room's interior. It was filled with rubber and plastic covered furniture, gadgets, and toys of all descriptions. Rachel had never seen such a collection. She stood amazed. Barely able to speak, "Well Rachel, the choice is yours I believe!" whispered Jonathan in his warm and inviting voice. "Take your time, I'm going to slip into something a little more fitting, if you don't mind." With that, Jonathan left the room; leaving Rachel to wander around astounded at the choices of rubber covered and strange equipment he had left her with. She didn't have a clue what most of it was for, until she spied a familiar looking piece of equipment lying on a table at the back of the room. It was a Vacuum Bed. Like the ones, she had seen on the Internet. "Oh my god!" she spoke out loud, "I've got to try that one!" With that, she rushed to it and placed her hands on the smooth, transparent sheeting that formed its internal rubber prison.

Rachel was short of breath, waiting with anticipation for Jonathan to arrive. She couldn't help but rub herself, she was so turned on... then, suddenly, the door creaked open and Jonathan walked back in. This time, to Rachel's delight Jonathan was dressed in a tight black rubber outfit, with short rubber gauntlets encasing his strong hands. Jonathan was clearly getting turned on too. He strode powerfully over to her, his body gleaming under the light of the room. No sooner had Rachel began to speak when Jonathan grabbed her head and pulled her in towards him for a long deep kiss.

Shocked, and reeling from the excitement, Rachel found herself racing to get her clothes off, letting them crumple uncharacteristically on the floor of this Wonderful Rubber Pleasure Chamber. "You won't be needing your items at all for this!" Jonathan told her. Rachel could only stare in amazement at the delicious Jonathan standing next to her.

Having now fully undressed in front of this stranger, Rachel felt excitedly vulnerable. She hoped he would force himself upon her and make her do everything she craved for. With this, Jonathan pulled open a fold on the Vacuum Bed sheeting and beckoned Rachel to climb inside. Rachel jumped at the opportunity, struggling to clamber quickly in between the two cold latex sheets. The latex felt divine against her warm skin. She could hardly keep still with the nervous shaking she had developed.

Jonathan leaned nearer and gave Rachel a second long, sultry kiss. This time, as he moved away, he shoved her firmly, further into the folds of the rubber bed. Before Rachel could do anything but smile, Jonathan quickly slid the beds strong zips, down past her and out of sight. Suddenly panicking, Rachel pushed out with her arms, struggling to move around. Then, she felt Jonathan's hands position something near her mouth. It was a breathing hole, built into the beds design. 
"Thank god for that," she thought to herself. Taking a hurried gulp of air to settle herself.

Rachel could hear a buzzing, whirring sound coming from behind her, as she turned to try and see what it was, she could feel the loose folds of the sheeting she was trapped in, start to constrict around her. It felt fantastic. The rubber was tightening around her hot body, clinging to every curve and making it's way into every crevice. Rachel thought he had died and gone to heaven. However, the best was yet to come. Finding it now impossible to move, Rachel was then amazed to feel something hard sliding its way up, through a small hole in the rubber prison, inside her moist pussy. She knew that feeling. It was a large dildo. Jonathan was playing with her body in just the right way! She could feel her excitement growing to a peak. She was loving the attention of this stranger and the vacuum bed was making her so wet and horny, Jonathan could have got away with anything he wanted!

Just as she thought things couldn't get any better, her lips were suddenly parted by the intrusion of a warm, hard cock, sliding, lubricated, into her willing mouth. Struggling at first for breath, Rachel soon realised that she was in no danger. Jonathan expertly slid in and out of her mouth allowing her ample air. His cock felt so good in her mouth, she licked furiously at it, trying to get him to fill her mouth with his warm spunk as soon as possible. As she did so Rachel could feel the pangs of an enormous orgasm start to rip through her body, she let out a cry "Oh Yes!" as Jonathan forced his cock into her wet mouth as far as he could, cumming hot cream into her open mouth which made Rachel keep cumming for a long time. 

Rachel felt Jonathan climb carefully off of her, then herd is quiet voice speak "I think I'll leave you like that for a while, you seem to enjoy it. But don't worry... I'll be back soon for some more! See you again soon." Rachel's body ached with pleasure. This was turning out to be quite a day! Drifting in a dreamlike state, Rachel waited for his return and the start of more pleasures. Who knows how long she would be here she thought; better make the most of it. With that in mind, she began slowly grinding herself around inside the bed, in a wonderful haze of enjoyment.

The Rubber Plaything

Rachel tried in vain to sit quickly upright from her horizontal position, hearing strange voices and shuffling coming from outside the heavy door of the chamber in which she was lying. But, no sooner had she attempted to lift her head up and gain a better vantage point, she was pulled powerfully backwards to rest again fully horizontally. The Vacuum Bed in which Rachel was still trapped made a fine prison for any would be escapee.

Rachel, on the contrary, certainly didn't wish to escape her gorgeous captor Jonathan, but the new noises that she heard from outside her darkened room, muffled by the straining latex sheeting that held her so tightly down made her more than a little apprehensive. What was going on? How long had she been here and what did Jonathan have in store for her now?

Rachel's mind drifted back to her last encounter with the attractive and powerful Jonathan, he did her no harm then and, Rachel surmised, he would have no reason to now. Rachel swooned as she remembered the delicious feelings of Jonathan, astride her latex encased form, feeding his hard cock into her wet and willing mouth, and of the large dildo he had so expertly teased inside her moist pussy. Rachel's fear turned quickly to excitement.

Without warning, the large door to the chamber opened and in walked Jonathan. Rachel felt her breath quicken, as he neared. Through the misted latex across her eyes, Rachel could make out his firm body, and his gleaming black rubber outfit. She started to heat up inside. Rachel jolted suddenly, as a switch was thrown and the constant buzzing of the vacuum bed's motor came to a halt. Soon she could feel the latex loosening around her, then, she felt the zip sealing her inside, slide gracefully past her body. She was at last free from the cocoon in which she had remained for several hours.

Fresh air rushed into the bed, refreshing Rachel's warm and sticky body. She had built up quite a bit of heat in the bed and was understandably thirsty. Sliding herself unctuously from between the rubber bed sheets, Rachel was met by Jonathan warm smile and a cold drink. "I hope you have enjoyed your first present Rachel." Asked the quiet voiced Jonathan. "I've made sure that the second of today's 'gifts' you will definitely enjoy. When you have finished your drink you are to put this rubber suit on." Jonathan smiled wickedly, placing a folded rubber garment by her side. Rachel couldn't help but melt at Jonathan touch as his hand brushed her left leg. 

Gulping down the cooling drink quickly, Rachel placed its empty glass carefully on the floor. Arching her back provocatively and glancing, sexily at Jonathan, she picked up the garment. It slithered between her fingers, cool and squeaky. Rachel felt her heart rate increase, as it always did when around rubber. Holding the item out in front of her to unravel it's unusual design, Rachel saw immediately that it was a rubber leotard, but one with two clear and intentional differences.

Peering at its crotch, Rachel could see that it had strategically positioned access holes that would reveal her ass and pussy when worn. Rachel giggled like a schoolgirl, then, remembering her hard earned level of maturity quickly reverted her smile to a tight lipped and serious expression. Rachel pulled the neck of the swimsuit style item wide apart, it was the only way, bar the two 'access' holes, to get into or out of, the gleaming, shiny and internally lubricated suit.

Rachel began the exciting process of getting herself inside of it. First, pulling it up her legs quickly, stopping when it was firmly pressed against her tummy. Unable to see the effect of the two access holes yet, Rachel continued to wriggle herself further down, into its folds. The oily and unusual lubrication in the piece made it very easy to slide about inside, getting the best fit. The cool new skin felt wonderfully sensual against her own, although a mere item of clothing, the rubber had a profound effect on her body. Rachel's pussy began to tingle. These feeling quickly spread throughout her entire body like an orgasmic wave, turning on every nerve and pleasure point she had. 

Having completed dressing, oblivious to whether she was alone in the room or not, Rachel looked around. Jonathan was stood, calmly, at the other end of the chamber, next to an unusual piece of equipment. Following Jonathan gestures, Rachel walked slowly towards him, trying to get a better view of the 'equipment'. No sooner had she neared Jonathan, than he began to explain her next course of action in the same convincing and warm voice as before.

Rachel studied the equipment, which seemed to consist of a large framework box supporting a kind of small safety harness/hammock hanging in its centre. Jonathan helped Rachel up and sat her down on the 'seat' part of the giant 'swing' style contraption. Rachel's mind was a speeding tangle of thoughts. She didn't have the faintest clue as to the purpose of the machine, or the exposed rubber clothing that she now wore, but she was definitely looking forward to finding out!

Manoeuvring Rachel forcibly in his strong arms (which Rachel enjoyed a lot!), Jonathan made her lie down in the strange rubber seat. It supported her from her lower back to her shoulders, but nowhere else. Rachel dangled, helplessly as Jonathan strapped a set of sturdy rubber fastenings across her body. She felt like a parachutist of something from a new James Bond Movie. She felt quite silly and self-conscious, but at the same time, was starting slowly to become more and more excited about the situation she had found herself in.

No sooner had Rachel become accustom to her strange, horizontal, dangling position than the door to the chamber opened once again. This time, two large, rubber clothed strangers walked in. Rachel panicked; this wasn't what she expected at all! "These are a few of my 'friends'." Whispered Jonathan assuredly. "They've come to help me give you your second and final present for the day. I know your going to like it!" With that, the first of the 'new' strangers, moved towards Rachel's helpless form. Running his rubber covered hands slowly up and down, between her thighs, the man nodded to Jonathan. With that, he began lowering himself onto the floor, beneath Rachel, for the moment, out of sight. Rachel waited for something to happen, but nothing did. Until that is, Jonathan used his strong upper body strength to roll Rachel over in her harness so that she was now facing the man on the floor. She could see that he was excited. His cock was stiff and gleaming with lubricant. Rachel gasped out loud, she had worked out what was coming, and she loved it!

Before Rachel could do or say anything to the man, a second man walked into her view, this time standing upright in front of her face. His large erect cock pointing straight at her. She could almost taste his spunk from here; she had got so turned on by the situation unfolding that she itched with anticipation.

Eyes wide and with a sexual grin carved firmly on her cheeky face Rachel writhed, as best she could in the harness, getting a feel for her rubber restriction. As she did so, she could feel something rubbery brush against her inner thigh. She guessed, as she could no longer see him, that it was Jonathan. Her pulsed raced unbelievably. She knew what was about to happen. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement, not to mention, every other inch of her body.

She nodded, as if commanded to do so by some strange sexual spirit and the first man, now lying on the floor, positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. She felt some movement, the harness she was in jolted and lowered itself suddenly until she could feel the man's cock pressing against her sopping wet pussy. Rachel loved the feeling, and wriggled to try to slide down on to it. Soon, the harness began lowering inch by inch, until the man's cock slid, effortlessly inside her. This stranger's large cock was harpooning Rachel and it drove her crazy. The man began slowly pumping his slippery length in and out of her pussy, causing her eyes to glaze over in ecstasy.

Next, the man in front, quite unknowingly to Rachel pushed his rock hard cock forward towards her mouth. With a hungry lunge, Rachel swung herself forward and slid her eager mouth onto it. It felt great inside her mouth; she could picture his spunk gushing down her throat. She began lovingly sucking and licking it inside.

Last, but certainly not least, was Jonathan's turn. He had the enviable job of filling and fucking Rachel's ass. The men had all drawn straws earlier for the privilege, and it was justifiably Jonathan who had won the coveted task! His cock was already lubricated fully and he had slid slowly into position, being careful not to disrupt the sexual rhythms of the other two 'intruders'. He could hear Rachel's moans of pleasure, as she was plundered so expertly by his two well built friends.

Jonathan delicately aimed his hard, throbbing cock at Rachel's puckered and willing anus. Placing his hands firmly on her rubber covered hips; he began to push into her. The lubrication, coupled with Rachel's extremely horny state meant that he could slide easily inside. Rachel gasped as she felt the third cock enter her already filled body. She writhed with pleasure as all three cocks began to slide in and out of her. It felt so dirty but so amazingly rewarding. She knew that she wouldn't last long, and sure enough, within a few moments, she could feel herself slipping into a dreamy haze. "Faster!" shouted Rachel, even surprising herself. "Faster you fuckers! I want you to fuck me as fast and hard as you can!" Rachel started to shake as the men obeyed her wish. Faster and faster they pounded into her, Rachel's, pussy and ass began to burn with the relentless seeing to they were getting and her mouth was filling with her saliva as she sucked and sucked on the mans cock. 

Suddenly, the man in front of her cried out, his cock exploded in Rachel's mouth, filling her with warm spunk, which she guzzled down noisily. Almost immediately afterwards, The man beneath her moaned out loud, cumming powerfully inside her pussy, floods of warm spunk shooting up inside her. Rachel was on the verge of cuming; she could feel the feelings building up quickly. "Go on Jonathan, fuck my ass!" she screamed, as Jonathan reached a massive climax sending Rachel over the edge, both cumming together. Rachel could feel Jonathan's hot spunk shooting up inside her ass. It felt heavenly.

No sooner had the three men slid their cocks from out from Rachel's warm body than they left the room silently. Rachel hung in amazement. She felt so good. Warm waves of bliss were traversing the entire length of her. She relaxed and slumped happily in the harness and waited for Jonathan to return. 


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