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Wanting To Be Bound

by QSMud

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© Copyright 2009 - QSMud - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; store; vacbed; tease; cons; X

Dan wasn't sure whether to be overjoyed or saddened.  An hour ago, he had told his wife Jennifer that he had been withholding a secret, and that was his desire to be bound.  It was the only thing that he kept from his wife, but he feared that it could be something that would ruin their marriage. 

Dan learned of his fetish during his high school and college years, and like many others, found that the internet brought him together with like-minded individuals, and satisfied a deep, strong sexual desire within him.  Dan had never had a partner to share these interests, so had experimented over the years with various aspects of his fetishistic desires.  What and why he liked various things was complicated, but he realized that bondage was the central theme. 

The first time he tried on a wetsuit when he was younger, he realized how nice it felt to be hugged by the neoprene all over his body.  Somewhere around that time Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in a PVC catsuit piqued his curiosity.  Later, the internet brought to him as many latex clad beauties as he desired.   But none of this was enough.  He read online forums and talked with others.  Dan tried tying himself into some self-bondage, and also wrapped and taped himself into some self-mummification.  He was intrigued by the idea of a vacbed; being made totally immobile in a latex prison, but knew he needed a partner for this, and wasn't sure how he'd be able to get away with such a large purchase without his wife finding out. The stress of keeping the secret was getting to him, so he knew he need to tell Jennifer. 

Fortunately, Jennifer was OK with the whole thing, but not overly enthusiastic about joining in.  Dan discussed with Jennifer that he would never be unfaithful to her, and she knew about his online activities, but didn't want to "play".  So, it seemed, Dan's fantasy wouldn't come true, but he wasn't going to lose his wife over it, either.

Months went by, and Dan brought up the subject a few times, but Jennifer seemed to be afraid of what she knew of BDSM from movies and the media, and just wasn't that interested.

Dan realized he wanted to get a latex catsuit for himself.  He figured that he would like the feeling of it, and it would be one more way to immerse himself in what he loved.  The problem was that catsuits were expensive, and he just wasn't sure where to buy one online, or how to ensure it would fit.  Dan always liked buying things in person, but he lived in a fairly conservative place, and the adult stores nearby only carried the more "mainstream" toys and videos.

Finally, Dan realized he might get a chance to own a latex catsuit when he found out that he was scheduled for a business trip to Los Angeles.   He researched online and found just the place he wanted to go.  It was a store that specialized in latex apparel, bondage gear, and the like.  Dan also figured that he might purchase something for his wife to try to coax her into it, but he would just wait and see.  His plans were made, and he gave himself an extra night at the hotel so that he could have time to get his new latex.


Dan's weeklong seminar went well, and every night he thought about going to make his purchase.  His nerves almost got the best of him, but he wasn't sure why. It was what he had been waiting for.  He had been in adult stores before, but was never really comfortable walking around or making purchases.  When he did, it always was quick and impersonal.  Dan knew walking into a more upscale, specialized store would be different, and it scared him. Nevertheless, Dan got into his car on the last night of his trip and headed to downtown LA. 

It was a 45 minute drive to the store, and when Dan got there he wasn't even sure if he was in the right place.  He figured that it would be in an area of related stores and shops, but instead was nondescript brick building on the street.  Dan drove past twice before he was sure that it was, indeed, the right place.  He parked on the street and walked toward the brick-clad building and noticed the name stenciled on the large wooden door.  This was the place.

Dan opened the door and was greeted by a blast of cool air, which was a nice contrast to the hot summer Southern California weather outside.  Almost instantly, his senses were heightened when he realized that the cool air smelled like latex.  The aroma almost brought him to his knees, but he quickly was jolted back to reality.

 "Hello?  Welcome!", said the voice. Dan looked over and saw an attractive woman being the counter.  She had black hair, a few piercings, and tattoos on her arms.  "How may I help you?", she said.  Dan told her that he wanted to take a look around, and she told him to take his time and enjoy the store.

In front of him, rows and rows of latex clothing was in front of him.  It was almost too much for him to handle, and Dan couldn't believe that all of this was real.  He walked around and felt very comfortable in this place.  He saw the latex bras, and panties, and decided this was probably what he would get for Jennifer.  Then, he saw the catsuits.  Again, he got a bit nervous about wanting such a thing, so he wandered over to the woman in the front and started a conversation with her.

"I'm kinda new to all of this, but I wanted to purchase a few things to get into the bondage scene," said Dan. 

"Well, my name is Sarah, and I can help you with that."  She escorted Dan over to the restraints and suggested some some leather cuffs, bondage tape, and a book about bondage.  Dan thanked Sarah, and knew that these things may help, but what he really wanted was still unmentioned.  He walked over to the catsuits, and saw one that caught his eye.  It was black, full length, and looked to be just the right size.

"Sarah, can I try this catsuit on?" 

Sarah smiled, deviantly.  "Sure, right this way.  Just make sure you use plenty of powder so that you slide right in."  Sarah brought Dan over to the dressing room, and closed the thick red curtain.  Dan's heart started pounding.  Wow, here he was, in this place.  He disrobed and powdered up. He started to slide the catsuit up each leg and felt the smooth rubber against his skin.  He brought it up his body, and then slid each arm into the suit.  It was on. 

Dan looked into the mirror and was getting aroused.  He saw himself in the full length mirror, clad in the shiny black catsuit.  Dan was in great shape, his hard work over the past few years had paid off. He had lost a few pounds, and was proud of his new physique.

The last step was to zipper up the catsuit, and since this particular one had a back-entry, Dan called out for Sarah. "Yes, Dan," she replied. 

"Can you zipper me up, please?" 

"Sure, no problem." Sarah slid back the curtain and entered the dressing room.  Dan heard her make a sound implying that she liked what she saw, and she zippered up the suit.  Dan felt the completeness of the suit surround him.  Dan was pleased, and knew he wanted to purchase the suit.  It also aroused him a bit that he was wearing a latex catsuit, in a store, with a complete stranger.  The whole experience was intoxicating, and Dan's inhibitions were relaxed. 

"Sarah, you also sell vacbeds, don't you?" 

Again, Sarah smiled.  "Yes, we do."

"Well, I may be interested in one of those, as well."

 "My, my? I thought you were just getting into this, Dan."  

Dan smiled back, and thought that maybe he could even get the experience of trying out a vacbed, but his thought was interrupted by Sarah.  "We normally special-order the vacbeds from Canada..." Dan felt his excitement lower a bit as he heard this, but realized Sarah had more to say. "...however..... you just may be in luck today."

Sarah continued, "We just had a class, and there's a demo unit in the back. If you'd like to try it out..."  Dan couldn't believe what he was hearing.  It was like a fantasy was coming true.  "Just walk with me. You might as well keep that catsuit on, as it will help keep you immobile in the bed."


Dan followed Sarah through a door into what looked like a large studio. It was large, dimly lit, and had various bondage equipment on the floor and attached to the walls.  As his eyes adjusted, he realized this was a... dungeon?!?

"We use this area for photoshoots and classes", said Sarah.  Dan's attention was immediately diverted to a clear latex vacbed on the floor at the other side of the room.  He was excited and not thinking too much about what was going on.  Sarah brought him over to the bed and unrolled the narrow end.  "Just slide on in, and you can try it for a few minutes."  Dan did as directed, and found the breathing hole as he scooted into place.  The latex catsuit made him have to really squirm around, since the latex on-latex was quite sticky and "sliding in" was more of a figure of speech.

As Sarah put the retaining bar in place and rolled up the top of the latex to seal him in, Dan suddenly began to have doubts.  "Why is this happening?  Is this normal?", he thought.  Just then, the vacuum came to life and the latex began to squeeze around him.  Dan realized that it probably wasn't normal for a first time customer who just expressed interest in latex to be put into a vacbed in the dungeon of a latex boutique.  "What did I get my self into?"  These thoughts were fleeting, as the rush of pleasure engulfed him.  This experience was like nothing else.  Every part of his body was now held tightly in place by his latex prison.  He tried to move his arms and legs, but could not.  Dan was now at the mercy of Sarah.

The vacuum turned off, and Dan thought that it was over.  Resigned to this fact, and realizing his fears of being held captive were for naught, Dan tried to move to loosen the latex sheets surrounding him.  But the latex held him still.  "What's going on?, he thought. "Don't these things let you free when the vacuum is turned off?"

Before Dan could ponder his situation further, he felt something, or someone, putting their hands on his legs. He strained to open his eyes just a bit and started to panic.  Through the clear latex Dan could see someone kneeling over him.  Although Dan was excited, as he had never experienced bondage with another person before, the feeling of someone else's hand on him scared him.

Dan thought of his wife Jennifer, and realized that he promised never to be unfaithful, and this was about to cross a line.  Although not the traditional way to cheat on someone, this kind of sexual adventure was something he wasn't willing to do with anyone but his wife. Dan squirmed, but was not going anywhere.  "Sarah... please let me out," he said, his voice sounding muffled due to the pressure on his face and the small breathing hole which didn't allow him to fully articulate his words.

The hand kept moving up his leg toward his thigh.  "Sarah, please! I just wanted to try the bed.  Nothing else!", he tried to say.  Suddenly, another hand covered his mouth, and his voice was muted. He could still breath through Sarah's fingers, but lost his ability to communicate. He strained to see through the latex, and could see that Sarah was now wearing a black latex catsuit, and red corset as she kneeled over him.  This was too much to process.  "How did she change into that so fast?  What's going on?"

Dan didn't know what to do.  He wondered if he could move his fingers enough to break through the latex and free himself.  As the latex clad figure kneeled closer, his thought was interrupted and he was surprised to see someone with not black, but blonde hair getting close to him.  This was not Sarah.


Dan couldn't believe what was happening to him.  It was almost too much to handle.  Although he was scared by what was going on, he couldn't help but be aroused.  After all, he was locked into a latex vacbed wearing a skin-tight catsuit, held hostage by some an unknown latex mistress.

As her head moved to the side of Dan's face, she whispered into his ear, and Dan could not believe what he was hearing.  It was Jennifer!   Dan was thoroughly confused, and was wondering if perhaps this was all a dream.

Jennifer moved closer and pressed her body against his tightly cocooned one.  "Hey sweetie... it's me. I thought I'd surprise you.  I got curious and have been snooping a bit."  Dan couldn't believe his ears.  "I realized that there are more aspects to this kink than I thought, and found you've been researching this place. I called, explained the situation, and they invited me to come to the store two days ago to try on some things and learn a bit.  I guess I just dove right in. I hope you're not mad that I spent the money to come to LA."

Jennifer moved he hand away from Dan's mouth and let him speak.  The problem was, he didn't know what to say.  Totally dumbfounded, Dan responded, "No....I'"

"I really like this latex, it really enhances my figure.  I'm going to buy some of these clothes... I hope you don't mind.  But this vacbed is your... let's call it your early birthday present."  Dan thought that he had died and gone to heaven.

He started to speak, but Jennifer's hand moved back to suppress his speech.

"Oh, but honey.... I'm not letting you out quite yet!"

-The End  (or just the beginning?!)

© Copyright 2009- QSMud


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