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A Visit to the Rubber House

by Latexx

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I paid the cab driver, lifted the bag and took Fran's arm. We both had been looking forward to this weekend, although we didn't quite know what was in store. We walked up the stair and rang the doorbell. Underneath the button was a sign which read: "Members and Guests Only."

The heavy door opened immediately. We walked in and the door closed automatically behind us. We were standing in a small room, alone. A sign pointed to the right: ”Dressing Room. Rubber Attire Only Beyond this Point." We dutifully went into the dressing room, opened the suitcase and put on the rubber garments. We had received instructions in the mail: bring tight-fitting rubber suits with crotch slits. My penis and balls were to be sheathed in rubber and pulled through the slit. Latex gloves and hoods were to be worn at all times.

We dressed each other in rubber until only the eyes were visible. Fran kneeled in front of me and pulled my private parts through the slit. She started sucking my rubber-covered penis when a voice suddenly droned: "Enough time for that later. Put your street clothes in your suitcase and place the suitcase in the recess." We did as told and waited in the entry hall.

The door opened silently and we walked in. A woman, dressed in a red rubber suit and a floor-length transparent and tiered rubber dress came walking toward us. Her head was tightly covered by a red latex hood, her hands clad in red latex gloves and, underneath the rustling dress you could make out shiny, high-heeled red rubber boots. "Welcome to the Rubber House," she said. "First we are going to show you how some of our members enjoy rubber." With that she led us to a long hallway and opened the first door.

What we saw was a man in a heavy, black rubber suit tied to a narrow cot. He was wearing a latex hood with only nose openings. His red, rubber-clad penis stuck out of the heavy rubber suit and was erect. A woman in red rubber suit was bent over him, massaging his penis and occasionally squeezing it hard. The man moaned in agony, but the woman didn't seem to notice or care. Fran grabbed my red rubbered penis and, still watching the scene in front of us, squeezed it hard.

The woman now sat on top of the man, with her crotch covering his face. Then she bent over and took his rubbered penis into her mouth Her rubber-gloved hands grabbed his balls and squeezed them. The man's moans were muffled and he was gasping for air. Fran turned toward me, without relaxing her grip. "I want to do this to you," she whispered. Our guide moved between us. "Later," she said, removed Fran's hand and turned her so she would watch the man and the woman. The guide remained standing close behind her and right in front of me; I could feel the many layers of her dress. Then she casually moved one hand behind her and fingered my rubbered penis.

Now the woman turned around and inserted the man's penis into her. At first she fucked him slowly, then faster and, finally, violently. They both were moaning, almost screaming and had an orgasm together. "Let's go to the next room," said the guide.

Here a woman in a bright yellow rubber suit was tied over the back of a chair. Her rear was sticking out and her legs were spread wide apart. She was wearing a severe yellow latex hood and her rubber-clad arms were strapped to the chair arms. A man, dressed in heavy black rubber and wearing a gas mask was standing behind her. He had his rubber-gloved fingers inserted into her vagina. The woman fired the man on.  "Deeper," she moaned and "come on, you rubber maniac, give it to me."

I stood right behind Fran and made her feel my cock. Then I reached down and inserted two of my rubber-clad fingers into her vagina. She started to wriggle. Our guide squeezed herself between Fran and me. "I told you, later," she said. She reached behind her with one hand and grabbed my rubbered, erect penis; with the other she stroked Fran's crotch. Fran didn't object; in fact she clearly liked it.

The man now opened the front of his rubber raincoat, fished out his penis and inserted it into the woman. "Yes," the woman cried, "fuck me . . . harder . . . harder." The man pushed wildly and grabbed the woman's rubber-clad breasts. They now screamed in delight and had a loud orgasm.

"Come on you two," the guide said, "more things to see." She had one arm around Fran, with a rubber-gloved finger inserted into her vagina; with the other hand she pulled me by my penis. We went to the third room.

Here two rubber-clad women were tied up on a long bed, their crotches touching. Their legs were pulled by rubber straps, tied to the four posters, so that their crotches were in intimate contact. Their rubber-gloved hands, tied together, were secured to the bed frame. They wriggled and moaned, one crotch exiting the other. But what made me stare even more were their shapes and outfits. Both of them had tiny waists and huge breasts, tightly clad in rubber suits, one green, the other blue. Their heads were entirely covered by latex hoods, leaving only small openings for breathing through the nose.

"How long have they been tied up like this?" I whispered to the guide. She looked at the timer on the wall.

"Two hours," she answered. I was fascinated by the shapely rubber-clad figures. It was difficult to tell whether they were in agony or enjoying themselves hugely. Fran was beginning to have an experience of her own. The guide had let go of my penis and was massaging Fran's clitoris with both rubber-gloved hands. Fran was spreading her legs and began to moan. I didn't know she could be turned on be a woman but I didn't mind, I rather enjoyed the sight of all four rubber-clad women.

"Why don't you make them come?" the guide said.

"How?" I asked.

The guide went to a cupboard and brought me a double dildo. "Put that into them," she said, "you can touch them, they'll like that." She went back to the cupboard, took out another rubber dildo and inserted it into Fran.

I loosened the rubber straps and inserted the double dildo into both vaginas. Then I pulled the straps tight again and immediately the moaning increased. I felt their rubber-clad bodies, especially their large breast, which seemed to increase the moaning intensity. They were close to having an orgasm. I glanced over to Fran and the guide. The guide had tied Fran's hands behind her back and was standing behind her, pushing the dildo into her with both hands. Fran was breathing hard; she too was close to an orgasm. Then, almost simultaneously all three women came and the room was filled with screaming moans. My rubbered penis was almost bursting. The guide came over to me, stroked it gently and said: "This one will have to wait a little longer."

We moved on. Back in the hallway we walked past a woman in a black rubber suit who was chained to wall. She was blindfolded and wore a gasmask. A pneumatic dildo was strapped into her and a tube led to a pump hanging between her breasts. A sign above her read: "Please make me come."

I looked at the guide. "Go ahead, make her come," she nodded. I squeezed the pump and the woman immediately started moaning. Fran, with her hands still tied behind her, said: "Go ahead, give it to her." I pumped harder with one hand and massaged her breasts with the other. In less than a minute she had an orgasm.

In the next room a woman in a heavy black rubber suit was tied to a whipping horse, with her legs spread wide apart. Our guide un-cuffed Fran's hands and led her over to the woman. She gave her a battery-operated dildo and told her to sit between her legs and insert the dildo. A man in a heavy black rubber raincoat appeared. His feet were in tall black rubber boots, he wore heavy rubber gauntlets and his head was covered by a gasmask. He went to a cupboard and selected a whip. Then he tested the woman's behind, moved back a step and started whipping. The woman moaned. The man stopped for a while and then continued whipping.

The guide pushed me toward a side door. It was a small room with a rubber-covered bed and a large one-way mirror. She told me to stand in front of the mirror, where I could see the whipping and turned on a loudspeaker. Then she grabbed my rubbered penis with one hand, pulled me close with the other and kissed me. I held her tightly, feeling the many layers of her soft rubber dress. I watched the scene on the other side of the glass. Fran operated the vibrator furiously while the woman was being whipped. Whenever the whipping stopped, she pulled it out. During the pauses the woman seemed to be begging for them to continue.

The guide now suddenly pulled me by my penis toward the bed and lay on her back. She pushed the many layers of her rubber dress aside and an opening appeared. I jumped on top of her and started fucking her. The moaning in the loudspeaker grew louder. I grabbed the guide's behind. She felt terrific in her soft, ample rubber dress. With a loud scream the woman in the other room suddenly came and the whipping stopped. We kept on fucking. The guide hooked her legs into mine and dug her rubber-gloved hands into my back. We came together.

After a while we sat up, holding each other and watching the window. Fran had gotten up and was helping the man untie the woman.  As soon as she was free, the woman embraced the man and said: "Thank you, sweetheart, that was one of your best." They kissed.  The woman kneeled, opened the man's lower raincoat buttons and pulled his rubber-clad cock out of the many rubber suits. She started sucking it and he pressed her head into his groin. Suddenly he stopped her and said: "I think our new friend would like a whipping too." Fran nodded vaguely.
Together they peeled the woman. She had been wearing four rubber suits and three of them came off. Then the man and the woman started dressing Fran in the same three rubber suits. She just barely fit into them and they had trouble zipping up the last one, an extremely heavy one.

Meanwhile the guide had left the room and came back which a pile of rubber garments. She told me first to step into some tight rubber boots. Then came a long transparent rubber dress, identical to the one she was wearing. She put a heavy second latex hood on me and a second pair of latex gloves. Finally came three floor-length rubber raincoats. We sat on the bed watching the window. Fran had been strapped to the whipping horse and the woman was sitting between her widely spread legs, moving the vibrator in and out. Fran began to moan, but the man waited. The guide opened the lower buttons of my raincoats and began fishing for my penis through the many layers of the soft rubber dress. She found it, pulled it out, knelt between my legs and began sucking it.

Now the whipping started. I had expected Fran to scream, but she just moaned a little louder. The whipping and vibrator stopped and Fran begged for more. After a while the whipping continued. Judging from the sounds, Fran was building up to a huge orgasm. The moaning got louder and louder and, finally, she virtually exploded.

All was quiet now and the guide stopped sucking. "I want to do it again," she said, "but this time I going to be on top, holding your balls." I lay down on the bed, she came on top of me and took my rubbered penis into her. Then she grabbed my balls hard. I embraced her, stroking the soft rubber of her dress. We came again, slowly and deeply.

When we got up Fran had already been peeled out of the outer three body suits and was looking around for me. The guide took me by the hand and led me into the other room, still dressed in the additional rubber. Fran embraced me and kissed me.  "I like your outfit," she said, "had a good time?" I nodded.

The man said: "Since he is dressed up, we'll have to do the same for her." The woman nodded.

"Wait a minute," the guide said, "I have a special dress for her." She disappeared briefly and came back with another long, transparent, tiered rubber dress. Together they dressed Fran: high-heeled rubber boots, a second latex hood, the transparent rubber dress, a second pair of latex gloves and three rubber raincoats, tightly belted. They put a belt on me, then stood back and observed.

"There is something missing," someone said.

"Maybe we should do something about the hands," the man said, went to a closet and came back with a pair of odd-looking rubber raincoats. They were reversed, with a long zipper in the back and the sleeves of a straight-jacket. The man put them on both of us and our arms were immobilized.

"To finish it off: capes!" The woman went and got three rubber capes for each of us. "Now they look perfect." I was getting hot inside my massive rubber outfit.

"I like my reward now, by her," the man said, pointing at Fran. Fran kneeled in front of him, stuck her head into his open rubber raincoat and started sucking. The woman huffed, went down in front of me and disappeared underneath my many rubber raincoats and capes. She found my rubbered penis, began to suck it and massaged my balls with her hands. I was empty, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Fran sucked frantically, but the man delayed his orgasm for a full ten minutes. I was getting hotter.

The guide took us to the next room. On the way we passed the rubber-clad woman who was chained to the wall in the hallway again. A rubber-clad man was operating the dildo. The guide stopped and started talking to the man. They talked for five minutes while the man absentmindedly operated the pump. The chained woman had several orgasms while discussion continued.

The guide finally took us to the next room, which turned out to be a large steam-room. A dozen rubber-clad people were lying on rubber cushions. Three couples were fucking in double rubber bags. Four people were masturbating, all inside heavy rubber bags. A man and woman, both in rubber suits, hoods, rubber boots and latex gloves, were tied together. Their faces were in each others crotches. The woman had the man's rubbered penis in her mouth, the man had a rubber dildo strapped to his mouth, which he moved in an out of her.

We stood there in our massive rubber outfits and watched. "The men have to come three times before they are released," the guide said, "the women 15 times. If they don't come that often, they are released after two hours."  The moaning in the room was incredible. I wanted to get out of my straightjacket and masturbate. The perspiration ran down inside my rubber suit.

The guide rang a bell and an orderly in a white rubber suit came in. He reached under Fran's rubber capes, raincoats and dresses and strapped a pneumatic dildo into her. He threaded the thin, long rubber tube underneath her many layers of rubber so it came out by the neck. Then he put her into a heavy black rubber bag and laid her down on a pile of rubber cushions along the wall. The tube was inserted into an outlet which was marked "Dildo Pump." Immediately Fran began to moan.

"Enjoy yourself," the guide said and squeezed my penis through the many layers of rubber. Then she and the orderly disappeared. I stood there, with my arms in a rubber straightjacket, unable to masturbate. I was hot and the writhing rubber-clad bodies around me made me incredibly sexy. There was nothing I could do except watch. Every minute or so someone came; Fran had an almost continuous orgasm now.
After an hour our guide came back. She kneeled in front of me and stuck her head under my rubber garments. Slowly she worked her way up my legs, gently massaged my balls and took my rubbered penis into her mouth. She started sucking, but with very little pressure. I could hardly stand it, I came almost immediately.

The guide released Fran and took both of us to a bathroom adjoining the steam-room. There she peeled us out of our rubber capes and straight-jackets. "Take a bath now," she said, "as you are. You have an hour before dinner." We stepped into the large two-person bathtub, still wearing our three rubber raincoats and all the rubber underneath. At first we let the water run cold and, when we had cooled down, we gradually increased the temperature until we felt comfortable and relaxed. I held Fran in my arms and we kissed through the latex hoods. Only after an orderly came in to remind us that is was almost dinner time did we undress, take a shower and dry ourselves.

We dressed in dry rubber suits with the obligatory latex hoods and latex gloves and the guide took us to dinner. We drank almost a gallon of water. After dinner our guide stood up. "You are probably tired. We'll put you to bed now."

"What do you mean put us to bed?" I asked.

"You'll see," the guide answered mysteriously.

We went up two floors, stopped at a door and the guide said to Fran: "This is your bedroom, I am going to take care of you myself." She turned to me. "Go down to number 38, they are waiting for you."

I shrugged my shoulders, kissed Fran goodnight and went to number 38. There were three women in number 38. One was a heavy-set matron. The other two were the ones who had been tied up crotch-to-crotch, I recognized them by their bodies. All were clad head to toe in rubber. The matron was wearing a black rubber suit with rubber boots, latex gloves, a stern, heavy latex hood and a red rubber uniform over it. The two women were in black rubber suits and were gloved and masked. I again stared at their incredibly sexy shapes.

The matron commanded and we obeyed. We had to put on a second pair of shoulder- length latex gloves, a second rubber suit and a pair of rubber boots. Then came three pairs of rubber overalls. My rubbered penis and balls were pulled through the crotch openings, the two women got a rubber dildo strapped into them. Next came five rubber raincoats; ours arms were pulled through the pocket slits and cuffed underneath the raincoats. I was standing there, in ten layers of rubber, holding my rubbered dick in my rubber-gloved hands. The matron now got a mass of rubber capes and put five of them on each of us. Then she pulled gasmasks over our heads which had the eye glasses replaced by black disks. After this she pulled all the hoods of the rubber raincoats and capes over the gasmasks and tied the strings. I was now in complete darkness in 15 layers of rubber.

The last item she put on me was a tight, heavy rubber bag. After a considerable struggle it was zipped up in the back and straps were put around my ankles, calves, above the knees and around the arms. I could now hardly stand and the matron put me down on the bed. My head sank into a soft, inflated rubber pillow. A few minutes later I felt one of the women being put down on my left and a little while later the second woman on my right. Then a heavy rubber blanket was put on top of our mummified bodies and secured to the pillow.

"You are going to sleep now for eight hours," the matron said and left. Fat chance for sleeping. The two women on either side of me masturbated and moaned. I was holding my dick in my hands. I masturbated. Whenever I was ready to fall asleep, one of the women started masturbating again. I nodded off a few times, but I probably got less than an hour of sleep. I came ten times.

In the morning I was peeled out of the rubber bag and rubber garments by the matron. The two women were already up and dressed in form-fitting rubber suits. They sounded refreshed and cheerful. "Did you have a good time," one of them asked and squeezed my penis. Me, I was tired and hot, so I was very grateful when they let me take a long shower. At breakfast I was re-united with Fran. We held each other tightly and she told me she had been tied up in massive rubber all night, with the guide lying next to her and operating a pneumatic dildo. She lost count at 30 orgasms.

After breakfast the show continued. Our guide told us that we could just watch if we wanted to or we could participate. So we went from room to room. In the first room a man was tied to a pole with many rubber straps. He was wearing a rubber suit, latex hood and latex gloves and his rubber-clad penis was exposed. His eyes were blindfolded. A woman knelt in front of him. She was clad in massive rubber and her hands were tied behind her back, Her upper body and knees were tightly strapped to the man. Her head was encased in a latex hood and the hoods from her three or four rubber raincoats were tightly drawn over her eyes. She had the man's rubbered penis deep in her mouth and was sucking hard.

In the next room a man in a heavy rubber suit was tied up horizontally. He was wearing a thick latex hood with no eye-openings and with a heavily inflated gag in his mouth. His penis and balls were encased in equally heavy rubber. He was strapped to a narrow table and was unable to move a muscle. A tall woman was standing next to the table. She wore a tight rubber suit, rubber boots, long latex gloves and a severe-looking latex hood, as well as a floor-length, heavy rubber raincoat. She squeezed the man's penis hard and the man moaned in agony. Then I noticed that there was a third woman, tied up in a rubber bag and kneeling between the tall woman's legs underneath the rubber raincoat and licking her. Whenever the tall woman had an orgasm she squeezed and pulled the man's penis extra hard.

Next we encountered a woman strapped into an examination chair. She wore three tight rubber suits, two latex hoods, blindfolds and three pairs of latex gloves. Her legs were spread wide apart and the rubber suits had an opening between her legs. A second woman sat between her legs and operated a dildo. This woman wore three or four long rubber dresses, a tight latex hood and long latex gloves. She expertly moved the dildo in an out until the victim started to moan. Just as the hapless woman was about to come, the dildo stopped. The victim moaned "please don't stop," but her tormentor simply waited. After several of these cycles the woman in the many rubber dresses turned around and said to Fran: "Would you like to take over?" Fran sat down and operated the dildo. She, too, stopped and waited as the moaning became intense.

The rubber-dressed woman then led me to a second examination chair and said: "This works even better for a man." I willingly let myself be strapped in and didn't object (or couldn't) when she pulled a second latex hood over my head. My eyes and mouth were now closed. I felt her hands on my rubbered penis. Then she took it into her mouth, squeezing my balls with her fingers. I was getting close to an orgasm. Then she stopped. She waited a few minutes and started again, then stopped. I heard some rustling of rubber and suspected that Fran and the woman were switching positions. This went on for about an hour, I never knew who was sitting between my legs. Finally they let both of us come at the same time.

In the next room three rubber-clad women were fucking a man. They were all over him, sitting on his face, sucking his penis, massaging his balls, sticking their rubber-clad breasts into his mouth, kissing him through their latex hoods. We watched for half-an-hour. They had the man always near an orgasm but never let him come.

We moved on. When we opened the next door, we found a couple in rubber suits sitting on a sofa. When they saw us, the man got up and fetched a female rubber slave. Her hands were tied behind her back. The woman put on a pair of rubber cunnilus pants, sat in a comfortable chair, inserted the rubber slave's head and tied the opening shut. The rubber slave started licking the woman frantically; her air was cut off.  The man knelt behind the rubber slave and fucked her. When both of them had an orgasm the rubber slave was released and her head shot out, gasping for air.

"Would you like to try her?" the man asked. I looked at Fran. "Sure," she said. The woman got up, took off her rubber cunnilus pants and offered them to Fran. Fran put them on and sat in the chair, holding the opening ready. The rubber slave took a big gulp of air and willingly inserted her head. Fran pulled to opening shut. I quickly kneeled behind the rubber slave, inserted my rubbered penis and started fucking. Fran held the rubber slave's head. "This girl knows what she is doing," she said between moans. About a minute later all three of us came. I quickly leaned forward and untied the opening. The rubber slave's head came out and she said: "Thank you, mistress." Then she turned around on her knees and said to me: "Thank you, master, I am grateful you made me come."

In the next room four men, all dressed in rubber, were playing cards. At first, everything seemed normal, until we noticed that four rubber-clad women underneath the table were sucking their cocks.

In the last room a woman was tied to a bicycle, wearing three rubber suits and a large, transparent rubber cape. She had to maintain a certain speed. If the speed dropped too low, a hot water spray turned on. It was already hot and humid when we came in and the woman was visibly tired. Soon a hissing, steaming spray turned on. The woman pedaled harder and the water stopped. But a minute later her speed had dropped again and the spray returned.

"A good way to keep in shape," our guide said as she entered. We watched a while longer. Then the guide said: "Well, this is the end of the tour, I hope you enjoyed it. Would you now like to become members?"

I looked at Fran. She hugged me and said: "You bet we would."



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