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Vacuum Bed Trick

by vacman4

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© Copyright 2002 - vacman4 - Used by permission

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I had thought that well, as my wife was at work I would try my new vacuum bed. I waited until she was gone then I got it out and set it up, I then got undressed and set the timer on the timer plug for about 15 mins, then to turn off again and to come back on again after 10 mins giving the “Hoover” a chance to cool off a bit.

I then got inside the latex and zipped it shut, the feeling was great with the latex against my skin. I put the breathing tube in my mouth and lay their waiting. Just then I heard a noise - it was the front door, I was trying to get my hand up to the zip when the vacuum started. I was very quickly made immobile by the latex as it moulded itself around my body, as the air was sucked out. Though the haze of the latex I could only make out the shape of a person walk into the room, they walked passed me and out of my sight. 

When they came back in they had something in their arms, they spent ages down by the vacuum. I could not see what they were doing, I was panicking a bit, but I thought it was my wife, but I did not know for sure. I started to panic, as I knew my mother and my wife’s mother had keys to the house. But whomever it was they were not going to let me go.

Then my heart sank as I heard the sound of another vacuum cleaner - what was going on? As the pressure in the latex started to stop I tried to move my hand to the zip. But it did not let enough pressure off for me to do that. Within seconds the pressure came back and I was again stuck and now starting to get very scared. No matter how much I tried to get out I was stuck until the vacuum was turned off or I was released. 

For the next four hours I was in the latex prison I kept hearing the vacuums change over so I knew that they were not going to over heat. The person stood up and came up to my face and then I could see that it was my wife. She kissed me and then stood back up again. Just then I spotted someone behind her, another woman I could not see who it was, my wife sat on a chair, where out of the corner of my eye I could just see her. 

The other woman came over to me and put her thumb on the end of the breathing tube. I could not get any air, I was sucking at the tube trying to breathe, trying to move my arms or legs to get free but I was not going anywhere. 

She moved her thumb and let me get some air, and then she tied a plastic bag to the pipe. I was still trying to get some air from the room outside of the latex. Panic set in again as I knew I was re-breathing the same air, the woman then sat on my chest making it harder for me to get any air in my lungs. The bag was starting to be sucked down inside the tube; there was no air in the bag. I felt my self start to fade out. My lungs were burning for some air. I then passed out. 

When I came round I was laid on the floor, my hands were tied behind my back and my legs tied at the knees and the ankles. The vacuums were nowhere to be seen and nor was the vacuum bed. My wife walked in and laid me on my back, she then lowered herself onto my manhood and we made love.

It turned out that she found out about the vacuum bed and had told her mother about it and she’d said it was just a fetish, that many people have fetishes and not to worry about it. But my wife wanted to get involved in the fetish but did not know what to do. So her mother came over to show her what to do and she said that she was going to work just so I did not wonder what she was doing, but they came back and caught me at it. So her mother showed her the best way she could with a slave to demo it on. They changed the vacuums by just turning one on and then undoing the pipe and changing the pipe to the other all ready running vacuum. It was an amazing five hours and my wife is more open to my fetishes now.

By Vacman4


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