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Vac Bed with a Guest

by PeteZa

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© Copyright 2009 - PeteZa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; vacbed; tease; caught; mast; cons; X

Bondage, in one form or another, has been a kink of mine for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be tied up when playing Cops and Robbers as a child, developing in to tying my ankles together during masturbation as a teen, and now at thirty something I have had hundreds of self bondage experiences. Better than that is the occasional bondage experience with one girlfriend or another over the years. The problem is that my current girlfriend does not enjoy tying me up. She will play minimally with me if I do all the work of tying myself up and she just has to tease me for a while and then let me go so I can fuck her. In these experiences over the last few years I have used leather cuffs, rope, and zip ties, but my favorite times are mummy wraps with duct tape over plastic wrap. Well she wasn't such a big fan of the mummy wraps because she had to help put it on me and that is a lot of work for a few minutes of teasing. Then I found this device on the internet that would encase me like the tape (only much better) and would make much less work for her. The device was a Vac Bed.

When I first heard about it through a story on Gromets web page I needed a visual of it. First I Google image searched it and saw people in different models with colors, and clear, and with breathing holes or tubes or head holes. From there I searched for videos. Youtube showed me people struggling in them and most seemed very similar to each other. I figured the difference was mostly colors. Then I noticed some of the videos had vacuum cleaners running the entire time and others you could tell the vacuum was run and then turned off, but the pressure was still there.

Now I was intrigued to find them for sale and see if it is affordable. I started with my favorite sex toy stores, but most of them didn't have any and the stores that had them only had ones that had to have a vacuum running the entire time. Then I found the "Kink Engineering" web site through gromet's page, and there it was, the vacuum bed that had the valve to keep suction without needing the vacuum to run the entire time. Also there was quite a selection of colors. I had to have it. I decided on maximum constriction, so went with black top and bottom sheets and the breathing tube instead of a placed hole or head hole. I ordered it right away.

Shipping was expected to take two weeks which would be plenty of time to warm her up to the idea. I showed her videos on the net and explained how much I wanted it and pointed out the small amount of participation needed of her. She agreed to let me order it not knowing I had already placed the order.

It seemed a month went by when it was actually half that time when it finally arrived.

She works days and I work evenings, so I was home when it arrived. I was so excited I opened it right away and took it to the guest room to spread out on the bed. I had built the frame already and had it stashed under the guest bed, so I proceeded to assemble it right away. To see if it worked, I put a pillow and a couple pairs of wadded up sweats in it and applied the vacuum to it. All went well, it held the pressure when the machine was removed. I was so excited I almost didn’t go to work. I did, however, text my girlfriend to let her know it had arrived. Then I took out the stuffing and went to work.

As is normal, she got home a couple hours after I left for work, and, knowing I would want to try out the vac bed, she checked it out too.

After my shift was over I rushed home. When I got home she was watching television. I stopped to see if she had checked it out, and she had, so I went for a shower. Getting out of the shower I made it to the master bedroom to find her in the red corset and undies with black thigh high stockings held to the corset by guarders. She told me it is my chance to try the Vac Bed out. I kissed her, and thank her. She kissed me back in a way that I knew she was turned on.

Then I head to the guest room. The vacuum bed is already unzipped, so I start working my way in. She comes in the room before I am all the way in and helps me adjust my self within it and makes sure the breathing tube is in my mouth. Before zipping it up she gives me a two way walkey talky type radio with a wired ear piece. She tells me to put on the ear piece, keep the two-way in my hand so I can push the talk key, and position my self. Then she reaches for the vacuum machine. I spread my legs, with my penis to the left, and then put my arms down to my sides away from my body with the radio in my right hand.

The air around my body is drawn out of this prison and now I am trapped, unable to see through the black latex. The sound is muffled from the outside, and I am unable to make sound except to hum. Now, stuck, she does a check of the radios. She tells me to key the microphone twice if I can hear her. Her voice comes through the ear piece well, so I do key the microphone twice back to her. I feel her touch me one part at a time until she can see me straining to get an erection. Then she says, through the radio, she will see me in a little while and she will be within radio range if I felt like I needed her I could key the microphone a few times to get her attention, and then she leaves. A few minutes later I hear the front door thud. Time stands still.


I don’t know how much time went by, but a while later her voice cracked through the ear piece. She said, "You there?" I respond with several clicks of the key. Then she says "One click for yes, and two for no. Are you ok?" I click once. "I am in the back yard of the neighbors having a beer by the fire. A couple of the girls want to come use our bathroom. They are coming in now and don’t know what you are doing. Keep quiet and hope none of them decides to snoop. I did not close the bedroom door." This time I click twice, and twice again. Then I click a bunch for a few seconds. She comes back with "Too late. They are already inside." I panic in my head, but force my self to be quiet.


Seconds seemed like hours while I waited for the girls to come and go. I wonder if I have waited long enough. With the top of the vac bed being made of black I can’t see anything. I would swear someone is in the room with me, but am I just being paranoid? It is quiet. Then I am startled by her in my ear again. "Ok, here they come. I think you are safe." I allow my self to breathe deeply again. The sound of my breath coming through the tube was no longer a concern. The girls apparently did not see anything, or if they did they haven’t said anything to her. I wait for her to say something about the girls seeing or not seeing me, but the radio never does anything. I want to confirm the radio is working so I click the mic a couple times. She comes on and asks if I am ok. I click once. She just tells me to stop clicking and wait.


After a while I am spacing out when I feel a touch on my foot. At first I second guess the touch, thinking I was dreaming. Then it was unmistakable, the touch went from my foot up my leg to my knee. After a brief pause on my knee the hand slid again, but this time it rested on my penis. Another hand landed on my stomach, but slid to my nipple before being lifted. She is teasing me and I love it. She puts her hand over the outside end of the breathing tube for a second, but quickly moves it away. She focuses her attention on my penis, rubbing it through its latex vacuum prison. Even pointed down, I am excited to the point of having copious amounts of pre-cum. The stroking continued so I let my self get in to it. I wonder if she is teasing or if she actually wants me to cum like this. The stroking doesn’t stop so I go with it and after just a few more minutes of rubbing, I cum. I expect her to release me from the vac bed at this point, but she doesn’t. Instead she rolls over and starts touching her self. I figure I will just have to wait it out when the speaker in my ear comes back to life. "Are you alright?"


Hearing her voice in my ear, at this point, was shocking to me. If she was talking on the radio, who is here with me? I quickly key the mic once to answer the question. "Are you having fun?" I don’t know if she is aware of my guest. Again one click on the mic. "I will be in shortly, we are out of beer." One more click from me and no more responses. I felt the bed shake a bit as the unknown girl had her orgasm. Then she was off of the bed and presumably gone.


She came and let me out of my vac prison a little while later. I gave her a smile and a kiss. She suggested that I shower, which I did, and we made love until the sun came up. I never did ask if she knew about the woman who joined me for an orgasm that night, and she never indicated anything about it either. I have accepted that I probably will never know who it was.



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