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Vacbed Sales & Service

by Dixie of Dallas

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© Copyright 2009 - Dixie of Dallas - Used by permission

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Well like so the ad said “Nude model wanted.  Must be gorgeous.  Must have S&M experience.  Must shave.  Full frontal nudity required.  No sex.  One day only.  Great pay.”  So like of course I answered it ‘cause I do have a bitchin body and I am about the kinkiest chick I know.

So this guy calls me and he tells me when and where to meet him, and I am like sort of surprised because it is an office building in downtown Dallas, but hey, cool, I live in Dallas.  In the office I find a guy sitting at a desk but he is just like the receptionist and he gives me some forms to fill out and while I am doing that I am seeing several other hot honeys there so I really do not think my chances are very good.

So the forms ask for my name and digits and stuff and I fill all that junk in and then like it tells me that I will be modeling for a company called Kink Engineering.  They are going to be vending at a big fetish event right here in Dallas, and they sell custom VacBeds.  Truthfully, I have never been in a vacuum bed, but I did go to a kinky party once where some chicks got in one and it looked fun and it did not look hard or painful so like I know I can do it.

One at a time each chick gets called into an office for an interview with the boss, and like I wait my turn and notice that some of the chicks are only in there about three minutes, and some it is more like ten, and well finally it is like my turn.

The boss in the room is like named “Lom” and he has like a funny foreign accent from like Canada.  But he is tall and cute and funny and his accent sounds so sweet on him.  He starts by having me stand in front of him so he can look at me, and then he has me like sit in this chair and we talk for a few minutes while he looks over the forms I filled out.  He asks me have I ever been naked in front of a crowd of people who are all dressed, and I say like not since last Saturday night, and he sort of giggles.

Then he asks me if I ever had been in a VacBed, and here I sort of fudge a little since I do have that experience where I had seen one before and like I just knew it would be Okey Dokey , so I like told him I had.  He like sparked up and said that he had interviewed seven girls so far and I was the only one with actual experience, but he did have another dozen of us to talk to.

So like then though he told me he liked me and I might do, so he asked me to get naked so he could see what he would be working with.  I did.  He took a camera out and asked if he could take a picture for his files.  I made him promise that it wouldn’t be on the net and he promised.  Snap, snap, snap.  Anyway so then he tells me to get dressed and that he would call in a week if he was interested.

Six days later I get the call and he tells me where to go and when to show up.  The fetish event starts at like noon but he has me show up at eleven so we can get all set up.  There were all kinds of kinky folks all setting up all this kinky stuff they have for sale, and right there in the middle of it Lom tells me to get naked, so like I tell him to give me the money first, and he does, so I get into my freshly shaved birthday suit.

So there is like this huge table the size of a single bed but as high as a normal desk.  On top of the table is this huge baggie made out of a clear latexy vinyly stuff.  I had to get near the top and then wiggle my way down into it.  He tells me to lay on my back and helps me get my legs straightened out and then he makes me spread them a bit.  So then he has me put my arms down by my sides but not touching my sides, and he makes a big deal of making sure my hands are face up and he even wants me to spread out my fingers.

Just when I am about to wonder how I am supposed to breathe in this big baggie he slides a mouth piece into my mouth and tells me to bite down.  The thing fits well into my mouth sort of like a wedge of an orange or something but it is made out of hard rubber and it has big slots in it so that air can easily go in and out.  Then he places this little slot in the vinyl right over the mouth piece thing so that it can seal but still allow me to breathe.  Finally he zips the baggie across the top and I am sealed inside.

Well like I was remembering that at the party where I saw this before they then hooked up a vacuum to the bed and sucked out all the air, so I was sort of ready for it.  I heard a little buzz and all of a sudden the top clear cover sheet started stretching tight.  I felt it first across my stomach and chest, and almost at the same time I felt it across my feet, tightening and bending my feet gently down.  It held me well in place.  I felt it tighten all around my legs pinning my thighs down and then my shins making them completely unmovable.

It like didn’t stop there.  I felt it stretch across my forehead and down around my cheeks holding my head still.  My arms and hands then felt it next and I did sort of start to panic a bit because I really could not move at all, but it also sort of like felt like a really nice hug all over my body.  Right about then I expected it to stop, but the little buzz kept on buzzing and the plastic kept getting tighter, and then I felt it get tight around my little cunny and even creep inside and I was all worried about being a professional model with a big old camel toe going on, but there was like so nothing I could do about it.  Besides, it felt really good.

Finally the little buzz stopped and I was held firm in this lovely full-body hug.  I tried to see what Lom was doing but I could only look straight ahead which, at the time, was up at the ceiling.  I could hear background noise and occasionally caught a look at part of Lom as he wizzed by setting up the rest of his display booth.

Eventually Lom like came up to me and fiddled around with the table and it started raising up at my head and going down by my feet like the whole table was tilting and it kept going slowly until I was almost standing straight up.  Even at that angle though I was very tightly held to the table and could not move in the slightest.  I could see all around me a good deal better though and Lom even brought a mirror over for a minute so I could get a look at myself encased in the clear vinyl.  My skin all looked firm and shiny, my cunny looked open and waiting, and my nips stood at attention like two little twin soldiers.  Lom cranked the bed back so that I was at about 45 degree angle.

Soon people started drifting in and all of a sudden there were tons of people all wanting to see the cool  Kink Engineering VacBed, and I was sort of like a star.  We hadn’t negotiated anything like this, and Lom certainly didn’t think to ask my permission at the time, but he let people start touching my bits through the vinyl and that got me all squirmy.  Some girl had bought a vibe from some other merchant and she just sort of pulled it out right there in front of everybody and turned it on and held it to my shiny little twat and I sort of just grinned for a few seconds and then like exploded in front of all these customers.

Six hours later the lights were dimmed in the hall and Lom lowered the bed and let the air back in.  He helped me out and got me into a robe.  In that six hours I had cum about a dozen times and we had sold eight VacBeds.  But the really cool part was that I wasn’t tired at all.  It was the most relaxing and sexy day I had ever had, and like cool.  


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