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Vacation in Reno

by Kayla

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© Copyright 2004 - Kayla - Used by permission

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Jan 27, 2004


My experience with Ringgag is much different than the rest of the posts.  I was looking for a weekend in slavery following a week long conference for my business in Reno.  I started email discussions with Ringgag spelling out exactly what kinds of things I was looking for with him and if they really could be made to happen.  He said he could make it all a reality for me. 

I have been a fan of erotic literature with a bondage and latex theme for years.  I couldn’t wait to be a damsel put in distress by her own hands.  In my minds eye I was looking for a self bondage experience that was inescapable that would lead to all of my dreams in a very safe controlled way but totally out of my own control.  He said he knew just how to do what I needed and all I or we would need to do is get everything ordered in time.

After ringing up a pretty good bill on my Visa everything was on order would be delivered to my suite on Friday night at the Peppermill Casino.  Just 8 weeks earlier Ringgag made a list of essentials to order.  Many items required all kinds of exact measurements of my body in a whole host of positions.  With these Ringgag ordered everything and I secured the purchases.  99% of what was ordered was kept secret from me. 

My husband Mark will carry on from here.

Kayla is pretty much a prude.  Getting her to dress up for anything but work is out of the question.  She has a great body, great skin and hair and a winning smile.  We own zero lingerie.  Life is rather dull, we go to movies, take vacations, etc but live a pretty dull life.  Other than a little erotic reading to get off on her own and rather vanilla sex she is a typical professional woman running from meeting to meeting. 

More and more I have been sharing online videos and assorted kink.  My goal has been to expand our horizons.  The self bondage theme has really inspired her.  Although she had never tried it.  She stumbled upon ringgag2000 Yahoo profile and we discussed the idea of an erotic weekend for her to maybe loosen her up.  She rejected the idea and about a year later she asked, would you really set me up for an exotic vacation in bondage?  I said yes and she said she’d have to collect all her thoughts of what she’d like to try and go from there.  That took 2 months.  Before long ringgag and I were exchanging emails to make her private dream come true.

What Kayla didn’t know were the exact details of what she would be doing to herself, she did know she would be forced against her will to perform though.  Ringgag collected a ton of measurements of her body and began construction of some really incredible contraptions to allow her to trap and display herself. 

Kayla Carries on:

What a week, I met a ton of business contacts and in the back of my mind was my date with destiny Friday night.  Friday afternoon passed with great expectations.   I arrived at my suite at 5:15 pm.  There was a large dark wood box on wheels in the sitting room.  A number of other items were laid out purposefully on the couch next to it.  Wow, how exciting!  There was a note on top of the box, it said shower and come out and get dressed per the instructions that follow.

Out of the shower I emerged.  The detailed instructs said open box 1, inside was a pint squirt bottle of silicone.  The instructions read coat your legs liberally.  So I did.  Step 2, put on item in Box 2.  Inside was a lovely clear latex catsuit with built in feet and gloves.  It was obviously too small to fit it looked like it was for a child.  I had always dreamed of putting latex on.  It was so cool and tight.  I slid one leg in at a time at which point I noticed the convenient crotch and open breasts.  It was incredible watching it stretch and fit my shape.  It was so tight and so hard to move around my body and adjust just right.  There is nothing easy about getting into a latex suit for the inexperienced like I was.  Each finger took time to get in place.  A little more silicone and the catsuit was hugging my body.  This was going to be so much fun. 

Open box 3.  Inside was a small rubber butt plug and harness, it said put it in place and I did.  It was so good to feel so full.  I’d never explored the joys of my anus before that day. 

Open box 4.  It held a couple of ear plugs, two medium sized putty balls, a makeup kit, and a clear latex hood with eye, nose and mouth holes.  I grabbed the earplugs and pushed them all the way into the ear canal.  It was a very strange thing to do but seemed to be in role with the suit.  They seemed to work pretty well.  Then per the instructions pressed a medium putty marble and pushed it on top of the ear plug and filled the entire ear and pushed it all flat and then repeated the process on the other ear.  It was so much more effective than the earplugs alone.  The instructions said to put my hair in a pony tail and fish it though the hole in the back of the hood.  I tired and tried to get the tight latex hood on.  Finally, I lubed up my head and it slid on, was it ever tight.  I wasn’t real sure I could get it off without tearing it.  I smoothed out my ears to make it fit comfortably.  I looked in the mirror and it really softened my looks to that of a rubber doll.  I really liked my new looks.  It felt good to have my head rubberized and my sense of hearing taken away.  This was going to be a delicious evening.  The instructions read, do your eye and lip makeup wild.  In the makeup kit was a set of upper and lower false eyelashes bigger than any I had ever seen, lip liner, lip gloss and shimmer.  So I did my best.  The upper lashes were almost an inch long and had three times the lashes I have in real life once they were glued in place each blink of the eye was noticeable and just holding ones eyes open took on a noticeable weight.  The lower lashes made my eyes look huge.  I painted on a pearliest purple shadow and darkened and arched my brow.  I liberally painted outside the lines on my lips giving them a sex symbol type look. They has a definite two tone wet look with the lower lip filled in with shimmer.    

Open box 5, held a black latex garter belt with 8 suspenders.   It fit like a glove.  It was so fun dressing up in surprise fantasy wear.  I felt like a Barbie doll. 

Open box 6, carried a luscious pair of latex stockings.  I lubed up the catsuit and slid each stocking in place and clasped all 8 suspenders.  Rubber on rubber felt so good.  The second layer slid on so much easier than the first layer on bare skin.  It was a fun look black latex over clear latex.  About 20 minutes into this I was sweating pretty good so I knew I needed to slow down.  So I adjusted the air conditioning and decided to slow down a bit.  What a fun strange look I was creating. 

Open box 7.  It was a larger butt plug.  I carefully removed the small one and inserted the larger. It was obvious I was being enlarged one step at a time.  I loved the idea!  I was surprised how easily it went into place. 

Box 8, held a black latex leotard with open breasts.  A look was definitely coming into being.  I loved the feel and look of the black latex.  It slid easily over the catsuit.  I was getting warmer.  It sure made my breasts pop being surrounded in black.

Box 9, contained a severe latex corset with built in pushup bra.  It was incredibly made and made just for me.  It was steel boned with front and rear lacing.  The rear laces were center mounted and the front lacing went from the outside of each breast and cascaded down in an S pattern to each side of the crotch on both sides.  The extensive instructions said leave the front laces alone and tighten the rear completely.  It took 15 minute to get it on and tightened all the way down per the instructions.  Gosh does it make a lady look great.  I love how with each pull I whittled my waist to nothing.  The push up bra in conjunction with the upheaval of the corset made my C cups look significantly larger. 

Box 10, held a super sexy rear zip black latex hood with open eyes, nose and mouth.  It seemed a tad tighter and thicker than the hood it was going over but thank god it had a zipper.  I doubt I had the strength to pull on another.  With each layer of latex I added I was instructed in writing to gloss it up with the silicone and make it all shine. 

Box 11, a black latex neck corset with six suspenders hanging from it.  I laced it up and it sure highlighted my latex hooded head.  It was pretty thick rubber I could still look around but it had a way of keeping my head high and regal.  I was the vision of shiny wet look latex.  I noticed lacing up the neck corset that the waist corset on had dramatically limited my ability to move.  It certainly made me sit up straight and added a certain elegance in all of my movements. 

Box 12, held a pair of black, super long, shoulder length, sensuous, very tight, latex opera gloves.  They polished up so nice.  Oh they were glorious, they felt wonderful and like everything else felt and looked like a second skin and went all the way to my arm pit.  I finally realized what the suspenders and clasps hanging from my neck were for, they would hold up the gloves, Ringgag had thought of everything to make my dreams come true. What a great look suspenders for gloves.  Every move of my arms carried through to my neck.  I was interlinked with latex.

Box 13, carried a pair of side catch high cut black latex panty.  It had two slightly larger than life sized toys both shaped like a penis.  It said remove the plug and wear the panty.  Each of the hard silicone plugs were hollow.  I undid the crotch of the leotard and very carefully pushed both toys home, gosh it felt so good to be so full.  I had never had both holes filled at one time.  It was a dream feeling.  The butt plug allowed me to get the toy in, without it I doubt it would have been possible.  What a yummy feeling.  Every move I noticed my sex.  My waist surprisingly wasn’t aching.  It just felt like a wonderful hug.  It made me feel sexier than I ever had looking at my new carved shape in the mirror. 

Box 14, had a pair of little vacuum bulbs.  The instructions said put one rubber ring around the base of each of the glass bowls and attach each bulb to your breasts.  This was starting to get really fun.  My nipples were sucked inside the glass bowls.  They just hung and felt nice as a continued to get dressed.

Box 15, was the largest box of the bunch.  Inside were a pair of black crotch high lace up ballet boots.  I now knew what was the second largest purchase on my credit card.  I looked at these incredible boots and thought how in the world will I ever get them on with this corset squishing me.  I managed to get my toes in and started to pull.  The foot of the boots held my foot in the orgasm position.  How fun.  Lace by lace I managed to have over 4 feet of spare lace left as I tightened them up.  I was pretty proud of the fact I got them on with my corset in place. 

I knew once these were on I would not be able to walk and the instructions said make sure you can bend fully at the knee with them on so it took over a half hour to get them just right.  By this time I was ready for the taking.  All of a sudden it hit me, did I set the maid lock out lever on the door, I don’t want her coming in to fold down my bed.  So I stood up put my hand on the wall and took little bitty baby steps and 4 or 5 minutes later made it to the front door and yep I had locked it, I delayed on my return to the couch to look at my self in the full length mirror.  What a great form of bondage ballet boots are.  It stops all quick movements and reduces one to a forced crawl.  As I goofed off in the mirror I did figure out how to hold my balance.  The 11-inch heels and toe position really made me a tall chic.  In just over two hours I had managed to change my looks from business executive to rubber sex toy.  I loved the rubberized look in the mirror.

Box 16, packed a pair of locking stainless steel ankle shackles awaited me with a 12 inch steel hobble chain between them.  The chain was the size of what you’d find on a playground swing, very beefy.  Everything was the real deal, at least ¼ inch thick steel with really big master locks and no keys.  I somehow bent enough to get them in place around each ankle.  They looked and felt very permanent ad they were about 4 or 5 pounds each. 

The instructions went on to say tighten the side laces of my corset all the way.  It was surprising how easily the corset tightened further.  All the moving around I guess had allowed my innards to adjust to their confines.  But it still took a ton on tugging.  My body was sculpted in such a sexy way.  I just loved it. 

Box 17, held a pair of matching locking wrist cuffs.  Man they were so heavy and really limited ones use of there arms.  I loved the severe use.  These were not play toys. 

Box 18, next was a huge matching locking waist cuff.  It had to weight 20 pounds.  It fit perfectly around my corseted waist.  The permanence of my self bondage was weighing heavily on my mind.  All I knew I would go through Ringgag’s suggested self bondage steps and the rest would be a surprise.  It was really starting to get fun. 

Box 19, held instructions that read, slide the rubber rings onto your nipples and release the vacuum cups.  So I did just that, I rolled the rubber rings off the glass portion of the pumps and then released the vacuum and almost went through the roof.  It was a lovely pain and pleasure feeling.  Kinda takes your breath away.  The rings held my nipples out and kept the blood trapped.  Next, I looked into the box at some really mean looking nipple clips with bells suspended from them.  They were oversized alligator clip style.  Like so many things that evening I had never worn anything like them.  One by one I attached them and shook my breasts around to hear the sound of the bells.  The looked pretty but felt wicked.  I knew I wouldn’t appreciate them in time. 

Box 20, held what looked like a 2 inch rubber cover steel ring with a bunch of leather straps and a couple handles attached to it.  The instructions said put it in my mouth and strap it in place.  It took me three times to limber up enough to get it placed between my teeth as instructed.  I had to use my thumb and forefinger to spread my mouth to help seat it.  It spread my mouth open to the point I thought I might dislocate my jaw.  It had a number of black leather straps to hold it in place.  One buckled below the chin, a pair that connected above the bridge of the nose with a rivet then went over the top of the head and connected behind the head with the rest of the buckles.  On each side of the side straps were rubber handles like those used on a bicycle handle bars riveted in place.  They seemed to have a very evil intent with their placement on the harness sticking out to each side on top of my ears.  Dutifully I locked all the straps behind my head with the provided padlock.  For the first time I began to feel helpless, realizing I didn’t know how long I would have to wear all of this.  I would no longer be able to cry out for help.  Almost before I had the straps all secured my mouth was aching and drooling.  I was really beginning to live the part of one of the characters of the stories I had read.  I thought looking at my reflection in the mirror what a perfect sex toy I was becoming.  I had given up willingly my ability to flee.  To say no or even close my own mouth.  My holes were all distended and ready to be penetrated. 

Box 21, held instructions that said to become familiar with the bondage box and especially with the top and front panels and releases on the bondage box.  The box was made of really nice hand rubbed dark with tons of lacquer finish with brass trim to strengthen the edges.  It was made of three layers of wood.  It looked like 1” plywood covered by inner and outer finished furniture grade lumber.  It sat on large casters.  It was 36 inches high 24 inches wide and 30 inches deep.  Each panel had a spring release from the outside that could be locked shut with a key.  When a panel was slid in place it self locks by spring mechanism. 

The next part of the instructions said to remove the front slide out panel from the bondage box.  To do that, I had to remove one of the top boards from the top of the box.  The top boards slid into a channels as well.  The two pieces of 2 inch thick wood had a half a hole in the center of each that formed a complete hole together.  It was a padded leather 15 inch circle.  When I was removing the board it hit me, soon my head would be sticking though that hole.  I slid the top front piece of wood out.  That allowed the front panel to slide out.  Each piece was interlocking.  The inside of the box was heavily padded with about 3 inches foam and then upholstered in leather like vinyl.  Each of the removable panels was also padded and lined.  Several steel rings and clips were spaced around the interior.  An anal and vaginal invader on multi-adjustable mounts came out of the floor at the rear of the box.  Now I understood why the plugs in my panty were hollow for these invaders to fit inside them.  It looked like it had been designed for very long term storage of a captive.  Looked like I would soon be finding out.  I just marveled at its design and purpose. 

Box 22 held a ½ inch thick clear glass kind of a very tall cake display cover with a round glass lifting knob on top.  Also were two glass containers the size of half a 2 liter soda bottle looking things with rubber hoses leading off of them and something that looked like a clamp like pump thing.  The instructions said carefully put these on top of the bondage box on the rear most panel.  I was getting so wet thinking about all the possibilities.  I was getting so deep into all of this. 

Box 23 contained a couple padlocks and an allen wrench.  The instructions said to grab box 24 and 25 and place them within reach and to get inside the box on my knees.  Then to read and reread the remaining instructions over several times because many would be done without eyesight.  It was quite a task getting into the box.  It sat about 6 inches off the floor on the casters.  So I would have to crawl into in backwards.  So I first lifted the toe of one boot then the other and slowly slid and lifted my rubberized form up into the box.  It was quite a process to get all adjusted and situated. 

So, I read and re-read all the instructions, looked in the boxes at what was discussed and what was expected of me.  I went through a couple dry runs and placed everything just so to help me remember the steps.  I really tried to concentrate but it was difficult.  It was like I was processed my surroundings and the fetish wear.  My mind was wondering by the second from my nipples, to my plugs, to my heavily weighted ankles and wrists, to the aching of my jaw, to the sound of my own breathing due to the earplugs in my head.  I didn’t want to screw up the instructions.  It was a page and a half of details.  It was so hard to focus, to even read and comprehend. 

The instructions went on to say to sit back on my spread calves and wrap the waiting strap behind my knees and the very top of my calves to keep my legs secured to the floor of the box.  Then to lock my ankle cuffs to the matching rings in the floor of the box.  My ankles were spread wide enough for my bottom to almost rest on the floor of the box to the awaiting toys.  It seemed like it would be a very comfortable to hold the position for a long time with all the padding.  I was to then lower myself onto the toys jutting out of the bottom of the box.  Little by little with lots of trial and error I adjusted the ratchets and elbows with the allen wrench until they finally slid home inside the toys in my panities. To get the anal plug to seat I had to insert the vaginal plug in fully and sit back on my calves and then tighten the vaginal plug with the wrench just right then carefully move the anal plug little by little into place and lock it with the wrench.  Once they were both in and secure it was literally impossible to extricate myself from the box. 

Next, I was to attach the waiting strap over the top of my thighs right at the crease of where the bottom of my corset sat to pin me in the sitting position on my knees.  It was so incredible to think that I was becoming one with this box.  Then I was to couple both chains and locks on each side of my body to the corset cuff loops and lock them in place.  So I stretched out the chains and locked them with a padlock to the sides of the box.  There was very little play, just enough to be able to hook up the other side.  Everything had been measured in great detail.  So there I sit rather rigid from the breasts up with no hope of movement.  Only my head and arms were free.  One lock at a time my self bondage dream vacation was coming together. 

Next, I was to place the 2nd piece of the top of the bondage box inside the box with me. Then drop the front lift out board into the front of the bondage box closing off the way I crawled into the box.  I was able to do that without much problem but it really limited the amount of space I had available to work in and certainly enhanced the feeling of confinement of being boxed up as it were.  It was chilling to hear it lock itself in place when it was all the way down in the slot.  There was no getting it out from my side of the box.  The panels padding was right up to my knees talk about a good fit.  My shoulders rubbed against the sides of the box.  I was truly trilled and impressed Ringgag had gone to such lengths to customize everything for my enjoyment. 

I was to reach back over my head and grab one of the small glass jars at a time and place them over my breasts.  Then to attach the vise looking pump thing to the rubber hose and to pump until the gauge read 11.  Oh my gosh it sucked my entire breasts into the globe.  It felt so good and so bad at the same time.  I twisted the hose to release the pump and the vacuum stayed on my poor breast.  I couldn’t believe I was going to do it to the other breast but I did.  I released the pump and then dropped the pump outside the box.

Box 24 was one I had placed inside the box with me.  Inside was three tiny remote control boxes, a plastic jar, a little box for my contacts, two more ear plugs, two one inch cotton wads, two small balls of putty, another latex hood, a small hard rubber penis and a three medium sized padlocks. 

Step one was, to turn on the two red remote controls on and drop them outside the box. 
All of a sudden both of my plugs deep inside me came alive.  Wow, I was over the top I just took a moment to enjoy the sensation inside me.  And next thing I knew I had an incredible orgasm.  All I could focus on at this point was my throbbing nipples, jaw and holes.  I was zombi like looking for relief by just getting through my assignments.

Once I caught my breath and came back to my senses.  I grabbed both cotton wads reached through the mouth opening on my hoods and pushed them one at a time in each nostril.  With great enthusiasm I rammed the earplugs into each nostril and that just shoved the cotton up into my sinus cavities.  I then pushed the earplugs all the way in making room for the putty and then flattened a small putty marble over each plug sealing things up really tight and ending my sense of smell. 

I was then to take the second piece of the top of the bondage box and push it 3 inches into the channel.  I looked up and saw the clock radio on the dresser was reading 9:35.  Man the time had flown.  I was so focused, four hours had passed. 

I opened the lids of both sides of the contact case and removed one of my contacts.  I need them for driving at night and seeing things up close.  I then removed the other.  I placed a contact on my finger and placed it on my eye, what a shock!  It was opaque black, I was losing all my sight.  Man it was so cool he had thought of everything.  I added the next contact and realized that was that.  I dropped the contact case outside the box.  I quickly tired with even small tasks using my hands above my waist with all the weight on my wrists. 

I reached down into the box where I had placed the box to get the hood out.  The hood was a heavy skin colored latex pussy mask with a pussy lipped vertical versus horizontal mouth opening.  No eye holes just an open mouth that looks like a pussy with a clit over the nose and everything oversized but life like looking with inner and outer vagina lips.  The outer lips had four ¾ inch pussy piercing rings.  Well, once I had this in place I would not be able to see a thing.  I slid it on, knowing the unknown part of my ordeal was just about to begin and then laced it up real tight.  I felt nice and warm in all these layers of rubber.  The outer hood felt great, I could only imagine what I looked like.  It occurred to me while lacing that my widely spread ring gagged mouth would make an inviting target my head had become. 

The next step was to reach down and grab the jar of Vasaline.  I was to heavily lubricate the roof and sides of my mouth, the top and bottom of my tongue and the front, tops and backs of all of my teeth.  It was so yucky.  I couldn’t see so I just dipped my gloved fingers in and slopped it on a lot heavier than I should have.  Then I was to “over” lubricate the dildo.  I did just that.  I then inserted 4 inch life like dildo and pushed it into my mouth like instructed.  I then grabbed the remote control and turned the remote control vibrator on and dropped it outside the box.  I then drop the jar outside the box.  There was a sensation I had never experience before, my mouth being tenderized.  It really felt erotic having a hard rubber penis up against the back of my throat.  I loved feeling the head of the penis slide over my tongue.  It felt so strange to have lined every part of the inside of my mouth with the Vasaline.  It seemed so industrial and vulnerable that way.  What is more I no longer had any sense of taste. 

I felt around the box for the padlocks and one by one slid the lock through the rings in my hoods pussy lips and secured them together pinning the vibrator in place.  I had no idea when I’d be relieved of my oral stimulation.  Next, I threw box 24 out of the bondage box. 

Box 25 was sitting by my left knee and held a massive rubber padded steel posture collar that matched the look of the rest of the cuffs I was wearing.  It had three rear padlocks to keep it in place.  I carefully spread the hinge and placed it around m neck.  It was as if I couldn’t bend my head back far enough.  I was a sweating mess at this time, with my jaw spread wide open and I had the dickens getting the collar to fit. I had to wipe some of the residual Vasaline off my fingers on to my corset.  I tied and tried and had to take a break and just when I was sure there was no way this thing is going on I bent my head back as far as I could and CLICK I was pinned!  Man was I pinned!  It had never occurred to me what it would be like if it actually latched.  Any movement from my head and neck was finished.  The rubber around the top and bottom acted as a wonderful head support and cushion.  One by one I locked all three of the large master locks in place.  It was really challenging being held like that.  I panicked and it took a lot of will to calm down. 

Per the instructions I was with great difficulty able to slide the 2nd piece of the top of the bondage box closed just enough to reach back and place the glass globe over my head.  So I inched it closed a little at a time and reached back and balanced the glove over the two top pieces of the bondage box and over my head.  I was about to put myself on display for someone.  Once it was all in place just right I grabbed the inside handle on the top lid of the box and inched it closed.  I moved my torso left and right and up and down to get the bottom of the posture collar to seat with the two parts of the bondage box lid.  Finally, I rose up stretching as far as I could when the collar dropped in place and I inched the lid enough to hold the position.  As I pulled it shut I felt the padding on the lid slide across my shoulders.  I then heard a very satisfying pair of loud CLICKS.  I gave the handle a few tugs to test and see if it was as locked as it sounded and there was no movement at all.  What a rush that was.  No getting out now.  I then realized how far I had stretched out to close the lid, it was if I was being suspended b my neck.  It was comfortable but really stretched out.  Whatever torso movement I had had was long gone now. 

I had just a few steps to go.  I had to slide each arm through some metal loops mounted on the insides of the box.  That was easier said than done.  Finally, I got both hands and cuffs through the loop that ended up right at the fold in my arm.  I then had to hook the hanging chain and cuff from my waist shackle to each arm above the elbow.  The sound and feel of closing the handcuff felt so final.  A small shelf was mounted on each side of the box for my wrists with a carabineer attached to a vertical bracket in such a way that the ring on my wrist cuffs could be pressed home and locked to the carabineer.  It took several attempts but I had locked each wrist to the shelf on each side of the box. 

Once my wrists were locked down, I realized I had finished all my instructions.  It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks, nothing to keep my hands and mind focused on.  All I could do it let my mind wander and contemplate my situation.  I just tried to imagine what I had gotten myself into.  My breasts were aching, my pussy and ass were vibrating like crazy and I was on the verge of another orgasm.  I had so little movement of any part of my body.  My mouth was numb from the vibrator inside.  I felt like a rubber doll on display and there was no resisting anything at this point.  I jiggled as much as I could to see if I could hear the bells.  I was unable to hear them.  All the padding, the thick wood box, the tight neck seal and the thick glass globe over my head made it impossible.  I then grunted as much as I could and realized the gag and dildo in my mouth wouldn’t allow me to make much sound.  I also realized the purpose of the thick glass globe was to silence me.  To make sure I didn’t alert the adjoining rooms to my plight.  It was as if I wasn’t there.  If the maid knocked to roll down the sheets they couldn’t possible hear me. I wished so much I could have had pictures of what I had put myself through.

As I tested my bonds I was just that much more impressed at what Ringgag had engineered.  The steel reinforced box alone without any of the other bondage items was super secure, there would be no way to kick your way out or flip it over.  I couldn’t make enough motion to move the box at all.  I just sat there and pondered my plight.  I had become part of a lovely purpose built piece of furniture.  My head held rigidly under glass for someone’s eventual enjoyment.  I was just an object to be enjoyed.  To be a party favor or a topic of conversation or something like that.  I had no clue.

I was hopelessly held captive in a box with my pussy covered head on display on a nice piece of finished furniture under glass.  A couple hours in the box and my weekend dream would more than have been exceeded.  But what was next?  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I had thrown the maid lock, someone else with an electronic key could not enter.  And silly me, had also thrown the metal flip lock.  The door was all steel in a steel frame.  There was no way anyone was going to get through that door without destroying it.  I was screwed!

Mark takes over.

Kayla flew out to her conference on Sunday afternoon, leaving me behind.  Ringgag wanted me to fly in on Friday to Reno.  Kayla had no idea I would be there.  I was there to witness the events of that weekend without my wife’s knowledge.  I really couldn’t wait to see it all go down.  My wife’s having an out of body experience would be great fun.  Ringgag had access to the hotel suite.  He placed everything Kayla would need in the room.  Friday afternoon he let me into the room.  I was locked behind a room to room access door and using 3 closed circuit camera I could watch and hear the events inside on the rooms TV. 

Kayla arrived in her typical business skirt and suit from the convention just down the street at the convention center.  She walks into view of the first camera and just lets out a huge smile.  She looks around at everything laid out for her enjoyment.  She picks up the typed instructions and sits on the couch and reads the words.  Like a little girl she hurriedly gets undressed and runs off to shower.

Out she comes reads the instruction sheet for the first box and opens the box and starts coating her body with latex silicone.  I could tell looking at her erect nipples she was very excited.  My wife was about to do everything I always wish I would be lucky enough to ever see a woman do.  It was so neat to see her open each box.  The sense of amazement of opening a box with a custom made latex outfit was pretty moving for both of us.  I just loved watching my wife of 10 years getting off on things she had only read about or seen in a movie.  Her whole body was glowing with its latex covering.  I was so proud she was mine.  The next box she opened contained a butt plug.  It was so neat to see her examine it and lube it up and then through trial and error eventually stick it into her virgin hole.  To watch her look back at her bum and examine the finished filled product in the mirror.  She had never explored anything like this before.  She was really having fun and I had an erection immediately.  This was going to be as much fun for me as it was for her. 

She opened the box containing the earplugs and hood with such abandon.  Like that of a child on Christmas morning.  She carefully examined each item and then used it.  She stuffed each ear and then filled them like she had done it her whole life.  No apparent regard for how she would remove what she was doing to herself.  She struggled to get the hood over her head but was such a quick learner she quickly coated her head and hair with silicone.  And once again stood back and examined her new looks in the mirror the way only a woman can.  Up close, at angles, front, back, whatever just to take it all in and make it last as a memory.  It was wild watching her paint fuck me lips on her face.  Then come out with those huge fluttering lashes and shimmery shadow.  Things she had never done for me at home.  She looked fantastic with those lips and the incredibly sexy lashes.  Wow!  They really setoff the latex hood she was wearing, very much a rubber doll toy look overcame her.  She looked surreal in the hood with just painted eyes and lips appearing through the rubber.  She had total body doll like sheen. 

She sat down and put on her garter belt, stockings and rubber body stocking thing.  It was just lovely watching her as a my own private showing unknowing lingerie model.  I could tell she appreciated all the careful measuring and ordering because every item looked like it was built just for her.  She was on a voyage, she didn’t know where she was going but made the most of every minute.  I had my doubts that once all of this was setup she might not carry through.   Maybe it was because she was alone she had the nerve to follow through on it all.  To see her standing in a motel room in garter and hose a thousand miles from home made me wonder just what would she willingly do when she was away from me on business. 

To watch her remove her plug and replace it with a much larger and longer one was really erotic for me.  I had seen her rub herself but as best as I know she doesn’t own any toys.  So all of this was a first for her and for me to see her do.  She was just like all the internet bondage and fetish models.  She was less my wife and becoming more of a sexy plaything.

When she opened the corset she openly blushed.  It was definitely a dream realized.  She admired the workmanship of the garment.  She actually hugged it and took deep breaths of the rubber to take it all in.  She sat down and admired every detail, every stitch, bent it, tested it and then put it on like it was a dream.  She smiled ear to ear and it took her forever to lace it and then admire the image in the mirror then lace it some more and repeat the process.  She looked fabulous in it.   Her breasts jutted out off her chest and seemed so much larger than what my wife owned.  She was the vision of a rubber goddess.

To see her place the second hood over her head and admire her new look in all black was a lot of fun for me.  She seemed to change into another creature from the amber colored latex to the all black rubber doll.  The gloves and collar all seemed so right for her.  She was noticeably enjoying the change in her looks too!

She was so purposeful opened the box with the panty with the huge penis shaped plugs.  She seemed to enjoy the challenge of removing her plug and replacing and stuffing both holes with the life sized penis.  She took her sweet time and really enjoyed the experience.  Once again jumping to her feet to enjoy the view of her well plugged holes and to insure she still had a flat panty line. 

She couldn’t wait to get the nipple pumps in place and then later to add the nipple clips and breast vacuum cups too.  She was in hog heaven.  I was stunned how in private she willingly did things she’d never do together.  There is no way I could have introduced all of this to her but a vacation specifically for an erotic dream was ideal for us.

I absolutely died when I saw her pull the boots out of the box.  I’d never seen anything like then and she had to struggle to get them on but it was a great ride watching her lace them up and try them out.  They just scream get me.  She looked so helpless and doable.  She was a vision of the perfect sex doll with then on.  The really set off the corset and the look of total helpless rubber suits her well.

I felt that I went through many of the same emotions she went through.  Box by box I too was surprised as she was.  To watch her lock her own body up with padlocks and not knowing where the keys were.  She just put the shackles in place knowing she was helpless to remove any of them.  Everything was so extreme.  They certainly were not bondage toys.  They were real shackles, major locks, 2000 pound chain, all to keep one a total prisoner for a very long time.  For all intents and purposes, inescapable.  There was no running away with those boots on and all those locks and chains.  The steel waist shackle was perfectly sized for her corseted waist.  It just barely fit.  It seemed so permanent.  Forcing her form nice and small and what a great anchor for all the chains and locks.  It was as if she was undergoing a mental transformation, hypnotized or something.  She just read the instructions and followed every aspect what was written.  My wife was just following orders to the T. 

I had no idea what I would see that day and I am so glad I was allowed by Ringgag to live it with her as she lived.  To see her objectification was great fun.  I loved it when she attached the clamps to her nipples and they had little bells attached to them.  It was so totally out of character for her.  Through out the evening the bells rang as she moved.  I doubt she noticed them.  No greater example of her total loss of control or her totally giving up on her freedom than when he picked up the ring gag trainer and desperately tried to force the huge ring in place.  She eventually got it in place but it took both hands spreading her mouth open to get it in.  She tightened the straps over her double rubber covered head as tight as she could tighten them.  As if she had to make them uncomfortable.  She looked so vulnerable.  We had never experimented with bondage.  She’d never worn a gag.  But she certainly had the ultimate gag in place now. 

To see my so professionally shackled wife closely examining the bondage box with great thrill on her face was pretty cool.  She operated all the panels spun it around on the wheels, tried it all.  She realized she was going to be placing herself in there soon.  She would stop and massage her jaw, pussy and ass from time to time and would stare at her clipped nipples in pain.  But she pressed on.  She was fascinated by the glass that was going to have to go over her head.  She had put two and two together at that point and knew exactly what was about to happen.

The best part of the night watching her is when she climbs into the box and places everything just so because she knows there is no getting out.  She spent forever reading the instructions and touching everything and trying it before she lost her sight.  To see her on her hands and knees fully rubberized with those big boots backing into her box was a pretty awesome sight.  Knowing full well she might stay in there a while.  One by one she locked her ankles in place.  Then strapped her legs and knees down.  Lowered herself onto the sex toys and what seemed to be totally impossible task from my vantage point but she managed to impale herself onto them after tons of adjustments.  The chains to her waist seemed to be the last chance to get free but once locked together she knew it was over.  No escape possible.  It was so cute to see one item after another thrown from the box, her remote controls, wrenches, boxes etc, used up finished.  When she fired up the vibrators she really changed in demeanor.   She was instantly hot and bothered.  I love watching it.  Once in she was the image of total vulnerability.  I wanted so much to fuck her rubber-covered head.  To try out those BMX grips.  It was so strange, she was no longer my wife but some exotic fetish creation that was just there to please.  No personality, just something to play with.  Something designed to capture a man’s eye and his lust, to victimize her.

Everything was laid out so well, watching her put the panels back on the box just seemed to be inching her step by step to a point of no possible return and totally giving herself away.  I had no idea what the deal was with the contacts but I found out later they took away her vision.  There was something very medical about watching her occlude her nasal openings with cotton, plugs and then the clay.  It made her totally dependant on breathing from her mouth.

I was so turned on by this time seeing all of this stuff she was doing to herself.  I realized what a strong woman she really was.  The addition of the pussy mask over her rubberized ring gagged head was pretty intense.  It left no doubt what the purpose of her mouth would become.  The scene of her putting 2/3 of a jar of Vaseline into her mouth was incredible.  She lubed up and left such a thick coating it was as if her life depended on it.  She just gooped up the dildo she stuck in her mouth.  I guess she figured if she was going to be an oral toy she’d be well lubed.  She was just a total slave to what was written, she would have done anything.  Then to see and hear the vibrator in her mouth come to life.  Dang.  What a mind Ringgag has to think of all of this stuff. 

The last few minutes of her self-bondage required so much care.  The placing of that incredible bondage collar and locking it in place was way over the top.  She struggled to make it fit.  I doubt if someone had grabbed her by the hair they could have gotten her head to go back any further.  The sizing was all that she could have possibly done.  And the look of a head that is no longer able to turn or flex is really an incredible sight especially when it is held in place with heavy steel.  To watch her rubber covered hands reach up and place the view glass over her head and then close the last section of the box was the absolute coolest thing I had ever seen.  She had become a furniture sex toy.  I never saw the slightest movement of her head inside the glass cylinder

I just sat there and watched for an hour and a half.  One thing that was very obvious, when she closed that final panel on the box you could no longer hear the vibrators.  The view glass stopped all audible sounds.  She was perfectly imprisoned.  In time the glass over her head fogged up.

Kayla continues

It seemed that as I sat there in the box for who knows how long.  Hours I guess.  I was perfectly comfortable but a bit hot.  Then out of the blue the box began rolling.  I  felt a flush run through my body.  Then all three of the vibrators changed to a more violent rhythm and I just released like I had never done before.  My whole body hurt but it was so good.  I was not able to meet my body’s desires to move in the wave of passion due to my bondage.  I felt the glass globe being removed from my head and someone was taking the locks off the hood and I knew I was going to get it. 

Heck, I don’t even suck my husband’s cock but there would be no stopping this one.  A couple fingers explored my mouth and I thought maybe he would let me be.  But wham, I could feel a penis in a condom inside my hopelessly spread mouth, it was so warm.  He seemed to play with me and then it was all the way down my throat and I gasped for air.  He grabbed the handles on my head and just reamed me out like some kind of a toy not caring about me at all just his release.  As soon as it began it stopped and another penis enter my mouth without a condom and it was much hotter and in just seconds it was pumping into my mouth.  I felt so dirty, so violated.  The very second when the penis pulled out my tongue was yanked from my mouth and bound somehow painfully so I couldn’t get it back in my mouth.  And I was just left with the taste of a man’s semen in my mouth.. 

Sometime later my tongue was released and immediately a large rubber ball was placed into my mouth.  In just minutes, I was being forced fed some yucky mixture of something and made to drink apple juice.  I just sat there and felt myself getting full.  My collar was removed and it felt so very good and I tried to relax stuck there in the box. 

The next thing I knew, I woke up in bed.  Was I ever sore.  Every part of my body ached.  I quickly looked up and the room was empty.  It was late afternoon.  How long had I been out of bondage?  I was beautifully dressed in the latest Victoria’s Secret bedroom wear.  Pink lace top stockings, a pink satin pushup bra and matching g-string and nothing else.  I couldn’t recall changing clothes.  I could taste semen on my lips.  No one was in the room.  All the bondage and rubber gear was gone.  Someone had cleaned me up and put me to bed I guess.  It was so strange.  I noticed my nails were a good 1 ¼ inches long and painted pink to match my hose.  Had last night really happened.  I never met who had done all this to me.  I was so fulfilled in a curious way.  My crotch still felt very full.

When I got up and looked around I noticed all my things were gone, except a pair of very sexy tall pink high heels.  A small pink carry on bag with my makeup and contacts in it.  A skin-tight high hemmed, low cut, pink, long sleeved, stretch lycra dress.  My purse was gone but my airline ticket and drivers license was on the counter.  When I looked in a mirror my once dark red hair was now bleached blonde.  Someone had plucked my brow in a much higher arch and much thinner than I had ever worn it.  I looked so different.  As I took off my bra to get ready to make my plane a pair of gold hoops were right through my nipples.  Another was through my clitty.  I would go home a bit different to Mark than I had left and there would be no hiding any of these changes. 

And that is what I wore home to Mark.  It was so embarrassing to walk through the casino lobby dressed like a blonde whore but obviously it was supposed to be part of my weekend adventure.  It took even more nerve to get off the plane back home where I was afraid people I lived and worked with would see me.  But I did. 

Mark continues:

Ringgag had me let him into the room at 10:45 or so.  She had no clue I was in the room.  She was too well deafened.  We spun the box and that had to be the first time she realized someone was in the room.  Ringgag asked permission to enter her ring gagged mouth wearing a condom and I would follow him.  The idea was to give the impression of two men in the room having there way with her. 

He grabbed her remote controls from the floor and put all three on full vibrate.  The vibration coming from her mouth seemed to be an indicator to her she was going to get it.  He removed the fogged over glass from her head.  You could tell she could feel the change in temperature.  But she was impossibly bound and could not move an inch.  He reached down and unlocked the padlocks on her pussy mask.  And slid out the well greased dildo.  With a rubber examination glove on his hand he examined her grease lined mouth through the pussy lips of the mask, it looked surreal.  I can’t imagine what was going through her mind. 

And then she got it, he slid his rubber covered cock in her pussy crack mouth very slowly and took it in and out slowly.  He played with her.  Then he just eased it all the way in.  She was gasping for air.  I now knew why he had sealed her nose.  Each penetration stopped her from breathing.  She was just an oral sex toy and he let her have it.  He grabbed both BMX handles on the gag harness and just drove it home for a good 15 minutes.  She was unable to resist.

He looked over and me and signaled me over and told me on three he would withdraw and I was to immediately plug her with my cock.  The switch was perfect.  She must have flipped mentally.  I didn’t last very long and I knew she tasted my pre-cum the second I entered.  I pumped my entire load down her throat and then made her clean me up with her tongue.

When I withdrew, Ringgag instantly grasped her tongue with a gauze 4 x 4 and pulled her tongue out and attached two wood chop sticks held together with rubber bands so she could not pull her tongue back in her mouth.  We spun the box and rolled into the bedroom and ordered room service.  It was so cool just to watch her form in the box.

He left her that way for an hour and 15 minutes.  Then he removed her posture collar.  Added a special, pretty good sized ball gag with feeding tube and force fed her baby food and apple juice using a vacuum pump system and a tube down her throat.  He crushed up a few of her sleeping pills and fed them to her as well.  Then he left me to sleep with her in the room and we left her as she was bound to sleep in the box overnight next to me.  When he was sure she had passed out, we removed her from the box.  Undressed her and gave her a bath with a washcloth.  Washed her hair over the sink and then he bleached it platinum blonde, boy did that change her looks.  He plucked her eyebrows to almost nothing and then attached super long pink nail extensions to each finger nail.  We dressed her in some very sexy lingerie and a nighty and put her to bed.  She never awoke during the entire process.  Ringgag moved all the bondage stuff and almost all of her processions out of the room.  His final act was to get a specimen from me so he could coat her lips in my cum.  He’d coat her lips let them dry then do it again.

When she finally started to stir at 4 the next afternoon I went back to the other room and watched her get up.  She seemed a bit stunned.  She looked everywhere in the room for the bondage equipment.  I saw her lick her lips and then run into the bathroom to scrub them clean, confirming something had in fact happened the night before.  Ringgag took me to the airport and I flew out.

She called me at home and said she was coming home on time.  I asked her how it all went and she said, “oh I had a great but strange time.”  I said did you get your moneys worth and she said, “oh yes!”  But she refused to say anything else about the vacation other than will chat when I get home I gotta leave. 

Kayla finishes:

It was so strange thinking of what to say to Mark all the way home on the plane dressed like a slut.  What should I say about my weekend adventure?  He is going to want a report.  Boy you should have seen Mark’s eyes when he saw me.  He looked me over top to bottom and had me spin.  I felt like a piece of meat on display.  We kissed at the airport, he told me I looked really nice and he was so proud of me.  That he never thought I’d have the guts to dress like that.  The short ride home I tried to tell him all about my weekend.  We walked into the front room and I was absolutely in shock to see the bondage box sitting in the front room.  I looked at him and asked, was it you and he said it sure was.  I can’t imagine anything better for my first adventure into the world of fetish and bondage. 

Thanks you, I think this year I want to explore Mark’s femininity with you,

Mark and Kayla


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