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Unwilling Victim

by M88

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© Copyright 2018 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; captive; bond; latex; bodysuit; straitjacket; canvas; legbender; cage; hoods; chastity; urinal-hood; machine; controlled; denial; torment; femdom; slave; cons/nc; XX


The scream was filled with panic and fear as the subject started to woke up. Another lung burning scream followed the first and the nightmare he was in become more clear. Jess was watching the action unfold in real time on her smart phone and could listen in as well. She needed to wear headphones, otherwise everyone on the train would hear her new play thing. She started thinking back to when she had met him.

Only four days ago at a small music hall in the city of Oxford. She was a sole singer in the world of rock and metal. Her eyes cut away from the screen on her phone and rolled down her own body. She was wearing tight fitting black clothes with metal jewel covering her body. It was a winning look and she would turn heads in the street. She normal wear a black leather corset, knee high boots with a huge heel. She loved fishnet stocking and matched them with suspenders. She was happy to show off her boobs and ass.

She always thought her face looked cute even with the lip, nose and ear piercing and a large wolf tattoo on her neck. Her hair was always styled and was a mix of black and red as it reached passed her neck. Sometimes covering her tattoo. She knew she was looking on point as the train continued to run though the endless field.

She had spent the night playing live in London and was heading home. She had been checking her phone continuously since she had closed the lock to her slave’s new home. He had been put under a heavy course of drugs over the last three days, and she wanted to see him come round. She was trying to work out how long he had been asleep for. She had kept him out cold from the moment she said about becoming her slave and had hooked him up to an IV drip with a numbing and sleeping agent mix in.

She had then got him setup and looking the part. She had stopping the IV drip at the last moment, before she needed to complete his bondage outfit. That was over 16 hours ago. God the sleeping stuff worked well. Her eyes had become glued to the screen as he struggled against his restraints. She was starting to get a bit wet as she watched it. Then just like that, she was at her stop.

It was only a short walk from the station to her house, made even easier by the fact she was listen to his struggle the whole way home. She had her headphones set to full volume and the sound was amazing. She soon got to her house and stood outside it for a few seconds. She wanted to see if all the soundproofing worked or could you hear his cries. Nothing, good. She then went inside and headed straight for the basement. The stairs made a soft creeping sound as she descended them. She had placed a heavy metal door at the base of the stairs with two key holes.

She had a built in system so as she used the first key to unlock half the security of the door. It turned on the lighting system and the air-con. As she unlocked the second lock, the systems acted on her slave. The first got a couple of sex toys breezing away on his caged cock and plugged ass. Then he got dragged by his collar to the right position, for when she entered the room.

She slowly opened the door, letting his moans escape the room. Which only heightened her kinky expectations. She was slowly revealing her prize as the door inched wider.

She had almost forgotten just how amazing he looked and how helpless she had made him. With a soundtrack of moans and vibrations she shut the door. The room stunk of latex and sweat as she moved closer to him. He looked just perfect as she circled around the rectangular shaped cage. She had been somewhat kind in the size of the cage. He could lay out or sit down inside its walls. The cage walls were made up of thick wire mesh. Through which she could see everything.

She had wrapped him in an extremely tight latex bodysuit that covered everything apart of his head. Even his toes had been individually enclosed. His penis had been trapped in a latex shaft that was too small for his cock. The zips to get in and out of the suit had been placed across the shoulders and padlocked shut. A reinforced hole had been lined up with his ass.

Over the thick latex suit was a heavy duty canvas straightjacket with reinforcing straps over the upper arms and shoulders. The straightjacket was zipped up at the back and then had 8 straps at the back. All pulled tightly closed. Two straps when between his legs to stop him from lifting it over himself. He arms had been pinned to his chest and also crossed. So they had almost no movement in them.

Plus under the canvas straightjacket he was wearing a special type of latex mittens. The long latex mittens covered his hands and wrists in inflatable latex. But they also continued after the fingers, until the mittens become a point. Plus it reached down his arm to near his elbow. This was done to make the mitten fit perfectly inside the arms of the straightjacket. The mittens become narrower that the ends.

She had also forced his legs into a leg-bender made from the same white canvas as the straightjacket. The leg-bender enclosed everything from his toes to his stomach. A network of straps wrapped around his legs to hold them together. The leg-bender was joined to the straightjacket thanks to a couple of straps at the sides and also linked up to the straps between the legs.

The leg-bender had two holes one for his ass and the hole in his latex suit. The other was for his cock and its plastic chastity belt. The small prison stopped him for getting hard, or everywhere near hard. A thick, heavy and tight metal belt had been placed around his stomach. This was an added layer of restraint. Both his straightjacket and leg-bender had canvas d-rings which the belt passed through. Plus a metal rod linked his cock cage to the belt as well.

He had no way of getting out of anything he was wearing. The buckles down the back of the straightjacket and leg-bender had been padlocked shut. Everything was pulled very highly against the skin and that of his second skin as well.

“mmmmmppppppphhhhyyyyy” “mmmmmppphhhyyyyy” He let out a horror filled scream as she entered his field of view. Not that she was dressed in a horrifying way and was if anything happy to see him. She got a good look at his head and face. She loved the canvas bondage equipment she had used on his body. She smiled at the thought of his cock cage. She find the fact his asshole was still showing to be princely humiliating.

She had worked on a very controlling bondage setup for his head. She had made a halo like device. But it had a built in collar which covered his neck in a very tight grip. The halo device was made from metal and rubber. Under that was a urinal hood with a funnel added to the front of it. The funnel was like half a cup built over his mouth. The urinal hood was fully enclosing his head a neck. It had eyes holes and air holes. His ears had been covered with soundproof pads.

Under the urinal hood was a simple black latex hood. The halo kept his head in the same position at all times. Four metal poles linked the collar to a ring, which was built into the urinal hood. With reinforced rubber covering every part of the joins. This was helped by a leather head harness that connected all the contact points and doubled the pressure and force they could take.

A metal ring gag in his mouth, stopped him from closing it. Both hoods had been made with thick, strong and well made rubber and had been made to fit him perfectly. Built into the front of the collar was a metal rod that had moved him into position when she entered the room. This metal rod was one of a three that linked his collar to a pulley system on the celling. The rod’s had been joined together like a person’s knee. This stopped him from wrapped the lead around his neck and stopped him from turning round. He was made to face and lay the same way at all times.

But when she unlocked the second keyhole the pulley system lifted the rods skyward and his head was forced into a feeding and/or submissive position. This device was only fitted to one end of the cage and was made of thick plastic. It was like a bubble with a large gap in the centre of it. The halo and urinal hood on only just about fit inside the bubble. This was the feeding point, but it also put him in a horrible position.

She hoped he would fold his legs underneath themselves so he was in a degrading position. But it was somewhat supported and comfortable. How even if he was too slow his legs could end up in all manner of odd angles. She had zoned out the buzzing sound coming from his sex areas.

He was completely helpless in front of her. Setup just as she had imagined it. The extremely tight bondage equipment clasping his limbs together. The collar and halo making his head and neck ridged and unmovable. The urinal hood for its humiliation and making it possible for him to stay lock in this cage for some time.

The cage itself was made from wire mesh with a soft rubber floor. The plastic bubble at one end. Plus a drain in the centre of the floor to get rid of waste.

There were three metal rods linking his collar to the pulley system in the ceiling. The first one was very long and the joining point was just above a holding device she had built. Outside the cage and in line with the plastic bubble was a metal pole. The rods passed through a ring on the top of it. A hydraulic clamp would close around the rod when the pulley system had finished pulling him into place.

“mmmmmmyyyyppphhhhh” “hhheeeellllllpppppp mmmmmeeeeee” With his jaw numb and sore making any sound was painful. She ran her hand down the metal rods, as she followed it to his mouth. She was bending over him and then spat into the urinal hood. She could swear she saw his cock twitch as the spit entered his mouth. She got out her phone and pressed a couple of bottoms.

A soft sound filled the room as the pulley system and hydraulic clamp got reset. The second he felt the pull on his collar eased off. He was trying to get away from the plastic bubble and into the safety of his cage. She watched as he wiggled away from her. The latex suit and canvas outfit made a lovely sound as he slid onto the floor of his cage. She could see him shaking in his bondage. She had given him a little tease of what his life could become.

2 months later.

After keeping him under complete control for 60+ days. She had spotted something about him. He had become willing. He no longer moaned or screamed at his daily meal of cheap dog food mixed with her toilet waste. He just let her pour it down the entrance to his urinal hood. The front of the urinal hood had become disgusting in the short amount of time he had been in it. None of the straps keeping him inside the confines of his straightjacket or leg-bender had loosened. His neck felt almost locked in place now as the collar and halo offered no movement at all. The latex covering his head and body had become sweaty and itchy. With the sweat leaking through the shoulder zips and over the straightjacket.

The floor of his cage was horridness with the drain in the centre only getting rid of about half of what it should. She had been thinking about getting a pressure hose and cleaning him out. But she loved the degrading humiliation of him being a filthy pig.

She had also spotted he had orgasmed for the first time that night. Which was odd as she had not let him out of his cock cage. A small vibrating cock ring and the rubber rim in his ass were the only simulation he got. Which would leave him horny and desperate for sexual release. But she never thought he would cream in his cage. Maybe he was starting to enjoy his time in the cage. She stared into his broken eyes as she showed him the next meal he would be eating. He was positioned perfectly with folded knees and a straight frame. All the time in the cage he had learn something.

She also notices that the vent the metal rods went through to enter the cage was showing signs of wear and tear.

The metal rods stopped him from moving too far down inside in cage and kept his head pointing one way. Maybe it was too much. As he had been trapped like a dog for 2 months and was limited for space and movement. On the other hand fuck him. He was nothing to her. Just a play thing. She wanted his brain to rot and his body to fade. Until he was the slave ass licking slave with nothing to fight for. God just the idea of what he would become was getting her wet. It may take another month or six. But he would break and not be able to be put back together.


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