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Unwanted Bondage

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; machine; program; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; cuffs; encase; sen-dep; toys; climax; cons; X

Jess was unbelievable looking forward to her Halloween self bondage session. She was a beautiful girl, with neck long black hair and brown eyes. She had an hourglass figure with perfect breasts and a stunning ass. She had shaved all her body hair off, leaving her beautiful white skin soft and smooth. Jess lived in a huge three bedroom house on the edge of town. It was about 10 minutes away from her work and University. Jess worked in IT, she made computer programs. She also went to University to study electric systems and mechanic hydraulics. This background was prefect for self bondage in Jess's mind. Jess had spent both time and money planning and building her self bondage nightmare.

She loved self bondage and had played with herself a number of times. But the bondage she did was always on the light side of things. But this time she was going all out. She had been researching bondage, self bondage, latex, hoods, gags and lots of other fetish stuff. She had spent some serious money on what she picked. She had searched the web for the most extreme latex catsuit, gag and hood. She had found all three on the same Russian website; she had them made to order. The bondage equipment was not the only thing Jess needed to buy. She then spends lots of money on a bondage frame and plastic mould. Jess had also got a new laptop, which she would use to control her bondage session. Oddly she had ordered all the bondage equipment and laptop from Russia as well.

Jess woke up on the 31.10.13 at 10:30am. The day before had been mad, all the equipment she had ordered had arrived. She had emptied the biggest of her three rooms and filled it with all the stuff she needed for tonight's session. She had set up most of the stuff the day before. Her self bondage session was completely ready, it just needed her.

Jess started getting ready; she planned to start her bondage session at 3pm. First she had a large English breakfast and a cup of tea. Following that she went upstairs to have a long bath. After two hours of relaxation and cleaning she was ready. She quickly got dry and then did her hair and make-up. She looked amazing as she walked around the house naked. She was double checking she had locked all the doors and windows before starting her bondage session. She quickly headed back upstairs reaching the door to her bondage room. She stop for a second took a deep breath and opened the wooden door.

Waiting for her inside the room was her self bondage nightmare. The first thing to hit Jess was the smell of latex and rubber. Her new black latex catsuit was hanging up right in front of her. It was made from thick latex and had hands and feet built-in plus the catsuit was amazingly shiny. Jess picked it up and started working her legs into the suit. After 10 minutes of hard work she had zipping up the latex catsuit. Good god it was tight, it pressed down against her soft skin. She had placed a mirror on the back of the wooden door just for this moment. She looked a million dollars. So did her bondage set-up, she would have four cameras focused on her. One was right in front of her, one was above her, one on her left hand side and the last camera was on her right. Placed on a wooden table against the back wall was the laptop. It would be used to control Jess's bondage session. Jess had programmed the computer herself. But waiting for her in the centre of the room was the self bondage device Jess had invented herself. The device worked in two parts.

1) The inner bondage.

This was designed to keep Jess bound to the metal bondage frame and base. The bondage frame was the heart beat for the whole bondage session. All the straps, cuffs, cables and systems ran through it. Jess would sit right in the centre of the metal base. All the cuffs were made from thick stainless steel that would become inescapable. All the cuffs and straps where linked to a hydraulic motor by metal cables. When the motor was turned on, the cuffs and straps would be pulled tightly against Jess's body. Jess had been very creative in the lay out of her self bondage.

The cuffs for her wrists and fingers where linked to two heavy latex mittens. So when the cable was pulled shut, Jess's fingers would be closed into a ball. The cable would also pull the latex mittens over Jess's hands. Jess would also be restrained by a full body harness which went over her shoulders and between her legs. There were 8 thick leather straps which ran across her rubbery body. They would also be pulled closed by the waiting cables. Jess's legs where not free from bondage cuffs, they were bound at the ankle, above and below the knee, around her upper leg and her groin. They would also be moved into position by metal cables. They would link Jess's legs to the base and the plastic mould. Her upper arms, neck and stomach would also be bound with metal cuffs.

She would also be wearing a specially designed hood and gag. Her jaw almost dropped when she first saw the gag and demonstration videos showing its effectiveness. They showed a beautiful red head covered in black latex. She was tightly bound to a steel chair with red leather straps and cuffs. The straps and cuffs covered her body her arms and her legs. You could only just see the black catsuit from under them. She was bound right down to her fingers and toes. But it was the gag which stood out. Jess loved it at first sight.

The gag worked in three parts; the first filled the user’s mouth all the way to the back. It fitted over the tongue like a condom over a dick. In fact the mould was made from latex as well as a strong plastic skeleton. To start with the mould was like a rubber balloon, it was empty on the inside. But if you injected two chemicals into the mould they would expand and fill the user’s mouth. The mould would hold the wearers tongue completely still. Plus the two liquid chemicals would turn into a solid soundproof block in only minutes. The plastic skeleton pressed itself against the top and bottom of Jess's mouth. The plastic also placed itself around her teeth and lips stopping her from moving them. Both her teeth and lips where locked close by the first part of the gag. Part two was a huge rubber plaster which covered the mouth, from just under the nose all the way down to her neck. The plaster also went from ear to ear. The plaster was kept tightly pressed against her face by a super-glue like adhesive.

Her mouth was already tightly closed, but this would stop her opening her mouth for good. To go over the top of the plaster was a full face head harness. The head harness would keep the plaster and latex ball in place; it also linked the gag to the hood. The head harness was soon padlocked in place. Jess was remembering what happened next in the videos she had seen. This poor latex and strap covered girl, had this horrible looking gag locked against her beautiful face. She was then played with. To showcase the ability of the gag to keep someone almost completely silent. The girl in the videos was whipped, slapped, electrocuted, forced to orgasms, underwent breath control, had clothes pegs put on her tits and pussy, had them ripped off and was made to smell her own ass. Throughout all the videos there was a small window in the bottom right corner which was forced on a decibel meter. The only sounds the decibel meter pick up was squeaking of the leather strap and the sounds made by the all the bdsm toys. The needle hardly moved, no matter what they did to the poor girl.

Jess had also watch a number of video showing off her new bondage hood. The hood was made from thick rubber and strong metal. The front of the hood was metal; it completely covered her face all the way down to her neck. It was a perfect fit. It was designed to fit over the intimidating gag. The back was made from thick rubber, which was zipped and laced tightly closed. The hood had some built-in toys to add an element of sensory deprivation. They included built-in ear plugs and rubber headphones. Huge rubber pads over both eyes. And added padding over the mouth. The hood only had two holes, so the users could breathe. But the air holes were hidden under a breath control unit. The unit was fixed over the users nose, forcing her to breath when the machine wanted her too.

The video showed how amazing this breath control unit was. Like the one in the video, Jess' nose breather had added toys with it. It came with a bubble bottle re-breather and a plastic tube which contained poppers. The bubble bottle was strapped to the back of the bondage frame and connected with the nose breath thanks to a rubber hose. The rubber hose went from the nose breath to a gap in the outer bondage and then back to the bubble bottle. The liquid held within the bubble bottle was horrible; it was a mix of piss and cum.

The next part of the bondage hood was a metal skeleton which would lock her head to the bondage frame. It would also stop her from removing the bondage hood. The skeleton went under her chin, around her cheeks, around her eyes and over the top of her head. It was tightly screwed against her bondage hood. The video was amazing. And now Jess was gag, bound and hooded she looked amazing as well. She was now ready for part two.   

2) The outer bondage.

The outer bondage was made up of two plastic moulds. The first half was screwed to the bondage frame. The clear plastic would show Jess's lovely latex and cuff covered body brilliantly. The other half of the bondage mould covered the rest of Jess's body. The plastic mould was based on art work by David Page called camp x. Jess had seen his art work on a number of fetish website and loved it. The plastic mould would close and lock itself when the computer gave the order. The inner bondage needed to be locked in place first. The mould had only one gap for the rubber hose and nose breath.

The plastic mould had a number of built-in toys. There were vibrators for her pussy, ass and tits. There was also a full body e-slim build into the plastic mould. Both the vibrators and e-slim where controlled by the computer. It was then the inner bondage started to come to life.

Jess could feel her arms crossing over each other like a straitjacket. She could feel her fingers closing into a ball and pushed inside the latex mittens. She could feel her legs being pulled against the plastic mould. In about 20 seconds she was completely bound. 2 minutes later the plastic mould start closing. After another 20 seconds it had been locked it place. Jess was now bound, gagged, hooded and helpless. Jess had set the settings on the computer to random. She could be trapped in self bondage for 4 hours or 48 hours. The vibrators and e-slim could be at 1 or 10. Jess was hoping for a 4 hour session, with the vibrators set at 10 and the e-slim at 1.

Jess was not that lucky. In fact she was more unluckily than she could ever believe.

The computer was going to keep her locked in extreme bondage for 45 hours. With both the vibrators and e-slim on the highest setting. Jess spend the hours endlessly bored having orgasms after orgasms. The inside of her catsuit was dripping with sweat and pussy juices. Her body her muscles where sore and stiff. But after 45 hours the door to her self bondage tomb started to open.

The second it hit the floor her inner restrains started to open. Jess was soon free, she only needed to remove her bondage hood and gag. Jess had left the keys for the bondage hood on top of the bondage frame. She soon found them and started undoing the locks. One by one they dropped to the floor, she then unlace and unzip the back of the hood. She took a deep breath and ripped the bondage hood off her sweaty face. There was a loud pop when her ear plugs where pulled out. Jess's eyes where meet with the most blinding light as she removed the hood.

After about 10-15 minutes her eyes returned to normal. She had spent the time removing her gag. The gag had been amazing; it had kept her silent for 45 hours. She had removed the head harness, plaster and had opened a valve in the latex and plastic plug. The valve let air into the gag, which turned the inside of the gag from solid to liquid. The liquid would then escape though the valve, Jess would just have to pull the latex bag out of her mouth. As she did so her eyes come back to life, letting her see for the first time in 45+ hours.

She dropped the drool covered gag on the floor. She was shocked. She was not in her room; she was not in her house. She was standing in the centre of a plastic room. Her bondage tomb, computer, gag and hood where all placed behind her. Her whole bondage set up had been moved to another location. Jess could not see through her plastic cage.

"Welcome Jess" The voice come from nowhere, it made Jess jump. "Over the next five years we will turn you into a complete bondage slut. You will be kept in extreme bondage throughout your stay with us. We will start your training tomorrow"

Jess was in shock. But she could feel her pussy getting wet, she was becoming very horny.  She loved bondage. She loved latex. She loved being a submissive. Why did she have to wait till tomorrow? 


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