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An Unexpected Upgrade

by Allatex

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; discovery; rubber; clothing; stockings; gloves; boots; surprise; rubberdoll; bond; hobble; stand; display; hood; gag; sex; climax; cons; X

Susan arrived at work around nine o clock as normal, and let herself in. She had just put the coffee-pot on when she saw Mr. Soames drive up to his parking space behind the three-story building he had rented for his business. He had rented a large building as he intended to sub let some of the space out at a latter date, but for now the lower floor acted as a reception area and the second floor office as his private office, the upper story being left empty. As Susan sat at her desk and began to type out some letters it was just like any other ordinary day, little did Susan know what was in store for her and the changes that today would bring.

Susan had worked for Mr. Soames for 6 months and found him to be the perfect gentleman; in actual fact she was in love with him but had never had the nerve to act on her thoughts. About 11:30 that morning he came in and said that he was going to the bank to see his bank manager then he would have lunch and would probably be back late that afternoon and with that he left.

As he left the building Susan answered the phone, it was Mr. Cheng asking if they had finished the quote on some important business that Mr. Soames had been working on, putting him on hold Susan ran after Mr. Soames only to see him pull out of the drive in his car. When Susan went back to the phone she pretended that her boss was busy on the other line and without thinking, said he would call him back later that morning.

As soon as she put the phone down she realized that Mr. Soames would not be back till later that afternoon. For a few moments Susan thought how best to deal with the situatio,n then thought that if she could find the quote that she could call Mr. Cheng and give it to him as she knew how hard Mr. Soames had worked to get the contract.

So soon she had climbed the stairs and entered Mr. Soames office, and had begun to search for the quote, as she searched the desk she became aware of a weird sort of smell, unable to identify it, she sought out the source. Finally under the desk she found the smell emanated from a box about three feet by two feet and a foot wide, she recognized it as the box that had been delivered the day before and which Mr. Soames had taken straight up to his office. This in itself was strange as she normally opened all packages and letters that arrived at the office.

All thought of the quote now disappeared from her head, as she thought that she must know what was so special about this particular box. When she had dragged it out from under the desk she found it was open, so unable to stop herself she peeled back the flaps and peered in. Once open the smell intensified but soon it abated a little, lying on the top of the contents was a typed letter, which she began to read:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for purchasing this product I hope it brings you many hours of pleasure.
The particular model you have chosen is the " Rita" model, which is the top of our range and is fully functional and has realistic hair. The model as you requested has been supplied with a complete set of sexy clothing for you to dress your perfect partner in.
Should you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours Mr. P. Vert (general manager).

After removing the box containing the doll, Susan reached in and pulled out something soft and black, holding them up Susan saw that, they were a pair of long black boots with heels that surely no one could have walked in. It was then that she realized that the smell was rubber, and that the boots were made from it, that was not all, as she also pulled out what appeared to be a long black dress also made from rubber, with her mind going crazy as to why Mr. Soames needed a doll at all.

Again she delved into the box and pulled out long rubber gloves and finally a pair of long black rubber stockings. Peering into the open box she could see something else at the bottom of the box, so reaching into the box she grabbed hold of it and pulled it out. As it emerged from the box Susan saw it was a long black rubber trenchcoat similar to her own, being double breasted with epaulets on the shoulders, a 2 inch belt, and straps on the wrists, in fact the only difference was hers was beige cotton, and this was black shiny rubber.

For a few moments Susan stared at the rubber things she had found in the box then started to put them back.

As she did so the phone rang, "Hello, Soames Imports, how can I help you?" she said.

"Susan," it was Mr. Soames, "I’m afraid that I’m not going to make it back till after 5, so could you lock up," he said, "and could you check my office as I have left the quote for the Cheng contract on the filling cabinet and he might ring you for it," he added.

"I could wait for you if you want me to?" she said hoping he would notice her concern.

"No you go home and I'll see you in the morning," and with that hung up.

"Just once I wish he would notice me, I’m sure he would find me attractive, mind you he would probably prefer his "Rita" than a real woman."

'Hmmmm!' she thought as an idea popped into her head, a short while later she had been down and locked the street door and gotten a can of talcum powder from the toilet and was soon back in Mr. Soames`s office.

'So Mr. Soames likes dolls dressed in rubber does he? Well I wonder what he would think of me in his dolly’s rubber clothes?' she thought and began to remove her clothes and was soon completely naked.

Siting on the office chair Susan sprinkled some talc into the rubber stocking, as was soon pulling it up her leg, soon both her legs were encased in tight black rubber from her toes to her crotch. 'Now for the dress!' She thought.

Picking it up she found it was knee length, long sleeved and looked very tight, so once again she dusted the inside with talc and began to force her arms into the tight rubber sleeves, once her hands were out she put her head into the black rubber dress and began to work it down over her head and shoulders, soon she had her head through the neck and was pulling it over her breasts, with a final tug it was around her waist and soon it had been rolled down to her knees.

Looking down she could see how the light glinting of the black rubber accentuated her body shape, and also held her in shape at the same time.

"He won’t know what’s hit him," she said smiling and continued on with the dressing.

Next she drew on the long rubber gloves, which reached almost to her armpits. 'Only one thing left now.' she thought sitting back down she began to pull on the long rubber boots, finally zipping them up, after first pulling up her rubber dress so as she could smooth them over her rubber covered thighs. Next came the hard part the 6-inch heels made it difficult at first, but after a few moments of wobbling about she began to get used to them. A few minutes later she had put the box back and had picked up the long rubber trenchcoat, threw it over her arm and made her way back down to her own office. Once there she began to go about her daily routine as normal, though how routine you can be dressed from head to toe in black rubber is debatable.

About 5.50 p.m. Susan heard a car pull up, when Susan looked she saw it was Mr. Soames. Grabbing the rubber coat Susan went upstairs and hid in the toilet and waited for Mr. Soames to go in to his office.

After a few minutes Susan walked into his office and said in a soft seductive voice. "I was wondering would you help me on with my coat?"

Mr. Soames almost choked when he saw Susan standing there in his dolls rubber clothes, "What ----how –when?" he stammered.

"Now, now Mr. Soames don’t you recognize me? I’m your new rubber dolly!" she said mimicking a voice she had once heard on a blue movie.

He just stood there shocked unable to speak.

"Well are you going to help me put on this sexy rubber trenchcoat or not?" she added.

Almost vaulting the desk he grabbed the rubber trenchcoat and held it open for Susan to put on, as she slid her arms into the rubber coat she could feel Mr. Soames shaking, once on her shoulders she threw her blonde hair over the collar, tightened the straps on the wrists then began to button it up. When this was done she pulled the belt very tight and stood with her hands in her pockets.

"Well bye, see you tomorrow Mr. Soames," and turned to the door.

"Wait a can’t give a man a shock like that then just leave!" he said.

"Why not!!" she said turning around and walked across the office her long rubber coat slapping her rubber boots as she did so.

Before she knew what she was doing she had grabbed Mr. Soames and kissed him, she didn’t know why. It was as if wearing these rubber clothes made her more forward towards men, and she liked it.

"I wish I had found out about your secret earlier, we could have had so much fun together with these clothes," she said seductively.

"But why should it stop us know," he said smiling. "I have lots more rubber at home and it is getting late, would you like to see my rubber collection?" he added.

"Why not," she replied.

Soon Susan was siting in Mr. Soames car, her rubber trenchcoat creaking as she moved on the leather seats. Sometimes he would stroke her rubber dress or ask her to move as the sound of the rubber creaking turned him on. After a while they turned into a long secluded drive and Susan realized that his business was indeed profitable and maybe finding the rubber things she now wore was a stroke of good luck.

Once inside she took off her rubber trenchcoat and wrapped her arms around him about to kiss him.

"Not yet, I have some other things I want you to wear for me," he said.

"Anything you want Mr. Soames " she whispered in his ear.

When she had been left alone Susan began to look around the study where he had left her.

After about 5 minutes he returned carrying a bundle of red rubber.

"What is it?" she asked excitedly.

"All in good time!" he replied.

Susan kept looking at the rubber bundle that he had brought in with him, the not knowing making it even more exciting.

Finally she broke the silence saying, "Aren’t you going to show your new dolly what you want her to wear?" she said as seductively as she could, "Because from now on, I want you to treat me like you would have treated the one at the office, after all if I am wearing Rita’s rubber clothes then I must be Rita!" she added and slid down on to the leather chair.

"All right then, now come here so I can dress you in your new rubber costume," he said.

As Susan got up she could see the rubber costume he had brought for her to wear.

"Here put this on, " he said handing her the rubber costume.

When Susan held it up she saw it was an ankle length dress in thick red rubber with a long back zip, an integral 3-inch wide buckle belt and a slit on the one side to the hip.

"You can change in the other room if you like?" he said motioning to a side door in the study.

" Thank you " she said and turned towards the door

"Oh bye the may need these, " he said tossing her a small can of talcum powder and a large fluffy towel.

Soon Susan was in the other room, which was a library, and began to peel off the long black rubber gloves, which came off with a pop! Then she reached down and grabbed the hem of the rubber dress and began to pull it over her head, slowly but surely it began to roll over her moist body, she hadn’t realized just how much she must have been sweating under the tight rubber dress, no wonder he had given her a towel. As she stood there in the rubber stockings and black rubber boots she thought about taking them off, but finally decided to keep them on.

Once she had dried herself off she powdered herself all over and picked up the rubber dress and unzipped it putting first one rubber booted leg, then the other in to it, she soon began to slid her arms into the tight rubber sleeves and soon had pulled it over her shoulders. Reaching around the back of the dress she grabbed the zipper and began to pull it up, soon she had it almost up to the top and with a final tug closed the zip.

Once on, the dress held her tight around the waist and breasts but the skirt of the long dress flapped against her rubber covered legs, next she pulled the belt to and buckled it as tight as she could making her waist seem even smaller. Standing still she began running her hands over her rubber covered body and began to get very horny at just touching the rubber of the dress. As she entered the other room Mr. Soames was siting opposite and staring at her.

When she approached him he stood, and threw his arms around her and pulled her close to him, kissed her and began to run his hands over her rubber coated body. Soon they were rolling on the floor in a passionate embrace that Susan had only thought of in her dreams. Susan reached down and began to remove his trousers soon they had been flung off in a sexual frenzy along with all his other clothes. Mr. Soames at last feeling a real woman covered in rubber beneath his naked form pulled up Susan’s dress and entered her, together they moaned, groaned and screamed there way through the next few hours until half dead with exhaustion they fell into each others arms.

After a short while of lying in front of the fire Susan said, "Its half past 12, I think I had better be going or my mother will call the Police!"

"Very well," he said.

A few minutes later both Susan and Mr. Soames had freshened up and were about to leave when Susan suddenly realized, "I can’t go home dressed like this my mother would have a heart attack!! I’ll have to go back to the office and change,” she said.

"Will your mother wait up for you if she knows your safe and on your way home?" he asked.

"No" she replied

"Then phone her from the car," he said holding open the long rubber trenchcoat for her to put on.

Once again she was soon buttoned and belted into the tight black rubber trenchcoat, which she admired in the large mirror in the hallway, walking past Mr. Soames he patted her bum through the rubber coat saying, "These rubber things look much better on you than on some doll".

To which Susan answered, "But you forget from now on I am a doll, so rubber is all I should wear!"

"So you are,” he whispered in her ear.

Soon they were on the way to Susan’s house, on the way he once again felt her rubber covered thigh as he had done on the way to his house, he even felt her breasts while she was on the phone to her mother.

When they arrived at Susan’s house they kissed and Susan got out of the car saying, "Good night Mr. Soames, see you in the morning." and shut the door.

"Susan," he said opening the electric window of the car.

"Yes," she said turning around and bending down to look into the open window.

"From now on please call me Roland, " he whispered

"Very well. Good night Roland" and turned and walked up the path.

Slowly but surely Susan made her way up to the front door, her boots clip clopping on the path, her rubber coat swishing as it slapped her rubber dress and boots. When Susan reached her front door she turned waved and went inside. As she crept upstairs so not to wake her mother she reflected on the days events and thought that she must thank Mr. Cheng if ever she met him. Once alone in her room she once again began to stroke her rubber coat, but soon she had undressed and got into bed to go to sleep but her dreams were filled with Roland rubber and dolls.

The next morning Susan woke up and thought what an incredible dream, however when she saw the rubber trenchcoat on her bed she realized it had not been a dream, and that she had indeed made love with Roland the previous night with her dressed in rubber and him naked. Before she knew it she was wondering what it would be like to make love with Roland if they were both wearing rubber and had soon begun to play with herself. She was rudely awakened by her mother shouting to her that she would be late for work if not careful.

Susan quickly got dressed in her normal office clothes and carefully folded her rubber costume up and put it in her holiday suitcase on top of her wardrobe, dashed downstairs, had some breakfast and headed of to work. It was about half past nine when Susan arrived at the office, luckily Roland had not yet arrived, so after letting herself in and started to type some of the letters she had left the day before.

About 10 o clock Roland arrived and came straight in to see her, when he saw she was not wearing the rubber dress he stood and asked, "Where is your rubber costume?" and upon seeing her cotton trenchcoat on the coat stand " and where is your rubber coat?" he added somewhat angrily.

"I should have known better than to tell my fantasies to someone who would just treat them as a joke, I suppose that you and your mother had a great laugh about it all," he said turning to leave the office.

Susan saw that he was indeed hurt and understandingly so, so she quickly grabbed his arm and answered, "As it happens I have not told my mother or anyone, nor will I tell anyone about our time together last night, in fact I had trouble sleeping as my dreams were haunted by rubber and how sexy it felt to be dressed in all that rubber. And the reason I’m not wearing it now is that my mother was up first and I couldn’t walk down in it now could I!" she said holding his hand. "I wish I had though as I want to be turned on like that all the time now," she added.

Roland turned pulled her close kissed her and whispered, "How could I have doubted you my rubber doll!" then left and went upstairs to his office.

After about half an hour Mr. Soames buzzed Susan on the intercom, "Will you come up to my office Susan, and lock the front door will you please." He said.

A few seconds later Susan knocked the office door and went in, at first she couldn't see him but soon spotted him kneeling and looking in the large storage cupboard that stood in the corner of the office. As Susan stood there watching him he rolled out a wooden plinth that was on wheels.

" Ah!! There it is!" he said pulling out a cardboard box stood up and placed it on his desk. "Since you have reported to work not in your rubber clothes, I have found you some more to wear, so if you remove your clothes I can dress you in them, if that is you still want to be my rubber doll?" he said beginning to open the box.

"Yes please dress me in rubber, and make me into a rubber doll again!" She said almost ripping her clothes off.

"What kind of rubber clothes are you going to put on me?" she asked

"That does not concern you! You will wear what you are given do you understand dolly!" he replied.

Susan knew not to say anything more.

Once Susan was naked he told her to dress in the things he gave her and not to talk whilst doing it, first he gave her a can of talc and a pair of black rubber stockings. Soon Susan's legs were once again covered in shiny rubber, he then gave her a pair of shoes with 4-inch heels which were also made from black shiny rubber and a pair of long rubber gloves also black. The next item he got from the box was a skintight black rubber T-shirt with a high neck, which was a bit of a struggle to get on, but once it was it showed her breasts off as well as her slim waist.

" Now for the skirt!" he said handing Susan a thick black rubber skirt, which he told her to put on.

As she pulled the skirt up her rubber-covered legs she felt just how tight it was over her thighs, hips and bottom. At the top of the skirt there was a 6-inch wide belt with three buckled straps to tighten the skirt, when she had fastened the straps he told her to stand still. Soon he was spraying her new costume with polish and had soon begun to polish her now rubber-covered body with a duster, as she stood there, his hands smoothing all over her body she found herself getting more horny by the second.

She was brought back to her senses with a bang as he pulled down a long zip on the back of the rubber skirt. The effect of which was to pull her legs and thighs together to form a single column of thick black rubber. Susan stood bolt upright as she thought that if she moved so much as an inch she would fall over as the thick rubber skirt allowed no movement at all of her legs, and bending them was out of the question.

The next item Roland held up was a sort of black rubber jacket. "Put your arms behind you!" He said and soon Susan felt the rubber sleeves of the jacket slide up her arms and over her shoulders, moving around to the front Roland pulled the jacket tight around her body and began to zip it up. The jacket was styled not unlike a bikers jacket with an off-set zip to her left side and a 2 inch strap belt around her waist and another which acted as a collar, both of which, he of course pulled very tight. Once this was done he again polished her to a shine with the duster.

After examining her new rubber costume for a few seconds, he knelt down and raised the zip on the skirt to her knees to allow Susan to move around. In doing so Susan felt just how tight the rubber suit was, and how it pulled at her thighs and bottom as she moved around his office.

"How long has this suit been in your cupboard?" She said running her hands over her now rubber covered body.

"About a year" he replied.

"Why is it made from such thick rubber? I can hardly move in it!" she said trying to sit down.

"That's the point, my dear …it' s a rubber bondage suit .I used to put my doll in it, then strap it to the pole there, unfortunately I punctured the skin with one of the buckles that’s why I had to send for a new doll." he answered.

"So that’s what the pole is for!" she said and moved over to the pole, once there she stepped up on to the small platform and stood with her back against the pole adding, "so If I had not found your new rubber doll, then I assume that she would be wearing this rubber suit and be tightly strapped to this pole".

"Why... yes!" he replied.

"Then I think you had better strap me to it… don't you? As after all I am your new rubber dolly?" she said smiling.

"But I couldn't, not to you Susan" he gasped.

"But I am not Susan, I am you new rubber dolly remember!"

A few seconds later Roland had pulled down the zip on the dolls rubber skirt, once again holding her legs tightly together, he then pulled her arms behind the pole and strapped them together at the wrist, and elbows with rubber straps from the box, soon these were followed by straps around her ankles knees and thigh's, with the last two being around her waist and upper body. When he had finished strapping her to the pole Susan looked down at her rubber covered body now tightly strapped to a pole and tried to move. Try as might she couldn't move an inch…

"How do you feel Susan?" Roland asked stroking her rubber bound body.

"Helpless… yet at the same time very safe, if this is how it feels to be a rubber dolly then I want to be your dolly forever!" Susan said.

"Then you shall be Susan," he said kissing her on her rubber covered breasts, "but now I have to finish putting you in bondage and put you back in the rubber dolly cupboard!" he added.

"Oh yes please put more tight rubber straps on me, dolly likes straps," she said.

Once again Roland delved into the box and brought out another item of black rubber, going behind Susan he began pulling what Susan soon realized was some sort of rubber helmet over her head.

As he tugged at it Susan said, "Roland I don't think it is going to go on, couldn't we do without it?"

"No! Without the helmet you will not be fully rubberised, and besides without the helmet I can't use the new rubber gag!" he said.

"GAG!!! No please I don't want to be gagged, please don't gag me!" she said trying to stop him putting the tight rubber helmet on her.

Her struggling was to no avail as soon he had the helmet pulled down and had tucked it into the rubber strap collar of the jacket she wore, now the only part of Susan not covered in rubber was her face.

"Please Roland don't gag me I promise to be a good rubber dolly," she begged as he searched in the box again.

"Ah! There it is " he said and held up a wide strap of rubber with what looked like a rubber bung on one side.

"Now I will just put this on you and then you will be a fully rubberised dolly and ready to be put away in your dolls box.”

As he approached her she saw that the strap had a buckle at each end which must connect to the straps on the side of her rubber helmet, once he had fastened one end he said, "Open wide dolly!"

Susan clamped her mouth shut but he held her nose, and when she took a breath he popped in the rubber bung into her now open mouth. Susan felt the bung being forced into her mouth as Roland pulled the straps tighter around her head, trying to speak resulted in just a "UNNNGHPHH!" sound coming from behind the tight gag.

"There now dolly all rubbered up with nowhere to go!" he said patting her rubber bottom.

So for the next few hours she remained strapped up in the rubber uniform of a rubber dolly, unable to move an inch, but at the same time loving every minute of being bound and gagged.

About 3 o'clock Roland once again went to the cupboard and took out another box.

"What is he going to do to me now?" she thought.

This time pulled out a one-piece black rubber suit, "Would you like to see me wearing this?" he said holding up the suit.

"MUNNGGUPHH!!!!…" Came the reply accompanied by Susan's vigorous nodding.

"Then you shall" and with that he left.

Susan was becoming incredibly turned on by the thought of seeing Roland dressed in the rubber suit, when he returned, the figure that confronted her was that of a rubber suited Roland, not only that, but he also wore rubber gloves, rubber boots and a tight rubber hood that only left his eyes nose and mouth visible.

As he approached her Susan found herself falling even more in love with this rubber-clad figure in front of her, finally he stood in front of her stroking her rubber bound figure with his rubber gloved hands, she found herself unable to stop herself straining at her rubber bonds but the tightness of the straps just highlighted the sexual awareness of what the rubber suits they both wore and her bondage was doing to her.

Roland released her arms from their bondage, Susan instantly grabbed him and tried to kiss him through her rubber gag, "munghhphhh" she screamed.

At first he didn't realize what she wanted but soon he had removed the gag. Susan's mouth instantly clamped over his and for a few moments both of them rubbed each other's rubber costumes whilst in an embrace that neither of them could have dreamed of.

Susan tossed her head back and said, "Release me I want your rubber covered body here and now!" and began to smother him in kisses again.

Roland fumbled with the straps for a few seconds but once the last one was removed Susan threw herself on Roland, both of them landing in a heap on the office floor. As they rolled on the floor their rubber costumes stretching and squeaking as they did so, Susan could feel his manhood hardening under his rubber suit. Susan reached down and unzipped the two-way zipper in his suit exposing his erect manhood. At this Roland helped Susan off him and stood her up then he unzipped her rubber skirt up to her thigh.

Roland then lay on the floor again and told Susan to get on top of him. Susan holding her long rubber skirt sat down on his erection and at once began to scream and wail, Susan by now had lost all control and was moaning out loud. Roland whilst at the same time being incredibly aroused. Was also concerned that someone might call the police. So he felt he had no choice and soon Susan was once again gagged with the rubber bung.

Susan began to move more and more violently on top of Roland and with an almighty "MUNNUGUNHGNUP!!!!!!" she slumped onto Roland’s chest.

For five or ten minutes they lay in a rubber heap, Roland held Susan in his arms and removed her gag.

"I love you so much my rubber Roland," she whispered in to his ear.

"And I love you too Susan, we are going to be so happy when we are married!" he said.

Susan looked into his eyes, "Yes we are and I will wear rubber all the time like a wife should, now I think it would be a good idea to gag me again as I think it's time we practiced being married again don't you?" the rubber dolly said.

" Indeed I do, " he said.



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