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Unconventional 2

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2012 - RubberH - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Convention begins...

Shannon stood in front of the Grand Ballroom. She was facing all of the employees who would be working the convention. She looked at Jody. She also had a look of apprehension as Shannon cleared her throat.

“Thank you all for agreeing to work this special event…” Shannon began.

Ten minutes later Shannon and Jody were standing in front of three quarters of the original group. Most of the remaining employees were in shock and couldn’t say anything. Those that left were reminded of the non-disclosure agreement and that if they wanted to be sued they would have to remain silent about what they had just learned.

Shannon looked at those who remained. “I’m sure you have questions and concerns. I can’t blame anyone if they want to quit right now. All I can do is to be as honest and open about how and why this came about.”

‘We aren’t going to have to.. to do any of this stuff.” The voice of Tammy was heard. She had been in Housekeeping the last two summers and was known as a shy, timid girl.

“No, definitely not!”, Shannon replied. “I’ve made it clear to Ms. Simmons and her group that they are not to attempt to interfere with your jobs or to make any advances towards you. If anyone even suggests that you participate, you come to me or Jody. Ms. Simmons has agreed that we can throw anyone out of The Elms who tries.”

Jody added, “We have also agreed that you as employees will not interfere with any of the group’s activities as long as they do not violate the ground rules. I have a list of these rules and similar rules for the guests. Anyone who violates these will be asked to leave. “

“This is a matter of respecting each others’ boundaries, and ensuring that we get through this with as little trouble as possible.”

For the following two hours Shannon and Jody patiently addressed the employees’ questions. They spoke to them in groups and as individuals. They attempted to assure each person that their welfare and well being would be their number one priority.

Later that evening Jody looked at the list of the remaining staff. “We did better than you thought Shannon.”, she said. “We’ve got enough to cover the priority functions. The front desk is covered. We are a little short staffed for the pool and fitness center. The food service is going to be tight but manageable.”

“The workmen we have for set up and tear down are sufficient as well. “ Shannon replied. “Damn! We might be able to pull this off!”

Jody looked at Shannon “Shannon… Can I ask you something?”


“What do you think about all this stuff? BDSM… Bondage and sex, and everything else?”

“Why would you ask me that? I’m not into this.”

“It’s just the way you act around Mistress Julia..”

“Mistress Julia!?” Shannon asked.

“I’m sorry. I meant Julia. Billy and I talked a lot about her. How he became her slave. Why he stays with her. He kept called her Mistress Julia all the time so I just kept calling her that.”

“Why are you so interested?”

“It’s just that I never met anyone like her. She has such power over Billy, such control. Watching the both of you butt heads is just so…”

“So what?”

“I don’t know. The irresistible force meeting the immovable object. I can’t explain it.”

Shannon didn’t know what to say. Was Julia right about Jody and her being a submissive? If that was true, was Julia’s other inference true as well? She decided that it was time to change the subject and concentrate on the arrangements for the convention.

“Well, I’d like to say that in three weeks time we’ll get our fill of ‘Mistress Julia’ and her little band of perverts. Let’s just go over these checklists and job assignments.”

“OK” Jody replied. Shannon didn’t want to talk about it further and that was alright with her. But in three weeks’ time she wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

* * * * *

The first guests had arrived. Shannon was nervous and did her best not to show it. The first ones at the front desk were Julia and Billy. Shannon greeted Julia, making sure to ignore Billy. She figured that Julia would want him to be seen and not heard.

“I’m happy to see you again Shannon.”, said Julia as she shook her hand. “Everyone is thrilled to be here, and didn’t I promise you a full house?”

“Yes, you did.”, replied Shannon. “Every room and every suite. We even had inquiries about the old pool house, but it’s just not in shape to house people.”

“Well shall we start our final inspection? Billy! Take our bags up and get changed.” Julia shouted, no longer inhibited by being in a public place.

“Yes Mistress. “ Billy replied.

“We have staff for that..” Shannon started to say, but then added. “But that’s what he is for isn’t he?”

Julia laughed, “You’re getting the hang of it. Now let’s start with the ballroom.”

Some hours later all of the guests had arrived and Jody was finishing up with the last couple of guests. It was funny how ‘normal’ they all seemed. They were from all over the country and even some from overseas. You wouldn’t suspect that they were into kinky things.

However, Jody soon found out that they definitely were different. As she checked off the last guest she saw people start coming down into the lobby and walk towards the Grand Ballroom. There were people dressed in leather, rubber and other materials. Some were dressed …hell they were hardly covered at all! Many were bound in chains, ropes and other types of restraints. Some were gagged or hooded. Some came singly and others were in couples or groups. One woman had two men wearing only collars and leashes and following her on all fours. This was too much! She never saw anything like it. Yet she was transfixed as the parade of kinksters walked through the lobby. They acted as if it nothing was unusual. They had people greeting each other like old friends. One man who turned his female companion into a large rubber doll allowed another couple to fondle her breasts and backside while she did nothing to resist!

Jody began to blush and then realized that she was starting to feel a little moisture, and not because she was sweating. It was embarrassing and if Shannon found out, how could she explain it? She could only take comfort in the knowledge that she wasn’t the only one who was aroused at the sight. Jack on the front desk was actually starting to drool when a very tall woman stood near the elevator and looked his way. She smiled at him and then walked towards him. Her leather catsuit creaked as she stood next to him. “Such a pity.”, she said. “But rules are rules.” She then laughed and walked away, leaving Jack with an obvious erection which he vainly tried to conceal.

“I don’t know how much more I can take”. Jody said quietly to herself.

Shannon stood behind Jody. “Did you say something?” she asked

“No…No… Oh shit I can’t lie. This is too much for me.”

“Take a deep breath and try to get hold of yourself Jody.” Shannon replied “They want a reaction from you and the others. That’s part of the experience.”

Jody looked at Shannon. “How do you know that?”

“It’s not difficult. Look at their reactions to your reactions. They want to show themselves off, and you’re not in the scene so it makes it all the more thrilling.”

“I can’t ignore it.”

“I know you can’t but this is our job… Be professional. You have to maintain a distance and keep everyone else on the same track.”

“I don’t know how you can do it.” Jody said. “Doesn’t any of this… umm.”

“Turn me on? Hardly.” Shannon replied. For the first time Shannon had lied to Jody. In truth Shannon had been getting more and more interested in BDSM since she first discovered what Julia’s group was. At first she read up on it because she wanted to familiarize herself with BDSM so she could anticipate what expect from the convention. What got her even more curious was when she saw the control that Julia had over Billy. Jody was right. It was a turn on and her confrontations with Julia were her wanting to exert power and control. The more Julia fought, the harder she did. It was an aphrodisiac to her. She had no interest in Julia sexually, but it was the give and take between them that Shannon enjoyed. What she wouldn’t give to have that pompous overbearing bitch bound, gagged and lying naked at her feet!.

Oh no! She realized that Julia had gotten into her head! Shannon fought those thoughts and looked at Jody. Fortunately Jody had turned her attention to some paperwork to try to get her mind off the guests. Shannon breathed a sigh of relief as the last few stragglers entered the ballroom and the doors were closed leaving an empty lobby.

* * * * *

It was the second day of the convention. Shannon sat at her desk looking at Julia. “I did warn you about the consequences.”, she said.

“I’m sorry for what happened. It was not intentional.” Julia replied, “It was all an accident. They never intended..”

Shannon cut Julia off, “Accident or not we had an agreement. Now I have poor little Tammy crying her eyes out over what…”

“She wasn’t supposed to make up the room that morning. They had a ‘Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.”

“Well Tammy claims she didn’t see one, and I’m going to side with her.”

“Mike and Betty are members in good standing…”

“Then they should know the rules better than anyone else!” shouted Shannon. “Tammy walks into a room where there are two naked people tied to the bed and the man says ‘Be sure to use the feather duster on her pussy.’, while the woman is sucking the guy’s dick!”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. Their friend Jessie was supposed to come in dressed as a French Maid and join them for a threesome. It was a case of mistaken identity, especially considering they were both blindfolded! “ Julia replied equally forceful.

“When are you people going to get real? These are my employees and not some… some...”

Julia was mad. “You people? You people?! You don’t know anything about us! We’re ordinary people just..”

“C’mon! Rubber dollies? Pain slaves? Ponyboys?”

Julia stood silent for a moment and then looked at Shannon. “Ponyboys? We have ponygirls and riding masters and mistresses, but no ponyboys.” Then she smiled at Shannon.

“You aren’t so disinterested as you first told me are you? Damn! I knew you were a domme when I first laid eyes on you. “

Shannon was still angry. “Don’t change the subject! Rules were broken and those two will have to go!”

“Rules were made to be broken Shannon. What if they apologized to the girl?”

“That’s not enough!” Shannon replied.

“Why don’t we let the girl… Tammy wasn’t it, decide if an apology is sufficient?”

“You really don’t get how this affected Tammy! “

“Just give them a chance. They have been good friends of mine for ten years.”

“OK… you want them to apologize. Then call them down and we’ll let them apologize.” Shannon handed Julia the phone. At the same time she opened the door to her office and asked Jody to send Tammy to her.

Twenty minutes later the housekeeper and the couple stood before Shannon and Julia. Julia began to speak but Shannon cut her off before she could say a word.

“Tammy, the Baxters have something to say to you.”

Tammy looked at the couple who were wearing simple jeans and t-shirts. She looked at Shannon then at the couple.

Betty first spoke. “Please accept our apologies. We didn’t mean to let you see us like this..”

Mike chimed in, “It was all a terrible mistake.”

“We have a daughter your age and please believe me we had no intentions of hurting you.”, said Betty, the tears swelling up in her eyes.

Tammy spoke up, “You scared the shit out of me! ”

Shannon was surprised and a bit amused at the timid girl’s response.

Tammy continued. “Alright. I’m OK now.. I don’t want anyone to get into anymore trouble. Apology accepted. But please let me know if you guys are ever going to do this shit again while you’re here!”

Shannon looked at Julia, then Tammy and then at the couple. “Well, I guess if Tammy accepted your apology then I guess that you can both stay.”

Both Mike and Betty smiled, thanked everyone and left the office.

Shannon looked at Tammy. “Quite frankly I’m surprised at you. Never in million years would I think you’d let them off so easy.”

“I wasn’t going to accept their apology but I looked at them and they reminded me so much of my own folks.” Tammy said, “ I figured if this happened to my parents I would hope someone would be as forgiving.”

“Of course your parents wouldn’t get in that situation.” Shannon replied.

Tammy looked at Shannon and slightly smiled. “OOOhh let’s say that they wouldn’t get caught by the housekeeper. May I go now?”

Shannon looked at Tammy. “Sure…sure” . As Tammy left the office Shannon looked at Julia who now had a big grin on her face.

“That was unexpected.” Julia chuckled, “ and quite enjoyable to see the look on your face. As you see there are more than just ‘you people’ interested in BDSM.”

“I don’t know what to say anymore.” Shannon said

“You need to understand what we do. You need to see we are just like everyone else, but with a twist.”

“What do you mean? You don’t want me to join in..”

“You don’t have to participate, just observe. Mingle with the membership. Find out what we do and why we do it.”

“I can’t. I mean I’m supposed to set an example here. I made the rules.”

“And you’re not going to be made to violate them, I promise.”

“Everyone will know.”

“Oh I can ensure that nobody will ever know the hotel manager is there.”

Shannon was now curious. “How can you do that?” she asked.

“Shannon, have you looked at the people who are attending the convention? “

“Sure I have.”

“No I mean really look at them. Would you ever suspect that the dominatrix who was eyeing your desk clerk the other day was a dental assistant in her vanilla life? And the two doggy slaves were both college professors at a school just fifty miles from here?”

“All well and good for them. But my employees will know..”

“No they won’t. When do you leave for the day?”

“At six tonight, but..”

“Then be at my room at six fifteen. I’ll have everything ready for you to join us.”

“I’m not coming as some slave girl.”

“Oh no! Not you! You will never be that!” Julia again smiled and left Shannon alone in her office.

* * * * *

Time passed slowly and Shannon began to think that this was her second biggest mistake. She attempted twice to pick up the phone and call Julia’s room but she couldn’t dial the number.

Six o’clock finally arrived and Shannon closed up her office and gave Jody final instructions for the day. When Jody causally asked her what she would be doing for the night, Shannon for the second time in her life lied to her and said she would be going to the next town for a movie.

At Julia’s door Shannon raised her hand ready to knock when she hesitated. She stood upright, bit her lip and then knocked.

Julia opened the door, dressed in just a tiny cotton robe. “I thought you might chicken out.” She said.

“You’d like that.” Replied Shannon. “To get me to back out.”

“Thought crossed my mind.”

Shannon surveyed the room and to no surprise Billy was kneeling in the corner, except he was completely naked.

‘He’ll help us get dressed for tonight. We’ve got special guest speakers and workshops that you just got to see.”

“Whoa! He’s going to dress me?”

“As I said before..”

“It’s what he does.”, said Shannon. “OK what first?”

“Slave.” Said Julia to Billy, “Time to make yourself useful.”

Billy rose and walked over to Shannon carefully he began to undress her. At first she drew back when his hands reached her blouse, but then allowed him to unbutton it then remove it entirely. He did the same with her skirt then her bra. He guided her back on the bed and removed her shoes, stockings and panties. From the corner of her eye she saw Julia carrying a small garment bag and a long cardboard box.

“I’ve just the thing for you Shannon. I picked it up in a little shop in London last month.” Julia looked at Shannon who was still lying naked on the bed. “Not too bushy, but you ought to shave it.”

“I think I can make my own personal hygiene decisions Julia.”

“Hey, just a suggestion. Now stand up and see what I got for you.”

Shannon rose and looked at Julia who had removed some items from the garment bag and box. Julia then placed them on the bed.

On top of the bed were a pair of black rubber footed tights, a black rubber corset, shoulder length black rubber gloves, a rubber hood and a pair of thigh high black rubber boots with six inch stiletto heels.

Shannon stared at the clothing on the bed. She bent down and touched the material. It was soft and pliable; sensual.

Billy had left the room and returned with a bath towel and a large bottle. “Stand on the towel Shannon.” said Julia, “ Billy needs to lube you up.”


“Lube you up. This rubber outfit is going to be tight and this lubricant is the best thing on the market to help get you into it.”

Shannon hesitantly walked over to Billy who had spread the towel on the floor and opened up the bottle of lube.

“I need you to spread your legs a bit Mistress.” Billy said quietly. Shannon placed her feet several inches apart and felt Billy’s hands being to spread the lubricant on her. He did her feet and legs, then her buttocks and moved his hands to around her pussy. But he did nothing but to apply the lube.

“He knows that he is not to try anything unless I tell him to.” Said Julia. “Slave, make sure she is nice and slick.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Billy replied. He applied another coating of lube and Shannon began to feel herself moistening at his touch.

Julia brought over the rubber tights and Billy began to dress Shannon in them. True to her word the rubber was very tight. Billy had drawn it up to where they hugged her hips and he released them. They fit like a second skin.

Next he lubricated her hands and arms. He drew up the gloves until they too were clinging tightly to her.

Then came the corset. Billy made sure that it fit snugly but not uncomfortably, although he could’ve drawn it in a number of inches tighter.

Billy then drew Shannon’s hair back into a ponytail. Julia held the hood up. “See” , she said. “It will cover your face except for your eyes and mouth.” She handed it to Billy who had spread lube on Shannon’s head and face. He pulled it carefully over her head while pulling the ponytail through a hole in the top of the hood. He made sure that like the rest of the rubber, it was tight but not uncomfortable to wear.

Finally came the boots. Billy guided Shannon back to the bed, sat her down and fitted her with the boots. He made sure that the lacing was perfect and that Shannon’s legs fit the boots as tightly as all the other rubber garments.

Julia approached Shannon with a tube of bright red lipstick and applied a heavy coating to Shannon’s lips. She then applied a dark purple coloring to Shannon’s eyelids .

“Go on Shannon. “Stand up and look at yourself.” Said Julia.

Shannon walked over to the mirror and looked at the reflection. She turned around while trying to look at every angle.

“Oh my.. I can’t believe this is me!”, she said with astonishment.

“Well it’s not you… Not Shannon Wallis. You’re looking at your true self.” Said Julia.

Shannon kept looking at herself in the mirror. The rubber’s grip felt wonderful, and the way she looked! She looked at her lips and eyes which now stood out from the black rubber mask. She turned towards Julia who was now being dressed by Billy. “Is this really me?”

Julia smiled. “I figured that you were made for rubber. It’s one of the most sensuous materials around, and you are truly a sensuous person. You just needed to be reminded of it.”

Shannon watched as Billy completed dressing Julia. “Now get your leash and collars!” Julia commanded him.

Billy quickly brought out a leather collar which he placed around his neck. Then he took a small harness and secured his cock and balls. He clipped the leash to the harness and handed it to Julia. She gave it a slight tug and Billy grunted.

“We’re just about ready, but something is missing. Hmmm…oh yes you need an accessory. No outfit is complete without the proper accessories.” Julia then went to the dresser drawer and removed a riding crop. “Not too dressy but something that says ‘Don’t mess with me bitch.’.” She placed in into Shannon’s left hand. Shannon held it as if she had always held a crop before.

“Yes, you are perfect. There are subs that’ll just drool over you Shannon. Oh now, that’ll never do.”

“What now? “ Shannon asked.

“Well you want to have your identity kept a secret, but I can’t go around calling you by your real name now can we?”

Shannon realized that she had to think of something. She was wearing black rubber, so she should be called something black. “Mistress…Shadow…Mistress Black.” Then she thought about things that were black and she thought of the onyx paperweight in her office.

“Mistress Onyx….No…Lady Onyx.”

“Oh, I LIKE that one!” Julia exclaimed . “From now on you are Lady Onyx!”

* * * * *

It was along walk from Julia’s room to the elevator and it seemed even longer from the elevator to the lobby. Shannon felt scared, anxious, excited and even a little horny as she walked in the six inch heels. The rubber felt so good on her skin! As they reached the lobby Julia again did something unexpected and placed Billy’s leash into Shannon’s right hand.

“I need to check up on our guest speakers. You go ahead and wait for me at the ballroom door.”

Shannon was startled and with some hesitation began to walk across the lobby. As the floor transitioned from carpet to marble, the boots began making a distinctive and loud “CLICK. CLICK..CLICK, CLICK”. The bottoms of the soles and heels had small pieces of metal on them. “Oh great. “ thought Shannon, “Time for a tap dance number.” She then looked at Billy who was walking much too slowly behind her. Without a second thought she took the leash and gave it a huge jerk. Billy cried in pain and quickened his pace. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jody watching them.

Shannon almost panicked but she knew that as long as her face was concealed that she could do just about anything she wanted. It was a strange liberating thing. She was surrounded by people who didn’t care if how she was dressed or what she was doing. As she got to the ballroom door Julia was waiting for her.

‘He didn’t cause you any problems did he? Julia asked “He has this nasty little habit of testing other Mistresses and Masters.”

“Nothing that couldn’t be handled with a little pull on the leash.” Shannon replied. Julia laughed as she had observed her and Billy in the lobby. Nearly all of her instincts about Shannon were right.

“Mistress Penelope, this is Lady Onyx.” Julia said to the woman at the reception table. In a manner of seconds a name tag with ‘Lady Onyx’ had been printed and Julia placed it just above Shannon’s left breast.

Julia guided Shannon around the ballroom which had various exhibits and tables. There were makers of restraints, clothing, whips and many other vendors. One booth offered the services of a human pony stable. Julia smiled as Shannon looked intently at a recording of a pony play session taking place. The young man was being given dressage training and Shannon once again began to moisten as she watched the female trainer put him through his paces.

“If you are interested we can arrange a weekend for you and your pony.” Said the vendor, a young woman who was dressed in a red leather riding outfit.

“Well, I don’t have a pony. Shannon replied.

“That’s no problem. In fact we need riding Mistresses for all the pony applicants we have.” She then took out a card and handed it to Shannon. Just call or go to our website if you’re interested. “

Shannon thanked the young woman and continued through the exhibits. She noticed that several men and women were looking at her. “Julia”, Shannon whispered. “Why am I being stared at? I thought I’d fit in with the rest of the crowd.”

“Oh, Lady Onyx.” Julia replied ‘You don’t know how much you fit in. You’re still thinking like your vanilla self. Each and every one of those looking at you are just dying to meet you. Maybe even to serve you. “

“I’ve got women looking at me too.”

“And why not? You’re beautiful, strong, sexy and let’s face it… if I wasn’t a domme I’d want to be on my knees to you as well.”

While Julia’s words would’ve revolted her weeks ago, now they were a compliment. Shannon felt more comfortable and now started savoring how she looked and felt and also how others looked at her with desire and submission. She went to the various booths and checked out the merchandise. She even took brochures and business cards from the owners without hesitation, and even began to have polite conversations with other convention participants.

As the evening wore on, Shannon attended the lectures and workshops. She was most interested in a workshop on Japanese rope bondage. The subjects, two men and two women, were bound with various lengths of rope causing beautiful designs on their bodies. When volunteers were invited to participate, Shannon went up without a second thought and did such a good job for a beginner she was invited for a late night advanced class. She unfortunately had to decline as she still had to work in the morning.

Shannon was in heaven after attending the workshop on safe and effective gagging. She had been all wrong about Julia and her friends. As she left the ballroom she thanked Julia for opening her eyes and she was sorry about her attitude before this night.

“I’m glad we could come to an understanding. I hope that we are friends now.” Julia said.

“I am as well. I think though I’m going to have to call it a night. I have to get up early tomorrow.” Shannon replied as she headed towards the lobby.

“Lady Onyx.” Said Julia. “I think you forgot something.”


“Your attire.”

Shannon smiled and nodded her head. “Yes I think that I’ll need to change into something a little less casual.”

“Well you take Billy up to my room. I’ll meet you there in a couple of minutes. I just have to check with Mistress Penelope regarding tomorrow’s schedule.”

Shannon gave a slight tug on Billy’s leash and the both of them headed to the lobby. The familiar ‘Click, Click” was heard on the marble floor as Shannon passed the front desk. Jody was still there.

Shannon looked at Jody who tried to avoid her eyes. Shannon couldn’t help herself. The events of the evening had made her inhibitions melt away. She went “Psssttt” and Jody’s head rose and her eyes met hers. Shannon took her tongue and slowly licked her lips. She saw Jody blush and turn away. It was a dirty trick and Shannon felt a little guilty about it, but was such fun!

* * * * *

Shannon yawned as she went over the day’s paperwork. She was so damn horny when she got home. She had taken out her favorite dildo and fucked herself silly with it for a good hour.

“Long night?” asked Jody who had brought her a cup of coffee.

“I couldn’t sleep much. I’m just been too wound up with this convention.”

“Didn’t you say we had to be professional about it? To not let it get to us?”

“Well, I guess I’m not too good at taking my own advice.”

“You sure don’t look wound up.”

“What makes you say that?” asked Shannon

“Well, this morning you walked past that woman who was strapped in a wheelchair, and you didn’t even blink. You were either too out of it or you didn’t think it was weird.”

“Three days this convention has gone on and nothing surprises me anymore.”

“I can’t say the same. “ Jody paused and spoke in almost a whisper to Shannon. “Last night a woman came on to me.”

Shannon was now a little apprehensive that Jody may have guessed that she was the one who flirted with her last night. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean she had this look in her eyes and she just licked her lips at me.”

“Didn’t I tell you they just want to get a rise out of us? “ Shannon asked nervously. “Don’t give it a second thought. Besides if she did try anything just tell me and we’ll throw her out.”

“I don’t know who she is. I saw her name tag and it just said ‘Lady Onyx’.” Jody replied. “The guests only registered under their real names, not their aliases.”

“Well, I’ll ask Julia about her if she tries it again.” Then Shannon decided that she had to cut the conversation short. “I didn’t stop for breakfast this morning. I’m going to the café for a bite to eat.”

“I can get you something.” Jody said.

“That’s not necessary.” Shannon replied. “I’ll make it quick so we can go over tomorrow nights’ banquet arrangements.”

Shannon walked over to the café where several of the guests were having breakfast. Most were still wearing their fetish gear. Near the buffet Mistress Penelope was sitting at a table. On the floor next to her was a young man eating scrambled eggs from a plate on the floor. He was nude except for a leather collar, harness and thong.

“Gorgeous isn’t he?” Shannon was startled as Julia came from behind her and took the empty chair at her table.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that. “ Shannon whispered. “Somebody might figure out that I was Lady Onyx.”

“Hey you’re the Manager, I’m just here to talk business with you. And you didn’t answer my question.”

Shannon looked at the young man kneeling besides Mistress Penelope. Yes, he was very good looking. “Yes he is. “ Shannon replied. “But he’s quite young. He has to be in his twenties.”

“Twenty-one. In fact today’s his birthday.” Julia said “He’s definitely legal.”

Shannon looked at Julia. “What the hell..”

“Shhh.” said Julia. “We don’t want to attract any attention.”

Shannon lowered her voice. “I’m not going any farther than what I did last night. I’m already feeling guilty about some of the things I did.”

“Like flirt with your assistant?” Julia asked. A smug look was on her face. “You have no excuses. You weren’t drunk and it wasn’t a joke. You were just horny.”

Shannon had nothing to say. She was ashamed at what she had done.

“You aren’t feeling guilty are you Shannon?”

“Of course I am.” Shannon replied. “I should never have let it get that far.”

“You still haven’t accepted what you are.”

Shannon could barely contain herself. “Don’t tell me what I am. You have no right to define who I am and how I live my life.”

“And what kind of life is that?” asked Julia. “You worked your ass off and what did it get you? You are so consumed with making this place a success you’ve lost your own identity. Shannon Wallis is a lonely, overworked executive in a second-rate hotel. A hotel that if I hadn’t brought you this convention would’ve certainly been shut down within the year.” Julia then took a breath. “But Lady Onyx can be all the things that Shannon isn’t. Powerful, worshipped and in control.”

“Why are you interested in me.” Asked Shannon. “What makes me your special project?”

“Because I was once like you Shannon. My life was just as dull and unhappy as yours. Then I met someone who showed me my true nature and helped me understand just how much power I had.”

“Sounds like one of those self-help gurus.” Shannon said.

“In a sense he was. Master Steven taught me everything he knew. He showed me the path to becoming my own person and to not be afraid of who I was and what I wanted to become.”

“You were his submissive?”

“For a short time. But he discovered that my true place was as a domme. He mentored me in the BDSM arts and he watched as I began to succeed in both my career and private life.”

“What happened to him?” asked Shannon who was now much more curious about Julia. “Did he..?”

“Die?” Julia smiled. “No, he moved to Australia some years ago. We had already parted as friends, and he introduced Billy to me as a parting gift. He has a small estate which he keeps a small stable of subs.”

“So it’s the ‘Circle of Life’.” said Shannon. “You were the student and it’s your turn to impart your wisdom on a new student.”

“You could say that. But I can hardly say I’m an expert. I’m still learning various techniques. That’s why I want you to attend tonight’s session.”

“I don’t think I can do it again. I was pretty nervous about last night.”

“And you became pretty comfortable and pretty damn horny after those first jitters.”

She’s right, Shannon thought to herself. She looked at Julia.

“I can’t deny that I was turned on. That’s why I flirted with Jody. I was so high on what I experienced that I couldn’t help myself.”

“Then come tonight Lady Onyx.” Julia rose from her chair. “My room. The same time. I promise you that your life will change forever. You’ll embrace your domme side and never let it go.”

Shannon took one last sip of coffee and headed back to her office. She watched the young man finish his breakfast and follow Mistress Penelope to the Main Ballroom.

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