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Two Weeks as a Pet

by cagedsgt

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© Copyright 2004 - cagedsgt - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; college; tease; lesbian; sex; Solo-F; hotel; prepare; depliatory; latex; catsuit; toys; insert; hood; latex-pet; denial; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

I have enjoyed bondage since my college days. My roommate, Connie, and myself would trade off binding each other and adding our teasing ways. And occasionally we would work out a special self bondage with us tied together.

But toward the end of our two years together it was more often Connie doing the binding and me enjoying her teasing. It was a dream world to stay excited all week and then enjoy a Friday or Saturday date to extinguish the burning desires.

Of course we also enjoyed our ways together of taking care of our burning desires. Either by our own hands or by our enjoyment of 69, and of course our wonderful strap ons and double dildo. In fact quite often we would work together to get a double dildo centered into both our pussies and then struggle to bind ourselves together to squirm the night away in heavenly bliss.

I have to say, if it wasn't for Connie's forced study sessions, me bound to a chair with something stuffed in my pussy and knowing that I wouldn't be released until so much of a report had been typed or so much of a chapter read, or other things that I probably wouldn't have made it through college. Sometimes the bondage was needed to focus on the studies I needed.

The last semester Connie began using things hidden during the day also. Lycra exercise shorts work great to hold a dildo or butt plug tightly in place. Or a rope used under a bra to grip the breasts so nicely.

We stayed in touch after college but I never saw Connie again for five years. But we did talk and such keeping each other teased by our explanations of our new experiences in self bondage and even Connie's enjoyment of binding her boyfriend and making him her little pet.

So I was shocked when I received her invitation to a special party with our kinky school day fun as the theme. A chance to enjoy things for real again and not just by myself struck me like a bolt of lightening. I had spent the five years building my career and hadn't even found a steady boyfriend because I never had the time for a relationship.

The invitation read, costume party with our old kinky twist. The date, phone and an address only a few hours away. I smiled and hoped for the best, that Connie had moved back close so we could be old friends again.

I was so excited that I had to call and get more details. Over the next few hours Connie explained that she was throwing a type of house warming party for some friends of hers that just got married and were interested in the kinky things of life but neither had any experience yet. So she thought that by inviting a few friends to demonstrate things on would be the best gift she could offer.

I told her I liked the idea and by the time we finished talking we had agreed to my being her bondage model for the evening and her bound pet for a two week vacation of excited fun. 

I arranged everything at work for a three week vacation and had a hard time concentrating on things at hand until it was time to take off. It seemed like months instead of just two weeks. But finally the day came and I drove the few hours to meet with Connie.

I checked into the plush hotel that Connie had arranged for us and as the clerk gave me the key he handed me an envelop. As soon as I got in the room I ripped open the envelop and read. Everything is laid out for you. Go into the bathroom, use the hair removal cream from the neck down. Then shower and get squeaky clean. Then powder yourself and you will find a note in your bedroom for more instructions. I should be there around three so take your time and enjoy your shower and everything.

The cream was more of a thin gel and I felt like I was spreading honey all over my body. But as I stepped into the warm spray of the shower it rinsed off easily, even before I started to lather up with soap. I watched as even the thick bushy hair of my pussy rinsed down the drain. I thought I just had to remember what this was because it was so much easier then shaving.

After a long hot shower I started to rub the powder into my skin and stood admiring my smooth baby fresh feeling of my hairless body.

Already my excitement was higher then I could remember since my school days. And while my fingers did wander a little extra on my nipples and as the second hand started on my pussy I realized that I came to enjoy this with Connie and not just do myself again like I had been doing for five years. So with a great deal of inner effort I stopped and walked from the bathroom to the bedroom.

I was shocked because there laid out for me was a beautiful rubber suit. I picked up the suit and hugged it, breathing in the wonderful rubber aroma. If it hadn't been for my desire to stay excited for Connie I would have put out my burning excitement on the spot.

I wanted this feeling so much that I started to slip my right leg into the opening and noticed a note taped to the crotch that read. 

Slow down and enjoy putting on the suit. Relish the feeling of it hugging you with its unrelenting embrace. 
But first you need to rub the entire inside with powder or you will have a terrible time getting it on. 
And I'm sure that as you get it on a little you will just love a few of my extra surprises.

Connie's note simply added to my over excited condition. It was almost like caressing a body as I rubbed the powder over the suit. I got to the crotch area and was shocked because the inside looked to be a shiny metallic panty built into the rubber instead of just the same rubber. My mind wondered why the difference and figured that it made it easier to clean the areas that would get the messiest.

I started again and slowly inched my leg into the rubber. I reached down and carefully got my feet all the way in and then pulled it up to my knee, I repeated this with the other leg and as I relished in the feeling of the tightness on my calves my hand instinctively reached for my pussy. It must have been just a few seconds before I realized what I was doing and stopped, working hard trying to convince myself that it would be so much better if I waited for Connie.

I pulled the suit up my thighs and as I got everything up to my crotch I noticed two grommet openings, and stopped what I was doing, wondering what they could be for. I looked up and caught my reflection in the mirror and then notice a few things on the dresser. I leaned toward the dresser and admired three sets of cuffs, and a blindfold. Then laying just behind the cuffs I saw something. Three different types of dildos. One was rather large, one swelled in the center and one that seemed to be just the head and the first inch or so of a cock. Well I understood the difference between a dildo and a butt plug and leaned forward to pick them up. As I looked at them I saw that they were made to fit into the grommets at the base so that the suit would hold them in. So I fit them in place and carefully got things into position so that as I pulled the suit up over my hips it also drove both plugs into my wanting holes. As the tight waist band of the suit popped over the top of my hips it seemed to jump up and clench my waist beautifully tight. But at the same time it drove the plugs to the bases the last few inches all at once and I still don't understand how it didn't drive me over the top into a body convulsing orgasm.

My thoughts were rambling, in many ways I simply wanted to pump these until I passed out in over fulfillment, but the idea of more exciting things with Connie kept me from putting out the fires that burned stronger then I could ever remember.

I got myself back under control, some what and slid my arms into the sleeves, wiggled my fingers into the gloves and then stretched my arms up pulling the suit up and on in one big motion. I looked myself over and noticed that there were small dime sized openings for my nipples. So I stretched around each hole and loved the tight grip as they snapped tight at the base of each nipple. And with just a little tugging got the suit all ready to zip up.

The extra sensation to my nipples was almost enough to change my mind, so I realized that I was going to have to finish before I gave into my over excited body.

As I reached back to attempt the zipper I heard a door shut, and so I was sitting there with my hands behind my back as Connie walked into the room.

Connie smiled and said, "Sorry I'm running a little late. I didn't expect you to get so far."

Then I moved my arms and said, "Not as far as I would have liked to, but the zipper is a bit hard."

Connie chuckled and said, "Well let me show you a few tricks then." she grabbed a leash from the dresser and snapped it to the zipper, dropped the leash over my shoulder and said, "Now, just pull the leash and it will zip up easier."

I pulled the leash and after a few hard tugs it pulled past the waist and zipped up all the way to the neck in one motion. The tightness of the waist was fantastic but the extra pull on my nipples as they were pulled up a little more than I expected was a shock.

Connie saw the look in my eyes and smiled saying, "Yes, I just love the extra feeling as my nipples got a good working over in a suit just like this. Now do you want me to help you get everything else set, or should I just sit back and enjoy watching you finish?"

"Connie, please help, I'm not sure I can finish. I'm so excited I have been fighting the impulse to bring myself off, and put out these wonderful building fires of desire."

Connie asked, "Do you want to look each item over before we put it on, or do you want the rest of your pet suit to be a complete surprise?"

"God, you mean you have even more surprises then the double plugs?"

"Of course, but you have to remember that I have continued to expand over the past five years. And I know that you have barely played because you've been too busy to take care of yourself."

"Oh Connie, surprise me. I really want this to be the greatest, most exciting vacation ever."

"OK, then the next thing we need to do is get the hood in place. That way you will have to depend on me because you won't be able to see, speak, or hear unless I allow you too. And actually within the hour you won't even be able to move without permission. How does that sound as an exciting start?"

"Connie you'd better hurry or I'll change my mind. I can't ever remember being so excited and just thinking about more drives me higher. Just one thing, promise that I won't go crazy before it's over."

Connie laughed and held the hood up to my face. She started at the chin and I felt something at my mouth so I opened and a soft rubber piece slipped in about two inches, just covering my tongue.

Connie chuckled and said, "For now you can talk a little but it will be a bit hard. But by the time I finish, you won't be able to make a sound without permission or punishment."

Connie pulled the hood up stretching it over my head. She tugged a few times to get the holes centered under my nostrils and over my eyes, just right. Then she pulled it down over the top of my head and I was in a dream world. The wonderful tight feeling rushed through me, and I fell into a world of only wanting more and more.



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