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Two Rubber Slaves

by Latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2005 - Latexcheeks - Used by permission

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This compilation of reports were sent to my then rubber mistress. They take place during two different weekends the first in December 2003 and the second in January 2004, Martin Luther King Day weekend. They are related entries and here they are for your reading and rubbery fantasizing pleasure.

Hello my rubber pets,

Tonight you are to go out for dinner: You may choose your outer clothing to cover as much or as little as you wish to.

But you will wear: Vibrating butt plug set to low, a dildo in your pussy with a vibe with a remote control, 3 pairs of rubber knickers and thongs

Rubber stockings, peep hole bra with clamps on your nipples, all covered by a catsuit, and high heeled boots.

Whatelse you wear is up to you.

You must be in the restaurant for at least 1 1/2 hours, you will control the vibe of the other person and they must be on all the time. If a vibe is turned off or a vibe causes the person to cum, the controller of the vibe is the loser. Before you leave the restaurant there must be a loser. So you may need to have lots of ice-cream.

The loser of the contest will be the Mistress on Saturday and will choose all the tasks, including what is worn and where you go, and what household chores the other rubber pet will need to perform.

The winner of the task get to be the Mistress on Sunday and so can get "revenge" for anything that was done to her on the Saturday, by setting the tasks for the day.

The only requirement is that you go somewhere dressed both Saturday and Sunday.

I look forward to 2 reports (photos if you wish)

Plus can you tell me your plans over the christmas period so i will now if and when you are free to perform tasks for me.

Have an enjoyable weekend

Mistress Patricia

The Slut Slave Report

It’s Saturday evening and Mistress Rubber Toy has asked me to make this interim report on how the weekend is going. Well, for me it’s been all rubber layers and so many rubbery orgasms that my head spins. First off I ask forgiveness if there are any typos, Four pairs of gloves including one heavy outer pair does that. I have watched the spell check and should catch the true typos but if I type another word, oh well.

Dinner was exciting but I ate nothing. How could I knowing that I had already lost the bet and the game? Toy orgasmed about one minute after we sat down and I switched on her vibe. So much for a drawn out match. I think she planned it that way. She gleefully announced it to the world with a teeth-grinding series of grunts and low quick pants. Oh well, I came right behind her, I was so hot from the rubber, the game and now the wonder at what Mistress Rubber Toy might do.

But I’m ahead of myself. Dressing for the evening was such pleasure. Feeling the probes inside me and the layers slowly sealing me under more and more rubber. The first catsuit felt delicious. We both decided to wear two of them under our street clothes. I wore a short latex skirt and thigh boots. Then I put a slightly longer denim skirt over but I decided to wear a loose kind of matt finished latex blouse. The blouse actually looked like another material unless you knew what to look at. I put on a low-cut sweater over the blouse.

Toy was in leather, skirt, jacket and vest with a silk blouse under them and a scarf. My catsuit collars actually showed. The blue one was the top catsuit and looked like a satin neck piece under the nearly matching blue blouse.

We drove the 30 miles to Shasta City to mingle with the ski bums. There were plenty of hotly dressed young people in town, though the two of us were by far the most stunning. People looked as we entered the restaurant. Some whispered to each other and looked askance at us. I don’t really think they were talking about our dress as much as noting how well dressed we were and being ladies they smiled knowingly and went on with their business.

“Two dykes from SF” must have been on everyone’s thoughts. No bother, we’ve seen that before. A couple of guys looked and said a few things to each other shaking heads. I knew the head shake… ”What a waste of some sexy womanhood.”

To hell with them, I tried men and was dearly caught in an abusive relationship, not loving or pleasurable bondage play or mutual pleasure, just plain abusive, him getting it all and giving nothing in return save a beautiful daughter who mercifully had a great grandma to raise her while I worked on my career.

Enough of that. We ordered dinner and Toy ate while I picked. Waitress asked if things were ok.

“Fine. I guess I’m not that hungry. Could we have a box?”

Toy just ate and enjoyed her meal as she exploded several more times between bites. How could she do it?

My stomach churned in sexual excitement. I felt the mons and labia quivering under the assaults of the vibe. My clit surged and pulsed behind all the rubber. I bit my lip each time I came and Toy just smiled and would send a high pulse through the vibe to accentuate MY DISTRESS.

We got home about midnight. I figured on at least some rest before the morning games and Mistress Toy’s rule. I was wrong. At midnight she told me it was Saturday and time to start. She had me strip off the denim skirt and the blouse. She told me to roll up the sleeves on the outer catsuit, add gloves then roll the sleeves back down. The she handed me another pair of gloves to put on. She handed me two hoods to put on before handing me the fuck suit to wiggle into. The tight rubber covered me in this third full catsuit layer. It also meant all of our catsuits were on one or the other since she wore the other two. I finished with the hood and gag of the suit. But what came next? Dresses? Not a chance! She drug out the drysuit! I pulled it on, feeling the loose rubber skin covering me. I pushed my hands into the sleeves and the attached gloves. I peed about then too. Pee deep inside me began to dribble out of the knickers and slowly spread.

“Pull the hood up too.”

I pulled that tight dry suit hood over my hooded face.

She pulled out that wader suit and I thought, “I can’t”. I could, gawd I was stuffed inside so much rubber. I couldn’t even feel my hands touching me unless I pushed really hard but then with tight rubber layers massaging me and those vibes buzzing away I didn’t need to touch anything more. Then she added a collar to lock everything on.

She handed me my raincoat and said it was time to go for a walk! Two AM and a walk? Dressed like this? You’ve got to be kidding!

She led me to the car and opened the door for me. We drove to Potter’s Pond County Park. The gates were closed but no matter. She parked on the road then we slipped around the gateposts, they were meant to only keep cars out after hours. Toy produced a leash and attached it to the collar. It was strictly ceremonial; at 2:30 AM no one would see us. She led me to the water and took off the leash and told me to play in the water.

I waded out and found that with so many layers the cold water wasn’t cold at all. I began to romp and splash the water. I splashed at Toy. She was also dressed in only rubber with a coat over it, but her boots weren’t made for wading or walking on grass either. I had the advantage, sort of. Then she switched the vibe on high ands I collapsed in a heap of writhing orgasm. I lost my footing and went under! I exploded as I drown! Well of course I scrambled up from the water to see Toy full of mirth from her surprise. She switched the thing off and I tried to recover and slog my way out of the pond. On again! I fell to the bottom and arched my back as I came again. This time I was in shallow water and kept my head above the water, but the waves I made from my thrashing were occasionally covering my breathing tubes. Toy just let the thing run this time AND I EXPLODED OVER AND OVER as the water pressed rubber close to me.

I finally was able to drag myself from the water but the writhing explosions didn’t stop. Toy just rocked and laughed as I writhed in all those squeaky rubber layers in complete ands exhausting rubber lust.

Finally time to go home. Toy spread a latex sheet on my seat to protect it and we went home. Home and rest, yes? NO!

Toy only allowed me to remove the coat and the wader suit. Then she put on her leather and we were heading outside again. This time she tossed my respirator into the car.

“It’s for show,” she turned to me and pulled down the dry suit hood, then she pulled off the fuck suit hood, the gag, and the other hoods. She tucked the suit hood under the back collars of the suit and pulled the dry suit hood back on.

She gave me about two quarts of electrolytes to drink. The Gatoraide passed my parched throats with such delicious smoothness as she sat and watched me quench my thirst. I shook in orgasm as I drank.

“Such simple pleasures cause the ultimate reaction, how nice for my Cheeks to perform so well for me today.”

Then she got up and said, “We’re going to Shasta Lake Head for breakfast. I know a little stand-up place where someone in a dry suit stopping for a quick bite before a dive won’t be TOO noticeable. Best not eat much since you are going diving.” She gave me a wink.

I doubt she had diving on her mind, we were just going out for the morning as you ordered. Of course I hadn’t planned on having rubber on my outer layer, even the tame dry suit. Then those buzzing toys that she switched on and off randomly, WOW. And when would she switch one on, the middle of ordering breakfast? Maybe as we strolled from car to the stand? Or while we sauntered along the dockside looking at the boats and admiring the yachts?

We walked, she ate, I watched and picked at my food, I exploded at unexpected times and had to bite my lip to avoid making too much of a noise. Toy just smiled sublimely. I think I figured out her plan. I’m sitting here so exhausted and in about four hours it’s my turn to be in charge but I fear that we will sleep about 12 hours of the time. I best plan the sleep time to most uncomfortable for my little Toy.

Anyway, we strolled the dock for about two hours. My legs were liquidy rubbery from exhaustion and orgasms… oh the orgasms! People knew what happened a couple of times. I couldn’t help it as my body rushed over the cliff and into the carnal abyss of lust. I shook as I held to a dock piling once. The nearest BOAT OWNER CAME ON DECK TO SEE ME SHUDDERING. He kind of dropped his jaw but said nothing as he watched in fascination and an obvious bulge in the crotch.

“Haven’t you ever seen a girl in a dry suit before?” I gasped as the orgasm subsided.

“uh, well, uh, yes, but… ,” he stopped and went back inside the cabin.

Toy just laughed at his back. “So funny to see them speechless when confronted with raw sexuality that they aren’t in control of.”

“What if he calls the cops?”

“So? You’re fully dressed and completely covered. Besides, did you see that bulge? He loved it. He’s probably trying to figure out a way to invite us aboard right now.”

That was when the fellow came back on deck. Now he was in a dry suit similar to mine and carried his respirator and mask. “May I join you in your morning dive? You seem to need a dive buddy.”

Toy looked at me and nodded. She was ordering me to accept!

“OK.” I said.

We went to the end of the dock and dropped onto the float.

“You’re one sexy diver, if I may say? What’s your name?”

“Che… Shirley.”

“Hi Shirley, I’m Bud. I guess we’re introduced.”

He helped me with my fins and respirator and I helped him with his tanks.

“Let’s get wet!” He exclaimed as he slipped off the float. I followed him. The water was cold and I felt it on my face, though I was plenty comfy everywhere else. The water was soon pressing all those layers against my body and each movement was massaging bliss. I couldn’t help but with those things inside me I shuddered again. Bud was watching me intently and he came to me as I shuddered. He got close, must have seen my eyes and began to smile in his mask. Before I knew it he had his hands on my arms and he pulled me to his body. My rubbery body raked against him. My raw nerves sent out hot pulses of lust. I’d haven’t had a man hold me this way in years and here he was in a rubber dry suit as he thrust his crotch against me. I didn’t feel much through all the layers and the buzzing toys but I felt his rod raking my rubbery crotch and I saw his lust rise to a fever pitch then crash as he thrashed and held me and he exploded his spunk into his suit. I couldn’t help it as I came again. We held each other another few minutes and looked into eyes. I saw his naked lust fade into joyous realization. I think he might be a rubberist too. Maybe not as deeply into rubber as me. He probably owns nothing but that dry suit but I’m sure with the right coaxing he would yield to complete rubber. That was my thought. That was the fantasy to play out in those few minutes. Then reality and the rush subsided, almost, as we swam some before heading back to the surface.

He helped me from the water and thanked me for the enjoyable dive. He invited me – us – to lunch but we politely refused. Toy and I headed to our car as those evil things inside surged again and I stumbled through another light orgasm. I looked back to see Bud shake his head in disbelief. Little did he know.

When I got to the underwater orgasm part, Toy shook and almost drove us into a ditch. “That’ll cost you, Cheeks. No more cums today.” She switched off the vibe. I was actually relieved a bit and thought that maybe there’d be some sleep. Wrong again.

She had me back in the wader suit and doing chores until after seven then she sat me at the computer and told me to write about the weekend so far. Now it’s 9:30 and she has given me more Gatorade to drink. She has also put all the hoods back on so I sucked the fluid through the gag.

Now she’s teasing me as I write.

“What will you do to top this when midnight comes, eh?” She swats me lightly.

“Nothing to say? Just speechless with lust you rubber slut. You don’t want it to end, do you? Maybe I should ignore Rubber Mistress’s instructions and just be in charge tomorrow too. I’ll let her punish me later. It’d be worth it, I’m sure. ”

Now she’s switching on the vibe as I type. I have to retype everything two or more times to get all the typos out. I’d leave them but the words are completely unreadable. Here’s an example. She’s; swuitcghewd thewm oln agaikn and I’m so cxlose gawds ik so holt thenm – offfd. Well she switched it off and I’m frustrated, a rubber frustrated slut. Them it’;s back ponm agaiokna nd ik’/m shuddsewringf close tro the brinmk but offd! Damn!

Well, now I’m typing over and over again to make it clear. I’m looking at the words above and I’m not even sure what I said .

Time to end this until later. Maybe a new writing tomorrow or Monday. She wants to lock my ankles and arms in bindings and let me rest a bit. I think she wants me to sleep and miss midnight. Not a chance. I set the alarm for 11:55 and I don’t think she knows it.

She wants me to e-mail this to you tonight. Consider it the first installment of my weekend.

Rubbery huggles to you, oh Rubber Mistress Patricia.

Your servant rubber slut,


The Slut Mistress Day


The first thing she had to do was pull off the hoods and gag so I could talk. I left one hood on for good appearances. I ordered Slut Toy to remove the wader suit and the dry suit. I sat or stood while she worked to open the zippers and pull the things off me. I kind of missed the tight feel that the multiple heavy layers had provided. Then I had her clean the dry suit up. It needed it after the long day.

Before setting her to the task, I pulled on one hood, then strapped the double dildo gag to her face and pulled a second hood over that. She looked like a rubbery unicorn of pleasure as that huge shaft waved in front of her nose.

While she cleaned the dry suit, I watched and flipped on her vibe at surprising moments. Once she hung it to dry, I had her take the fuck suit off me. She cleaned it out too while I watched. By now it was 1:30 AM but her work wasn’t done yet. She had lots of preparations for the rest of the day to complete. I powdered up the fuck suit. Then opened her catsuits up to get to the vibes and such.

I ordered her to clean herself out but not remove anything. I watched as she struggled to work the enema wand around the knickers and thong. I asked if she needed to do any special hygiene sort of thing too since it might be a while before her next chance. She nodded a “no”. The excitement probably had most of her bodily functions disoriented.

Those knickers and thong sure held everything tightly. Then I had an inspiration, of sorts. The thong has a thin enough modesty strip it could easily stay to the side. All of our knickers save one pair have sheaths for toys. I had on the one pair without sheaths. I shoved her pussy dildo into the sheath of the suit while putting the arse plug into the back sheath. I lined these up with the first knicker’s sheaths and slipped them in. I layered the knickers over the shafts progressively. The resulting wands were enormous! I lubed the suit’s sheaths, now filled with dildos and rubber sheaths, and pushed the probes home. I slipped a vibe egg into the suit above the shaft and against her clit. I eased the suit on up and made sure everything fit right. The suit is tight on her and the rubber stretched tightly over her body leaving no ripples. The hood sheath reversed itself as I slipped it over the dildo sticking from her mouth. I finished with a flourish of closing the zipper. I pumped up those tits just a bit to get some nice pressure on her breasts. The nipple clamps must have been bruising as they bit into her flesh even more. I pulled the ballet boots on her feet to finish her dress.

I led her to the bed and had her lie down in the middle of the latex sheet. I cuffed her ankles and wrists to the bedposts. Then I slipped a strap-on around her waist and buckled it tight. Now I had a rubber fuck machine to enjoy, tightly strapped down with two choices of toys.

I switched on her vibe and watched her writhe and strain against the bonds as her first orgasm of my control swept through her loins.

I let her writhe and strain as the two vibes, the one in her arse as well, ravaged her. I finished stripping out of the catsuits and things to get the knickers off. I cleaned quickly and put the knickers with the sheaths back on followed by the catsuits, gloves and a hood. I opened my crotch zips and approached the writhing Toy. I eased the lubed up slits of the sheaths down on her mouth and fucked the shaft with vengeance. I arched my back and crushed my tush to her face as I exploded in orgasm. Her thrashing grew agitated and I realized that I’d cut off her air! Silly me. I lifted off her and reversed my position slipping onto the shaft at her crotch. I grabbed the thing on her face with my hands and pulled at it, working it in and out of her mouth as I rode the strap-on. Soon I exploded again and she thrust at my loins in an arching explosion that lifted her to the extent of the restraints. Her muffled grunting and rapid breathing added to the music of lust. My own cries were audible to any who might be near.

After that second explosion, my exhaustion from the day before hit like a hammer and I snuggled between the legs of my spread-eagled Toy and pillowed my head on her upper thigh and fell asleep to the lullaby of her erotic grunts and groans as those things inside her kept her fully aroused and happy. I must say that a moving and bucking pillow is hard to sleep on but the nice hot rubber sure felt good, as did the aromatic scent of hot woman rubbery flesh. Bud be damned, I’ll settle for a nice rubbery woman any time.

I doubt that Toy got much sleep. I woke after a few hours and knew it was time to prepare for a trip to town, well at least some town. That meant removing the lovely hoods and gag from Toy’s mouth. I’m thinking that a nice facemask with accurate features would be handy. The idea of gagging and having on hoods under it is delicious to imagine. I might have to work on that soon.

Anyway, Toy gets to go to town with ballet boots, blue jeans, Pendleton shirt and scarf, a raincoat over that with belted waist, and leather gloves over her rubber ones. The leather gloves were optional but she seemed to want them today. I pulled on my ballet boots too, no sense in Toy feeling alone, and my black rubber Mac over the blue catsuit. I belted the Mac and had the collar pulled close to my throat. It was rainy outside and a brisk wind was blowing so things wouldn’t be too bad for appearances.

We headed for Shasta City and the ski bums. The tour of the streets went as expected. There were lots of odd looks at the boots and the gait we had to maintain. Toy shaking every so often and biting her lip caused some amused looks and some frowns when someone realized the purport of the expressions. My collar opened slightly to reveal the shiny blue, but no one seemed to notice. One or two asked us about the coats. In this day and age, good rubber raincoats are pretty much non-existent. But there seems to be a market for them based on the questions. I enjoyed the brisk wind and blowing rain while Toy enjoyed her cums of delight every once in a while, courtesy of my switching on her remote vibe. We took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping in the boutiques that populate Shasta City. Of course, it might be a bad time since the height of the ski season means high prices but what the hey?

We got back home a little after noon. I immediately hooded and gagged Toy with her shaft. I strapped the strap-on back on her waist. I tied her back to the bed and then it was Toy playtime. I made up for the cums she got in town as I raped her rubbery body until I was completely spent. I came in roaring lust. I came with slow building inner peace. I came for lust. I came for love. I came to worship rubber.

All during this time I kept the vibes inside Toy silent and let her suffer as I exploded over and over again in her face, on her hot cunt and in her face again. I pulled away finally in complete and utter exhaustion, switched on her toys and fell asleep at her side.

The alarm went off at 5:00 PM. Time to get Toy ready for our little trip to the park. I roused her and pulled off her ballet boots. Now she was going to get the total treatment as she gave me. I pulled the dry suit on her and the wader suit over that. I only removed the gag to replace it with a less obvious butterfly inflatable. I’d left the strap-on on but it was bent against her tummy between the rubber layers. I’m sure she felt its presence there.

I put on my raincoat and handed hers to her to put on. She struggled into the thing as the multiple rubber layers pulled and tugged in protest to her movements.

“Time for a trip to the park, My Toy.”

I pushed her out the door and to the car. I drove to the county park and had her heading for the pond. It was time for her to enjoy the pleasures of a nice rubber fucking wade! I pushed her toward the pond.

“Get on in there and wade out to at least the middle of your chest.”

Then I pushed the switch to fire up her vibes and watched her thrash, lose her balance and gurgle into the water. The water frothed and seethed as she exploded in orgasm. She struggled to her feet sputtering between the gag. She tried to get out of the water and I fired the thing up again. It stopped her in her tracks as another wave took her. This time she sat down on the bottom. Her head above water. Her arms behind her back as she arched to the sky. She shook in ravaged ecstasy. The rain beat on her hooded face and she just shook as the waves of orgasm swelled up from her pussy and exploded over her entire body.

Then I switched the vibes off again and she slowly returned to earth. She just sat there panting for breath and looking to the sky or to nowhere. The water lapped at her shoulders. I heard geese honking in the distance.

I didn’t know what time it was now but figured it was getting late. The rain stopped and the clouds were pushing out. The glow of Yreka could be seen beyond the hills and the stars were starting to show. Besides the two past days were catching up with me. I’m not sure about Toy but I suspect that since midnight, she’s been quite ravaged. I helped her from the water. Water cascaded from her coat and suits. Her rubber shone under the slick water. That’s what rubber is all about, a nice protection from elements without and keeping hot desire within.

In a parting gesture I pulled on a gas mask I brought with us and struck a pose for Toy to laugh at internally! I spread my legs while leaning back against a water fountain, opened my coat like a flasher (dressed in blue rubber rather than naked) and grabbed my crotch. The flash took me by surprise. I didn’t know Toy had a camera with her.

I thought back to yesterday at Shasta Lake Head and Bud. He seemed to wonder about what I wore under the dry suit. He commented that it felt like I wasn’t wearing the usual bulky undergarments for a dry suit. I’d told him I wore a couple of layer of spandex which kept me warm but were more flexible and felt better than standard woolies. He had nodded appreciably at this revelation and commented that he might try that some time. Was there a future with this chance meeting? Was this guy more into rubberism than he knew? These were thoughts I had while watching Toy frolic and cum in the pond. Were these thoughts unproductive? I don’t know.

Anyway, we got home around 10. I helped Toy out of the gear. It had to be cleaned and dried. Then by mutual agreement, we snuggled together in our rubber suits and passed out from total exhaustion. The alarm went off at five and we just had time to get cleaned up for work.

I’m not sure when Toy will get to her report. She seems to be less detailed than I am anyway. I think her job keeps her busier with the little busy work stuff while my job is less busy work but more thought provoking. Anyway, hope you enjoy this report and I’ll keep at Toy to get her report to you.

Rubbery Hugs and kisses

Your rubber slut latexcheeks

MLK Day Weekend in SF


I got home and dressed according to your instructions. I felt a bit naked with only the ballet boots, thong and hood. I waited for Toy to get home. She’s been very good this week. As best as I can tell, she only came while at home. We played to “cums” only on Wednesday. It was so fun to anticipate the joys but hold back final release. I wanted to go the entire week in abstinence, since that seems to make the erotic rush of lust so much sweeter, but Wednesday seemed to be one of those days that we both needed a break, well we both needed some good hard rubber relief for balance.

I waited, sipping on a glass of water, enjoying the tight rubber on my legs and the thong pushing up into my crack. My clit rubbed the thong and I was feeling pretty darn horny when Toy finally got home. The boots were the first thing off. Of course, that ended up being only a temporary situation. We cleaned each other up in preparation for the long weekend. I didn’t mention to you that this was a three day weekend here. We both had Monday off too. Have no fear, Dear Mistress, we figured out a way to entertain ourselves Monday. That’s part of the reason why this report has taken so long to write. I just wasn’t in any condition to do much yesterday but recovery from the long weekend. It was kind of like being on a drinking binge, but so much more fun! The intensity of my rubber exploration was surely stretched by three days in rubber. I/we had a glimpse of what it might be to live a 24/7 existence in rubber. What an awesome thought! Toy was amazing in her challenge. And it is a challenge to creatively test, please and surprise with a task. Of course, she had nothing to go on for Friday, other than your very brief instruction, dildos and clamps (ok), vibes or cumming (not ok).

She kept the hood on me and put one on her own head while we cleaned up and cleaned out. Five warm water flushes later I felt pretty well cleaned for the weekend. We’d been eating little since Thursday in anticipation of a long weekend and hoped that we’d not have any accidents that might make it unpleasant. Toy slipped a blindfold over my eye openings. With practiced ease, she slipped the catheter into my urethra and slipped one into her own. She pulled up the panties with solid dildos for front and back and pushed them inside me. She left me sitting for several minutes. The catheter tubes hung around the edge of the rubber. Finally, she led me into our bedroom and whipped off the blindfold. Laid out on the bed were two sets of clothes, one for each of us. I helped Toy into her matching panties. The clothes were lined up in the order of donning. First were the peephole bras and the clamps, three sets. We slipped clamps on our nipples after putting on the bras and then rolled the panties down enough to expose our clits that were already flush from anticipation. The little buds were easily squeezed as we turned each other’s screw tight. I felt the sharp pain of the clamps and grimaced as Toy gave one last twist. I felt tears collecting at the corners of my eyes as the pain pulsed out from the three clamped erogenous spots and washed over me. Toy was equally in discomfort and her sharp breathing and liquid eyes showed her torment.

Then there were two pairs of stockings each to roll up the legs. I slowly helped Toy into her stocking and she into mine. I felt the two rubber layers covering my limbs and that old sensation of surrender to rubber again rushed over me. Then we added a pair of panties and a pair of shorts that helped hold the stockings in position. Then the leotards over the shorts to keep the tops of them, or the shorts from slipping down. Next came one pair of shoulder length gloves each. Then there was another hood to add, adding another tight gripping layer to my head and its long rubber skirt flowing out over my shoulders. Then the tee-shirt over the hood which locked the hood under the tee-shirt. Next was the first catsuit, We helped each other into the shiny black skins that would seal all of the intertwining layers and seams beneath us in single smooth flowing rubber beauty. Then there was a second pair of gloves to roll over the catsuit sleeves. I felt the second rubber layer on my fingers and flexed them appreciatively. It’s not like I’ve never worn more than one pair of gloves before, quite the contrary, it’s just that each time I marvel at the close press of wonderful rubber layers and wonder why the two of us are the only ones in this town to discover this sensual diversion. The blue catsuit was a final addition to the initial dressing. I pulled it on and gloried in the press of the multiple layers of thin rubber that combined to make a squeaky, pulling, massaging, enthralling rubber capsule. Toy worked herself into the red catsuit for her final outer layer. She pulled the ballet boots on my feet, then pulled on her own boots.

I thought we were finished dressing at this point but I also wondered about the rest of the evening since dressed with hoods and so completely sealed up, going out would be very much out of the question. But then I suppose this night was a night of rubber torture and denial. Toy then took a spreader and added it to my ankles. She pointed for me to kneel onto a cushion, which I did. She then pulled my arms to my back and slipped our arm binder over them. She laced the binder tight, pulling my arms behind and hard against the small of my back. Toy locked a second spreader at my knees. She slid a lock through the ring on the tip of the binder and locked it to the center ring of the spreader at the knees. This forced me to lean back until the bound arms were against the floor in a most uncomfortable position. My nipples pushed hard against the rubber layers and the clamps sent out screaming signals as muscles were tight. Sweat poured from me and ran down the inside layers. I was looking at the ceiling and wondering just what was next. Toy slipped a posture collar on me and next was to lock the back of the collar to the spreader at my ankles.

As she pulled me back against the ankles, I shuddered in a violent and spontaneous orgasm brought on by the shifting dildos inside me. I tensed and grunted in the gag and knew that I’d failed through pretty much no fault. I was certain that being pulled into the position with those things inside when at such an arousal that failing to cum would have been absolutely impossible. I was now completely shackled into this incredibly painful position and my arousal was pegging from the pleasure/pain that wracked my body. I wanted to explode in ecstasy and felt pulses of obscene pleasure welling up inside my tortured body. Of course I couldn’t move in any way to relieve the rush of lust. I could only endure the desire and feel the wondrous rubber squeezing me in its tormenting grip. I couldn’t even roll myself on my side because the spread of the ankles and the way in which my hands were locked to the spreader at the knees, I couldn’t find any way to shift or move. I was trapped in this bondage as surely as if I were locked into a cell. I panted and sweated and felt the surges of lust ebb and flow in me. The entire night was a painful lust desire unfulfilled. I promised revenge of some kind on Toy with each breath, especially when she would lean into my vision and ask if I was comfortable? Then she’d dance off again. I heard the TV through my hoods. I knew she was just lounging about the house. I can only guess that she kept the promise to not pleasure herself, though I will admit that if I were sitting free in the same room with a rubbery bound rubber slut like me, I’d be hard-pressed not to play a little.

Once she asked me if my punishment was right for my indiscretion? What indiscretion, I thought? I didn’t count the cum since I really felt there was no control over it. Had we not been obeying the tasks all week? I had no idea what she was talking about but I had plenty of time to think about it. After all, how much can you do with your time when you’re so bound up other than endure the wracking pain and think. The hours passed and I was certain that Toy would release me. I heard my grandfather clock chiming away the time. Each quarter hour, each hour, I endured. The clock stuck ten. The clock struck eleven… midnight.

“Off to bed for me! I’ll see you in the morning,” Toy exclaimed brightly.

I was still bound and muscles began to ache. Legs went numb. The clock seemed to slow. One… Two… Three… the torture dulled into monotony. Four… Five… Six. I ached so much yet I was so aroused. My clit surged as I tried to make something happen. Those two monsters inside me pressed each other between the thin tissue separating them. The lack of movement froze time and froze any teasing in place. Was one cum worth such punishment? Toy is showing a side of her I never knew existed. I had to pee a few times during the night. The pee flowed from the cath but since Toy hadn’t plumbed the tube, the hot stuff just seeped out into the rubber layers and settled at my knees and feet. It added an oddly erotic pleasure to the torture. I wanted desperately to be released from the bondage. I wanted desperately to explode in cum on cum on cum. I didn’t know what I wanted. The idea of cumming over and over WHILE in the bondage grew in my heated mind. The idea of being a rubber slut lost in rubber slutting bondage eased into the darkest corners of my mind. It slipped in and out of the shadows looking to kick down the door and be right there in my living room! I knew I was tottering on the razor-edge of bound lust and desire. I thought about stories of rubber bondage from the Internet. I wondered how much of them were true as the victims slowly surrender any hope and lose themselves completely to the sensual expectation and total arousal of the situation. One story, in particular, came to mind, it was a self-bondage story where the victim/dominatrix literally split in the mind though one in the same. She locked herself into the bondage from which escape could be impossible if the plan went wrong. She had to pee until the collection bag was heavy enough to release the bondage mechanism in which she’d locked herself. As the story went, it took three days of her sucking on her 5-gallon water source, which she drank dry, and peeing before the thing finally released. She’d reached a point where she thought it wouldn’t work by the time the lever moved and the bondage was over.

I knew that Toy was in control of my situation and that I wasn’t in such a seemingly hopeless position as the heroine of the story, but still I felt a kinship to the story and a rushing wonderment at what such exquisite torture/pleasure such bondage might reveal. Seven… Eight… Surely Toy must be awake by now. I know how lightly she sleeps when in rubber and it’s been eight hours since she bid me “good night”.


“Time to go shopping, Cheeks.” “Have to get you out of this now.”

Toy leaned over me and she was already in her copper catsuit with jeans and blouse over it. Her hands were in a second pair of gloves since shiny copper hands might be too obvious.

Well, getting out of the bondage was easier said then done. Sure opening up the locks and releasing the various limbs was easy, but the screaming pain as blood returned to my legs and my muscles stretched or compressed back to near normal positions kept any fleeting desire to cum at bay. Toy massaged my calves hard and worked her fingers over each leg, arms and my back. She helped me out of the stuff. Then we had to wash out everything that was wet from piss and sweat, which was pretty much everything but the outer catsuit. We hung it to dry then I applied myself to getting ready to go out. This meant the suit with vibes inserted into the sheaths, the boots and my outer clothes and I was ready to go. We decided to forgo food until we were at a restaurant, though we both knew that eating was going to be one of those nearly impossible tasks, especially with little friends buzzing away under our rubber second skins.

Off to Shasta City. Can’t hang out around Yreka today, not with the plans I have,” said Toy.

Thirty minutes later we were at the restaurant in Shasta City.

We hadn’t sat down a minute for lunch when the vibe inside me ripped to full speed. I exploded almost immediately with a rousing yelp of pleasure that caused the entire store to look at me.

“A reward for enduring the night,” Toy smiled. She seemed content to let her own stewing heat simmer as her vibes were set on some slow setting. I watched her glowing eyes twinkling merrily as she cranked the things up again and I shuddered as another wave pulsed through. I gritted my teeth this time and only the rigid body and barely heard grunts gave me away. Still the couple next to us looked aghast at me. I smiled. It was all I could think to do.

“You best get used to this because I want you publicly exploding all afternoon for my and everyone else’s pleasure, Cheeks, my love.”

“You fiend!”

“Folks are staring, dear.”

The waitress put our plates on the table and looked at me dubiously.

“Let’s eat,” said Toy and the things erupted inside me again.

This time I held myself back enough to compose my mind to control the surge and the ripples of lust only brought on fast breath, wide eyes and tense body. Still people who were already aware that I was in some sort of extraordinary sexual arousal saw and knew what I did. Then the aroma! Cums, hot rubber and sweat are really hard to hide. It didn’t take long for the people to look at both of us and wonder.

“What is that perfume you have on?” Asked one woman.

A fellow asked, “Are you two really as hot as you seem?”

Toy quickly responded to him, “I’d show you just how hot we are, but you’re not ready for us.” She pulled at her blouse top and exposed the copper rubber of her suit. The fellow just stumbled away.

“We’d better get out of here, Cheeks.”

“I think so, too.”

We paid our bill and went out to stroll the streets. Funny how people seemed to look at us. I felt eyes on me the whole time. A couple of times I shook as Toy toyed with the vibes and caused me to cum. I would nonchalantly grab a light post each time she fired the vibes up and the rumbling arousal surged in me. I panted from the cums and I know eyes were on me.

Then there was Bud. Yep, we ran into him. He asked me why I don’t return his calls. Toy just grabbed my hand and laid a ripping French kiss on me while he stood and watched. I think he got the picture as she shook in my arms and I shook then we were both shaking and cumming and laughing and his jaw dropped. Gawd we are bad!

“I see,” was all he could say as he stumbled off.

“No hard feelings, Bud,” Toy shouted after him. “Just the best rubber girl won!”

I saw him hesitate momentarily at that but he walked on.

I was silent. What could I say? Did I really care? Actually, I did but it was only fleeting care of the possible adventure of making him into a rubber slutting toy with probably no chance of success so better off that he have no hope and the calls stop.

“You are such a devil!” I scolded Toy.

“You made me what I am, Cheeks,” she replied.

“I guess I did.” Then I had a thought, “let’s go home and pack all of our gear. We’re spending Sunday and Monday in SF.”


“I mean it. We’re going to stay at a place on Folsom and hit the fetish clubs. We can go publicly in rubber!”

I elaborated. “We get on the road in, say an hour. That’s two. We’ll be there by eight. Check into the hotel and pull up our hoods, slip into some more stuff and out to the clubs. They don’t care what you wear in the streets around Folsom! we get back to the room whenever and do Rubber Mistress’s Sunday plans, only include an excursion or two to a couple of shops I know. Then back to the room for more fun and check out before noon and home by five Monday afternoon.”

Those vibes were driving both of us wild as we drove to San Francisco that afternoon! The only non-rubber items in the car were the clothes on our backs over the catsuits. The closer we got to SF, the more my stomach churned at the thought of clubbing in rubber with other rubber/leather fetishists. SF is the place to go on the west coast. It has three or four stores that are well stocked with gear. It’s a haven for fetish. I know of three clubs that have strict dress code every weekend and one has strict code all the time.

What Toy didn’t even realize was the Hotel Cosmo was more than just a hotel. It caters to the gay and lesbian crowd! It even has fetish theme weekends. Even if we weren’t lucky enough to catch one of them, the clientele and the staff could care less if you strolled the halls head to toe in rubber or visited the lounge dressed that way. We’d be able to stay completely dressed the entire time! And that includes going outside since this was the heart of he fetish capital of the west coast.

The Lust of San Francisco. I left my heart there too! Well I left a piece of my rubber heart there. We checked into the hotel about eight in the evening. Before we left Yreka, I’d contacted them and reserved a room. When I got out of the car, I opened my blouse to expose the rubber top of my catsuit. Toy looked at me in terror. I smiled and pulled at her blouse, opening the top button. I grabbed her hand and we walked into the lobby.

“Evening, ladies. How can I help you?” The clerk was friendly and smiling as she looked us over appreciatively.

“We have reservations, Kincaid?”

“Yes, Ms. Kincaid. We have you on the third floor. Please sign the register and I’ll swipe your card.”

Toy was speechless as I registered.

“We have a nice disco going tonight if you want to relax some. Your more than welcome to come down any time.”

“Thank you. Are hoods ok?”

“Yes, but please wear your room key about your neck so we know you’re a guest.”

Toy’s eyes were a sight when that little conversation happened.

“See, Toy? They understand completely here, not like up north.”

We headed for our room.

Now pulling up the hoods, gagging ourselves. I figured we weren’t home so we’d put on rubber dresses over the catsuits and have some disco fun before back to the room and carrying out the rest of your instructions. Besides, you didn’t expect us to have an extra day to play.

No one took notice of two rubber sluts strolling the halls. We found the Disco by following the music and WOW. There were almost nothing but lesbian couples in the place. A few guys were around the edge of the room but this place was made for women who love women. Toy and I were the immediate center of attention, much to Toy’s dismay. We hit the dance floor and the fast beat of music carried me away. My sweaty body slipped and slid inside the rubber and I could feel animal urges as the tight rubber massaged me all over. Girl after girl maneuvered next to us and made sure they got a chance to rub against our rubber skins.

“Oooooo, rubber is so kinky.”, “Oh, you look so sexy.”, “Oh, you look like someone I could eat.” How many different comments did we get. “What does that feel like?”, “Where can I find something that looks so good?”, “What’s it like to do it in rubber?” The questions, the rubbing and touching went on the entire time we were there. The crowd gravitated to any part of the floor we were on. All eyes were on us. In the shadows you could see whispered comments, smiles, nodding heads. I decided I should demand that Fetters or Stormy Leather give me a discount in return for the advertising they got from our little dance.

The heat, the sweat, the beat, the attention took a toll on both of us and we left for our room after a little more than an hour. By now it was eleven. And finally time to get on with our weekend games. We added stockings, panties, hoods and outer catsuits. Since the instructions included both gags for hoods but to keep them out, we debated and decided some extra sounds from the room would be fine in this place. Besides, people came here to engage in carnal lust and animal delights.

Toy leaped on me as we finished closing the last long zipper to the top of our boots.

“This is your reward for enduring the punishment last night.”

Was the bondage just last night? Did it start just a little over 24-hours ago? Did it end just this morning? Wow, so many adventures packed into one day has run together and buried that punishment in a distant memory. I just laid back and let Toy ravage me. Gawd, she is good. Stars, lights, blinding flash and yells of passion were my present, my future, and my forever. I exploded in convulsive shocking power and wanted nothing to end. My mind washed clean of everything but the Now, here with my love, wrapped in her rubbery arms, having her rubbery limbs squeezing and squeaking against my rubbery body. Feeling the friction of the shiny tight rubber, feeling the amplified power of sensually released lust, feeling the building heat trapped inside the layers and washing over my ecstatic/tortured being. One with rubber and one with Toy two rubber sluts as one together in this tiny oasis of sexual bliss above the throbbing streets of San Francisco.

The ringing of the phone broke the spell. My shaking limbs just relaxing from another pulsing cum. I rolled to the phone. “Hello.”

“We have some, well, requests that you calm down your fun or invite your neighbors to join in.”

“Oops, are we that loud?”

“The entire floor can hear you.”

“OK, we’ll be more careful.” I hung up the phone.

“I think it’s time for gags in.”

“Gags and bindings?”

“Gags. You’ve been very good so far. You’ve been my faithful Toy all day, haven’t you. I think you deserve a proper reward. Sooooooo.”

I jumped at Toy’s pussy and started working on the vibe inside her. It had been off since we’d gotten to SF so I worked my fingers through the layers and found its switch and got it on. Then I ordered her to cum and I rammed my hips into her lap to help. Toy shuddered and shook as pent-up passion rolled out of her body and flooded the room with her screaming ecstasy.

“Oops, forgot to gag,” I giggled between the words sputtering out as I pushed the gag into her mouth to reduce the screams to grunts.

Then she exploded again as I tightened the gag. Then I broke out the spreader bars and the arm binder and started cuffing and binding her. The posture collar and the same extreme modified hogtie that I endured Friday night. I rubbed the taut rubber at her pussy and slowly worked my fingers along the features that now showed, even behind all the layers. She shook and convulsed inside the bondage and the torture of bondage balanced her bliss and her roaring cum fell off. I kissed her hooded face. I rubbed up against her bound body. I sniffed at her rubbery sex. I drank in her musk. My hands against her pussy, I felt a rush of heat as she pissed into her suits. I wanted to open the suits and drink her elixir. I wanted her to feel the liquid mix lubricate her body. I tasted the salty sweat on her eyelids and she shook under my body as she swept into blissful cum.

Now I rocked my pussy hard against her thrusting hips and we both exploded. I drove hard against her bound rubber body. She grunted and groaned as pain and pleasure swept through her.

I think she expected me to release her from the bonds after these late-night games, but I fell off her stretched and bound figure, curled next to her and fell into exhausted sleep.


The next morning, I checked her breathing and bonds, decided things were fine and called room service to have breakfast brought up. Then an odd inspiration hit me. All doubled over the way and bound, she was less than four feet long. I thought she might fit into the duffle bag I kept my dive gear in. I went to the car and dumped the gear into the trunk and back to the room. I woke the sleepy Toy as I was struggling to get her into the bag. Actually I rolled her onto her stomach, put the bag over her, and flipped her and the bag back over. I could see her eyes pleading from behind her hood through the open top.

“I’ll close it long enough to get you to the car.”

Then I was off to find a baggage cart to put my Toy bag on and get to the car. I pulled off my hoods and changed boots for the outing. I left everything else on and put on my jeans and blouse.

I pushed my cart full of near empty bags for rubber and one very full bag of Rubber Toy to the car. Once I had her in the back seat, I opened the zipper to make sure she had air. I pushed a tube from a water bottle into the drinking/breathing tube of the gag. She swilled the water thirstily. I took the empty bottle off the tube and screwed a second bottle onto the lid. She drank again.

I thought that Fetters might have some ideas on what to do with a bound up Rubber Toy so I headed over to the store. Fetters is a really cool bondage store. They have loads of gear and plenty of leather and latex too. They love interactive displays for the store too. I should have known what would happen. Toy went on display and customers had loads of fun checking out her bondage and rubber wear. And when they checked it out, they checked it out. Usually she got a couple of good hard strokes on the taut rubber across her pussy. Her obvious shudders always drew a smile. Then they wanted to know if I was willing to check out their vacuum rack for a few minutes. So we spent almost the entire Sunday afternoon in Fetters and in bondage. They have this awesome chair with the world’s supply of straps and tie downs that will keep anyone completely immobile once they are strapped in. There was this guy completely head-to-toe in heavy rubber sweating away in the chair. The gas mask on his hooded head was amazing and his sheathed cock bulged behind the heavy rubber suit. It almost made me wish I liked guys to see this awesome display of rubber and bondage lust.

The vacuum rack was incredible. Squeezed into tight rubber pressing the body through my rubber suits. I could hardly breathe as the rubber compressed everything. Then the customers tickling and teasing me with feather boas or just their hands and someone occasionally rubbing my pussy hard! It was confused ecstasy. I was embarrassed to be on public display but how could I fight the animal lust from the teasing? I could see Toy in her little display as well. The rack faced her and through the transparent rubber of the rack I could just see her form but I could sure see the teasing and attention she was getting and her responses were very noticeable. I thought we would have plenty to share tonight.

How many orgasms are too many? I’ve asked that question so many times the last several weekends. Again I thought of the question as my aching body subsided from yet another hard cum under the rack. Torture/pleasure in its most crystal clear form. Diamond sharp in its exquisite clarity. All manner of extraneous trappings stripped away to reveal the inner kernel of pure lust. Again I kneel at the altar of rubber bondage and lust. All thoughts stripped from my mind save the immediate urgency to explode in rapturous bliss and ache in the tormented consequence that is the price of such joy. I completely lost track of the times I came. I lost myself in the haze of lust. The crowds came and went in a gauzy halo of light before me. They laughed. They smiled. They envied. Their eyes glazed. Their hands wandered to hidden places under their clothes. They exposed their desire to trade places. I was the center of sexual attention and responded in wickedly decadent arousal. I never knew I could be such an exhibitionist! Regardless of the forced nature of the game, I was enthralled to be the center of attention. I’d never be able to do this on my own but here and now it was so right.

Afternoon came and I was released from my rack. We let Toy out of her bondage too. She was much worse off for wear and had to be helped to the back where Jane (a Fetters employee) and me massaged life back into her limbs and helped clean her up some. She needed her clothes washed out and Fetters has a great shower area in back. We lounged in back while Toy’s clothes dried. It didn’t take long under the heaters and fans and she was able to dress enough to get back to the hotel in pretty short order. I sprung for a couple of new latex items as reward for our day. I got Toy a new rubber hobble dress, a real nice Morticia Addams dress. I opted to get two more pairs of Bermuda shorts and a new mid-length dress. Fetters gave me a 15 percent discount for our participation as their displays.

Back at the hotel, we made sure we were properly dressed as Sunday required and called room service for a light meal and ice cream. They came and went and we ate. Then we cuddled and loved each other after the long day in public display. Toy told me of her fear and her surprise at arousal and ability to get lost to the world as she blasted in orgasmic bliss when the customers teased her. I shared my same experience with the vacuum rack. It was amazing how the public exposure seemed to build an additional thrill, almost like another layer of rubber, into the equation. The physical thrill and exposure was an elixir as surely as tight rubber. But we both agreed that Yreka would not be a place for such games. Surprisingly, I slipped my head to Toy’s swelling chest and slipped off to sleep as complete exhaustion took me to the land of nods.

I awoke in pretty much the same position. Only Toy’s head was laying on my shoulder as she slept. I looked to the clock which read 9:00, but there was light outside and I realized it was nine in the morning! I’d been asleep almost thirteen hours!


Wow, it was time to get up, get clean and get home. I knew which catsuits to wear for the trip home. We’d wear dildos, panties, stockings, clamps, gloves, two catsuits each, thigh high boots, hoods and gags once in the car. We didn’t need to make a gasoline stop on the way so I saw no need for street clothes. I forgot about those few blocks of street outside of the Folsom Street area that we’d traverse.

That settled I threw our street clothes in a bag and took it to the car before waking Toy.

Driving through SF in rubber is incredibly erotic. The slow traffic and frequent stops forced us to wait, fully exposed, to the drivers or pedestrians around us. Once we were out of the Folsom area, the obviously curious expressions that shifted to smiles tended to shift to shocks! I melted under the scrutiny more than once and wanted the lights to change so fast. The drive to I-80 was fortunately very quick and we were only in the “hostile” area for about four blocks before the freeway allowed only fleeting glimpses of us. Relief flushed through me as we gathered speed to head out of town. Even the toll bridge worked in our favor since the toll is collected only when coming to San Francisco. The relief rushed through me and I shuddered in orgasm as I stepped on the gas. Toy glanced toward me and rubbed her pussy hard to join in the fun! Gawd, what a sight, two rubber sluts rubber fucking themselves to heaven while driving. It’s no wonder I didn’t swerve off the road right then. It’s a wonder a cop didn’t pull us over. It’s a wonder I my carnal appetite was so unabated by the weekend lust. Gawd rubber makes me so horny! We rubber “F”ed each other once we got on the open road north of Vacaville. It was so easy to forget I was driving but the road was open and clear and no one to see us as we fled the city and left its carnal excesses behind.

The mountains and Shasta loomed closer as we finally were slumped in exhaustion from the games. I had to concentrate on my driving even as Toy kept teasing me. Oh, the distraction of a rubbery minx! Fortunately cruise control helps keep me from stomping on the gas or slipping off the gas as the distractions become tooooo much . I only almost missed one curve a little south of Mount Shasta on the trip home. we got home a little after two. And I was ready for some hot rubber games – AGAIN.

This time we opted for open crotches on our catsuits with those kinky knickers/hoods on. We had to get out of the driving things and clean up a little. then it was the knickers with stockings and gloves and one catsuit, then a second catsuit, and a hood and another pair of gloves.

We pulled the knickers’ hoods through the catsuit crotch openings then I pushed Toy to the bed and put her legs in spreaders. I climbed onto her rubbery chest, pushed my face between her legs, into the hood and closed the hood zipper to lock me to her dripping essence. She did the same to me. Then I took handcuffs and locked my arms around her waist. She understood the drill and took the cuffs that I’d handed her and locked herself to me. Then we ate each other into rubber bliss. Oh her succulent rubbery juices! Oh the heat of her rubbery framed pussy. Oh the hard, clamped clit pulsing under my tongue. I shook in orgasm and she rolled into her own animal explosion. For an hour we drank each other’s essence. Piss gushed out twice and I drank in the salty acrid stream, seasoned with cunt juice. Gawd the glorious explosions, the white heat, rubber heat, rubber lust and hot rubber thighs squeezing me, hot pussy juices flowing out of the rubbery flower of lust two rubber sluts slutting to exhaustion. And the finality of blissful dreamless sleep, still locked to my loves rubbery pussy.

We slept locked as one. I woke to her tongue probing me again and I responded in kind. We licked greedily at each other’s love and drank in the rejuvenating potion. My heart soared in ecstasy as I exploded with renewed passion. How can I explain such power in love after so much exhaustion. The body springs in eternal youth and rubber lust as I drink in my love’s love. She pisses again and my face is washed with her stinging hot piss as I slurp it down. I release my stream on her and feel her craving tongue drinking me up. I explode in another rolling cum as she shudders beneath me.

Tuesday Morning

It’s getting late, or is that early, and time to clean up the mess, climb out of that deep rubber hole and return once again into the world of the normal, the dull world of daily living. Ah, to find a way to remain in this Neverland of rubber. To join Peter Pan in a rubber adventure to the end of time. Still the weekends are ours, even if the weekdays belong to the F&W Department.

Again in aching exhaustion but with that incredible renewal which comes from the crucible of rubber lust, I prepare to meet the new day and week. I unlock my cuffs and remove my head from the hood. I help Toy from her cuffs and hood and together we clean ourselves of the weekend. I feel that sadness as the water washes away the weekend. I feel that amazing joy as I feel cleansed of the past and ready to meet the challenges of the week ahead. Then there’s next weekend only a few days away

I helped Toy into her daily slut training clothes before I went off to work. She chose to not cum today, at least for now. Maybe tonight, I’ll take her out in the ballets and she can pleasure.


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