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Twenty Days

by Lady Katherine

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© Copyright 2009 - Lady Katherine - Used by permission

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I'm not sure where to begin telling this story, so I'll just jump right into it. I'm not much of a writer so you'll have to excuse me.

For the past few months I've been a prisoner in my own home. Dad left me the building in his will. It's worth a decent amount of money I suppose, but there isn't much to see from the outside. It's just a brick office building with three stories and so old it doesn't have an elevator. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, a couple of tenements of about the same age, an abandoned church, some newer offices and one of those U-store-it places on the same block. I moved in when I started my business, prefering to be close to my work. Years ago someone had leased part of the basement for storage and they made Dad install a backup generator in a shed on the back of the building. It still worked, I had a guy service it every few months, some of my equipment needed to stay powered up, or bad things could happen.

Most of the second floor was now taken up by rack after rack of servers. Those were my income. I leased virtual space for everything from bank records to role playing games. It wasn't paying the bills as nicely as it once had though, so I work from the third floor as a software consultant.

Dad had indulged his little girl's interest in computers at an early age. He used to buy me the latest and greatest machines, which I promptly took apart. I was a spoiled girl I suppose. Dad had made his money early in life as a doctor. Mom hadn't understood much, but she'd indulged me too. When I was in school I was the only girl interested in computers. At UCLA I was the queen of the geeks. The popular girls don't understand that a pack of geeks will do anything for a pretty girl, and those boys think about sex more than they do about computers. Well, sometimes.. The other thing about the geeks, they'll try anything, and most of them are kinky as hell. I made some friends that I still can count on for almost anything today, ten years later.

One of those boys, I still call them all my boys, sent me a package almost six months ago. Just a small box with scrap of thin latex in it. There was also a small black box the size of a nine volt battery, which was attached to the latex. Or what I took to be latex at the time, it was only about ten centimeters square. No note or return address either. A few days later I was talking to him online when he asked me about the package. At the time he was working for some think tank, doing contract testing and research. “Yes I got a box, no I didn't do anything with it, why did you send it to me Randy?”

A few days later I had it hooked up on the bench to one of my computers. The little black box had a covered mini-usb connection on one side that I hadn't paid attention to. Randy had sent me a link to his FTP site so I could get the software. I spent hours making it crawl, wiggle, curl into shapes before I realized the potential for the thing. Not only could it form shapes, but it could stretch out as well, up to a certain limit. A quick trip to the toy store netted me a Barbie doll to experiment on.

Maybe I need to tell you something more about myself before I go on. I may be queen of the geeks, but I'm still an introvert. I prefer to be alone most of the time. Being sexually kinky from a young age, I discovered self bondage and having an active imagination I found lots of unique ways of making up what I call adventures. I have used all sorts of release methods. Everything I could find online. I downloaded a time lock program as soon as I found it, then got one of my boys to write a better one.

Bondage isn't my only kink though. Anything tight and shiny turns me on. I have latex lingerie, vinyl tops and dresses, even some leather undies. I've always been too shy to show them to anyone, except for Randy. He found them in a search of my closet once. He never did tell me what he was looking for. He managed to convince me to wear them from time to time when we got together. We both had a lot of fun doing some very sexy bondage scenes when he was in town. The trouble is that he's rarely in town! He's actually married now, and has kids, but I'm a bad girl and let him stay a few nights anyhow.

I had some of my other boys writing code for other projects at the time. I slipped in some projects of my own, had them develop an interface, and soon poor Barbie was a damsel in latex distress. When I coupled a 3D scanner into the system, I found I could actually let the program figure out what I wanted by wrapping up Barbie, and let it write the control routines itself. I was hooked and desperately tried to get a hold of Randy for a bigger sample. But, as he often did, Randy dropped out of sight and I didn't hear from him for a few weeks. When I finally did, he had lost the contract for the project, and was amused that I was still interested. Randy can be a bit flighty sometimes. When I insisted that I had to have more he admitted to having being locked out of that company's systems. I scoffed at him then, knowing full well his capabilities and soon had his “other” access and was busily snooping into their servers. I was a bit surprised to learn who that company was.

I had been expecting some clothing designer, but it turned out to be a big oil company. The design was supposed to be a self sealing patch for pipelines that could be directed right into a flowing line. Soon though I had hacked in far enough to get the subcontractors name and convince them to make me a second sample. I paid for it out of my own accounts, but made sure there was no way it could be traced to me. I even had it sent to general delivery.

Weeks passed again and I had my package. In the mean time I had another of my boys work on the connection box, making it a bit larger and having it's own rechargeable battery. The new design also had a wireless connection, so no more cables. It's really a nice piece of hardware, housed in a small high strength plastic box the size of a pack of cards. It attaches to the small plug on the fabric itself, in a small pocket. The new sample is a meter square, thin as silk and glossy black. If you look very closely there is a network of fine lines in it that resemble pencil marks.

The first thing I wanted to do was establish a baseline. For the first “outfit” I chose a simple short sleeved latex bodysuit with an open crotch and set up the interface to form it around my body. It's pretty simple really, just choose the parameters, save it to the server, make sure the battery is charged and click the run button. I set it for a two minute delay and then the latex forms whatever shape for the preset time. Since this was to be the form it was to take when it wasn't in another routine, I didn't need to set a time.

Once I had the program loaded I laid down on the latex sheet and took a deep breath. Remarkably quick the sheet stretched and reshaped around me and soon I was in a seamless shiny black outfit! The control box will hold the current parameters until a new set are loaded.

Needless to say, I was extremely excited and had to relieve myself with a vibrator before work could continue. And work I did. I had been neglecting other projects for days and since those paid the bills I decided I had better get some done. But, I was still thrilled with my new outfit and I decided to keep it on for the rest of the day.

I had been working into the wee hours for many days, most of it on the latex, so I was not only very tired that first night, I was also very much enjoying the feeling of the tight second skin. I knew I'd be up all night playing with it again if I left myself a choice, but I just couldn't bear to end the fun yet. Going back to my original sample I loaded in a full body mummification that left only the nose uncovered. Poor Barbie had spent days wrapped up in the same situation, so I figured I could give it a go. When it came to setting the timer I decided that I needed a good long sleep, and I admitted to myself that being wrapped in latex for the night, I might not sleep very much. So, unwittingly, I set the time for eight hours. Have you ever been unable to move, except for some small fights to roll over, for eight hours? I have, more times than I like to think about now.. Let me tell you, you don't sleep much!

I took the latex into my bedroom, which is on the third floor, down the hall from the workroom. Once I was on the bed and all covered up I had to wait a few minutes. Then when I felt it crawling across my skin and I was in a panic. But it was too late. I was quickly wrapped up tight, my arms lay across my chest in the position I lay down in, like an Egyptian mummy, only wrapped in skin tight black latex.

I fought it, I struggled, I squirmed around for what must have been an hour at least. During the fight all that I gained were several very intense orgasms and a knowledge that I was not going to get free. Several times during that first night I woke up wanting to scream. I had no idea how much time had passed, so when the crawling sensation happened again I actually did scream out loud. I was shocked that I was free and still alive. Looking over my body I was surprised to find myself in the bodysuit again.

I bolted for the bathroom and relieved myself quickly brushed my teeth and got right back to work on the interface. By noon I was starving and hadn't been out of the building in days, so I decided I owed myself a bit of a walk and of course, I'd have to be wearing my new toy. A bit of quick work with the computer had me in a tanktop dress with a short skirt. I easily hid the latex under a knee length denim skirt and a sweater. Before I went out the door I just had to add a few kinks to my outfit, so I sat back down and re-wrote the dress with just one small change. The skirt itself would slowly lengthen as time went by, and the longer I was out the more I risked being seen with a latex skirt tightly wrapped around my ankles. I set a delay of two hours, with a little random factor thrown in for spice, and set a total time of four hours before it would revert to default. The transformation from hidden to full on hobble would take about twenty minutes, again with a random factor added in.

Heading out the door with my bag I made a few stops for some food, placed an order with a local grocery that delivered and walked a few blocks to a small bar that I sometimes hung out in. The place is a dive but it's friendly and the burgers aren't bad. About the time I had my food I felt the skirt squirming down my thighs and over my knees. Quickly checking the time I realized that my luck wasn't holding out and the two hour delay was closer to a one and a half hour delay, I had hit the short end of the random time. Instead of a half hour to eat and the twenty minutes to get home, I now had less than a half hour before my legs were hobbled tightly together. There was nothing to do it wait it out. I didn't dare risk being unable to walk in broad daylight, so I ordered up another beer and sat there, legs hopefully hidden under the table, as the latex crawled down and pinned my ankles tight together. Of course the one waitress I knew was bored and came to sit with me between customers, and every time she did she brought me another beer. I had three and a half in that two hours, then one more before I decided I had better go before I wasn't able to. I got back home, climbed the stairs in a haze and fell promptly asleep for several hours.

When I woke up I realized that I was still wearing the bodysuit. It was too tight and too well shaped to my body to take off, so I sat down and wrote the parameters for the flat sheet and loaded that in. After showering and another nap I sat back down and did some actual work, this time for a security firm. I had lots of server space these days, unfortunately not the latest and fastest stuff available. Still it was fine for backup systems and that's what most of my customers wanted.

My mind kept going back to the events at the bar though. If I had been home I could have taken off the latex at any time by simply uploading the flat sheet profile. I had been working on a stand alone system with the latex, but I began to think that if I put it on the servers and let the program divide itself among a few other systems, I would be unable to hack it once I had it running. Unfortunately I didn't have the skills to make that happen, so a call and a promise to another one of my boys got me a secure way to effectively hide the interface program from myself. The catch was that once it was running it would take a full shutdown of my entire network to restart it. That wasn't something that wouldn't happen easily. The entire system could run on batteries for ten minutes or so, and by then the generator would be up and running. I could shut it down myself, but that would mean disrupting a lot of my customers. Most of them paid me extra simply because my servers never went down. I shadowed everything for the security company, and double shadowed it for the banks. One set of backups wasn't even in the building, but nestled safely across town in the basement of a supermarket where I leased space.

I managed a few solid days of work before the new interface was ready to go. Once it was compiled and running I loaded in the default bodysuit routine and the mummy one as well. Since I didn't want to be able to get free during one of the scenes I wrote a routine that would block all changes while one was running, and then wrote another that blacklisted any possible return to the flat sheet form, or any other shape I could come up with that would set me free.

By this time my work was getting seriously behind, so rather than leave it alone for awhile, I decided to set up a timeclock system that would limit me to playing with the interface between four in the afternoon and ten at night. It would only allow programming access during those hours. Before long I had added in a little monitoring program that required me to be at my desk and working between the hours of 9am and 3pm, with an hour break at lunch time. It would monitor my keyboard for activity and penalize me by taking time away from working with the interface for the latex. As long as I was at it I decided to make sure I went to bed at night, so I set up time away from the computer from ten (midnight on weekends) and would also add penalty time if I were at the keys before 8am on any day.

Of course I gave myself the weekends off, allowing myself to work or not as I chose.

Of course any running program took priority over the timeclock.

Since I didn't want to be confined to the building all of the time, I worked out a way to tie in the buildings alarm system. I used a RFID tag on a key chain to open the doors, so it was easy enough to figure out a way to let the system know if I were there or away. It might seem extreme to have an alarm on the old place, but I had a lot of money in equipment in there, plus the fact that I spent 99% of the time on the third floor, alone, and had no way of hearing anyone on the floors below.

Some other features I added had the latex sealing over the control unit while a scene was running, and choosing any scenarios from a random list. I'd be adding to that list as I went. I set up folders for a few different situations, things like time out of the building or different types of restraint.

At this time I got very busy working, and didn't actually upload all the new features until one Friday evening. I had some ideas for scene and situations I wanted to try out, and of course being in the actual latex would inspire me. The default program, that I had named simply Bodysuit,, asked me for a total time. Since this is the form the latex would take whenever nothing else was running, I didn't think a lot about it and gave myself a little thrill by setting it for 20 days. A few minutes later and I was dressed in nothing but the default bodysuit and working happily away. One thing I wanted was some sort of warning that the latex was about to change it's form. All it took was a small routine to make it sort of quiver a few seconds before actually doing anything. The actual warning time would be set with each new situation.

It was close to midnight, so I decided to give up for awhile and just enjoy the feeling of the bodysuit and pleasuring myself with a vibe. In my living room I have a big old leather sofa. It's as ugly as it is comfy and I soon was curled up watching some TV show and occasionally running my hands over my latex clad form when the entire suit quivered. At first I was surprised, until my racing mind remembered what the only other situation could be. At this time, there were only the two!

It didn't matter though, before I could sit up I was wrapped head to toe, mummified again and this time on the couch for eight solid hours. I wasn't prepared for this at all. For one thing I needed to use the bathroom, and for another I still had the vibe inside me, humming away. The first time had been uncomfortable and scary, this time it was sexual torture and humiliating. Sometime during the night the vibe slowed and stopped, and sometime after that I relieved myself inside the wrappings. I was so humiliated that I came again. I lay awake trying to figure out why and then trying to dream up ways of using that humiliation to my advantage. Maybe I should say ways of taking advantage of myself.

The quiver of the latex woke me up, and I counted to twenty before it unwrapped my tired and sore body, leaving a mess on the couch. After cleaning up and showering the exposed parts of my body I went to my work are and decided to see what I had done to myself last night. Of course I had locked myself out of the interface. I'd have to wait until four o'clock.

If you haven't noticed by now I really enjoy finding solutions to problems and working out ways to deal with them. At first my problem was a way to make the latex foolproof. So I was diligent to make things secure. I also love to make tough situations and then try to find ways out of them. My mind wandered all day, and I would get too excited to work. Three times I took breaks to masturbate, the tight feeling of the latex on my skin kept me distracted and turned on. Knowing that I'd have to wait to get free of it was a thrill in itself!

When four finally rolled around I logged in to the interface and set about fixing my mistake. That's when I realized the depth of the mistake I had made. The default program was running. The one I had called Bodysuit. I had locked myself out of any changes to currently running scenarios. And...I had set the timer for twenty days! I wasn't ready to give up yet though, so I did some checking and figured out that I could add scenarios still, but not make any changes to them. Somehow each scenario was being added to the running default program. It took me close to three hours to decide there was nothing I could do short of forcibly removing the latex and I was not about to give it up yet. Thinking about my options I came to a realization that I would be spending every night mummified unless I added a different routine. Checking the time I saw that I had less than three hours left to work on it, so I ran for a quick snack and sat back down, to find myself locked out again! I had wasted my time by not working earlier in the day. It was hopeless, I would be in the mummy position again in just a few hours.

Knowing that I would be trapped I set about preparing myself this time. Before midnight I had eaten, used the bathroom and gotten myself into bed and under a blanket. Right at midnight the quivering warned me and I think I whimpered as the latex crawled over me and wrapped me once again in a snug embrace for the night. I think I slept a bit more that night. Probably from exhaustion. Still I woke up many times, blind and mute and barely able to move. I managed to hold my bladder the entire night, but it was a race down the hall when I was finally free.

I raced through my morning rituals and sat myself down at 9 sharp, worked diligently until noon and decided to risk a quick trip out for lunch. I literally ran to the next block and grabbed fast food, then ran back to my desk to eat. I wasn't risking one single minute this time. By four I was ready to get to work on the interface.

The first concern I had was hygiene. I couldn't wash my body while it was covered. Of course I still didn't want to cheat, so I wrote a routine that would let the latex change to a simple belt around my waist. It would vary it's position each time so I could clean under it as well. To activate this routine I would have to be in the bathroom. To ensure I couldn't cheat I wired up a RFID scanner in the hall outside, connecting it to the security system. The actual RFID tag I slipped into the pocket with the control unit. On the way in, it would free me, on the way out it would go back to whatever was running when I went past. The bathroom is at the end of a hall, so I wouldn't be passing it at any other time. I did the actual wiring after ten, being careful not to waste my time at the keys.

After the hygiene script was done I set about loading in a few of the outfits I had designed for Barbie. A couple of them were like hobble skirts, one was a straitjacket tie where my arms were crossed at my waist, and the last would have me covered head to tow with only my eyes and nose open, but otherwise free of any bondage. One last inspiration had me add to the routine that kept the control box sealed, making it permanent until the latex was off of my body. I finished installing the RFID sensor in time to get a quick bite to eat, then went to the bed to accept my fate for the night.

I should mention that the control box doesn't remember all of the programming. Each day it uploads a new set of instructions from my network. The battery was charged by a small charger similar to a cell phone's. That jack was left exposed during my work hours and I had to plug it in for an hour or so for it to charge fully. I saw this as another weakness and set about making sure I would charge it. It took a few days to come up with it, but eventually I settled on two things. First, if the charge got below a certain level I would get a quivering warning that repeated itself until the charge got too low. Then it would wrap me in the mummify position and set off the fire alarms. The effect being that I'd get exposed to a bunch of annoyed firefighters while helplessly bound. Try explaining that one. Needless to say, I've been very careful to make sure it gets charged.

But that night I wasn't mummified. In fact, I kinda lucked out and was simply trapped in the catsuit. After awhile I began to see this as a relief and got used to sleeping deeply whenever it came up in the random sequence. So deeply that I had to set an alarm. One morning I actually overslept and lost two hours of interface time. Also, when I was only in the catsuit I could go to the bathroom, get free and take a long bath and relax for awhile.

On a few nights I got lazy and didn't program at all, so me being the way I am I set up a punishment routine. If I failed to add a new scenario every two days, I spent the night like a mummy for the next two nights, plus an additional two hours selected randomly during the day, for three days. Of course that time was deducted from my work time, and then from my time with the interface. Only once have I neglected to follow the rules and spending two hours on the floor was enough to keep me diligent from then on.

That's how I spent the first week or two. I ordered in groceries and left the tip in the entrance. For lunch I could run out if I were quick. I was still enjoying myself, but began wondering how many days I had left. When I could log on again I checked and sat staring at my screen for awhile. It said I had nineteen days to go yet. How could this be? I checked everything I could think of. Finally I sent an email to Eric, the one who had wrote the actual program. Two long days later the timer still said nineteen and I got an email back. He told me that he'd been confused by my glitch for awhile, then he realized that I had been adding to it. “Simple” he wrote, “it must reset with each new addition. Just reboot it.”

I sat there dumbfounded. I had written myself right into a hole. There was no way I could do a shutdown and re-boot. The program was scattered across my entire network. Some of the servers weren't even in this building. I was screwed. Worse, I had done it to myself. I tried every trick I could to get at the code. Anything to stop it, to reset it, whatever I could think of. Nothing worked. I had been too good at sealing up the holes, and my boys were too good at writing the programs I used.

I had been working on a new scenario the night before, but when I got shut out of the system at midnight (being a Friday) it was too late to get to the bedroom and I spent the entire night mummified in my desk chair. That was all I could take. As soon as I got free in the morning I took the scissors into the bathroom with me. But.. I couldn't cut it.. I tried, but it just sealed itself back up. I tried over and over, but it had no effect. Finally I decided I had to remove the control box. I hated to, nothing about this project had been cheap, but this was getting serious. As soon as I clipped the latex near the box I was back in the mummy position, falling hard to the tile floor and laying there helpless. I hadn't been out of the same position for a half hour yet, and my muscles began to cramp right away. I lay there and wailed, too scared to cry for fear my own tears would choke me. I didn't know if I would ever be released now. If the circuits were cut, how would it be able to change? I squirmed and thrashed like a fish out of water. It just left me panting through my nose. I don't know how long I lay there like that. Time goes by differently when you're bound and can't see. When it finally slipped back into the belt I got up and used the bathroom, showered and walked out past the sensor. Again I was mummified. It must have been after midnight and there I was, in that same position for another eight hours.

I dozed off and on, until finally it changed into the default bodysuit. I rushed through the morning routine. I didn't dare waste a minute, though all I really wanted to do was sit down and cry. Every part of me ached from the fall and the long, long mummification. I knew I wasn't going to dare cutting anything again. Later I would figure out that the latex was designed to revert to a default form and actually re-form connections if they were cut. Since I had gotten rid of the flat sheet as a default, it chose the mummy and took that shape. I've never been sure why it didn't go back to the default bodysuit, but I suspect it's just my luck holding out.

During the day I researched the company that designed it. Either they had better security now, or there just was no more information stored in their systems. A search of the subcontractors turned up nothing useful either.

When I got into the program again I finished up the scenario that I had been writing. I started two more, but didn't upload them, instead I saved them for use later, if I needed a quick one to prevent punishment. I knew that somehow I'd get out of my predicament, but it soon became apparent that it would be awhile. Every time I added a scenario the counter would reset, and if I didn't add one every other day I'd be stuck in the mummy position for 20 nights in a row. And everyday as well for two hours. Of course some of the positions I designed were simple. Things like the full body catsuit, and variations on themes. Sometimes my eyes are left exposed, sometimes my whole head. I never know which one it will be, but the more of them I write the less often the mummy scenario happens, and Im thankful for that.

I can't spend the rest of my life in the same building. I knew I could go out at anytime during the day, but every minute away from working took away from that evening's time spent trying to get free. So, one evening working diligently got me time off the next day, as long as I made sure I had a new scenario uploaded. I wrote some scenarios for my time out as well. I had really enjoyed that first time out in the hobble skirt, so I added that one again. I found a way to make a corset tight enough to keep me standing upright in a gale, and a chastity that would keep my hands away from myself, or keep a toy inside me. Of course any scenario that left me able to walk meant that I could go to the bathroom for a reprieve.

I don't know what I'm going to do next. Somehow I must get out of this mess. It's as if my own mind were working against me. Sooner or later though, I think I'll have to call for help.

Part Two

Eight days... The best I could do so far. Being wrapped such a tight mummification, unable to move for so many hours, and then having to endure it again for two hours during the day was just too much. I might be able to handle it better if I could see, or even roll around a bit more. So twice now I've made it to eight days, then gave in and added more scenarios. Resetting the program for another twenty days, but allowing me the chance to spend a full night in a less stringent position. The more I add to the interface the more random my nightly bondage becomes.

I awoke one night in the latex straitjacket position, which is one I have come to enjoy a bit more. I can walk and see in this one, so I sometimes wander into the bathroom to be released and add a toy or two, then walk back out, passing the sensor and getting immobilized again. I designed the jacket with a panel that covers my crotch, helpful for keeping things in place. Bondage is much more fun when you have a pleasant distraction buzzing away inside you. That particular night I had been dreaming. In my dream I was mummified, but somehow I felt that I wasn't alone. All of a sudden I felt hands on my latex covered body. Just searching, pressing and exploring me as I lay there and struggled harder than ever before. I woke up frightened but also extremely aroused. I got out of my bed and, shaking with fright searched the entire building for any sign that I wasn't alone. I was still in the tight confines of the straitjacket and my old building doesn't have very well placed light switches, so much of my wandering was through the dark.

The flickering lights on all of my servers turned the second floor into a sci-fi scene, but those rooms have been updated electrically so it wasn't hard to flip the lights on with my nose. The heat from the electronics always make this floor feel oppressive. Being wrapped up in latex didn't help that much either.

The first floor was especially scary. There are large windows that are exposed to the street just a few steps below. Passing cars left shadows that swept over the walls and floor. The streetlight out in front illuminated long patches in from the windows, but left the corners dark and able to hide everything my imagination could come up with. I don't use this floor much at all. Years ago a friend had had to move out of town suddenly and I had let him store some furniture in one of the old offices. He had never returned for it, instead leaving it for me to deal with. It sat there gathering dust still, and only now did I realize how many things could be waiting behind an old wingback chair or worn leather sofa. I admit the fear had me very excited by this time, and I straddled the couch's arm like a slut, pressing the latex against my wet sex and managing only to arouse myself further.

The door that led down to the basement was locked by a double keyed deadbolt. The key I kept hanging on a hook just around the corner, but there was no way I could manage to get the lock open. Since it was closed I felt certain that no one could come in that way.

I went back to the office and searched it again. Finally I was able to convince myself that I was still alone in the old building. It was still dark out, so I guessed that I'd be bound for a few hours yet. I wasn't willing to give up on my excitement yet though. For many days I had been forlorn about my predicament, but the dream and the search of the building had me more excited than I had been since this predicament had begun.

The office had only the one room, with a small cracked window covered mostly by plywood. Enough light filtered in to let me see the steel bars that are on the outside of all the first floor windows. I decided to spend the rest of the night down here. I knew the program would set me free wherever I was in the building when eight o'clock came around, but I wanted to stay bound now and I knew that I'd use my bathroom escape method if I went back to the third floor. Before I could think it through I pushed the door shut and felt a tremor go through me as the latch clicked into place. There was no way I could get the knob to turn without the use of my hands, and that would be a few hours from now at least.

I was a shivering sweaty erotic mess when the latex slithered itself into my normal daily attire of the default bodysuit. It was quite erotic to touch myself after so many hours without the use of my hands. Disheveled and sore I slowly made my way back to my apartment where I collapsed on the bed after several orgasms in the shower. I knew I was loosing my time with the interface, but after the thrills of the night, I really didn't care.

I hadn't uploaded anything the night before and I didn't then either. I did write up several new scenarios, and three or four were ready to be used, but I wanted, actually wanted, to be mummified tonight. Shortly before midnight I grabbed up a few things and ran down the stairs to the first floor office. After closing the door I slid the old wingback chair in front of it. Working quickly in the dark I first inserted a vibe into my sex, then a plug into my rear. After turning on the vibe I laid on the couch and wrapped myself into a nylon sleeping bag. I zipped it shut and pulled the drawstring tight around my head, leaving only my lower face exposed. It wasn't but a minute or two before the latex did it's act and cocooned me from head to toe.

I didn't sleep at all. The helplessness of the latex mummification combined with the heat of the sleeping bag made me feel like I was in the oven. I found that I could slither around with much effort and turn myself over, which let me put some weight on the vibe that was turning my sex into a slippery mess. Over and over I came. Long orgasms that left my tummy hurting followed wave after wave that were less intense but still incredible. My aroused moans became pleas to no one for mercy followed by incoherent gagged begging. I know I blacked out from time to time, but I always came back around when I would try to let out a tormented scream that was denied by the latex covering my face and mouth. At some point deep in the darkness the batteries began to fade. At first I was relieved but soon became aware that it was not a blessing, but yet another torment. The vibe still made my pussy throb, but the decrease in stimulation coupled with my exhaustion left me unable to reach orgasm.

Finally my time was up and the latex changed shape. I struggled my way out of the sleeping bag and summoned enough strength to move the chair before making my way up to the shower and the sweet bliss of my bed. Hours later I awoke just in time to serve my two hour sentence, once again mummified.

Those two night made me realize something that I had forgotten when I found myself trapped. I was living my dream. I was able to have some input to my nightly treatment, but not enough to give me any real control. I was a slave to my own devious erotic mind. Repeatedly my mind wandered back to that dream. Feeling hands touching me while I lay helplessly wrapped in skintight latex was an incredibly intoxicating fantasy. It wasn't long before I found a way to program that feeling into the latex interface. I copied scenarios already in the menu and added the programming to make me feel like I was being explored while bound. I didn't add it to all of them and I actually made copies of the ones I did so I would never know if I were going to be 'felt up' that night or not. Some nights I woke up certain that someone was taking advantage of me. Sometimes, if my legs were free I would run to the bathroom to free myself only to insert a vibe and run back to the bed. Twice I got lost on my way there because of a hood covering my eyes.

Variations on the same thing were fine, but I found I wanted to be challenged more and more. On the nights that I happened to be in the full body catsuit with my eyes uncovered I would explore the building room by room. Sometimes I would linger in front of the big first floor windows, daring anyone to pass by and see me fully covered, yet fully exposed. Sometimes I would wander the building blindly when the fully hooded catsuit scenario came up. Those nights were very special. I felt strangely free even though my entire body was trapped by the shiny material. I had to rely on memory alone to tell me where I was. One night I found the alley door. Shaking in fear I dared to open it, even stepped outside a few steps. The cool night air and strange sounds thrilled my being. I quickly rushed back in, fumbled blindly and locked it just as a huge orgasm caused my knees to fold, leaving me panting through the nose holes of my hood. That night I thought I had found a latex bondage sluts heaven.

Up until now I had left the daytime hours of the weekends pretty much alone. Of course I was still forced to wear the bodysuit all the time, but I had several hours to myself that left me able to cook, clean and do various odd jobs. I could go out to the nearby stores if I needed anything that I couldn't get delivered. If I had incurred the penalty time in the mummification I had to be careful not to be out when it bound me up. Usually I just stayed in on those days. I had enjoyed that first time out in the hobble skirt so much that I made up a voluntary routine for the interface. It allowed me to add a few select scenarios that would run only during the day. I could even set a time on them, and of course I had a random factor as well. Every few days I began making short trips out for lunch. If I ran over my alloted time the interface took away time allowed with it, but I had a few scenarios ready to go in case I didn't want to incur the penalty.

On one lunch break I decided to go to the little bar for a burger and some human contact. I started out with the latex in the hidden belt form, but I had set the hobble skirt program to bind my legs shortly after I got there, allowing for the ten minute walk and a two hour stay. Dressed in a short denim skirt and red satin top I ventured out enjoying the click of my heels on the sidewalk. When I got to the bar I was distressed to find it closed, a sign in the window saying that they were no longer open for lunch. I was frantic. I knew the program was running and that somewhere between twelve and fifteen minutes would pass before I would be unable to walk. Looking at my phone I figured that ten minutes had passed already and there was no way to get back home in time. The blocks surrounding the bar were all offices and apartments. Old brick buildings like the one I owned. On the opposite corner was a convenience store. There was no hope for refuge there.

Sweat began to run down my back and the inside of my thighs were becoming wetter by the second. My mind raced as I searched the streets for an escape. Just across the street a cab was parked. I had noticed the driver eating his lunch as I had passed him earlier. I had also seen him watching me all the way up the street. Jogging as fast as I could in four inch heels I crossed the street and let myself into the cab just as the latex slithered down over my legs, trapping them together. The driver looked startled and began complaining that he was taking his break. I told him to be quiet, start the meter and eat his sandwich, I'd wait until he had finished. He grumbled until I gave him a ten dollar bill and told him again to take his time. He ate in silence as I pretended to text someone on my phone until finally he asked me “where to?”

Of course I had no idea, I really just wanted to sit there in the cab for the next two hours (give or take some random time) and then go home. I sat there in silence for a couple of minutes before he asked me again, obviously getting irritated with this strange woman in his cab. Blinking rapidly I looked at him and asked if he knew of the adult store across town. He chuckled and nodded, then put the car in gear and drove. I was totally in shock by now. My legs were pinned so tight that I couldn't sit still. When he pulled up to the seedy little adult store I paid him and started to open the door. Much to my surprise he got out of the car and opened the door for me. There was nothing to do but act like I knew what I was doing. I slid across the seat and tried to stand up. The first two attempts got me off the seat before I plopped back down again. At this point he was openly staring at my legs and he offered me his hand. Taking it I got out of the car at last and stood up only to have the denim skirt slide right off my latex covered hips and pool around my ankles. Somehow I managed to keep my composure even though I was screaming inside and my sex was soaked. Stepping carefully out of the skirt I looked down at it in dismay. There wasn't a chance that I could bend over to pick it up. The cab driver took it all in stride like it happened everyday, bent down, picked up my skirt and put it in my hand.

The latex creaked and popped as I took tiny steps on my heels and made my way inside. I had never been in one of these places before, having ordered all my toys online like any shy geeky girl does. Now here I was, dressed like one of the women in the fetish video movie section! The clerk took a long look at me before she laughed and asked if I needed any help. I managed to tell her that I just wanted to look and she nodded and smiled at me. I wandered slowly around, amazed by the openly displayed sex toys and rack after rack of DVD's. I must have been lost in thought because she startled me when she spoke from right beside me.

“Honey, where did you get that skirt?” She asked.

“Uhhm” I stammered, then with my face burning I replied, “I made it”

She looked it over carefully, even bending down to look closer, then she whistled and stood back up.

“Think I could get one too?”

“Well, I.. I don't have any material left” which wasn't a lie.

That started a discussion on the availability of decent fetish clothing and the attributes of various materials. That is until I began to wobble on my heels. My ankles had been locked tightly together for awhile and my legs were beginning to complain about the unusual conditions. She must have noticed because she asked me if I'd like to sit down in the back with her while she had lunch. I nodded she led me to the back of the store, patiently waiting with a grin on her face and an odd look in her eyes as I made my tiny little steps. The back room of the store was surprisingly spartan and clean. Just a little room with a coffee pot and a little fridge like most dorm rooms have. She nibbled on a granola bar while we exchanged names and small talk.

I found out that Liv had been working on a degree in marketing before her funds had run out. Then she had lost her job and had recently taken on a part time position in the store to make ends meet. I didn't ask but figured she was probably twelve to fifteen years younger than I am. We seemed to hit it off quite well right away and I totally lost track of time until I felt that quiver that signals a change is about to take place.

Liv had been talking when it happened and she stopped quickly. “Are you okay? You just went white as a ghost” My legs were hidden from her under the table, but they suddenly felt cold as the latex slithered it's way up them and wrapped my body, under my clothes thankfully, in the default bodysuit. Just that quickly I went from hobble skirt to open crotched bodysuit and I was in shock. My private parts were exposed and touching the plastic chair right in frnt of a total stranger. Slowly Liv stood up and reached her hand towards me. She touched me just below my chin and I felt the blood rush back into my face as I realized what she had seen.

“Okay girl” she said quietly, “I just saw that latex crawl right up you”. And she had.. the neck of my blouse was open and the bodysuit was exposed to her. “You have a story to tell me” she said, sitting back down in her chair. I knew I was blushing and I even began to sweat. Stammering I began to fabricate some sort of tale to explain, but she saw through me right away. “Nuhht uhh, the real story” she insisted, looking me right in the eyes.

So I told her.. Nearly everything. We sat there and talked for over an hour, or I talked as she listened with intense interest, her eyes rarely leaving mine even though I was looking at the table most of the time. When I was caught up to being exposed right in front of her she startled me by jumping from her chair and locking the room. “Show me” she said. It wasn't a request and I had no will to resist by this time as I felt about two inches tall under her continual gaze. I stood up and slipped the blouse off, exposing me dreadful secret to this young woman that I had met less than two hours before.

She circled me, whistling her approval, and I jumped when her hand touched me just above the small of my back. “This is the brain?” I nodded. “And you can't get it to turn off?” I just nodded again as she continued her circle to stand, hands on hips, right in front of me. Her hand cupped me under my chin and brought my eyes up to hers, in my heels I'm about the same height as she is in flats. “I want to know more” she whispered, locking her gaze on mine.

I don't know why, but I knew I could trust Liv right away. I told her that she could come to my building tomorrow, a Saturday, and we could talk more then. She helped me get my skirt back on but there was no way to hide the latex that showed under my blouse. That was one aspect I hadn't thought about before beginning this adventure, I hoped I wasn't beginning to make risky mistakes. Liv just grinned at me as I tried to adjust my collar to hide it.

After I got back home it was straight to the bedroom for some relief and then back to work. I logged in to the interface just in time to get kicked back out. I hadn't uploaded the day before and I had lost so much time I wouldn't be able to now. I sat back and accepted the fact that I'd be punished and left mummified for the night. I spent the restless hours that night wondering why I had been so willing to tell Liv so much, and indeed, why I would allow her inside my private world. I had never had many female friends, usually preferring the company of my boys. That's not to say I that I don't like women. I am probably what you'd call bi-curious. That thought made me stop and consider.. Was that why I had talked so freely to Liv? Was I sexually interested in her? Being trapped in the mummy all night never lets me sleep very well, but I got even less that night. The heat between my legs grew as I kept going over the day's events and I managed to orgasm despite being so tightly wrapped.

When release came with the morning I rushed through the morning routine and made myself clean the entire apartment. By the time I was done I needed another shower as cleaning in a latex bodysuit isn't exactly cool work. Not wanting to be quite so exposed I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, wanting to look as casual as I could while entertaining a woman that knew I was wrapped in escape proof latex undergarments. Lunch time came and I made up plates of little snacky foods, having no idea what she might prefer. And hour later she still hadn't showed up and I began to wonder why we hadn't exchanged cell numbers. When the door buzzer sounded I rushed down the stairs to let her in, apologizing for the age of the building and the lack of an elevator as I let her in.

Liv was wearing worn jeans and a tank top covered by an incongruously nice leather coat and ankle boots. Over her shoulder she carried a backpack, also made of leather, instead of a purse. Her brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and small tortoiseshell framed sunglasses hid her dark eyes.. The whole effect had me thinking of the Tomb Raider movies, but I'm not sure why.

She said that she wasn't hungry so I offered her the full tour of my old building. She said she'd love to see it, but only if I played tour guide in only the latex. Her wicked grin convinced me and I left my clothes behind. She seemed to be rather impressed with the old place, telling me repeatedly that I had “allot of room for just you”. When I showed her all the computers she gave me that look that I knew meant she was impressed, but really didn't know what she was looking at. Down in the basement she kept putting her hands on the beams overhead as if she were suspended and grinning at me. Okay, I admit, I knew what she was thinking and yes, I was excited!

I was sitting on the old leather couch and she was in the worn wingback talking about the nights I had spent in the office when the quivering startled me. Before I could explain I was mummified right there on front of Liv. Mouth covered and blind I could only hear her shocked words as she grabbed me just before I tipped over, laying me out on the sofa.

“So”, came her muffled voice, “this is the punishment position I guess, and I'm betting you will be right there for two hours won't you?” I could only nod and mumble. She laughed then and thanked me for “such a surprise ending” to the tour. My sex was hot and I could feel the wetness making my thighs slick within my latex prison. I was startled by the scrape of the chair on the wood floor as she pulled it up close to where I helplessly lay. Her hands began a slow exploration of my entire body then. I squirmed and moaned in mock protest, but I was extremely excited by her attention and indeed, happy that I could do nothing to stop her. Her fingers touched me everywhere, the latex thin enough to convey her gentle touch to my sweating skin underneath. When her hands came to my covered face she put one of them over my already latex covered mouth and held my head down firmly. The effect made me protest and try to wiggle away, but I was trapped. I could hear her sharp intake of breath, her head must have been close to mine.

Her hand lifted, to be replaced by the other one and my own breath shuddered as I caught the scent on her fingers. I wasn't the only one excited in the room. Her hand clamped down over my mouth tightly and I could hear her moaning now. I thrashed about, dieing to know what she was doing with her other hand, desperate to see, touch, anything. When she let out a cry I knew what she had been doing and it was all too much for me to bear. I sank deep into subspace and totally lost my self in a powerful trembling orgasm that left my abdomen muscles spasming and shaking. Somewhere in the relative distance I heard her chair creak as she sat back. She asked me if I was alright and I managed to nod my head a little.

I came to a bit later when the latex slithered it's way back into my bodysuit. Liv was sitting in the chair with a glass of water in her hand, completely naked and looking at me with an astonished expression. “That has got to feel incredible” she spoke in an awed tone. “Please.. let me experience it”. Her tone surprised me and I sat up, stretching and taking the glass from her hand.

I looked at her and gave her my most devilish grin. My gazed turned down on my own flushed body, my hands running over the slick black material covering me, making me helpless so often. I know lust was in my eyes then as I replied to her desperate look.

“Darling, I'll do more than that.”


A word about feedback. If you enjoy my writing, or if you find something in it that you don't, feel free to let me know. I'd like to continue this storyline so any suggestions would be appreciated. I have received some wonderful suggestions and positive criticism. I do intend to work in some of those great ideas into the story in the future. I hope you have as much.. ahem.. ”fun” reading this as I have had writing it. Thank you for supporting me, you know who you are. K. -See also my SB stories on Gromet's Selfbound pages.-



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