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The Truck

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; drug; captive; latex; catsuit; straitjacket; sleepsack; hood; gasmask; susp; chain; toys; insert; punish; cons/nc; X

It was a cold and wild November night in the large Bedfordshire town of Luton. Rain cascaded down from the pitch dark sky. Almost no one was outside in this weather or at this time of night. But Laura was outside battling the elements at this god awful hour. Was she walking home from a night out? No. Was she on her way to work? No. Was she about to commit a crime? Yes. And would she pay for it? Yes.

Laura was a 25 year old student from Bedford. She was stunning looking with an hourglass figure a perfect ass and a pair of eye watering tits. She had a lovely face with bright green eyes and shoulder length black hair. She was about 5.8" tall and had amazingly long legs. Over all she was to die for. She was also clear, nice, helpful and happy.

So why was she a criminal?

Simple. She needed the money. Her college and university fees where sky high. Plus she needed food, clothes, books, a new laptop and nights out. But she also enjoyed the thrill of breaking the law. She had a foolproof plan on how to get her illegal money. She would break into the trucks around Luton airport. They had a shocking lack of security around the airport. Trucks would be left outside away from any buildings or cameras. They made easy targets.

She also had all the right equipment fom any job. She often had a torch, gloves, lock picking set, knife, bags and a clock.

This was not Laura first time, she had robbed from the airport a number of times. She often stole from smaller trucks and picked them carefully. She would only take what she could manage and would never rob within the same week. She had rules and she would stick to them. It had been 16 days since she had helped herself to some free Parda handbags. She had then sold them on and made around £758. She had wasted the money on shopping and nights out.

So it was time to do it again. But this time she would use the money on the right things.

It was just her luck, she had picked the most god awful night to do her next job. On the upside it meant no one would see her. Plus she had wrapped up nice and warm against the hostile weather. She was dressed head to toe in black. She was wearing a thick waterproof jacket with a built-in hood. She was also wearing gloves and a balaclava. After a 10 minutes walk she was outside the airport. She had already spotted her target. A large black truck parked next to the perimeter fence. Laura knew it was parked next to a gap she could fit through. It was an amazing bit of luck. She could break into the truck without being seen, and could do it quickly and easily.

She was soon through the perimeter fence and hiding behind the truck. She was trying to hear anything above the ongoing storm. She then poked her head out from behind the truck, trying to see if anyone was around. The whole car park was empty. Laura smiled to herself, this was going to be easy.

She reached the back doors of the truck, hidden by shadows. Only a rusty old lock stood in her way. She had learnt how to pick a lock, thanks to the internet. She soon removed the lock and placed it on the ground next to the back wheel. She slowly opened one of the trucks large metal doors. She then grabbed a torch from her jacket pocket and stepped inside the truck.

She would not step back out again.

She was meet by long plastic sheets the second she walked inside the truck. She thought it was odd, normally the plastic sheets where only used for food. But she soon slipped through them. She don't give them a lot of thought. Once inside the truck she used her torch to illuminate her surroundings. The truck was filled with large boxes. Laura worked her way through the maze of cardboard boxes. The truck was a gold mine. Filled with TV's, Laptops, Phones, MP3 players and watches. Laura's eyes lit up. She could make thousands.

She continued deeper into the truck. She was very happy with herself. In fact she was a little too happy. She was feeling light headed and her vision was starting to blur. She was starting to feeling numb. She needed to lay down. She placed herself on the floor of the truck against a stack of boxes. She was not herself. Her vision was now fading to black. Slowly she started to close her eyes, trying desperately to stay awake. But she was losing the fight. She was soon asleep.

Her eyes slowly flickered open. How long had she been out for? Why had she suddenly felt so tried and fallen asleep? Why the fuck was the room upside down?

It soon hit her that maybe the room was not the one that was upside down. She was. Her eyesight had now returned. But she somehow had tunnel vision. She tried to move, but she was completely immobilized. She tired to scream for help, but was completely silent. What the hell had happened to her? Where the fuck was she?

Suddenly Laura's world descended into darkness. She had been blindfolded which sent Laura into a panic. This was not helped by a odd buzzing sound that filled her ears seconds later. She outright shat herself when the buzzing sound was replaced by a voice.

"Are you ready to play, you dirty fucking cunt?" Laura was horrified as he continued, "You have broken into my fucking truck you thriving cunt. You will pay for your crimes. I will fucking break you"

Laura wanting to be freed now. But she had no idea just how well restrained she was. She was trying to move her feet, then her hands and finally anything. But with no luck. The restraints keeping her captive, covered her beautiful body. She was a sight for sore eyes.

To start with she was wearing a full body latex catsuit in the darkest of blacks, the suit rolled tightly over her whole body, the latex was pressing uncomfortable against her soft skin. It buried her deeply inside it's rubbery goodness. Sadly for Laura her bondage did not stop at the catsuit. She was restrained in a heavy duty canvas straitjacket, which was covered in straps and padlocks. It was completely inescapable. However the straitjacket was not the only piece of bondage equipment holding Laura in place.

She was left totally helpless by a beautiful latex sleepsack. The sleepsack covered her whole body in it's tight grip. The thick black latex enclosed the straitjacket and catsuit, making it impossible to remove. The sleepsack was bound so tightly against Laura skin, the zip of the catsuit was now engraved into it. She was even having trouble breathing. Over the sleepsack was a full body leather harness covered in D-rings. D-rings also covered the walls, ceiling and floor of the room Laura was locked inside. Heavy duty chains linked Laura to the room. There was no slack in the chains, they would not move.

It was not just Laura's body which was covered in latex and bound tightly. Her head was not left out. She was wearing a thick latex punishment hood. The black latex was laced extremely tight, almost cutting off the blood to her head. The hood only had four small holes built into it, they where for Laura's nose and eyes. So she could breath and just about see. Her mouth was filled with a huge rubber gag that kept her silent. Her ears where covered by pads built into the hood to keep her deaf. She was also wearing the thickest, heaviest and most uncomfortable collar ever built. The collar was made from thick stainless steel and was wrapped painfully around her neck. The collar also locked the latex sleepsack in place. The collar also stopped Laura from moving her head up and down or side to side. She was forced to look forward.

Over the top of Laura's punishment hood was a full face gas mask. The straps pressed against Laura's latex covered head. The front of the gas mask was made from see through plastic allowing you to see the latex beneath. Coming from the gas mask was a long hose which had a butt plug locked onto the end of it. The rubber butt plug was covered in small holes which allowed air into the gas mask.

The sleepsack was kept just off the floor. The D-rings and chains kept it completely still. The chains also ran across Laura's rubber body acting as straps. Which stopped her from bending or turning.

Laura's gas mask had been covered by some duck tape in order to keep her claim in the darkness. She had come round a little bit quickly than expected. And he had not been ready to show her his master plan. She needed to be punished for her crimes. And she would be punished very painfully.

But 35 minutes after Laura woke up he was ready. He removed the duck tape from the gas mask. The tape made a ripping sound as it was pulled off the plastic face of the mask. Only able to see through the small eye holes of the hood, Laura's eyes spin around trying to see what was happening. She could only see through a pinprick of the hood. She tried to breath slowly through her nose, which was meet by the strong smell of rubber. She started struggling in her straitjacket and sleepsack. Pulling and pushing against the metal chains that immobilized her in place. But there was absolutely no give in the chains.

She was trapped. She was helpless. Then she heard the voice again. He must have placed wireless headphones under her hood. So she could hear him.

"I see you fully awake now you stupid cunt. You woke up a little bit early didn't you but oh well. I needed some more time to get the truck ready. Your locked in a hidden compartment behind all the boxes. This truck has a fake back wall, which had a secret door. NO ONE KNOWS YOU ARE HERE"

Laura would have given anything to be freed now. She was starting to panic more and more. But something inside her was loving the latex bondage she was placed in. A part of her wanted to be punished and played with.

"I hope you're feeling horny my little cunt. I have filled your pussy and ass with huge glass sex toys. They will shock and simulate your dirty holes. You also have electric pads covering your body. The power for them is built into the dildos you're wearing. Hope you like them. They should keep you on edge all day. We will start your punishment now."

He gave Laura a foreboding smile. The room was completely soundproof and was asylum padded. Three spotlights built into the ceiling focused on Laura latex cocoon. They where the only light that entered the soundproof room. Laura was hanging right in the centre of the room with two cameras placed on each side of the hidden doorway which Laura faced. The rest of the room was empty. The room was now ready.

Laura's deep breathing was the only sound you could hear. As she struggled to get air through her gas mask. She could just about make out some black boots pointing towards her. As she looked through the small holes in her punishment hood. One of the cameras was forced in on her rubber face and was getting great shots of her eyes.

Suddenly Laura felt the vibrators starting up in both her cunt and ass. They where on a very low setting. Laura could just about feel it. But it was making her wet and horny never the less.

She was ready to be punished. She wanted to enjoy it. She had never been tied up or dominated before. But she had gone from scared too horny in the last 35 minutes. So she had to be enjoying it, right? She starting breathing deeper and deeper as the vibrators played with her.

Then they stopped and the pain started.


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