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Traveling Rubberman

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; bagged; transported, boxed; buried; toys; cons; X

Madam is very rich and lives in a large mansion.  She has three female servants: a cook, a maid and an assistant.  All three are dedicated rubberists.

Madam is a rubber dominatrix and I'm one of her rubber slaves.  I live in the mansion.  There are other slaves, many of them, but they come for visits, staying a day or two each time.

Three of the four stories of the mansion are dedicated to rubber.  The basement is a large and well-equipped dungeon.  The street floor has a parlor, the kitchen, the dining room and a laundry.  The floor above it has Madam's bedroom and bathroom, her study, and a huge rubber wardroom with well over a thousand rubber garments.  On the top floor are the rooms for the servants, myself and the guests.

Behind the mansion is a large garage.  Madam has four vehicles, all of them unusual.  And Madam likes to travel, especially with me.

Take the old Bentley for example, a large and stately car.  Its back section is outfitted entirely in red latex and the widows are all black glass.  The seating bench is higher than usual and there are two tunnels to the trunk underneath the seats.  A half-hour before Madam wants to go out the assistant comes to get me with a cart.  I'm usually instructed to wear three rubber suits and a latex hood with a gag inside and a rubber dildo outside and the assistant puts me into a tight rubber bag.  She then brings me downstairs to the Bentley, lifts me into the car and pushes my legs into the tunnel, so that I'm facing backwards.  Then she straps my upper body to a backrest.

When Madam appears she sits with my head between her legs.  She usually wears several rubber petticoats and long dresses and covers me with them.  For a casual observer (if there were any) I'm not visible.

Madam has a control panel with which she can move the backrest.  Once she is comfortably seated she moves it so that the rubber dildo is well inside her.  Then my head moves slowly back and forth and the dildo in and out.  I hear her moaning faintly.  The movement gradually increases in speed and the moaning gets louder.  Finally the motion of the backrest stops, she grabs the back of my head through the dresses, pushes the dildo deep inside her and clamps my head tightly with her legs.  My air is now cut off and for a minute or so I cannot breathe.  Then she relaxes and I sit there panting and sweating.  15 minutes later the backrest starts to move again.

Most of the time I'm there alone with her and the assistant drives.  Sometimes a visiting rubber slave is strapped into the second tunnel and Madam switches periodically between the two of us.  The drives can last several hours.

*          *          *

Next to the Bentley in the garage is a large motorcycle with a side-car.  The first time Madam made me ride it, I was scared; I had never been on a motorcycle before.  I was wearing three rubber suits, rubber boots and a heavy rubber trench coat.  My head was covered by a tight latex hood with a gag and over it was a motorcycle helmet with a dark visor.

Madam sat behind me, equally covered in rubber but no gag.  Her hands went through the pocket slits of my coat and held a firm grip on my rubbered cock.

I drove slowly out of the garage into the street.  She told me to take the freeway and pick up speed.  When I reached 60mph she started to massage my cock and balls and yelled "faster".  The landscape went by in a rush and I had a hard time concentrating on the road.  She yelled "faster" again and when I reached 100mph I had a massive orgasm and nearly went off the road.

Since then we have been going on a motorcycle ride once a week, always on Tuesdays after lunch, and gradually she pushed me to go even faster.  For a while I was afraid of what would happen if we got stopped by a cop.  With the gag in my mouth I couldn't talk and I never got a license.  Then I noticed a cop parked on the side of the road, always in the same place.  Instead of giving us a ticket, he waved to her.  Later I found out he was one of the visiting rubber slaves.

*          *          *

Sometimes Madam prefers to drive herself and I am in the side-car, inside a tight rubber bag.  The side-car is lined in rubber and there is a solid cover so that only my head sticks out.  Inside my rubber bag I hold my rubbered dick in my hands and start to masturbate.  But as soon as Madam mounts the motorcycle she starts inflating the lining with a switch on the handle.  The pressure inside the side-car becomes enormous and I can no longer move my hands.  As we move through the country-side at high speed, she reduces the pressure and I furiously continue to massage my cock, but the pressure always increases before I have an orgasm.

In the summer the rides in the side-car usually last for several hours and we stop in a place at a lake.  Madam gets off the bike, removes her helmet, the heavy rubber coat and her rubber boots and goes swimming in the rubber suit she wear underneath.   She leaves me in the side-car, baking in the hot sun.  Only rarely does she reduce the pressure so I can masturbate.

*          *          *

And then there is the van.  It has no windows in the back and is outfitted with a bed and a rubber hammock.  The floor, walls and ceiling are covered in black rubber and there are various D-rings bolted to the ceiling and walls.  She takes the van out mostly in the summer and when there is a visiting rubber slave  We slaves are tied up in the back, one of us on the rubber-covered bed, the other in the hammock.   The assistant rides up front.

We leave early in the morning and get to Madam's private beach about 10 a.m.  It's a lonely  stretch of sand and very private.  The two women strip naked, take us out of the van, put us into tight rubber bags and dig two holes.  We are lowered into the holes and buried in the sand up to our necks.  A rubber dildo with a gag is strapped to our mouths.  The women place back-rests in front of our heads and sit down, inserting the dildos into them and enjoying the sun.

At first it is reasonably cool and we begin to masturbate.  The movement is restricted but soon we begin to moan into our gags.  By noon we are both very hot and working on our forth orgasm.  The women go for a swim and then have some lunch.  We don't get anything.

By 4 p.m. we are standing in sweat and are exhausted.  They pull us out of the sand and carry us into the van, where we are tied up again.  The mouth dildos are removed and we finally get some water.  On the way back we both masturbate again.

*          *          *


Behind the van is a jazzy sports car.   I use it whenever I have to pick up visitors.  For this I wear two tight rubber suits, a heavy hood with an inflated gag, a helmet and a rubber trench coat.  The seat belt is elaborate: there are three belts made from rubber, one over my thighs, one at the abdomen and one over the chest.  Once they are in place I cannot remove them.

I drive to the destination and wait outside.  The person I am picking up gets into the passenger seat and I drive off.  Since I cannot talk there is no conversation.

*          *          *

The fifth vehicle is a motorized wheel-chair.  Once a month I am strapped into it, wearing three rubber suits, covered by a long cloth cape. My head is covered by a flesh-colored latex hood and a wig.  The wheel-chair is loaded into the van and Madam or the assistant drive me to some place a few miles away.  The wheel-chair is unloaded and the van drives away.  I now have to get back to the mansion by myself.  I am sweating inside the rubber suits.

The distance is calculated so that there is just enough battery power to reach the mansion, if I take the shortest route.  Several times I have gotten lost and run out of power.  Then I just sit there, waiting to be picked up.  People try to be helpful, but usually shy away when the see me up close.

At one time a man insisted to charge the battery.  He pushed me into his garage and, while the battery was charging, asked me a lot of questions.  He is now a frequent visitor.

*     *     *

The most severe traveling experience is the shipment.  Once or twice a year Madam gets the notion that one of her three out-of-town female friends needs me.  There is a special crate the size of a coffin she had made for this purpose.  Before the assistant dresses me in three rubber suits she gives me an enema and empties my bladder with a catheter.  I wear a helmet with no eye openings but a gag and a snout to which two breathing hoses are attached.  They are plugged into openings on either side of the crate.  All sides of the crate are lined with rubber and, after the lid is screwed down, they are inflated until I can no longer move.

A shipping service picks up the crate and I'm confined in the box for one or two days.  I enjoy the shorter trips because I end up with one of two women I like.  I get a week of terrific rubber sex and always want to stay longer.

I dread it when the shipment takes two days.  That means I end up with the 6-foot Amazon woman, who delights in severe bondage just short of inflicting pain.  There a week feels like a month and I always look forward to the two day trip home in the box.



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