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Trapped Between Heaven and Hell

by Kopfmeister

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© Copyright 2009 - Kopfmeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; F/f; vacbed; chast; toys; cons; X

The silence grew steadily closer as she fell into the sound of her own breathing. Her breathing and the blood coursing through her head were the only sounds she could hear. Blindfolded and with the air tube in her mouth as a gag, she was mute and lay in the wonderful, terrifying and thrilling darkness. The latex skin of the vac-bed covering her nose prevented all but the heavenly hint of latex in her nostrils. Chloe had grown to love two things: the sensual feel of latex as it caressed her skin, and sensory deprivation games of all sorts. The vac-bed offered the perfect combination of the two. Not that all of her senses were depriving her of stimulation; her sense of touch was most certainly working very well. The vibrating intruders in both her front and rear passages were causing sensations that he was powerless to control and she wasn’t sure whether she would have wished it any other way.

She had locked her lovers in place with the rubber chastity belt that Trisha had given her as an ‘early birthday present.’ While the belt prevented any external penetration while she wore it, it could also hold some very interesting and amusing things inside if they were inserted beforehand. The belt pressed her latex lovers deeper and deeper still into her most intimate places. Despite the belt’s name and original purpose, Chloe’s thoughts were far beyond anything chaste. Individually set on random durations and intensities, the vibrators seemed almost sentient in their ability to bring her to the edge, holding her there, stopping, slowing, raising her to new heights, then bringing her to crashing orgasms. Unlike a living partner, they never seemed to tire and they found places in her psyche she had never dared reach before. No sooner did she think she could take no more, they would continue bringing her wave after wave of the most delicious agony she had ever known.

It had all started as a dare. Chloe had discovered her roommate Trisha’s rather intimate hobby one evening when she returned home early from a weekend at her parents. She entered the darkened apartment and saw that Trish must have been home, since her coat and boots were in the closet. Chloe had called out to Trisha to let her know that she was home and laughed that “it was time to get decent.” The only response was something that sounded like a muffled yell from her roommate’s bedroom. Chloe called out again and received an even louder, almost frantic reply. Concerned, she opened the door and entered Trisha’s room.

“Get decent, indeed,” she thought to herself as she gazed in amazement at her roommate’s predicament. On the bed was Trisha wearing a shiny black latex hood with a breathing tube coming out of her mouth. Shiny black cuffs were locked to rings at the four posts of the bed, pinning Trisha into a tight spread-eagle position. Attached to Trisha’s nipples and flashing with the heaving of her breasts were to of what Chloe could only surmise were the clover clamps she had read about, but never had the nerve to try herself. A faint buzzing drew Chloe’s attention to Trisha’s crotch where a belt around her waist connected to a strap running between her legs. From the writhing of Trisha’s hips it was fairly obvious that something was vibrating inside her. She frantically convulsed in her bonds as what seemed to be a huge orgasm gripped her body. A faint moan escaped from the tube in Trisha’s hood.

Chloe was about to reach for the phone to call for help when something else caught her eye. There was a small chain in Trisha’s right hand, running around her wrist and leading down beside the bed. It led down to a plastic pop bottle that was sweating from condensation. From the pool of water around it, the contents of the bottle appeared to have been frozen and melting for a while. Suspended inside the bottle like a fly in amber was a small key in a block of ice. The key was attached to the chain running from Trisha’s wrist. This was surely some sort of time-delayed release mechanism and Chloe came to the only logical conclusion she could think of.

“You did this to yourself, didn’t you?” Her voice was as much an accusation as a question. With Trisha’s features hidden by the latex hood, Chloe could only guess at Trisha’s embarrassment from the flush that was now running down from her neck. Trisha’s hooded head simply nodded and what sounded like muffled crying had come from the tube. “Do you want loose?” Chloe had asked, and again came the nod from her mortified roommate.

Not knowing quite where to begin, Chloe had reached first for the spring-loaded clamps on Trisha‘s nipples. She squeezed the sides to open the clamps and a stifled scream from the hood, sounding more like ecstasy than agony, told her that Trisha had once again crested into an orgasm. Trisha reached for the hood and found the laces in back. With some difficulty she was able to untie the hood, loosen it and gently remove it from Trisha. With her face flushed, her long auburn hair matted with sweat, and eyes streaming with tears, Trisha had stammered something about a spare key on her dresser. Chloe found this and used it to unlock the padlocks holding Trisha’s cuffs to the bed frame. Trisha, still sobbing, curled up into a ball, thanked her, and asked her to leave.

Wanting to give Trisha some space to collect herself, Chloe left the room and Trisha used the key to remove the locks from her crotch belt. She removed the vibrating intruders from her body, turned them off, and sobbed in humiliation. How could she ever face Chloe again? A gentle knock on the door answered this as Chloe gently called out “Trish?” A second knock and Chloe called “I’ve made you some tea, can I bring it in?” Covering herself in her bathrobe and pushing the belted vibrators under the covers Trisha replied “Okay.”

There was a strange look on Chloe’s face as she entered something between curiosity and concern , and more that a hint of ‘something else’ which was causing stirrings such as she had never felt before. “Are you all right,?“ she asked., handing over the steaming mug, which Trisha took gratefully, with a somewhat shaky hand Trisha was beginning to regain her composure and simply nodded.

“I guess I have some explaining to do,” she said apologetically.

Chloe was not sure where to begin , or what to ask her friend. She had seen pictures on the internet of some of the frightening, and wonderfully exciting things that women found themselves in. “How long have you been doing this sort of thing?” was all she could think to ask.

Trisha explained how she had begun with girlhood fantasies of being tied up as a captive. As she got older she found that she was not alone in her desires. Trisha’s problem., she found was in wanting to indulge in tight, sexual bondage fantasies, but not having someone she trusted to participate in them with. This had let her to explorations of self-bondage.

This had its own set of risks. She found, through extensive ‘research,’ on sites such as, that a motivated young woman could participate in any number of exciting scenarios with the use of some safety devices and common sense. The combination of Chloe’s early return and a larger than usual bottle as a release timer had led to her discovery. What startled even more Chloe was Trisha’s next confession.

“I’ve never put myself into bondage unless I knew you’d be returning within a couple of hours of the end of the scenario,“ she informed the amazed Chloe. “It’s not as if I was trying to get caught, but it was a bit of a comfort knowing you’d be home is something went horribly wrong. Besides, I’ve seen some of your search history on the computer log; it’s not quite as if you’ve not thought about some of these things yourself, have you?”

A look of embarrassment appeared on Chloe’s face as well. “How could I have been so careless?” she thought. Mind you, this was nothing quite so exposed as Trisha must have felt, so, with good grace, she replied:

“You know what.” said Chloe, with a mischievous smile, “It looks like it might be a lot of fun to try.”

“It’s really quite exciting. Despite the restraints, you can really let yourself go” replied Trisha. Sensing something she had suspected, but never before mentioned to her friend she asked, “Would you like to see more?”

Barely knowing what to say, Chloe smiled and said “Yes please, I’d like that.”

The two girls talked through the evening. Having already ‘bared her soul’ to Chloe, as it were, the discussion of her pastime began to pour our of Trisha. For her part Chloe felt she had been shown an Alladin’s Cave of wonders as Trisha displayed the contents of her ‘hope chest’ to her. There were hoods, blindfolds, gags and locking ankle and wrist cuffs. There were items that Chloe had assumed were the result of the overheated imagination of bondage porn writers, but here was the proof that people, well some particularly different people anyway, actually used them. Her heart began to race and she quivered as she imagined them being used on her.

Trust funds and generous allowances are wonderful things when you are away from home at college find yourself drawn ever deeper into bondage games. Both girls had earned full scholarships to attend college. Sharing the room meant that they could both afford a few luxuries. While Chloe’s money had usually gone into her wardrobe, it was obvious what Trisha had spent a not inconsiderable portion of her funds on.

“The one thing that I’ve always wanted to try is a vac bed”, said Trisha, explaining that such things were dangerous to try in a self-bound scenario. “You could get stuck in the bondage and suffocate without a backup person for safety,” she continued. “There’s a great-looking design from this outfit in Toronto, Canada called Kink Engineering. Their beds look absolutely beautiful and very creatively designed. They even have a special one-way air valve that lets the vacuum pull the air out and then you can shut it off so you can enjoy a scene without hearing the machine running beside you. It’s just you and silence for company,” she concluded.

“Well,” said Chloe, deciding to risk Trisha‘s friendship “It looks like you have a lifeguard now. There’s just one thing,” she added,” I have a price; I’d like to try it first.”

Trisha looked at Chloe in a new light. “You couldn’t handle it; you’d go crazy,” she warned.

“If you can handle it, I bet I could,” challenged Chloe. “Besides, we have some time before the kit arrives for me to try some of your toys, if you’re game. Maybe I should buy a few of my own as well.”

The next few weeks opened a world of delight for Chloe. It wasn’t that she had been celibate while at college, but keeping her grades up and romantic entanglements hadn’t mixed well. Some men still hadn’t learned that women were at college for reasons other than “finding a man” and couldn’t understand why Chloe wasn’t into commitments.

She attached eye-bolts to her own bed frame and learned to fasten herself and release herself safely with the use of ice cube timers and the key-frozen-in-the-bottle trick. She learned the power that powerlessness could provide, how gags and blindfolds could enhance the feeling, and how various pieces of mechanical technology could bring pleasure at her beck and call without the encumbrance of spending an entire evening on a date.

Both girls agreed that if they were going to try anything from now on, each would be the other’s safe call. A message on a Blackberry would inform either roommate as to what they might find when they arrived home. Despite her late start, Chloe was making up for lost time with her newfound ‘freedom’ to explore this new side of her sexuality.

The vac-bed kit from Kink Engineering had arrived sooner than Chloe had hoped. When the parcel arrived she was quivering with anticipation. The two girls had gone to their local building supply store the week before to buy the few pieces of hardware they would need to build the frame with which to enjoy their fun. Three six-foot lengths of 1.5” ABS pipe (they would cut one into a couple of three-foot lengths with a hacksaw,) three 90 degree elbows and a tee connecter, along with a small bottle of ABS adhesive was all they needed. The whole collection had cost about $25.00. Trisha borrowed a cordless drill with a 3/16” bit and they were all set. It took less than thirty minutes to assemble the frame and drill the holes in the tubing using the plans on Kink Engineering’s website. The girls decided to leave the 6’ side tubes intact. Even with leaving the tubes long, the whole frame disassembled in seconds and could be stored in the closet or under a bed for easy access at “playtime.”

The clover-clamps on Chloe’s nipples added their own voice to the chorus of sensations that rippled through her. She had gasped as she placed them as gently as she could on the delicate flesh. Chloe had decided to make this session memorable, so she had laced the rubber corset from her waist to shoulders. The pressure all around her caressed her body, but nowhere so intimately as around her quivering breasts. With each heartbeat the throbbing grew and the pleasure/pain of her nipples and breasts seemed to flow just to where it was needed. The vac bed created an insidious pressure that simply added to her delights. The resulting crescendo of sensation was more than she thought she could bear. She screamed, or tried to, a muted whine coming from the breathing tube. Nothing, not even sound, could escape the latex web in which in which Chloe found herself trapped.

“’Will you come into my parlour?’ said he spider to the fly.” The old poem “The Spider and the Fly” by Mary Howitt echoed through her mind, the tempo accented by the throbbing of her heart and the pace of the vibrators. “Why was she thinking this now? Surely Trisha would let her loose soon. Where was she and why hasn’t she let me go yet?” Panic was beginning to mount and she wriggled furiously within her latex prison. Despite her strength from her daily trips to the gym, no human could compete with the tonnes of air pressure holding her in the firm and gentle embrace of the latex skin. Until Trish opened the valve there was no hope of escape, no means of relief and no way to stop the will of the vibrators. Their lithium batteries could run for hours before losing any discernible power. An hour would in no way reduce their intensity.

They had agreed on a time-limit of one hour, “Just so you get the feel for the bed” Trisha had said. They laid the vac bed out on top of the mattress and Chloe prepared herself for her session. On seeing Chloe’s preparations Trish had commented on “having created a monster,“ then helped Chloe wriggle into place between the top and bottom latex sheets. Chloe inserted the breathing tube through its grommet, and twisted it into the hollow ball gag she had chosen. She pulled on the latex blindfold, wrapped her full lips around the ball and laid down. Her final act was to undo the crotch strap, turn on the vibrators and fasten the strap tightly over her most intimate places. A quick click and the padlock through the locking buckle held everything securely in place. She reached her hands over her head and tried to relax. This was Trisha’s signal to seal the bed and turn on the vacuum. The machine started and the latex sheets pulled Chloe into their deepest embrace. There was no going back now and Chloe took a deep breath, bracing herself for the first orgasm which she knew would not be long in coming. She was not disappointed.

Slowly and gently the latex caressed her body. Ever so sweetly it pressed down on her skin, fitting to every form and creating a sensation such as she had not dreamed possible. She wondered if this was how it felt to be a butterfly in some great collection, a delicate creature transfixed by forces beyond her control. No butterfly, she was sure, ever felt such carnal lust, now building in intensity. The sound of the vacuum, having completed its task, was turned off and fell silent, leaving Chloe alone to her thoughts and desires.

Time seemed to stand still as the flood tide of sensations continued crashing over her with wave after wave of pleasure, desire and frustration. Chloe struggled helplessly, crying for release behind the blindfold. Just what sort of release she wanted she couldn’t say. Caught in the vac bed’s clutches, suspended between heaven and hell in subspace, she moaned into the breathing tube once again hoping for her torment to end, yet not wanting it to stop. On and on the cycle continued, leaving her in the terrible, wonderful silence and darkness, panting, shuddering and forced to accept the pleasures the bed bestowed on her helpless body.

The sound of her heartbeat hammered through her body, its rhythm rising and falling with her passion. Her breathing was laboured as she was forced to breathe through the tube. What would happen if the hose twisted? Was Trisha still there keeping watch? How much longer was she to stay here? Her latex lover remained mute, however, and continued its intimate caresses as Chloe drifted into new plateau‘s of passion, awaiting, and fearing, release.

Trish had remained in the room, watching her friend’s struggles, wondering in anticipation about how it would feel to be in Chloe’s place. Between the moans, muted shrieks and pelvic thrusts it seemed to Trisha that Chloe was having the time of her life. She felt her own passion rising as the sights and sounds emanating from the vac-bed rose and fell. She looked at the clock; there was another half-hour to go. “I wonder if Chloe would like to spend a little longer,” she thought, “Surely a few more minutes wouldn‘t hurt. . . . . .“



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