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by RubberDoll Unit 19

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© Copyright 2007 - RubberDoll Unit 19 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; latex; bond; mum; encased; fem; transform; cons; X

Part One - Sent to the Institution

I feel the rubber confining my skin. It touches me everywhere, creating a unique sensation of being cocooned, bound by my own clothes. My feet are forced in an arching position by incredibly high heeled rubber boots, made of thick rubber so that even bending my knees results in a fight against immobilization. I think they are at least 5' inches tall, but I wouldn't be surprised to know they are even higher. My waist, forced into a narrow wasp-like state, enhancing my natural hourglass figure. My head, encased into a tight rubber hood, with no openings but those on my mouth and nostrils, being the former one properly filled by a ring gag, leaving my mouth opened in a permanent 'O' position.

My hands, encased in hard rubber elbow long gloves, that I wonder how they were rolled up my arms, since I can't even move my fingers, no matter how hard I try. A huge butt-plug is inflated on my ass, and buzzing like crazy, to keep me awake for an endless period. I can't remember for how many times I have stayed this way.

My breathing produces a labored sound trough the gasmask over my face, as I suck on a latex dildo built into it, which feeds me with a mixture unknown to me, which smells just like pussyjuice, but has the same viscosity of human semen. I suck wildly as my journey to my Mistress continues.

Last thing I can remember is of me, stepping in Rome's airport, all dressed in latex, and my Mistress's male slave receiving me. I was taken to a nearby hotel room, in which I was undressed, and I was made to re-dress into this indumentary, thin transparent latex catsuit, with attached hood and feet, and what he called a transportation suit for Her new slaves. Then, I was made to get into this wooden chest.

Wooden at least from the outside, to have the exact look of a mere, simple, chest; because from the inside it's composed of a intricated set of mechanisms, and a rubber womb in which I am now. This womb is inflated to it's maximum after I get into it, and transportation began... I wonder how many hours have passed since I was placed here... or even days... I have not felt hungry for the entire period, maybe thanks to the strange cum-like mixture I have been fed with, or to a short trip, since the complete rubber cocoon took away my sense of time and space. The womb is so warm... the pleasure and ecasement so nice... the plug buzzing so softly, purring inside of me nonstop... increasing and decreasing it's speed from time to time... so many times I couldn't count...

Suddenly, the womb starts deflating and I feel it's being opened. Rubber covered hands, the same who have placed me into this, and some more others, help me stand, something hard from my groggy state of mind. I try hard to catch my balance, but to no avail, but the hands help me step out of the chest, and the gasmask is removed from my face... my tongue still searching for the liquid I learned to love sucking. I feel those same pairs of hands helping me kneel, and unbuckling my outer hood, and removing it... the light strucks me and I try hard closing my eyes.

"I am happy to see you slave... happy to finally have you at my hands." I hear. It's a voice unknown to me, a soft female voice, almost like a Goddess's voice.

I open my eyes once more, fighting against the blinding lights of the place. Within moments, I start to get used to it. And like a child, reborn from a womb, taken from the warmth and peace to a crude world of sensations, I see my Mistress for the first time. Her white face showing from the middle of her golden hair... her red lips showing provocatively. Her body, encased in glistering shiny latex and rubber, in a suit that appears to have been painted over her body by an artist capable of divine creations. Her long heels making her legs show even more... her narrow waist, even narrower than mine now... the shiny riding crop on her right hand. Her image is of such beauty I am mesmerised, and I don't notice the two other slaves by my side. They help me up, now I am recomposed, but everything I do to walk before her and kneel, licking her boots. I don't know how to tell this... the heavenlly sensation of seeing her, making my love flame into my soul. She looks down and smiles.

"Stand now, my pet. These are my other slaves. Grenda... " she says looking at the slavegirl by my left, "... and Marco," she says now indicating the male slave by my right. "Marco, Grenda, this is your new sister, Candy. She is a very special girl, and I hope you will learn to love each other from now on."

" I have already had the pleasure of knowing Candy, Mistress, since I had the honor of being the chosen one to pick her by the airport and bring her to Your castle...", and smiling, Marco turned to me and kissed me. I was surprised, since I have never kissed a man before. Behind me, Grenda were caressing me. "Pleased to meet you Candy. I will love to have a new sister..." said Grenda, now kissing me as Marco caresses me and her. Her lips were so sweet, and her skin so soft compared to Marco's.

"Now, my little pets, it's time for Candy to start her training. She will be my personal maid soon, and she must be trained properly." Saying this, Mistress turns and leaves for the door, opening it and letting three rubbermaids in very restrictive uniforms that I could see only in my dreams enter the room we were in. Her costumes were made of thick transparent latex and heavy black and white rubber, with thick gasmasks over their faces, with insect-like lenses for eyes, and heavy rubber tubbings hanging from the mask's front to their backs, desapearing in their uniforms. Their ballet boots clicked on the floor, and the scent of their suits overwhelmed me within moments being far more stronger than all of us togheter.

"Candy," Mistress spoke now, "this is the Rubber Institute. It's purpose is to train slaves for Dominatrixes all over the world. And if you might want to know, you are not in Itally anymore, but in Germany. In other situations, I would train you by myself, but I want you to be nothing but perfect, and I do not have time for this kind of training. I am spending a fortune to make you into the perfect slave to my needs, and I want you to be trained by no one but the best ones, do you understand my dear?".

"Yes Mistress," I answer. "But I wanted so much to stay with you... to serve you."

"You will, if you succeed in the training I have planned for you. The kind of training you will be into is called Total Convertion. You will be cleansed from the otherworld impureness. Then, retrained to become the perfect rubber doll. They will erase all undesired traits from your personality, and help you become what I have seen into your heart. And then, if you survive, in within 6 months you will be back to me, as the perfect maid for my personal service. Do you understand?" she said.

"Yes, Mistress. I will do my best", I say smiling, excited by the idea of the training, but hurt for not being with Mistress and having to wait some more months for serving her and living as her maid.

"No my pet. THEY will do their best. You will merelly be the result of their efforts of bringing what's inside of you to the outside, and enhancing your natural talents. Or you will be discarded." She says. Then, she nodded to the two rubbermaids beside me, and they took me by my arms. "Bye Candy. I hope to see you in six months, my pet."

Marco and Grenda are kneeling beside my Mistress, smiling to me, and I see the same encouragement message on their eyes. I the follow the rubbermaids into the doors. The last one comes and closes them behind me, sealing me from the outside world.

Part Two - The Purification of Candy

The maids leaded me down what appeared to be a medieval castle or a cathedral, or maybe just a mix of both, for what seemed like hours. The plug was still buzzing into me, and I was also entertained by everything I saw. Every living soul within these walls were naked into latex and rubber. Every piece of furniture, every wall, every carpet were made or decorated with rubber. Even the curtains for the very few windows, or where I think windows would be, are made of thick black rubber. The scent is incredible, making my heart race at incredible speed.

The artwork displayed were all about one theme: rubber discipline. Paintings of rubber dominatrixes, nuns, divers, maids and even ponygirls. All statues were about bound girls or rubber phaluses, most of them made in latex. Every door I found partially opened lead to a world of it's own, and my mind raced of labored breathing sounds, panting girls, moans, and squirming rubber. I then wondered how big this Intitution was... how many girls have being brought here to be trained the same way I am being now.

I kept following the maid in font of me, as the other two were right behind me, helping me from strubbling on my heels occasionally, and making sure I wouldn't stop by any door I found partially open or open in my way. But I was curious about all this... about this world. Then, we reached the end of a corridor and started going down the stairs. I almost tripped twice, and needed their helping hands again. I thanked, but they stood in silent, looking to me with those eyes wich refleced my own rubber-covered face. The only things I could hear from them were their breathing sounds, coming very low from the tubings on their backs, but I could see nothing there... it just disappeared in their uniforms. I were also curious about how fast these maids could walk in their ballet boots, and with how expertise. It's just like their feets were shaped this way.

Then, the idea stuck me, with a wave of pleasure... being reshaped to match the Domme's needs... We descended for several floors, untill we reached another long corridor, in what must be the castle's dungeon. The corridor is all covered in white tiles. We enter through a sealed steel door, much like a vault's one, and walked into another long corridor. They led me to a small room, where huge machinary was filling a wall. Maybe waiting for me. A girl dressed in a catsuit that covered her entire features was sitting on the control panel, in a rubber covered chair.

She looked at me, with her insect-like eyes, and a hissing sound came from the machine, as one tentacle made of shiny rubber came from an empty clear glass pod, on the middle of the juggernaut. "Slave! Assume position for purification in the purification pod!" A metalic voice came from the machine... or the girl... I got shocked, but two tentacles got a strong grip at my wrists and pulled me into the opened glass tube, which looked much like a teletransport device in Sci-Fi movies.

Within moments, I was sealed into it, and blades came from my sides, ripping the clothes I were wearing... cutting thick rubber as if it were nothing, but without touching my skin... the sensation of it was strong ... I felt my plug being pulled, still alive from my ass with a popping sound... and my penis being freed from it's rubber sheath... the blades running over my skin, in their perverted caress... The tentacles, about five now, were proceeding to strip the teared latex pieces from my body, as I stood overwhelmed, and the pieces were taken outside of the Pod by an opening on it's top. In seconds I stood there, naked and shivering with excitement and pleasure, not believing what was happening to me, and I could only think of my Mistress. How a good maid I wanted to be to her. And then, I started to feel another pleasure, from the idea of being reshaped to her needs.

"Slave! Close your eyes and stop breathing for the sixty seconds. Initiating Slave Clean-Up procedure, cycle one, in five seconds." The metalic voice said again. I caught my breathing and closed my eyes shut, just to feel the pod being filled quickly by a shower of a strange liquid, falling from the top opening. It hurt my skin at every place it touched, and I felt an acumulation on the pod's floor. The tank was being filled with it slowly... and gases were getting into my nostrils with a strong chemical scent. I was counting the seconds from the start, and in about forty seconds, it stopped falling and the remnants were drained, when a kind of jelly was pumped in high pressure into the pod, coating my entire skin with it's refreshing properties... it was cold and stopped the irritation... and soon, I felt another liquid being showered into the cell.

"Slave! Water is being showered into the pod for your cleanup. You can shower yourself now, and wash your body. Cycle one is complete."

I washed the jelly from my body, and felt my own skin smooth and soft as never before. I then washed my eyes and looked down. All body hair have been removed from my body. By the reflection in the mirror, my head was also bald. I rubbed my fingers on my now hairless crown, as the last drops of water fell into the pod, and it was being drained from the floor, leaving my body wet with cold water... it's incredible how feminine my skull is... how my eyes show up...

I kept studying my features, and feeling the touch of my own hairless body, discovering how wonderfull it is, when I was 'awakened' again by the mechanic voice of the girl. "Slave! Part your legs and open your mouth and stay still for Cycle Two!"

I wondered what she/it was talking about, and was trying to get into position when, from the top opening, another tentacle fell, this time with a new feature. It's extremity was shaped like a butt-plug. It crawled like a snake between my legs and it's slimmy surface forced it's entrance on my ass, and started inflating quickly. I gasped for air, due to the surprise and the harsh pain from the invader. I hardly could keep my balance, feeling a mix of pleasures, when a brother of the first tentacle got into my opened mouth, and quickly inflated also. I felt the rear one start to let some kind of thick liquid into my ass, filling me with an enema, as the other started to extend down my throat. The enema was repeated several times, as the upper intruder extended itself into me, crawling and forcing everything to be ejected from my guts to my rear. When they finally met, they fused into a tube and started to move inside of me. I tried hard not to fall to my knees, while they cleaned me from the inside or my body in such a traumatic way, and I would have thrown up everything if I weren't gaged, and If I had something to throw up... my gag reflex were useless as the moving latex tentacle probed deep inside of me with it's lubed surface. It lasted for an eternity, in which I don't know how many times I thought I was going to die, but they suddently retreated and left me in the pod, I fell on the floor... I think I lost consciousness.

The pod was opened and I was helped into a rubber covered chair, which also made part of the machine. It was much like a dentist's chair, with the exception that it was made of thick rubber and it had a thick lubed rubber dildo on it's center. They helped me get to the chair and sit on the dildo, like I was used to accepting things from behind with some ease. While I regained my senses of which side is up and which side is down, I felt incredibly strange... like I was cleaned from everything. I felt light and pleasured. The touch of the rubber on my skin were incredible. After a few moments, enjoying the rest, the MachineGirl started talking again.

"Slave! We are going to start purification cycle three. This cycle will take three weeks, while your body gets free from all toxins your have brought from the outer world, During this time, you will be cocooned into one of our sleeping pods, in a special sealed suit."

I was too weak to do anything, but I doubt I would if I could. The same latex tentacles were now bringing latex items, and placing them over my body. A thin tube was placed into my urethra and forced upward, untill it reached my bladder, inflating it's tip. A mask came over my nose and mouth, with a thick dildo inside of it, in which I started sucking almost immediatly. Insect-like mirrored lenses were brought over my eyes. And I wondered why only a few items, since I was all naked but that. But when earplugs were set on my ears, the chair receded into the machine and a hot liquid started to flow over my skin... I knew it was liquid rubber. I felt the dildo on the seat feeing itself from the seat and becoming part of the suit. I felt the suit, the most perfect catsuit of all, being constructed over my skin... It was wonderful.

When the chair got back from the machine's womb, I was sealed into a catsuit, with a strange gasmask as a face and insect-like lenses as eyes. I was taken by the two maids to another room, leaving that wonderful machine behind me, to another room, full of black rubber pods. One of them opened wide for me, and I stepped inside fearless. One of the maids connected my penis tube and dildo to tubes on the inside, as the other one plugged the earplugs to outlets, and the breathing/feeding tube of the mask in their right places. And almost instantly, the same sweet cum-like liquid started flowing into my mouth, and I started sucking. The pod was closed, with no sign of change in the maid's behavior, and it's inside were inflated almost instantly. In moments, I was floating into another latex womb, into it's warmness, for the next two weeks, dreaming of my Mistress... as I am being purified....

Part Three - Rebirth

I will never forget the wonderful delights of the latex womb. It's darkness, broken only by the sweet voice of my Mistress, coming from the earplugs, the softness of motions, the sweet liquid feeding me, like mothery milk spurting from the huge dildo-gag into my mouth... I have lost track of time, of day and light, of space and most important, the pain that living was outside it's confinements. My body became quicky comfortable in this position, and unlike normal poeple, who would be just crazy and mad by now, I welcomed this reality of dreams, of dreams of latex, rubber and serving my Mistress. I didn't even remember where I had been sent into this state of joy, why I have been placed into this womb. All I knew was the infinite darkness, my hunger for the liquid and my love for my Mistress, which endlessly spoke to me through the earplugs. This lasted for a period that seems endless to me. A period that I would not care if it lasted forever.

* * *

I am disoriented. The womb in which I have rested for the last weeks ( or maybe months) have been shred in two. Latex covered hands help me regain a balance that does not comes easilly. I try to open my eyes, but the light is too intense. The sounds of cracking latex and clicking heels, together with voices and mumbles is too high to my ears after the plugs are removed and my Mistress's voice taken away from me.

I try once more to open my eyes and look around. I can't distinguish who are the black forms around me, trying to help me stand or what they look like. After a few moments, I feel my mouth being freed and the rubber suit being split painfully from my body, together with the dildo which was into my rear. The forms help me to a rubber chair, which resembled a dentist's chair, and left me rest, while standing around me. I could just rest. My muscles were unused to walking or moving after the long confinement, as well as my body feels strange also. I noticed I was surrounded by three rubbermaids, in their sealed suits. Ballet heeled boots going up to their knees, and heavily corseted waists defying any clinical study. They caressed me with their rubber covered fingers, as only maids could do to a newly born child, and I enjoyed their touch. Then, my senses slowly started adjusting themselves to the reality again.

My ears just got adjusted to the hissing sound of their gasmasked breathing, my eyes could see my bald skull reflected in their insect-like lenses. And then I could look at myself and notice why I felt so strange. My body had changed. My period in the latex womb not only served to cleanse me from the outer world, but also served to start the process of transforming me into my Mistress's perfect maid. I let my fingers explore my enlarged lips, while gazing at my reflex at the maid's mirrored lenses, and noticing how sensitive they became... how sexy and inviting for pleasures unknown for people ouside the walls of this institute. I then let my fingers run at my feminine features, which have always been there and obvious to many people, but now increased by whatever therapy I did endure while in my latex purification.

Running my fingers all over my body, I noticed how smoother to the touch my skin has become, and also how it's sensitivity has heightened... how my nipples had grown, while my girlish chest developed to a pair of small, milky-white breasts, increasing the contrast formed by my pink nipples. How my already 23" waistline gained evidence on my body thanks to my enlarged hips. I then stopped exploring myself knowing I still have much to endure before enjoying my womanhood completly. My state of wonder was broken by the sound of high heels clicking in my direction, when the maids walked backward, giving a rubber-clad lady access to my body. She sat on a small chair near me, and started to caress my body, while I looked at her, smiling.

"I see you have developed pretty well for two weeks, little Candy...", she said, from behind her heavy gasmask, while I gazed into her green eyes and her latex covered fingers started exploring my lips, inserting two of them into my mouth, as I promptly sucked on them. "Yes Milady..." I mumbled with her fingers gagging me.

"So, you can speak already. This is good. The maids will dress you and you will be taken to a room where you will recover and regain your strength, and then, after we are assured you are good and safe, your training will start.", she said, and then stand, looking at the maids, and nodding, as she left.

I simply stood there, lying on the rubber chair, as the maids started walking around the room, getting ready to dress me. Soon, they started to apply huge masses of jelly to my body, making sure every inch of it was lubed. Then, I closed my eyes and felt their fingers exploring my new body... exploring every inch of it... A pair of fingers entered my rear entrance and started lubing it. I just moaned in pleasure, as I felt a thick thing enter me... I opened my eyes and saw a huge discipline dildo being pushed into me. It had no features, looking more like a rubber tentacle entering me without warning. I relaxed, letting it get into me, even being larger and longer than any I have taken before in this institution. Then, one of the maids came with a pair of gloves, made of very thick rubber, and started to slide it over my right arm, and then my left one.

Soon, the dildo was resting inside of me, and I was already trying to get used to the sensation of being spread open in such a way while rubber stockings came over my legs, followed by thick rubber panties, with a penis sheath which forced my penis to be bent between my legs, in a rather encasing position. Next, came the catsuit, with open faced hood and built in corset, and finally, the ballet boots. The thigh high boots forced my legs so that they stay bent, like if forcing me to stay in all fours and walk like a baby almost all the time, if not sitting over the gigantic plug.

Finishing my attire, a new rubber form entered the room. It was a gigantic maid. It would look like a 2,15m tall amazon woman, with gigantic rubber breasts, dressed all in a unique rubber piece for what it seemed. She was in 7" heels that seemed to spurt directly from the heels of her feet, but that for her height, they wouldn't be taller than 5" heels are for me. She picked me up gently, but without difficulty, like a mother would pick her own baby, and conducted me to another room in the same corridor.

There, I was placed into a room with a cushioned rubber-covered floor, and cushioned rubber walls. In a corner, there were rubber toys and dolls, and even teddy made of black latex. A Teddy bear almost my size and with a welcoming smile shared his place with dildoes and other play toys. Wicked barbies stayed strapped to a small Latex Barbie Dungeon. I also noticed there were no Ken dolls. I was placed on the floor, and then, each rubber girl came and caressed me before leaving. And then I stood there, in the middle of this new room, resting and regaining my strengh, eager to proceed with my training.



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