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Training Suit

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; sealed; electro; conditioning; mc; revenge; reluct/cons; X

“And what,” Gina asked, “is that?”

Holding out the mass of rubber in his hands, Jeff grinned. “It’s a training suit.”

Gina eyed the shiny black mass doubtfully. “Looks like a diving suit to me.” she said sarcastically.

“Oh, no,” Jeff declared. “It’s something special. I designed it myself, just for you.”

“Oh really?” Gina’s eyebrow raised.

“Really,” Jeff replied. “You’ve been talking about working out, getting in better shape, and this suit will help you do just that.”

Gina frowned. “And what’s wrong with my shape?” she demanded harshly.

“Not a thing, from where I’m standing,” Jeff replied, his eyes taking in her large breasts, slim waist and long, trim legs. “But I know you’re not happy with yourself. So I designed this at work. It’s got built in electronics that will produce results you won’t believe.”

“You really think this thing will help?” Gina prodded, still skeptical. She knew very little about Jeff’s job, only that he worked in the R&D department of some company that made equipment for NASA and other special agencies.

“I really do. And since you work from home, you can try it out right now.”

Gina was still doubtful, but eventually, Jeff talked her into trying the suit. They’d been living together now for several months, and, while she knew he wasn’t entirely comfortable with her “take charge” attitude, she also knew he would never knowingly put her in any kind of risk.

“Ok,” she finally said, “I’ll try it.”

Jeff beamed. “Great! First, you need to shower and make sure you’re cleanly shaved.”

“Why shaved?”

“It’s the suit,” Jeff explained. “It’s skin tight, so any stubble might be uncomfortable over time.”

“Oh, ok.”

When Gina entered the bedroom, her skin glowing from the shower, the skin between her thighs sensitive from a thorough shaving, Jeff had the suit laid out on the bed. Looking at it, Gina noticed what looked like a hood dangling from the front of the neckline. Jeff quickly explained that he’d had to add the hood to make it look like an emersion suit, so his co-workers wouldn’t get suspicious. His answer satisfied Gina’s curiosity, and the process of suiting up soon began.

The suit was indeed skin tight, requiring a bit of talc to get it up her legs. As Jeff settled the waistband over her hips, she felt something against her pussy. Gina pulled back the suit to see several rows of small knobs lining the inner surface, directly over her crotch. There was also a smooth tube that, when the suit was in place, seated itself inside her.

At her question, Jeff explained. “The tube is so you can use the bathroom without taking the suit off.”

“And the knobs?”

Jeff grinned. “A little stimulation while you work out,” he said.

“Pervert,” she said as he drew the suit further up her body, not at all surprised to feel more knobs against her nipples. Once her arms were inserted into the sleeves, her hands adjusted within the attached gloved, Jeff zipped the suit up. As the suit tightened, Gina had to admit that the knobs were rather stimulating, at that.

“Now for the hood,” Jeff said. First, he drew a shower cap over her head, carefully tucking her hair underneath. Then he lifted up the hood. As it approached her face, Gina noticed something protruding from the inside of the hood. Her question about it was interrupted as Jeff shoved the protrusion into her mouth. Startled, she didn’t move as he zipped the hood closed. A click sounded at the back of her head, then Jeff turned her toward the mirror.

Gina was stunned by what she saw. The black rubber faithfully outlined every curve of her body. Only her eyes and ears were visible. A slightly thicker patch concealed each nipple, while a third patch covered her crotch. Her mouth had also vanished, while two small holes at the nose allowed her to breath.

Turning, she angrily demanded that Jeff remove the hood, but all that came out was a series of muffled grunts. Frustrated, she reached for the zipper, only to encounter a lock.

Seeing the anger in her eyes, Jeff smiled, reaching behind her. “Yes, dear,” he said softly, “you’re stuck in that suit until I choose to let you out.” Gina let out a muffled shriek as something was shoved up into her ass. “Now you don’t have to remove the suit for anything,” Jeff explained. “And a tube in the gag will allow me to feed and water you.”

As Gina struggled to get out of the suit, Jeff continued. “I’m afraid I lied to you,” he said, “just a bit. The suit will train you, but not in the way I told you before. You see, the hood is lined with sensors we’ve been working on for a new thought command system. They can’t read your mind, but they can tell the difference between good and bad thought patterns. Good thoughts will be rewarded, bad ones punished. Here, let me activate the suit and you’ll see what I mean.” Reaching over, he did something at the back of her neck.

“Just you wait,” Gina thought. “Once I’m out of here I’m going to……OW!” Her thought was interrupted as a sudden, painful shock burst across her pussy, equally painful shocks hitting both nipples. “That hurt, you little……OW!”

Watching her jump with each sting, Jeff smiles. “Now that you know how the suit works, why don’t you go fix us some lunch?”

“If you think I’m going to……OW!” Suddenly unwilling to risk another shock, Gina hurried to the kitchen, struggling to keep her mind blank. She nearly succeeded, being stung only three times while preparing lunch.

After eating, Jeff looked at her with a smile. “That was very good,” he said. As the words registered, Gina felt the knobs inside the suit vibrate slightly. Puzzled, she glanced at him questioningly, grunting through her gag. “As I said,” he explained, “good thoughts are rewarded. Compliments trigger a positive reaction in your brain, and the suit rewards you.”

Rising, he drew her to her feet and stood facing her. “You are very beautiful,” he said sincerely. “You are smart, funny, great to be around. And I love you very much.” With each of his words, she could feel the vibrations against her nipples, her pussy. Gina moaned softly at the stimulation, her arousal beginning to grow.

‘Unfortunately,” Jeff continued, “you are also bossy, manipulative, demanding and selfish.” With each negative word, Gina’s body jumped from the shocks. “I honestly thought about leaving you.” This time, the physical shock was joined by an emotional one. Leave her? “But I can’t. I love you way too much to just walk away..” Soft vibrations now, soothing, stimulating. “That’s why I designed this suit. It will discourage negative thoughts and encourage more positive ones. And you’ll be wearing it for the next two weeks.”

At these words, Gina’s anger flared, only to be buried in a series of shocks that brought tears to her eyes. Jeff wrapped his arms around her stiff body, whispering soft, loving words into her ears until she relaxed, the continued vibrations soothing the pain and gently arousing her. Smiling, he slipped his hands down to cup her ass, hearing her breath catch with a soft moan. This could be an interesting two weeks, he thought.

By the end of the third day, Gina knew she was in serious trouble. Her anger at Jeff for tricking her seemed to be slowly fading. It now took a conscious effort to revive it, an effort the resulting shocks made totally not worth it. And so she watched the anger fade, strangely missing it almost like a lost friend.

What emerged to replace the anger was almost frightening. Under the gentle, arousing encouragement of the suit, Gina found her thoughts turning more and more to thoughts of pleasing Jeff, making him happy. The physical pleasure such thoughts earned her was slowly changing into emotional pleasure, and this was what scared her the most. By the end of the two weeks, would pleasing him be the only thought in her mind?

Gina tried to fight the trend she saw growing, but it was no use. Her body craved the pleasure the suit gave, and her mind responded by slowly shifting it’s focus. By the end of the first week, pleasing Jeff, while not the only thought in her mind, was most definitely the most important one. Another week, she feared, and she would be nothing more than a mindless slave.

Watching her change, Jeff was pleased. The first week had changed her whole outlook. The second week would set those changes firmly into place. It was, he knew, a form of brainwashing. But he didn’t care. She was the woman he loved, and when this was done, she would be the perfect woman as well. For Jeff, that fact alone was enough to knock down any moral objections.

Finally, the two weeks were over. Gina stood naked beside the bed as Jeff carefully folded the suit. She watched as he slid the suit under the bed.

“Just in case you need a refresher some day,” he said, smiling. “Now why don’t you go shower.”

“Yes dear,” Gina replied automatically. She turned, only to pause as a wave of pleasure swept through her. She turned back to Jeff, eyes wide.

“Perfect,” he said, still smiling. “The pleasure response is part of you now. Any time you obey or think good thoughts, you’ll feel good too.”

In the shower, Gina considered the new perspective that had been forced upon her. She knew that what he had done wasn’t right, but she just couldn’t be angry at him. All she wanted to do was make him happy.

Suddenly, Gina smiled. She knew exactly how to make him happy, to give him unending pleasure.

Jeff awoke slowly. Groggy, he opened his eyes and gazed up at the ceiling, his tongue vaguely exploring something in his mouth.

“Good, you’re awake.” Jeff turned his eyes to see Gina sitting beside him, smiling broadly. “I’m sorry I had to drug you, dear, but it was the only way “

“Only way for what?” he wondered. In the month since she’d worn the suit, Gina had been the woman of his dreams. Thoughtful, obedient, willing to do almost anything to please. He’d never imagined she’d do something like drug him.

As his senses continued to wake, he noticed something odd. He was hard, as he always was when he woke up. But now, it felt like his cock was wrapped in something soft. And there were knobs of some sort wrapped around, not only his cock, but his balls as well. Knobs also covered his nipples. He could also feel that something had been inserted into his ass. As he realized what these sensations meant, his eyes widened, and he grunted into his gag.

“Yes, dear,” Gina said brightly. “It took me a while to modify the suit for you, but it fits perfectly.”

Jeff staggered from the bed and rushed to the mirror, freezing when he saw his reflection. He was, indeed, wearing the suit. Gina had modified the crotch so that, instead of a flat panel, there was now a sheath that hugged his cock tightly.

“I’m glad you made the wiring to the crotch so simple,” Gina said. “It made it easier to modify the suit for you. I even managed to move a couple of them.”

“Why, you little……OW!” Jeff jumped as shocks coursed through his cock, his nipples, and, surprisingly, his ass. The ass shock was the strongest, and his hands leaped to the tube protruding from the back of the suit.

Gina beamed. “Yes, dear, the other two wires are now inside your ass, along either side of the tube. Jeff winced at the thought. Without the thin layer of rubber to dampen them, the shocks to his ass would be stronger than anywhere else. Panicked, he reached for the zipper, only to find it locked in place. Eyes wide, he grunted a question at her.

“Why?” She seemed to know what he was asking. “It’s simple really. Since I wore that suit, I feel so good. Nothing feels better than making you happy. Except maybe making you feel good.” Gina paused thoughtfully. “You know, two weeks made me feel like this. But you deserve to feel twice as good as me.” She smiled, moaning softly at the pleasure the thought brought her.

Jeff could only stare. Twice as good? Did she mean to keep him in here for a month? He tried to argue, but the shocks soon silenced his emphatic grunts, and his body soon relaxed in defeat.

Gina smiled lovingly. “Now, doing things seems to make the suit work better. At least, it did for me. So to make you feel really good, we need to keep you busy. Why don’t you fix us some breakfast, dear?”

Slowly, Jeff turned toward the kitchen, carefully keeping his mind a blank. Just as he reached the bedroom door, Gina spoke again.

“Oh, by the way, I called your job and told them you quit. I make enough for both of us, and this way, there’s nothing to interrupt you feeling good.”

It was almost five minutes before the shocks eased enough for Jeff to make it to the kitchen.


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