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The Training of Slave Selena

by James W

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© Copyright 2008 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; SBR; piercing; enema; catheter; public; oral; cons; X

Story continued from Part 6

Part Seven

Chapter 13: Taking Control

It was late by the time they returned to James’s flat and they were both happy and contented to be back, ‘S’ retreated to the bathroom to bathe her piercings. James wanted ‘S’ to stay the night, he couldn’t bare the idea of her being on her own in her own flat with sensitive piercings and no one there to comfort her. So he insisted; she put up little defence. She could leave for work on the morrow. She already had some street clothes in his wardrobe; so it was settled.

Sitting quietly in towelling gowns on the comfortable sofa they mused over the build up to the weekend as well as the weekend. They took to their bed early, both tired. Snuggling up together between black latex sheets James spoke. “Darling ‘S’ lets sleep now, then I want to see you tomorrow evening to discuss certain things which need both of our attention before you become my full time slave. Tomorrow, no slave meditation or enema, just look after yourself and by the way, no latex!” ‘S’ was too tired to argue.

At work she was very careful to avoid brushing her sensitive nipples and took time to bathe her piercings at lunch. She felt so proud of her accomplishments although she did feel rather weary after the excitement of the wonderful weekend. When it was time to leave work she took great care when pulling on her SBR, even so she did wince as the heavy material brushed across her very sensitive nipples.

The early evening was warm and the ride on the underground in her mackintosh had her very warm under the confining caress of her impermeable SBR although she did not for one instant even think of undoing any buttons or slackening off any straps, she was after all a fully blown rubberist and was so very proud of her condition.

When‘S’ arrived at her Master’s penthouse flat she felt under dressed; no latex only her shiny black rubber mackintosh to confirm her fetishistic life style. She wore no gloves on her hands. Her Master had said no latex after all.

She rang the flat door bell and almost immediately it was answered by her Master wearing latex trousers and shirt. He looked wonderful an ’S’ hugged him but immediately was reminded of her sore nipples. She winced then pulled back. James smiled.

“How are young my subservient; five times pierced rubber slave?”

“Master I’m fine but feel completely naked not wearing latex. Please can I slip into something now?” Her master said nothing, rather he helped her out of her SBR then taking her hand led her into the sitting room where he motioned her to sit down.

“Slave, your piercings will take some time to heal and they will need to be bathed in salted water three times a day initially. The wearing of latex over the top will cause perspiration which could infect your piercings. I don’t want to risk you getting any infections so I have decided as your keeper, to impose a moratorium of the wearing of any latex over your breast or crotch.”

He was silent as if he had finished speaking. Selena was shocked and mortified, she couldn’t believe her ears. Her mouth dropped open, all the excitement of wearing and sharing latex since the first meeting began to disappear; she was bereft. She was about to speak when he continued. “For the next 30 days.” Again he left a gap. ‘S’ was distraught. She opened her mouth to speak but before any sound left her mouth, her Master was speaking again “This will give your piercings plenty of time to heal. But” and here he emphasised the ‘but’ “you will of course continue to wear latex over the rest of your lovely body and you will of course sleep between latex sheets. You will also be busy in preparation of you becoming my 24/ 7 slave.” ‘S’ had again jumped to the wrong conclusion, putting 2 and 2 together and arriving at 5! Her fears were not realised!

“So let’s get down to detail slave, First I want you to fit your vinyl lens helmet, corset and black latex gloves. Oh, and fit your slave collar with leash; Report to me when you are ready. We have much to discuss and I have tasks you will have to work at each day in preparation for your full rubberisation!” He added. “You will not need your blindfold or gag.”

‘S’ reappeared dressed as prescribed. She was led into the dungeon and loosely tethered by her slave collar to a ringbolt fixing by the washbasin in the toilet shower wet area. Her Master produced a long slim packet from one of the drawers, it was 2ft long. He ripped the packet and pulled out a long thin red rubber tube with rounded head with two eyelet slots set in the head. The tube was about the thickness of a slim biro but very flexible.

“This is an oesophical tube; you remember we saw one at ‘DeMask’. I seem to remember you were excited when I told you of its purpose. Well now is your chance to try one, you see, I shall want the option of feeding you via this tube if I so desire once you are my full time slave; that will mean, as you know, you will not have any taste, you will only be aware vaguely of the ingress of liquid unto your stomach. Now watch me closely, I shall wet the tip and first few inches of the tube with my saliva, then I shall gently introduce the tube back towards my throat opening. The tube is rounded and smooth, so it will not irritate the flap which hangs down from your throat. This flap activates your gag reflex and will, if prodded sharply result in you being sick. I have, with practice overcome the urge to gag. Now watch slave because when I withdraw the tube from my throat, you will begin to practice!”

The Master then proceeded to slowly swallow the red rubber tubing until only a couple of inches remained. ‘S’ was spellbound. ‘Imagine it, me being fed and watered via a rubber tube; I should be under total control, an object of my master’s desire, his play thing.’ She focussed on the tube as it finally slipped out of her Master’s mouth. It was her turn now! With trembling gloved hands she took hold of the glistening flexible tube and opening her mouth pushed it towards the back of her mouth, all was well; now, to touch the oesophical flap with the head of the tube. She touched it and immediately felt the irrepressible urge to gag. She coughed and pulled the tube out of her mouth, eyes watering. She felt as if she would be sick. She turned towards her Master and looked at him through the vinyl lenses, “Master, I’m a failure what did I do wrong?”

“Slave, listen to me carefully. What you did was to push the tube too quickly towards the back of your throat, you really must slow down. As the tube gets towards the back of your throat stop, think, ‘slowly’ then allow the tube to just touch your epiglottis. As soon as you feel the gagging sensation move it away slightly still holding it within your mouth. Over come your retch reactions then try again. It will take time before you are able to overcome the gag reflex. Keep practising, morning and night, spend no more than a few minutes at anyone time and you will progressively overcome you response to gag. Then you will be able to swallow the tube easily. Now try again but this time slowly”

‘S’ did as instructed and was surprised at her success she still gagged but withdrawing the tube slightly allowed her to keep the tube in her mouth. Taking it out of her mouth she spoke. “Master, I believe I shall be successful with this if I keep practising. I am determined to succeed. The thought of you having such control over me is incredibly exciting!”

Her Master spoke. “You must take the tube and practice, once you have success then you can experience what it’s like to be fed without either swallowing or tasting, because I have many plans for you once you are my 24/7 slave”. ‘S’ heart leaped at the implication of this.

“Now the next item I want you to become proficient at using is a catheter”. He opened a sealed package to remove a Foley type catheter. It was about 9” long and was small diameter. It was made of natural coloured silicon rubber, and had a rounded nozzle with one opening at the head. Towards the outer end of the catheter it had an inflation balloon filled with sterile water which, once fitted into the bladder and filled by pressing produced an inflated balloon at the tip of the catheter within the bladder to stop removal. This would allow the catheter to remain within the bladder for any length of time up to 14 days; the outer end of the tube could be connected to a collection device either a bag or directly to a bottle. Removal was facilitated by connecting a syringe to a small valve and withdrawing the sterile water from the retaining balloon within the bladder.

The Master finished explaining all of this to a wide eyed slave. “You see, slave using a catheter allows me to control your body functions, you will have no say in the matter. It will allow me to keep you in tight bondage without you needing to go to the bathroom at intervals and will underline your dependence on me”.

Again ‘S’ gulped, her breathing quick; she was very excited at the implication of this new information. ‘Yes, yes, yes! I will become my Master’s plaything, having no say in what happens to me ; trusting completely in my Master for my existence; I will be free of all responsibility other than of pleasing my Master.’ ‘S’ thoughts were racing she couldn’t wait to experience this new item. ‘S’ was then taken to the bondage chair where she was strapped and carefully washed in preparation for catheterisation.

The piercing rings looked good and he was tempted to finger them; but he had work to do. Donning sterile latex gloves he spoke. “It is vital to be scrupulously clean when completing catheterisation. Now, lets see, yes”, he placed a glob of KY jelly on her urinary opening. He gently introduced the catheter tube. ‘S’ felt a strange new sensation and her heart beat increased. Then from the end of the tube a steady stream of urine trickled into a stainless steel kidney bowl which received the flow. She was amazed that the procedure had been so easy. “You see, slave I now have control over your urine flow. I’m now going to inflate the balloon within your bladder to stop its removal”. Having completed this, the Master fitted a latex drainage bag to his slave’s thigh. “Now slave you will retain the catheter for the next two days. You can drain the bag whenever it becomes full, there is a tap at the bottom; but you cannot remove the catheter. I will do that in two days time; in the meantime you need not use the toilet for fluid release. This can be your first experience of being catheterised and under my control.

‘S’ couldn’t believe her ears. Here she was willingly under the control her Master. She was powerless to do anything. She would remain catheterised until he decided to remove the catheter. She looked down to see the slim tube dangling from her vagina and snaking its way to the collection bag on her thigh. ‘So this is what it’s like to wear a catheter. I can’t believe I’ve got one in. My god, I’m just my Master’s plaything. He has control over one of my vital functions and I can’t do a thing about it, wow,’ she shuddered at the realisation. ‘I’m really getting into deep and total control, and I love the experience; to be controlled so totally is amazing, I can’t wait until the end of the month!’

She then voiced her inner thoughts to her master. They spoke of this for some time planning various scenarios prior to ‘S’ handing over of her self to be used and trained and, kept as a fully encapsulated and rubberised slave; tight and tidy with no respite. By the time they left the dungeon she was very excited and eager to get to grips with her new training regime. Over the meal, she spoke of her thoughts and experiences over the time they had been lovers. They laughed and giggled at some of the things they had done and their experiences; their fears and anxieties about revealing their true inner secret thoughts as their relationships blossomed. How the old Selena had been so excited about the first weekend visit to James’s county cottage and wearing her SBR fully belted into the local pub. She felt she was very daring to do so, but looking back now they both laughed at her naivety. “Master I’ve come a long way since then and I know now that the journey has only just begun and is endless. That’s what is so exciting. A life times journey.”

She left her Master’s flat knowing she was inexorably moving towards her destiny; she shuddered feeling the movement of the thin silicon catheter tube brushing her thigh; she knew that as a slave she was powerless to remove it. The only task she was responsible for and had been instructed to execute was to empty the collection bag strapped to her thigh. She pulled her mackintosh belt in another notch and set out to gain the underground which would take her to her flat. She resolved to hand in her notice on the morrow. Although she was a freelance, she still felt it appropriate to let her company know of her plan to cease working at the end of the month. The die had been cast!

She awoke with a start, it was the middle of the night, and her phone was ringing. She slid a latex gloved hand out to lift it from the receiver; she held it to her helmeted head. “Hello?” Her thoughts in a spin, who could it be?

“slave.” In an instant she knew her response.


“I’ve been thinking of you since our discussion and I want to tell you just how much I love you.”

“Thank you Master. I love you, I worship you, I serve you, I adore you. What service can I be?”

There was a pause, then, “Consider your position slave, once you are mine totally, you will not know whether it is day or night as I shall, at my discretion, keep you blindfolded for long periods if I choose. You will be under my complete control and, I can assure you, I will exercise my right to control you absolutely. Think on that when you next meditate, I will e-mail you tomorrow. You have been catheterised now for, let me see, yes, 6 hours. How does it feel slave?”

“Master” Came the reply. “It feels strange not needing to go to the toilet and the tube reminds me of my total subservience to you; I like it.”

“Now begin your mantra put the phone down after counting to 6.”

‘S’ did as ordered, then continued with her mantra, “For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master until sleep overtook her.


‘S’ awoke habitually now at 6am. She stretched out her gloved hand and switched off her alarm which had remained silent. Then slipped out of her latex sheeted nest and walked into her bathroom where she emptied her drainage bag then took her enema. Meditating was accomplished easily now; her mantra helping her to focus on her coming slavedomship. Removing her helmet she took a leisurely shower then laced on her corset. She wore silk briefs and bra and felt somehow uncomfortable in doing so, but she knew it made sense and she could wait until the end of the month to give it up for ever. Walking the short distance to the tube station she looked to the casual passer by, a tall slim woman in a tightly belted shiny black raincoat with sou’wester to match.

By the end of the day she had given in her notice to the shock of both her bosses as well as her colleagues but they recognised clearly that she was determined to do so and was, anyway, madly in love and wanted to make a life with her man. She had instructed an estate agent to put her property on the market and arranged for a valuation on the following morning.

Returning from work in the early evening she was glad to be at home again after a somewhat fraught day. Taking off her SBR and stripping naked, she moved into her bathroom to bathe her piercings. She stood and examined herself. Her nipple piercings were looking good as were her genital rings. Her shaved mons and pubic area showed off the silicon tube where it emerged from her .She fingered the tube examining it closely. She had accommodated to it and was, deep down, enjoying the experience of wearing the device; she emotionally understood the significance of her situation. She had no control over her bladder; her master had imposed control and seen to that when he had fitted her catheter.

She slipped out of the bathroom and returned a few minutes later wearing her vinyl lensed helmet. Standing in front of the full length mirror she admired herself standing proud with breasts pointed her nipples full and ringed. She let her eyes take in the picture reflected beck. A tall lithe female quite naked apart from the glossy black latex helmet and gloves, her piercing rings glinting in the spotlights; the catheter tube and collection bag strapped to her thigh. The image was perverse, but she thrilled at the anonymous figure which stared back at her; ‘Yes, I’m like a chrysalis gradually emerging from my pupa. I shall progressively become the full blown beautiful creature at the end of the month. I shall no longer be confined by society expectations; I shall be free in my bondaged rubbered state to live according to my Master’s wishes. If I were given any choice I would of course choose to be kept rubberised, encapsulated never wearing anything else but latex rubber and kept permanently in severe bondage. Yes, I thank the gods I’ve got a Master who shares similar feelings as me. I shall devote myself to becoming a perfect slave.’

Then as if to confirm her intentions she walked beck to the bathroom and began practising with the oesophical tube. She managed to keep the tube touching her epiglottis without retching but was unable to swallow the tube. She remembered the Masters words, “It could take some time to overcome the gag response.” She was pleased with her progress and quietly determined to complete her training.

She spent most of the evening tidying and preparing the flat for the visit of the estate agent the following morning. She tidied away her latex gear and enema equipment which normally hung behind her bathroom door.

He arrived on time and pronounced the flat, ‘eminently saleable.’ she should have no trouble selling it; the clock was ticking inexorably, there could be no going back.

On Wednesday evening at the appointed hour she reported to her Master. She had been feeling very masochistic during the previous two days it was, she reasoned, her imminent move into 24/7 rubberization together with both the actual and symbolic removal of her independence that had caused this. Once divested of her SBR she knelt, head down her gloved arms holding out her flaccid favourite helmet as if begging for her Master to fit it on her. The silent pleading was granted and her hair was sensually plaited whilst ‘S’ squirmed but remained silent. The fitting of the helmet took some time as the long plait had to be drawn through the opening at the top of the helmet and then laced tightly. Closing the zipped flap at the back was completed carefully so the eye and mouth holes were perfectly position; the helmet looked perfect; it had been fitted by a Master. Once fitted, she assumed the classic slave pose, kneeling, arms behind her back head bowed.

‘S’ was once again taken and secured tightly into the bondage chair by her Master. The removal of her catheter fascinated her; the fixing of the syringe to the external valve and the manual withdrawal of the sterile water that had been deep within her bladder fascinated her. As the catheter was gently removed from her the sensation was unlike any she had ever experienced. It felt like the tube was a living item something of her Master’s desires. She had enjoyed the new experience of being catheterized and particularly of wearing it, but particularly the psychological implication of being controlled and was eager to know how to self catheterize herself.

Once shown she proceeded to complete the task easily and was thrilled to know she could catheterize herself if her Master ordered her. She was reluctant to remove it at the end of the experience, but was so subservient she complied without a word. As no sex was possible because of her vaginal piercings her Master took her into the dungeon where she was instructed to please him by sensual body massage, oral pleasuring and nipple manipulation. She helped him into a completely enclosed special black latex suit with only a tube opening at his mouth. Pulling up the final head closure zip ‘S’ looked at her packaged man and felt only love towards him. She helped him onto the padded bench then strapped him down. There followed a slow sensuous massage of his whole body, but concentrating particularly on his pert nipples. She rolled them between her gloved hands, pinched and used a vibrator on them. She then attached clamps. As he neared pleasure she affixed a rebreathing bag to his breathing tube; his breathing quickened as the combination of rebreathing and ‘nippling’ had him take pleasure; the latex sheath containing his issue. She left him still strapped but removed the rebreathing bag. Within her deep unconscious and unacknowledged by her conscious mind, she got a frisson from being in charge; however at this time she was only aware of her deep love for her Master.

It took a further two weeks for her vaginal piercing to heal. During that time her sex drive increased to a point where she thought she would die of frustration. She had to use her slave mantra constantly to control the urge. Her dreams were increasingly fetishistic and she often woke drenched in perspiration having taken a nocturnal pleasure. When she did she often went to her computer and followed up by surfing the ‘Alt binaries, rubberist, domains. She pictured herself in many of the stories she read or in pictures of other slaves in deep severe bondage.

It was during the second week that ‘S’ wearing her vinyl eyepiece helmet managed to accomplish her target of swallowing the oesophical tube. It was early morning; she had been feeling so sexually turned on with the thought that she would, in two weeks time, sign over her life to her Master. She found that if she ran the tube across her tongue and wetted it the saliva acted as a lubricant and allowed inward progress without difficulty. The oesophical tube slipped in easily and lightly touched the flap at the back of her throat; she did not gag and did not withdraw it. She persisted and then it happened, the red rubber oesophical tube slid past. A massive surge of joy overtook ‘S’ as the tube inexorably slid down her throat. She kept swallowing but there was no need. Only a couple of inches of tube remained at her mouth.

She was ecstatic; she had mastered the process, now the special suit of hers could be used as designed. The small opening at the back of the mouth sack would allow the fixing of the feeding tube. She wanted to try receiving liquids via the oesophical tube, but she knew that would come in due course. Anyway she didn’t have the apparatus for that. She looked at herself in the mirror above her basin; all that was visible was a helmeted head with two inches of red rubber tube poking out of the mouth opening. She tried the tube in various positions, first centre of lips then either side. Then she began the withdrawal. The tube slid out easily. She held all two feet of it up in front of her face. She was so proud of her accomplishment. Then with beating heart she tried again and again she swallowed all but two inches of the flexible rubber tube. This time she kept it in place until it was time to leave for work. She missed breakfast but was so elated at her success.

At work she sent off an e-mail to her Master, it read:


Your ‘s’ has swallowed all two feet of her red snake and is both thrilled and proud of a successful outcome to her given task. She lives in anticipation of the outcome.

Your obedient,


She knew that anyone intercepting the message would not understand the content. Only her beloved Master would. She was eager to receive his reply.

Chapter 14: Public Meeting

By the end of the week she had an offer on her flat; it was at the asking price so she accepted it. She began the process of closing one door in preparation of opening another. She took car loads of clothing to various charity shops as well as selling off many of the items she knew she would have no need for in her new life. Her collection of books together with her extensive music collection were packed and sent to her Master’s as was her collection of fetish items.

She had an appointment with her solicitor, having spoken to him over the phone, about her wish to appoint her ‘partner’ with power of attorney. He required both parties to turn up for the signing together with an independent witness.

On Thursday at 2 p.m. James and Selena met for lunch. As normal now, ‘S’ wore her SBR all buttoned up with sou’wester even though it was now spring. Her Master wore his unbuttoned. ‘S’ thought he looked very debonair. The whole lunch was spent on detailed planning for the fateful day.

The question of telling her parents of her impending disappearance had to be tackled. The outcome of this was, ‘S’ felt, for her to be frank with them. She arranged to visit them with James and to explain in general terms what she was about to do. She knew that as loving parents they would naturally be apprehensive and question her as to her decision. However she was determined to go through with her plan. There was much to do and neither of them wanted any last minute hold ups. James explained that a friend of his would join them to act as witness.

The signing completed the two lovers adjourned to mark the event with a glass or two of champagne. James drove a flushed Selena back to his flat. Once there she took off her SBR to reveal that she was naked apart from her corset underneath.

“James, dear Master I didn’t want to wear any non fetishistic clothing when I signed away my rights to you. Please, please let me, when it comes to signing my slave contract be dressed in nothing but latex?”

“You will have to wait and see.” Came the ambiguous reply; ’S’ knew she would have to wait.


The question of telling her parents of her impending disappearance from normal life had to be tackled. The outcome of the lengthy discussion they had was for her to be frank with them. She arranged to visit them with James and to explain in general terms what she was about to do. She knew that as loving parents they would naturally be apprehensive and question her as to her decision. However she was determined to go through with her plan.

James and ‘S’ travelled over to meet up with her parents on the Friday. James had met them before and they were very impressed. It was clear to them that the two were very much in love. Whilst he was out of the room they spoke to her. “Selena this is the man for you and you are obviously meant for each other, don’t delay say yes when he asks you to marry him!” Before she had chance to reply he had returned.

Selena’s parents welcomed him and felt sure this was to be the fateful occasion when they announced their planned wedding. After a long preamble where James wondered if Selena would ever get around to telling her parents. At long last she approached the subject. Selena explained at some length her fascination for latex and how as a young girl she had delighted in seeing them in their motorcycle clothing and the thrill she got from wearing rubber boots and her SBR. She told of her growing love of wearing what to her were special and exciting clothing i.e. latex wear and that she was, what society described as, a ‘fetishist.’ They were somewhat perplexed but reasoned that if James was happy with her strange likings then it was fine as long as no one got hurt. James had remained silent throughout the discussion but now spoke of his fetish lifestyle and how they had first bumped into each other.

Selena then told them of her plans to live the 24/7 lifestyle together with James. It would mean that when they next met she would be dressed entirely in rubber and would be under the total care of James her lover and keeper. She assured them that she had chosen this life style after careful discussion with James and that they were very much in love and would be lifetime partners. They left knowing that they had the blessing of both parents.

When back in James’ flat the subject of ‘S’ e-mail was raised.

“Now to return to the subject of your e-mail vis a vis your successful swallowing of the oesophical tube; you now have 5 merits so you can begin to choose your next pleasure trip. You know the rules by now, so tonight get writing; I want your request in by 11pm. However, before you begin you task, lets celebrate our visit to your parents and their understanding.”

They were both quite tight by the time they had finished the bottle. Selena was now without any inhibitions and spoke freely. “James I’m going to call you James because I know that in two weeks time I shall call you Master and James will be a name of the past, that is if you allow me to speak and don’t keep me permanently gagged!” She continued, “I want to tell you just how much I love you and also how I can’t wait for the fateful day. At the moment each day seems endless the time between waking in latex and returning to it again at night takes for ever. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that any time spent away from the ‘special love of my life’ is becoming agony. You see I really do want to live the life of a 24/7 fetish slave. Logically I know the days will pass and the fateful day will arrive, but emotionally and spiritually they seem to be on hold.” James looked sympathetic.

“Selena, darling, be patient time is passing and before you know it you will be reborn again as my slave. There may come a time in the future when you will look back on you former life and regret having given it up, but you know that return would be impossible. There is no going back. Now let me check your piercings; I do believe we are nearly there”.

James carefully examined Selena’s piercings; first a visual check then holding and sliding the stainless steel rings through the piercings, “Yes, all seems to be coming along well. You obviously have taken great care, well done, another merit. Now” and here he looked Selena directly in the eye, “you will be wearing total body covering tonight. But you must sleep naked to allow for continual healing. So off you go now and change into your special suit then report back to me so I can seal you in”.

‘S’ appeared in full glory looking the perfect manikin; her tall slim body shown off to perfection. There were no wrinkles in her obsidian black latex rubber suit. Her head an ovoid of gleaming black only her nostril breathing tubes and pigtail puncturing the surface. The mouth opening was held shut by ‘S’s’ lips and the internal lining effectively sealed her from any speech. Her dark hair issued in a plaited intricate pigtail with latex ribbons interwoven. Her Master snapped the padlock shut at the crown of her head sealing his slave for the duration. He led her to the dungeon where he had affixed a tray piece to the bondage chair. This flipped up rather like a lap tray on passenger aircraft. He motioned his mute slave to sit down then began strapping her to the chair; ankles, calves, thighs, waist, trunk, neck and head. Her arms remained free, but wrist fetters with a length of chain between, threaded through the ‘D’ rings at her slave collar, completed the bondage. He then placed his laptop computer in front of her and he left her to complete her written request.

‘S’ felt at one with herself, she sat quietly allowing the all over gentle containment of her rubber suit to wash into her soul. Every nerve on her body feeding back the magic tingling embrace that only latex containment gives. She was covered head to toe cradled in its constant gentle pressure. She let her mind drift in free wheel enjoying again the all over feeling which she had so missed since her piercing. Now time, which had seemed to pass so slowly vanished, she was content, the hours could stop for all she cared but she knew time shift was occurring and in no time at all it would be 11PM.

She focused her mind on her task of Pleasure Reward request .Within moments her gloved fingers were dancing lightly over the keyboard. She completed her request within 10 minutes then sat back, closed her eyes and began her slave mantra.” For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master,” within minutes she was drifting in her dark space exploring new fantasies and visual images that her highly creative mind presented. Then it was over. Her Master released her from her bonds. She handed him her request kneeling first in supplication to him. He took the sheet of A4 and ordered her to strip in preparation for bed.

Two naked lovers enjoyed the caress of latex sheets. ‘S’ wanted sex but her Master allowed none for her “You must be perfectly healed before you sign your slave contract I don’t want damaged goods!” he whispered in her ear.

“Ohh! Please, please have your wicked way with me, I’m desperate, I’ll do anything for you.” With that he left the bed to return a few minutes later with a respirator

“Alright slave you can spend the night at the bottom of my bed giving me pleasure, just wait here.” It had been modified to allow opening at the front mouth piece. A long corrugated tube snaked out from the inlet valve. The exhalation valve had been modified also. A large rebreathing bag hung limply awaiting the breath of the wearer to bring it to life.

“As for you taking pleasure, you know your clitoral piercing means no pleasure until it’s completely healed. So the only pleasure you will take is knowing you are pleasing your Master. Now head up”

‘S’ did as instructed and donned the all enveloping respirator .This was a new sensation for her; the first time she had worn a respirator. Looking out through the eye pieces she was excited. The moulded rubber face piece pressed in her face the nose and mouth piece cover a new sensation. Breathing was against a large filter so each breath needed greater effort then normal. The exhalation breathed life into the limp latex rebreathing bag. An outlet valve allowed for mixing of already used air with incoming filtered air. The round mouthpiece had an opening circular trap which opened to reveal a thin latex diaphragm with a hole in the middle.

Slipping down to the bottom of the bed a flushed and excited slave did as instructed and opened the trap to receive the condomed covered member of her Master as he pushed his rigid member into her mouth . Breathing through her nose, she sucked on the thin latex membrane as if her life depended on it. Her Master lying on his back, began reading her ‘Pleasure request’.


As your subservient slave I submit my request to you in the hope that my request will be acceptable. If not then I commit myself into your hands for what ever ‘pleasure’ you deem appropriate.

Given that in two weeks time I shall be your full time slave, I request that I be taken shopping for fetishistic equipment including shoes and boots. Before I step outside to shop under your guidance I should like to wear my black latex suit, corset, anal rod, gloves and my slave collar. I would like to wear nothing on top other than my SBR an open faced helmet and sou’wester. I am happy to show off my latex legs and feet when trying on shoes or boots. I am resigned to being denied a pleasure until you deem me fit.

Master, I love, adore, worship and want to serve you

Your ‘S’

He smiled to himself. “Yes the outing will do you well and I shall add one or two additional surprises to boot.” Then he reached down and fondled his slaves head as she teased him to the point of orgasm then stopped to leave him throbbing and frustrated. ‘What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander!’ reasoned ‘S’ in the stygian dark of her nest at the bottom of her Masters bed. The teasing went on until finally her Master took control and closed down the incoming air filter allowing his slave to rebreath only her own exhaled air.

“Slave, you will not get fresh air until you have given me a pleasure.”

‘S’ lasted all of four minutes before she was forced to bring her Master to Pleasure. The pungent rubber smelling air gradually being used up, had her sucking in stale useless air, her lungs desperate for recharging. The latex rebreathing bag rapidly fluttering as her air was used up. As soon as her Master stopped pumping he lay back seemingly oblivious to his slaves plight. She was now repeating over and over in an ever quickening spiral ‘for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master.’

She made no attempt to pull off the respirator, but instead began scissoring her legs together and thrusting her hips as a pleasure began to overwhelm her. Her Master noticed this and just before she took pleasure he opened the inlet valve. Suddenly ‘S’ chance to take pleasure was gone. In its place life giving air was allowed onto her empty lungs. Her bodies needs over came her lust and in a moment she was sucking in, lungfuls of filtered air for all she was worth. Once her breathing was back to normal her Master adjusted the rebreathing valve so each breath was again a mix of used and filtered air. ‘S’ drifted off to sleep eventually, her head between the legs of her Master with his member still in her mouth.

A further two pleasures were taken during the night so an exhausted ‘S’ took her early morning enema and began her slave mantra. The day was not going to be one of her more productive ones. But she was delighted with her new experience. She left her Master’s flat all tight and tidy in her SBR.

She was now finishing off a project at work, all was going well and she was ahead of schedule. This was to be her final piece of work. At coffee she lay back in a comfortable chair closed her eyes and within moments was fast asleep. Her colleagues smiled and nodded sagely amongst themselves, “A late night no doubt?” Selena awoke with a start; 45 minutes had passed. She got back to work but her heart was elsewhere. “Only ten days to go, I can’t wait!” A phone call during the late afternoon confirmed that her flat had been sold with a completion date two days before she became a full time 24/7 slave.

Arriving back at her flat she took off her SBR and stepped into the shower. Then on a whim got out the oesophical tube and proceeded to swallow it. She had no difficulty and was pleased to know she had substantially overcome the gag reflex. As if to confirm this she completed the process three more times during the early evening.

James phoned and was pleased to learn of both the sale and the tube swallowing. Selena explained that she was packing and clearing to complete the emptying of her flat prior to moving in with her Master. They agreed to meet up on the Friday to spend the weekend together. Before putting the phone down James mentioned that she should check her e-mail. With so much to do the conversation centred on the pragmatics of the plan of action. After she had eaten ‘S’ opened up her e-mail to receive the following message.


Your pleasure request has been considered and is granted. However, there will of course, be additional surprises. Be ready dressed in your cat suit etc. together with your motorcycle apparel for collection at Eros between 7.00- 7.15pm Friday.

Remember, tight and tidy at all times.

Your Master.

She was constantly surprised by the inventiveness of her Master. Only he would think of a collection in the very centre of London, only he would instruct her to wear motorcycle apparel. She smiled to herself, he would know that she would have to dress at her flat then journey through London suited and helmeted wearing her full faced motorcycle helmet with tinted lenses down and shiny vinyl padded over suit gloves and rubber riding boots. Then she remembered it may be difficult to remain concealed because of security awareness. ‘Oh well, if I am asked to lift my visor or remove my helmet I shall just have to. I can explain that I’m en route to a fancy dress party with a fetish theme or I’m going to a fetish party; after all this is a cosmopolitan city.’

She got up before the alarm went off took her daily washout, meditated and then swallowed the rubber tube. She repeated the process three times and was now completely at ease with the process. Deep down she was excited at the prospect of what was to come during the weekend, her penultimate one as an independent lady of 34. She was ready for any of the surprises her Master had awaiting her. She dressed in her back latex cat suit with corset pulled in to its maximum; she was now very comfortable with maximum tension, indeed she looked forward to the arrival of a heavy latex rubber corset fully boned and much smaller, which had been ordered some time ago. She donned her slave collar and a pair of gossamer thin natural latex gloves, then she pulled on a black roll-neck sweater and black slacks, she noted the time 7.15am then left her flat dressed in her SBR sou’wester and rubber riding boots. She carried with her a large holdall containing her apparel for the weekend.

At the end of the day when all of her colleagues had left work ‘S’ began to get ready. She knew the cleaners wouldn’t be arriving until 7pm so she had plenty of time. She took off her sweater and slacks and stood looking at her suited figure in the full length mirror. ‘This is my proper dress; a smooth clinging second skin.’ She slipped on her vinyl lensed helmet taking care to pull on latex under cap before doing so. When fully sealed she again spent some time enjoying both the sensation of being contained with in the latex as well as the visual image reflected back at her. She loved the sensation of having to peer through the vinyl lenses knowing she was completely covered.

She reasoned she had about 30 minutes before she needed to leave for the underground. The idea of leaving from work had come to her the previous evening; it gave her more time to prepare. She sprayed ‘Eros’ polish taking time to polish her black latex until she looked as if she had been lightly oiled. An obsidian jet black gleaming figure stepped in front of the mirror studied itself fully for five minutes, bending and twisting into various poses. ’S’ delighted in the images reflected back to her. ‘I am totally enclosed in latex from the crown of my head to the very tip of my toes. I love both the image and sensation of being gently squeezed by the all enclosing latex as well as the aroma of the rubber, if only one could bottle the fragrance, it would out sell many of the ‘ordinary’ perfumes.’

Then got on with the job and pulled on black rubber riding boots and gleaming vinyl suit, finally a full faced black motorcycle helmet. Again she couldn’t resist the temptation to look at herself and walked over to the mirror, pulled down the tinted visor and spent some time in narcissistic pleasures before shouldering a small black spiked rubber haversack, switching off the lights and pulling the door closed behind her. The anonymous figure walked to the lift got in and descended. Out in the cool night air ‘S’ was glad it was raining heavily she felt completely protected from the elements with a growing sexual fresson; she wanted sex. Sitting on the busy tube her presence went largely unnoticed by the majority of Friday evening commuters. One or two passengers spent a moment or two longer than was normal taking in the sight of the anonymous figure; the only clue it gave of its sex was the slim waist and small gloved hands.

‘S’ walked the short distance from the Tube to Eros glad to be breathing relatively fresh air. The rain continued to pour. Overhead the dark scudding clouds confirmed that it was going to be another wet weekend. ‘Come rain lash down on me do your worst, I am at one with you now, protected impervious to your attempts to breach my defences, your drops polish my outer skin to perfection I am alive with the reflected lights of the evening.’

‘S’ stood gleaming wet enjoying the knowledge that she was her Master’s slave doing as commanded, yet at the same time an eager participant in the process. The time on one of the lighted advertising boards flashed 6.45pm. She had between 15 and 30 minutes to wait. She sat down on the wringing wet step enjoying the act of people watching. Most people were moving head down in the heavy rain, completely without any form of proper protection; the odd waxed jacket shedding rain onto trousers or skirt, heads uncovered and completely unsuitable footwear. She smiled to herself ‘silly people,’ followers of fashion, not one decent mackintosh to be seen.’

Then in the distance her eyes made out two figures wearing SBR’s; sou’westers shining in the wet. They were arm in arm and were walking towards her. Her heart stopped, ‘Was this her Master with another?’ Or were these two other rubber fetishists? As they came nearer it clearly wasn’t her Master. She watched fascinated as they drew nearer; rivulets of water cascading harmlessly off their tightly belted mackintoshes they were both wearing rubber riding boots. As if to confirm they were rubberists she noted they were both wearing black latex gloves. She instinctively smiled but her darkened visor showed nothing. She could see both of their smiles as they stopped in front of her. She pushed up her visor with a latex gloved hand exposing her helmeted face and returned their smile. Instantly there was bond between them.

The man spoke first. “Wow, you look stunning in your outfit, we saw you from the other side of the street and hazarded a guess that you were into the fetish rubber scene. The clues were there; latex glove not motorcycling, shiny vinyl suit and darkened visor. We crossed over to check you out and to compliment you on your super outfit. Now you open your visor to show us you are wearing a latex helmet under your crash helmet. You have made our day! As you can, no doubt, see we are both devout rubberists and love walking in the rain on an evening like this.”

‘S’ spoke, “You both look wonderful in your SBR’s sou’wester and boots.” Adding, “Thank you for your comments and yes, you are, of course, right I’m also a devout rubberist.” She was fascinated by the two mackintoshed figures. As she spoke she wondered to herself if she and her Master looked similar when they were out walking in the rain, “I’m here waiting for my Master to pick me up on his motorcycle and I’m so pleased I’ve met you. I have been here for some time waiting, just people watching. No one is properly dressed; then I saw you both and you came over to me. I can’t tell you how exciting this experience is. As you can see I am deeply into total coverage and I’m pleased to say so is my wonderful Master .Do you have a card or e-mail?”

The three rubberists continued talking until her Master arrived. After a brief chat they swapped e-mail addresses then ‘S’ climbed onto the back of his powerful motorcycle, pulled down her visor , snuggled up behind him and was whisked off into the night .. The two mackintoshed figures watched them depart.

The ride back to the flat through pelting rain was the perfect beginning to an exciting weekend. Stripping off their dripping wet motorcycle gear the two totally covered figures fall into each others arms; kissing deeply ‘S’ felt her vaginal muscles spasm.

“Take me Master I’m yours.” Needing no further encouragement her Master led her to his bed and made passionate love to his slave. The piercing had healed and the stainless steel piercings added a very real frisson to their love making. They lay back both contented between the slippery latex sheets.

“Master I needed that more than I can possibly say; I’ve been so very very frustrated since my piercing. Please don’t leave me without release for so long ever again?”

“Once you are my slave you will have no say in the matter, you will be my absolute plaything to be played with when I decide.” He emphasised the “I decide.”

‘S’ heart began thumping, the magic words of implied control reducing her to putty.

“Yes Master.” She spoke with a huskiness which confirmed her excitement. They lay discussing the two mackintoshed figures. Her Master was pleased with the contact and would e-mail them. “Who knows they may have similar interests to ours. At least they are rubberists, we shall see”. Then without warning he instructed his slave to move into the dungeon.

There he strapped her to the cross taking time to ensure that no movement was possible. Once satisfied with his ministrations he moved over to a steel cabinet, opened a draw and took out flexible red oesophical tube. He returned and stood directly in front of his slave.

“First wet and lubricate the tube with your tongue”. He drew the long rubber tube across the offered tongue, then without further ado said, “Open wide slave, you are about to receive your first drink via this device.”

‘S’ did as instructed eager to please her Master. The tube was introduced gently. As it touched her epiglottis she swallowed and it passed effortlessly down her throat. A sense of achievement welled up in her she blinked at her Master then smiled before attempting to speak. “Goo—od” the flexible rubber tube protruding out of her mouth. She moved it across to the left side of her mouth with her tongue, and then tried speaking again. Her second attempt was much better; the exaggerated lisp had all but disappeared. “Master I’m yours; do what you want with me;” A strange masochistic streak forming her carefully chosen words. “Please control me, reduce me to your plaything and abject slave.”

“Stop speaking slave! I will decide all things; you will have no say in anything that befalls you. If you utter another word I shall use an inflatable gag on you! Now close your mouth and hold the tube in your lips.”

He disappeared from ‘S’ restricted sight. She was left wondering what was to happen next. It was some time later that without warning she was blindfolded. Almost immediately she felt the projecting tube being manipulated. In her darkness she could only speculate on what was happening. Had she sight she would have seen her suited , helmeted and gloved Master join the oesophical tube to a much longer red rubber tube, then connect the open end to a black latex bladder which hung distended by its liquid contents from an overhead hook some distance away and above the fettered slave. What was in the bag could not be discerned. He checked that all connections were in place then turned on the tap dangling beneath the bag.

Waiting quietly in her bondage ‘S’ breathing was slow and regular; she was anxious to know what would be the next move of her Master. Having never experienced the ingress of liquid into her stomach by tube she expected some major sensation, so when the warmed liquid first issued from the rounded slotted head of the stomach tube she was unable to perceive anything. Her first awareness was the growing sensation of an increasingly full stomach. She swallowed trying to taste, but no taste was discernible. Was she just imagining this in anticipation or had there been a flow of liquid into her stomach? She was unsure. Then the increasing liquid content within her stomach confirmed to her that she had received liquid. What the liquid was she had no idea.

“Slave you will no doubt be aware of a full feeling in your stomach. Nod to confirm.” The slight head movement allowed by the forehead strap told the story.

“You have just received 1 litre of warmed liquid. Only the full sensation tells you of that. What the liquid is is not for you to know. In due course you may be able to tell, we shall see. Now I’m going to leave you to meditate.”

‘S’ was left intubed and helpless. She was so turned on by what had happened that had she not been completely bondaged she would have grabbed her Master and she knew that was strictly off limits when they were in this arena. Suddenly ‘S’ was aware of an orange aroma in hr nasal passage. ‘Yes it was orange juice!’ She reasoned that a contraction within her stomach had sent up vapours and this is what she could smell; the feeling of fullness receded as she swam, adrift in her dark universe, free yet restrained. It was a paradox yet the seemingly pragmatic experience of being in strict bondage confirmed her freedom. ‘I am a tightly restricted, bondaged slave, yet I glory in my physical constraint knowing the mental freedom which allows me to be as free as a spirit as I explore the inner space of this paradox; strange but I reel completely at one with myself and this dark world.’

‘S’ was released much, much later after another litre of warm water had flowed into her stomach. She was still blindfolded. She was allowed to relieve herself, but had to carry the tube and feeding bladder with her. Only then did her Master slowly extract the tube from her stomach. When all was completed he fitted the breath through inflatable gag then led her over the latex padded bench and strapped her down so that she was unable to move anything but her fingers and toes. He then placed ear defenders over her ears patted her on the head and retired to his double bed.


Story continues in Part 8

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