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The Training of Slave Selena

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; latex; catsuit; SBR; mackingtosh; outdoors; sex; cons; X

Story continued from Part 2

Part Three

Chapter 5: The Cottage

The walk home was a thoroughly wet affair and they were both looking forward to a shower and a change of clothing. They were both wet under their latex suits from their love making but warm as toast.

Eventually, not before time, the cottage appeared through the steadily falling rain; a haven of rest for them both. James unlocked the door and led Selena into the small hall. They turned to face each other. “Let me help you off with your SBR sweet damsel.” He undid the buttons, belt and neck strap, then the thigh straps and relieved Selena of her trusty mackintosh. She stood latex suited, corseted and looking quite divine, although somewhat dishevelled! Her suit, where moisture had collected had ruckled up, creased into attractive collections of latex. James counted his blessings in having met such a lady.

Stepping out of the shower Selena hung up her suit to dry, carefully putting a towel on the floor to catch any drips. James unzipped himself and divesting himself of his suit took his place in the shower. The fire in the sitting room had been lit and was now well on it’s way to becoming a real comfort. Selena stepped naked into the kitchen enjoying the feeling of being so for the first time today. She had worn her suit, she noted with a satisfaction for nearly eleven hours. She made a pot of coffee and brought it through to the sitting room just as James came through towelling his greying hair. He like Selena was naked. She noted his fine physique and tight buttocks.

Chatting over coffee with the rain dashing harmlessly against the windows they were both tired but very relaxed.

James had planned to speak to Selena on the matter he had mentioned in his letter but the time was not right, at least not for now; perhaps Sunday would give him a chance to do so it didn’t matter, he could wait.

Sitting naked in front of the fire on the large sheepskin rug, they sat quietly at ease in each others company recounting and enjoying talking about the full day which they had experienced together. Long comfortable silences when they both fell silent to explore their own thoughts were interspersed with comments recounting this or that incident, perhaps a chuckle together as they noted the various folk they had encountered and discussed just how inappropriately they were dressed against the elements and their complete unawareness of the sexual satisfaction to be gained form the experience of wearing proper weather protection. They concluded such people were really missing out, unaware of the delights of ‘D for P’ (dressing for pleasure) as they termed it. The tender touching of each others naked bodies affirmed their growing relationship.

As the evening drew on they discussed each others backgrounds, Selena had been one of two girls. They had grown up together enjoying each others company but like most sisters they had their ups and downs. Her sister, Elizabeth five years younger was now married with two children. Her husband, Richard was a super chap much into kit cars and tinkering about with engines. He was an engineer and lived and breathed motors.

Elizabeth was very supportive of Selena and was always making secret arrangements for ‘blind’ dates with a whole range of ‘uninteresting’ men for her older sister. She knew of Selena’s desire for Mr Right but was sure that she could easily deliver him to her sister’s plate. Over the years Selena had meet a whole range of unsuspecting males from her younger sister’s secret ‘marriage bureaux.’ Some of the men she met in this fashion had been handsome and interesting but none had the secret love of latex. When after a couple of months of dating they discovered that she wore ‘rubber’ pants for her own pleasure and got sexual satisfaction from doing so, they were invariably frighten off after initial enthusiasm for her free spirit. The fact that it did little for them, other than titillation which soon paled, led to a cooling off and end of the promising relationship.

Selena’s fantasies always centred on full enclosure in latex; it was why she finally bought herself her suit after the ending of her last relationship. He had felt threatened by her desire to wear latex. A final showdown had occurred on holiday when she had spoken at some length about her liking and some of her fantasies. She told him she couldn’t see their relationship continuing unless she could wear and ‘share’ her beloved latex. She was quite adamant about this; there could be no compromise. She hadn’t planned to be so direct but the holiday had been perfect barring the issue of latex which kept occurring. She had drunk just a little more than she really should have and was less inhibited than normal. The comment, “You love rubber more than me!” had been the final straw.

Returning to flat in London she had cried herself to sleep night after night, cursing her fate; why, oh why had she this overwhelming urge to dress up in latex. She was addicted, as a drug addict has no control, she had none, she had to wear latex; to deny it was hopeless. She could kid herself that she had no need and could live without it for weeks at a time, and then from deep within her unconscious she would be aware of a growing need, like an itch which demands to be scratched. She would try to ignore it but eventually it demanded fulfilment; she was a slave, yes, a slave to her unconscious desire to be contained in latex. She would resist, with great resolve, at first, but she knew that she would eventually break down under the inexorable unconscious pressure to satisfy the demand. It was an itch which demanded to be scratched. Just the wearing of washing up gloves could trigger her acquiescence to her secret desire. She would retire to bed, to her lonely bed wearing latex pants together with her trusty vibrator allowing the inevitable to happen, she reflected to her lover.

Now she had found a handsome man who not only allowed her addiction but actually encouraged her to realise her fantasies and was a fellow enthusiast and addicted also to wearing latex and enjoying the fetish way of life. She knew he understood her desires because he was in the same arena, he had, she reasoned, come along much the same route as her. Certainly the portents were good.

By the time Selena had recounted some of her earlier experiences the hours had been ticking away. James rolled over languidly and kissed her again.” Yes I understand your experiences, you poor thing, you must have just about given up any hope of ever meeting a kindred spirit.”

“No I didn’t,” she replied, adding “ Some day I just knew I would be fulfilled, but yes I had endless lonely nights of being tested; that’s why at the end of my last relationship I resolved to live as I wished. I had my SBR and other mackintoshes, but with the buying of the full latex suit I fulfilled one of my fantasies. You know, the first time I put it on I nearly took a pleasure.” She took pride in using the less direct word which James used.

“When I finally pulled up the back zip I was so complete. I was at once protected and invulnerable, every nerve in my body was heightened, I could have taken ‘pleasure’ without using my vibrator.” She exclaimed. “Then when I saw my image in the full length mirror I did touch myself at the zipped crotch entrance and took a full blown ‘pleasure’. I felt wonderful in my new suit and then and there swore to myself that I would save myself for my knight in shiny black latex. I would no longer make any compromise. Any future relationship would be based on the truth that I was a slave to latex. I would no longer kid myself that I could survive without it. It was then that things began improving; I was more relaxed accepting my fate. At work colleagues commented on my more relaxed approach. I had, they told me, been quite tetchy on occasions with no apparent reason. They had put it down to PMT or an ended relationship. Anyway, once accepting and enjoying my eccentricities I was far more contented, of course I still hungered for some one to share my interest but I never the less got on with enjoying myself when I felt the urge to dress up and slip between latex sheets to confirm my fetish sexuality”.

“Then out of the blue you came into my life when I was least expecting it. It seems as if we’ve known each other for years, yet it’s not yet a week, my lovely Black Knight.”

James was fascinated and excited by all of these revelations; he knew he had found a special friend in Selena, one who would join him on an adventure which would extend both of them and lead onto uncharted regions. Tomorrow, if the time was right he would speak of this matter, he resolved.

Now it was time to prepare the evening meal. James prided himself as reasonable in the kitchen; he had cooked for himself these last five years. “Come on, lovely lady, you can get dressed whilst I begin preparing a meal fit for two hungry walkers. I bet you are ravenous after your long day, especially your mossy bank experience.”

“You bet I am but I would gladly forego food to remain in your company.” She teased.

“You won’t have to this time.” came the rejoinder as James disappeared after throwing a couple more logs on the embers of the fire.

Selena went into their room; there she was faced, like all women, with the age old question, ’What on earth am I going to wear?’ She had few garments and looking at her silk blouse and leggings she knew this was the right outfit to wear. In a flash of inspiration she went over to the wardrobe that contained James’s clothing. There she chose a silver latex top in the style of a Cossack with black collar. The lancer front she especially admired, it was the in the same style high fastening as her SBR. A long black belt together with full sleeves would look good on her and would be just the right thing to wear for the evening. She slipped it on over her refitted corset. The shirt was too big for her but she did look stunning in it. Slipping on her stretch PVC leggings together with her black stilettos she looked, she thought, just wonderful. She felt confident that James would be pleasantly surprised. Reapplying her red lipstick and eye shadow she began varnishing her nails; she felt every bit the sensuous woman, confident that she would be appreciated. Before moving to the kitchen to show off herself to James she dabbed on her favourite perfume, ‘Red’ a heady fragrance.

She walked into the kitchen to be greeted by a wolf whistle. “Wow, come here, you look quite fantastic in my Cossack shirt.” He emphasised the ‘my’ then followed with, “you look tons better than I would in it. Stop and turn round, I want to see you from all angles!”

Selena did as instructed she really was enjoying his command. She felt good, graceful and comfortable in her lovers company. She wanted to show off to him and for him.

She lifted her arms above her head and began a provocative dance, then closing on her intended target she threw her arms around James’s all but naked body. He was wearing a black SBR apron and black house hold gloves. She kissed him urgently thrusting her tongue into his receptive mouth seeking to taste his unique taste. The heady smell of her perfume excited James even more and he was aware of his manhood swelling. He broke away when the kiss ended and in mock shock said. “Look what you have done now you temptress!” Eyes directing Selena’s inquisitive gaze to his tented apron.

“I can do more than that, given half the chance!” she teased back.

James began exiting “Won’t be a moment, the veg’ are nearly ready; I’ll just change.”

He re-emerged a short time later. He was wearing a latex shirt in pewter and black latex jeans; she was delighted that she had chosen one of his shirts in latex. ‘A whole day wearing nothing but latex, it seemed only right.” This was a special day for her and she knew it would lead onto other adventures together. In her heart she was aware of a voiceless singing. She was happier than she had ever been.

The meal was just like her day, perfect. The steak, medium rare with a delicious pepper sauce and a bottle of Australian full bodied Shiraz, was the perfect complement to the meal. They were both hungry after the adventures of the day. Raising a glass James offered a toast to Selena. He fixed her with one of his gazes; she was putty in his hands now, she felt a welling up of joy and a quickening of her pulse as he spoke. “To you Selena, may all your dreams come true.” Adding, “I’ve so enjoyed being with you, you look elegant, sophisticated and oh so sexy”. He raised himself off his chair to complete the toast.

For her part, Selena lowered her eyes then fluttered them at him and finally blew a kiss to him. “Thank you dear James, she whispered, a lump in her throat. “Now I raise a glass to you, to my lover who has satisfied me like no other person ever has, who has brought my secret fantasy to reality today, who has sensitivity, charm and has allowed me to discover new heights of ecstasy!” James was now on the receiving end and felt genuinely touched by Selena’s toast. He knew he would now speak to her on the morrow about his secret desires.

It was well into the early hours before they both took to his bed. They had spent hours talking and listening trying to gain an understanding of each others interests. They both wanted to please the other. They were both exhausted by the time they climbed naked between latex sheets. They enjoyed the touch of each other, but inevitably they both succumbed to the zephyr of sleep, clinging to each others body. Selena folded around James’s back just as they had been on his powerful touring bike; she enjoyed both experiences equally.

Chapter 6: Master.

They awoke late, James was the first to rise; Selena was awoken by the warm kiss of her lovers lips. Opening her grey eyes, she blinked not quite knowing where she was, but an instant later she did. “My prince, you have woken me from a hundred year sleep” She said in a sleep fogged voice. “I am yours, do what you will with me”.

James knew today would be a fateful one. “I plan to talk to you fair maiden this afternoon, following our morning walk.”

“Please tell me now, I cannot wait, you mysterious man”. Selena pleaded in a half hearted way, knowing somehow that James reveal all in his own time.

“Have some coffee Selena then, once you are ready we can have some bacon and eggs together,” adding “you remember we are going on our sea shore walk this morning and …” he said in a knowing way, “I think you will enjoy it. By the way, it is even wetter than yesterday. The front predicted for this morning is right on time as promised and it’s really wet. That heavy rain interspersed with heavy drizzle so we can really enjoy our walk”.

Some time later, two identically clad figures emerged from the cottage dressed in their SBR’s. Both were wearing riding boots and black latex suits underneath. Selena was wearing her constant companion, her corset in red satin. Every button, strap and tab was done up, sou’westers pulled on tight, not a chink in their armour. Black latex gloves completed their outfits. They were ‘tight and tidy’, three words which meant so much to each of them now. ‘Tight’ referred to tight latex; ‘tidy’, referred to every strap buckle or tab being fully tightened. As devoted rubberists being ‘T & T’ symbolised their secret sexual desires.

The walk to the deserted beach took some time as they were in no hurry; stopping to admire the dripping wet view or a bird singing or just to come together physically as lovers. They were a picture of gleaming black rubber clad from head to toe in the glistening magic material. The heavy rain sending rivulets of water cascading harmlessly off their two protected bodies; they kissed often, both enjoying the physical sensation of pressing their bodies together, teasing, tempting each other in turn.

“James, I feel so randy, just being with you has me moist as hell, I’m aching for you to ravish me, come on you wonderful lover enter me now I can easily unzip my latex suit.”

“Just you wait my dark-haired maiden, you tease me now but I shall turn the tables on you before you realise, then the boot will be on the other foot!” he returned with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

“As long as it’s a rubber boot I shall be in seventh heaven!” teased Selena. They grabbed each other and stood stock still for a long-time as they enjoyed the pleasure of a deep kiss. Selena’s booted foot lifted up raising the hem of her SBR as she melted in James’s strong embrace.

The walk along the beach was just what they both needed and it took a couple of hours to complete. Splashing through the waves, feeling the pressure of water as it squeezed their legs, then harmlessly running off their boots, as well as the endless heavy rain which seemed to be set in for the day, all contributed to their enjoyment. It was as if they had been together for ever. They were comfortable in each others company and both spoke of their delight in dressing up and walking in the rain. The heavy rain didn’t stop for one moment whilst they were enjoying their walk.

They saw one or two distant figures head down in the distant completing their duty walks with bedraggled dogs. They were unnoticed by them. Unlike the dog walkers Selena and James were in their element. For them it was turning out to be a perfect first weekend together. It was as if the rain gods were smiling on them. They were able to dress in their favourite material and enjoy the process. For all those countless vanilla non rubberist mortals it was a ruined week end; for them, blue sky with unbroken sunshine would have been perfect.

James and Selena spoke of this fact, Selena confided to James that she also liked to stretch out in the sun, naked to brown her body, but she also enjoyed the lottery of wearing her SBR or other waterproofs on days when it could turn out one way or the other i.e. showers then sunny; she enjoyed the game she had developed where, if she was wearing her SBR, she would always wear it properly fastened, even if it meant becoming overheated. The sensation of feeling warm rubber heating up to produce perspiration together with the heady aroma, gave her, she confided in James , a sexual thrill. She would often return to her flat and stand under a cold shower whilst she undressed.

“What a normal person would make of it I don’t know. “She laughed,” but I find it an exciting game!”

Entering ‘The Ship wreckers Arms’ the two of them did as the day before and remained dressed in their mackintoshes but opened the throat straps and a couple of buttons. The landlady, a friendly vivacious character with ample bosoms complemented them on their sensible attire. ”I like the way your raincoats shine when wet, then dry to a matt finish.” She commented, “You look the perfect couple, identically dressed. I wish my old man would get himself a proper raincoat. He grizzles endlessly about the wet weather but does nothing about keeping himself dry! I’m for ever drying out his jacket!” Selena and James gave each other a knowing smile, then took their drinks over to a secluded table to await their food.

On arriving back at the cottage James helped Selena out of her SBR then they both went into the sitting room, both still dressed in their one piece latex suits. There he produced a latex sheet from the bedroom and threw it over the settee. They took their places side by side. Selena was longing to know what James wanted to talk at length about. She was in a state of some anxiety as she feared there was some obstacle to their continuing relationship. Perhaps James already had another lady friend or he had decided to move to another practice? Endless possible reasons for the ending of the relationship came flooding into Selena’s anxious mind. Life was just too perfect with James, there had to be some upset to spoil her dreams.

“Oh James, my wonderful lover put me out of my misery now I can’t bear to wait a moment longer; don’t tell me you can’t go on seeing me. I shall die of sadness, you are my reason for living, you have brought me untold happiness and joy in just a week. I can’t believe my luck.” She blurted out. Then, as if to compound her out burst, she added, “James I’m falling in love with you…. I know I’m silly to say so, especially as I’ve only known you for a week.”

She stopped abruptly, aware she had possibly said too much already, aware that some men can be frightened off by a too eager female. Then her heart took over. There was no stopping her now. “James I’ve never met anyone like you, you excite me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. You woo me with your gentle strong ways, you allow me to explore my secret fantasies, and you extend me beyond anything I’ve ever known. Oh James, please, please don’t leave me. I can bear anything but that.”

She was in full flight, all caution thrown to the wind. In her mind she saw the man of her dreams disappearing; just as she had seen him do so in his SBR when he disappeared into the crowd as he left her one lunch time. She was sure she was to see him disappear soon for ever. She was fighting for him, telling him just how much she was thrilled by him. Completely unaware that James had not uttered one word. Her mind had run away with her, she had put two and two together and come up with seven!

James stood up. He had tried to reassure her, to stop her unstoppable flow, but to no avail. Now he asserted himself. Standing directly in front of her he looked down into those alarmed fearful eyes and felt a surge of pity, empathy and excitement. He knew just how much he felt for Selena and understood just how she felt. He had found himself, quite by chance, a beautiful lady who in her own right could turn the head of any man she desired, but, who also had that one in a thousand love of latex; of being dressed from head to toe in the material and who enjoyed, just like himself, the caress, constriction and protection it afforded. She enjoyed many things he enjoyed. He had to stop her fear, he had to let her know of his desires, and she must be put out of her misery. Selena hadn’t noticed James standing; she was in a world of her own now, alone lost, unaware of her lovers tender look.

“Selena stop!” James demanded. His words came like a slap across her face. She stopped in mid sentence, blinked as if she had been poleaxed, then buried her face in her gloved hands and sobbed.

“James oh James pleeeeeeeease don’t leave me” She pleaded, “I’ll do anything to keep you!” The tears wetting her gloves, “James I,” she stammered. “James I love you.” She blurted out. Then her whole body shook as she was lost in her self imposed misery. Tears cascading freely down her cheeks.

Very gently James knelt down in front of Selena and placing his hands on hers, he spoke softly and with real feeling welling up from deep within him. His love was hurting, he could feel Selena’s pain and it hurt him to see her so lost in her misery; yet it was a self imposed pain which was hurting her. “Selena, my lovely lady, I confess I do believe I am falling in love with you!”

From her deepest despair the words filtering down to her were like rays of the purest light of the early morning sun. she heard them one by one as they impinged on her desolation slowly, ever so slowly, it was as if she couldn’t quite understand the sequence of the message; the full meaning of the message contained gradually dawned on her. In a moment, a timeless moment she was aware of a soaring sensation as her heart heard the message whilst her head hadn’t processed the meaning and under stood the message. She was in an instant relieved and released from the lost wastes of her soul, the desolate place where endless tears flow, to be aware of James’s soft brown eyes looking deep into hers. Then she closed her eyes; tears of joy replacing the sadness as she understood the full meaning of James’s message, ‘I’m falling in love with you!’

The next instant his soft lips joined hers and they kissed the kiss of lovers; they were united at one.

“Oh James, I’m so silly, please forgive my outburst.” She stammered eyes still moist from her tears. “Do you mean it really? You’re not just saying it to please me, are you?”

“Now my beautiful latex lady, please”, he emphasised the please again, “let me say something I’ve not said a word yet and there you are off completely on the wrong track. Now, listen to me, to what I’ve got to say and stop making up what you think I will say. You really are a fine catch and now I seem to have caught you,” He added, “I don’t intend to loose you! Please listen to my proposal; you may change your mind about me once you have heard it!”

“First let me kiss you, darling man,” Said Selena, rising to be held in James’s strong arms. Both now standing they stood embracing, latex suited lovers.

“Oh James she sobbed, her emotions running wild, I’m so happy and there I was fearing you were going away; to leave me. Let me make you a coffee before you speak, I’m so excited and some what confused, as I don’t know whether I’m on my head or heels!”

They broke off the serious talk session before it had even started. James had said nothing, yet had experienced and acknowledged the first awareness of his love for his lady. Now Selena having calmed down somewhat after her emotional outburst was receptive to James’s words. It was his turn to speak. Choosing his words carefully he began.

“Selena, you know we are two of a kind, we both enjoy wearing latex and dressing up for pleasure. We have both come to this awareness independently of each other and this makes it very exciting for us both I know, but especially for me. I’ve always wanted a relationship where I can be truthful about my fascination with latex and to have found you is quite extraordinary. The gods were smiling on me that wet day when we met. You are both beautiful and intelligent indeed you are every bit, in every way, my ultimate fantasy. Your beauty is quite lovely; you are tall, slender with the most beautiful eyes. Your whole figure and being is to my mind everything I’ve ever wanted, you are so sexy, so exciting and full of surprises. It is for that reason I want to speak to you now; I find you so addictive.” He continued whilst Selena sat quietly, now listening intently to every word, eyes fixed on James’s face.

“As you know, I love latex and everything associated with it, especially the constriction and control it exerts on ones body. You saw the fetters I’ve got in my flat; these are just some of the items which I love to use. You see, dearest Selena, I love the idea of both being totally enclosed in latex as well as having someone, completely covered from head to toe in tight latex, hooded, constrained, immovable under my total control. This has been a constant fantasy of mine since I was a youth and saw my first photo of Bondage. Over the years I’ve experimented with various lovers who have played along with my fantasies; my first wife did so but was never an enthusiast. As you know, we parted for other reasons, but I’ve never meet an independent lady enthusiast; you will understand, therefore when I say I’m so excited by your genuine love of latex. I believe I’ve seen in you a potential to travel far beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. You have let me see, one of your secret fantasies and I can sense you enjoy the whole area of fantasy play”.

“So my lovely lady” James continued I want to speak to you about you becoming my ‘slave’ I don’t mean a slave who will serve and get no reward. Your reward will naturally be your own self development under my strict guidance. I don’t expect you to become a full time drudge; the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. If you join in this exploration of yourself, I use the term advisedly, in as much as we will both get fulfilment from our joint adventure. Initially I want you to allow me direct control over you for say, a morning, afternoon or evening or there abouts, perhaps a few hours, it is only when you begin to accept your role fully and begin to enjoy the process that we can mutually agree about extending the times”.

Selena sat still as James began telling her of this paradigm; her brain processing the words and the implied message as he developed and gave body to his plans. Sitting passively there Selena was attending fully, and James was unable to discern anything from her one way or the other. He carried on expanding his many ideas.

“I should therefore like to propose that we discuss some of your fantasies so I can weave them into mine to our mutual benefit. I don’t want you”, he went on, “to accept or reject any of my proposals right away, you see, I believe something like this needs to be carefully considered, fully discussed and mutually agreed upon, one way or the other. I want to emphasise to you my love, and just how very much you mean to me. I am, like you independent, but remember I’ve been divorced now for five years and in that time have grown to enjoy my freedom. If we begin exploring you becoming my slave and all that it entails it will mean a full commitment from us both.” There he paused for a moment. Selena still impassive, still looking at James, but a far away look had replaced the earlier one of full concentration.

“I should like to think,” he went on, “we can explore our own sexuality individually as well as sharing together, we seem to enjoy the same kind of experiences, it’s just,” qualifying his statement, “I’m probably somewhat ahead of you in respect of my experiences and remember I’ve had a number of lady friends who have joined me to explore the Master slave experience. However they always ended, I suspect because they were not proper rubberists in their own right. Of course, they enjoyed the role playing aspect, the dressing up and the excitement and the consensual power exchange of voluntarily giving up of their rights when we played; but in the final analysis they didn’t get the internal buzz and deep satisfaction that we devotees experience. So my lovely latex lady, I want you to consider my proposal carefully, but please don’t give me a reply until you have had time to consider it carefully. Remember, if you do decide to become my slave we will need to plan carefully how we shall begin. You will have lots of questions to ask, probably endless ones which I shall do my best to answer truthfully. If you don’t want to follow this route, then I shall quite understand and we can go on being lovers and exploring each others delights, but, and I want to underline the but, it will mean that I shall not begin my planning with a permanent slave under my control, with me being wholly responsible for her being.”

It was the words ‘under my control’ which finally got a response from Selena. Now it was her turn to speak. “James I thought you would never ask me! Yes, oh yes, dear James I want to be under your control, to be commanded by you, to be your slave! You remember a few days ago you sent me an e-mail message where you commanded me to wear latex, well just reading the words ‘I command you’ had me weak at the knees, I nearly took a pleasure at those words; they excited me immensely. I kept re-reading your message, each time getting a real thrill at the word ‘command.’ I can’t wait to become your slave, I’m already fully committed to the idea, I’ve had a really strong fantasy about being under a Masters strict control,; completely dependent on him for my existence. Yes, yes, yes and yes again!” She uttered completely beside herself with excitement, her cheeks flushed, underlining her arousal. “When can I start? What do I have to do? And what will you do James?” She went on breathless, flushed by her growing excitement.

“Steady on my little one, all in good time, we need to discuss just when we are to begin our exploration, but before you do sign up as my slave I think we need to catch our breaths. Like you, I’m very excited at the prospect of training you. Now, come on, let’s open a bottle of bubbly, this is something to celebrate!” With that James rose from the couch and dashed off to the kitchen. Selena, now feeling assured, at one with James, all worries and anxieties earthed both contented and very excited by what her lover had spoken of. She squirmed in her increasingly moist latex suit feeling spasms well up in her sex. She was like a school girl who had just gained 100% in an exam, yet she was, she told herself, a grown independent lady in her own right, ‘come on Selena’ she heard herself say ‘get a grip on yourself, you may regret this haste at your leisure if you rush into something which is just a fantasy. The reality of being a slave may be far removed from the fantasy. Talk with James listen to what he has to say, question him about what he has in mind, the implications, the reality and the commitment’.

James returned with a broad grin on his face, he was so excited. He had his suspicions confirmed; he now needed to know just how far Selena was prepared to go and to learn of her previous fetish experiences and whether she knew all about the scene. He had before him both the woman of his dreams, or so it seemed at the moment, as well as a budding slave, who appeared to be as eager as him to begin the process.

Opening the bottle he filled both glasses and proposed a toast to Selena; the second of the weekend. “Selena to you, I believe we have an exciting time ahead of us, trust me, allow me to guide you, let me cherish you as my budding slave.” James was serious now and stood looking down on his potential slave. “I promise you,” he went on, “To be fair, firm and strict. I shall spend all my spare time, and I can assure you, some of my not so spare time in thinking about how I can perfect my training of you so you can progressively reach a higher standard as the days and weeks go by. Who knows,” he spoke of the far distant future now, “you may one day become so highly trained that you will be ready to progress on towards becoming a mistress; the right of passage is a long arduous and time consuming one but is immensely rewarding, who knows, it may be you have in you the makings of an excellent mistress.”

Selena heard the words now; she was alert, eagerly seeking greater knowledge, weighing every word which James spoke. She had overcome her initial anxiety about what James, her lover, was about to say, she was her old self again, clearly focussed listening to each word of James’s proposal. Deep down she was emotionally aroused she could hear her heart pounding in her throat and ears. She still couldn’t believe her ears; this is what she had always longed for in her innermost self as she had lain either in her own lonely bed or fantasised about when she made love with her various lovers over the years. Now this super man, who she had only met a week ago, seven whole days, was unfolding a long held fantasy of hers! It felt, as if she had known James for years.

Now it was her turn to speak. “Dearest James, my Master to be, I humbly offer you this toast.” She nearly swooned as she heard herself repeating some of the words which she had silently uttered in her fantasies over the years. She was, she told herself, now actually beginning to live the fantasy! She was quite overwhelmed, but managed to continue. “I offer myself to you Master as a willing slave who needs training. I will accept your demands, I welcome them. By serving you I shall be serving myself, please train me to become a proper slave not a weekend one.” Selena knew that she would give herself freely and willingly to her lover and her Master.

Now she put down her half empty glass, knelt down at the feet of her lover and Master to be. She knelt there knees together with straight back resting her hands on her knees in and looking every inch the submissive slave to be and looked up at James. “Oh James I’m so very excited at the possibility of being trained by you, I can’t wait for it to begin it’s a whole new world of exploration. Tell me how do we begin?”

“First dearest Selena,” replied James, “I want you to stand up and kiss me, to seal, as it were, our commitment to each other and the beginning of your training. We need to talk at length about what we each expect from this. So, up you come and sit beside me. Let me fill your glass; enjoy this champagne because when you are my slave you will be lucky to get any!”

Selena’s heart missed a beat at the implied control of James’s words; she was, she told herself, actually willing James to take her over completely. Realising now that her deepest most secret sexual desire was now about to be realised. Her Master would soon know of her innermost desire. She had never felt confident enough to voice them before. Now in a matter of half an hour she had exposed her secret to her lover. It was as if she had been waiting for the right man to come along and unlock her ‘locked’ mind. She felt more alive at this moment than she ever had, she was very excited; excited beyond anything she had ever experienced, yet she was at the same time calm clear headed and certain that this was what she wanted above all else… ‘I’m 32 and I’ve just made a momentous decision over something I’ve always secretly wanted.’ She mused. She had both a sensitive lover and a Master. “Selena, she told herself, you have just won the jackpot!”

Rising and kissing James she could feel her heart pounding, every nerve end singing with joy. Sitting down beside her latex clad Master she placed her hands on his inner thighs and snuggled up beside all 6’ 3” of him.

“Well when do I start, dear Master?” She enquired.

“First, lets talk, you ask me questions and I’ll try to answer them.” James Answered. “You will have your own ideas about what your slave training involves I’m sure. You tell me you have fantasies about becoming a slave which you have had since you were in your adolescence and these have become much stronger as you have reached maturity. Let’s try and weave our ideas together so we can achieve something which we can both delight in. So go ahead, ask me your first question and let’s continue to address each other as we have been doing, rather than use the formal titles of Master and slave.”

“Why is that James? Why can’t we begin now?” enquired Selena.

“Because when we meet up for formal training you will of course address me as ‘Master’ and I you as ‘slave.’ I believe it vital to complete this important step properly, it will allow each of us to adapt to our roles quicker; the words used will signify the change from us being equal, as independent individuals, to you progressively becoming totally dependent on me. You will find, I am sure; the discipline of exchange of power and the psychological aspects of it is an exciting aspect of human sexuality. That is where a couple consensually agree on exchanging normal equal roles for either dominant or submissive role play. Trust is the essence as the dominant partner takes over the submissive one. It will need proper ceremonies and ritual to arrive at the right atmosphere and the right degree of sexual tension.”

“Remember, that although this is a deadly serious arrangement, it will bring us increasing enjoyment, satisfaction and ultimately fulfilment. Initially you will only be a slave for relatively short periods; I don’t want to overload you or frighten you to the point where you say stop, ’I’m not playing any more.’ As you progress we can decide on new ways of training, you will have to help me by coming up with ideas and experiences which you would like to try. There is,” he went on, “A whole universe of experiences for you to explore. This is..” he paused here for a moments reflection, “not something that will be something that will be a five minute flash in the pan; it will take a very long time for us to develop and move into our roles whilst undergoing the training rites, for you to become a proper slave, you will move in and out of your role as my slave”.

“As time passes you will grow into your new persona. I shall decide on how long you will spend as my slave each session. When out of role you will be as you are now, my erstwhile lover, my equal, but although you will always remain my equal, in as much as you are an individual in your own right, you will gradually, if I train you correctly in the ways of slavedomship, give freely of your freedom, you will seek, I suspect the freedom of having nothing, no worldly goods or opinions, your focus of life will increasingly centre on your Masters wellbeing. If your Master is happy with you, irrespective of your creature comforts, then you will be happy and contented, knowing you are serving him well, and in knowing you will take both pride and pleasure as my slave”.

Selena had listened intently to all that James had said so far, and it was with a growing excitement at the prospect of coming under his control. The giving up of any personal wants and desires had caught her off guard. She had fantasised about being a slave, but hadn’t really thought about the implications of becoming one in reality. Yet in her heart of hearts she knew she was hooked, she just had to try, she had, after all, so often come to climax as a slave in her minds eye, yet had been, as she had told her lover, too inhibited to mention it to any of her lovers. Even now she had dared not bring up the subject. It was James who had broached the matter she noted. Her heart was thumping at the prospect of being under her lover’s direct control.

“James this all sounds so exciting, I’m dying to experience our first training session. What will I need to do, what will I wear, what will I have to get, when will it begin? I can’t wait!” she added, Pleaseeeee, Oh pleaseee put me out of my misery!” She feigned mock unhappiness, pouting her full lips and looking sadly into James’s eyes, before adding with a twinkle in her eye. “Where will I present myself to you dearest Master?” Her fertile mind now running ahead of her, she could already see herself at the feet of her strict lover, being consumed with love and devotion eager to obey and follow his every command. She envisaged being kept on a sexual high, wanting the physical delights which only James, her Master could give her, yet being teased, made to wait for his attentions.

“Not so fast, not so fast dear Selena, I can’t answer your all your questions at once, you have asked me enough to last me the rest of the day! Let’s see, your first question was, ‘what would you need to do, and what to wear.’ Well the ‘do’ part is quite simple, yet has many aspects or avenues which we shall need to explore carefully. The ‘doing’ can be broken down into the act or commitment to ‘do’, that is the will to be involved, to begin the process and extends right through the physical act of complying onwards to the mind set or psychology of ‘doing’ and onwards towards the spiritual fulfilment of ‘being’, of ‘doing’ and being ‘done to’. ”

Selena was reeling under the detailed answer to a simple question of, “What do I do?” thinking in her naïve way the question was simple and the answer would be equally simple! She processed all the information quickly and realised that in James she had a Master who had considered all aspects of the process and had thought deeply on each and every part of the Master slave relationship. He was obviously very experienced. She was aware of a sudden moistness and tingling in her vagina.

“To answer your question put simply is”, James spoke with authority in his voice, “You need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally prior to our first session. You will do the following”. He emphasised the ‘do.’ “First you will begin the day of your first training session by stripping naked and taking a shower, you will shave your pubic hair from your body. You will be completely smooth, without one single hair. You will rub cream over your shaved area making sure you are soft. Then you will don your slave pants. Let me explain,” He added, “Slave pants are latex pants fitted with an internal dildo at the front. You will need to buy yourself a pair with a built in dildo. Once fitted they will only be taken down when your relieve yourself otherwise they will be worn until you meet your Master”.

Selena swallowed and the smallest of murmurs escaped from her.

James continued, “You will then refit your corset, lacing it tightly and tying it off carefully. I shall supply you with a slaves belt, it will be of polished stainless steel and will be lockable device, you will padlock this belt on your self, it is a self locking and I will hold onto the key. I shall decide when you will be released. Dressed like this you will then begin meditation in a place we shall decide on in your flat. The place of meditation will, once chosen, always be the same. It will be a place where you will spend time mentally preparing yourself for your Master and your training. There you will kneel in a prescribed manner; I shall demonstrate just how, to you, later and closing your eyes begin breathing exercises which will progressively focus your mind to adopt your slave role. I shall demonstrate just how to you later; and closing your eyes begin breathing exercises which will help to rid yourself of external thoughts and progressively focus your mind to adopt the slave’s role. I shall give you a Mantra which will aid you to clear your mind of the clutter which we all carry with us and which can impede our mental focus. You will stay in meditation for a prescribed period. These periods will become longer and change as your training progresses”.

“Once finished, you will dress as directed and commence you day’s business.” Adding, “If it is a work day, knowing that you will receive training in the evening will be a secret between you and me. If it is a weekend, then you will either commence meditation training in your allotted place until I arrive or remain waiting in a place to be decided by me.”

“ We shall need to spend a lot of time discussing all aspects of your training because,” and here James looked directly into Selena’s grey eyes, “if we get the training right then we shall be building on a solid foundation of mutual love and respect. We shall travel together as a mutual symbiotic couple, Of course you will be my slave, and I shall be your Master.” James emphasised the ‘your’ knowing that this would further excite his already excited lover. “Together we can experience all aspects of our mutual love of latex, constriction, mind games and control. It is the last which leads on to uncharted territory which is, I believe, the ultimate challenge.”

“Now, to the second part of your question, what to wear when you are undergoing training, well being a slave you will wear your basic slaves outfit; this will comprise of your latex suit and gloves, but you will need to get yourself a simple latex helmet. The helmet will complete your encapsulation; that is you will be dressed head to toe in latex. You will be completely covered, not one inch of your face will be seen, only your eyes and luscious lips will be on show. The helmet is an important part of the slave training process; it has, you see, a number of functions. We shall explore all aspects of this important aspect as your training progresses, but, put simply the helmet first acts as a mask; it hides your physical features, not that I don’t find you very beautiful and lovely to look at, but it allows you to, as it were, disappear, to recede into the background to lose your persona and to adopt another persona, in your case, to become the submissive slave.”

“The helmet has another important function; it contains your capital senses. That is your sight, speech, hearing and smell, indeed your head. The containment is symbolic as well, in as much as you appear to the outward observer as an anonymous figure. You loose your ‘Selena-ness’ and exchange it for that of a dependent submissive slave. I shall help you with the purchase of your own helmet; it is something we can buy together. It is fitting that you buy it because symbolically you must come to slavedomship of your own free will. You must ask for training from me in a ceremony which we can discuss later, where you offer yourself, when you feel the time is right, to me as a slave. The simple latex helmet will have eye and mouth openings and a zip at the back. It will need to be one which fits you properly, is comfortable and most importantly makes you look attractive. You will need to feel you look your best in it because you will normally always present yourself to your master dressed in it”.

“The next item is your slave collar. This is the most important piece of equipment which you will own, it will be a constant companion to you and will signify your physical and mental awareness and acceptance of your condition and will be an outward display of your status. You will come to love and cherish this one item. Your slave collar will be worn by you when you receive training and will gradually mould itself to your physical shape, it will be the only item you will eventually own in your own right. It will have been around your neck when you are undergoing certain rites- being tested or required to go that one step further than you thought possible, under the ever watchful guidance of me your caring Master”.

Selena couldn’t contain herself any longer; she launched her latex clad corseted body at James throwing her arms around his neck and pulled his head towards her in an ever tightening grip, as if she had finally broken and was about to strangle him, and kissed him passionately. She wanted to be his slave now-urgently- not waiting offering her eager body to her knight and Master; eyes tightly closed arms now releasing his neck and hugging him, she rolled over offering herself again and again to him. “Unzip me, make love to me, enter me, satisfy me, take me, I am oh so randy for you, I’m running with juice- I’m aflame- quench my sexual thirst. Pleeaasseee take me now I can’t wait!” She purred rubbing her hot body over James, the latex of her suit glistening, squeaking; tiny vibrations being created as latex on latex built her passion.

James was caught unaware. He had wanted to keep his ‘slave to be’ waiting, frustrated, wanting more, but he had not reckoned with Selena’s overwhelming, overflowing excitement. He was now sexually charged; she had got the better of him, his resolve was evaporating as his manhood now stiff demanded resolution to this challenge. James knew he had lost his resolve, he mentally noted just how Selena had tempted him, seduced him with her desire.

He rolled her over onto his knees, Selena now face down, wriggling in a provocative fashion knowing instinctively that she had won James over to her way of thinking. The first slap on her pert latex clad bottom sent both a sharp shot through the air as well as erotic vibrations to Selena’s engorged labia lips, her clitoral hood now exposed. She gasped in genuine surprise, then realising that her lover was going to spank her she entered into the mood willing him to continue, raising her rounded cheeks, she wriggled them provocatively to the hand of James. The following smacks were delivered in quick succession. There was a growing urgency between both of them for satisfaction.

A warming glow spread through her nether regions, she was eager for more, the succession of smacks exciting her further. Eyes closed tightly, now she was willing her Master to continue with the treatment, arching her back she offered her glowing buttocks for more. James now knowing the time was right turned his wriggling minx over on to her back. He forcefully rolled her off his knees on to the carpet before the settee; grabbing at the same time a cushion to place under Selena’s hips. The gentle love making on the mossy mound in the woods was gone, in its place now was an urgent forceful desire, a thirst for animal thrusting sex with no refinements. The two lovers were thirsting for consummation of their overriding desires. Gone any semblance of order, gone, finesse, gone the calmness, gone, all gone, replaced by lust for each other.

Now an urgency took over, it was as if a race was on, two sprinters both desiring to breast the winning tape. Selena grasping James clinging to him writhing thrashing, unable to contain herself she was lost to animal instincts. She wanted to be rutted, taken forcefully, to drink the elixir, to slack her thirst, her overpowering desire. Gloved hands fumbling for James crotch zip, she was beside herself with desire, eyes open, no fantasy now, just reality. Grabbing hold of his zip she opened it in one urgent movement exposing his engorged manhood. She was lost to desire now urgent to pull his sack out side of his suit. She did this unaware of the pubic hairs she uprooted in the process.

James was oblivious to the stinging pain which would on other occasions have brought tears to his eyes. He was for his part now seeking Selena’s zip. He was on top of her in one movement pinning her to the floor with one hand pushing himself up from the hips- the other finding the zip and opening it in one swift movement. Selena felt the cool air enter her first. She had never been more ready or hungry than now; no gentle love play, no calmness, and no tenderness. They were both lost in passion for the slacking of their thirst. His manhood plunged into her wetness.

Now joined, coupled grinding, thrusting. Selena arching her back, urgently thrusting herself to allow deeper penetration from her lover, head thrashing from one side to the other, sweat matting her tousled hair; the top lip damp with moisture, legs thrashing against her lovers powerful thighs, trapped pinned. James using both arms pinned Selena’s wrists to the floor, chest raised arms straining, shoulders hunched, he was shafting his conquest. There were no words, just urgent rapid breathing, grunting and gasps, as they both came to a shattering climax; not mindful of each others desires, only urgently seeking a slaking of their individual thirsts, their hips thrusting in unison; hard raw sex, all over in a matter of moments.

Gasping breathless the united sweat of their rampant sex dripping down from James’s forehead splashing harmlessly from Selena’s latex covered breasts. Followed by the collapse of their two exhausted bodies, both unable to speak, both gasping to replenish oxygen starved lungs. They lay there for minutes regaining their spent energies before both began to laugh like lovers do, deeply satisfied enjoying the experience.

“Wow, wow, wow what love making, I thought I would die of lust for your body. I’m in need of a drink and a shower, I’m dripping wet, you sexy man, you rampant lover.” Selena lying on her back still, tried to raise herself, but flopped back on the carpet. “I’ll need your help gallant sir.”

“Selena that was raw sex- I couldn’t wait – all timely love making went out of the window. I needed to enter you urgently. I was desperate.”

“So was I, to have delayed would have been awful.”

“You know you are a seducer of the first order. I had planned to tease you to keep you waiting until later once we were back in London when and if the fancy took us. All my plans to be Mr Cool the budding Master went out of the window when you started your seduction; it seems that you had other ideas! Well, now let’s both shower then have a bite to eat before we suit up for our return to London”.

After showering and washing their suits they were left to dry whilst they both helped prepare the final meal at the cottage; this was soon completed. During the meal which they had on their knees they continued their discussion as to what they should do next. After all, they both were keen to continue their courtship, and to explore the world of fetish exploration together. But first they needed to pack and leave James’s cottage. His cleaning lady would do the rest. They vowed to return in the near future and continue the fun.

Anyone observing them as they sat quietly talking; mulling over the events of the week end dressed in towelling dressing gowns would see two people with rosy cheeks and that healthy look which comes from being in the country.


Story continues in Part 4

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