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The Training of Slave Selena 17: A Proper Slave

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; F/f; latex; bond; slave; catsuit; bagged; shave; toys; cons; X

Chapter 17: A Proper Slave

Then it was morning, not that Selena had any awareness other than the gentle caress of a warm hand stroking her forehead. She opened her eyes in the dim light and at once a surge of joy and delight flowed through her body and mind. “At last!” she silently voiced, then focussed on the form bending over her. The slaves head was an ovoid of gleaming latex with a proboscis projecting from where the mouth should be. A fully inflated helmet with vinyl eye pieces covered any evidence of femininity; only the shapely breasts signalled a feminine form.

Gone was the full Victorian maid’s outfit of yesterday to be replaced by a full latex cat-suit which covered the slave completely, with integral gloves and feet. Her feet were in knee high heeled rubber boots. Her waist was tightly constricted by a full corset, far more constraining than the one she had worn the previous day. The fetter chains were there and ‘S’ knew that they were very much part of her normal attire. The slave led the naked “S” to a new room. This was completely tiled in white with a wet area in one corner. It was here that they both received their daily enema. The hooded slave gave ‘S’ a 2 litre enema whilst she took a 3 litre one. Then both plugged they knelt to complete their meditation. “S” took pleasure in knowing that one day she might be trained to receive a 3 litre enema.

The still forms, one completely naked, one completely encapsulated, both following their own mantra’s were being recorded on a hidden camera. This was a proper training establishment which allowed total monitoring. At the appointed hour the two slaves voided themselves. The latex slave then lubed a huge anal rod and forced it into herself then zipped herself up. She took “S” by the hand and led her back to her bedroom. There she helped “S” dress as previously instructed, and then both moved down to the kitchen.

There “S” was surprised to see a male form, head to toe in latex gleaming in the strong fluorescent light. He was gagged and the eyeholes in his helmet were a series of pinholes. Only his muscular frame gave any evidence of whether he was handsome or not. He bowed to the two females, and then moved towards the slave who had seated herself in a high chair. He proceeded to fix the straps to secure the female slave into the high chair. Straps at the wrists, waist, thighs and ankles held her fast. He then picked up a feeding tube and began insert the thin tube into the mouth opening where the breath through inflatable gag allowed for the feeding tube to be inserted. Then holding up a rubber bag which was connected to the tube he affixed it to the steel stand which was part of the high chair and projected some three feet above the seated female. He opened the valve and the feeding of the female began. “S” was given a cup of the liquid diet which she dutifully took down; taking no pleasure from the bland taste. “S” noted the male slave wore a chastity belt. “No chance of pleasure for you, my young man.” She thought to herself, “I wonder when you get release?

The female placidly took down the liquid diet. Her feeding tube was withdrawn and placed into a bowl of soapy water, washed and hung up ready for the next occasion. The male slave unbuckled the holding straps and helped the maid to stand up.

The female picked up a pad and pencil and began writing. The message was shown to ‘S’. It read, ‘Please follow me, it is time for you to prepare your self for the signing ceremony. ‘S’ nearly swooned at the implication of the message, she knew intellectually that the day had finally arrived but emotionally she was shocked by the finality of the occasion. She followed the maid noting just how covered she was, her entire body was encapsulated in gleaming black latex this together with the severe bondage of linking fetters at wrists and ankles indicated to ‘S’ that the hosts were indeed experts in the training and containment of their slaves. She was again aware of the latex aroma which wafted from the warm latex of the maid. Now she was on her way to the final dressing as a free woman; the significance of the occasion quickened her heart. The maid opened the door to ‘S’ room and then bowed deeply from the waist and motioned ‘S’ to enter it.

There on the latex covered bed was the garments that ‘S’ would wear for the signing ceremony. The maid helped ‘S’ out of her cat suit and helmet then began dressing ‘S’. A completely new suit, corset, boots and helmet were fitted expertly by the maid. The whole process took a long time as the fetters on the maid slowed the dressing. ‘S’ tried to engage the maid in communication by, at one stage, stopping and holding the maids inflatable helmet in her hands and looking into her eyes behind the vinyl coverings but the maid just fluttered her eyelashes at ‘S’ and then taking up her pad and pencil began writing, ‘I am under strict directions not to communicate with you in any form. My initial contact with you last night was inappropriate and was monitored; I am to receive punishment as a result. I risk severe punished if I as much as move one degree from my orders today. Please do not try; I am only a lowly maid slave. Please will you take and destroy this piece of paper?’ She bowed then went on with the preparation of ‘S’

Eventually ‘S’ was finally ready to be presented to her hosts. The new suit had integral gloves feet and internal vaginal and anal sheaths. The helmet was new in heavy weight latex with zips at mouth and eyes and both zip and lacing at the back or the head. A high rigid neck corset set her of to perfection. She could not move her head; to turn it she had to move her whole body. The corset was new to her and when pulled in to its maximum had ‘S’ taking short breaths, any thing else was impossible. The boots she wore had 6” heels and were in heavy latex with ‘D’ ring fastenings and laces which took the maid what seemed like forever to ‘S’ to fasten. Finally a stainless steel lockable belt with chains attached to the central ‘D’ ring was fixed and locked on. The chains were connected to her wrists and ankle fetters. The maid fixed the slave lead to ‘S’ neck corset and led her from the dressing room. The descent to the main room took some time as both ‘S’ and the maid were unable to move quickly because of their bondage.

Now both “S” and the female slave stood once again at the door to the sitting room, listening for permission to enter. “S” was led in by their slave and was taken before the Master and Mistress, now dressed in stylish latex street wear.

“Leave the slave here and return to your quarters; put on your SBR then collect the male slave and see that he wears his mackintosh. Report back here when ready,” adding, “Any sloppy dressing will incur demerits!”

Turning to “S” the Master spoke, “Well today is the day of destiny for you. You will be a changed person by the end of today. All rights, all choices, all freedom in fact your whole being, will be under the complete control of your Master, once you have signed. You will in time, come to realise the enormity of this willing transfer of all your rights and of this occasion. There will, and can be, no turning back once you have signed. You will be owned, a play thing, you will exist only to please your Master, not yourself. I do hope you have thought very carefully about this momentous step and are properly prepared mentally, for what is about to happen? Remember you will not be able to change your mind; there will be no going back when things get bad for you, or you are ill or indeed, for any other reason whatsoever. The signing is final”.

Here he looked directly at “S” expecting a response from her. “S” stood quietly for a moment then spoke. “I am following my destiny; I am ready to sign all rights over to my Master. I’ve already given power of attorney to him. I not only want this, but have a deep seated need to become that which I have always fantasised about since I was really very young. Of course I could not put this deep seated need into words until I was much older and ultimately not until I met my Master. You see, since I’ve come under the spell of my master, I’ve become increasingly psychologically and physically fulfilled, and now the culmination of all my yearnings over the long years have come together.”

There was a pause as ‘S’ stood quietly as if searching for a clear explanation to explain herself the better. “you see, I am like, if you will, a novice nun, who has, in her case a deep seated need, a vocation, to commit herself and devote her entire life to worship. Well I, like that acolyte, have a deep need to commit myself to realising my fantasy of becoming a true rubber slave to my Master and indeed to rubber in its own right. It is the continuing exploration of this scenario and all that it implies that enthrals me. So you see I am ready to make the ultimate commitment.” ‘S’ stopped and knelt before the couple and bowed her head.

The Master spoke, “Slave, you are to be commended for your frankness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Clearly you have reached this decision after careful consideration. I am sure you will make a good slave in due course and will please your Master, and in doing so fulfil your own destiny. Now wait quietly and reflect on what is about to happen. We shall leave you now.” With that they quietly left the room.

“s” remained kneeling in her slave position, her mind calm ready for what was to come.


The door opened and two helmeted and mackintoshed figures moved towards ‘S’. ‘S’ first awareness of their approach was the unmistakable flap of SBR’s against thighs. Then the eyeholes in her helmet were zipped closed and a blindfold was buckled to her helmet taking all light from her world. A ball gag was pushed into her mouth effectively silencing her and the mouth opening zipped closed. Next she was helped to her feet, then onto what she perceived as a cool rubber sheet. The wrapping up process began; finally the zipping up of the front flaps confirmed to her that she was inside of a tight Sleep Sack. The front “D” rings were then laced to maximum tightness. Inside of her dark enclosure she revelled in her condition. At last the process has begun; what next?

She was lifted again then carried out of the house via the back door and placed into the boot of a Jaguar which had been lined in padded latex. The closing of the boot lid sounded in her dark world. Then the engine started and she felt the movement of the car as it began its journey. She was excited as she began her journey in the boot of the car as a fettered rubber slave and a bondaged object. She squirmed in her latexed covered perspiring body, as the full impact of her position sank in.

The journey took over an hour to complete. All this time the mounting excitement deep within ‘S’ had no vent; she was sealed within her own world of latex enclosure. The air she breathed was warm and smelled sweetly of latex. ‘I’m in heaven, this experience of riding in the boot of the powerful car, as an item of her Master’s desire is so sexually satisfying’. She lay reflecting on being doubly enclosed in black latex bondage, helpless and in the boot of the car; and came to the conclusion that this it was her dream come true! She mused to herself; I suppose this will be my mode of travel, no more luxuriating in the car with my Master, from now on travel will be in the boot of the car. I wonder how long the journey will take and where I will end up?

As if answering the question posed, the car stopped and the engine was switched off. “S” strained to hear but nothing filtered through to her containment. She tried to relax although she was too excited and there was a certain anxiety at the prospect of signing away all of her rights. Time had little meaning for her now; she was doubly bondaged and knew she would stay just as she was for as long as decreed.

The opening of the boot some time later and the laying of hands onto her encased body quickened her heart. She was lifted from the boot and carried for some way before being laid onto a padded platform. Then the sleep-sack was removed and she was helped to her feet. The blindfold and gag were removed and for the first time she was able to see where she was. The room she was in was not known to her but before her stood the strong figure of her Master and the two people she had spent the night with as their guest, as well as their two slaves.

“Kneel slave!” came the command from her Master who was dressed in a white cat suit and helmet. “S” did as instructed, her heart now beating wildly. He spoke again, with the distant intonation which “S” associated with the application of punishment or prolonged bondage. “ ‘S’ you come before me, as my slave. I have two independent witnesses together with their slaves. In a moment the male and female slaves will prepare you for the signing. This process will take some time. Once properly prepared you will be brought before me and the two witnesses and will sign the legally binding slave contract. After that you will begin your new life as a 24/7 rubber slave”.

“Now, before you are led off for final preparation I want you to tell me whether you have any last minute qualms, as to the signing? I shall ask you in a moment if you are happy to sign. After you have spoken, you will either be released and allowed to return to your former way of life with no strings attached and no recriminations or,” and here he emphasised the following words. “You will sign and from that moment on will have no release for the rest of your life. You will become my 24/7 rubber slave with no rights whatsoever; Speak now!”

There was moment of silence, it was as if time had stopped, every one in the room frozen, an eerie silence descended. Then from the mouth of “S” came these 12 fateful words, “Master, I willingly present myself to you as your 24/7 rubber slave.” ‘S’ carried on, “Today I begin a new life, dependent totally on you as to what befalls me, I become your property with no rights whatsoever save that of serving you and pleasing you; I willingly consign myself to a life of servitude. Please let my preparations begin.”

Her words ended and silence invaded the space. The two slaves approached “S”. One buckled on a slave collar and lead, the other fixed a blindfold. She was made to stand, her hands handcuffed behind her back and a ball gag tightened around her helmeted head. She was led away for preparation by the two slaves.


She blinked as the blindfold and gag were removed. She was in a white tiled bathroom just like the one she had left earlier. Her helmet was removed, allowing her long dark hair to fall about her shoulders. “S” was taken to what appeared to her, to be an old dentist’s chair but with full fetters attached. Her handcuffs were removed and she was strapped into it, her arms strapped tightly to the arm rests; her legs to the footrest. The mute male slave moved forward, in his hands he held an electric razor. ”S” knew what was about to happen but the suddenness of this assault had her reeling. She had spoken to her Master about having her hair cut very short some time ago and he had stalled and changed the subject. She had assumed that at some time in the future it would happen, but now the reality of shaving was upon her and she was very apprehensive.

The male slave buckled on a full length heavy rubber apron. Suddenly she felt a surge of pure masochistic delight. ‘So this is the start of my preparation I’ve always fantasised about being shaved completely head to toe, to have no hair, to increase the contact between my skin and my rubber fetish. This is what I long for, this is what I want. She raised her head willing the razor to strip her of her long dark hair. There was a mirror on one of the walls but she could not see her reflection. The mute slave now began the shaving process. He was standing behind her, one gloved hand holding her forehead to steady her, the other holding the singing razor. The feel of cold steel on the nape of her neck raised goose bumps on “S.”

The note of the razor changed as it began cutting into her thick hair and a completely new sensation began impinging on ‘S’. Cool air caressed her shorn head. Not moving her head she looked down as her hair cascaded to the floor; her latex suit allowing it to slide easily. When the back of her head was stripped the slave moved around to the front. ‘S’ looked intently at his helmeted head; she could see nothing of his eyes the many pinholes hid them effectively; allowing her no sight of them. Only his tightly shrouded head and the inflation tube projecting from his mouth could be seen. She was about to speak, but then thought better of it. The razor soon had her lovely dark hair shorn to mere stubble. At her feet there was a pile of dark hair she looked down and felt a pang of sadness as the passing of one of her many attractive attributes disappeared. Once shorn she felt suddenly cold, the thick covering of hair had been removed and her head now radiated body heat into the still air. ‘S’ felt very, very naked.

It was now the turn of the female slave to step forward. She donned a heavy rubber apron the same as the male slave. She came into view holding a tray on which there was shaving apparatus. She was still gagged but at least “S” could see her eyes through the lenses of her helmet. Brown eyes smiled at ‘S’. ‘S’ returned a warm smile; an empathy based on their initial meeting flowed between them ‘S knew she was in good hands and the female slave would be gentle with her operation. The stubble on her head was lathered up then the final shaving began. The razor gliding across her skull was a unique experience for ‘S’. In a way it was the finality of it that thrilled her psychologically. ‘At last the final remnant of my previous personality is being removed; after this I shall be entering my ‘new’ world completely naked, a rebirth into my new life. I shall leave behind my crowning glory of hair. I shall now feel only the total caress of rubber over my entire body.’

The female slave moved around to the front and leant forward, her heavy rubber apron brushing over ‘S’ the aroma of warm latex filled ‘S’ lungs. She inhaled deeply enjoying the heady perfume. She felt the razor gliding again and again over the top of her head; a deep sexual thrill growing within her as the process continued. The sight of the female completely rubberized fuelled her growing desire. She reflected on the idea of not one millimetre of flesh exposed, held tight within her bondage. ‘S’ noted the constraining corset and the way it both narrowed the slave’s waist and uplifted her breasts. She saw the out line of piercing rings as they tented the latex of her shiny black suit and she envied the slave. ‘Two whole years of training as a rubber slave 24/7, wow! ’

Then she was aware of the sweet aroma of latex as she leant forward. ‘S’ closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, ‘yes, yes, yes! I’m beginning my final journey to become a 24/7 rubber slave.’ The shaving took some time and ‘S’ was now aware that her whole head had not been shaved; she imagined a patch of hair had been left but was unable to confirm one way or the other because of her tight strapping. Eventually the shaving stopped and her head was dried. The towel drying her head felt strange and rough and it was during this process that she realised that some of her hair had been left. How much and why was revealed when the slave began plaiting the remaining hair introducing ribbons of red latex into the plait.

The male slave brought over a new helmet; one from the “Damask “order, and handed it to the female. The touch of cool latex on ‘S’ shaven head was electrifying and sent shivers down her spine. ‘S’ had never experienced anything like it. A completely new sensation, one which had the nerve ends in her sensitive scalp all firing at once. ‘S’ at last realised the fantasy of being intimately ‘touched’ by rubber, after all she reasoned, she was going to become the complete rubber slave with every single millimetre of her body being completely enshrouded. The helmet had a top tube opening which allowed the plait to be pulled through, and then corseted in the constraining tube. The new helmet fitted like a second skin. The eye pieces had build in domed lenses, whilst the nose had projecting soft rubber tubes which entered some way into her nasal passages. The mouthpiece had an opening, but each side there were buckles for gag attachments. The zip at the back closing pulled the skin-tight helmet tightly to her features. But this was only the first part. ‘D’ rings each side of the zip were then laced and pulled even tighter, enclosing her head in a tight embrace.

The male slave brought over a hand mirror and showed ‘S’ her reflected image. Staring back at her was the most beautiful hood that ‘S’ had ever seen and there across the forehead in white letters was the word ‘SLAVE’ She let out a gasp of delight at the realisation of the statement; there in bold letters for anyone to see she was now a 24/7 slave. The eye pieces and mouth opening were exquisitely tailored by a master tailor, they fitted perfectly. ‘S’ squirmed in her seat as her heart quickened. She admired her new helmet noting the plait being held vertically towards the top back by the corset tube, then falling in a graceful arc with red latex ribbons interwoven. To outward appearances the person within the helmet had a full head of hair; only her Master, the two slaves who had worked on her and she knew the reality. ‘S’ loved the dichotomy. The sexual frisson of the statement had her aware of a growing wetness within her vagina and nipples hard and swollen by the occasion.

She was released from the chair then stripped of her latex suit. The next stage in the process was the administration of an enema, the second of the day. An inflatable double balloon was inserted and inflated; she was given her enema. The double balloon stopped any need to actually hold in the enema effectively sealing her anus. A two litre wash-out was now within her and she took pleasure in knowing that she had no control over just how long she was to hold it. The female slave pointed to a latex covered bench within the wet area and helped ‘S’ up onto it. The latex struck cool and ‘S’ was again aware of the unique property of latex to strike cool but warm up quickly to the temperature of the person lying on it. The slave fussed around ‘S’ then when lying full length the female began to shave her entire body.

She was shaved of all remaining hair; lying on a latex covered bench within the wet area of the room she was lathered first on her front. The ritualistic shaving process was new to her and she enjoyed the light caress of the razor as it was drawn across her wetted skin. ‘I hope this will be a regular occurrence, she mused.’ The female slave was obviously enjoying the preparation of the ‘S’ and teased ‘S’ as she shaved her inner thighs and worked her way up towards her vagina. Her gentle touch had ‘S’ groaning with pleasure. Her entire body was now smooth; she felt incredibly naked.

‘S’ was taken to the toilet area and the double balloon obdurating catheter was deflated by the female slave. Voiding the enema, she was now ready for the next stage of preparation. She was taken back to the chair and the straps were re-fixed but this time ‘S’ legs were spread wide apart. Next the slave took off her black apron and hung it up and replaced it with another in white latex. She opened a pair of sealed sterile surgical examination gloves before carefully opening a catheter and placing it in a kidney bowl. The female slave moved between ‘S’ legs and taking a stainless steel stool sat down between ‘S’ outstretched legs Taking great care and handling ‘S’ very gently she proceeded to insert a catheter; the incubation of “S” began.

The silicon rubber tube, looking like a one eyed snake, nosed at the entrance of her urethra before finding the entrance; it was a strange sensation, but one the ‘S’ had already experienced. Then it entered into her body and made its way towards her bladder, it gave her a strange feeling, essentially one of pleasure, the heady mixture of being under the control of another and without any choice; the acceptance of becoming a 24/7 slave. The fitting finished with the inflation of the retaining bulb with sterile water at the very tip of the catheter now deep within her bladder.

Next a vaginal dildo, ribbed with electrical wires trailing from the end and an anal enema tube. The two retaining bladders were inflated, one internal one external insuring no leakage. A Pair of thin latex pants were then pulled on. ‘S’ noted that raised nodules covered the vaginal part of them and these fitted tightly over her clitoris. Electrical wires dangled from the front. The wires, catheter and enema tubes were passed through strategic holes in the pants then sealed.

Standing quietly now, her slave suit was brought forward by the male slave. It looked far too small for her to fit into; the suiting up took a long time and both slaves had to aid ‘S’. She was progressively becoming more and more excited as the two slaves worked on her. The fact that they were totally rubberised; ciphers at the command of their owners and were both restricted and silent and yet intimate with her dressing fascinated ‘S’. It was the first time that she had been with any other rubberist apart from her Master. ‘what a strange situation, I’m being fitted with intimate fetish accoutrements and put into my slave suit by two complete rubber slaves who are far ahead of me in their training and will probably experienced some of the rituals which I am about to go through yet they can no more communicate with me than fly!’

Now fully suited and sealed without a single wrinkle to be seen, she was very aware of the all constricting suit and the wires which trailed from her crotch. The integral corset reduced her waist further than ever before. In addition the corset, she noted, had “D” rings fitted in strategic places. She was then fettered further by the addition of polished stainless steel lockable waist, wrist and ankle bracelets. The catheter tube dangling down with control tap was connected to a latex collection bag which was then attached to her thigh. Finally she was sprayed and polished by both slaves until she looked as if she had been carved from a block of obsidian. The two slaves took obvious pleasure in the polishing process. She was led over to a full length mirror and allowed to see her reflection. Finally the male slave took hold of her shoulders and led her back to the room she had left one and a half hours previously.

As she entered, head bowed, she was acutely aware of her containment and the enormity of the occasion. She moved forward, eyes cast down, not daring to look up. She was left standing alone; the two slaves retreated. “Slave!” Her heart skipped a beat as her Master spoke. “Step forward and sign the slave contract. Now raise your head and acknowledge the two witnesses.” ‘S’ did as commanded and slowly raised her head. There before her were the couple who had brought her to the house in the boot of their car. They were now wearing tight black latex catsuits and helmets polished to a high shine. The female carried a whip in her right hand. ‘S’ bowed low to the couple not daring to speak.

Before them was a small table unlike any she had seen before. Two slaves, one male, one female, kneeling on all fours, back to back and completely encapsulated in shiny black latex with long tubes with inflation bowls dangling from where their mouths should have been. They had been fettered together with a series of straps all pulled into maximum tightness. Across their backs lay a sheet of heavy clear glass. On top was the contract ready for signing; a fountain pen ready for use. “Slave, kneel and sign the contract. Once you have signed the two witnesses will counter sign.” ‘S’ knelt and taking up the pen knowing now there could be no turning back. ‘ I’m now a proper slave! My Masters property! An object belonging to my Master! I shall live in rubber for the rest of my life! I no longer have any rights! I will be absolutely under his control! He will decide all things from now on; when I receive sustenance! When I am cleaned out! even when I breathe!’ ‘S’ became quite faint at the thoughts racing through her mind. She had closed one door and was about to open another.

Heart racing, she willingly consigned herself to her Master. She was eager to begin the journey into 24/7 slavery, forever a latex slave. She bowed her head as the two witnesses signed. “Stand slave!” came the order from her master “and place yourself before me.”

‘S’ moved over to kneel in front of her Master, head bowed. “Slave, you will now be taken from this room and placed in meditation where you will remain for twenty four hours. During that time you will fast but liquids will be given to you at regular intervals. Once that is completed you will begin your advanced training. Your life is now under my complete control and control you, I will! Now kiss my boots then take your leave”.

‘S’ squirmed at the words, “control you I will!” Her anal sphincter tightened around the intruder, her vaginal walls slippery, spasmed then contracted around her dildo. She did as instructed; her helmeted head kissed the rubber boots of her Master. ‘S’ was exquisitely excited at the implications of her master’s words. She remained in that position wanting it to never end.

All too soon she was raised from her kneeling position by the Mistress who had witnessed her signature. The Mistress attached a lead to her slave collar and led her to her place of bondage. ‘S’ followed the Mistress taking in the back view of her latex clad body. The Mistresses outfit was faultless, tight without a single blemish. A tightly laced corset in jet black latex gave her the classic hourglass figure, her helmeted head with plume of dark hair cascading from the tube at the crown held high, the perfect Mistress. Crimson red latex ribbon tied constraining the issue. ‘S’ eyes feasted on the lithe form of the Mistress. She was in seventh heaven knowing the finality of this occasion.

Within the cell lay a narrow apparatus, bench like, padded and covered in heavy black rubber. Straps ran down the entire length, a small inflatable pillow lay at one end.

Standing stock still, hands at her sides ‘S’ waited whilst the Mistress removed the leash. Hanging up the leash she went to a cabinet before returning to stand in front of ‘S’ “slave, open your mouth wide”. ‘S’ did as instructed. A thin flexible soft rubber tube about 45 cm long dangled from a breathe through inflatable gag; projecting out from the front was about 1 and a half metres of tubing ending in a funnel. ‘S’ felt the intruder slide snake like across her tongue as gloved hands fed it into her mouth. She looked wide eyed at the Mistresses helmeted head noting how her full attention was on the job in hand, her dark eyes focused on ‘S’ mouth. A slight tickle at the back of her throat told ‘S’ to swallow. In a moment the rounded end of the tube slid past her epiglottis and continued its journey downwards into her stomach. The gag came to a rest within her mouth, attachment straps dangling. The Mistress buckled the gag tightly to ‘S’ helmeted head and inflated it.

‘S’ felt the familiar expanding rubber bladder in her mouth until she felt as though she would burst if another squeeze of the inflation bulb were made. Now she knew she had the gag stare recondite of fetish comics. The Mistress spoke “slave you are now ready for meditation, get up onto the bench and lie on your back”. ‘S’ did as instructed. The chains fitted earlier were removed. Before she knew it she was being strapped onto the meditation bench. Cuffs at her wrists were locked to tethers at the side of the bench. She counted 10 straps being pulled tightly across her body. Each strategically placed to allow for ease of access to breasts and vaginal areas. The inflatable pillow lay at the back of her neck giving support. Once fully strapped the Mistress spoke, “slave I am going to blindfold you now and plug in the wires and your enema tube then fit a heavyweight hospital rubber sheet cover to your bench.” She added “in one hours time I shall return and tighten each strap to maximum tightness”.

The overpowering smell of latex filled ‘S’nostrils as the heavy sheet was pulled over her supine form. A small hole at the mouth allowed for breathing and feeding tube to pass through. The sheet was fastened adding pressure to her confinement. ‘S’ had fantasised about this time from the first time she had idly thought about the idea when she and James had first discussed their fantasies, now she was actually living her deepest fantasy. ‘I’m beginning a journey of a life time which will last into the distant future; I am the luckiest person in the world.’ Then all was silent and she searched for any sound but heard none in her bondage.

The closing of the cell door signalled that the mistress had departed. But unbeknown to ‘S’ an encapsulated form, a slave had entered the training cell as the Mistress left and now sat quietly monitoring her every breath.

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