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The Training of Slave Selena 15: Training Resumes

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; SBR; public; x-frame; breathplay; mast; denial; toys; cons; X

Chapter 15: Training Resumes

‘S’ lay quietly totally encapsulated in latex not one inch of her flesh exposed. ‘So here I am an animate being sealed inside an inanimate covering of my own choosing, latex rubber. The additional bondage of the straps and the tightness of them enhances the feeling of being contained and as such, I am covered and invincible and yet at the same time vulnerable. I am here until my Master releases me; I am in my element both as a slave to my Master as well as to the latex. The feeling of being in total bondage is amazing and the sensations are quite exquisite, it feels as if every nerve end is alive and sending messages to the pleasure centre in my brain. The feeling of being contained within the all covering latex and the all over squeeze of the rubber as it forms an impervious constraining layer is so physically and mentally satisfying. Here I lie in extreme bondage, my mouth filled with a fully inflated latex bladder with breathe through hole allowing me to gain enough air to breath. I can’t move a muscle and yet I am as happy as I could possibly be. I am fulfilled. I am at peace; I want this to go on for ever!’ ‘S’ began her mantra and eventually drifted off to a bondaged dreamless sleep.

The Master entered the dungeon dressed as he had been on the day before; head to toe in black latex. He carried in his hand a distended latex bladder. Walking over the bench which held the bondaged slave he affixed the strap of the bladder to a hook above the supine form and connected the tube to the feeding line then placed a gloved hand on his slave.

‘S’ had been awake for some time but was unaware of the passing hours as she lay in her dark universe. The touch brought her immediately to full conscientiousness. It was if she had received an electric shock to her body, she felt the vibrations of her suit being stroked as a finger was dragged across it. She squirmed in her bondage now desperately wanting the attention of her Master, eager to begin another day under his absolute control.

Her gag was deflated and withdrawn from her mouth with the instructions not to speak. She moved her jaw from side to side to gain some relief from the overnight bondage. Before she had chance to move her jaw more than a couple of times she was aware of a tube being gently introduced into her mouth. She immediately knew that it was the feeding tube and she was thrilled. “Keep swallowing slave it’s time for your breakfast”.

Breakfast for ‘S’ consisted of liquid yoghurt and energy drink via her stomach tube. She was released at 9:30am and told to shower and take her enema, then redress in her cat suit.

She was pleased to note that she had been in her latex now for 26 hours. Standing in the shower still completely covered in latex she felt the drumming of the warm water as it cascaded from her second skin, her vinyl lenses allowing her to look directly up into the full flow of the water without any of it entering her protective suit. She stripped off the suit and helmet and washed as instructed, carefully hanging out her suit to dry. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be held with in its warm embrace again. The shower completed she dried the suit then took her enema.

Now completely clean on both the inside and outside she got dressed as instructed. The lubed anal rod eased in to its hilt and she experienced again the thrill of being entered by the large black rubber rod as her sphincter closed around the base. The cat suit now talced, slipped on easily. She was ready for her special outing with her beloved Master. She felt refreshed and full of energy. The enforced bondage on the bench had allowed her to sleep soundly. Her thoughts dwelt momentarily on her condition, ‘yes I’m travelling the path to total subservience and I love it.’ Then she presented herself to her Master.

By the time she left the penthouse flat she knew today was going to be ‘fun.’ Underneath her tightly belted SBR and sou’wester she wore her new corset, the De Mask heavy weight boned latex one which added a whole new dimension to the word ‘corseted’. Each breath was shallow her rub cage compression allowed nothing else. The boned neck corset, together with her hooded open face helmet held her head high; she was unable to turn her head or look down. As they left her master had patted her on the bottom with the words “Remember slave, always tight and tidy!”

‘S’ turned and completed a very stiff bow then followed her Master to his TVR.

As they drove he was the first to speak. “Remember slave, this is your day, your reward for being good. Tomorrow however, you will resume your training; enjoy your self. Boots and shoes are your quest I believe; just remember heels must be at least 5” nothing less!”

“Yes Master,” she answered slightly breathless.

Entering the ‘Little shoe company shop ‘S’ took a seat beside her Master. The first pair was latex thigh boots with 6” heels. Removing her rubber riding boots and pulling up the skirt of her SBR ’S’ revealed her latex clad legs. She blushed and cast her eyes down. The sales girl took it in her stride but began addressing her Master. It was clear that the assistant had dealt with other females dressed similarly.

“These boots, once on, only allow for limited movement. They are favoured by many Masters as not only do they look good, but they polish up beautifully and of course remind the slave of their position.” She went on to tell of posture ballet boots with 9” heels which required considerable training before they could be worn comfortably. ‘S’ was required to try them on and although she couldn’t stand properly in them now, that would come; a pair in crimson red were purchased. By the time she left carrying 3 pairs with another pair on special order, she was well into her buying spree.

At the table outside a restaurant they sat enjoying a well deserved coffee and pastry. The Saturday shoppers focused on their own quest ignored the two lovers identically dressed in SBR’s as they sat waiting for the next shower. The weekend promise was going to be fulfilled. ‘S’ leaned over to her master and whispered , “Master in two weeks time I will be yours, and do you know I can’t wait to give myself to you completely. You know I loved the sales girl talking to you and calling you your proper name ‘Master.’ She ignored me completely. I had a big rush knowing that I was just your slave.” She continued. “The heavy corset and neck corset really are reminding me of my position and the fact that my neck corset is showing above the collar of my SBR is exciting me; anybody can see it. To have no head movement other than slightly up, together with the open faced hood damping out sound and partially enclosing my head is further proof of your control over me and my position; I‘m so excited !” She offered her lips to her Master; he accepted them. They kissed deeply.

It came on to drizzle as they moved off to another fetish shoe specialist. The walk was enjoyed by them both. Small droplets of rain formed on their rubber mackintoshes then merged into larger drops before joining together and slipping in runnels down the polished surface of their armour. ‘S’ couldn’t walk too quickly, her corset just didn’t allow it. So they strolled along holding hands towards their next shop.

This time, when asked what she was looking for she said nothing; using her eyes to communicate that her man would do the talking. Again the assistant conversed with her Master. In her former life, before she met and fell for her man, before she really know of her deep masochistic desires she would have, as an independent lady, reacted strongly to being ignored. Now she felt only a thrill. They left with further stiletto ankle and calf boots.

In the car, on their way home, her Master mentioned that they would dine as a couple, then ‘S’ would resume her training.

Entering the flat ‘S’ followed her Master into his luxury sitting room; she stood still tightly strapped into her SBR. Her Master stood in front of her erect figure and looked her over head to foot. Her eyes down cast ‘S’ stood and waited, knowing she excited her Master by doing so. He bent forward slightly so that their lips were nearly touching. “Slave you look divine, I’ve got a good mind to keep you as you are whilst we eat.” Then their lips met ‘S’ shuddered at the soft warm lips of her Master but overcame the desire to throw her arms around his neck, rather she moved her arms behind her back in supplication.

He drew away from her then began to undress her. First, he loosened the throat strap which had kept her high collar up, then her wrist straps, followed by the skirt straps on the inside of her SBR finally the tight belt of her waist was undone. Taking his time to whisper sweet nothings into her hooded ear he ceremonially unbuttoned the lancer front of her rubber mackintosh and lifted it from her shoulders. ‘S’ heart was a-beat, the honeydew of sexual arousal wetting the inside of her latex suit. She stood now stock still, head held high her tight corset and neck bondage revealed. The unnaturally slim waist constrained within the inexorably compressed heavy black latex fully boned corset. Her slim neck held immovable. She held her breath. Again her Master stood back feasting his eyes on his charge.

“slave you please me. Now a choice for you; I can remove your corset before you eat, but I shall reaffix them once we have eaten, or you can remain as you are. If you choose to be released you will of course incur demerits”.

‘S’ spoke, a glint in her eye, “Master as much as I would like demerits I am enjoying the tight control of the corsets and once eaten I suspect the corset would not return to its present position, so my choice is to remain corseted.”

“Hmm, a good answer slave, but I can see I shall have to take you in hand.” Here he had a glint in his eye as he spoke. He stared directly into her eyes and for a brief moment they acknowledged the game they were both playing.

As they finished the meal her master spoke. “Right slave off to the dungeon, stand in the corner and prepare yourself for whatever comes”.

Entering the dungeon now dressed head to foot in black latex he was in good form. The day had gone well and the meal had given them both a chance to rest and relax. Now he had plans to surprise his slave with other items from the huge DeMask order which had arrived in the last couple of days. He approached his slave; now in the kneeling slave position, her head held high by the stiff neck corset. He felt the growing stiffness in his groin at the excitement of the image before him. As he approached he noted his slave’s eyes were closed but her lips were moving. He placed a gloved finger under her chin and applying slight upward pressure he signalled her to stand.

He then began to unlace her neck corset. Her eyes were still tight shut. He left the open faced hood and pulled on the vinyl lensed helmet which she loved. Over this the fitted a new clear hood in soft flexible vinyl with a breath through tube and restriction valve. Refitting the neck corset and pulling it in ‘S’ triple enclosed head was held rigid. Through the clear vinyl breathing control hood the full latex hood was clearly visible the bulging cheeks confirming the efficacy of her gagging. “Open your eyes slave and look at me.” ‘S’ did as instructed. She blinked to focus on her Master through the bulbous hood. The masked head of her Master showing off to perfection his warm brown eyes; she swooned as he stared her in the eye, holding her gaze. It was as if she was a rabbit held on the headlights of a car. She couldn’t take her eyes off her Master. She had been commanded. He moved closer and spoke.

“Slave, I’m going to restrict your breathing now. Then you will follow me into the dungeon”.

With that he screwed down the restrictor. ‘S’ breathed in knowing that she would have to work hard to gain any air, if indeed her Master had left any. The vinyl hood contracted as she sucked in increasingly stale air to gain the very last vestiges of oxygen. The vinyl collapsing inward as it squeezed her latex helmet against her head until she felt as if she was being vacuumed packed in the hood; the image of her Master now distorted by the tight encasement of the vinyl hood. She realised that the restrictor had been screwed down nearly to full and only the smallest amount of new air was being drawn in she was effectively sealed off from the outside world enclosed within her own sphere. ‘S’ had learnt to overcome the instinct to panic; she was devotee of this form of control. She scissored her legs to gain sexual pleasure holding the air in her lungs. Then it was time to exhale. She breathed out; the clear vinyl ballooned out creating a clear enclosing helmet.

Her shiny latex helmet now enshrouded within the sphere; she squirmed as a spasm arose from deep within her. She tried to speak “Master I love you.” but the balloon gag prohibited any utterance. She fluttered her eyes behind the vinyl lenses trying to communicate with her Master. She saw his pupils dilate then a slight head nod to acknowledge her. Then it was time to breathe in again; the process of air control with only a small amount of fresh air entering her lungs each time had ‘S’ on a high of sexual lust mixed with excitement.

A lead was attached to her corset collar and she was led over to the ‘X’ frame fixed to the wall. She was tightly strapped onto this so no movement what so ever was possible. She was completely immobile, with feet on small platforms projecting form the ‘X’ frame which lifted her off the ground about 6” from the bottom of the frame; her head held high, the neck corset saw to that. A throat strap was affixed together with the normal forehead strap; she could not feel the throat strap as the corset protected this vulnerable area.

Her Master satisfied with the constraint turned his attention to her crotch area. She felt the through zip being undone; the next instant she shuddered and involuntarily sucked in air as her wringing wet vaginal lips and clitoris was brushed lightly with gloved finger. She tried to wriggle but her bonds held her tight. Her Master teased her until she was gasping and in doing so losing the rhythm of controlled breathing. Sensing this, her Master withdrew his hand reached up and closed the inlet valve a further two turns then returned his fingers to the swollen pendulent lips of his slave’s vagina, the honeydew further wetting his gloves, ‘S’ now focused on sucking in life giving air, the vinyl squeezing her head, as a partial vacuum of her own making enveloped her head. All the time the fingers working magic on her.

“Keep your eyes open slave and look me in the eye!”

‘S’ did as instructed she was panting now, all control gone. The distorted image of her Master caused by the two vinyl lenses and the beads of condensation in the vinyl balloon helmet her master was using to control her breathing further distorted the image. Her breathing now rapid; the helmet tenting in and out rapidly as she used up the available air, “For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master,” spinning through her mind combined with “I love, I worship, I serve you Master” her mind racing, thoughts coming faster than the unmouthed words. ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Yes, I’m in paradise, the pleasure dome, under control, a slave …… then as her climax built she stiffened, her bondaged body ready to ride the orgasmic delight.

The withdrawal of gloved finger left her gasping and the next instant her zip was closed and her air inlet unscrewed to allow more air into her lungs. Her eyes now wide open questioning. Her master spoke. “Not yet slave; you have a long night ahead of you. Now regain control, I’ve got further plans for you.” With that he left ‘S’ hanging on the very edge of an orgasm. ‘S’ was devastated she had come so far along the road to orgasmic release and had been expecting to achieve her goal. She realised that she had been tensing her body prior to her Masters withdrawal. Now she hung loose within her bonds and took stock. The disappointment had been real but she realised that far from it signalling the end of the session it was but an interlude and her ever devious Master had further plans as yet unknown to her.

‘S’ luxuriated in her clinging latex suit her body damp from the stimulation, a thin patina of perspiration held within her impermeable covering. The sexual frustration now receding as she hung within her bondage; she enjoyed the demonstration of control which her Master had over her. She was fascinated with the new clear vinyl breathing control hood and the misting of condensation which further distorted her vision as it collapsed then re-inflated with each breath.

She relaxed as best she could within the limitations of her bondage, closed her eyes and began fantasising about what would happen next. She pictured herself being entered simultaneously both back and front whilst her air was cut off allowing her only to rebreathe her own spent exhalations; but try as she might she could not edge her way to orgasm. She was held in between sexual gratification and frustration. ‘S’ had no idea of time passing only of her sexually charged condition. Above all she desperately wanted the touch of her Master, but she knew wish fulfilment was not within her grasp.

She closed her eyes and began her mantra knowing that this would allow her to gain physical and spiritual calmness. Then she was again in her dark warm inner space floating, drifting, her mind soaring in the dark universe where time had no meaning only the immediate now; temporal order was on hold.

Her Master‘s return was unperceived by his slave; he sat watching his charge for some time fingering two nipple clamps. “I love you more than you will ever know darling Selena, darling submissive slave; you are the lady of my dreams.” He was sexually excited, by the realisation of his long held dream, the words he had silently voiced and the sight of his slave in tight bondage; the swelling in his groin confirming his eagerness to couple with his rubberised slave. He rose, walked over to ‘S’ and without any warning screwed down the inlet valve on her vinyl balloon hood closing the ingress of any air. Then taking hold of her right nipple applied a clamp. The instant ballooning of the hood told all; she had exhaled as the shock of the nipple clamp had suddenly brought her out of her warm comfort. The clamp was squeezing her ringed nipple and would be painful until she accommodated to the pressure. The second clamp applied caused a sharp intake of breath resulting in a pressure squeeze as the clear vinyl was sucked tightly around her head. Then it ballooned out until it was taut; a perfect sphere.

“Slave you will now be tested in your breathing control. Grunt twice to beg for more air, but only if you really need it, any cheating will result in prolongation of this session. Now grunt once to confirm you have understood the rules.”

A single sound issued from the bondaged form.

Then two grunts indicated that air was needed. The control screw was opened slightly. The rapid controlled heaving intake of air went on for a couple of minutes before it slowed and indicated to her Master that she had accommodated to the restricted air intake. ‘S’ was now ready for more training. This time the control screw was opened fully and the slave instructed to inhale deeply. Then an attachment was fitted to the tube. The black latex rebreathing bag hanging limply came to life as the exhaled air was expirated from the slave’s lungs. The latex bag crinkled out as it filled; just before it became a taut spheroid air was sucked out causing the balloon to resume its former shape. The combination of balloon hood coupled with latex rebreathing balloon allowed the slave to breathe quite normally for some time before the useful air began running out. The dildo came to life sending spasms of pure pleasure through the encapsulated slave. ‘S’ knew she couldn’t hold out very long in this condition and would climax quickly. However, her Master had other plans.

Each time she began to tense herself to allow the tsunami of orgasm to wash her away, her master stopped the dildo and opened the inlet valve. She was denied the pleasure she so desperately needed.

Breathing latex scented air via the inlet valve into the latex bladder ‘S’ was able to collect her thoughts, ‘Master, oh beloved Master, you play with me like a virtuoso orchestral musician plays the instrument of his choosing; taking me to the highest peaks then to the depths of despair. When, oh when will you allow me to take pleasure? You tease me endlessly yet deep within my soul I’m your willing slave and need this and other extreme experiences to fulfil my destiny. Will this ever end? I want these wonderful teasing sensations to go on.’ Then she was squirming again as the dildo deep within her vagina began vibrating again, ‘Yes, yes, deeper, harder,’ her mind racing. The air she was breathing had that moist rebreathed flavour, ‘yes, yes, yes; seal me from the outside world.’ She sucked in a lungful then held her breath tensed her body and prayed for a pleasure.

Again she was denied and again and again long hour after hour into the early hours of the new day she was putty in his inventive hands. She was wringing wet inside of her latex suit, the perspiration pooling at her ankles and was oh, so very weary. The nipple clamps had exacted a toll on her pierced nipples. A dull ache impinged on her consciousness; she had given up any hope of taking a pleasure. It seemed to her that she had always been like this; this was the reality, all outside stimulus had receded into the background only the here and now existed she was focused totally on her condition and the quest to take pleasure. All this time her Master had kept up a one sided dialogue with his charge. She of course could only communicate via her eyes; opening them wide fluttering and slowly closing them. She had developed quite a repertoire.

At the last futile attempt to take pleasure she had pleaded with her eyes and he had understood her perfectly well.

“Slave, your request is refused. The time is not right yet, I will judge when you may take pleasure.”

Eyes shut she was now utterly spent and was beginning to doze off in her confines. Her Master noted this and smiled to himself.

This time the internal vibrator didn’t switch off and the breathing bag remained sealed instead. ‘S’ awoken from her daze; responded, but anticipated another anticlimax. She was elated when she passed the point at which her Master normally ceased stimulation. Then it was there; the unmistakable deep feeling which was the precursor to an orgasm. ‘S’ now wide awake knew this was to be the tsunami wave which she would ride. She could feel the tingle in her extremities as nerve endings began to spasm; all stimuli coalescing as they joined together and moved towards her pleasure centre. Her brain overloaded trying to process the incoming stimuli her body now lost to carnal sensations. Her breathing ragged the combination of vinyl hood and rebreathing bladder fluttering without rhythm, ‘S’ opened her eyes in an ecstatic trance unfocused but wide open.

She was now beyond the point of no return, her vaginal muscles clamped around the thick black rubber dildo which continued to vibrate. Her nipples now on fire; she waited for the wave to flood over her, milli seconds passed and then she was riding the rising cataclysm of orgasm. She was in her element covered head to foot in her beloved latex rubber the restrictive breathing exciting her beyond measure, knowing that she was out of control, even her master was now powerless to stop the inevitable. Her eyes flickered rapidly then closed her breathing stopped; the vinyl balloon hood clamped tight to her helmeted head, the rebreathing bag hung lifeless, limp. Then she was riding the tsunami wave as an overwhelming pleasure overtook her body. She tensed against her tight bondage her gloved hands clenched, her mouth opened fully and through her inflated breathe through gag the sound of ecstasy issued, the keening high pitched sound signified that the slave had transcended the tantric peak and was now in nirvana. Her master all this time was observing every single stage of his slave’s progress. He still clad head to toe in black shiny latex was very aware of his straining member sliding in pre-orgasmic fluid. His attention however never wavered; he was focused entirely on his slave.

The first tsunami had overwhelmed ‘S’ in her dark universe; star bursts flashing, pulsating myriads of exploding tiny flashes had her spinning head over heels as the universe imploded on her. Then wave after wave of shuddering orgasmic after shocks held her transfixed, before finally warm blackness overtook her as she slipped into oblivion her breath still held. Her body took over once she lost consciousness and autonomic responses had her sucking in lungfuls of fresh air. Her Master had responded quickly as she lost consciousness. Her head slumped to one side still held by her tight neck corset. He was ready and immediately fully opened the breathing valve having removed the limp latex bladder.

‘S’ took some moments to regain consciousness. As a diver regains the surface.’S’ was aware, once again of her terrestrial surroundings. She was now breathing normally. It took an effort of will to leave her dark universe and to open her eyes. She slowly focused on her Master’s helmeted head his brown eyes steady, full of love for his slave. She tried to speak, to tell him of her deep love for him but the inflatable gag stopped all sound, instead she returned his gaze through her dilated pupils communicating the love she had for him. She was now in the post orgasmic state, warm loved and utterly spent. She knew she would be overtaken by sleep in moments. She was held, comfortable but for the nagging pain in her nipples. As if she had spoken clearly, her Master spoke.

“Slave, I am going to remove your nipple clamps, your nipples will hurt but it will pass”. With that both clamps were simultaneously removed. A stab of pain shot through ‘S’ and she would have screamed had she not been effectively gagged. Then her Master removed the vinyl globe helmet from her head and released her from her bonds. An exhausted slave took to her latex sheeted bed at 4.35am and was asleep almost before her helmeted head had hit the latex pillow.


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