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The Training of Slave Selena 11: Selena's Birthday Surprise

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; solo-f; latex; catsuit; enema; gag; encased; toys; cons; X

Chapter 11: Selena's Birthday Surprise

At work on the Monday Selena’s happiness was obvious as she busied herself with the project. At lunch time she slipped out early dressed in her SBR all tightly buckled and wearing her riding boots; she was off on a mission.

Entering ‘Regulation’ in Islington she went straight to the gag display and sought out the pump up inflatable with a breathing hole through the middle. It had two straps each side which would allow for fasting to her latex helmet. She spent some time perusing the various clothing and items on display and was consumed with curiosity with some of the more esoteric items. She noted that she was running with vaginal juices and was glad she was wearing her latex pants.

Selena was excited it was her birthday week and James had arranged to meet up with her on the Thursday evening. He had invited her over to his flat for an intimate evening together. Now accustomed to her daily enema and meditations she was fast becoming a full blown slave. She habitually slept between latex sheets fully helmeted and gagged and when instructed would pull on her latex suit so she was totally encapsulated. Although she wanted total coverage her Master would not allow that unless he sanctioned it. Selena’s waist was now at its slimmest and she wore her corset easily. The constriction of earlier times had diminished. She was eager to meet up with James, both her lover and Master.

The computer screen held her Master’s instructions:


Tomorrow , Wednesday , you are to complete your early morning rituals then dress in your double dildo pants, cat suit, special gloves which I have given you, corset and collar, you will wear street clothes over the top. You are to remain so dressed until you arrive home. Then you will shower, wash your suit etc. You will then redress once compete fit your helmet and breath through inflatable gag and nipple clamps. Wear these for at least an hour then keep a record of how long you wear them. You will remain so dressed except for the removal of your helmet tomorrow, until you report to me on Thursday evening. You are not to take pleasure.

Prepare yourself for a surprise. Now dress and enjoy.


Slave Selena did as instructed.

Pulling on the latex cat suit after her early morning ‘washout ‘ her long lithe limbs encased in the cool latex looked dammed good, even if she said it herself, she felt good and excited knowing that she would have to spend the day so dressed.

The addition of medical quality gossamer thin latex gloves caught her unaware, but she happily pulled them on; ‘after all, she was her Master’s slave. Over the top of her slave outfit Selena pulled on her normal warm clothes making sure that her latex wear was covered. A roll neck allowed for this. Her hands would remain on view ‘I will tell anybody who asks, that I’ve got an infectious rash and I’ve been advised to wear these gloves. That should satisfy the curious, anyway, I don’t care, and I love being dressed this way.’ A shudder went through her. ‘I’d love to be able to wear my helmet as well, but people just wouldn’t understand! Oh well, on with the show.’

She pulled on her rubber riding boots and SBR making sure that every strap and buckle was at its tightest. She was going to enjoy the next 36 hours. With that she cast a long look at herself in her hall mirror, noting the shiny black rubber of her perfectly prepared mackintosh with sou’wester covering her high collar and adding an air of mystery to the mackintoshed figure. Her waist was accentuated by the tight buckling and emphasised her ample breasts contained deep within the lancer fronted garment. As she closed the door of her flat she noted with a light heart that it was pelting down. She was in her element.

Returning to her flat after a hectic day she was feeling very sexually aware. The constant thrill of being enclosed from neck to toe in all covering latex, together with the ever present stimulation of her double invaders as well as the outward show of the gossamer thin latex gloves had changed her; the initial question from her friends at work had been easily answered. Never the less she was constantly reminded of her position as her master’s slave and by the heady aroma which wafted up form the roll neck of her outer wear.

Shaking off droplets from her soaking wet SBR Selena was pleased to be at her flat again. The heavy rain and high winds had tested her mackintosh, but not one drop had entered. Selena was both excited and happy, she had now spent over 12 hours fully dressed and the prospect of continuing under her Masters orders was quickening her pulse. Once undressed and standing in her rubber wear she went over to her drawer and taking her helmet she quickly swept her long auburn hair up into a bun and pulled on a black latex swimming cap before fitting her vinyl eyepiece helmet. Then she stepped onto the shower and took a lingering shower. Finally, she divested herself of her catsuit, pants and other wear and carefully washed the various intimate items.

Standing completely naked apart from the all covering helmet she bathed herself as instructed. She kept on the latex gloves and began caressing her engorged nipples. She took great pleasure from the erotic sensations as latex enclosed fingers pulled and squeezed. She knew she couldn’t take pleasure, but never the less she was going to go right to the precipice of lust. Unable to bear any further stimulation she stopped abruptly, panting and grinding her fecund hips. She so desperately wanted the release of taking pleasure, but she knew it was not to be; ‘after all’, she reasoned, ‘I’m my Masters slave, and I am trained to obey absolutely’. With that she stepped out of her shower and hung the various items up to dry.

Next she ambled over to her computer and switched on. Her heart leap as a further message from her Master appeared on the screen:


Before you read further, dress as directed.’ Slave ’S’ moved away from the screen.

Now fully dressed, she returned. Sitting at the computer she read further;

A dumb nod of the head said it all. Here was the independent lady of 33 now totally encapsulated in latex unable to make a sound under the complete control of he Master. She read on:

‘You are now experiencing again, the effect of full rubberisation or encapsulation. I know you will be enjoying the experience; you are now dressed as befits my slave. You have spent the last 24 plus hours properly dressed; the next 12 will be even better.’

I want you to look up the dictionary definition of both of these words because you will come to experience the meaning of them from now on. Think of yourself as my fully rubberised and encapsulated slave. You will now progressively come to know the full meaning of both of these words. Once you have completed the task, you are to send the meanings to me together with your thoughts.

After that you are to apply nipple clamps, noting the time and duration throughout the night. You will then retire to your latex bed and contemplate on your position as my latex slave.

In the morning you are to complete you kneeling meditation and enema. You will remain fully dressed until you leave for work. You will wear your entire outfit minus your helmet and travel to the embankment. I will meet you at Cleopatra’s needle at 7pm. You will, of course bring your helmet and gag, but nothing else.

Remember always, you are my slave.

Enjoy yourself,


Slave ‘S’ was Selena’s own invention; she came to that conclusion whilst meditating. Selena was her proper name of course, but ‘S’ reduced her to a cipher as befitted her position as her Master’s slave. Equally, it was the initial letter of the word ‘slave’ and she felt a thrill at that realisation. She hoped to speak to her Master about this if she was allowed.

Taking her shorter English Dictionary down from the shelf she found ‘encapsulation’ first, it read; ‘To enclose completely, surround contain; protect from outside contamination. ‘A complete process.’

Here was the statement which had her heart racing. ‘Yes, yes oh yes, this is what I want above all else I want to be encapsulated with only my Master having access to me. Every part of my body covered, enclosed completely, every orifice fitted.

With trembling fingers she thumbed through to ‘R’ then found ‘Rubberise.’

‘To impregnate with rubber; to immerse in a rubber solution resulting in an impermeable layer. A waterproofing process.’ There was no entry for ‘rubberisation’.

She smiled to herself but no outward sign would have been discernible. The enclosing helmet and inflatable gag saw to that. Never the less within her latex bondage a warmth generated deep within her found its way to the surface. She slid her bottom over her chair trying to engage her two intruders. Perceiving a clinging dampness within her all encompassing latex she was in heaven, but oh, so sexually frustrated.

She sent the dictionary meanings, as directed, and then wrote.

“The two words epitomise my deepest wishes and needs. Before I met you Master I was a secret fetishist enjoying wearing latex but not fully formed as a true rubberist. As you know I was looking for that special person who would allow and join in with my full sexual development, including my love of latex. Well, dear Master, you have, since our first meeting, channelled my fetishistic pleasures into a very more focused picture. I am now filly aware of just how much I need your total control of me together with both encapsulation and rubberisation. Both words crystallise my thoughts, wants and needs. Darling Master, I want to become your 24/7 latex slave. I am willing to give up my job, my present lifestyle and friends to become your full time slave. You see, she went on, I now realize that to become fulfilled I must follow my instinct wherever it leads me. Please consider what I have said.

I am now going to apply my nipple clamps, then, l as instructed, slide between latex sheets of my bed. Tonight I have much to contemplate on. I love the two special words, ‘encapsulation’ and ‘rubberisation’ they make me as randy as hell. I can’t wait to be with you tomorrow evening.

My slavish adoration, dear Master.

Your slave ‘S’

‘S’snuggled into her latex sheeted bed. The nipple clamps giving her the deep sexual thrill which she now loved to experience. It was as though her nipples were connected to her genital area, the initial pain on applying them quickly turned to pleasure which she eagerly took. It was painful after about an hour when the nagging squeeze of the clamps became painful. But ‘S’ enjoyed that as well, willing herself to extend her wearing them, ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master.’ When she finally removed them, the sensation was intense and she had to bite into her gag to overcome the urgent desire to cry out.

Lying on her back content, covered from head to foot in shiny black latex ‘S’ was supremely happy she was in her element. The only thing missing was her beloved Master but she comforted herself with the knowledge that she would be with him soon. Blindfolded gagged impaled she writhed and wriggled letting the sexual tension build, but knowing that she was forbidden to take pleasure until she was with her Master and he instructed her. The nipple clamps combined with the front and rear plugs worked their own magic on her supine body. She contemplated on the possibility of becoming a 24/7 slave and gently, ever so gently drifted off to sleep, her nipple clamps still attached.

Her dreams were filled with erotic images, of her being trained as a slave by a cruel Master who always made her take just one step further than she thought possible; she was both apprehensive and excited at the same time. Then into her dreams came the sensation of having her nipples clamped whilst her arms were strapped firmly behind her. The pain was building, but she was unable to do a thing about it. Then in a moment she was conscious, her dreams left behind her, the reality of her own position very much in the forefront. She slid her blindfold up into her forehead blinked through her vinyl lens at her bed side clock and stretching out of her warm nest to gain a better view, noted the time 2.45am.

She was pleased with herself; she had put the clamps on at 10.00pm. This was her longest time! Gently she removed them, mutely crying out in pain as blood flowed back into her sensitive nipples, ‘wow, 4hours 45minutes a record,’ Then she brushed her nipples lightly with her gloved hand. The sensation had her gasping with pleasure. The exquisite pleasure/ pain mixture was exhilarating. She played with herself for a few minutes then when she was burning with desire she very carefully reapplied then .the pain was intense and she had to concentrate on her mantra but it soon reduced to a dull throbbing. She found the new clamping sensation underlined her masochism, she willed herself to continue. The time was 2.50 am. Then pulling down her blindfold she returned to her erotic contemplation of being a full time slave.

The alarm clock at 6am roused the recumbent form from its slumbers. Her nipples were very sensitive. She had managed to keep them on for most of the night; removing them only briefly when she couldn’t bear the pain any longer. Her Master would be pleased; she so wanted to show her commitment to increased training. She had, as directed, kept a detailed record of her clamping times.

Having completed her meditation she went immediately to her toilet. Removing her suit she completed her washout. She felt naked now without her clinging second skin.

It was her 34 birthday and she felt better than she ever had in her life. She was pleased that she had spent the night of her birthday completely covered in latex. This was a first for her. Now belted and strapped in her SBR she felt wonderful if somewhat tired. She was desperate to know what surprise her Master had for her.

The day passed slowly and she found it hard to concentrate on the task in hand. Her thoughts kept returning to her condition and to the e-mail she had sent. Would it scare or in some way annoy her lover and Master?

Carrying her helmet and gag in her bag she stepped out in to the growing darkness her sou’wester pulled on and tied under her chin; she wanted so much to wear her helmet, but your average person wouldn’t understand she reasoned. Arriving at the embankment early she relaxed and enjoyed the sights of the river, the water glistening and oily. Checking her SBR to make sure she was looking at her best; buckles, buttons, belt all pulled into their tightest, collar up; she felt good and was satisfied with her presentation. She had pulled on black latex gloves over her gossamer thin rubber gloves as well as an open faced hood; she had her long dark hair tucked neatly up under the hood. She hoped her Master would be pleased with her attire. Her sou’wester fitted her perfectly and the full brim hung down over the high collar of her mackintosh. She was ready for whatever befell her, eager to feel the strong arms of her lover enfold her and press bodies together.

It was dark now and she enjoyed seeing for the hundredth time, the reflected highlights dance across her jet black mackintosh. Standing quietly she let her mind drift to the surprise her Master had for her. She was excited, yet at peace with herself, she knew she would see her lover and Master very soon. The continuous slight constriction of her suit and corset together with the squeeze of her belt and the knowledge of being so enclosed all contributed to this feeling, she was warm and fully protected from the chill of the early evening.

Her thoughts returned to the bondage chair and her predicament as she literally hung upside down in her encapsulated form; she could feel again the ingress of the surprise enema then the slow but inexorable entry of her Master into her glistening vaginal entrance as she was brought to climax after climax. She shuddered at the thought; her juicy vaginal spasms gripping the deep intruder which had been inside her since her dressing instructions. ‘Master please come to me, I want you to enter and fill me.’ Yet knowing that she could control herself for however long her Master decreed. The meditation had strengthened her resolve. She took pleasure from the knowledge.

Then he was with her. He had been watching her for some tome enjoying the sight of his love quietly standing; the lights of the night showing her silhouetted form; starbursts glistening off her shiny black rubber mackintosh. He moved towards her from the front. She only saw him in the final few steps as she processed the visual information of her lover approaching. He was dressed similarly to her. He took her in his arms and pulled her towards him eager to feel her body against his. In an instant she threw her arms around his neck and they kissed open mouthed tongues entwining. They were together again and at one. Selena melted unto his arms her legs going weak. One booted foot lifting the long skirt of her mackintosh. Breaking off the kiss the two lovers smiled and looked deeply into each others eyes. Taking in a breath Selena‘s passion rose higher as she hung there enjoying the moment oblivious to anything but the urgent need to slack her sexual thirst.

James her Master was the first to speak; a rhetorical question, “Well, well, what have we here? I do believe a young novice slave in the making.” Then releasing her gently but still clutching her hands. He continued, “Let me take a good look at you, stand still slave.”

Slowly pacing around her still form, he took in the exquisite sight. Finally he spoke.” Yes, I see everything is tight and tidy and you have, in addition to my dressing instructions, put on black latex gloves over your flesh coloured ones and an open faced helmet. I can see you are a serious rubberist; but you have disobeyed me. I will decide what you wear and when.” His voice took on the cool voice of the Master. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” She replied acknowledging his superiority. Then in one fluid movement slave Selena was enveloped in his arms again .She swooned. The two identically dressed figures happy in the reunion. Looking up into her Master’s dark eyes she wanted the moment to never end. They were both smiling their eyes shining with mutual love.

“Right slave, I’m going to whisk you back to my flat where I shall have my wicked way with you. Then I’ve got a surprise for you, one which I hope you will enjoy.

Stepping out of the private lift and returning to his penthouse, they hugged and kissed again before ceremoniously undressing each other. Standing together dressed in identical gleaming jet black latex cat suits he spoke.

“Right slave let me take you to the shower, those double intruders need removing so I can fill you myself.”

Of shiny black latex and the aroma of new latex redolent of psychosexual experiences since she was young. Pulling the garment out she whistled a long note; here in her hands was a fantasy realised. She had many weeks before as instructed told of her deepest wishes in an essay to her Master. Here it was the total suit. She held its limp folds in her hand; it demanded human animation to come to life. Now she understood why her Master had ordered her to strip. He had planned this; clever man.

“Darling Master, you clever man, this is just what I wanted! I thought my fantasy would remain just that. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Master!” She moved towards him keen to show her pleasure.

James interrupted her, “First put your suit on then you can thank me properly.”

The slave emerged from the bathroom some time later. It was as though she had been spray painted in gleaming jet black shiny latex. Not a single crease could he discerned. Head to feet encapsulation, not a millimetre of skin exposed; integral feet, gloves and hood covered her. But at the crown of her head a long plaited pig tail emerged; plaited into the thick dark hair were latex strands. The eyes were covered with clear vinyl, the mouth emphasised by the anatomical shaped lips. There was an opening, but as her fantasy had described the mouth was filled with gossamer thin rubber. There was no permanent opening but a sealable soft tube at the back. Nostril tubes allowed for intake of air. At the crotch area a latex internal lining blanked off but for the smallest opening which was now sealed. This tube lined the slave’s vagina. There was a circular sealed opening at the rear. The suit was entered via zip openings across the shoulders and up each side of the slaves’ head. A small heart shaped silver lock threaded through two ‘D’ rings sealed the slave in to her new suit.

Slave ‘S’ looked and felt perfect. Now she desired above all to be dominated by her Master. She walked over to him and knelt before him in the classic slave position, head bowed. He buckled on her slave collar then attached a lead on it and gently pulled her up and took her to his latex sheeted bed. There he applied nipple clamps to her rigid nipples.

Lying on her back she accepted his manhood clad in a lubricated black condom. She was being entered, willingly violated but was inviolate sealed within her all encompassing fantasy latex suit. She could feel her Master but the two layers of gossamer thin latex prolonged the pleasure. This is what she deserved, she told herself, now fully into her fantasy role willing herself on to become the perfect subservient slave and as such; as a humble slave she was not fit to feel the skin of her Masters penis. She would, from now on at all times, be denied that pleasure; she would be sealed within, encapsulated, fully rubberized; gaining her own slavish pleasure from being used by or giving pleasure to her Master. The combination of her fantasy and the reality of the sensation were so intense she came immediately arching her back to receive the full force of her Master. The air whistling through the nostril holes in her sealed helmet.

She opened her eyes looking through the steamed up eye pieces to see her Master looking down on her, his strong arms lifting his chest off his charge the full weight of his hips bearing down to impale her deeply; his dark brown eyes open too focused on her . She wanted to cry out “I love you Master!” but the thin latex sack lining her mouth would allow no sound to pass instead she just lay there focusing on his eyes showing through his helmet. They seemed much larger framed by the jet black latex. Then she felt another orgasm building; the weight of his hips working their magic on her clitoris; the thin internal latex lining of vaginal prolonging the build-up. She was now in syncopation with her Master’s pulsing. She held her breath threw back her head and closed her eyes to intensify the pleasure. She could feel the throbbing of her Masters member. Then, like a tidal wave the orgasm began she was caught up in a maelstrom of unbridled force as Master and slave climaxed. Each lost to the passion, both seeking the cosmic union that only orgasm brings; they were entering another universe, where all was at one; lost, yet found, together in that eternal moment.

Then as the moment passed they were back in their physical bodies united, the Master deep within his slave, their second skin of latex separating yet uniting them in their pleasure. Slave ‘S’ sucking life giving air into her burning lungs mouth open sucking on the latex lining within her mouth but no air passing. She had had the best orgasm ever, she was sure she had entered paradise. Odd lines of poetry entered her mind,.. …‘A stately pleasure dome decree: where Alph, the sacred river ran through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea… ...For he on honey-dew hath fed, and drunk the milk of paradise.’ A smile crossed her face; she was spent, exhausted. The long slow build up; stewing as it were in her own juices over the last 36 hours had raised her to higher planes and now she had slacked her thirst and had drank at the pleasure well.

Her Master rolled off her then cradled her helmeted head in his arms. ”Slave, you have won my heart; I am deeply in love with you, you fascinate me. Now rest, lets relax for a while before the next birthday surprise.”

‘S’ knew she couldn’t speak, so She made her feelings known by non verbal means and touch. She communicated her pleasure by fluttering her eyes, irises large, dilated behind the vinyl lenses of her helmet. Then she knew exactly what she would do, she offered her latex lips to her Masters mouth The sensation of kissing was strangely exciting to her, she felt the warmth of the kiss and her Master’s tongue exploring her mouth but it was behind the barrier of thin latex which now separated her from her Masters flesh.

Again her fantasy was realised, she was quite literally encapsulated in her latex suit only her nostrils were open to the outside world. Slave ‘S’ was in her element. ‘I am a true rubber slave; rubberised completely as befits my position I am thrilled with my predicament, but realize that this is really only the beginning of another stage in my journey of fulfilment.’ Her mind now in a flood of ideas and images which she hoped would be realised by her strict Master. ‘I could stay like this for ever, to be the plaything of my Master or anyone he decides on giving me to; I am no longer independent I am now completely dependent on him for my existence.’ Thoughts were flashing through her mind. ‘I could be kept like this but tethered, bondaged, immobile unseeing, unhearing, unstimulated when not being used or played with, kept, in suspended animation at my Masters pleasure. My only pleasure being in knowing that I am his slave whilst the endless hours pass.’ The kiss ended and broke her racing thoughts.

Now resting quietly together on the latex sheeted bed the two lovers were at piece, content in the others company. ‘S’ was soon fast asleep. The excitement over the last two days together with her orgasms had taken their toll on her. James looked tenderly down on her sleeping form. He so wanted to give her his next surprise but that would have to wait for now. He quietly rose from the bed and disappeared in to his sitting room.

Selena’s sleep was punctuated with erotic images of the past few weeks, in one she was sealed into a suit of armour with permanent fixings, whilst fully rubberised underneath and left standing in an empty stately home entrance whilst many guests arrived for a Ball. In another, she was dressed in a black rubber dry suit with full scuba breathing apparatus and weighted down in a huge glass tank sipping air via a corrugated rubber hose able to see many people peering into her tank and pointing at her. Then gradually her air supply was reduced until she was gasping for air. It was at this juncture that she awoke and was surprised to find herself in her Master’s bed. She lay luxuriating in her new suit. Then stretched up and felt for the little padlock at the crown of her head. Touching it, gave her a thrill to know that she had no choice but to remain in her suit until her Master chose to release her, knowing full well, never-the–less, that she would rather die than come out of it now.

Her Master’s entrance into the bedroom still clad head to toe in jet black latex gave her that familiar thrill ‘yes, this was for real, not a waking dream.’ He climbed into bed beside her. He spoke, “You know you look fantastic in your new suit, even better than you in your wildest dreams could have had imagined. Your idea of having clear eye pieces was brilliant. The effect is stunning and the accentuated latex lips and mouth lining are amazing. I loved the sensation of kissing you but knowing you were sealed away. The plait hole in the top of your helmet makes you look very feminine and the clever plaiting of your lovely hair interweaving with the latex ribbons give a super finish. You know, I had thought of my slave being completely shaven headed but the plait is a must; Anyway, on to other things!”

With that he changed the subject to Selena’s birthday surprise. “Unbeknown to you, I have arranged that you will have tomorrow off from work because, my dear novice slave I am taking you to Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon for the weekend. However before that I have another surprise for you, but before that you will join me in the sitting room in celebrating your birthday by quaffing a glass of champagne and smoked salmon. Your new suit is a sealed suit as you know, but the mouth lining has, by your design a soft tube at the back of it which when unplugged will allow liquid to pass. This is how you will imbibe your champagne. Only your throat will feel the slight fizz you will taste nothing as befits your slave status”.

‘S’ as she considered herself now moved into the sitting room and allowed her Master to withdraw the latex bag from her mouth and open the sealed tube. Pushing it back into her open mouth was strangely erotic for ‘S’ again the control element was what had her fizzing. “Now open wide!”

‘S’ did as instructed and was made ready to receive her birthday drink. The smoked salmon was out of the question but ‘S’ was so elated the last thing she needed was food! Sipping from the crystal goblet was strange but very exciting for ‘S’ another fantasy realised she thought as the cold liquid drained directly into her throat. The cold sensation was new to her as the fizz flowed down her throat. It was the first time she had experienced the particular sensation, prior to this she had tasted both the flavour and felt the fizz in her mouth before she swallowed. She felt sure this l would not be the only time she would experience this sensation. By the time they had consumed the bottle she was quite tight. As she could not speak she made warm murmuring and sounds to communicate her pleasure. After a few attempts her Master held up his finger to his lips to silence his slave. He then handed her a small clip pad and biro. She took it and wrote’

‘Master, thank you, thank you, thank you for my exquisite new suit, I am so happy with it, it is just perfect! I love the little pad, I love you, I adore you, I worship you. Please train me as befits my new station. I am ready for anything!

Your abject slave,


He read the message then blew a kiss to her; handing back the pad. By now the champagne had taken its toll in ‘S’s’ empty stomach and she wrote the following,


Have you considered my proposal I sent you last night? Please let me know!

You eager slave,


She knelt down assuming the correct slave position and with head bowed handed the pad back to her Master; then held her breath.



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