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Train Journey

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; train; toilet; latex; clothing; catsuit; bodysuit; transform; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

It was going to be a dull, lonely journey back to London after the fun of the now recently departed weekend. A cold, empty flat and cold empty fridge were the only things beckoning me back home. It was late, very late and thus dark when I boarded the last train for Euston at windy Crewe station. No matter if it had been a hot sunny day there would always be a cold wind blowing through the station. That must be due to some kind of giant wind tunnel effect was my guess. As there were some weekend first stickers on the window of first class as it slowly slid past whilst I was waiting for the train to come to a halt, I decided to saunter towards the first class carriage. I couldn't see any one in there so I jumped aboard and sat behind a small table with only single seats facing each other. Just before the train departed a woman entered the carriage from the carriage ahead of mine and took a seat diagonally opposite mine on the double seats, the full price first class seats.

Naturally you want to know who your travelling companions are, so I looked over in her direction. I'd had a weekend doing a lot of partying which meant lots of drinks and some drugs as well, so my looks over in her direction were not as subtle as I thought they were. She was an ample woman I guessed, a size sixteen probably and curvaceous too. Judging by her clothes and shoes she wasn't poor but then she could be wearing her most expensive or newest clothes. Whereas I was just wearing jeans, T-shirt, long sleeved shirt, denim jacket and suede trainers. Normal sort of gear for travelling in.

The woman, in her late thirties, I would say, was wearing a black full length leather coat, the leather of which looked so soft and shiny I wanted to stroke it, with fur trim around the collar, expensive looking soft kid leather gloves and what looked like six inch stiletto heeled lace up boots. No way that can't be true? They shone wickedly in the dim light of the carriage, the train company's idea of subdued lighting and were, I thought longer than ankle length although that was a guess given the length of her coat which must have reached down to her ankles.

I stole another glance at her and peaked at the gap between the fur of her collar and saw that she had an impressive cleavage, which caught the dim light every so often. Eh? Was that transparent latex covering her bosom? That warranted further scrutinisation on my part. I looked at her legs, aha, I caught a glimpse of them gaping between the leather of her long coat, her knees, the boots were knee length, were also slightly reflective, transparent latex as well.

She was well groomed, immaculate make up and black hair cut in a perfect Louise Brooks bob and a cloud of perfume around her, which I caught a whiff of every now and then along with the smell of her leather outer garments. Her lips so red, skin so white and flawless, her eyes so blue and with such large lashes ! She reminded me of one of those women who 'did lunch', too much time and money on their hands, hair done every week in the local 'salon', new outfit every time they went shopping. Despite my dismissive comments I was drawn towards bright shiny objects.

Outside my little piece of window the country side slid by, barely seen by my eyes unless I peered into the darkness beyond the reflection of my face in the in the foreground. In fact, as far as I was concerned there was only me, the woman opposite and the train carriage we both occupied, in the whole world. The rhythm of the train movements and the lack of anything happening to keep my eyes moving made me feel drowsy and every so often my eye lids drooped.

At this point I decided to visit the toilet, that dreaded place on a plane, train or coach which unless negotiated carefully was a nightmare of wet floors, stiff locks, tissue strewn landscapes and faulty catches that could be an utter embarrassment to the unwary. I had no choice, I had to pay the place a visit. I left my seat and walked nonchalantly past where the woman was sitting. Out of the corner of my eye I discerned some movement from her but I carried on and glanced back just as I was about to leave the carriage but there was nothing to see, nothing changed. I locked the door of the 'convenience' and examined my surroundings. Well, surprise surprise, it was clean and tidy, basin to my left, toilet bowl to my right and no debris or swamps of brackish water anywhere in sight.

After I had washed my hands and dried them using the feeble paper towels provided I unlocked the door and pulled it towards me carefully so that I didn't obstruct its path. The door had travelled ninety degrees and there in front of me was the other passenger in the carriage. She was imposing standing there in the doorway. She must have been about six feet two inches tall. She stepped forward purposefully, then gently pushed me back, and closed the door behind her with her left hand. She put a gloved finger to her perfectly painted red lips and went, "Shush" and gently lowered a leather holdall to the floor.

I stared at her, mesmerised. She looked into my eyes. They were so blue that I felt like giving myself up to her at that moment. I couldn't believe that that vision in black had squeezed into the toilet with me. Incredible.

"I want you," she said matter of factly in a Lancashire accent. "Take your clothes off," she said in a reasonable tone.

"You what?" I replied incredulously unable to tear my eyes away from hers.

"Take your clothes off, now!" she said sternly. So I did as I was told. It didn't take very long. Whilst I was doing this she pulled something out of the bag which I could not see as I was trying desperately not to fall over whilst the train was rocking and moving as it passed over the rails on its way to London.

Once undressed, she looked me over. "You're a lovely specimen, just the right size," she said reassuringly.

"The right size for what?" I asked.

"For this," she said handing me the limp item she had extracted from the bag. "Put it on. I'll help you with it," she purred.

I took it and looked at it. It was a dark chocolate brown coloured latex catsuit!

"Sit down and put it on. That will make things easier," she said, sounding helpful.

So, I put it on. It was hard work in the confines of a train toilet on a train moving very fast. My right foot slipped very easily into the foot of the suit. It had been doused in talcum powder. I slipped my other foot into the left leg. The latex felt cold to the touch, partly because of the temperature and my own anticipation with what might happen next. I slowly pulled each leg of the catsuit over my own. First each ankle, then each calf then my knees and then my thighs. It felt wonderful. The material soon warmed up as it touched my skin. The tightness, the way it clinged and hugged my legs was exquisite. When I pulled it over my backside and encased my genitals in the stuff I felt quite aroused and hot! There was a sheath for my penis and a pouch for my scrotal sac. The top half hung down in front of me. I placed my right hand in the appropriate arm and pulled it to the shoulder. Then I did the same for the left one.

The feeling of having even this much of the suit on made me tingle with excitement. The tightness, the squeezing and pressure on my skin gave me a huge sexual charge. I thought for moment of something other than slow, sensual love making, of kissing this woman on those plump scarlet lips, of caressing what I imagined were firm milky white breasts. Something more practical. There was no zip in the back, so how did it do up? Interesting.

Now I noticed that there was also a hood to this thing. I looked at it and noticed a flat gag inside it and what looked like teeth. I looked up at the woman for some kind of guidance. She handed me what look like a bathing cap! I attempted to put this on my head. It covered my hair, perfectly. She then nodded as if to say go on then, proceed. I pulled the hood up and over my face. It had holes to breathe through and clear plastic eyepieces to see out of. There was a small flat gag, which I pushed into my mouth and which my tongue fitted into. There were some ledges which my teeth fitted into, tubes, which inserted in my nostrils and lips which covered my own and curved around up to my gums.

"Stand up and turn around," she ordered. She smoothed the back of out over my head and then started pressing the back of my back of my neck and down onto my ass. She was sealing me in! It didn't have zip but a zip loc fastening! How ingenious.

I stole a glance at myself in the mirror. I looked like one of those Nubian statues, a dark, mysterious, Zulu warrior with fantastically well defined muscles, even my abdomen looked sculptured but now had a completely hairless body and a shaved head! The suit had given me extra muscle definition all over, forearms, biceps, triceps, chest, neck, wrists, calves, thighs even my glutinous maximus looked impressive. And as for my penis, well it was thick of girth and long of length! Even flacid! Then I looked closely at my face. I was the face of a beautifully sculptured black man. I smiled to reveal wonderfully white teeth. Her blue eyes bored into my now covered black eyes. She then eased me down onto the closed toilet seat cover.

She advanced, like a black preying mantis about to consume its mate and stood before me. She undid the five buttons on her coat, which she flung open dramatically revealing her latex covered body. The small space we both occupied was now perfumed with the overwhelming odour of rubber.

She had a long black calf length fill skirted rubber dress on which accentuated her already curvaceous body. It wasn't all black though, her decolletage was transparent revealing the magnificent bosom I had only caught a glimpse of before. She removed her leather gloves revealing transparent latex covered hands and dark red nail varnished fingers!

She removed her coat and hung it up carefully on the back of the door. Her breasts quivered as she picked up the skirt and placed it over my head, shutting me in latex induced darkness. Her groin thrust towards me aggressively whilst her hands grabbed the back of head and pulled it towards her. I attempted to move my tongue and it moved suddenly and touched her latex encased clitoris. I darted my tongue quickly across her clitoris and down to her latex covered lips. I did this again and started to probe her rubber nether regions with my rubber tongue which felt longer and more pointed than I ever remembered my own being. From somewhere I heard a moan escape from someone's lips.

I kept going, faster now, circling her clit and sometimes shooting my tongue into the latex depths of her vagina. I guessed that she had on transparent latex stockings, panties which had anatomically correct vaginal lips and clitoris cover as well as a sheath and, when occasionally she thrust her hips in the air causing my nose to be buried in her vagina, a latex penetrated anus. She also wore a long line garter belt, long line bra, opera gloves and a corset.

It might have been noisy on the train but in this space she was making more than enough noise to drown out the locomotive itself. She was moaning and groaning, humping and grinding, my tongue flicking in and out, up and down, around and around her clitoris, probing and licking her lips and vagina. My tongue was beginning to ache. Still she kept going, her hands gripping my head like vices. It felt as though it would crack and splinter like a chocolate in warm hands. Her legs began to tense up the muscles bunching and tendons straining, her heels clacking on the floor. Her powerful thighs gripped my head and she let out an almighty deep throated scream which filled the air all around my rubber environment.

Suddenly she sat down on my thighs and pulled the skirt down with her. I stared at her face. I suddenly noticed why her face was so perfect. She was wearing a full latex mask, white and decorated with makeup! She had a perfect oval of a face, large blue eyes, long eyelashes, a long pointed nose and full deep red coloured lips which matched her painted fingernails. Her right hand reached elegantly under my ball sack and started pressing upwards. Suddenly my latex clothed penis started to become erect or rather the exo-skeleton within which it was contained, it became as big in girth, and as long in length and as stiff as a steel girder. It must have been about three inches in diameter and ten inches long in length. Incredible.

She reached behind and pulled out of the bag a jar of some kind of lubrication which she then proceeded to slather all over my unnaturally endowed penis. She smiled and put the jar back and then raised herself a little off me and then eased herself onto my enhanced member. Latex to latex, not a bodily fluid in sight or sound. She started by moving up and down very slowly, with the down stroke her clitoris pressed hard against a little a nodule, which had also enlarged with the previous pumping, just above my rubber shrouded penis.

She grabbed the back of my shiny ebony head and pulled me in towards her magnificent latex encased breasts. I could smell the latex and feel the warmth and quivers as they moved and jostled as she did. I ventured to stick my tongue out and lick her breasts and nipples beneath the tight fitting latex. I felt that her nipples were aroused, they were big stuck out half an inch. She kept pounding her ample rubber rump up and down, rippling and then clenching tightly, slamming into my groin.

She started speeding up, in and out, up and down, squeezing and releasing the muscles in her vagina, grinding into the spot above my penis. Her hands gripped my head tighter, shoving my new face deeper into the valley of her mammary glands, when suddenly she lifted her sturdy clear latex stocking covered legs up and placed the six inch lace-up knee high stiletto heeled boots on my shoulders and continued to pound and squash me without missing a beat. She moved even faster now, in, out, up, down, grinding, squirming, clenching, quivering, relaxing, gripping, moaning emerging from those perfect red lips and growing in volume. Her whole body tensed up and she screamed just as we entered Euston station.

She collapsed on me, legs around my head and arms by her sides, her back resting on my now aching thighs. She removed them from my shoulders and got up. She smoothed her dress down and reached down and behind my scrotum and deflated my manhood. She put her coat and gloves back on. From the bag she removed some white latex garments. She handed them to me. I put on the vest, tight underpants, which outlined the flacid member, and socks? Then she handed me some tight black jodhpurs, a black leather cavalry style jacket, some heavy black leather knee high pull on boots, some gauntlets also black leather and lastly a peaked cap.

"Now you are ready to carry my bags to the car," she said imperiously.

With that she turned on her heel and left the toilet. I followed and picked up her bag. She stopped by the carriage door and pointed to her other two bags in the luggage rack. I opened the door, stepped out and helped down from the train and then retrieved her luggage from the train and followed the haughty, imposing, high heeled beauty down the platform and out of the station by the side door.

The train juddered to a halt. I looked around and noticed there was no woman sitting opposite me anymore. I saw the Euston sign outside. I'd missed my bloody stop! I should have left the stop before. Bollocks, but what a dream! Perhaps she left the train at my stop. Shit. She did look like the landlady of the bed and breakfast place I was staying at in Blackpool. She was big and buxom. Oh well. Nevermind.


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