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Tormenting Lucy

by Lady Volcano

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© Copyright 2009 - Lady Volcano - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; sbf; latex; bdsm; oral; harness; toys; cons/reluct; X

Lucy felt sweat trickle down her back, she had done what her master had instructed and started her day by putting on the clothes he had neatly laid out on their bed before he left for work.  First she’d carefully pulled up the red latex stockings making sure to smooth out any creases.  Next she’d stepped into the thick black rubber body; it hugged and caressed every curve of her flesh with her ample size double D  boobs protruding through the holes at the front. The smell and feel of the rubber aroused her and whilst looking in a full length mirror she’d noticed her nipples harden.

Next came the thick red leather wrist and ankle cuffs and the matching 3 inch wide collar. She’d tightened them around her wrists, ankles and neck and added small silver padlocks to each one.

Downstairs, she had gone about her duties as instructed, cleaning the house and preparing supper.  Her master had cruelly programmed the central heating to its highest setting.  Lucy felt very hot and sticky in her outfit, the rubber beneath her crotch sliding in her pussy slit.  She felt her arousal building but had been left strict instructions that she was not allowed to pleasure herself.

As she heard her master’s car pull into the drive, she quickly knelt facing the front door with her wrists behind her back and her head down.  As he opened the door Dan looked pleased, he loved the way his wife was so submissive and quick to obey.  He took a leather lead out of his pocket and clipped it to the D ring at the front of her collar and beckoned her to her feet. He stood and admired her latex form; her milky white flesh looked amazing against the shiny latex outfit.  After kissing her tenderly and turning down the central heating thermostat he led her over to the couch and bent Lucy over his knees. 

Lucy knew what was coming next, after masturbating last night without Dan’s permission he had promised her that tonight she would be punished. Firstly he locked her wrists cuffs together behind her back then unzipped the crutch of the rubber body revealing her soft and sumptuous bottom cheeks.  Teasing her he gently stroked them, then catching her off guard, gave her a series of hard smacks on her bottom.  When her bottom looked nice and pink, Dan trailed one of his fingers along her bottom crack and playfully probed her hole. She squirmed and protested however she enjoyed being spanked and toyed with and secretly knew that he would punish her further.

After supper Dan changed into a tight fitting black rubber vest top and red latex shorts.  He ordered Lucy to kneel on the floor whilst he opened their special “punishment box.”   Lucy was surprised as some of the items he pulled out she did not recognise and she was somewhat baffled by them.  How bizarre she thought, as he stepped into what seemed to be a black leather climbing harness. It had various straps that fastened around his waist, across his bottom and around his upper thighs. Each leather strap had various D rings attached to it. 

Dan ordered Lucy to stand up and after removing the wrist cuffs he slid her arms into a tight red latex single arm binder.  After pulling up the zip running its length, he then tightened the 3 horizontal straps.  But what was this?? Lucy looked horrified as he produced from the box a pair of thick latex pants, attached to them was a 6 inch long, 2 inch wide rubber coated vibrator covered with tiny rubber spikes.  There was also an inflatable conical shaped butt plug glued inside the pants with 2 lengths of rubber tubing protruding and a pump dangling from one end.

Dan ordered Lucy to step into the pants, he carefully pulled them up her legs and taking some lubricant gently eased the vibrator and butt plug into her orifices.  The vibrator felt very tight in Lucy’s pussy, each rubber nodule along its length giving a punishing presence.  The butt plug had nestled in her back passage with ease, however Lucy knew that this would all change when Dan chose to inflate it.  She also was curious as to what the other rubber tube dangling from it was to be used for.

Next came the rubber hood, it had small perspex covered eye holes, nose holes and mouth. Lucy had worn it many times before, it was a little tight for her head but she enjoyed the feel of the latex on her face.  Dan adjusted it to fit her facial features before zipping it up at the back of her head.   Lucy looked in horror as Dan then produced a head harness, it consisted of a web of leather straps that went around her head, under her chin and on either side of her nose and buckled at the back.  She heard the sound of padlocks clicking shut, this harness was going nowhere!

Dan gave a sly grin as he led Lucy by the lead on her collar over to the couch.  After locking her ankle cuffs together, Dan sat on the couch and positioned Lucy so that she was kneeling on the floor between his legs. Next to him Lucy saw further toys, silver padlocks and a bizarre looking canister.  “Come to me my sweet” he crooned as he guided her face to rest on his crutch.  She stared through the latex hood at his hard and thick member; she could tell Dan was extremely aroused.  “Open wide” ordered Dan as he forced her glossy red lips along the shaft of his cock. 

Lucy squirmed, testing the latex arm binder, with her ankles locked together, she realised that she was going nowhere.  Her mouth was filled with her husband’s cock; she could taste the pre-cum on her tongue.  Methodically, Dan used the silver padlocks to attach the D rings of Lucy’s head harness to the D rings on his leather climbing harness which resulted in Lucy’s head being “locked” to his crutch, her mouth full of his throbbing cock.

Reaching over, he held the butt plug pump in his hand.  “Start sucking or I start pumping” ordered Dan. Lucy reluctantly started working her mouth up and down his cock, licking and caressing the shaft and tip with her tongue.  Dan was in heaven as he watched his wife’s head bob up and down on his shaft so far as the padlocked D rings on his harness would allow.  She had some movement but not enough to expel his cock from her mouth.  How delicious thought Dan!

“You need to work harder!” Dan gasped in ecstasy as he slowly gave 3 more pumps on the butt plug. Lucy felt the plug expand in her butt, the sensation was uncomfortable but enjoyable all the same.  All of a sudden both the butt plug and the large latex vibrator sprung into life as Dan activated the remote control of the devices.  The vibrator in her pussy felt punishing, the rubber nodules shuddering against her tender flesh.  Lucy worked her mouth faster up and down her husband’s cock whilst he stroked and fondled his balls.  He eventually came, his hot thick semen shot down her throat almost choking her.  “Swallow my goodness, my sweet” said Dan as Lucy struggled to clear her mouth of his load.

When Lucy felt his cock go flaccid in her mouth she expected Dan to release her from his groin, however he had other plans.  Dan reached down and slid his hand inside her rubber pants and felt her pussy.  Lucy was very wet, but despite the 2 plugs she had not yet had an orgasm.  Dan took a small bullet shaped vibrator and nestled it on Lucy’s clitoris, the tight pants holding it firmly in place.

Lucy managed to glance up from Dan’s groin to see him attaching a canister with some sort of plunger to the spare rubber hose dangling from her butt plug. On closer inspection she noticed it was full of something.  Dan grinned, “well Lucy, I expect you want to know what happens next. This canister is full of my semen, I have been collecting it for several weeks in order to fill the apparatus.  The plunger attached ensures that I can effectively administer my seed up your bottom.”  To demonstrate Dan pushed the plunger and Lucy felt the semen entering her rectum, she struggled violently against the arm binder and the straps holding her head to Dan’s groin but it was futile.  For added punishment Dan further inflated the butt plug.  Lucy now felt violated, her body swathed in latex, arms and ankles tightly bound, her latex covered head locked in an uncompromising position.

Dan loved the show of defiance from his wife; his cock began to swell again in her mouth.  “Right my love, you better start sucking again, this time it’s going to take much longer for me to come.  However, as ever minute passes, I will be pressing the plunger to further fill your bottom with my semen.  As every 5 minutes passes I will further inflate the butt plug so with that in mind you better get working!”

Lucy couldn’t believe what she was hearing, how dare Dan treat her like this. For a second time she started sucking his cock, her mouth was already aching but, as promised, with every minute that went by she could feel her back passage filling with his seed.  Dan re-activated the vibrator in her pussy and the butt plug. He also turned on the bullet vibrator nuzzled against her clitoris which drove Lucy wild.  She thrashed about, testing her bonds, her mouth being cruelly violated with Dan’s cock with no means of escape.  Her excitement kept building; the thick rubber pants were getting very moist from her sweat and pussy juices.  After 10 minutes Dan had fully inflated the butt plug and emptied the canister of semen into his wife’s bottom.  Lucy’s whole body ached from struggling, her bottom cheeks still stung from the earlier spanking and her pussy felt raw from the intense vibrator with its vicious rubber spikes. Her bottom felt completely stretched, the plug was designed in such a way that not one drop of semen had escaped, the pants keeping all devices tightly in place.

Eventually Dan shot his second load of cum into his wife’s mouth; she choked and spluttered but this time spat it all over Dan’s groin.  It was at this point she could hold her orgasm no longer, she shuddered and groaned and her body fell limp.  She was exhausted and thought that Dan would finally release her, however he was annoyed at her act of defiance.  “My dear wife, as you were cheeky enough to cover me in my own juices, you are to be punished further.”  With that Dan unlocked the head harness enough to remove his cock from her mouth.  He pumped up an inflatable latex blindfold on her head blocking out all light and attached an inflatable butterfly gag to the front of Lucy’s head harness.  He squeezed the bulb until he saw Lucy’s cheeks bulging through her latex hood.  “mmmph  mmmph” was the only noise from Lucy, she now realised how foolish she had been spitting out his semen.  Dan re-attached some of the D rings of her head harness to his leather harness.   As Dan attached nipple clamps connected with a chain to her nipples, Lucy could do nothing but moan through the gag as the cold steel bit into her flesh.

“Now Lucy, I have decided you will stay in this position, bound in latex, your pussy filled with the punishing vibrator, your ass filled with my semen and the fully inflated plug, your mouth stretched with a latex gag and your nipples punished.  I will masturbate whilst admiring your latex clad body.  I will continue to torment you by periodically turning on the various buzzy devices imbedded in your flesh and tugging at your nipple clamps.  Once I have made myself cum, it will be decanted into the canister for insertion up your bottom.  This will be repeated until I feel you have learnt your lesson.”

Oh god, thought Lucy, how the hell did I get in this predicament?!!



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