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Time for a Change

by Lucifer in Latex

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© Copyright 2006 - Lucifer in Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F; latex; costumes; cons; X

Part 1

Oh, how she regretted the night she ever went to the Club. Her life now was certainly a change to what it had been before. It was not one she would probably have chosen again given her time over, but then again she might, she mused as another orgasm wracked her pinioned body.

Laura’s story began almost a year ago to the day. It had all began with dare, her little clique of friends had all challenged one another as to who could wear the most outrageous costume to the local young farmers club’s annual fancy dress party night. Laura was a bit of loaner; her group of friends had tolerated her since their school days, now all in the mid twenties, Laura would always be the one who always had to win at any cost. Since Laura’s parents had been killed in a horrific car crash some years back and she had been left a substantial inheritance, her resources for competing with the others in the group were almost boundless.

It came as no surprise to the others then when she turned up to the party as what could only be described as part human, part insect, sex goddess.

The others had tried hard but their efforts had only yielded the run of the mill outrageous costumes that most “Normal” people can run to. There was Tina the French maid, a good effort, pert bottom encased in frilly white panties just visible beneath her short black skirt, breasts almost spilling out of the bodice, legs sheathed in sheer stockings and her feet in patent leather high heel ankle boots. Next there was Jo, she was the feisty one of the group she had come as a Warrior Princess, her long dark hair was platted and formed a magnificent whip like addition to her tight leather corseted body and thigh high boots. Next after Jo, was Kirsty. Kirsty had excelled herself, a bit of digging on the net had brought forth a cornucopia of kinky costumes to choose from, a Lycra catsuit had finally grabbed her attention, and it was literally a cat suit, long sleek tail attached at the small of back an wired in lovely serpentine S shape, the suit fitted like a second skin, even down to the cat mask she wore complete with whiskers, the finishing touches were the inch and half long fake nails she had applied and filed into claws, her knee boots were shined to perfection, she had even gone to the pet store and bought herself a collar, it was intended for a fancy dog to wear as it had diamante studs around it, just for effect she even had the brass disc inscribed with her name. The girls certainly drew a lot of attention from the crowd as they each arrived.

The Friday night of the party came, they had been at the party for about an hour when Laura arrived in her hired limo, the crowded party hall literally ground to a stand still as she made her entrance. If you could have read minds of all those present, you’d have found all the men thinking the same thing, and as for the women even some of them were thinking the same, “I want her!”

Her costume had taken her sometime to create and get used wearing it. She had got it specially made for her at one of London’s best fetish boutiques. She had got the inspiration whilst watching a nature program on TV. The programme had been about Bees, she wanted to be the Queen and have all the males drone around her. She felt Bees were too cute; she wanted to be a Wasp much more cruel and hard. Her costume was made of latex, something for which she had a secret passion; everything was covered by a tight, yet thin layer of glossy black latex, head, hands and feet. Laura had gone to great expense to get it just they way she wanted it, even the zips were well hidden away, the zips she chose were a similar design to the seals found on certain Ziploc bags, totally waterproof. The legs of the suit ended in built-in ballet boots that she had spent some time learning to walk in, she even managed to develop graceful gliding step over time. Her sex was plainly visible beneath the latex. Her waist was tightly constricted in black and yellow striped thick rubber corset, her ample bosoms heaving over top of the built-in half cups. Her nipples standing proud and erect beneath their latex covering, an effect brought on by their gentle rubbing with each constricted breath she took.

Over the top of the corset she wore a strap harness, this she had designed so she could wield a nasty looking stinger just like a real wasp, the harness ran down between her legs, attached to the straps, at the point a little ways above where the legs blend into the buttocks, was a needle sharp black metal spike, the last 2 inches of the 18 inch long spike were bright chromed steel, the spike would prevent her from sitting but she could always perch on the edge of the bar stools. Further up the back of the harness between her shoulder blades were her wings; each wing was about 3 foot square and made out of highly reflective Mylar.

Laura had spent a long time, trying to get the head right, she finally settled on having her long white blond hair passed out through a hole at the crown of the hood, she even had a little gold plastic crown made so her hair could pass through it and to emphasize the fact that she was a Queen after all. Laura wasn’t satisfied with the hood having the standard eye and mouth holes, so she had commissioned a specially created gasmask; this one had had the plain glass eye ports replaced with segmented lenses, these were dome just like a real insects eyes, getting used to the multiple small images they produced took some doing. The drinking tube was lengthened and enlarged, she even manage to get it to made to automatically coil up when not in use, the mask maker could always buy another tape measure. She didn’t plan on wearing the mask all night; it was mainly for her entrance.

Her friends knew they were beaten as soon as she stepped out of the limo, they could only guess at the cost of her costume, they were guessing at several thousand pounds at least. By the end of this night it would cost her a lot more. They congratulated her on her magnificent costume, she just buzzed in reply, as the mask prevented her from speaking properly. Laura had found earlier she could make the breathing ports make a buzzing noise if she got her breathing just right.

The friends took to the dance floor; pirates, policemen, superheroes and strange beasts soon surrounded them. The rest of the girls at the party gave Laura’s clique a wide berth, they were perhaps a little jealous at all the attention the girls were getting from their boyfriends, husbands and the other men present at the party. Laura found if she didn’t like someone dancing with her she could make them go away be accidentally sticking them with her stinger.

Laura decided to keep her mask on, as she was having so much fun, every once in a while she would unroll her drinking tube and take a drink from the free fruit punch drink on offer. She decided to give the buffet a miss, as taking the mask off would ruin her fun, after several alcoholic drinks she was getting very “merry” her friends were telling her to stop before she did something she might regret later. At this point Laura decided it would be very funny to play the real wasp and try to keep people away from the food and drink. She did this by shaking her stinger at them and buzzing loudly.

I was getting late, and Laura was beginning to get tired, her group of friends had all found partners and were busy with them, the alcohol and the faceted lens were starting to make her head spin, it a dark corner of the hall was net that had been used earlier in the night to hold a lot of balloons, she had tried perching on stools several times to give her legs a rest but she kept falling off now, the net gave her an idea. She could wrap herself up in it and that would support her while she took a breather, she wrapped her legs, arms and stinger in the net and began to relax. Before long she fell asleep, she didn’t know how long she was asleep for, but when she awoke the hall was in darkness and everyone had gone home. She tried to get out of the net, but she must have wriggled in her sleep as she was now stuck, just like a fly in a spider’s web. She couldn’t even untangle her gloved hands; the multiple images were making it difficult in the dark. She couldn’t remove her mask to call for help; all she could do was buzz angrily at herself. All she could do now was wait for morning and the owner of the hall to come free her, or perhaps one of her friends would miss her and come looking.

Part 2

Well Laura thought “I’ve been stuck here for hours, that’ll teach me to have bright ideas!”, ever since she had decided to take a rest by wrapping herself up in the balloon netting and getting stuck, she had been wondering when she would be freed. All of sudden the lights came on; at last she thought “The clean up crew are here, they’ll get me out of this mess.

She heard footsteps approach her and then stop; she could swear she could hear muffled laughter. The main lights in the hall were very bright and dazzled her after long period of being in darkness. She could not quite yet see who her saviour was. “My, my having trouble are you!” a deep male voice boomed nearby.

Laura tried to talk back, but the gasmask was still having its gagging effect and all her would be rescuer head was “Buzz, Buzz, Buzzz!” as the air inlet valve vibrated with her agitated words. Laura started to wriggle about in the net; all this did was get her more entangled.

“Calm down and stop wriggling, you only making it worse!” the voice commanded.

Laura recognised the voice as belonging to Thomas the owner of the local stud farm and chairman of the entertainments committee, she secretly fancied him a little. She calmed down, as she felt his powerful hands start to untangle her, more than once she was sure that the hands lingered longer than needed on her latex covered body.

Once more she was stood on her own feet; the ballet boots were hurting now her weight was back on feet. She reached up and began to unbuckle the gasmask, once it was loosened she pushed it up and off her head, it fell to the floor. Laura started to blink and tried to get her vision back straight, so long had she been wearing that mask she had adapted to the lens multiple images. At the same time she started work he jaw muscles, so she could thank Tom properly.

Tom bent down and retrieved the gas mask from the floor; he offered it to her, saying “That’s a fine mask, bet that cost a bit to get done.” 

Laura smirked and replied, “A little, thanks for getting me untangled. I thought I was going to be there all weekend! Oh hell, what’s the time Tom?” 

Tom looked at his watch, “Its just coming up to 7:30. Your lucky the clean up crew aren’t due until this afternoon, only came in to get some stuff I left behind last night.” he said.

“Help me off with this harness, my feet are killing me, I need to sit down! I can’t do it with this spike sticking out of my butt!” Laura begged.

Tom undid the straps, and with a shimmy from Laura, her wings and stinger came off. Tom pulled up a stool and Laura sat down and sighed.

“You don’t know how good that feels, Tom!” Laura said happily.

“If that sigh was anything to go by, not much could be better except perhaps cumming!” Tom said jokingly.

Laura shot him a stare and nodded. “This rubber gear has got me so horny!” she said it a husky voice.

“Me too!” replied Tom, his cock had been hard since he had touched her rubber-clad body whilst untangling her.

At this point Laura noticed that Tom appeared to still have his costume on, under his coat. She could see he was wearing red boots and blue tights.

She tried to remember what costume Tom had worn to the party last night, “red and blue, red and blue”, she thought.

“You were the Spiderman”, she laughed as she finally remembered, “come to collect your catch of flies have you!”

“Yes”, he laughed back, “I’ve come to wrap you in spider silk and take you back to my larder”. With that he pulled out a can of silly string from his coat pocket and sprayed her with it.

They both burst out laughing. “Take me, I’m yours!” Laura said as she stood and hugged him close.

“Whoa, there!” Tom replied, “What do you mean?”.

“Take me, use me, I’m yours! I’ve wanted this for so long.”, Laura confessed.

“Why didn’t you say sooner, I’ve had the same feelings, but I thought you weren’t interested in me!” Tom said softly into her ear.

“Lets go back to the manor and have some fun?” he said.

“Yes, lets!” she gushed, planting a deep passionate kiss on him.

They picked up, their gear and headed for the doors, hand in hand.

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