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Tight Fashions 2

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2004 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; latex; fem; catsuit; hobble; bond; display; reluct; X

Part Two - Byron

Anne turned to Laura and let out a sigh. It had only been a couple of weeks since Anne had sub-let some of her shop space to Byron and already she was beginning to regret it a lot. Sure, Byron's ground rent and the extra custom were great, it was just that he was so annoying. 

He had this real thing about going on about how women were wasting their role in the S&M scene. He reckoned there should be a lot more of them enjoying it, it gave women a real chance to be superior in their life styles and so on. Anne and Laura had discussed this with Byron and with each other, on their own, Anne and Laura were both convinced that it was because Byron was frustrated about not being able to find a girl who shared his interests. Not particularly unusual, but it happens. 

Then one slow Monday morning they decided that they should shut Byron up for good. Laura suggested to Byron that if he thought that women had such a good deal out of S&M maybe they should all switch roles and see how they got on. Byron looked very puzzled by this, but after a little cajoling he seemed to start getting more enthusiastic. 

First, Byron pulled out suitable uniforms for Anne and Laura. He selected big, clompy combat boots, PVC combat trousers and tight satin black vests for them. Both girls went into the changing rooms and came out a short while later not looking a great deal less feminine than when they entered. 

Now it was Byron's turn. Laura went over to the front door of the shop and put up the 'out for lunch' sign and looked the door. 

Anne asked Byron to undress, which Byron duly started to do. Laura picked up a large black corset and offered it up to Byron's chest. Both girls nodded to each other and started to lace Byron into it. Anne picked up a pair of silicon breasts and put them into the cups in the corset while Laura slowly tightened up the corset. After a while Laura finished up the laces and measured Byron's now hourglass waist. 

"Byron what size waist do you normally have?", inquired Laura.

Byron replied saying that it was normally about 30 inches.

"Good", replied Laura, "it's now 21".

Anne then invited Byron to bend over, but the restrictiveness of the corset stopped him in his tracks. Laura beckoned Byron down onto a chair, which he could just about get to unaided. 

Laura then gestured to his feet and started to put a latex stocking onto his foot. Anne picked up the other stocking and work that onto his other foot and then up his leg. Once the two girls were finished, they pulled him back up to a standing position and fixed the stockings up to the suspenders on the corset. 

All three of them were then drawn to Byron's erect penis.

"Oh dear, Byron", Anne commented rather apologetically, " Us girls don't have these, we'll have to do something" 

Laura produced a pair of latex pants and Byron stepped into them. The pants had a very thick front. Once they came up over Byron's groin, the thick latex forced Byron's hard on to be considerably less noticeable. Byron nodded with approval. 

Next the girls worked a long pair of latex gloves over Byron's hand and up his arms. When this was done, Laura started to fix a posture collar to Byron's neck, ensuring that his neck would remain upright and forward looking. The neck corset had suspenders for the gloves that Byron was wearing. Duly, these were attached to the gloves to stop them slipping off. 

The girls stopped to admire their handiwork. Byron started to caress his latex covered chest with his latex covered hand. Before had hand too long to get used to his new rubber clothing, Anne gestured him back to the chair. Byron sat down and Laura started to work some more rubber over his legs. As Laura worked up his body, Byron realised that he was now being dressed in a full catsuit. Once Laura was over his knees, Byron was pulled up again so the girls could finish dressing him. The catsuit covered everything and even had an open face mask. 

With all of this on, Laura picked out the biggest pair of ballet heeled boots and started to work Byron's foot into one of them. Byron could feel his leg slowly becoming encased in the shiny patent material of the boot. He could feel it all the way up to his knee. As soon as Laura put the other one on him, he could feel himself being a good deal taller and a great deal less stable on his feet. 

Next, the girls pulled out a long mistress dress and zipped the rubber clad Byron into it. Byron could feel the tightness of the dress all the way from his neck down to his ankles, hobble wasn't the word for it.

Byron's head was then forced into a female face mask and a long black wig was placed onto it. 

The girls then led the teetering Byron towards the display window of the shop. Byron started to protest, but a swiftly applied ball gag soon shut him up. He was hobbled into place in the shop window and then had his legs cuffed together around an upright post. Finally, his hands were pulled behind the post to show off the most of his new figure. His hands were cuffed together and he was then left to his own devices. 

Back in the shop, the girls opened up the shop again and went outside to look at their new dummy. 



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