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by Hazard

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Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; constriction; tight; rope; bedtied; spreadeagle; vibrator; buttplug; insert; stuck; torment; faint; continuous; climax; F/f; release; cons; X

Corey shivered as she watched the clock edge its way slowly to 8:00. The second hand seemed to move slower as if gravity was dragging it back. "Finally," she said to herself as it clicked over the minute hand that was already covering the 12. She stood up and stepped out of the cold bath, her body covered in goose pimples. Quickly towelling herself off, she walked quickly to the kitchen, removed a large plastic bag from the freezer and took it into her bedroom. Arriving there, she flipped the button on her video camera and made sure the red light was on. She wanted to make sure she caught this evening on film.

Opening the freezer bag, Corey removed a bright blue latex suit and hood. After covering her still cold body with talcum powder, she quickly worked her legs into the suit, sliding its chilled smoothness over her icy skin. She rubbed baby oil into her orifices and then eased the two internal dildoes into them. Pulling the suit up over her hips, Corey pushed her hands into the gloved sleeves and shimmied until her breasts and then her shoulders were covered. Reaching behind her with her gloved hand, she found the string and, hoisting it over her shoulder, used it to pull the zip all the way up to her neck. She felt the pressure build on her ample breasts as the suit hugged her.

She picked up the hood from the bed. Twisting her hair into a ponytail, she slipped it through the hole in the top of the hood and pulled the cold, smooth latex down over her face and head. Corey adjusted the hood until she could see through the tiny eye holes and then worked the nostril tubes into her nose, making sure she could breathe through them. As she pulled the hood down over her chin, she was immediately unable to move her mouth. The bottom of the hood pressed tight to her neck, coming down over the top of the suit where it attached firmly with velcro. She was completely encased in electric blue latex.

Corey stepped over in front of the mirror and admired herself. She had a very well-shaped body and the tight latex accentuated every curve. The feel of the slick latex, the sight of the beautiful woman in the mirror, the gentle pressure of the dildoes, and the excitement of what was to come caused a rushed excitement that ran through her body. Although she was still cold, Corey could feel that her body was slowly warming up and with it the suit. Tearing herself away from the mirror, she slid her latex-covered legs into white thigh-length boots and laced them up as tight as she could. It was hard to contain herself as her hands caressed her legs and moved of their own accord to her pussy.

"Can't stop now," she thought, "time is running out."

Climbing onto the bed, Corey slipped her booted feet into the waiting loops and pulled on the ropes that lay across the bed. As she pulled, her feet were drawn towards the corners of the bed. She pulled harder until she couldn't move her legs at all and the slipknots tightened. Laying back, she placed another loop around her neck and again pulled it tight. Picking up a blindfold, she slipped it over her eyes and fastened it tightly behind her head. The blindfold's sides fitted tightly against the latex letting no light through.

"Now for the final step," Corey thought, "no turning back."

Reaching out to the sides of the bed, she found the wrist loops. She worked them over her hands and then pulled them tight. With the knots on the outside of her wrists there was no way to untie them. The other ropes were now out of reach, not that reaching them would have helped as they were pulled tight. She was trapped.

Her heart was already pounding in her chest when the warmth of her body activated the dildo in her pussy. She heard herself groan with pleasure although almost no sound escaped her tight hood. This dildo didn't vibrate like others she had tried. It seemed to slowly thrust and throb inside her almost like a real penis. She felt herself building towards a climax but she fought it, letting it build and build. A minute later, the other dildo started to vibrate gently, shredding her control. Corey felt herself explode into a fierce orgasm. As the waves passed, she lay still, her breasts heaving as she struggled to get enough air through the tiny vents in her nose.

"Oh, God," she thought. "What have I gotten myself into?"

The dildoes were unrelenting, keeping her excitement up, and Corey felt herself building again. Then she started to feel the pressure. As her body temperature increased, so did that of the suit and it began to shrink, tightening its grip on her body. Corey revelled in the tightness, every nerve in her body tingling and sending waves of pleasure from her toes and fingers to her brain. The dildo in her pussy throbbed rhythmically and she found herself rocking in time with it, arching her back and pushing her ass into the bed as she struggled to ride it out. The second orgasm was better than the first but the steadily constricting latex around her belly and chest made it harder to get her breath back. For a minute, Corey thought she would black out, but eventually her breathing calmed and she lay almost still, though she couldn't stop the rocking entirely.

The suit continued to tighten and soon Corey found she couldn't move her fingers at all. Her body was stiff as the ever-increasing pressure held her in its firm embrace. Before she had really recovered from the last climax, she felt herself rising again. By this time, she could hardly move her hips and the dildo did most of the work. Sensory overload and lack of air actually made her faint this time and she came to a few minutes later to find she could not move at all. The suit was so tight that she was completely stiff. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she struggled to fill her lungs.

Now Corey was scared. She had dreamed of the tightness but hadn't realized it would make it so hard to breathe. She tried to relax and conserve air but the relentless dildoes had already started working again. Corey tried to cry out but it was clear that the muffled sounds that escaped the suit would not be heard outside the room. Not that there was anyone outside the room. She had made sure of that. She would be here until morning. Until Lilly came to release her.

Corey began to wonder if the suit had reached its limit. Whether it would go on tightening until she couldn't breathe at all. Surprisingly, she found the thought of dying like this very exciting and instead of reducing her passion, she found herself letting the dildoes carry her off again. Struggling for enough breath to stay conscious, Corey found herself drowning in the constant throbbing, felt her body revel in its excitation, felt the pressure building from within and without, felt the explosion tear her soul to shreds as she blacked out again.

Corey had no way of judging the time. She had already lost track of how may times she had come. She was starting to get confused about everything - why she was here, even who she was. It was harder and harder to think about anything but the pressure, the pain, the struggle, the ecstasy.

Over and over through the endless night the cycle repeated itself. Awakening to her thumping heart and gasping lungs. Fear of dying. Lust for yet another climax. Eternal throbbing. Eternal pressure. Her body constantly getting hotter, forcing the latex tighter around her. The slow building fire in her loins. The wild confusion in her mind. Struggling helplessly to escape, even to move. The burning in her lungs as her body demanded more oxygen to meet the needs of the inevitable orgasm followed by the equally inevitable blackout.

Corey didn't notice when Lilly gently untied her bonds - her suit was so tight that she couldn't move anyway. She couldn't hear Lilly's caring words of encouragement and concern over the deafening sound of blood rushing through her ears and air gasping through her nostrils.

Her first indication that the ordeal was over was when Lilly removed the blindfold and looked down into Corey's deep blue eyes. Lilly took out her penknife and carefully slipped it under the base of the hood, slicing up the side of the face. She pulled the ruined hood up over Corey's ponytail and kissed her gently on the forehead. Painfully, Corey opened her aching jaw and tried to take a deep breath but she was still far too constricted by the suit. Lilly used her knife again to slice down the front, sliding her knife between Corey's breasts, freeing her lungs at last. As Corey took deep breaths, Lilly continued to slice the suit, eventually freeing Corey's arms and legs. Then she gently pulled the dildoes out, eliciting a moan from Corey.

Lilly then took Corey's limp body in her arms and hugged her close, waiting as her breathing eased. She had been concerned about this one but Corey had insisted. The two stayed motionless for a while, Lilly cradling her lover and Corey struggling exhaustedly to return from her dark journey.

After several minutes, Corey turned her face up to Lilly's and, with a slight smile, said "can I do it again tonight?"


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