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Three Latex Kittens

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; F/m; FF/fm; latex; bond; mc; cons/reluct; X

April lay in a room in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. She sat brushing her long red hair, her green eyes staring blankly into space. At 16, it was no place to be spending the rest of her childhood. It all started when April's father remarried. April's mother had been a high-profile attorney. She was shot and killed as she walked out of the courthouse by one of her old clients whom she had failed to keep out of prison. They soon caught him, but things were never the same.

The woman he remarried had two daughters of her own. Amanda was 18, with long, dark hair and sapphire blue eyes, and Catherine was 17, with blonde hair and brown puppy eyes. At first, the three got along like most close sisters do, but after a few months, April's step-mother was killed in an automobile accident. After that, April was all that her father had left, and he began to favor her over her step-sisters. For that, they resented April and did everything they could to make her life miserable. Her father caught wind of what was going on, and, instead making reparations to his step-daughters, began to think of a way to punish them. Being a psychologist, he was well-versed in the theories of hypnosis. He dubbed subliminal messages specific to Amanda and Catherine into their favorite music tapes, and, after a week, they were under deep hypnotic trances.

The three sat in the living room during the middle of the day. Amanda and Catherine sat on the couch, backs straight, knees together, hands folded in their laps, and stared blankly at the wall. Their step-father sat in a large recliner across from them.

"Now, what should I do with you two," he said sarcastically. "I know. During the day, you will be my slaves, obeying mine or April's orders without question. By night, you will lust after each other, pleasuring only yourselves. Do you understand?"

They nodded silently.

"Good. Amanda, your real name is Slave Cat. It has always been Slave Cat. You know no other name for yourself. Now, tell me your name."


"Very good. Catherine, you are really Slut Kitten. That has always been your name, Slut Kitten. What is your name?"

"Slut Kitten."

"Excellent. When I reach one, you will awaken and remember none of this. From now on, you will be my slaves. 5...4...3...2...1."

The two girls blinked and stood up.

"What is your command, Master," they said in unison.

"Go up to you rooms and repeat your names to yourselves so you do not forget them."

"Yes, Master." They turned on their heels and went upstairs, repeating the litany that was their new name. April walked from school and hugged her father.

"Hi, Daddy. I didn't see Amanda or Cat at school today. What happened?"

"Let me tell you something, sweety. Amanda and Catherine as you knew them no longer exist. They are now our slaves. You must call them Slave Cat and Slut Kitten from now on."

He walked into the study and April followed him.

"Come help me find them some suitable outfits for their new function."

He logged onto the net and went to his favorite fetish site, Skin Two.

"Now, what should we get them?"

"Something really slutty. How about a black latex catsuit?"

"Sounds good...", he paused and looked at her with a twinkle in his eye.

"And how would you know about latex catsuits?"

She blushed. "I ordered one from Skin goes from head to toe. Only my face shows. I hope you're not mad."

"Quite the contrary. Your mother used to love a good catsuit. So, a catsuit for each of them...a tight corset also. What else?"

"Uh...they need shoes. I know! Ballet boots! Those things are cool."

"Alright...anything else?"

She grinned. "Yeah." She typed in The site came up, and she found a heavy black rubber mask with no mouth openings. It look very alien.

"We can't have our slaves talking, now can we? I was thinking of this."

"I like it. You're good at this, sweety. Now, you'd better get ready for your date tonight with Matt. He'll be here in a few hours."

"Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. I guess time files when you're having fun. See ya in a little bit, Daddy."

She hugged him again and ran upstairs. Meanwhile, her father placed all the necessary orders and smiled.

* * * *

The doorbell rang and April's dad opened the door. It was Matt.

"Hi, Matt. How're you this evening?"

"Fine, sir. Is April ready?"

"Hold on, I'll check. Come in and sit down." He went over to the intercom and hit the button.

"April, Matt's here."

"Ok, Daddy. I'll be right down."

April came down wearing a black leather skirt and sheer white blouse with 3-inch ankle boots.

"Ready, Matt," she said sweetly.

"You bet!"

"See you around midnight, Daddy." She hugged him as they left. Then went out and got into Matt's BMW 740i.

"So, mummification tonight?"

"Definitely. Only, it's my turn to do you. To the fetish house!"

The fetish house was a small, one-room building hidden in the countryside outside the city. Matt and April had built it themselves and stocked it with all their favorite fetish items. They had many catsuits of lycra and latex in various colors, lycra mummybags, several rubber female masks, a special rubber body glove that changed Matt into a girl (something April enjoyed doing immensely), lots of plaster bandage, several rolls of plastic shrink wrap, and rigid plastic suit that turned April into a mannequin, and a large tub full of the creamiest grey clay. It was the ultimate playhouse. They often came here to explore their curiosities, but there was one rule. They never had sex. They found other ways to pleasure each other, but they couldn't make love. After about a twenty minute drive, they pulled up to the small house and went inside.

"Now, strip."

"Yes, my mistress." Matt quickly removed his clothes. April took her favorite female mask and pulled it over Matt's head. It was very tight and it took a little effort to get it on. Fortunately, the rubber snapped quickly into place around Matt's head and neck and, as his body heat warmed the mask, he couldn't tell where the rubber ended and his skin began. He liked it that way. He already felt a little feminine staring at himself in the wall-size mirror, and manly body from the neck down, but with a pretty girl's head.

"Are you going to complete my transformation, mistress," he said in a girlish voice.

"No, my dear. I kind of like this half and half thing. Now, put your arms out."

Matt held his arms out at his sides and flattened his hands. Starting at the tips of his fingers, April wrapped his arms in plastic wrap. She felt herself getting very warm at the sight of the shiny skin of his arms. She started wrapping his torso.

"Matt, honey, do you like this relationship?"

"Well, yeah," he replied normally. "We treat each other as equals, and we respect each other's boundaries. Why do you ask?"

"I'm just afraid we focus too much on this stuff."

"What, you want me to take you out to dinner sometime?"

She giggled. "Frankly, this is much more fun. I love having you pay this much attention to me, and I can trust you with all our...secrets."

He smiled at her.

"Thanks, Matt," she smiled back. "I feel better now. Spread your legs."

April proceeded to wrap his legs in plastic. She joined his legs and torso together, and stood back to admire her handiwork. Before her was a plastic-skinned with the head of an attractive girl. Matt noticed her caressing her nipple through her blouse.

"Arms down, legs together."

With some effort, Matt forced his arms down at his sides and his legs together. Staring at his neck, she finished the mummy, leaving only his head unwrapped.

"How do you fell, Monyka?" Monyka was Matt's femme name for when April transformed him.

"I feel wonderful, mistress. It's so tight in here. I wish I could touch my clit, though."

April giggled. She joked that when she transformed her boyfriend, he had a longer clitoris than some guys' penises.

"Maybe I can do something about that." She began to strip in front of Monyka, giving him a full view of her luscious body. Then she blindfolded and gagged him, leaving him to moan every so often. She went to the closet and picked out her favorite white latex catsuit. It covered her from head to toe, and the attached mask was molded to her face. Matt had it made especially for her, and gave it to her as a birthday present. She dusted her body with baby powder to help the suit go on, and carefully slipped into the suit. She loved the feeling of latex against her skin as it gripped and hugged each part of her body. She pulled the mask over her head and and pulled the two zippers together. The fingers had long, red nails attached, and she tickled her sex through the latex with them. She put on her thigh-high white latex ballet boots and locked them into place. Then she took another lock and locked the catsuit's zippers together. April was wonderfully trapped in the suit until she freed Matt, for only he knew where the keys were. She looked into the mirror and ran her slick rubber hands over her slick rubber body. She was now her favorite character, the White Mistress of Latex, a sweet mistress, unlike the dominas who dressed in black and tortured their slaves. She loved Matt too much to hurt him, and neither of them was into pain anyway. She stepped in front of Monyka and removed the blindfold and gag.

"White Mistress, it pleases me to see you."

"And it pleases me to see you all wrapped up, Monyka. Now, about you clit..."

April took a pair of surgical scissors and cut away the plastic from Monyka's six-inch clitoris. She stroked it into a hardness she rarely saw from her boyfriend. He moaned softly. She kissed his head lightly with her rubber lips, and little tingles of pleasure shot through Matt's body. She barely opened her mouth and slipped the 'O' down over his shaft. The combination of April's rubber lips and soft, fleshy tongue was incredible, and Monyka almost fell over. Fortunately, she had attached her plastic mummy to a post to prevent that. It was the most wonderful feeling he had ever had. After was seemed like an eternity, Monyka creamed into April's waiting mouth. She drank every last drop, and cleaned the tip off the tip of Monyka's clit with her tongue. He was spent, and she pouted as she watch his erection go limp.

"Oh, now what am I going to do? I broke it." She giggled.

"Complete my transformation, my mistress."

"Ok!" She took the scissors and cut the plastic from Matt's sweaty body. She took a towel and and dried him off, then powdered his body with baby powder while he drank some water to replenish himself. She opened up a special closet. Inside was a wondrous creation. It was a female 'body mask', as Matt put it. A seamless suit of foam rubber he had created himself. April had helped him with the body cast and the sculpting of the suit. It covered every inch of skin in tight rubber, even his genitals. Matt had designed a special sleeve that would position his 'G-spot' right where a woman's G-spot would be.

April spread the neck opening and Matt slipped his legs inside, seating them in the molded feet. The rubber hugged and squeezed his legs, giving them a feminine shape. She pulled the suit up over his butt and his penis into the special sleeve. Matt shuddered slightly as she did. He slid his arms in and the settled into the rubber gloves. April stuffed the short neck under the mask he was wearing. It was done. Matt was now Monyka, and only a gynecologist could tell if she was female or not.

Monyka smiled and unzipped the crotch on April's catsuit. She laid her down on the black leather couch and buried herself deep within April's wet sex, her tongue probing within her. Within seconds, April reached new heights of ecstasy. The constant rubbing of Monyka's tongue against her clit and G-spot sent her over the edge. She screamed with delight as the waves rushed over her. If they hadn't been out in the country, she would have awoken all the neighbors. Monyka zipped April closed and lay down behind her, wrapping her rubber arms around April white latex body and kissing her through all that rubber. April curled up against the rubber body which held her love within it. It was a wonderful night.

* * * *

Matt dropped April off right at midnight. Her dad was normally cool, but very strict about April's curfew. They innocently kissed each other good night and April went inside. She found her father at the computer, scanning through his favorite fetish sites.

"Hi, Daddy," she said, hugging him.

"Evening, sweety. Have fun?"

"Oh yeah, it was great. How are our slaves?"

"They're upstairs pleasuring each other. It part of their programming to keep them from going out at night. Remember, a happy slave is a good slave."

"Awesome. Well, I'm really sleepy. Good night, Daddy."

She hugged him and went upstairs to bed. Her father placed a few orders for some fetish items, then went to bed himself.

* * * *

A few days later, the new slave clothing arrived. As soon as April got home from school, she and her father went to work. April convinced her father to let her dress them while he supervised. To start, she ordered them to remove their clothes. After they stripped, she used a can of shaving cream each to shave their bodies bald. Then she took some electric clippers and shaved the hair off their heads. It fell off in one long clump of hair, and her father said that he would have wigs made with their shorn hair. April then took the razor and shaved off the stubble. She powdered both girls from head to toe then, starting with Slave Cat, worked the tight rubber catsuit over her body. She seated her body into the molded parts, then slipped the hood over her head. The hood covered Slave Cat's mouth, ending her chances to speak. April zipped up the suit and smoothed out the wrinkles. She then fitted the heavy rubber corset around Slave Cat's waist and cinched her down to 22 inches. She pointed her feet and slipped the thigh-high rubber ballet boots on and locked them into place. Slave Cat stood wobbly for a moment, but quickly learned to stand on her toes. April took on of the masks and pulled it over Slave Cat's bald head. She fitted the breathing tubed in her nose and worked the rubber mouthpiece in her mouth, then zipped it down and locked it to the catsuit zippers. Slave Cat was complete. She was now the perfect black rubber slave. April did the same with Slut Kitten, changing her into the same rubber slave girl.

"Perfect! Now, to take some pictures and spread them around school."

She removed the masks and shot some Polaroids, then put the masks back on and shot some more.

"This'll be great, Daddy. I can't wait for their boyfriends to show up looking for them. Well, I'm meeting some friends at the mall. See ya later!"

Her father smiled and turned to his slaves.

"Now, go about your chores, slaves."

They nodded, unable to speak, and moved off to do the housework.

The next day, both girls' boyfriends showed up after seeing the pictures April had taken of them. She had made sure their reputations were shot, but this would be the final payback. Slave Cat answered the door. She stood and stared at them. her boyfriend Michael stared back.

"Amanda? that you?"

"She's beautiful, isn't she," April cut in. "She came to me one day and said, 'Make me your slave.'"

Catherine's boyfriend Bryan stepped inside. "I want to see Cat."

"Sure. Slut Kitten, someone to see you."

Slut Kitten walked down the stairs, her ballet boots forcing her to take short, mincing steps which made her ass wiggle provocatively. April unlocked her mask and took it off.

"Cat? What have you done to yourself?"

"I'm sorry. I know no 'Cat'. I am Slut Kitten. How may I serve you?"

Bryan's mouth dropped. "I...I can't believe this is happening!"

He ran back to the car, leaving Michael alone at the door.

"I don't know what you've done, you little bitch, but be sure I'll get to the bottom of it!"

He walked back out the car as April closed the door and giggled uncontrollably. She put Slut Kitten's mask back and locked her in.

"Now, back to your chores, slaves."

The nodded and walked away.

* * * *

Michael skipped school the next day and sneaked into April's house while her father was at work. He searched the entire house looking for his girlfriend. He found her dusting April's room.

"Amanda, please speak to me, princess!"

"mmf, mmm iummmm."

Michael couldn't understand what she was saying with the mask over her head. He reached behind her and broke the lock. He pulled the mask away and threw it to the floor.

"I'm sorry, there is no Amanda. Only Slave Cat."

"Don't' you remember me? I'm your boyfriend." He caressed her face, and she rested her head in his palm.

"Mi...Michael?" She fought hard against the hypnotic suggestions.

"Yes! And you are Amanda. I love you very much."

"A..Aman...da. I...I remember you, but..."

"Come back to me, princess!"

Amanda fell into his arms as if she was a marionette whose strings had been cut. She buried her face into his chest.

"Oh, Michael! It's been so awful. Like someone else was living in my body. We've got to help Cat! I won't let her live like that anymore."

The two found her sister and brought her out of the trance. After much crying and hugging, they talked about how to get back at April and her father.

"I think it's time we showed April what it's like to be slave, only she won't be hypnotized," Amanda said. "And her father..."

"Let's mummify duct tape. He'll never get out," added Catherine.

"But what about Matt? He'll try to help April," asked Michael.

"Oh, I can fix that," Amanda told him. "I read April's diary once. She helped him make some kind of rubber suit that makes him look like a girl. Apparently April likes dating sissies. We can use that to out advantage. It's out at their little sex shack. I know where it is, but first I need to change. These boots are killing me and this rubber is too hot."

The two girls got undressed and showered for the first time in a long time, because their catsuits hadn't been removed since April put them on the two girls. More wailing followed as they discovered their lack of hair, especially Amanda. Her mother had always helped her with her long, dark hair. It was her way of remembering her, and now April had stripped that from her. The girls finished their showers and dressed in t-shirts and blue jeans.

"Hey girls! Come look what I found."

Amanda and Catherine rushed into their step-father's bedroom. There, beside the bed, were the wigs he had made out of their hair.

"They made our hair into wigs? Oh, they are going to get it!!"

They arranged the wigs the best they could on their heads and left to find Matt and April's fetish house. It wasn't too difficult, and Michael broke into it. They took the body mask and several female masks. Once they had Matt and April out of the way, they could always come back and have some fun. The went back to the house and set their trap. The girls redressed in their slave costumes and Michael hid in the study.

About an hour later, Matt and April came home from school. The put their books by the door and sat in the living room.

"Slut Kitten! Slut Kitten, get me and Matt a drink."

Catherine nodded and walked toward the kitchen, trying very hard not to laugh. She took out some powerful sleeping pills and crushed them up in two glasses. She poured in some soda and added some ice cubes. She carried the drinks out to April and Matt. They were very thirsty, and drank the whole thing rather quickly. She never knew they had been drugged, and fell over on the couch. Michael and Amanda drug the limp bodies into the well-equiped dungeon. They shaved Matt bald and powdered his body, then stuffed him in the body mask and glued one of the female masks to his hairless head. Then they glued rubber shields over his teeth and strapped him into a frame April's father had designed to allow a man access to all a woman's orifices.

"He'll make the perfect fuck bunny. Now for my slutty step-sister."

Amanda took immense pleasure in cutting off all of April's long red hair. She put a heavy rubber catsuit on her and fitted on of the rubber slave harnesses over her body. She took another female mask and glued it to her bald head, followed by a black latex mask with the mouth cut out. She pointed her feet and put her into a pair of ballet boots that were two sizes too small and locked them on. She chained her ankles to the floor, then her arms to a bar hanging above her head. She lowered the bar and tilted April forward. She hung by her arms at a steep angle so her face was at the same level as Amanda's sex. Finally, she slipped a ball gag in her mouth and locked it around her head.

"Perfect." She turned towards Matt. "The guys will be here any moment, Miss Sissy. I'm sure they'll love you." She faced April again. "Now for your father."

Amanda and Catherine returned to the living room in full slave costume. Catherine made one of her sleep-inducing cocktails and held it ready for their step-father when he returned. He soon returned from work and was pleased that his 'slaves' were waiting for him with a drink. He took the drink and drank it. In a matter of minutes he fell to the floor unconscious. The girls took off their masks and carried him up to his room. They stripped him and slipped him into three different mummy bags of heavy lycra. Amanda found some duct tape and mummified her step-father completely, leaving only a space under his nose so he could breath. They were propping him up in a corner when the doorbell rang. Amanda went down and answered it.

"Hey guys, come in. She's in the dungeon, waiting."

They stood for a moment, staring at Amanda's latex-sheathed body, then entered the house. Amanda showed them to the dungeon, and each took a position on the frame which held Matt. He became little more than a masturbation toy. April started to wake up and, when she saw what was happening to Matt, screamed through the gag.

"Aw, poor baby," Amanda taunted sarcastically. "Can't help you're sissy boyfriend, can you?" She slapped her hard. "This is what you get for turning me and Cat into those rubber sluts! Now see how it feels!"

She ripped the rubber around April's sex away like a lioness devouring its prey. Pain mixed with pleasure as Amanda made April come over and over again. Amanda leaned over and removed April's gag.

"Now, service me, you slutty bitch! If you do a good job, I might let sissy Matt go free."

April saw she had no choice and did as she was told. She probed her tongue deep within Amanda's pussy and was rewarded with a face full of her juices when she came.

"Ohh, that was nice." She looked over at the three guys pumping away at Matt's body.

"Ok, guys, that's enough. Off the sissy."

They grumbled and left, closing the door behind them. It clicked, but no one noticed. Amanda released April from her bondage and April rushed to undo the bonds which held Matt to the frame. He was a mess. The body mask had been ripped in some places, at the face mask was gone completely. Matt's face, chest and back were covered in cum, and some drooled out of his mouth as well. April released him, and he fell into her arms, shaking visibly.

"Look what you've done to him, you bitch!"

"You made me what I am, April. Now, I'll you two to wallow in your misery."

She put a tape in the machine. It read 'Cats in Heat'. She hit play and walked towards the door. She tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn't budge. She banged on it, but there was no one outside to open it. She and Catherine were trapped, and the animal messages on the tape were starting to affect them. They staggered back into the middle of the dungeon, trying to fight it, but the hypnosis was too powerful. They fell on all fours and started liking each other pussy, making cat noises and purring. Meanwhile, April had been affected as well, but her mind was in mother-mode, so she began to clean the cum off Matt's body as if her were one of her kittens. He continued to shake, oblivious to what was going on around him. Within a few hours, the tape was finished, and three new sex kittens had been born.


Three months ago, April, Amanda, Catherine, and Matt suffered serious psychological damage. Amanda and Catherine still thought they were cats, and prowled around a padded room licking each other. Matt was convinced he was a living female sex doll, and had taken to wearing a female mask and flesh tone lycra catsuit all the time. Only April had returned to reality, and she held onto it by a few tenuous threads. She sat in her room, cheerfully decorated with flowers, and brushed her hair. It had grown out quite a bit in the past few months, and was all the way down to her shoulders again. A doctor walked in.

"April, how are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine, Doctor. How is Matt?"

The doctor paused for a moment. "I'm sorry, April. The trauma he went through was too great for his psyche to handle. He has completely identified with the role he was in at the time."

"You mean, he's a sex doll."

"To put it bluntly, yes."

"Is there any chance he'll recover? I love him very much."

"I am not sure. Only time will tell."

"I'd like to see him, Doctor."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea. He's still very..."

"Please, Doctor. He needs me."

He nodded silently and showed her to his room. He sat against one wall, arms and legs stiff, like a doll waiting to be played with. April sat down beside him.

"Matt? Matt, can you hear me?"

There was no response. She turned his rubber head to face her and tried again.

"Monyka? This is April."

He moved.

"Hello, Mistress April. Are you going to play with me?"

"Not today, Monyka. I want to talk to Matt."

"Matt doesn't want to talk to anyone. He's hurting."

"Yes, I know Matt is hurting. I want to help him."

"Will the bad kitties come hurt him?"

"No. The kitties are someplace else. I won't let them hurt you ever again."

April reached behind Matt's head and slowly unzipped the mask. She pulled it off his head. His hair was still short stubble, but it was obvious he hadn't shaved in months, even if he did have a baby face.

"Matt, please talk to me. I...I love you." April started crying.

"Th...they h...hurt me, April," Matt mumbled into her breast. " weren't th...there."

"No, no, baby. I was. They hurt me, too. The bad kitties hurt me."

Matt slowly put his arms around her. "I'm s...sorry, my...sweet. I should have..."

"Shhh...lie still. This wasn't your fault. Now, let's get you cleaned up."

"Ok., April."

"I love you, too," she whispered through her tears. She helped him up. He was a sad wreck of a man. The trauma had obviously taken its toll. April walked Matt into the bathroom, and started the process of rebuilding their lives.


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