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The Surprise

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2009 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; hood; collar; vacbed; tease; cons; X

My master had told me he had a big surprise for me. One that would stretch my boundaries and take me places I had not been before.

He made it sound very scary and very interesting. I have always liked surprises. Master told me to come earlier than usual, too make sure I shaved off all body hair and not to wear any jewelry.

Master liked me very clean and simple. I was after all his toy. He could do what ever he wanted to with me and I reveled in the power he had over me. That strong masculine energy that really turned me on big time. Master had been gently training me for months. I had been quite innocent and shy when we met at a friend’s party.

His plan for me was to gradually stretch my limits so I (or was it he) could fully enjoy all aspects of my sexuality.

I loved surrendering to Master, to following his every wish. In return he kept me in a constant state of erotic arousal. It was like having a continuous mini orgasm. Just thinking about what was to happen this weekend was turning me on.

My imagination was in full flight as I drove to his house in the country. It was not a long drive just long enough for me to get second thoughts. No, I did not want to back out, I just wondered if I would be good enough to handle what ever it was he had in mind for me.

Before I knew it I was turning into his drive and parking the car out of site around the back as he had told me to. I knew I was to be here all weekend and he did not like the front of his house to look messy.

I walked quickly around to the front door and there hanging near the bell was a brown paper envelope. Master likes his little tricks so I knew this was something special for me. There was nothing written on the envelope and what ever was in there felt soft and sort of squishy.

Well if it was outside it was probably something I needed to see before I entered. So I tore open the envelope. I truth I could not wait to see what was inside.

Inside was some soft black latex. It caressed my hand as I took it out. It was not very big. I gently, reverently unfolded it.

It was a hood, a soft black rubber hood. There was no zipper just a hole for my mouth. It had been powdered ready to wear. Was this the surprise? I had been blind folded before and had worn other less strict hoods.

This would be tight to get on; it looked far too small for me. It would also take away my sight, smell and probably most of my hearing. In short it would take away my ability to control things even before I got in the door.

A thrill ran through me and a chill up my spine. I loved that thrill, that sense of danger. I shivered whilst I plucked up my courage to surrender to my Master for the weekend.

There was a whirring noise. The surveillance camera had moved, zooming in on me I thought. Oops I’m in trouble Master can see me hesitating. Oh well on with the hood. I put both hands in the neck opening and stretched the latex, reached up over my head and started to pull the hood down. It caught on my ears. Gees it’s tight. With a bit of wriggling I pulled the tight neck collar over my ears to find I could not breathe. Panic stepped in and I nearly ripped the hood off until I realized I just had to pull it down more.

Oh that’s better, the mouth opening had slid in place and the neck section was now where it should be snuggly around my neck. I stood there a minute catching my breath and letting the panic subside. It was scary to be unable to see, to smell only rubber, to have the sound around you muffled. Somehow it felt as though I was isolated from the world. In a world of my own. Now where had I heard that before?

Ok it’s time to go inside. But where is the door? Where is the bell? Which way was I facing? I was very disorientated. At least I knew which ways was up, or did I. panic again. Calm down this is crazy it’s only a hood and you are safe Master is just inside the door probably laughing his head off.

I groped around and found the wall/door. More feeling and I found the door knob. Careful must not open that or I am in big trouble. The bell, where is the bell. Ah found it, just one push to let him know I am here. If the bell rings more than once I would be summoning Master and you don’t do that to this Master.

Now I wait. Master will come when he is ready.

I am starting to sway I reach out to steady myself just as the door opens. I just about fall into Masters arms. He steadies me and whack; he smacks me hard on the bottom. I deserved that I had not entered as elegantly as I should have. Nor had I waited to be asked in.

“Step forwards two paces” I dimly hear him say. I obey.

“Stand” I knew I must not move. I felt his hands, large gentle hands caressing his toy. Those shiver of erotic anticipation again. Whack “Stand! I said stand still”.

‘Yes Master”

His hands were touching me in all the right places and I was starting to get very juicy and wet. The hands continued their travels then he started to undress me. Master did it slowly, oh so slowly so he could enjoy every bit of me as it was revealed.

He had undressed me before, however before I could see him, know where he was and anticipate what he would do next. Now I had no idea where he was or what he was going to do until he did it. It was a major strain to avoid flinching or even jumping when his hands suddenly touched me. He made it even worse by taking his time with long breaks in between slow sensuous actions.

My sense of feel seemed to be heightened by the hood. It felt like I had never been touch like this before. The lighter the touch the more I felt it. My skin seemed to be reaching out for the touch aching to be touched.

I could feel his breath on my breasts. Warm gentle breath that moved slowly over my now nude displayed body.

Then nothing. Was he still there? It was quiet and still no sense of anybody else being there just me in my own world again. Frustration was rising in me. I was enjoying that. I as tempted to call out but I knew I must just stand there as ordered.

A touch, or was it. A feathers light touch. Was it just a breeze? No it was just one place, my nose. No it’s just the rubber hood. No that’s a touch. Another touch, my left breast then my right one, then feather light touches all over.

Feathers, big soft, sensuous feathers brushing me, making me squirm, making my flesh crawl and tingle. I gasped; I did not know feathers could do this to me. Their touch was almost too much. They awakened, strengthened my already erotic desires. OH please don’t stop. Master did stop, at least with the feathers. He was running his hands, those large strong masculine hands all over me in a frenzy of desire and all I could do was stand their and accept his worship of my body.

Oh how I wanted to move, to touch him, feel him, serve him.

Eventually he stopped. His hands around my neck, tight Oh it’s the collar he is putting on my collar. I had completely forgotten about the collar I always wore in Masters house. Click that would be the lead. Now he would take me where ever he wanted me to be. No commands he just gently pulled on the lead and his toy followed him.

Thankfully he was very gentle because I could not see and had to take very little steps to avoid falling.

Cold feet, tiles under my feet. We must be in the bathroom. He turned me around and gently pushed me back. I stumbled into something and fell backwards. OH I’m on the toilet. I relived my self. I don’t know if Master was still there. He never had been before when I went. But now when I can’t see. I felt embarrassed even though I did not know if he was there or not. Just the thought that he might be was enough.

I can’t just sit here I need to wash my hands. Master was not going to be happy if I wasted time.

I stood up holding the wall for balance. The wall, the wall could guide me. Now where was the bathroom, left or right? Right it’s to the right, my hands followed the wall. Yes there is the door, push it open. Now the light switches where is that? STUPID what do you need the lights for when you can’t see a thing. Old habits!!

I found the sink and washed my hands. Gee I feel foolish over the light switch. Hope Master was not watching. He was, he has my lead again and slowly we move to the back of the house. I know where we are going and wonder how I will manage the steps to the cellar.

I need not have worried we aren’t going there. I know that feel on my feet it’s the fluffy shag wool carpet in the family room. Why here I wonder?


“Yes master.”

I struggle to my knees. Not easy when you can't see.

Hands on my neck. The collar, he is taking off my collar. Have I done something wrong? He never takes it off until it is time for me to go home. Oh No what about my surprise? There must be more. Thoughts of failure, of rejection, of shame, I have failed my test, surge through my mind. I am almost reduced to tears.

Hands gentle hands running over my body. OH he still like me still wants me here. This hood is doing things to me; my mind is out of control my imagination gone mad. The hands reassure me calm me excite me all is not lost.

“You need to move very gently and do exactly what I say”

“Yes Master”

“Lay down on your back”.

“Yes Master.”

“Do not talk.”

I nearly say yes Master but save myself at the last second.

“There is a pipe on the ground near your feet. I want you to gently wriggle your legs down over the pipe.”

I obey. It’s not just a pipe there is something on the carpet the other side of the pipe. Something made of rubber, thin soft caressing rubber.

“Now lift your body and move it across the pipe.”

I do as told. My whole body is lying on rubber. It feels warm, soft comforting.

“Wriggle down a bit more and a bit towards your left.”

“Open you mouth” Ugh something pokes into my mouth. Tastes like plastic, soft round plastic. Something else folds over me. A rubber sheet?

“Close your mouth and do not move.”

Breathing? How am I to breathe if I close my mouth? I obey and find the thing in my mouth is a tube and I can breathe through it. Phew.

There is a faint sound, like a spring clip closing. Then quiet.

Very quietly I hear “Move your arms away from your body and put your hands palm down with the fingers spread.” Why I am thinking? What is he doing?

“Your legs spread them more and point your feet outwards”

“You will not move until I tell you to!” he orders firmly.

I am feeling a bit claustrophobic. I am obviously in something and something is about to happen! That imagination of mine runs riot. I had heard of sensory deprivation and what it can do to your mind. My Master was an expert at mind fucking. This time I was mind fucking myself. What had I let myself in for? Was I ever going to get out of this? Was he going to kill me? Maybe this was a body bag and he was going to bury me alive? I was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Steady on he is not going to kill his toy and so far nothing has happened calm down. It’s Ok.

Just as I did calm down there was a whirring whooshing noise and air started to flow over my body. Nothing nasty just a gentle flow of air. The rubber sheet settled itself against me. Then gently pulled down on me. What the heck? The sheet pulled down very tight on me it stretched itself firmly over my body. I went to move only to find the rubber on the floor had sucked up to the top sheet and I was stuck in place. It pulled down tight over my face and the hood which was already tight clamped down tighter crushing my ears to my head and pushing in on my eyes. Pressure, pressure too much pressure.

The pressure eased off a bit and I started to struggle. A hand, My Masters hand firmly on my chest. A word of command. “STAY”. I froze. Master only used that tone when I was doing something very, very wrong. My training over came my fear and I stayed put.

Masters hands adjusted my body and the rubber sheet which held it in a tight embrace. The whirring whooshing noise again and again the rubber tightened over me. I was in a real state, part of me panicking and part of me obeying Master and not moving. This was building a huge tension in my body and I was shaking. I had to move, I just had to move to relieve the tension. I tried to move only to discover movement was very restricted. It was like I was glued to the floor. I could move a little by stretching the rubber, however the rubber always won and snapped me back in place. Tight, tight, oh so tight, bondage like I had never felt before.

The whirring noise stopped replaced by silence. Terrifying silence. What had he done to me?

Never had I been this tightly bound. Sure Master has tied me up. But ropes only held bits of you. This thing held tightly to all of you, every last single inch of you was sucked down tight.

Hands, hands caressing me, exciting me, taking away the panic. Everything must be alright. Master was still here. My panic melted away and I relaxed. Hey this was not so bad, without the panic it felt like a giant hug. A huge some what over whelming hug, like you were being hugged by many, many people.

I just lay there enjoying the hug and started to drift off. I could not even feel the rubber anymore. It was in some weird space, a dark black, soundless, feeling less place. A no place. I was not anywhere at all, just drifting somewhere. It was a comfortable place miles away from anywhere I had been before.

I seemed to be there a long time, not that time meant anything in this place, when I felt something. Something very gentle. A warm gentle something, blowing, yes blowing on my breast. Moving over my body.

Hands, hands where feeling me gently rubbing me finding the right parts, exciting me. There was a body laying alongside me its hands working on me bringing me on. Erotic sensual hands that knew exactly what they were doing. Feathering over my breast, rubbing firmly at my clit. Massaging my pussy. Kissing my face, sucking the breath out of me and blowing their breath in. My God he is breathing for me.

He was moving strong powerful movements. I wanted to move with him. I struggled against the tightly hugging rubber. Rubber which hugged and massaged my pussy with every move I made. Oh Hell this was erotically exciting and totally frustrating. I want to move. I must move, the urge was too strong and move my body did in a shuddering shaking orgasm that rocked me to my core and left me shivering in delight.

We lay together for some time. I was in a state of very contented bliss, hugged and comforted by the rubber.

I must have dozed off as I awakened with a start to the sound of air hissing around me. The rubber relaxed its hug. Master undid the clamp and helped me out. I was dripping with sweat. He wrapped me in a warm dry towel.

He helped remove the hood and offered me a large glass of water. I was very thirsty and gulped it all down.

How he asked did I like my first experience of a vac bed?

Oh so that is what I have just been in.

I sighed. “Oh please Master can we do that again”

“We have a whole weekend to do just what I would like” He said with a gleam in his eyes.





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