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The Sun I Can't See

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 4 - Night (Part 2)

"You are happy now, aren't you?"

"Very! Best evening ever."

"And you HAD to buy me the petgirl kit..."

"Hey, Mary! You can't hide what you like anymore. So yes, I knew it would make you happy, so I got it for you."

"No, Alex... We all know it's because it would make YOU happy!"

"Ah... Come on! It was super fun. For once that we have something in common... You could be less grumbly about it."

"Bhahaha... You guys make me laugh!"

Mary, Mei, and I just finished our session with Mistress Nyssa at the Fox & Spice Club; we had so much fun. We decided to walk back to my place instead of taking a cab because it was not too late in the evening and it was a beautiful hot night. A forty-five minutes stroll could only be useful to keep our belly fat in check while chit-chatting about all the cool things we've experienced.

When I invited my sister to join our girl's night, I never expected that she would have ended up revealing one of her kinkiest secrets. Puppy play was one thing she dreamt about for a while, and she finally had an opportunity to experience it; it turned out that she was a natural. The funny thing was that I instantly fell in love with the doggy version of her. The hell with whatever people would think, she was my dog now; Mary was way too adorable not to declare ownership.

Even now, walking in the street as regular humans, holding her arm and letting her lead me gave me the feeling Mary was still my guide dog. It was a role she played so often when we grew up that the chemistry was perfect; it was not humiliating for her and not embarrassing for me. Who would have thought?

I think Meixiang approved our new symbiosis, and I could tell by her cheerful voice tone that she found this situation entertaining.

Mei, her, was a strange BDSM creature. During our session with Nyssa, she acted more like an assistant than a person who was there for a new adventure. As much as she took care of me, it was obvious that her relationship with Nyssa was way more important. I didn't blame her at all as I knew she was a loner at heart and her own emotions easily took priority over everything else. She never cared that much about the world around her. It was a privilege to be important enough to be her friend... at least that was one way to look at it.

It was all good; we all experienced life from a different point of view. Mei was sheltered, Mary was following the flow, and I was the outgoing one wanting to try everything. I guess being blind gave me this desire to explore the world whenever I had an opportunity. Nonetheless, despite our differences, there were some nights like tonight where everything worked out perfectly between all of us.


"No, I'm not going to bark! Stop it."

"Mary, Bark!"

"Alex, stop it."

"I said, bark!"

"Arf!... Happy now?"

"Awww... so cute!"

"Hey... Stop ruffling my hair... We are in public in case you didn't notice."

"So, Mary... Are you going to wear your harness and muzzle for me again?"

"Yes, we will go back to the club at some point."

"No, I mean, at my place."

"Aaah... Seriously?"

"Yes... You are my dog!"

"Hey, guys! Look... An ice cream van... I want some!"

Mei interrupted my harassment spree because her stomach took control over her body. I heard her footsteps quickly getting away from us. Mary stopped and asked me what I wanted to do?

"Do you want some ice cream too?"

"Yeah, let's go for it. Haven't had any in ages."

"Okay, don't trip over the curb. Big step. There is a puddle of water."

"Aaah, I don't want water in my new shoes!"

Mary helped me cross the road, and we rejoined Mei, who was already reading the menu to find the flavor she wanted, another thing I couldn't do. It would be unlikely that an ice cream van would carry a braille menu for me... But it was okay because this time I had my dog with me!

"Go, doggy! Read the menu for me!"

"Hey! Don't call me that in front of everyone!"

"Whatever... Do they have, like, butterscotch?"

"Yes... That's what you want?"

"Yes... you? It's on me tonight."

"Not sure I want ice cream... But they have those mini-cookie packs. I'll get one."


Mary guided me to the truck window, and I ordered my ice cream in a bowl and the cookie box for Mary. The bowl had nothing to do with me being blind; I just didn't like having sticky fingers.

After a short wait, we got our snack and headed to a small plaza nearby to sit on a bench to eat. I sat in the middle. Mei was on my right and Mary on my left.

"Mary, give me your cookie box. I want to know what it looks like."

"What? Why? It's just a box... You had those before."

"Give it to me... I can't see it."

"You are so whiny today. Alright, here..."

She could be so naive sometimes. Of course, I knew what a cookie box was like; it was far from the first delicious mini-cookies I had within my grasp. It was not at all why I wanted them, I couldn't care less about the box.

I swiftly sliced the seal with my nail and flipped the lid open.

"Hey! What are you doing? Those are mine!"

"I know... Mary... Sit!"


"Come on... Sit!"

"Alex... Stop it... Give me my cookies back."

"Not before you sit in front of me like a good doggie."

I heard a little, "Oh, my God!" coming from Mei, who was probably fascinated by the way I dared treating my sister. She probably wouldn't get involved, but I could sense some sort of approval coming from her.

"Lex... There... there are people around."

"I don't care. I can't see them. If you want your cookies, you have to be a good doggy and sit."


It took her a moment, but then I felt her moving off the bench and in front of me. Two things could happen... Mary would either obey or snatch the box off my hands. In all honesty, I wasn't too sure which stance she would adopt.


"Aaaah! Puppy!"

I reached in front of me, and she was right there, sitting like a dog with her chin just above my knees. Keeping a hand on her cheek, I approached a tiny cookie close to her mouth, and then she reached and grabbed it with her teeth.

"Aawwww! Did you see that Mei!? She is sooo cuuute!"

"Haha... You two are messed up in the head. People are totally staring at us now."

"Who cares! We are having fun, and they are not."

"True... By the way, your ice cream is delicious, Alex."

"MEI! You can't eat my ice cream!"

What a great night. In front of me, Mary sat there for a while, Mei was joking around, and I had a blast; it truly was a perfect night. It was so great to bond with my sister again and continue building a solid friendship with Mei. Tonight, it was only the three of us.

"We should have called a cab. My feet are killing me."

"Aaah, Mei, you need more workouts in your life. It wasn't that far."

We arrived at the Theodore, my luxury apartment building, and the doorman let us in as soon as they saw me. Tonight we would all sleep at my place.

As we were waiting for the elevator, a familiar voice called my name; it was Albert, my favorite old doorman.

"Miss Alex, would you have a moment, please?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Would you mind following me?."

"Oh? Yes, sure."

I grabbed Albert's arm, and we walked away from Mary and Mei. It was the first time Albert behaved like this, so he got me curious.

"Miss Alex. First, please accept my apology as this is not something I should get involved with."

"Hey, no worries. What's going on?"

"Well, earlier today, your friend Miles entered the building..."

"...Miles!? Are you sure?"

"Very sure, Miss Alex. He walked in... and walked out right away... then he walked back in and went to the front desk... When we asked him what we could do for him, he asked for you, and just as we were about to call you, he changed his mind and walked out again."

"...Really? He came here to see me?"

"It appears so... But it was not the only thing that caught my attention..."

"No? What else?"

"He was wearing a nice shirt."

"...a nice shirt? But... Miles always wears those crappy t-shirts..."

"Precisely... So, that is all, Miss Alex. I just thought I would let you know."

"Oh, thanks Albert. You did the right thing."

"I'm glad to hear. I will walk you back to your friends now."

Albert was definitely more like a father to me. He genuinely cared about me and my happiness, and he knew I had a rough time because of what had happened with Miles. Telling me this was showing how much our relationship was special.

"Hey, Alex. What was that about?"

"Oh... Nothing... He... He just wanted to tell me that they were about to renovate the unit next to mine. That's all."

"And he tells you that around Midnight on a Friday night?"

"Oh... hehe... They care about me very much."

"Whatever... Let's go to bed now. Walking for hours killed me."

"It was only a forty-five minutes walk... geez."


"The time is 9:37 am."

"What? That late?"

My little talking watch surprised me when it told me the time. When we came back last night, Mei went straight to bed, but my sister and I stayed up a bit longer to watch some cheesy TV show. I loved doing that with her because she knew exactly how to translate into words the action I couldn't see. Again, we grew up together, so it was all so natural.

I didn't bring back the dog roleplay, though... I think Mary had enough emotions for one day. After the show, I gave her some blankets and a pillow to be comfortable on the couch, and then went back to my bedroom. I shared my bed with Mei, who was already sleeping like a rock, exhausted by our short walk.

I expected to wake up next to her this morning, but when I patted the mattress with my arm, she wasn't there anymore.


"I'm in the living room, lazy butt."

"Mmm... I'm not a lazy butt..."

Still half asleep, I walked down the hallway and went straight to the kitchen with a precise goal in mind, my espresso machine. As usual, I wore my silk blindfold. I wasn't used to having people around the house, so this habit of mine just made things more comfortable for me.

"Do you want a coffee, Mei?"

"Yes, please!"

"And you, Mary?"

"Mary is gone already."

"What? Really?"

"Yes, she said she had to go to work."

"Awww... My dog!"

"Haha... You really liked her as a canine, uh?"

"Yes... I loved it."

I brewed two coffees and went to sit next to Mei in the living room. She pressed her shoulder against mine and asked me a funny question.

"How can you read this?"

"This? This what?"

"That book in braille. I would not be able to do it."

"Sure you would... It's not that hard. I'll show you... look..."

Understanding that she had looked at my bookshelf out of curiosity, I extended my hand to reach the book she held and slid my fingertips on its cover.

"D... U... N... E... Crap..."

"Dune crap? What kind of book are you reading, Alex? This is such a weird title."

"Nah... It's just Dune. You just picked the book that I read when I first met Miles."

"Aaah. You can't associate everything to him. What is this book about anyway? Dune?"

"It's a book about big worms..."

"I said, stop associating everything to him!"

"Hehe... You're nuts, Mei."

"Do you realize what could have happened here?"

"We are so sorry. We will take those signs down immediately."

"You better do that, yes. Unless you want somebody to die."

"Hum... I assure you... We didn't have any ill intentions. It was an honest mistake."

"Tell that to a person who is blind, and that was going to end up with a broken leg because of your gross negligence."


Tony and I worked for a firm mandated to perform and enforce safety and accessibility regulations in private commerces and residential buildings. We've been a team for a long time and worked very well together; my skills combined with his allowed us to provide the private sector with an expertise that was very much in demand.

The city had strict rules regarding safety signage within the large building; this was necessary for emergencies, like fires, among other things. Everybody was entitled to live in an environment that was safe and functional, handicap or not. A sightless client shouldn't receive fewer services after paying the same amount.

That said, Tony and I performed an inspection in one of the most reputable luxury hotels in the city following an investigation triggered by a set of customer complaints. We found so many anomalies so far that I was getting pissed off. We just found this braille sign indicating "lounge," but it led directly to a staircase. Useless to say that it was hazardous.

"Alex... Come with me. We need to talk..."


Tony pulled me away from the hotel manager and started to reprimand me using a low voice.

"Alex? What the hell are you doing?"

"What do you mean? Those signs are all wrong... Someone could have died..."

"Do you think I don't know that? That's not my point! You cannot treat them as if they did this on purpose. You know that! We are a neutral firm... We inspect, we report, we take the necessary actions. We are not a courthouse."

"But... They..."

"No buts... I don't know what's wrong with you recently, but stop treating them like criminals. Be professional or keep your mouth shut."


"Just do your job, leave the talking to me. We have a reputation to preserve."

It was the first time ever that Tony addressed me this way. If the clients had not been near us, I fear he wouldn't have been this gentle.

We returned to the clients, and I kept a low profile while trying to digest what had just happened. Tony took the lead.

"Sorry about the interruption. Yes, you have to take down those faulty signs immediately. I recommend you contact the vendor who provided and installed them to find the problem's root. You'll need this information for the post-incident review."

"Thank you. We will get on it right away."

"We will send you the official report within two days, and then you'll have ten business days to correct the issues before our next inspection. Failure to do so will lead to fines."

"We will wait for the report and do all we can to resolve the situation."

"Perfect, we will keep in touch, then."

I grabbed Tony's arm, and he led us to the elevators without a word. I knew I had messed up, and I knew he would want to discuss this as soon as we would be out of here. Usually, our inspections always ended up with some "good jobs" and "nice work," but this time around, it was a heavy silence.

As soon as we exited the hotel, we got in a cab that drove us away.

"So? Want to tell me what's going on?"

"...Nothing, Tony. I guess I'm... I'm just tired..."

"Tired my ass... You've been acting weird for the past several weeks. Do you realize that I constantly have to clarify all the odd things you are telling our clients? We can't continue to work like this."

"I'm sorry... I'm just... distracted."

"Look, you are very good at your job, Alex... You can find things that nobody else would. But when you are acting like this, it's counterproductive. I don't know what is going on in your personal life, but you better resolve it soon. I need my coworker back."

"...I... I will... Sorry... You are right."

"Yes, I am. Alright, we are done for the day anyway. Do you want to go somewhere for lunch?"

"N... No... I think I'll go back home and think about this."

"Okay, then. Driver... We are going to drop by the Theodore first."

"Aaaaah! What's wrong with me?"

As soon as I got home, I went to my bedroom and crashed on the bed, face first. I knew Tony was a hundred percent right, and I've been acting like an idiot for the past few weeks. There was no reason for me to be so annoyed and irritable.

My life was GREAT! I had a fantastic job and super coworkers, I lived in a beautiful apartment that fit my needs perfectly, I found a good and supportive friend in Meixiang, I got to reunite with my sister to an emotional level I thought was gone forever, so why was I so tense and unfocused?

Well... That was a stupid question. I knew precisely why... Miles!

I was already not doing so well at accepting his sudden departure, and when I learned that he had shown up to see me but changed his mind at the last second, it turned my heart upside down... and nobody could help me make sense of this situation.

Despite my relatively short relationship with Miles, he was a guy I had learned to love. He had many qualities that were very appealing to me. I had never dated someone who naturally didn't care about my handicap the way he did. He was creative, open-minded, and even funny at times. I always felt safe around him and knew he would never use his physical strength to control me. To sum it up, he was the type of guy that checked so many of my boxes.

He had faults too. His demons related to his previous relationship were just toxic to both him and me. During the moments when I refused to play along with one of his kinks, his coldness was also something that had annoyed me a great deal. And of course, I didn't appreciate the way he walked out of my life as soon as I said something he didn't like to hear.

I didn't discuss this analysis in depth with anybody. This was what I was thinking, and only I would decide if something could be done about it or not. If I were to ask for advice, some people would give me different opinions that, in the end, wouldn't necessarily reflect what I desired.

No, This time, I would decide on a path to follow by myself... But I had to do it soon because this unattended emotional matter was slowly but surely gnawing at my brain.

A second chance.

I would give him a second chance. That was my decision.

I just had to observe myself to find imperfection. How many times in my life had I whined about my disadvantage in romance because I was blind, even if it was not true? How many times have I condemned people because they didn't see me as an average person on the first date when I should have accepted better that they were just not used to my lifestyle and my differences? I didn't give them a chance to learn.

If I were alone today, it was partly because of my flaws, the ones I consciously knew I had and that I had been working on for so long. What good would it do if I crucified someone cared about because he was not perfect and made a big mistake?... After that person had told me that he wanted to take things slow because he struggled with a recent breakup; after that person genuinely admitted that he loved me.

A second chance didn't mean I would go back into this relationship blindly... Well, that was a stupid thought coming from a blind girl. But yeah, if I were to meet him again, it wouldn't mean we would be back together; it would only mean that I would be open to hearing him out and being honest with him about my feelings in return.

I got off my bed and went to my closet. It was time to do what I was good at; being blind and awesome, and own my decision. I felt around through my clothes to find the right items. With the help of the little aluminum braille tags, I pulled out of the closet the same clothes I wore when I first met Miles. That would be the perfect bait.

Then I went back to the living room, grabbed my sunglasses and that big Dune book before heading outside.

Using my spidey senses, I survived the crossing of the street and went straight to the park. I've walked this path so often that I wasn't scared to get lost. After this railing, it was another thirteen steps to reach my favorite bench.

As soon as I felt the wooden backrest with my fingers, I walked around it and sat.

"AAAAH! What the fuck!"

"Ooooh! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry... I didn't know you were sitting here."

"The hell! Are you blind or what?"

"Heee... Yes, actually. I am."

My determination to come here made me forget about common sense. I sat without even checking if the bench was empty and ended up on a random guy's lap by accident... and now he was pissed at me.

"What? Are you really blind?"

"...Yes... I can't see. Sorry, I need to sit here, or else I will get lost."

"Ah, whatever... just sit next to me, there is room. Just don't sit ON me."

"S...Sorry to ask you this... but could you move to another bench?"

"No. There is enough space for the two of us."

"But... I'm waiting for... a friend and..."

"I said no. Sit or go. I don't care."


Awww... What an unpleasant person. I sat as far from him as I could and placed my book on my knees. That wasn't part of my plan, and I didn't know what to do anymore. I hoped this guy would leave soon.

The next thirty minutes were not that fun. I slowly read my book while my neighbor was doing I don't know what. I didn't like his presence. It was annoying not to be able to understand what people so close to me were doing. It was as if I felt his negative energy crawling on my skin.

Then out of the blue, a quiet male voice coming from behind me revealed something I'd have preferred not to hear.

"That guy is trying to play with your hair, you know."

"Uh? WHAT?"

Without thinking about it twice, I slammed close my oversized Dune book and whammed it with all my strength in the face of the guy next to me.



"No! No! I swear! I wasn't!"

"Yes, you were... You better leave before she gives you a concussion."

Without another word, the stranger quickly grabbed his belongings and left in a hurry. And the other man walked around me... The man I had been waiting for.

"Thanks... Miles."

"You're welcome, Alex. Can I sit?"

"Yeah... I thought... No... I hoped you were going to show up."

"...I hoped you were going to show up too. I didn't have the guts to go to your home directly. So I came here almost every day... Hoping you'd eventually be here."

"...I know. It's okay."

Miles sat next to me. That was the scene I wanted to recreate today. Outside the creepy guy, it was how Miles and I met, but the energy was quite different this time around.

"How... how are you doing, Alex?"

"Good... It's been a while."

"Yes... It's been a while."


No, I wasn't going to make any efforts to initiate this adult conversation. My part was to show up here and wait for him. This gesture of goodwill meant that I was willing to hear him out, and it was up to him to understand that. His part would be to convince me that he had learned something from this spontaneous breakup.

"I messed up... All I ever wanted was to be happy with you, but I failed to see that this happiness was right there under my nose."

"You could say that."

"Alex, I lied to you."

"...About what?"

"When I first met you, I told you that I wasn't ready for a new relationship. It wasn't true. I was ready the second I saw you. On that day, I didn't sit next to you on this bench because it was the only seat left, I chose to sit next to you because you attracted me. But then... I couldn't talk to you. It's a miracle that you invited me for dinner after our awkward conversation."

"Mmm... Cute... But what else did you lie about?"

"Nothing else... That was it... One little lie that allowed us to fall in love... And then, I let my greed creep in and destroy everything."

That was an honest assessment from his part. It was pretty much what I thought had happened, and I believed him. It didn't mean we could get back together or anything, but at least it felt good to clear the air. That was the kind of talk we should have had when things were going downhill. But I knew that sometimes, people are just not ready to talk about their problems; sometimes it could take minutes, sometimes it could take years.

"So, what's next, Miles?"

"What's next? Nothing... It's not like I'm employing a strategy to get you back. There is no plan here. I just hoped I would get to see you again, talk about it, and then decide where to go from there... together. The way things ended was not healthy, and that's on me."

"Do you love me?"

"Always did, always will. You know that already, I'm sure."

"I do. And I love you too. But you know what? That's not good enough."

"...Mmm... You are a strong one, Alex... I'm sorry... I'm sure you will..."

"Oh, stop whining for a minute and listen to me, hehe. I know two versions of you. The one you are today that is friendly, honest, adult, and not very smart."


"But there is the other Miles, that is confused and forgetful. That one tends to forget what he likes and dislikes and falls back in the same patterns that hurt him before. I don't like that Miles at all. Can you get rid of him? I think it would be a good thing because that dark Miles hurts the good Miles too. I don't want the good Miles to suffer."

"...Yeah... I see what you mean... I cared more about my fantasies than you. I knew it was wrong, and that's why I left. I didn't want to drag you into my shit any further. You have to know... I want to change... But in all honesty, I wouldn't know how... And saying that makes me realize that there is not much hope for us... You were right... I'm dumb."

His last little speech made me smile. In one sentence, he said that he loved me, that lost sight of that love, that he now knew what he did wrong, that he protected me against greater pain, and that our relationship was doomed.

He was right... There was no hope for us the way things were unless I opened a door big enough for the two of us to walk through as imperfect human beings.

"Mr. Miles. Friday 9 pm, Fox & Spice club. I'll probably be around the lounge."


I stood up, walked around the bench, and headed toward my apartment building.

"Alex? Wait! What..."

"Don't be late, Mr. Miles. Don't be late."

The Fox & Spice club would be our big door to a potentially better future. Could we walk through it together?

"You did WHAT? Did you get hit on the head or what?"

"Calm down, Meimei. I didn't say that Miles and I were back together. But I decided to allow us another chance to love each other."

"Aleeex! People can't change that fast. It has not even been two months. You are going to get hurt again."

"No, I won't. Because this is my decision, and I know what I'm getting into. When I invited him to the club, that was pretty much at the same time when he realized that it wouldn't work between the two of us."

"Alex... you are odd. What you say makes no sense."

"It does to me. Come on, just support me a little. I need your help."

It was pretty obvious that Mei disagreed with this little turn of events. I dragged her to the city's biggest fetish fashion store and only broke the news to her when we arrived. On Friday, we would go to the Fox & Spice together, and Miles would perhaps meet us there. I wanted Mary to come as well, but we hadn't managed to reach her yet.

"Okay, okay. Whatever! It's your love life. Not mine. So, what are we doing here? Do you need something specific?"

"Well, I don't want to go again with the same full latex catsuit I always wear. I need something different."

"Need or want?"


"Okay? Like a dress?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"No... Help me find something different."

"Something different? Alright... Grab my arm and let's go find something different."

It didn't take long for Mei to become ecstatic about everything she was looking at. I couldn't see anything, and she was really not good at describing what she was freaking out about. Of course, the store employees pounced on us rapidly, and as usual, I had to explain why I was wearing a silk blindfold. But overall, they were somewhat helpful and gave us a few ideas.

Amusingly enough, even if we came here for me, Meixiang found a little black latex dress that she liked a lot, so she was now trying it in the changing room. I waited on the small seat in front of it, while the employee brought me different items to help me make up my mind. Touching the various textiles convinced me that I didn't want gloves to numb my sense of touch this time around; my latex catsuit with attached gloves was very hot and sexy, but not very practical in my case; those sensitive fingertips were my eyes.

"Tadaaa! Alex, how do I look?"

"Very funny, I'm blind. What are you wearing?"

"I'm not telling you, you have to look at me... with your hands."

"Perv... Alright, come here."

Mei approached me, and I grabbed her hips. Since I was sitting, her big boobs were pretty much in my face. I started sliding my fingertips around to get a rough idea of what her dress was like.

"The skirt is short and frilly... I like that... and wait... oooh, there is a hole where your chest is... and there is a high neck... That's neat."

"Yes, so people can admire my boob crack."

"Haha... Puffy shoulders? Short sleeves? Hey... wait a minute... What's that piece dangling in front of your skirt? Naaaah... Don't tell me... Really? A latex maid uniform?"

"Awww, how did you guess so quickly?"

"I didn't guess. You let me touch you. I only guess what I can't touch."

"So serious... But yes... Maid uniform... But forget it. It's too expensive. At least I got to try one."

"I'm buying it for you."

"What? No, Alex! It's not why I said that. It's way too expensive!"

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, but..."

"I'm buying it. But you have to wear it on Friday."

I got a giant hug from Mei, and then we continued shopping around for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't making it very easy. I just couldn't make up my mind on something I wanted to wear.

"Try this hat!"

"A hat?"

"Yes... Hahaha! Okay, no! Not for you!"

"Stop teasing me, Mei. Come on! You have to find something I like."

"Alright, alright! But you are picky, and there is not much left to try."

She pulled the strange hat from my head, but she accidentally pinched my blindfold at the same time. The silk fabric slid right off my head and disappeared. Surprised, I immediately turned toward where I thought it went, trying to grab it back, but instead, I slapped Mei right across the face with the back of my hand.


"Oooo! Sorry! I'm so sorry, Mei! Are you okay? I feel so bad!"

"Oh... My... God... Alex! You... You just opened your eyes in front of me..."


Blood rushed up to my head because of my embarrassment, and I immediately covered my eyes using my forearm. Mei had seen me a couple of times without my blindfold, but I had never opened my eyes around her. Based on her reaction, it was a shocking sight. One that reminded me of all the kids that made fun of me when I was young.

"...Sorry... Sorry... Give me my blindfold back."

"No... wait! Open them again."

"What? NO! I told you... They look weird!"

"You are weird, Alex, not your eyes... Come on... Open them for me... I need to see them again."

"Mei... I..."

"Hey, you saw all my private spots with your fingers earlier... Let me see all your private spots with my eyes... That's only fair..."


I was scared... but... Mei expressed a valid point. She let me grab her boobs and butt so I would know what she was wearing... I could probably trust her a bit more. It was easy for me to open them in front of the doctors. So why was I scared of doing it here, in front of my best friend?

"O... Okay... But don't make mean comments."

"I'd never do that... and nobody else is watching."

"Okay... There... Happy?"

"Alex! They are AMAZING! Follow me. You just gave me an idea. I found a perfect costume for you to wear on Friday."

"Wait... what? Really? What does it have to do with my eyes?"

It was the first time someone qualified my eyes of "amazing" and it made me feel all fuzzy inside. I expected something more along the line of "it's not that bad." Mei grabbed my hand and pulled me across the store. What was she going to do to me?

"This is a bad idea!"

"No, it's not. You'll be the star of the night."

"Where is my blindfold."

"In your bag, but you are not wearing it tonight, you promised!"

"I diiid... buuut..."

"Stop whining. Let me put your mask on, and then we can go have fun. Mary is waiting for us."

"I have a bad feeling about this, Mei..."

"Too late to change your mind. You have to trust me on this."

Mei strapped on my head a rubber mask that covered my upper face, completing my new costume. We arrived at the Fox & Spice club a little while ago and turned Mary back into my guide doggy. Then Mei put on her new latex maid uniform before taking care of me.

The outfit she picked for me was drastically different than what I could have imagined. When we were at the fashion boutique, she made me wear a latex bodysuit; this one had no hands, feet, or hood. She forced me to walk around a bit, complimenting me because I looked "hot," but that was until she told me that it was translucent and that people could see me naked through it. I wanted to die... or kill her. Smokey black... That was what she said the color was. She also said that the black seams were standing out, making it look sharp.

Following my fuss, Mei made me wear some sort of silky skirt that was, in fact, just two extra long fabric bands, one in front to hide my crotch and one at the back that partly hid my butt, leaving my rubber legs exposed fully. That thing was going all the way down to my feet too. She said it made me look like a Goddess, but I just felt naked, even with the matching bra that she made me wear.

To finalize my outfit, she found that very special rubber mask. When she placed it on my face, the whole store had a crazy strong reaction and wanted pictures of me. That was pretty much what sold it to me because I was still not convinced.

Exploring the mask with my fingers left me confused. It had some sort of fine muzzle with very long ears. Mei said it was a black Egyptian style fox mask.

Now that we were at the club, I would have to wear this costume in front of everybody.

"There... You look amazing! You look so powerful... Try to act the part."

"Are... Are you sure nobody can see my eyes?"

"Ah, stop with your eyes already! No, they can't see them. The mask's lenses are too dark. MARY!? Come get Alex. She is ready."

At least that would take my mind off my discomfort; my sister as a doggy. As soon as she got close to me, I grabbed her harness. She didn't have a leash today as she said it was pulling too much on her neck, so instead, we just looped a leather strap through the metal rings in the middle of her harness' back; it made her feel even more guide doggish this way.

I couldn't help but recheck her head. Mary wore her super cute rubber muzzle and her pointy ears; something snapped inside me every time I got to touch her while she was wearing that kit. She was just the cutest thing in the world, and I couldn't help but talk to her like she was a real pet.

"Aaaah! So cute! Little doggy."

"Alex! I'm going to bite you."

"Naaah! You are too adorable for that. Go, go! Let's go back to the club! Lead the way!"

We all exited the changing room and entered the club. It sounded like there was already a fair amount of people, and it only took less than half a second before the compliments started pouring our way. Mei grabbed my arm and whispered something in my ears.

"Seriously, that is all for you, Alex. You stand out like crazy."

"That much?"

"Yeah... You'll be so busy tonight. Don't let Mary go, though, or else you are going to get swallowed by the crowd."

"Not a chance that I'm letting my guide dog go."

This experience was nuts! Simply nuts! It was as if everybody from the club came talking to me about my costume. The mask I was wearing was not something many people had seen before; the store that sold it to me would surely get a few new clients.

"Mei! The music is good. I want to dance."

"You go do that. I will take a walk around to see what is happening tonight. Mary, make sure you protect her."


"Awww... She barked!"

My cute puppy Mary tugged me slowly to the dance floor. As soon as I felt the texture changing under my heeled boots, I unleashed my dancing power. My little trip to the dance cage long ago taught me not to be shy about my curves and moves in a fetish club. On top of that, I had Mary to keep me out of trouble. I knew she liked to dance as well, so I could abuse this activity to my heart content without any guilt.

It was so great and so fun. Obviously, many hands touched me, and some guys tried to get too close to me, but Mary was doing an excellent job at interfering when they were going too far. My sister seemed comfortable in that role, another trait making her a good guide dog. A couple of times, she even had to be more vocal and threatening when the guys refused to cooperate.

We danced for waaay too long, and I almost forgot why I decided to come here tonight; Miles was supposed to show up around 9 pm... Well... It was more like a suggestion, and there was no guarantee that he would even show up. Focusing on fun was the wise thing to do.

Two small arms wrapped around my waist, interfering with my thoughts; I recognized Mei.

"Mei? Where were you? Mary and I have been dancing for over an hour."

"Sorry... I kind of found a room in the play area... You know... There was another maid... and it was this guy's birthday and..."

"Aaah... I get it... So... Did you find him?"


"Who else?"

"Yeah... I saw him. He is sitting at the bar... alone. He probably has no clue who you are because of your costume. So many pretty girls tonight."

"Okay, let's do this then. Let's go find a seat in the lounge, then will go get him."

Mary tugged me away from the dance floor and guided me to the comfy social area where the music was much softer. We were lucky because the corner booth was available. It would be nice to spend some time together there. Our plan with Miles around was simple, have plain old fun with no drama. Leaving love out of the equation would make everything easier.

"Mary, go fetch Miles!"

"What? Why me? Go yourself, Mei."

"Alex, your dog is not trained well. She doesn't listen to me."

"I know. Maybe I should be stricter. Perhaps Mary needs more spanking with that paddle Nyssa gave me."

"Alright, alright! I'm going... geez. But don't blame me if he doesn't want to follow me."

Mary had to cross the lounge and half of the club to reach the bar. She vaguely remembered Miles because she only saw him once in poor circumstances. It was the night when she had kissed her sister by accident. It was unlikely that he would recognize her because of her dog attire, which gave her an idea.

She and Alex grew up together, and, unfortunately, she witnessed all the pain that her blind sister went through. From kids rejecting her at school to the incessant name-calling and all those failed dates with guys that couldn't treat her like a normal person. Yes, Mary knew that Alex had gone through hell, and it was so unfair.

It was somewhat ironic that she was about to fetch a guy who badly hurt her sister, which had high potential to hurt her again. From what she understood, a guy that had been more focused on his fetishes than the person itself.

Why was Alex giving a second chance to this individual was beyond Mary's comprehension. Could he have changed that much in just over a month? It was highly unlikely. No, Mary didn't like this one bit, but it was not for her to decide... or was it?

When she reached the bar, Miles was sitting by himself in a corner, sipping on a drink of some sort. Mary approached and climbed on the free stool next to him.

"Hey? Feeling lonely?"

"Mmm... No, I'm good. I am just waiting for someone."

Miles didn't recognize Mary, which caused her to grin behind her muzzle.

"Do you mind if I keep you company?"

"Aaah... I'm sorry, I'm just waiting for a friend. Not looking for anything else."

"How come? You don't like pet girls?"

"Oh, no. It's not that... It's just... ah... nevermind..."

"Ah, come on! I want to chat for a bit. I'm bored. My name is Ann, what's yours?"


"Aren't you going to buy me a drink, Miles?"

"Sorry, as I said... I'm not looking for a date and..."

"A date? Can't you just buy a drink for a lonely pet girl? With a straw please... You know... the muzzle."

"Hehe... Okay, I can get you a drink because you are friendly. Order what you want."

Mary ordered a Bloody Caesar, with a straw, and moved a bit closer to Miles.

"So... Miles... Tell me about this friend of yours."

"Aaah, it's a long story."

"I have time. Is she cute?"

"I didn't say my friend was a girl."

"I bet she is. What's her name?"

"Yes, she is a girl... Her name is Alex. And yes, she is very cute."

"So, why the gloomy face? Something happened?"

"Am I really discussing this with a dog girl?"

"Haha! Yes you are! Come on. I'm a good listener... Tell me."

Miles took a good sip from his glass, visibly uncomfortable because of all the personal questions the undercover Mary threw at him. Somehow, this was awkward, but it also felt good to offload his failed romance story on a friendly stranger.

"Ann, you are quite something. Yes, something happened. I loved Alex very much, but I got carried away, and I messed up."

"What do you mean?"

"I dragged her in my fantasies, you know, fetish stuff, and she wasn't ready for it..."

"She wasn't ready!?"

"...No, scratch that... See, I mess up again... That's what I do apparently... What I mean is that I exposed her to all the things that turned me on, she was playing along... but then..."

"...but then?"

"I forgot to love her... I mean... outside my fetish, I didn't treat her right."

"So, she dumped you?"

"Nah... I ran away as soon as I realized that I was dragging her into some things without asking if she wanted to approach them differently first... I did this with my ex, who was a totally different person, and it didn't end well. So, yeah, I'm a coward because I ran away, but I didn't want her to suffer because of me."

Mary starred at Miles in disbelief. He was entirely honest, even though it made him look like a douchebag. But at least she understood that there was hope and that he was probably done playing games. She decided to push her assessment just a bit farther.

"Ah, forget about her! She is not worth it."


"What?... I'm just giving you advice."

"Why would I do that? Why do you think Alex is not worth it? You don't even know her."

"Do you like what I look like, Miles? I'm a sexy pet wearing latex and leather... Don't you like that?"

"Of course, I do. You are very attractive."

"While wearing this outfit, I send a positive signal that I'm ready to play. I wouldn't let real life get in the way. Who cares about being a couple... It's just dampening the fun. Wouldn't you be happier with a girl like me that is always ready to play?"


Mary got off her stool and reached Miles with her arms. She lifted her rubber muzzle just enough to expose her lips and quickly approached Miles' face. With her muzzle now covering her eyes, she challenged him through a murmur.

"I can't see... You can do whatever you want to me... You have three seconds to kiss me..."

"Wait... Ann... I..."

"Three... Fun... or a boring moody girlfriend? What will you choose?"


"Two... Kiss me now while you can... I'll make you feel amazing... all night long."

"Ann... You... You are very attractive but..."

"But what? You said it... I'm attracting you... last chance, Miles..."

Miles placed his two hands on each side of Mary's face.


... and he pushed her away, gently, and pulled her muzzle back into place.

"Sorry, Ann... I appreciate the offer... I'm sure it would have been great to spend the night with you, you are beautiful, but I love Alex... more than anything. And if there is a chance that I can go back to her tonight, I'll take that chance."

"Aaah! I didn't think you had it in you... Impressive. Maybe she was not as out of her mind as I thought."


"My name is not Ann. I'm Mary, her sister. Don't you recognize me?"

"...Mary!? I thought I remembered those eyes from somewhere... But... Why did you do that?"

"Why? Because, if you ever hurt her again, there won't be a third chance. And I would bite your face off. Come, she is waiting for you over there."

"Wait... Did... did she ask you to do this? To test me?"

"Don't be dumb, Miles... You know she would never ask me to do such a thing. It was my own initiative because I don't care about you that much... And if you tell her, I swear, I'll dismember you. Grab my harness. I'll lead you to her."

"Guys, here is the human male."

"Miiiles! Geez guys, it took you long enough."

"Hey, Miles! Come sit! Oh, wait! Before... look!"

I quickly got off my seat, stood up and twirled around to show him my new outfit, adding some extra hips motions.

"A... Alex?... Is that you!? You look... incredible!"

"Haha! I know, right! Come sit next to me."

"Sure. And, hi Mei."

"Hello, Miles. Hey, Mary, where did you get that drink from? You don't even have money."

"The bar... I'll tell you later, Mei."

"Mary, come here. Sit!"


I didn't mind sitting very close to Miles right away, but I also wanted my sister at my side as a supportive presence.

For the next two hours, we chatted about random things, fun stuff, and we never discussed what had happened between Miles and me. Everybody was on the same page; we were here, among friends, and it was the best way to heal from the past.

At first, Miles was not too sure what to expect; he didn't know Mei and Mary would be here with me tonight, but he managed to relax over time, understanding that we were not trying to work on his case. We were ready to accept him as he was and not search for trouble or targets to moralize him.

That said, he was pretty quiet as he has always been. He preferred watching rather than getting too involved. But it was a bit different this time; he didn't just observe us while fantasizing about girl-on-girl action. He was doing it more to understand us, to understand me and what I was doing here. The types of questions he asked were quite different from what I heard from him before. It wasn't perfect, but he was undoubtedly trying.

On my side, I was happy. Before coming here, it was clear that it wouldn't mean Miles and I were back together, no matter what would happen between us tonight. This stand was taking a weight off my shoulders. Over the next few weeks, we would do more of those friendly events, and I would be able to see how he would behave and how patient he would be with me. I would make sure to let him know, though, so he wouldn't start worrying that he was doing something wrong or that I was just playing with him.

That aside, it was still great to be close to him again, feel his presence and his heartbeat, his warmth. And this fox mask I was wearing was also great. I couldn't see his face, so it was only fair that he couldn't see mine. Perhaps this would help us understand each other better.

Then, toward the end of the evening, Mei decided to give Miles and I some alone time. I knew this would happen eventually, but it was okay. They bought me enough time as it was.

"Hey, Mary. Let's go for a walk. I need to stretch my legs. Want to go take a look in the play area?"


"Hehe... Alex, I'm borrowing your dog. If she causes trouble, it is still your fault."

"Haha, no problem! Mary, if you misbehave, I'll give you a nasty spanking!"

"Rrrf! Whatever!"

My dog definitely had an attitude problem, but I loved her so much. They walked away and left me alone with Miles. The music was now soft and slow, soothing. For a long moment, I just stayed there, leaning against him, thinking about what Mei asked me to do if things went well tonight. And things went well... so...

"Miles... It is a great night."

"I know, Squeaky... I... Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you that..."

"It's alright... I always thought that nickname was cute."

"It's fitting. You are very cute."

"How are you feeling?"

"Mmm... at peace... I was so nervous at first... but I appreciated the way you guys treated me. I probably didn't deserve it."

"I'm happy, Miles... But I'm not ready... This will take time."

"I know... I know. Don't worry about it. Love is one thing, and time is another. I'm just glad you are giving me the latter."

"I want to do something... No, I need to do something."


"Yes, something meaningful... Don't move, okay?"


I stood up and carefully straddled Miles, placing one knee on each side of his hids. Now that I was facing him and sitting comfortably on his lap, I brought my hands to his face.

"Let me look at you..."

This time I had no gloves... my extremely sensitive fingertips constructed a mental impression of his face. I had missed it. I didn't know what it was for sighted people, but for me, if I didn't touch someone's face for too long, I tended to forget what it was like.

"Miles... I want you to tell me what I look like."

"With this mask? Like a beautiful fox."

"I'll take my mask off... Then tell me what you see, okay? This is very important to me."

"Sure... You are mysterious."

His strong hands, unconsciously wrapped around my waist, made me feel safe. I demanded honesty from him... and I also needed to be honest. Things would never work between the two of us if we were not fully open with each other.

I reached my mask and slowly pulled it off my head, revealing my true identity... a girl... a simple normal girl. I place the mask aside on the velvety seat.

"You are as pretty as ever... I missed that face."

I placed a finger on his lips.

"Shhh... That's not it... Look..."

I slowly cracked my eyelids open... unveiling my soul to him. When I did the same with Mei at the store, it didn't have this meaning. This time, with Miles, it meant everything.

"Miles... Tell me what you see now..."

"I see big beautiful silver eyes... They are like little mirrors... I've never seen eyes like this before."

"...Try again..."

No, this time, it was not about my physical appearance. Miles knew that very well.

"Mmm... Try again? Okay... deja-vu."

"Hehe... yes... Like the first time we've met at the park."

"I see a gentle soul that has gone through many hurdles to get where she is... I see a strong-willed person who built a life for herself and is now sharing it with her precious friends and family. I see a person that I hurt, and that didn't deserve it. In her mirror eyes, I see myself and my mistakes."

"No... You are too harsh with yourself... What you see in my eyes is not a reflection... It's a projection from my soul. I'm thinking about you, Miles... and I wish we can learn about each other some more... In the upcoming weeks... months... perhaps years."

"I would like that very much, Alex.

I closed my eyes and leaned forward to press my lips on his, innocently, just because it was the right thing to do.

"Miles... I would like you to become my Sun..."

"Your Sun...?"

"Yes... I don't know what the Sun is, really, but I know it's very warm. I feel it on my skin sometimes when I go to the park... It's powerful and makes me feel good... But I don't know what it is... because I can't touch it... I can touch everything... I can touch my friends, my family... I can touch you, your pretty face... I know what everything around is like just by touching it... But I can't touch the Sun..."


"I need its warmth... I need its comforting presence... I need its powerful love... I want to be able to touch it... so I can learn what it is..."


I rested the side of my face on his chest. I wanted to listen to his heartbeat as I was telling him this...

"Miles! I want you to become my Sun... The Sun I can't see!"


The End


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