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The Suit

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

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Of course it's always nice to get something new, especially clothes... but sometimes you're not happy about the clothes that you're getting...

Part One

My Master told me that he was going to give me something, something that we'd spoken about a while ago. Usually he doesn't respond very quickly but brings it up again sometime later. This time it was about a suit that I’d seen one night whilst watching TV. We were both relaxing watching a soft porn video that he'd brought home, the picture was showing a woman dressed in a tight fitting rubber suit being bound by rope to a frame, I turned and said that the suit looked very good! Weeks had past since that night but when he told me that we were going out to buy something very special for me my heart leapt, moments like this make me forget that I am not only his wife but also his 'slave-girl'.

Completely unknowing & innocent I got into the car, I noticed too late that he'd brought a set of handcuffs with him, (hanging from his belt - a signal that I'm his 'slave' from that time on). I saw them as we were driving away but decided not to protest - I wanted this myself, the sheer joy of belonging totally to him. As soon as we entered the store I had a feeling of foreboding, but I was horny as hell by now and the smell coming from the rubber & leather clothing was arousing me even more! It was a wide shop full of all types of clothing, straps, chains etc. Suddenly I remembered the shiny rubber suit from the video; my master took me by my hand and led me around the store looking at the articles hanging against the walls.

Finally we came across a section of rubber clothes and from the row of clothing he brought out a black rubber suit, this suit would completely cover whoever was wearing it, not only the body, the legs and the arms but also the feet and gloves were part of the suit. You could describe it as a complete skin-covering suit all the way up to the neck. The saleslady was very friendly and helpful, I again felt shivers when my Master and she began whispering about something and looking at me, but I knew I could trust him. The saleslady looked at me, nodded her head she then began measuring my body. After consulting her book she again spoke to my Master finally she laughed and nodded her head, once again I felt unease but was now relishing the prospect of what was to come, wearing something tight & restricting. (My pussy was getting wetter by the second...)

I know my Master & even worse he knows me, too well! I knew for sure that he had something planned for me; I would feel great in the end. The saleslady came walking towards me with a suit in my size folded over her arm, although was that really my size! When I saw it, it seemed far too small and when I remarked about this she laughed and told me that the suit would stretch to fit my body. Of course that is true but does that apply to thick rubber? They powdered the suit for me & within a couple of minutes I was taking my clothes off in the changing room, the saleslady helped me with fitting the suit over my body, my Master giving directions from a distance. It was not easy getting into the suit.

She helped me put my legs and then my arms into the suit, it was very tight but the powder eased the suit over my skin, it was a hard job pulling the rubber over my body but the worst was still to come... inch by inch she pulled the zipper up, from my crotch to my neck. It took her a while because she had to struggle with the rubber, pulling it together then zipping a couple of inches, stop again & pull the rubber & continue with the zipper. The suit was becoming tighter & began holding, firming my body all over, the sensations this caused within started to become overwhelming.

Just before the zipper was pulled up completely, sealing me within, my Master came over with another item from the store. It was a rubber hood; made from the same thick, tight material as the suit it covered my whole head except for my eyes and mouth. My knees went weak at the prospect of wearing this and as soon as my head was covered I felt overjoyed & could feel my sex become wetter and a warm fuzzy feeling well-up in the pit of my stomach. I noticed that I could not open my mouth very easily; the hood held my jaw tightly once closed at the back. There were two holes for breathing at my nostrils.

Believe me when I say that the outfit was tight! I could hardly breathe and my (normally) full breasts seemed to have lost a few inches. My body was now fully enclosed within the tight rubber, head to toe - I had a small orgasm on the spot as she ran her hands over my body smoothing the suit against me, my body rocked and then shuddered with electrical energy. She then began cleaning the suit with some cleanser, polishing the rubber giving it a sheen, the feeling within me began to build again towards the brink of another orgasm, but was stopped short by my Masters instruction. He said that I was to remain in this state and ordered me not to come again without his permission. When you are in the suit your body seems to become extra sensitive, every touch seems more intense the sensations become more erotic.

Finally she finished dressing me, I was now fully enclosed within my rubber suit, my Master then placed a rubber collar around my neck, effectively locking the zip and the hood under it, he then produced a lock from his coat pocket and placed it through the clasp at the back of the collar. I felt my pussy leap as he clicked the lock shut, he said that the key was back at home and that I was now locked into the suit with no way of getting out without his permission. My body melted at this prospect and I was then lead over to a mirror to see for myself how I looked. I could not believe my eyes, I am very well shaped and looked good in tight clothes but this was different. It really looked like a second skin & I could see my body in all it's delight with my rounded curves displayed for all to enjoy. I felt naked standing there, my body wrapped tightly within the rubber bonds of the suit, firming my legs, tummy and breasts.

Next my Master came up behind me and began putting a gag in my mouth, it was thick black rubber with a penis shape that filled my mouth completely which also covered my lips and was secured to fasteners on the hood in four places covering all the skin left uncovered by the hood and strapped behind my head and secured with another padlock. Now I couldn't get out of the suit or speak without either his permission or the keys back at home. I didn't think that the locks were necessary because I could not get out of the suit without help anyway but they sure felt good!

The feeling of totally belonging to my Master, his rubber slave bound within my tight suit, I could only move slowly what with the rubber being so new, so tight. My Master had more devious plans for me, from behind the store counter he brought out two items made of the same rubber as my gag, one was a large phallus shaped object & the other resembled a large finger. He bent me over and un-zipped the suit at my crotch and pushed the large dildo into my soaking wet pussy, he then lubricated the other item and pushed this into my rear passage, closing the zipper kept the two from falling out when I stood up. The feelings with me were now at boiling point.

Then he pulled out a long chain, which he placed around my waist, pulling me even tighter & making my waist smaller, he locked this in place with a small lock leaving more chain hanging down. Then he pulled the free end through my crotch very tightly, pushing both plugs further within me, securing the chain in front with another lock (my Master has a lock fetish!). After that he gave me some time to get used to the feelings that my body was going through, making me walk up & down the store, parading for him & the saleslady, she leering at my tightly bound form. My senses went into overload; the feel of the rubber suit & the plugs within me pushed me closer to the brink again! Only the voice of my Master bringing me back to my senses stopped me from orgasm.

Apparently this was still not enough for him, on top of the suit was placed a rubber sheath dress, rolled over the top of the suit by the saleslady it felt even tighter than the suit. I don't know how to place this feeling but rubber on skin is one thing but rubber over rubber is something else! But they had not finished with me yet, she whispered in his ear & my Master nodded his agreement she came towards me with another piece of rubber, she went behind me grabbing my arms she placed them into the sheath that she held, pulling this up towards my shoulders she strapped the end in a criss-cross pattern around my breasts preventing me from removing the sheath now enclosing my hands & arms. She then began tightening the straps that circled the sheath and brought my elbows together, then my wrists pushing my breasts out more in front. Only my eyes remained uncovered at present.

She then proceeded to unfasten the zippers that covered my breasts, exposing the rubber suit underneath. I had not noticed this in the dress but now my nipples stood out under the rubber and after some attention from her fingernails pinching them were rock hard, she then placed clips on each nipple over the rubber causing a sharp pain that made me catch my breath, turning to more pain as she began attaching a chain between the two clamps and pulling downwards I felt she was about to pull my nipples away from my breasts. The pain was intense, I screamed in agony and shock but because of the gag let out only a muffled yelp. She did it hard & mean, she must be a Mistress herself or at least have it in her to cause so much pain. My Master was highly amused & aroused by this turn of events & left me with her to continue her torture of my bound body, sitting down to watch the show.

She then proceeded to attach the chain to the one around my waist, all the time making sure that it was tight and that I was in pain. My nipples were pulled downwards towards my waist, screaming at me as the clamps worked their magic spell, my breasts seemed to expand at the touch & feel of this woman & her clips. She ran her hands over my body, feeling me through the tight rubber, touching me on my sex making me squirm to her touch. Bringing an intense feeling of electrical shocks wherever she touched, she brought me to the very edge of an orgasm & stopped several times, causing me to fall back to earth with a start, saying that slaves are only their to serve their masters and not their own pleasures.

After what seemed like hours she took off the clamps, the rush of blood bringing my nipples back to life, causing immense pain. They were hard and sticking to the inside of the rubber suit and every touch made them drive me crazy. She zipped up the dress over my breasts sending more waves through my body, I thought I would go insane, I felt so damn horny, especially because all my movements caused the two plugs within me to move around making me hotter than ever.

One final item was required by my Master, the saleslady went into the stockroom and brought out a pair of black rubber boots, she proceeded to put these on my feet, working the rubber up my legs towards my thighs. She zipped them closed gradually taking time to work the rubber, tightening and enclosing my feet and legs. The heels were at least five inches long allowing me to stand only on my toes, the rubber of the boots stiffening up my legs making it easier to stand in them. They reshaped my legs making them slender & firmer than before, my Master looked very pleased with the result, bending down to fasten the strap at the top of the boot around each thigh he secured each strap with a small lock.

Then my Master said that I was ready and that it was time for us to go, paying for the goods and thanking the saleslady for her assistance I was then lead out to the car with a leash attached to my collar, my normal clothes in a plastic bag. Luckily no one saw me dressed as I was, the street was fairly deserted. I hadn't noticed that during my fun inside that the night sky had fallen, the stars were shinning and people were hurrying home from work.

The ride home lasted a lifetime, the plugs within me pushing against my flesh, creating wonderful sensations within my body. I couldn't wait to get home, it was only half an hour but it felt like more, I was going through hell or was that heaven! Anyway you can imagine that I could feel every bump in the road and this very tight rubber suit working every inch of my body to a frenzy. Home at Last, my Master was so good for me; I'd had the time of my life...

Part Two

During the journey home feeling every bump in the road, causing the two plugs within me to keep the heat that was rising from my loins to continue it's relentless push towards orgasm, I hoped that this was not the end of my Master's plans for me. I didn't have long to wait to find out, upon arriving home I was taken from the car, lead by the leash attached to my collar to the special room in the basement, where I was taken to a small room in the corner of the cellar. He had made the small room into a cell, with locks on the outside of the door and chain hanging from the walls inside. I was then made to stand against the wall, my legs were spread and shackles were attached to my ankles causing me to spread my legs outwards.

My arms were still held within the rubber sheath that the saleslady had applied in the store, my Master fixed a padlock through the ring at the end of the sheath to another ring on the wall, next he placed a large leather posture collar around my neck and secured this to the wall with another lock. I was stuck against the wall, tight within my rubber suit unable to move an inch; he then placed a blindfold over my eyes and left the room locking the door behind him.

How long was he going to leave me like this? What would he do next? Delicious thoughts began running through my mind as to what lay ahead, the warmth spreading outwards from my belly, I tried to twist & squirm within my bonds, but only managed to make myself even hornier than before. The taste of the rubber with my mouth, the smell of rubber mixing with my sweat and the constant presence of the two plugs within me brought me closer to the brink, but I stopped myself short to savour the final outcome.

My Master returned later to remove me from the cell, he removed the blindfold. I could see that he'd changed into a black latex bodysuit, enclosing his body within its delightful feel. Master then removed the sheath that had bound my arms and then the dress, leaving me in just the catsuit, hood and boots. He brought me towards a pair of stocks in the middle of the cellar, locking my ankles in one end and my hands & neck within the other, leaving me in a kneeling & vulnerable position with my rear available for his pleasure. He produced a small cane from the cupboard, my eyes widened at seeing this; I knew that this was going to be both painful & pleasurable. 

He began lashing my backside with gentle strokes at first, to warm me up he says, getting harder as he continued. The rubber of the suit was protecting me from the lash of the cane taking some of the sting out, leaving behind a dull pain turning to warmth, then turning to delightful feelings spreading out from my sex & behind. Putting the cane aside he proceeded to massage my tingling bum, soothing where moments ago he inflicted pain. I knew that this was only the beginning, and sure enough he went on to produce other items to use on me, one-minute pain - the next pleasure, I was on cloud nine, bursting to release.

After Master had finished with his toys, he knelt down in front of me removing the gag, I could see his erect member before me and I was eager to devour him. Taking him in my mouth, unable to use my hands, I sucked hard running my tongue over his organ savouring every inch, he then held onto my head forcing himself deeper into my mouth. I could tell that he was enjoying himself by the low moans emanating from his throat, it wasn't long before I could feel his cock swell within my mouth and I could taste his pre cum, Master shot his load pushing his penis further down my throat. I was un-willing & unable to do anything other than swallow it down, he gradually pulled out of my mouth after sucking him dry, staring down at me with a wicked glint in his eye, "Did you enjoy that?" he asked.

"Yes Master!" I rasped back at him.

He said that he would now release me, now that he'd taken his pleasure of me. 

I gave him a disappointed look and said, “Please don't finish with me now Master! I implore you, use me as you wish".

"What would you like to happen to you now? It's late & I have to get up early".

"Welllll.... Master, uh... what do you do with toys that you've finished playing with?' 

"Ahh yes! We have to put them away, don't we?" he said with a knowing smile.

"Yes Master, as you wish". I said as I lowered my eyes.

He walked away leaving me locked in the stocks and I heard him moving around behind me in the cellar, preparing what he was going to do to me next! The thoughts rushing through my mind as to what pleasure awaited me next.

He came up behind me, unfastening the zipper at my crotch, he pulled the large dildo from my sopping wet pussy with a loud plop! I thought that he'd use me again for his pleasure, but I was to be denied this tonight. He pushed within my soaked vagina a large rubber vibrator, which at first made me shudder and sent tingles up & down my spine, but the pleasant feelings soon overwhelmed the initial shock. Switching it on he re-zipped my suit making sure that the chain that ran around my waist and down through my crotch was covering and pushing against the vibrating member. Fully enclosed again within my tight rubber, the sensations of this new addition soon worked it's magic on my very hot body. I was aglow.

My Master then released me from the stocks, taking me towards the cupboard where he stores all his whips, canes etc. 

"Now slave, lets make sure that you sleep nice and tight!!” 

Putting my arms back into the sheath, pulling the straps tightly and lacing my arms together again behind my back. Master then pulled out some ropes from the cupboard and tied my ankles together, next tying more rope around my legs just below & above the knees, he continued up to around my thighs and more rope around my waist. Picking up more rope he threaded one end through the ring on the end of the sheath encasing my arms, lying me down on the floor he brought the other end to the rope around my ankles, putting me into a hog-tie position. Now tightly bound within my rubber suit with ropes and arms encased in their sleeve I was unable to move, I was in seventh heaven, to be used & controlled like this was the best part of our Master/slave relationship.

He picked me up off the floor and carried me towards a large wooden chest placed to one side of the dungeon; he lifted me inside and placed me within a large cloth sack that was inside the box. He then replaced the blindfold, locking it in place with a small padlock, before closing the top of the sack, my Master said, "You will remain here until I decide to release you, that maybe some while!" and then he kissed me tenderly on my lips. Replacing the gag and securing it with another lock, he pulled a leather hood over my head and sealed me within with yet another lock. Unable to see, speak or move, nice & tight - just how I like it, within my new rubber suit, bound and gagged, at my Master's mercy!

He then pulled the sack over my head covering me entirely, he tightened the ropes at the top of the sack, and I heard the clasps of padlocks close and knew that I was bound with the sack until my Master released me. He then pushed me down within the chest, which had just enough room for me to fit into with my knees bent and my legs pulled up towards my back. He then proceeded to put his other 'toys' on top of me, ropes, chains, straps etc. I was just another toy to be put away after use, I heard him close the lid and then turn the keys in the locks, and straps were then pulled up around the outside and secured with more locks. (I did say that he had a lock fetish!)

I heard him moving about the cellar, taking his time tidying up. "That's most of the toys put away," he said, "Just one last one to clear away". He then came over to my box and moved me into the cell that I was earlier bound up in, he took great delight in telling me again that I would stay here until he decided to return to release me, whenever that maybe. As he closed the cell and locked me away, I had my first big orgasm of the night, fireworks went off in my head, I had never had such a powerful orgasm before like this, it was indescribable - one of the many I had that night!!

As I lay within my box, squirming in my new tight rubber suit, bound & gagged the bonds holding me tighter still, unable to move or break free, locked within the chest, within the cell, within the dungeon/cellar my thoughts sent me over the top again and again. My Master had made sure that I could not move around in the box by placing those other 'toys' around me and on top of me. All I could do was lay there and let the vibrator & butt plug do their work...

As I had these marvellous thoughts & feelings my Master slept soundly upstairs in our bed. When would he release me? Who knows but at present I don't care as I am in a state of bliss.

All of this happened a week ago. Today I am wearing the rubber suit again and I can feel moist already (and not only sweat). But my Master has promised me another session, the saleslady will be bringing some samples with her and my Master has promised her that I will be used by her for whatever purpose she deems fit!!!

It will take place tonight! I'm looking forward to it! It will be very special!!!!

A Rubber Slave Girl.


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