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The Ship

by No One

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© Copyright 2001 - No One - Used by permission

Storycodes: AlienF+/m; D/s; latex; bondage; cons/reluct; XX

by No-one

1: The Orb

Bob wasn't exactly sure why he was here in the first place. Maybe it was that he got sick of listening to that inner voice that kept telling him that he needed to get out in the world and experience things that had held his fascination for so long. Or maybe it was that he was sick of being home every night fantasizing about being dominated by beautiful women wearing shiny leather, rubber and/or latex. Bob was from a small town originally. He had moved to the big city for a job that was interchangeable with a thousand other jobs in the big city. He was a drone, 8 to 5 in a grey little cubicle in a monolithic tower of steel and glass. Soul-draining wasn't even the half of it. To make matters worse, when he was able to find someone to ask out, the chance of finding a mate interested in becoming his mistress was very remote. The end result was always the same: they denounced him as a pervert and told him to hit the bricks.

There was one woman that he had met that almost fit the bill. Her name was Alice. Alice was in another department of the monolithic company that Bob worked. They had met at one of those company-backed rally events, the one where they make adults play kids games in an effort to foster more productivity. Alice was a cute redhead that had a bit of a wild streak. She always wore tight, revealing clothing and always smelled great. When he would see her at work, she always acted like she owned the place. It was an appealing aspect of her personality. He eventually got the nerve to ask her out. They dated for a brief time, at one point they went to a Halloween party together. He went as a cop, or something unimaginative, Alice went as a dominatrix. It gave him a head full of ideas and a groin full of gumption. Mixed with a belly full of alcohol, he sprang the idea of her tying him up and screwing his brains out. She freaked and that was that. He was again back at square one.

He tinkered with the idea of going to a professional dungeon in town, but he wasn't enthusiastic about it enough to go through with it. He wasn't sure why, but he felt it was too much too soon. He just wanted a good time with not all of the theatrics. Or so he thought. That is why he was here tonight, he reasoned. The Orb was a club on the wild side of town. The unofficial tagline of the club was "Where Every Thing Goes Goes". Tonight was no exception. Gorgeous women wearing outfits that would make Catwoman blush, men at their beck and call and vice-versa. You you would see same sex pairings, but in the sea of writhing humanity, it could be difficult to tell. It was a hot summer night and the bass of continual string of dance/techno/house music had a lid on the place, bringing it to a sensual simmer.

Bob approached the bar to get something to soothe his parched throat. He was almost embarrassed to be there. He had arrived that night wearing fairly conservative clothing. Nothing too square, but in a place like this it made him stick out. His self-consciousness was further amplified by the fact that the denizens of The Orb were stunning creatures. Beautiful on a level that would have runway models panicking. They were almost too beautiful, almost from another place in reality, but he wrote that off to the heat. "They probably don't look like this in the morning," he mused to himself.

Just as that thought passed through his mind, he felt someone looking at him. He was compelled to look over his shoulder at this sensation. There, standing out of the crowd, was a vision of his dreams. She was tall, but not too tall, maybe about 5'9". She was voluptuous, but not fat, athletic, but not skinny. She looked like she had been poured into the red latex devil costume that hugged her curves like a second skin. Her wavy raven black hair framed her pale face, dark green eyes bright and unblinking. No wonder he felt her looking at him, she was positively burning holes in him. She approached him.

"You, you have come here for something that I can give you," she said evenly. He lost feeling in his feet. She smelled intoxicating. He wanted to grab her, run his hands up and down her latex skin, but all he could do is stand there.

"I...uh," was all he could muster. She smiled at his attempt to respond. She brushed his cheek with a gloved hand. He felt like he was going to explode. He was harder than he had ever been. She noticed.

"You are going to need that for later, please don't make me look for someone else," she breathed, getting closer. He could feel the heat radiating off of her. He didn't even see the device in her hand. It emitted a bright light and his world went black.

2: Awakening

He stirred back to consciousness. His head was groggy from whatever that light had done to him. He wanted to look around, but he found himself naked and strapped down to a piece of furniture that was unfamiliar to him. It was composed of a substance that almost felt...alive! It was warm to the touch of his naked skin, if felt pliable, but firm. It was a chair, a table, a bed and a rack all in one. He struggled with the bonds, but they wouldn't yield, made of same unknown substance. He noticed that his was in a room with a domed ceiling. The walls seemed translucent, with something pulsing behind them. It, whatever it was, made a wet noise.

"Excellent, you are awake," a voice called from out of his sight. He heard the clicking of spiked heels approach him. The Devil Woman came into view. He got hard looking at her, the way the latex skin moved under the light. He shifted on the rack. She noticed his erection. "I see that you made it this far. Good."

"Listen, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but what's going on?" he asked. Devil Woman smiled.

"What you had asked for, so many times to so many phantom ears: being a slave." she replied. He got excited at the sound of this. She snapped her fingers. He heard another set of heels on the floor. He glanced up. It was Alice. She was dressed in a white rubber catsuit from neck to toe. She wore her red hair in a tight ponytail.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. Alice didn't respond. More to the point, she couldn't respond. Wrapped around her face was a ball gag, though it wasn't anything Bob had seen before. It looked alive, it's straps actually tentacles. It looked alive. Alice's eyes were half shut, her thoughts somewhere else. The Devil Woman snapped her fingers again. Alice's eyes opened. The Devil Woman caressed the ball gag/creature. It loosened it's grip and came out of Alice's mouth. The Devil Woman handed the gag/creature to Alice. Bob wanted to ask Alice what was going on, but was cut short.

"The Mistress wants you silenced. Your extracting is to happen soon and it will be noisy. She hates noisy," Alice purred.

"Extracting? What?" he demanded.

"You are in the Mistress' Ship. She harvests this planet for suitable donor/slaves. She milks them of all of their semen, has them transformed into pleasure slaves and then finds a suitable home for them." Alice explained, matter of factly. His mind reeled at all of this.

Alice placed the ball gag/creature on his face. The round head went over his mouth and the tentacles wrapped around his head. The alieness of the whole experience was getting to him.  The creature forced his mouth open and jammed itself in. He wanted to beg, but all that came out was a series of pathetic mumblings. Alice stroked his face. She leaned next to his ear.

"Now it begins, slave," she whispered.

The Devil Woman approached his outstretched legs. Her mouth parted and she lowered her head to his cock. He groaned. This is what he wanted, this is what he craved. The dream, quickly turned into a nightmare. A long, serpentine tongue shot out of the Devil Woman's mouth. The tongue wrapped itself around the base of his erect cock, cutting off circulation and preventing him from coming. Her tongue wound around the cock all the way to the head. He though he was going to faint. First he was terrified, but now he was totally turned on. Her mouth engulfed the tongue bound prick and the blow job began. She sucked with a ferocity that you only saw in pornos. He writhed in the bonds, feeling like she was sucking his entire body into her. She moaned against his cock and he thought he was going to die. Soon he figured out the torture: she was going to blow him to death. It went on like this for what must have been an hour. Her stamina was inhuman. He tried to howl at his frustration.

"Please let me come!" he wanted to whine to her, but all that came out was grunting and mewing. Tears at the corners of his eyes. She looked up at him and gave him a look that sent chills down his spine. "No way, not yet," the look said.

The blowjob continued. It felt like days had passed. Eventually he felt her rhythm slowing. Was this his his chance at release? Alice played with his nipples all the while, he lean rubber encased fingers sending chills through him. She smiled at his torment. Bob could have never imagined a bondage session like this with her.

"If you play your cards right, the Mistress might give you to me," Alice sighed. Bob's mind was spinning. With the Devil Woman sucking him off and Alice teasing him, he was going to black out soon. When it all seemed like too much, he felt the Devil Woman's tongue loosen. Her mouth tugged at him one more time and then he erupted. He came forever and she swallowed it all. She milked him with her mouth and tongue. He screamed behind the gag at the release. 
"Doesn't that feel better?" Alice asked. He could only sob.

3: The Thing

The Mistress/Devil Woman got off of her knees and walked over to one of the wall. He watched her as she pressed a hand against the other-worldy architecture. A tube seemed to grow out of the wall. The Devil Woman put her mouth over the tube and regurgitated his spunk.

"You made quite a deposit. We knew that you would be an excellent donor." Alice cooed. He began to understand a bit. Alice was the Devil Woman's scout. She found suitable males and got them a lathered up and looking for more. That's when the Devil Woman would appear on the scene to prey on the weak-willed targets. The Devil Woman motioned to Alice.

"Now we prepare you for the transformation, slave," Alice snapped. From out of the shadows a multitude of latex coated limbs grabbed him. He noticed that the room had filled up with women that all looked like Alice, but they were all dressed differently. Some were cheerleaders, some were cops, some were Catwomen, some were Catholic school girls, but they all wore rubber costumes. A ship full of Alice clones! He was in Heaven. He was instantly hard again.

The Alpha Alice noticed his erection and shook her head in disapproval.

"You are too resilient," she sighed. The chair/bed/table quivered. The Devil Woman joined the group. She grabbed him roughly by the hair.

"I see that your appetites are boundless and that you have awakened the Thing" she snarled. He tired to cower, but the bonds were too strong. The Devil Woman turned to the Alpha Alice. "You know what to do." she said in a low voice. With that, the Devil Woman swayed off. The Thing? What was she talking about? Bob wondered, unable to say anything with the gag. Alpha Alice turned to him. She looked almost on the brink of orgasm. "This is my favorite part," she moaned at him. The chair/table/bed jerked. More bonds wrapped around his wrists and ankles. Alpha Alice leaned over him, her hands playing with his cock. It suddenly dawned on Bob what he was strapped to.

"Welcome to the Thing," she said seductively. "After it is done with you, all you will be is a mindless fuck-toy to be sold to some degenerate alien species. You will endure a lifetime of humiliation and pleasure that I can't even begin to imagine!" The thought of this made Alpha Alice put her hand between her thighs. "But the best part is, that you will act like you enjoy it, but deep in your mind you will be humiliated and ashamed."

One of the Alices removed the gag from his mouth. He began pleading with Alpha Alice, but the words fell on deaf ears. She stroked the Thing. It quivered to life. His arms were immediately engulfed in mouths that formed out of the Thing. The same thing happened to his legs. The sensation was amazing. He was being sucked by a rubber being. Alpha Alice chuckled at his arousal. A face formed at his crotch. It had a mouth and a chin that looked like a stalagmite. He panicked as the "head" approached. The chin on the Thing glistened in the light. It approached his ass. The long hard appendage worked it's way into his ass and the mouth of the Thing engulfed his cock. The simultaneous sucking of his limbs and cock, mixed with the anal probe was almost too much. Alpha Alice ran he rubber coated finger over his lips.

"One last thing before you are ready," she said. "You are about to ingest a toxin that will wipe away your mind as soon as you orgasm. You will be still on the inside of your mind, but you will be trapped in the body of a rubber slut, forever to be used and abused."

He began screaming as a hood grew over his face. The Thing jammed a appendage down his throat before he knew what was happening. A goo poured down his throat. He wept. He was so close to coming. He could hear the Alices teasing him for his efforts not to come. He fought it for as long as he could, but it wasn't enough. He came into the Thing and the toxin began it's job.

"Remember, this is what you wanted," was the last thing that he heard Alpha Alice say.


Bob regained consciousness. He opened his eyes slowly, but he was still blinded by an overwhelming whiteness. He could see nothing else but an intense white light. Slowly he began to realize that he was in some sort of room. He tried to move but found that he was immobilized, his arms high above his head, shackled, the tethers disappearing into the white. His legs were spread wide as well, bound. He was suspended in the air in a big 'x' shape. He became aware of the soreness of the predicament. The first thought to enter his mind was: Where the hell am I? Bob tried to recount events leading up to his bound state, but was drawing a blank. All he could remember was going to a club called The Orb and that was it.

He hung there in the air for a while. There was only the sound of his breathing that met his ears. He wanted to yell out. All that came out was a grunt. He was gagged. He closed his eyes for a moment and wished that this was some bad dream. There was a hiss from behind him. The sound of high heels tapped across the floor. He struggled to turn to see who it was. "Eyes front," snapped a feminine voice. Bob did as he was told without a moments hesitation. His response surprised him. Normally he would have tried to protest, but the stern nature of his visitor's voice triggered something inside Bob. It was as if he was trained...

"Excellent reaction time," the voice said in response. "I see that your previous handlers, owners, lovers and tormentors have done well to break your spirit, succeed in making your will that of the owner." More heel falls on the floor. Bob felt rubber sheathed fingers stroke his backside. He tensed, but only a little. He got aroused. The footfalls came round to Bob's front. Bob kept his eyes forward, but he still tried to see his visitor out of the corner of his eye. No such luck. He felt fingers play along his stiffened member.  The touch was heaven. He closed his eyes, relishing the attentions that his manhood was receiving. The visitor noticed this.

"Oh, you'll be getting more of this, my newest acquisition," the visitor said in an amused tone. "Now look at me!"

Bob's eyes shot open and he finally saw his tormentor. A beautiful female humanoid stood before him. She was coated from head to toe in a white rubbery surface, the material showing off her curved and tight form. A half mask covered her eyes. Her skin was a light green and her amber hair was pulled behind in a long tail. The lenses to the mask were a swirl of colors, always shifting. It was hypnotizing.

"I am the one they call Blanca and I am your new mistress," she said, smiling a wicked smile. Her multi-colored eyes swam. "You were...given to me by a former rival. Your reputation as a pleasure slave is far reaching in this galaxy, so I absolutely had to have you." Bob took all of this in, his eyes fixed on hers.

Blanca moved closer. She reached behind his head and undid the gag. "Speak," she snapped.

"How did I get here? What is this place?" he rasped. His voice sounded unfamiliar to him. Blanca grinned like a cat.

"The drugs did their job, just as advertised. Your memory loss is total," she said. She snapped her fingers. What looked like some kind of monitor lowered from the ceiling. Blanca walked behind the bound Bob, wrapping her arms around him. "Now watch. All will be revealed."

Bob watched the screen intently as it crackled to life. Blanca's body crushed against his backside. It was almost distracting enough to make him not watch the screen. Images began to flicker before Bob's eyes. There he was, being sucked off by a beautiful woman dressed as a rubber devil. Standing off to the side was a familiar woman dressed in white rubber. She was teasing the bound and gagged Bob. Of course, Bob thought, the Devil Woman and Alice, the Ship and the Thing. He shuddered in fear and ecstasy as he watched himself being tormented by the living furniture creature, surrounded by exact clones of Alice.

Then the scene shifted. A large amphitheater packed with an assortment of life forms came into view. In the arena, a lift came up with three figures. The crowd cheered. Bob recognized who it was. It was him. He was led over by two of the Alice clones to what looked like a saw horse, except it was wet looking. He was bent over it and the 'horse' sprang to life. An orifice formed and took a hold of his hard cock and began to suck. Bob looked content until he saw something approach him. His look was one of apprehension Two female looking creatures covered in glossy, skin tight red suits approached him. They both had strap-on dildos jutting from their groins. One got in front of Bob and the other behind his rear. They jammed the dildos in, one in his mouth, the other in his rear and began pumping away. Bob watched in revulsion as his image bumped and grind with the thrusting. He was enjoying this and so was the crowd.

"You made quite the grand entrance," Blanca whispered in his ear, stroking his cock. Bob twisted at the bonds. He was revulsed and aroused at the same time. It was agony.

The scene changed again. Now he was being gang-banged by a horde of rubber cheerleader aliens wearing strap-ons. In a another scene he was being slurped down by a translucent jellyfish looking monster. Then he was forced to eat out a tied up woman while he was fucked in the rear by a creature that had no arms, torso or head, just a cock with two legs. Scenes, on by one, paraded across the screen. Bob dressed up like a rubber maid, Bob being whipped, Bob being tickled while tied up. On and on, being the recipient and giver of pleasure and humiliation. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He remembered none of it.

"Now I have you," Blanca hissed. She snapped her fingers again and the screen retracted in the ceiling. "The things that you have seen are only the beginning. What I'm going to do to you will be far more extreme, only this time, you won't be so...complacent about it."

Bob shook at this. "Please, no," he pleaded. Blanca roughly put the gag back into place.

"Oh the fear in your voice makes me wet, slave," she teased. She began jerking him off. He was close to blowing his load when she took his cock in her mouth. He came and she swallowed it all. She leaned into him, breasted mashed against his chest, her warm pussy rubbing on his sated cock. "But your other emotions are transparent. I can tell that you like this deep down. I can't wait to bring it all...ALL to the surface."

Bob was hard again. He wanted more than anything to be released and his cock inside his white clad mistress. But she stepped back and smiled. She nodded her head to something behind him. A trio of black rubber clad nurse aliens came into view. Their faces were polished black to match their outfits. They had blood red lips and white eye lenses. One was pushing a cart of instruments: dildos, whips, canes, gags, handcuffs.

"Do what you like to him. Let the others have their turn as well and then have him modified as I have requested," Blanca instructed. She began to leave. She smacked Bob on the ass. "Don't have too much fun." With that she was gone.

The lead nurse smiled and touched Bob's chest. He struggled when he saw she had a whip in hand. There was nothing he could do...

5- The Hold

A noise woke Bob from his dazed state. He opened his eyes and looked around. He saw the nurses standing over him. He was on some sort of table and he was strapped down. His skin was alive with a series of welts and bruises. The nurses had worked him over pretty good. His first impulse was to struggle, but he fought the urge. No way he was getting out of this one. The lead nurse leaned over, the light playing on her black latex skin.

"Wakey, wakey human," she said. She kissed Bob on the lips. Her rubber tongue worked into Bob's mouth. "You are soooooo tasty." The other nurses walked out of Bob's sight, preparing something. Bob tried to say something, but nothing came out. The lead nurse saw his reaction on his face.

"We've temporarily shut down the part of your brain that regulates speech," she cooed. Bob whimpered and squirmed. "Now, now, I said it's only temporary. It will depend on your behavior and how well you satisfy Blanca that will determine when we change it back."

The other nurses returned with what they had been preparing. The brought forth a large metal container. Bob couldn't see what was in it. The nurses tipped the container over and let the contents spill out. A rubbery worm creature fell out onto Bob's naked abdomen.

"That's your new suit," the lead nurse explained, head nodding to the worm. She gave Bob a quick kiss on the cheek and stood up.

The worm felt cold against his skin. It began to wiggle and work it's way up his chest. All Bob could do is watch it move. The worm stopped at a spot on his chest and sucked close to Bob's skin. Bob could feel little jabs of pain, as if the creature was biting into his skin. Then the worm shuddered and began to grow, or more precisely, began to expand. Slowly the worm lost it's round shape and began to cover Bob's skin. Soon the rubbery creature engulfed Bob. The flesh of the worm began to warm with Bob's body temperature. He was coated from head to toe in this rubbery beast, the skin of it contracting to match his form. Bob could feel the substance invading every nook and cranny of him, from his mouth to his pores, until it was nearly a part of his body.

"Good, now you are ready," the lead nurse said. She threw a switch and Bob's bonds released. He lay there for a moment. "Get up!" she commanded. Bob didn't budge and was surprised when he sat up, against his will! He could feel the worm suit giving off little shocks against his skin. Bob let out a yelp. "Now, if you do as you are told, then there is no pain, but if you refuse, then the suit will punish you and make you do as you are told."

Bob couldn't believe it. He timidly got off the table. More shocks. "I never told you that you could get off the table," the lead nurse snapped. She grabbed him by the back of the neck. "I can see that Blanca is going to have her hands full with you. All the better, she loves a good challenge. Now follow me."

The lead nurse walked towards a portal in the room. The portal opened and  she walked out. Bob followed, with the two other nurses following him. He walked down a white hallway. Lining the hall were little windows. Bob glanced into one of the windows and saw a male rubber alien strapped onto some kind of frame while a female rubber alien whipped him with long tentacle arms. One of the nurses shoved him forward. "She's already had her way with you," she hissed.

They kept moving down the hall. Bob glanced into another window. There he saw a familiar figure being gang-banged by an army of rubber aliens: The Devil Woman. Bob's jaw dropped. The rubber aliens worked at a frenzied pace. The Devil Woman was lost in a world of pleasure and pain as she was fucked.  The lead nurse glanced over her shoulder. "Now you know what happened to your original owner. She lost a bet with Blanca," the lead nurse said in an amused tone.

In the last window he saw another familiar sight. It was Alice. She was in the most constrictive bondage that he'd ever seen someone in. Her arms were bound high above her head and her legs were spread wide. Her body was wrapped in a tight red rubber cocoon, the material fanning out to follow her shapely legs. She had s gag in her mouth and a red rubber blindfold strapped over her eyes. Next to her was Blanca sitting on a rubber coated stool. She was dressed in a white rubber hobble dress, a whip in one had and a drink in the other.

"This is where you start, slave," the lead nurse chuckled. She pushed Bob towards the window. He thought that he was going to crash into the glass, but he passed right through the wall. He stumbled into the room with Blanca and Alice.

"Welcome," Blanca smiled. "They've finished with you!" She stood up and went over to inspect Bob's new suit. "It fits quite well," she sighed. She took a sip of the drink and set it on the table. Bob took a long hard look at her. She was a vision when he saw her with her hood on, but with it off, Bob thought he was in love. Her face was a careful mix between angular and round, very feminine, but also hard. She also looked very young. Her eyes still had that weird color thing going on that her lenses did. Her hair flowed free around her shoulders in a cascade of gold. She caught him staring and smiled. She draped the whip over one shoulder.

"Don't make me hurt you for oggling me," she said. Bob looked at the floor. "That's better. Now, let's begin."

Alice began to struggle at hearing this, but it was all in vain. The red rubber cocoon held her fast. All she could do was grunt and moan.  Blanca caressed her face and cooed. "Oh, this will be fun, Alice." Blanca moved her hand down to where Alice's crotch would be. She stroked the rubber and Alice moaned into the gag. The rubber parted and a slit opened to reveal Alice's pussy. Blanca went behind Bob and pushed him forward. "Now get humping, slave." Bob jammed his erect cock into Alice. Alice let  out a muffled gasp. Bob began to hump away. He grabbed Alice's hips and began fucking. Blanc went around behind Alice. She uncoiled the whip and gave it a snap. Alice froze up for a second at the sound. Blanca began lashing Alice in earnest. Alice yelped and began to sob. Bob, excited by this, increased his motions. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Bob grunting, Alice moaning and sobbing and Blanca's whip falling on the rubber cocoon. It was a symphony of pleasure and pain. Bob felt himself ready to cum. Blanca noticed this and stopped whipping. She strutted around behind Bob.

"Go ahead, cum, slave," she commanded, "if you can!" Bob didn't know what she meant. He tensed for the orgasm and shooting his load, but it never happened. He gave out a surprised sound. "Ah, now you realize what has happened, slave. Keep fucking her until I feel she's had enough!" Bob kept at it, grinding away. Blanca laughed at him and uncoiled the whip.

"You are worth all the effort, slave," she said as she began whipping him....

The End for now

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