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The Servants

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2009 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; latex; bond; bdsm; susp; bagged; oral; toys; cons; X

The duke had died quietly in his sleep.  The next morning officials came and arranged for his funeral.  He was buried two days later on the grounds, among his ancestors.  Very few people attended and the press hardly took notice.

Two days later another official came and asked the servants to assemble in the dining hall.  The pompous little man sat at the head of the table, cleared his throat and read the will. 

I, Charles, 10th Duke of Commerford, having no living heirs, bequeath my entire estate to my servants.

There was stunned silence around the table.  Finally Josephine the secretary spoke up.  “May I ask what the estate consist of?”

The official cleared his throat again.  “Well, the castle and the grounds, and what is left in his Grace’s personal account.”

“And what is left in the personal account?”

“About £ 15,000.”

 “So,” John, the butler, said, “we inherit this castle, but there is not enough money to maintain it.”

“That is correct,” the official said, “it looks to me like you will have to sell it and find new jobs.”  The he abruptly got up and left.

The servants remained sitting.  They were an odd group of people, hired by their former master for one reason only: they were all rubberists.  Unknown to the general public, the Duke loved rubber, wanted to be encased in it more than anything else and surrounded himself with people who shared the same feeling.  It had taken him almost 20 years to find and hire the nine people in the room.

After a few minutes the secretary spoke again.  “There are inheritance and estate taxes to be paid.  We’ll need money for food and utilities and the maintenance of the building.”

“How much money are we talking about,” Glynis, the cook, asked.

“I don’t know, but it has got to be in excess of £ 100,000 per year.”

“Bloody hell,” said Jacob, the gardener.

“We need to find a new master,” said Gloria, the house-mistress, “a very rich rubberist.”

They all nodded, but then John, the butler said, “How?”

There was silence around the table for a long time, until Josephine said, “I can start a search.  Perhaps there is someone out there who would love this place.”

“And us,” the cook added with a chuckle.

“Alright,” Gloria said, “Josephine will try to find some candidates.  We’ll meet again when she has some results.”  As everybody got up, she added, “And Josephine, can you also find out just how much money we would need?”

Josephine nodded and went to her office.

*     *     *

The next morning Josephine arrived late for breakfast.  “Listen everybody,” she said as she sat down, “I think I hit pay dirt.”

The eight others stopped eating and looked at her.  Josephine paged through several sheets of paper she had brought and started reading.

“Wilbur Archibald Soames, age 39.  His name appears frequently in the newspapers.  It seems Wilbur’s favorite pastime is to wear rubber in public.  There are 32 separate reports in the papers when he was seen walking in Hyde Park in heavy rubber gear, gagged and masturbating underneath a heavy rubber cape.  He has been arrested several times but each time the charges were dismissed because the police could not prove that he was actually masturbating.  He was also found sleeping on benches in a rubber bag.  Last week he appeared in a display window at Harrods wearing his rubber outfit and standing perfectly still for several hours.  Twice he chained himself to statues; the police had to cut him loose because he left the keys to the locks at home.  He has also been know to crash parties wearing rubber and making advances to female guests and staff.”

“I see,” Gloria said, “but is he rich?”

“His father is Sir John Soames, industrialist and a billionaire,” Josephine answered with a smile.

“Who must be deeply embarrassed by his black sheep son,” John, the butler, added.

“We should invite Wilbur Archibald Soames,” Gloria said.

“And then talk to his father,” John continued, “and offer him a way to remove the embarrassment.”

Everybody smiled, except Josephine.  “There is a problem, though,” she said.  “I looked into how much money is required to keep the castle and for living expenses.  It’s considerably more than my first guess:  £ 250,000.

John, the butler, whistled through his teeth.  Jacob, the gardener said, “Blimy!”  But Gloria, the house-mistress, calmed the group down.  “We’ll just have to show Wilbur that we are worth all that money.  Let’s get to work!”

*     *     *

Wilbur Archibald Soames arrived at the castle two days later.  The butler opened the door; he wore a heavy black rubbersuit with boots, a heavy bondage hood and a gag.  His ankles and wrists were secured by short chains.  “Well,” exclaimed the guest, “a man after my own heart.  Lead the way!”

They went down the hall into the library, where the other eight servants were assembled.  Gloria stood near the door; her entire body was clad in red rubber, including high-heeled boots and a tight-fitting hood.  Towering over the guest, she said, “Welcome to the castle, Mr. Soames.  I am Gloria, the house-mistress.  May I introduce your staff?

“You have met John, our butler, at the door.  This is his normal attire, he enjoys performing his duties in heavy rubber bondage.

“Over here we have Glynis, your cook, and Jacob, her husband and gardener”.  They were both wearing  green rubbersuits and boots, covered by large rubber aprons.

“And here we have Josephine, your secretary.”  Josephine’s slim body was inside a tight-fitting, ankle-long black rubber dress; with her high-heeled rubber boots and the narrow skirt she could only take small steps.

James, the handyman and occasional chauffeur was introduced next.  He was tied up in a heavy rubber bag.  “You have to excuse James,” Gloria said, “whenever there is no work for him he withdraws into his rubber bag.”

“This here is Millie, our seamstress,” Gloria went on.  Millie was a diminutive person and very shy.  She wore a simple latex house-dress.  “Millie maintains and repairs our rubber garments and also makes new ones.

“And the we have our two maids, Gerda and Mona; they are sisters.”  The two maids were dressed in transparent uniforms that emphasized their formidable breasts.

“Well!” exclaimed Wilbur, “what a delightful surprise.  I had no idea the old duke had such pleasant company.  What is on the agenda?”

Gloria replied, “First, we thought you might change into something a bit more comfortable.  Did you bring some of your own rubber garments as we discussed on the telephone?”

“I’m wearing a rubbersuit underneath my clothes; the rest is in the boot of the car.  I brought several suitcases.”

“John and James will get them.  Gerda and Mona will show you to your room and help you get dressed.  When you are rested, they will bring you to the dungeon.”

“You have a dungeon?  This is getting better and better”

The two bubbly maids grabbed Wilbur’s arms and took him to his room.  John and James got four suitcases out of the car and brought them upstairs.  When they opened the door Wilbur was stretched out on the bed with both maids on top of him.

*     *     *

An hour later the two maids brought Wilbur down to the dungeon.  He was in good spirits and full of vigor.  “That was wonderful,” he exclaimed, grabbing their rubber-clad behinds, “I want to see more of you!”  But then he abruptly fell silent and his eyes bulged as they took in the large, cavernous room.  It was filled with bondage implements and rubber was everywhere.  James, the handyman, was hung up on a wall, still in his rubber bag.  John, the butler, was hog-tied on a table; he was blind-folded and his head pulled far back.  Glynis and Jacob were tied up in one rubber bag on a bed.  Josephine was tied to a pole, with a pneumatic dildo moving in and out of her vagina.  Millie, the seamstress was underneath a mountain of rubber, masturbating.

But Wilbur’s attention was on Gloria, standing in the middle of it.  She was now a formidable rubber dominatrix in her crotch-high rubber boots, inflated breasts and sinister hood.  “We have so far established that you like having sex with rubber-clad women and that you can easily handle two at a time.  We will now find out what else you prefer and how much of it you can take.  For the next 24 hours you will experience every one of the implements down here.  You will be kept in rubber the entire time.  There will be discomfort and even pain; if you want to stop a segment, grunt four times.”

“Go ahead, Gloria, I can take anything.  I’ll love it!”

“From now on you are to adress me as Mistress!” replied Gloria.

“Yes, mistress.”

The two maids put Wilbur into a heavy rubber bondage suit with an attached hood; there were no eye openings and his mouth was filled with a rubber gag.  His cock and balls were exposed and Gerda bound his balls tightly with a long rubber string.

He was first led to the stretch table, where his wrists and ankles were attached to heavy rubber straps.  Gloria tightened the straps with a wheel until Wilbur’s body was painfully stretched.  Then Mona fastened the ends of the rubber string around his balls to a winch hanging from the ceiling and tightened the string until his balls were lifted high.  Wilbur moaned but didn’t give the signal to quit.

They left Wilbur in this position for a while and then attached an electrical stimulator to his penis and balls.  Wilbur moaned quietly.  After 30 minutes Gloria set the stimulator for random shocks.  Wilbur’s body jerked, but he still didn’t quit.  She continued the torture for another hour.  During this time she released the others; they went to take showers and when they reappeared in the dungeon, Gloria was in the process of  taking Wilbur off the stretch table. 

John pointed out that it was time for dinner.  Glynis nodded and left for the kitchen.

Gloria took the gag out of Wilbur’s mouth.  “How was it?” she asked him.

“Bloody marvelous,” he answered, “what’s next?”

“The vacuum bed.  While you are in it we are going to have dinner.  You can have some water and relieve yourself, but you don’t get anything to eat.”

The two maids guided the still blindfolded Wilbur to the bathroom.  When he came out he got a small drink of water and then was put into the vacuum bed.  When he was rigid, they all left for the kitchen.

During dinner Gloria laid out the program.  They were to take turns in the dungeon during the night so that three of them would be on duty at any time while the others slept.

An hour later Wilbur was taken out of the vacuum bed; Gloria, Glynis and Josephine were on duty.  When Wilbur’s gag was removed briefly, he said, “Come on, you can do better than that, this was nothing.”

“We are now going to test how long you can delay an orgasm,” Gloria told him and the three of them tied him to a pole.  Josephine sat on a chair in front of him and started playing with his exposed private parts, stroking, squeezing and massaging gently at first, then with increasing intensity.  Wilbur started to moan and got closer and closer to an orgasm.  Then Josephine stopped abruptly and got up.

15 minutes later Glynis took her turn and did the same thing.  Then Gloria took over.

After 3 hours of this they removed his gag.  “O.K., O.K.,” Wilbur uttered, breathing heavily. “You made your point.  I’m ready for an orgasm now?”

“Not for another 17 hours,” Gloria said.  Wilbur moaned in frustration.

As the next shift started, Wilbur was packed into an inflatable rubber bag.  His arms were in pockets on the side and, after the bag was inflated, he couldn’t move them, or any other part of his body.  John, James and Jacob left him in there for three hours; Wilbur didn’t make a sound.

The following shift tied him into a bondage chair, with his penis in a slowly pulsing vacuum tube.  Then two hours in a heavy inflated rubbersuit.

Five more times Wilbur was moved to a different contraption.  During the last segment of the 24-hour ordeal he was tied up spread-eagled on a bed, with the two maid taking turns sucking his cock.  When he was finally released and his blindfold and gag removed, he let out a roar, pushed Mona onto the bed, entered her and had a loud and violent orgasm.  Then he passed out on top of her.

*     *     *

When he came to he drank water and said he was hungry.  The two maids gave him a bath while Glynis made dinner.

After they all sat down to eat, Gloria asked him how he felt.  “Great,” he said, “totally recovered.  I must say, there were many times when I was close to giving the signal.  It was the most frustrating experience of my life and also the most erotic.  I love bondage, but I’m used to have an orgasm every few hours or so.”

They discussed the next step, approaching his father with the proposition.  After Gloria, John and Josephine offered their plans, Wilbur spoke up.  “I would very much like to make this possible, this is where I want to be.  Up to now public exposure has been a great turn-on for me; I am willing to give that up if I can live here with you.

“So, I suggest that Gloria, John, Josephine and I go see my father.  The three of you will explain the proposal to my father; I will make the promise that, as long as he supports us with £ 250,000 per annum,  I will stay here, so that he will never be embarrassed again.”

“He can spread the story that you bought a farm in Australia or Canada.” James said.

Wilbur nodded.  “Good idea.  He has a very effective public relations department.”

*     *     *

Wilbur made an appointment with his father through his secretary and the four of them went to see him a week later.

John, the butler, had been chosen to make the presentation.  “Sir John,” he began, “we are the servants of the late Duke of Commerford.  There are nine of us and the Duke left us his castle in his will, but very little money.  The Duke hired us because we are all rubberists, as is your son and was his grace.  I have been serving his grace for 22 years and most of the others for more than ten.  To us, the castle is our home, where we can live the way we prefer without being ridiculed or exploited.”

“But we can only remain there with the support of someone from the outside.  To pay taxes, maintain the building and ground, buy food and supplies we need £ 250,000 per year.  It occurred to us that your son would find a permanent home with us and that you might be willing to provide to money.  In exchange he would disappear from public view.  We would suggest that your public relations department announce that he had acquired a farm in Australia or Canada.”

Sir John didn’t say anything for a long time.  Then he turned to his son.  “How do you feel about this, Wilbur?”

“It is the perfect solution, father.  The castle is where I would like to be.”

“And you would never again appear in public?”

“Never again.  If I do you can stop the payment.”

Sir John sat in thought for several minutes.  Then he looked at the group and said, “Alright, I’ll set up a grant and you will be paid quarterly by one of my companies in Australia.”  He looked at his son and said, “I hope you will be happy there, Wilbur.” 

He fell silent for a few seconds and then added, “I want you to visit your mother now and explain to here where you are going to be.  Then call her once in a while so that she knows you are happy.”

He turned to Gloria, John and Josephine.  “I think the three of you should go along to show my wife that Wilbur is in good company.”  He stood up and shook their hands.  Then he hugged Wilbur.

*     *     *

They went to see Wilbur’s mother, who cried a lot and only calmed down when Wilbur promised he would call her once a week.

Back in the car Wilbur said, “Now let’s go get my rubber and close down my apartment.  We’ll need to rent a large van.”

They rented a van and John drove it.  At Wilbur’s apartment he backed it up to the rear entrance and all four of them started loading it.  There were several hundred rubber garments, a large library of magazines and videos and a computer.  Wilbur packed one bag with his regular clothes and left the rest behind.  Then he called the estate agent and told her to sell the building and the rest of his belongings.

They drove to the castle and all nine servants helped unloading it.  John returned the van and James followed him with the car.  As they were leaving, Wilbur looked up at the darkening sky and said to Gloria, “I guess this is the last time I’ll be outside.” 

Gloria took him by the arm.  “I think we can make some exceptions.  When it rains you can walk the grounds at night, in a heavy rubber bondage suit; nobody will recognize you.”



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