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The Scent

by RubberDoll Unit 19

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© Copyright 2007 - RubberDoll Unit 19 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; breathplay; toys; cons; X

I feel the industrial rubber of the gas mask touch my face, and the dildo inside of it, rub past my lips, sliding slowly between my teeth and preventing me from doing anything but lick and suck the hard rubbery shaft. I start breathing deeply, as the lenses fog up from the rebreathing bag attached to it. The small black tiled room echoes the sound of my breathing, becoming harder and harder as my head becomes lighter, and the oxygen to my lungs, a treat my body has to fight for.

My arms ache at their sockets, as my private parts love the rubber encasement that makes their own moisture soak my cocoon and slide down my legs. My breasts, pushed forward by the bondage, my hands, grasping my 6” heels, taking the pressure from my feet, and making it easier to withstand for now, as my wrists are chained to my ankles by very thick rubber straps. I can no longer follow what's around my with my eyes, first, limited by the viciousness of the neck corset, and now, from the impossibility to distinguish the shape of my Mistress from the blackness of the room itself with the fog coating the inside of the lenses and my face. Sweat builds up, along with my anxiety.

A rubber hand brushes against my moist clit, caressing it, slowly, pacing the touch with my moans, taking me to a limit, going away when I start pushing my hips against it. She doesn't say a word, I just hear the heels move away. I'm horny, needy, I need her body, I need her control, I need her, but she's nowhere to be seen or heard, she disappears on the blackness of the room. I try to regain my thoughts and pace myself... and I manage to cool down a bit, despite my breathing becoming faster and faster, and my head, lighter and lighter.

I almost faint, when her hand releases a valve, letting some fresh air in again. My lungs beg for that, and I take a deep breath, the deepest I can, before she closes again the valve, letting me rebreathe again. My whole torso feels alive, my corseted waist limiting how much air I can take in, added to the rebreather limiting how much oxygen I have. This is delicious, this is my rubber oblivion.

The hand comes once more, stroking me, playing with me, rounding my moist clit and rubbing it against the sheath that goes deep inside me. She starts inserting a lubed rubber cock inside me, a very warm and unrealistic dildo, covered with protrusions meant to make me come closer and closer to the brink of my limits. She knows that, she's not interested in my pain, or anything. She knows how to make me need her more and more, addicted to the pleasure she gives me. And it's working, session after session, getting heavier and heavier, and me, needing it more and more, a mere toy to be played, like she says, “a musical instrument being played by a proper expert”.

I start building another orgasm... I lost the count of how many this far... my whole body so sensitive it hurts when she stops... and I know she will stop, she always does. I get so close, so close... but I don't move, because I know that then, she will stop. I want her to go on... maybe if I don't move, she won't notice and she'll let me reach it... yes..... yessss.... I'm so close.... yessss.... the dildo... her fingers.... she starts rubbing her rubber encased breasts against mine.... yesss...... nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

She stands and walks away again... I was so close.... my legs parted, my hands bound, I can't move much, and what I can move, isn't enough... I move every muscle of my pussy, trying to get there, to play with myself with no hands.... it's good, but it's not close enough.... I cry on sheer frustration inside my gasmask. Moments become minutes, minutes become an eternity as I loose all track of time. The breathing becomes harder, her hand opens the valve, but always controlling how much I take, always keeping me on the brink of fainting, almost enough to have my lungs stop complaining, keeping me airheaded. I have no idea of how much time has been put to past, light headed as I am.  I can't move, I can't please myself, I'm merely her toy.

Now I feel something round being forced up my sheathed ass. The well lubed toy lodges itself deep inside of me, and starts vibrating. I beg for more, my words being unintelligible mumbles. She waits, patiently for the right moment, my nipples very sore, my pussy very wet, when her hand comes again, one at my nipples, another, pushing a dildo inside of me, while her thumb toys with my clit. YES, YES, YES.... she touches my precious special place time after time with the dildo. She knows where it is, and gracefully rubs against it at every yank.... I squeeze my pussy as hard as I can and release, adding to the feeling.... the rebreather making my reasoning harder, my head exploding, my whole body high and lacking oxygen, an orgasm building on pleasure and the sheer struggle for survival... ohhhhhhhhhhggggggggooooooooooddddddeeeeeeeesssssss.... yess.... yesssss.... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....

What happens is earth shattering.... I pull so hard against my bondage, that I feel my members will just spring free from the joints. No words come from my lips.... no movement.... just a moment of inner peace... the exploration of a pleasure so deep and sacred, no words can describe, as orgasm after orgasm silently splashes inside of me. Mistress knows.... she's pleased to play with her instrument her very private compositions, and achieve what she wants as an artist. She keeps feeding me, knowing each wave that rips trough my body means another chain of slavery being cast around my heart. I love this woman, and she knows it. It's not only sex, it's not only the dominance, but without love, this kind of submission isn't possible, and my love makes me hers in ways other people can't understand.

My body goes limp, the corsets and hard bondage being the only things keeping me upright, and she takes off the gasmask and I savor the wettest of her kisses. A kiss of love and passion, and then she takes me on her lap, caressing my rubbery head, as I start falling asleep, despite the bondage, despite the rubbery cocoon, on my lover's nest.



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