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by Andy Latex

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Good evening and welcome to our little tree-house of fear, Tonight, for your entertainment and terror we bring you.. (by the way, I am now affecting my best Vincent price voice)… a tale of Aliens from far off worlds, of beautiful damsels in distress and of abduction and transformation. This tale is not intended to shock or repulse, but merely to inform and worn of the terrors that exist beyond our every day experiences. For where the tales of the T light zone (to avoid copywright issues) are pure fantasy, the tale you are about to be told is all true…….

Our little story begins one stormy night, not so long ago, in the offices of The National Satellite New channel.

“It’s a ball point pen”

“Oh no, this is a Time displacement device, allows the owner to travel up and down their own timeline, obviously you can’t interfere only observe, all you see, has or will happen, but interaction is impossible. That is important to know .”

Selina Kaplinsky banged the tiny plastic tube on the desk before her boss. Who looked up at the tall elegant woman before him with a smile.

“I saw one of those in a Star trek rerun just last week” The short wide man said.

“Exactly, it’s all bullshit, she is chasing myths and madness and you are sending me along for the ride” Selina’s tone was deeply laced with sarcasm, definitely not the tone she had used for 10 years as chief anchor for national news networks. “I am not, repeat not wasting my time running around the country looking for space ships and little green men. I have done my time, I want my seat back”

Larry Dank sat back in his chair, “Aw come on Selina, she is young and keen, you were the same once. A good story, that was all you wanted. But anyway we can discuss that later Honey, first”, he pressed the button on his answer-phone, it crackled.

“Chief It’s me….” The voice was that of a young British woman, “…..It’s me Keira… Keira Watson? You know from the desk? I have another lead, so I am taking the night flight to L.A. A club called Planet Zeta, Will call when there. Oh It’s Keira by the way, from the desk? or did I say that already. Ok Bye……. how does one turn this off, um, oh ye……..”. Silence

Selina shook her head.

“She is your intern honey”, Mr Dank said, sliding the travel tickets across the desk “Go inspire”.

Selina paused, there was so much more to say, but was right, she was still her responsibility and so scooping up the papers and pen in one angry movement she turned away. “I want my seat back after this Larry….. Fucking L.A”.

“Sure thing Selina”, Larry smiled, He and Selina went way back and the sight of her forever youthful arse squeezed into a tight skirt never failed to lift his spirits.


Planet Zeta, Los Angeles

“Where you from sweet cheeks?”.

Keira jumped as another hand stroked across her highly polished, latex wrapped bottom, it was the 8th or 9th that evening and all had made her shiver with disgust. The woman whose hand still rested on her left cheek smiled up at her, she was beautiful there was no denying that, but still she was a woman and it made Keira feel uncomfortable.

“Um…. Windsor in England”, Keira said with a forced smile. At first she had tried to affect an American Accent to blend in but her own crisp cut glass accent had been impossible to hide so she swiftly gave up trying.

“You sound like the Queen. She’s got a castle there right?”.

“That is correct yes. Is there anything I can get you madam?”.

The buxom red head smiled with glossed lips, “yeah, you in the honey tub”.

Keira’s stomach knotted as eyes darted to the stage where 3 young women writhed in the honey filled glass tank. Their naked bodies gleaming and glistening under the stage lights as they slipped and slid over each other in a slow and shockingly perverse ballet.

“What do you say ladies shall we take her for a dip right now?”. There was a burst of laughter and calls of agreement.

Keira took a breath, slowing her heart, “Please ladies” she smiled, half-heartedly, “I would gladly but there is plenty of time for that, maybe another round here first?”.

“I’ll keep you to that sweet cheeks. Same all round, sweetheart”.

“Be right back”. Turning away she felt the hand slip down her leg until it could reach no more. Moving through the crowded club she reached the bar.

“How’s first night going honey?”, The soft voice belonged to a tall, slim and very full breasted, blonde, dressed from head to toe in satin. “You’re real popular”.

“Hi Julie”, Keira said with a genuine smile, “Do they ever leave you alone?”

“Honey, a cute little thing like you packed into skintight latex hotpants and with her boobs squeezing out of her waistcoat like that, is always going to get some action”.

“Some? My goodness I can’t turn about without one of them touching me somewhere. One of them….. one of them even wanted to…”, her voice dropped to a whisper, “…to put her finger up my bottom”.

The blonde laughed, “Yeah I can imagine, we are getting some real weirdos in here now, still it’s part of the job”. The smiling blonde replied. Waving at the bartender.

“Have you ever worn an outfit like this, it’s so hot, and sticky. It’s like it’s melting on me”.

“Latex? No not me Keira, I’m one of the satin girls, same as lily is a silk girl, as Amy is a leather girl and Samantha is one of the lacy girls. Honey the latex girls are the special ones at Planet Zeta and tonight it’s you. What do you need?”

Wriggling her way back through the mass of bodies and clawing hands, Keira could see the clubs Maitre’d standing beside the table she was serving.

“Here we are ladies”, she said, placing the drinks with her best practised smile, “Can I get you anything else?”.

There was no reply, the blonde she had addressed earlier just looked to the black haired beauty standing beside them.

“Is there something wrong”, Keira asked noticing the look in the Maitre’ds eye. “Ms A’djani?”

“Not at all sugar”. The woman smiled. “In fact I am very pleased you have entered into the spirit of our club so eagerly. You have made our guests extremely happy”.

“And your boss a lot of cash”. Added the slowly standing red head that had handled her earlier.

Keira smiled back, a nervous smile, unsure of the woman’s meaning, “Well I am jolly happy to serve you good ladies”.

“The ladies were so pleased to take up their offer….. Shall I?”, The woman offered her hand, for a moment Keira thought she wanted to shake it in congratulations, but soon realised she was intending to take the tray she still held, “I take it you have no allergies?”

The young woman heart was pounding now as she looked quizzically back at her boss. “A…allergies, to….. to what?”.

“Why…..”, The beautiful dark haired woman smiled, “….. to honey of course”.

Keira panicked “No!”, she gasped, “No way”. But the red head grabbed her arm and before she could stop herself she was being led toward the tank. The crowd, excited to witness a new addition to the kinky entertainment, parted eagerly and by the time the still protesting Keira was half way to her fate she was already stripped of her tight latex waistcoat to leave her small but perfectly formed breast open to the groping throng.

“No I did not agree to this”, Keira gasped as, once before the tank, she felt fingers fumbling with her tight hotpants. “No No”.

“Screw the pants, throw her in they’ll come off quick enough”. The red head said, drawing the now struggling girl up the stairs to the lip of the tank. For what seemed like a lifetime the young woman looked down into the golden syrup, smooth and glistening, before slowly a hand reached up from its surface and took her wrist.

“NO!”. Keira screamed as she felt the slippery touch. “Oh God no!”

“No”. The crowd turned to the second voice, a tall, mature, but stunningly beautiful brunette, who in her smartly elegant outfit and glasses was clearly out of place in such a club. “Stop this right now”.

“Who the hell are you?”. The red head sneered.

“Seli…. Caroline Sharad, City decency committee”. The calm brunette held up a folding notebook in which lay a polished badge. “I believe this, girl is under age”.


“She showed me her ID”. The club owner said, as the group sat in the back office “it looked fine”,

“ID s are easy to fake these days….”, the owner of the badge said, snapping a stern look at the now half decently dressed girl who stood beside her. Half decent because although, her naked breasts were now concealed by a simple white cotton blouse, her pert buttocks still fought to squeeze from round the seams of the impossibly tight latex hotpants. “…..But as you can see, my records are clear”.

The club owner shook her head. “Look I have a copy of her ID on file next door”,

“The regulations are clear”. The cool brunette answered.

“Let me get it, you’ll see how convincing it is. I can’t be blamed. We can sort this out”

With that the red faced woman rose atop her dagger like heels and left the room.

There was a pause then Selina Kaplinsky looked at the beautiful girl beside her.

“What the hell were you thinking Keira!” She whispered harshly

“It was the story, Selina, I was fine. What are you doing here, I deliberately came on my own”, the girl replied bending down.

The older woman shook her head, “Oh you looked fine up there about to be poured into all that honey, you looked real fine then”.

“I would have handled it”.

“Don’t you get it, you are only a junior reporter, heck you’re not even that, you are a university student, Keira, you are not Lois Lane”.

“They say girls are going missing from this place. I was in. I could have found out”.

“Not more Alien abduction Keira? Don’t you see these weirdo’s would have eaten you for dinner”.

“Well you came, you came on your own”

“They aren’t interested in oldies like me”. At that the young woman fought to suppress a smile, that was typical of her mentor’s modesty. For despite her 44 years Selina Kaplinsky was possibly one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Never less than immaculate in her hair and make up, she was the very image a mature style. Yes her face had lines but they only added to her beauty, but that was really the only sign of her age, the rest of her body clearly belonged to a woman half her 44 years “Are you listening Keira?”.

“Yes, yes”, the girl sighed, “I just wanted to help expose this”.

Selina, paused for a moment and saw the look of honest sorrow on her wards face. She smiled. “You are already exposing too much in that, what is that? Rubber? And where did you get that ID?”.

Keira smiled back. “It seems they call it Latex and the same place you got that badge, Selina, or should is that Caroline Sharad?”.

“Helen, I should have guessed”.

There was a long silence, the argument was over.

“I’m sorry”. Keira said.

“That’s Ok Kid”. Selina smiled before, much to her immediate embarrassment, innocently patting the girls long naked leg. For second there was a look. Then to Selina’s relief the door opened.

“I can’t find that copy”, the owner said,

“No problem, I think if I escort this young lady down to juvenile, we can forget it all”.

However Keira was not willing to back away and said. “When you were out this woman here told me about some missing girls, that worked here”.

Selina shot her friend a sharp glance.

The owner lent back in her chair. “Crazy Candy telling tales is she?”

The pair looked at each other. Selina slumped. “Shit”

And so 4 Hours and a change of clothing later, in a run down shack somewhere outside town.


“They tie you out, just on a table in the centre of the room, nothing wild, just a glass and chrome table, long enough to be stretched out on, covered with a latex sheet”

“Why is everything Latex?”

“It just is, everything there was shiny and Latex. I haven’t worn anything but Latex since I was taken. Which is why I am wearing this. I mean I tried wearing normal stuff but it really irritates and makes me feel awful”. The speaker, a woman in her mid twenties, tall slim and blessed with the body of a super model and the face of a goddess, smoothed her hands over the pewter grey Latex blouse which, carefully unbuttoned and barely contained her full breasts. “I think they condition those they take, so they can’t wear anything else”.

Selina, sitting to the back of the room snorted her disbelief.

“If your friend wants me to stop I will”. The Latex Blonde said.

“No please go on” The young, short haired woman, with the tape recorder said turning to glare at smiling woman behind her.

“Like I said, you are just laid out and tied star shape to the corners, so everyone can see you, not tight, just loose enough for you to be able so wriggle about. They like to see that”.

“They? The guests you mean, so the guests can see you. Like at a dinner party”

“Yes just that, the mistress would invite these women to dinner, just like you would here and they would talk and stuff and you know whatever you do at parties”. The blonde paused, took a nervous sip of the golden bourbon before her and drew a deep calming breath. “Then….. once they had you tied just right they coat you in this really thick oily gel, golden and stringy, like the white of an egg when you crack it. They’d pour it over you slow and thick, covering you so it ran into everywhere.” Another pause, the thought seeming to stop her in her tracks, then in a flat tone added, “At which point this woman they called the Masturbatorix. Would start touching you. I mean touching you like I had never been touched before, just working on you, playing you like I was an instrument. Working on you, working on you, hard and soft, for hours”.

“Just for your mistress’s entertainment?”

“I guess. I mean no one was really paying any attention. They were just sitting about in conversation. I mean sure, after dinner, one or two of the women, with drinks in their hands, would come and watch, some might touch, but mostly they would just watch this bitch, you know…… fingerfuck you”

“She masturbated you?”

Another chuckle came from the back of the room, this time Selina waved an apologetic hand to her young colleges’ sharp glance. “Sorry Keira, just hearing you say Masturbate… sorry it just sounds so much naughtier with your accent.”

Keira Watson jokingly glared her reply, flicking her companion and friend a playful poke of the tongue before returning to her questioning. Her clear, cut glass British accent, seeming to become even more pronounced. “I do apologise Candy, please carry one”.

The blonde, took a breath. “Yes, all night,…. masturbated over and over. Fuck knows how many times you’d cum, ten, twenty times. Sometimes the guests might politely applaud, mostly they just ignored you. Then the same Masturbatorix, or maybe another, would begin again, maybe on your clit, maybe up your arse, sometimes they would play on you at the same time. Sometimes they would leave you alone and just coat you in this oil, smooth creamy stuff that makes your body really sensitive…… like honey but even more golden, like maple syrup really rich and just a little drip on your nipples makes you feel so horny, you desperately want to touch yourself, but you can’t, I mean its like bubbles popping on your skin, like little lips sucking on your nipples it drives you crazy and you can’t do nothing. I mean, man, if they were on you they would let you cum, but that slime shit. You said you came from the club? You see the tub, the honey tub?”

The pair looked at each other, knowingly nodding.

“Same stuff, only that has been refined, the stuff they used on us was pure, straight from a cocooned. Man, covered in that you would be horny all night, It’s… it’s horrible. There ain’t no relief, you don’t cum, you just ride it, hot and horny, never letting you come down, like always on the edge but… I passed out once, from sheer exhaustion. When I woke up I was being….”. The woman’s voice trailed off as if the memory was too painful to recall

“Why would they do that?”

“Fuck knows, as you said, for Entertainment I guess, I mean you British always have a woman playing a harp at dinner yeah? Well they played us, we were just background noise”

The look on the woman’s face brought Keira to a pause in her interview.

Her long lean legs unfolding from beneath her, Selina Kaplinsky stood and stretched her back. “Keira, can I have a word”.

“Sure”, the younger woman said, following her superior out of the small, badly lit room and into the night air.

“This is just another fantasist Keira, I am calling it a day”

Despite her dangerously high heels, the younger woman looked up at Selina with wide deep brown eyes. “No, this one seems different, her story is so detailed”

“Keira?, she is crazy, Aliens abduction, glass walled cities, sex experiments, Latex outfits? It’s cheap porn movie. All we need now are the probes up the butt”

“We did,”

“What?…What did we have?”

“The probes up the bu….. bottom. You missed it; you were on the phone to Larry”.

Selina laughed, “There we go then and the crap about Bimbofication rays, it’s all Flash Gordon. Come on, no. She is just another big boobed, brainless bimbo in need of attention”

“Selina please, let’s just hear her out, she is so convinced of it all, we don’t have to start back until tomorrow, we have time”.

The older woman took a breath, had it come to this, after 30years, from cub reporter to sports reporter, then glamorous TV news anchor journalist. She gained Award and after award for journalism and new broadcasting, whilst not forgetting other awards such as, hottest body and brain award, a dozen best dressed butt awards and the classic Playboy Miss Unobtainable of the month award 5 years running. Fame glory and adoration and then back to this, scratching around in some nowhere desert town, listening to some dim bulb Bimbo, with the body of a Victoria secrets model and the brain of a Victoria sponge, claiming to have been abducted to a glass and chrome planet and transformed into an Alien sex slave.

She sighed and nodded her agreement and the eager intern broke into one of her bewitchingly dangerous smiles. Selina had never been on that side of the fence, but there was something about the cute, short haired British girl that made her warm and the sight of her tiny little butt and perfect figure in that tight pant suit as she disappeared back into the other room did not help her temperature one bit.

Selina waited outside for a few minutes, gazing up at the stars, her mind full of wishes and dreams. 52, divorced, wealthy enough sure and even her worst enemy could not call her unattractive, but when she thought of Keira and her eagerness to impress she wondered what went wrong.

“Selina you got to hear this”, Keira said as she returned, slumping into a seat beside her, “Go on Candy, explain it again”

“Like I say, these rubber worms, called…. I can’t remember now, but they were more like a cross between a worm and a slug and when they needed to move quick they sprouted lots of little legs, like you see on the documentaries, like, what you call them, a Multipede?


“Yeah and they were fast, real fast, I mean quicker than you can run quick”.

“Aw come on Keira, its nineteen fifties monster movies now”, Selina shook her head, taking up the offered mug of freshly made coffee

“No Selina, Please just hear her out……go on Candy, the Larvalous worms”

“Like I say they were about 2 metres long, thick, black and wet and shiny, all slimy and gloopy, they made this revolting wet, slurping sound as they wriggled about and the smell was awful, Like hot rubber. But like I say, they could move like shit, I mean they were fast on those legs. They used them like dogs, so they used them to catch any of us who ran. They were handled by these women in all over latex skinsuits, hoods and masks and gloves, just to keep this god-awful slime goo and smell off them I guess. They would keep these worms close, none of us would dare run because we had seen what they did to you”.

“And what did they do?” Selina Asked.

Keira turned surprised that her sceptical colleague had entered the conversation.

“You want to know?” the woman fixed Selina with a deep stare, “Really want to know”.

“Sure we do”, Keira added “Please Candy”.

“They swallowed you, swallowed you alive. They swallowed you alive and kicking and screaming, they would be on you and smothering you, drooling you up until you were all good and slippy and then those wide toothless lips could fold around your head and suck you in, wriggling and alive”.

“B…bullshit” Selina snapped, a strange strangle to her voice.

“Truth all truth, I see them, the sounds they made will stay for ever, screams for mercy, pitiful and helpless, you could hear them as they were dragging inside, choking and screaming. You see, the worms never ate you, oh no they kept you good and alive, warm and wet. Kept you alive, fed you, drained you and fucked you, oh yes, they never ate you because they wanted your juice, your honey, your freshly fucked cum. You could hear them, the girls, gagging, strangled moans and gasps, pitiful shit”. Candy paused, as if summoning the strength to continue. “I.. I saw one once. One of the lucky ones that the worms gave up….. I was taken down to one of their pens. They kept them in pens know like we’d keep Pigs in, but it was a sold plastic thing. Anyway they separated one from the others and two of the women got behind it with these prods. I figured it was the rear ‘cause the thing tapered down at that end. So they got behind it and began pressing these probes into it and it began to wriggle and slime around until it opened up and….. and these red fucking tentacle things came out, slobbering and dripping, slurping about. God that hot rubber smell made you dizzy, really strong and you could see this vapour like steam coming from inside. Then the worm began to ripple, sort of pulse and the girl inside it began to come out, feet first, out naked onto the slime covered floor….”, Another pause, a longer one, “…She was covered in that oily honey stuff, I mean thick and wet all over but ….. but not her head, The head was covered in a black hood, like an inflated bag, wet and shiny, covering her down to her neck, but connected up into the worm by a tube, like an….umib…umbi”.

“Umbilical” Keira prompted.

“Yeah and you could see there was stuff pumping from the worm into…. and then as the slime spread away and thinned I see them. Two of them, front and rear, thick and ridged, coming outta her”. The woman looked at her hands, smooth and flawless, polished nails as if manicured that day. They trembled.

“Dear God”, the younger of the woman gasped, breaking the silence. “but you said she was one of the lucky ones?…..How?”.

“Simple, she was young, so she came out and once they had cut the cord and peeled the hood away she was free, but older ones don’t come out, they’re just cocooned”.

“Cocooned?” Keira asked, leaning closer. “Wha’?, what do you mean cocooned?”

“Like I say cocooned. If a worm takes an older one, say like you Ms Kaplinsky, they go into some sort of …..I don’t know…. Pregnancy? and start to excrete this latex film that completely envelopes you, I mean head to toe. They say they are inside the worms for months whilst the cocoon forms but once it has the worm gives you up and then it is only a matter of time before you start to produce”

“Produce?” both women asked as one, “Produce What?”

“That horny honey shit, you know the crazy oil from the club. It seeps out through the cocoon, coating it in this wet glaze and they collect it like every day. The oil is worth a fortune. Some of the most highly prized pure oils are kept by the mistresses in little crystal bottles, capped with jewelled stoppers. They wear it like perfume, behind the ears or between their breasts. It makes them real horny. Is really something to have a cocooned.

“That’s what they are called, these women, a cocooned”

“Yeah, there is no other word for them, once a woman is cocooned…. that’s it”.

“Bollocks”, Selina snorted, her tone sharp with anger, partly in disgust at the imagery and partly in reaction to being termed an older one. “Utter fucking perverted fantasy, where the hell did you drag that bull-shit up from?”

“I seen them”, Candy snapped, banging the table, her voice sharp and edged, “My mistress had…. has a cocooned, she kept her in the cellar, hanging under these hot lamps. I got close once, the sight of her made me feel sick, the cocoon was so fucking tight, I mean beyond skintight, It was like it had been melted on, but you could see through it, see the oil on her skin, bubbling and flowing beneath the latex surface. I could barely look at her, she was so fucking turned on, just moaning and wriggling, eyes wide, lips parting and closing in a silent scream. I mean, a drip of the oil on your nipple will drive you crazy horny for hours, but she was…… fuck me, she was head to toe it. It was too much, what with the heat and the sound of that latex squeaking and stretching as she moved inside it, I just wanted to get out of there as quick as I could. They say the cocooned never sleep and forever awake, smothered in that oil, every nerve bursting with desire and pleasure, every nerve pulsing like its own climax and their oils, spreading mingling to create…”. The tears broke through and the woman sobbed. “God I can still hear her”

Astonished Keira turned to her older companion and saw a look of utter revulsion on her face. Selina stood from the table, uneasy, unbalanced on her heels, sweat on her brow hand on Keira’s shoulder. “Oh Fuck that is enough” She mumbled, choking back the bile in her throat “That’s enough Keira… enough of…..this….. perverted fantasy”

“Wait”. The woman, mumbled to herself, as her eyes raised from the table, Wait your…your ring?…….That’s the symbol…That’s their symbol…!”.

Selina shook her head, “Ring?”

“There, that ring…..your ring, that is the symbol that was everywhere I went”.


“Up there, up where they took us….OH FUCK!” .The woman rose swiftly to her feet, stumbling backwards “Oh Fuck, no you….. you are one of them, They said they would find me, No NO”

“No it’s just a ring”, Selina said, stepping back. “Calm down Candy, It ain’t a symbol of anything. Keira gave it to me for my……” She stopped, her words trailing off into thought. “You…. you called them Larvalous Worms……. Keira…. you called them Larvalous worms”

“Did…did I?” The young woman said.

“I never called them that, I never said that”. The tall tear streaked blonde gasped, “But you…. how can you know?”

The young red head paused, she tapped the table with one polished fingertip. “Shit”. She looked round at the wide eyes of her colleague. “What can I say…. I always liked visiting the Larvalous Worm pens, just to hear the sounds you Earth women make, especially in the first few weeks. So pitiful and helpless, you know they do say if you relax, being swallowed by a Larvalous worm is rather erotic. Not that I would want to try it of cause, that smell yuck!”.

Calmly, Keira stood and, like some gadget from a Bond film, spoke into her wrist watch. “Investigator 23, Escapee at my coordinates, function 2”.

Candy shook her head, “No No I won’t go back, I can’t”, then suddenly she stopped and fixed Selina with a wild stare, “Oh Fuck!” she pointed, “Oh fuck, oh fuck! I see you, now I see you!!! it’s… it’s you. It’s you I saw you, you were…… Oh God run RUN! RUN!”.

With that Keira turned and a green ray from her watch device stung the panic stricken woman opposite, dropping her paralysed to the floor.

Selina backed away, her heart pounding, head spinning, this could not be happening, Not this, this was crazy, fucking crazy.

“Escapee subdued, marking now. Prepare extraction … I would not say willing….. Jump 6, 1 minute away, excellent………….”

For what seemed like an eternity Selina just stood there, open mouthed and shocked mature, as her friend of the past year walked round to kneel beside the paralysed woman.

Unable to move, as if she too had been stung by the green ray, she watched as her young companion placed her hand over Candy’s mouth and nose, pressing her palm tight. For an instant Candy found the will to move, her body jerking and writhing without coordination as Keira’s hand smothered the life giving air from her.

“No” snapped Selina, stepping forward, but the look, like none she had ever seen before from her young friend, stopped her dead. She watched motionless as from Keira’s hand spread a clear membrane, a film, like liquid plastic. It flowed out across Candy’s reddened cheeks and coated her wide wild eyes, sealing her face in a single smooth coating. Again Candy, arched her back, air now long gone from her lungs replaced now by the flow of the mysterious clear liquid. A moment passed and Candy relaxed and once more became motionless on the floor.

Keira knelt back, to reveal the woman’s head, now smoothly encased in clear plastic, her eyes wide and dancing with fear.

Keira sighed “I am sorry Selina, I never meant for you to find out. We have been hunting Candy here ever since she stowed away on a timeslide jumpship last Galaxy rise. Big prize on her head from my Mistress. Like she says, she was her favourite after dinner entertainment”. She stood happy the woman was now comfortable. “Boy did we have to talk to some scary ladies first though”.

Somehow Keira’s wide and beautiful smile did not register within Selina Kolinsky’s still dumbfounded mind, Her friends words, making no sense, despite their clarity.

“Don’t worry, the collectors will deal with this, She will be fine”, A rush of air from outside distracted the young woman, “And here they are, timeslip power is the future”

“Wha?…what did she mean, she saw me” Selinas voice returned in a muddled gasp, “What did she mean”.

“Fuck knows, like I say she was on a timeslider, for all I know she saw you on TV years ago”

Freaked and terrified with Candy’s words echoing in her head, Selina suddenly over came her shock and turned on her inappropriate dagger like heels and made a run for the door, stumbling and tripping.

Slowly rising to her feet, Selina shook her head, struggling to clear the heavy thickness clouding her mind from the doorframes impact. The doorframe which was still in front of her. Suddenly awash with fear, she once more turned to see the woman Candy, motionless on the floor, her once friend Keira calmly kneeling beside, whilst beside her stood 2 bizarrely sensual creatures. Clearly female, both wore full Latex suits, skintight stretched over perfect feminine bodies, high polished black boots with needle like heels, tightly cinched corsets and long gauntlet gloves, their faces enclosed within helmets of sleek smooth plastic with faceplates of mirrored black.

Paralysed Selina watched as the strange Liquid like women lifted the barely conscious Candy into an open body bag of smooth black Latex, sealing her inside. A moment passed and the Latex bag suddenly shrank about its contents, smotheringly tight, melting, moulding to her every detail, mummifying the girl within, until all that remained was a perfectly outlined and polished curve of her perfect body. Moving now without command the bizarre latex figures raised the mummified girl and as they passed from the room Selina saw the symbol emblazed on the sides of their helmets, the same symbol as on her ring. The ring banding her finger, given in friendship, but which now symbolic of betrayal and distrust.

A moments silence passed, Selina stepped forward, “Keira? What the ….the fuck is going on?”

The young woman did not reply, she seemed absent, her mind somewhere else.

“Keira! Don’t ignore me, what? I can’t get my head round this, what is going on?”

Still the young woman, remained distant, her thoughts now occupied by the small communications device she cradled in her palm.

“Keira! will you…..”

“She can’t hear you Selina, or should that be, I can’t hear you”,

Selina span round to come face to face with the softly glowing image of an exotically tanned woman. 6 feet tall, full breasted and long legged in thigh boots possessing dagger like steel heels, the woman wore a tight fitting deep green Latex military style uniform, emblazoned at the collar and shoulders with red and gold insignia, clearly denoting some kind of rank or position. Her ornately made up eyes, gazing from beneath long jet lashes, seemed coldly impassive yet hypnotic, whilst her full glossed lips hung in an almost deliberate pout of distain. “Your displacement device took a heavy bang when you went over, took me some time to find you. Trouble was you never set a destination or locality, so you just spilt at the point of impact. Bit heavy, which is why you might have felt dizzy, but it seems you only hopped 30 minutes back, where as I, have had to come the long way, 6 months and all fourty eight million earth miles, from Mars”.

The older woman just stared, her head and mind lost in confusion. “Who… who the fuck are you?”

“I’m am she you knew as Keira Watson” The woman’s voice was low and calm in tone and she let her introduction hang in the air for a long moment, almost revelling in Selina’s clear confusion. “Though in truth I am Mistress Commander Kareena….. of the Mars republic.”

Selina shook her head, It was all far more than even her sharp mind could balance out.

“I took the name and form of Keira Watson from one of our most majesties favourite playthings. A sweet English girl abducted some years ago, a prized pleasure. Her persona seemed slightly less….” She paused, selecting her words carefully, “….. intimidating, than my true form”

The words meant nothing and had might as well have been in Chinese to Selina’s ears and for a moment she thought of physically challenging the woman before her. However the desire was quickly lost as, at that moment, into the room came another of the tall faceless, Latex encased women, her polished heels clicking on the solid floor. However it was not the presence of this dangerous looking woman that made Selina recoil, but the creature which slithered in behind, a revolting mass of liquid glossy black. A Larvalous worm

The creature was every bit as vile at poor Candy had claimed, but nothing could match the truth of it, the sleek mirror like oiliness, the disgusting hot rubbery aroma, the sickening slurping squelch of its slime lubricated movements. It was less worm, more slug, heavy and fat and as it slithered passed. Clearly disinterested in her presence, it seemed to pulsate, expanding and collapsing as if breathing, leaving a trail of wet ooze behind. The older woman tensed, stomach turning, God it was all real all, of it.

As she watched open mouthed, the worm slowly moved, its smooth wet body rippled as its lipless drooling mouth quivered, opening slowly, red tendrils, dripping with slime and bathed in a heavy steam like vapour coiling out. It was a repulsive vision that filled her stomach with a horror she had never known before, filling her heart and soul with dread and disgust. However in that moment, that very moment, it became so much worse, for as she watched, her throat gripped by a silent scream, the creature, the blob, fluttered wetly and expanded wide before swiftly collapsing down to momentarily reveal the clear and distinct outline of a woman trapped within.

The breath left Selina as if she had been struck in the stomach, she first stepped forward and then retreated, her eyes fixed on the glistening worm as once more it breathed out to reveal the captives perfect feminine figure, struggling within a coating of slime, the shape of her hands stretching the Latex skin outward, slipping and sliding against the membrane of her revolting prison. The bile filled Selina’s mouth, God! Oh God she was awake!

“Believe me Selina”, The woman said stepping closer, “I did not want this to happen. Not for one moment. You got as far as your car, nearly made it, but… they are very quick”.

At first the words did not register in Selina’s head, but the moment they did, they did so with a catastrophic impact, she stumbled back, turning to the woman’s imposing image. “Wha? …..what do you mean?”

“To be honest I was impressed you made it so far in those heels, guess that’s what fear does for you, but…”, She stopped as a look of genuine horror filled Selina’s eyes. Her understanding of what she was being told now suddenly revealed on her quivering lips and in her reddening eyes. “Oh dear….”, the Amazonian woman continued, a cruel smile of delight curling her glossed red lips, “I thought you realised.”

Blinded with horror, Selina Kaplinsky let out an unearthly strangled cry of panic and distress, before stumbling uncontrollably forward and crashing to her knees beside the worm. Heart pounding, mind spinning, she stared in dumbstruck horror through the darkened gloss of the translucent latex and straight into her own desperate and terrified face. Her eyes, one moment wide and helpless in a silent scream for mercy and escape, the next rolled and hooded as if in ecstasy, lost in the sensations of the worms countless tendrils as they writhed and slithered over, around and in and out of her slick, oiled body in a bizarre, yet sensually erotic embrace.

“STOP THIS!”, Selina’s screamed. Her hands passing like those of a ghost through the vision before her. “Please Keira, please help me”.

“Sorry but I can’t”, Kareena said, a near giggle of pleasure in her voice, “I am like you, we can travel a timeline, but can’t intervene, only observe. So what has happened has happened and will happen again. It’s fixed. So where as I am witnessing events from your past Selina, you are witnessing events you have yet to experience. Quite a thing to know ones future, to know you will be …...”

A bleeping cut Kareena in mid sentence, she looked to her wrist and to the reclaimed displacer. “Good that is fixed. So Selina, I have set this to drop you back just before you hit the door, but because I have your displacer here you will just keep running”.

Selina’s reddened tear wet eyes widened in shock, “Wha?…. what do you mean?”

“Well, just because you will know what is going to happen to you, doesn’t mean I want you to miss any of it and besides, the adrenaline of the chase will help you cope with everything else that follows. As I say, you nearly reach the car”.

Selina shook her head, her sweat slicked hair in her eyes. “Oh God No, no”, She choked, her gaze helplessly held by the shocking sight of her own face, sealed within the worms latex skin, now vanishing beneath a tide of eager tendrils, flowing slick and wet between her lips to filling her mouth and throat. She sobbed, “Please you can’t … can’t . Oh God Keira please don’t let this happen to me, please you can’t”

“I am sorry, time must be respected, history can not be altered. I have travelled 6 months and millions of miles to find you because of it, but know this Selina Kaplinsky”. From her latex jacket pocket, Kareena carefully removed and held up a tiny crystal bottle, capped with a jewelled stopper. “In all that time, you have travelled with me and kept me warm”.

The End?

And so our little Treehouse of terror comes to an end, or rather a new beginning for the poor cocooned Selina Kaplinsky. However as you contemplate her fate, happy and safe in your homes, remember my words at the beginning of this tale, that this tale is all true… mostly. For although we have taken the artistic liberty to embellish certain elements, I must clearly state that the tapes made in our story by both Selina and the so named Keira Watson were in truth discovered in a shack outside Los Angles some 5years ago and contain each and every detail retold by the character of Candy. So beware my happy reader for out there, beyond our sight, is a world to which you could ,at any moment, be taken, slipping from our existence into a new life of Latex, of Bondage, of Sexual slavery…..or even perhaps, of so much worse.

So happy dreams my friends and remember to watch the skies………

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