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Testing Assistant

by Tonya Souther

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© Copyright 2018 - Tonya Souther - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM+/m; facility; mind-control; naked; prepare; depilate; intubate; tube; latex; liquid; coated; second-skin; sealed; leotard; harness; gasmask; collar; enslave; electro; climax; cons; X

Josh looked at the help wanted ad again:

Seeking testing assistants.
No experience needed, we'll train.
Uniforms, meals and housing provided.
Minimum 1 year commitment.
Apply in person at 4611 Industrial Way, New Ironton.

Then he looked at the stack of unpaid bills. And the eviction notice on top of them, with a sigh. His life had gone to hell since he got fired from his job at the supermarket, but it wasn't all that great to start with. At least his car still ran. New Ironton was an hour's drive away, but he figured that it was worth a try.

The sign out front just gave the address. No company name. He drove in the gate, parked in the visitors lot, walked in the front door. The receptionist had him sign in and directed him to a door off to the side. Josh went in and sat at a small table with a few documents, obviously placed there to be read. He did. They spoke in general terms of testing of new and advanced products, and the controlled environments the testing was performed in - and the dedicated people needed to make sure the testing was successful.

As he finished, a well-dressed woman walked in. She looked like an executive, wearing a closely tailored silk suit. Josh got up, but she waved him back down. "Good morning, Josh. Have you read over the documents on the table?"

"Yes, I have."

"Good. I'm afraid I can't give you any more details than that until you've joined our organization, but I can assure you that you'll be well taken care of, and that our employees find their work challenging and rewarding."

Josh considered. What did he have to lose? "All right, where do I sign?" The executive pointed to one piece of paper, and handed him a pen. He signed.

"Welcome aboard, Josh. Now, take a deep breath." He looked at her, but shrugged. She sprayed something in his face as he did.

"What was that for?"

"We're about to take you back and install your uniform. It's a bit uncomfortable, so that'll make sure you don't resist."

"Huh?!" Josh started to get up, but found himself planted in the chair.

"Good, it's working. Now be silent, get up, and take off all of your clothing."

Josh couldn't believe what he'd heard - and yet his body was doing exactly what she told him. He stood, stripped quickly and efficiently, then waited, naked before her. She said "Follow me." He did.

It was surreal, walking down the clinically sterile hallway buck naked. Nobody was there but the executive, although Josh figured it wouldn't have made any difference: he was going to get whatever it was done to him and there wasn't thing he could do about it.

They entered a room with a bed, restraints spread out and waiting. Josh reclined on command. Two people came in, dressed as outlandishly as he'd ever seen. "These are testing assistants 19 and 31. They will be preparing you. When they are done, you will be completely self-contained, as they are, and ready to go to work." The executive started tapping on a tablet. Sure enough, the woman's collar had the number 19 on the front, and the man had 31.

Josh looked over the two assistants. They wore what looked like latex over their whole bodies, with gloves, boots, a hood, and a leotard all black and polished to a high gloss. The rest of them was a dark gray and more matte. The seams and edges of the boots and gloves and leotard were yellow. They had wide yellow plastic bands around their stomachs, with a flat piece passing between their legs, and others over their shoulders, all of it looking like support for the shiny silver tanks on their backs. Their faces were covered with black gas masks with yellow harnesses holding them in place, and hoses from there to the tanks on their backs. The only skin visible was around their eyes.

Self-contained? There had to be more than he was seeing. He couldn't ask, though. His body obeyed the order to remain silent even as the two assistants pulled out what looked like electric shavers, but instead of shaving his body, they seemed to pull his hair out by the roots, one at a time. It didn't hurt. It just tingled. The woman handled his package carefully as she removed the hair from it. They motioned him to turn over. Josh wondered if they could even talk as his body obeyed.

He couldn't watch as they removed the rest of the hair from his body, but the tingle told him where they were. When they were done, he stood at a gesture and walked to a shower in a corner, where he was carefully washed and rinsed. A few remaining stray hairs were removed, and then another washing and rinsing, followed by a gently toweling dry. It actually felt good right until the assistants started spreading cream all over his body. The skin burned where the cream touched for a few moments before calming down. Yet another careful washing and drying came next, and he stood in the shower while the sheets were changed on the bed to get rid of the hair he'd formerly had.

Josh stretched out on the bed again when he was instructed to. This time, he was moved far enough back that his head hung off the edge, his mouth falling open. A thumb slipped inside to lift his jaw, and before he could react, a tube slid down his throat and into his airway. He felt something expand inside. His body wanted to cough, but it wouldn't work - the tube was well and truly stuck inside him. A second tube slid into his throat, and he couldn't help but swallow it. That just got it into his stomach, and another expansion locked it in place as well. There was no difficulty in breathing, but when he sat up and the tubes pressed against the back of his tongue and throat, he couldn't help heaving violently to try to expel it. Nothing came out.

Once he'd settled down, Josh was stretched out on his back again. The woman grasped his cock - something he'd have loved, before all this happened - and carefully cleaned it before sliding a tube down inside. Down and down inside. That was uncomfortable enough, but then he suddenly felt like he had to piss, bad. He finally gave into the need, only to have the tube slide in a little farther and get locked into place inside him. He could see his piss traveling down it into a bag. A curious sheath slid over his shaft, looking like a condom with wires and ...contacts? inside. A little bump nestled against the bottom of his cock head, right in that sensitive spot down front, a second tube and a bundle of small wires dangling in the air.

The man rolled Josh onto his side and the woman lifted his upper leg, exposing his rear so she could press something up inside. It took some working in and out. Josh had never had anything up there before and didn't like it now, but he was still under the drug's spell and couldn't object or interfere. He felt like he was about to split open before the pressure suddenly let up and the thing, whatever it was, slid home.

The woman sat Josh up, pushing the thing inside him uncomfortably. His cock started to swell, and Josh blushed at being so exposed and open before strangers. The woman stroked it gently, getting him good and hard, as the man pulled a net of wires and some kind of weird things over his head. A mouthpiece was in the front of it, and the tubes from his throat slid through holes in it before the mouthpiece pushed into his mouth. The man pressed his jaw closed firmly, and Josh couldn't move it at all. Well, maybe that's why they couldn't talk, then.

The man laid him back, turning his head to one side, and cleaned his ear out very thoroughly before sliding something deep inside against his eardrum and pouring something cold and slimy in his ear, shutting off all sounds. The process was repeated in the other ear, leaving him effectively deaf. The man slid plugs deep into his nose and poured more of the slime around them, sealing them in place. Josh had no trouble breathing, though there was a bit of panic until he realized that. While that was going on, the woman was trimming his nails very, very short and painting them with what looked like black polish. They burned when she did that, too.

The man placed a few electrodes on Josh's chest, and ran wires together to his navel. Two small circular covers went over his nipples, with wires added to that bundle. Then the two assistants stepped back and examined everything, before evidently deciding it was satisfactory. The tube from his cock was disconnected and capped, and caps were placed over all of the other tubes except for the one he was breathing through.

A voice sounded in his ears. "Raise your right hand if you can near this." Josh did. "Good. Your preparations are complete. Your coating comes next. Follow the assistants." Josh did, through a door and into a room with what looked like a large glass tank. Josh stopped and waited as the man placed a clear plastic cover over his eyes, inside the ridges where his eyebrows used to be and above the cheeks. "Step into the tank." Josh did. The man reached in and hooked up a tube to Josh's breathing tube, then closed the door.

Josh stood still as the tank filled with a dark grey viscous liquid, the color of the latex on the assistants' arms and legs. "Hold your legs apart and your arms out from your body. Spread your fingers." Josh obeyed as the level of the liquid rose to engulf him. "Lift your feet and then set them back down again a few times." The liquid was cold, but not freezingly so. It drained after a few moments. Powerful lights came on, dimly seen through the coated plastic over Josh's eyes.

"That was the first coat of ten. Keep doing what you have been as each coat is applied." The liquid rose and fell, and the lights came on, ever more dimly seen as the coating got thicker and thicker. Finally, Josh felt more than saw the door open and his breathing tube get disconnected. "Step out." He felt the tightness of the latex coating on his body, and his cock got even harder despite the tube inside it. The cover over his eyes came away, leaving Josh able to see the room again - and the assistants. He understood what was happening as he compared his body to theirs.

"Pull the leotard up to your hips and stop there." The woman handed him a leotard just like the man's. Josh stepped into it, pulling it up to his hips. The man fed the tubes and wires from his cock and his chest through a hole in the front, and the tube from his butt - he didn't know he had one - through a hole in the rear. "Pull it the rest of the way on." Josh obeyed. The man zipped it closed and shone a light on it. Josh felt it shrink and mold to his body, trapping his erect cock in place. His feet slipped into boots that unrolled up to his calves and were shrunk in place, and gloves went over his hands. The hood came last, its neck opening tucked inside the leotard's high collar before being shrunk in place.

The man stepped behind him and placed something cold and heavy on Josh's back, wrapping a wide belt around him. The belt squeezed him a bit before closing with multiple clicks. The woman plugged the tubes and wires into receptacles in the belt's underside, then placed a large U-shaped piece of plastic between Josh's legs and pushing upward to lock it in place, hiding all of the connections and Josh's painfully erect cock as well. She locked shoulder straps in front, as well, and Josh felt the weight as the man let go.

The woman assistant picked up a gas mask like her own. She held it to Josh's face and plugged in the tubes coming from his mouth, as well as a cable connector for the electrodes, and held the mask to Josh's face, tightening the yellow straps securely and locking them in back. One more strap went over it all from the front, over the top, and down the back.

Finally, the man picked up a yellow collar and held it up so Josh could see. The number 46 was on the front. Both he and his counterpart slipped it around Josh's neck, placing the leotard's zipper and the locking strap of the mask in recesses designed to capture them before locking it securely around Josh's neck.

The voice spoke up. "You are now completely self-contained. You can work underwater, or in a poisonous atmosphere, or even out in space, just as you are now. The devices placed into your body can never be removed." Josh was in shock. He'd only signed up for a year!

"You are carrying your life support on your back. There is a module that collects your wastes and replenishes your nutrients and your oxygen. The module must be swapped out once a week. Aside from that, you need no further maintenance, at all, ever. Your physical reactions and mental state will be monitored, and, when appropriate, you will be rewarded." Josh wondered what kind of a reward he could possibly get like this, but he got his answer immediately: his cock started tingling, with a delicious buzzing right in the sweet spot, and up inside him was an electric pleasure he'd never imagined. It didn't take him long to cum, and the orgasm was even more intense for having to be forced past the catheter inside his cock.

Just as Josh was recovering, the voice spoke again. "Welcome to your new life, 46."



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