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Tentacle Swimsuit

by Steff

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(Yes, I know. I am ripping the basic idea from several bondage Hentai out there. I just wanted to put my spin on it.)

Amanda was a large fan of Anima and Hentai. Since she started working she would go to conventions whenever she had the chance and always went dressed as a character. She eventually got a job in Japan making more money then she thought possible. She found a few Americans that also shared her like of Anima and they would go to local conventions together.

Tim, her favorite and hopefully soon boyfriend, was about 5 feet 11 inches tall. Despite being a computer nerd he was built really well. What Amanda like best about him was his sense of humor and his taste in hentai. She also liked that he was good looking. They were both surprised to discover that they lived in the same building at each other. Since then they have been spending a lot of time together at the gym, pool and other common activity areas.

Amanda was at the gym working out when Tim excitedly entered, “Amanda, there you are.” He said windily. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Without missing a step on the treadmill, she replied, “This is where I normally am at this time. What is it?”

“Look, look, look!” he exclaimed as he handed her a flyer of some kind.

Amanda stopped and looked at the flyer. ‘The Ultimate Anima Shop.’ Grinning she looked at Tim and said, “Give me 30 minutes.” She ran to the elevator and went to her apartment. After 30 minutes she was showered, changed and walking out of her apartment. She met Tim in the lobby and said “after you.”

After a train ride and a short walk, they were standing in front of the small store they were looking for. They were surprised by the size of it once they walked in. “It’s bigger than it looks,” Amanda thought. They split up and started to look around. The front part of the store was mainly movies. The number of movies was impressive by itself. They had several that she had never heard of. The middle of the store had costumes, props and other collectable items from all the popular anima. The upper level was for adults because that is were the adult hentai stuff was. Just like below there were lots of movies, books costumes, props and collectables.

Since there was a convention coming up she decided to get a couple costumes and some props. She started downstairs and picked out a few outfits complete with props then she went upstairs. After looking she decided on one sex slave costume. She was just about ready to look for matching props and restraints for the slave costume when she noticed a latex looking swimsuit. She picked it up and was surprise by the weight. Looking at the label it was call ‘The Tentacle Swimsuit.’ Looking at it, the inside was covered with thin one inch long latex tentacles. She noticed it was her size so she decided to get it also. She picked up some items to go along with the suit and her slave outfit then went to the check out. As she was being checked out the cashier put a bottle inside her bag say it was lube for added pleasure.

“I cannot believe you bought that swimsuit,” Tim said as they were heading home.

She grinned and replied, “I like latex and it looks good. I figured wearing that to an after party. Can you imagine the guy's reactions? If nothing else I will get felt up a lot and that’s always fun.”

Shaking his head, he said in a seductive voice, “As long as I get a private showing.”

Amanda knew he was kidding so she decided to put him on the spot. Since they were at their apartment building she gave him her best ‘fuck me eyes’ and replied, “Give me 2 hours and I’ll be ready. Let yourself in.” He stopped dead in his tracks so she just slicked away in her best sexy walk all the way to the elevator. As the doors were closing she blew him a kiss.

She giggled the whole way to her apartment. Once inside she laid everything out on her bed. Since she did invite Tim over she decided to get ready before she did anything else. “A girl can hope can’t she,” Amanda said to herself. She took a shower shaving all her hair from the neck down. Since was feeling frisky she went ahead gave herself an enema, “Again, a girl can hope.” After the shower she picked up the “Succubus Approved,” the name on the tag, tentacle suit and her matching crotch high latex tights. Setting them aside she looked at the bottle given her by the store clerk. Since everything was in Japanese she decided not read the label but she decided to try it out anyway.

First, she rubbed the lube over her legs and the slide the latex tights up. They slid on easily and once she smoothed them out they stayed in place. Looking at the bottle she said, “this stuff works great and you cannot beat the price.” Picking up the Tentacle Swimsuit she opened the back zipper and squirt a little of the lube inside the suit and began to spread it out. She was surprised at how far this lube spread and thought the bottle would last a long time. Once the suit was lubed she stepped into the opened neck and back. She pulled the suit up and it slid as easily as the tights. When the suit is fully on and her arm are through their openings Amanda, being really flexible, zips the suit closed.

Amanda thought the suit was awesome. It started with a tight collared neck about two inches wide. The opening for her arms were wide enough to be comfortable without taking away from the look of the suit. The back was smooth and complete all the way down to a high cut butt. The suit looked smooth all over but the tentacles inside felt interesting, in a good way. As she moved, twisted or flexed in the slightest she felt the tentacles move a little and it felt a lot like she was being fondled or massaged. When she walked the tentacles along her crotch moved in just the right spots to get her worked up.

She decided to lay everything she had bought all over her bed so she could show it all to Tim. She was going to suggest she model all of it for him and of course try to get him to test the restraints on her. As she was laying her stuff out the tentacles in she suit started to wiggle and move more then when she first put the suit on. She moaned enjoying the feeling but continued to lay the stuff out. The movement of the tentacles was subtle but they were getting her really horny and worked up.

By the time Amanda was finished getting everything set up the activity of the suit had her so worked up that she had to stop herself as she realized one of her hands was between her legs playing with her crotch. Looking at the clock she had 45 minutes before Tim showed up, she knew she wouldn’t be able to control herself that long, so she came up with a plan. She wrote a note and set it on the living room table so she knew he would see it. Next, she went into the bedroom, gathered the items she wanted and returned to the living room.

First, she laced herself into black knee-high ballet boots. After the boots were on she picked up her new latex mono-glove armbinder and buckled the straps so it ready for her to just slide her arms into it and then zip it closed. Grabbing the hood, she walked to the kitchen island and hooked the zipper of the armbinder to a hook attached to the side of the island. Then opening the back of the hood and opening her mouth she put the hood up to her face.

There was a built-in ring that she put into her mouth behind her teeth. She pulled the top of the hood over her head as wrapped the sides around her face. Amanda then made sure the nose holes were positioned so she could breath and put her hair through a hole in the back. Once her hair and nose were situated she zipped the back of the hood down the back. When the zipper was all the way down to the base of her neck the hood gently but firmly gripped her head. The hood blocked her vision and had pads that closed her ear limiting her hearing. Reaching up she felt no wrinkles in the latex hood but was disappointed with the way the lower part of the hood bunched up over the top of the tentacle suit. She unzipped the suit enough so she could put the hood under the suit. Once the suit was zipped up she was happy with the way everything felt.

Amanda reached down between her legs and began to play with herself through the suit. She could feel the tentacles and used them to get herself really excited. She stopped just before she came and got the cock-gag attachment to the hood slid it onto her mouth held opened by the ring. With a twist of the gag it locked into place preventing her from removing the cock without her hands. Then reaching around behind her back she sliding her hands and arms into the opened armbinder. Once her arms were in place she began to slowly kneel down. As she went down the zipper that was attached to the kitchen island’s hook went up. This tighten the mono-glove forcing her forearms and elbow together. It only took a minute before the armbinder was zipped up all the way and her arms stuck together behind her back.

Once the armbinder was zipped up she struggled to her feet, not an easy task wearing ballet boot. As she stood up the zipper came off the hook and she was free to move around. With some work and slow steps, she found her way to the sofa and sat down. Just as she sat down the tentacles in her suit really began to move a lot and with purpose. Her breasts were squeezed and massaged by several tentacle. Each nipple was sucked on by its own tentacle. Her waist was squeezed like it was in a corset and it lost 6 inches. Both of her holes in her crotch were filled by multiple tentacles. Finally, her clit was sucked into a tentacle.

Amanda moaned into the gag as she was forced to let the sensations take over. The suction on each of nipples was forceful enough to pull them but gentle enough that it felt good. The tip of each nipple was also rubbed adding to the pleasure. The activities in her ass and pussy were even more over whelming then her breasts. Her ass had 2 skinny tentacles wiggling inside her and their slightly rough texture was rubbing perfectly causing just the right amount of friction. Her pussy had 4 slimy, slightly large tentacles working it. They would not only wiggle but they would move in and out fucking her continuously. All of the feelings and activity quickly built her towards an orgasm like she’s never known. The pleasure exploded through her. She lost all conscious control over her body as the wave of ecstasy crashed into her. Laying on the sofa she just twitched in her bonds lost in pleasure.

The orgasm eventually receded but the activity didn’t so Amanda was quickly launched into her second orgasm that was as intense as the first. Again, she was lost in ecstasy and could only ride out the orgasm. This orgasm stopped because the activity slowed.

The rest the suit gave her allowed her to come to the realization that there was more to the suit then she thought when she bought it. She also knew since the hood she wore blocked her vision she would have a really hard time getting out of the armbinder to take the suit off. Since the suit’s tentacles continued their activity it was getting harder to think about anything but the slowly building orgasm, she decided to try to wait it out and get Tim to release her when he arrived. As if reading her mind her legs were pulled together and the legging merged together into one tight leg binder preventing her from pulling her legs apart. The tentacles also became more active then ever. The massaging of her breasts became more effective and her nipples felt like they were being squeezed and sucked on by several tinny tentacles. Her clit was also squeezed and sucked on. The tentacles in her ass and pussy seemed to split in size so she remained just as full but the wiggling and vibrating increased. Amanda struggled against her restraints but all she managed to do was prove to herself the true extent of her helplessness.

Between the tentacles and her new understanding, she was catapulted into the most intense orgasm she'd ever had. The ecstasy that followed hit her like a truck. Pleasure so intense and all-consuming her vision turned white, every muscle began to quiver and she screamed into her gagged hood. The ecstasy just continued slamming into her body and she was powerless to do anything but quiver in pure pleasure. Amanda was only capable of laying there riding out the most intense and longest orgasm of her life hoping Tim would be late coming over and at the same time praying he gets here soon to save her from this.

Amanda was so lost in her world of orgasms and pleasure she didn’t hear Tim enter her apartment. Open entering, he noticed Amanda laying on the sofa wear a latex bondage outfit of some kind. He stood over her watching her wiggle and struggle against her restraints. Then she started to shudder and wiggle uncontrollably. Her moans changed to a cry of carnal pleasure. He knelt down to take a closer look at her outfit. He had to look hard but he could see movement all over her body from her thighs to her neck. Her arms were secured by a latex mono-glove armbinder that’s color matched the tentacle suit she wore. Her legs were encased in a matching latex tube that went from her upper thighs to the bottom of her feet.

After watching her orgasm for 3 minutes continually he got up to get something from the fridge. That’s when he noticed the note, she had left for him:


I have been into this kinky stuff for sometime now. I finally got the courage to show you. As you can tell I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I left my stuff laid out for you to examine. If you want to play, I am yours for the weekend. If not then please unzip my arms. When I get loose, we can talk.

Yours (hopefully)

After reading the note three times and listening to her orgasm again Tim made up his mind.

In the middle of one of her many orgasms, Amanda felt herself being lowered to kneel on the floor. She was so lost in orgasmic bliss she didn’t notice the cock-gag being removed. She was just coming down from her orgasm when a real cock was shoved into her mouth through the opening created by the ring gag still attached to the hood. She gagged for a second until she realized what was happening then she relaxed and was able to take the whole cock into her mouth. She felt the guy’s hands on the side of her face and then he started to fuck her mouth. Since she had always enjoyed sucking cock, Amanda soon got into the rhythm and began to enjoy herself. The tentacles continued to fuck and molest her making it difficult to concentrate on her blowjob. After what seemed like a short time Tim grunted as he went over the edge and shot his load into her mouth. Just as she felt him start cumming she too was pushed over the edge and rocked by another orgasm.

Tim stood there holding her head in place until he was done then he pulled out and quickly inserted and secured the cock-gag in place making sure she had no choice but to swallow all of his cum. He then laid her on the floor and watched as she rode out another orgasm. He watched her for another 30 minutes before he was hard again from watching her struggle, writhe in ecstasy and moan into her gag. He picked her up, put her on the coffee table and then face fucked her again. This time it took him longer to cum but when he did, he shot a larger load and collapsed next to her. He could tell she was lost in yet another orgasm. He got up and went to look at the other stuff. As he was looking, he realized he was glad he didn’t put the cock-gag back because he was enjoying listening to her noise. He noticed the bottle of lube and read the bottle. “It sounds like that stuff REALLY works.”

Amanda was in the middle of another orgasm when the cock-gag was shoved into her mouth. She was so far into her orgasm that she didn’t notice being picked-up and carried. She noticed herself being set on a bed. The tentacle finally stopped moving and withdrew from her pussy and ass. She felt her legs being separated. Her feet were removed from the boots and then leg leggings were also removed. Her armbinder was next and the then tentacle suit came off. Tim finally removed her hood was the last to be removed.

Grinning at her he said, “You look worn out. Go to sleep and we will talk in the morning.” He got up and left her in bed and she was asleep before he left the apartment.

Amanda awoke and looked at the clock. She had been asleep for over 12 hours. She smelled something good cooking and heard movement in her kitchen. Realizing she was naked she went to the closet and put on a robe. Walking into the living room she saw Tim cooking something on the stove.

“Hi,” she said.

Tim looked at her and said, “You have about 20 minutes until the food is done. Why don’t you take a shower and then we can eat and talk?”

“Good idea.” She turned around and went to do as requested. After her shower, when she was getting clothes out of her closet, she noticed all her stuff from yesterday was cleaned and hanging one her drying racks. She walked up to the bar and after taking a seat she said, “Thanks for yesterday and for cleaning up my clothes.”

He laughed and replied, “It was the least I could do after what you did for me.” They ate in silence and it wasn’t until the dishes were done did Tim speak up. “So, did you not read the directions on the ‘Succubus Approved’ lube or did you not think it would work?”

“I didn’t read the directions because I though lube was lube.” She said. “I did have a really good time however.”

Grinning Tim said, “Good because I am taking you to a party and you are going to wear that entire outfit again. Unlike you I have read the directions to the lube and the other things so I guarantee you will have a great time. Let’s also not forget your letter did say you were mine for the weekend.” Tim could tell by the look in her eyes that she was all his.

Her face turned red with a deep blush as she said, “You are right… Master. What do request from me?”

“First I like that ‘Master’ title. Use it every time you speak to me,” he said. “Second you will only wear what I give or tell you to wear.” As he continued Amanda stood up and removed the robe she was wearing. “Nice. Lastly you will obey my orders. Know that I will not hurt you or allow harm to come to you.” The look in her eyes was that of pure lust and Tim was really glad to see it.

Lowering her head, she said, “Yes Master.”

After breakfast Tim took her to the bedroom and had normal vanilla sex. The napped for a few hours. Amanda woke first and turned off the alarm. She slid under the covers and began to suck Tim’s cock. It took almost no time for him to hard and not long after that he shot his load into her mouth.

Groaning he said, “You’re in a feisty mood, aren’t you?”

She looked at him biting her lower lip seductively and said, “Yes Master.”

She was to go to the bed room and to get everything she wore last night plus the matching collar that she didn’t use. She returned as requested and was told to open the collar, say the line in the directions and to give him the key. Following his directions, she opened the box, removed the collar, opened the built-in lock. After reading the phrase she decided to really get into her role and knelt in front of him, held the key up to him and said, “Master, I give you the key willingly.”

“I accept the key and all responsibilities that go with it,” Tim said.

He got to his feet and then helped her up. He picked up the hood and helped her into it. He took his time making sure her nose and hair were in the right places before he zipped the hood closed. He set her down in a chair and began to slowly and sensually lube up one of her legs. By the time he was done she was panting and he could see her pussy was already wet. Picking up one of the latex leggings he working up her leg “accidently” brushing a couple of his finger against her moist pussy. Again, taking his time making sure to keep her excited he worked all the air bubbles out of the legging. He repeated the process with her other leg and by the time he was done he thought she was ready to explode.

Amanda just was there in darkness thanks to the hood blocking her vision. She could not believe how worked up she was just from Tim putting her into latex leggings and the hood. Because of the hood’s ring gag, she felt the first drops of drool fall off her chin and onto her breasts. Tim grabbed one of her hands and lifted it silently tell her to stand. She stood and was pulled a couple of steps forward then signaled to stop. She jumped in surprise when she first felt Tim rubbing the lube on her back. He slowly worked his way down her back and to her ass. He then worked his way around to her front. The slow and sensual way he applied the lube was driving her crazy. It took all her self-control not to reach between her legs and masturbate right in front of him. Tim avoided her breast and crotch until the end. There was a minute when he wasn’t touching her then without warning he grabbed both of her breast and began massaging the slippery stuff all over them. When he got to her nipples, he squeezed them both at the same time and Amanda exploded in a massive release of pleasure and ecstasy as the orgasm she wanted hit her like a freight train. Despite the blackness created by the hood she saw white as her whole world became nothing but pleasure.

When she recovered, she was on her hands and knees panting. Her head was gently lifted by a hand under her chin and then the cock gag was forcefully shoved into her opened mouth and locked into place. Muffled she heard, “You make to much noise when you cum.” She didn’t have time to process his words before his hand began to rub lube onto her easily accessible crotch. This time he wasn’t slow or sensual. He was forceful and showing dominance over her. He not only spread the lube on the outside but he also lubed the inside of her pussy and ass. He used finger from both hands at the same time and fucked both her holes simultaneously. Amanda was soon rocked by her second orgasm of the day. She bucked and wiggled but Tim continued until she collapsed totally spent onto the floor.

Not giving her a chance to rest he stood her up and put her into the tentacle swimsuit. First he had her raise one foot at a time so she could step into the leg holes then he pulled it up into place. Since she offered no resistance the process went quick and easily. Once the tentacle suit was on, he helped her to sit in a chair so he could put her ballet boots on. She was made to stand again and after a minute or two her arms were pushed behind her and the latex mono-glove armbinder was slide up her arms. Once it was zipped up and locked all that was left was the collar.

“This is it, the last item. This is your last chance for the rest of the weekend. Is this what you want?” Tim asked her. After she nodded yes, he put the collar on and locked the padlock.

Amanda shivered when she heard the lock. To her this was a dream that was coming true. The tentacle suit’s waist tightened up causing her waist to lose 6 inches and preventing her from twisting or bending. It felt like she was wearing a latex covered steel corset. Tentacles wiggled into her pussy and ass. Each of her nipples was sucked onto sleeve that squeezed and sucked them. The activity was slow enough that she knew it would be a long time before she came but that knowledge and the activity was making her really horny and getting her even more excited by the minute. She felt him put his arm around her resting his hand on her shoulder. He gently started guiding her. She was given enough time to get used to walking on the tips of her toes in her ballet boot.

She could tell she was taken to the elevator and then to a car. After she was set in the seat and the seatbelt was buckled tightly around her, she relaxed and just enjoyed the suit getting her more and more worked up. Sitting in darkness, getting teased by several tiny tentacles made the ride seemed to take forever. When they finally stopped Amanda was on the verge of a massive orgasm but the suit seemed to know that and not let her cum. She moaned frustratedly into the gag but all that did was add to her frustration. Amanda felt the seatbelt being unlocked and then a lead attached to her collar. After a gentle tug on her neck she carefully got out of the car and blindly followed behind Tim.

Despite the difficulty of walking blind in ballet boot she managed to ascend a short flight of stairs and into a club. She could faintly hear music and people talking but the hood blocked out most of the noise. As they walked she felt a few people feel her up and then talk to Tim.

She was guided to a place to sit and then Tim said, “You are at a fetish club that I visit and have been trying to get you to. Since nobody knows you and you seem to be excited, I am going to use you to provide some entertainment when I conduct some business here. You see everything you are wearing was made by my company so I am going to let everyone see how well it works.”

The tentacles activity increased through out the entire suit and Amanda was consumed by the orgasm that had been building since leaving her apartment. She wiggled and twitched as the wave of pure ecstasy washed through her. The suit continued the assault and the orgasms continued as well. The pleasure was all she knew and it was awesome. The activity finally slowed enough so she could recover but only enough to be kept on the edge of another orgasm.

Her mind was still a haze as she was stood up and guided to a different place. She was lowered to a padded floor and her legs were bent at the knees so her feet could be tied to her thighs. Next she was pushed back a little bit until her lower back was against a pad. The cock portion of the hood’s gag was removed after some kind of leather harness was wrapped around her head. This had a strap that went around her forehead and chin then pulled the back of her head back against some cup that comfortable kept her facing forward. She was surprised when the tip of a cock was slid into her mouth. Another surprise happened when her head was push forward by the device strapped to her head. After the second time she was force forward down the length of the cock she felt the tentacles activity increase slightly. She began to use her tongue and suck the best she could around the ring still locked inside her mouth. A few minutes later the guy moans and then shot his load into her mouth. Just as she felt him cumming she to was launched into another orgasm.

As she recovered, Tim said, “That was awesome. You are going to remain like that until you have 15 orgasms and you only get orgasms after the guys you are sucking on gets his or leaves you. I will be here the whole time watching because I am sure it will be a good show.” She just started to whimpered when a cock was shoved into her mouth. The machine attached to her head sped up and her adventure continued.

She soon lost count on the orgasms she endured and just enjoyed them. Something about the suit prevented her from getting tired and each orgasm felt as good as the last. Finally, the last guy finished as he shot a large load into her. The guy pulled out and the latex cock gag was inserted and locked into place. She was released from the machine and she fell limply to the floor exhausted. For the first time since she put the suit on the tentacles stopped molesting her body and she passed out.



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