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Tentacles of the Beast

by Mary-Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Mary-Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; F/m; beast; tentacles; insert; transform; latex; mc; enslave; maid; mast; fist; climax; cons; X

The tentacles started to wrap around her legs and push them apart. She tried to stop them, but they were simply too strong. They forced her legs so wide that it felt like they were going to rip her in two. Mary-Jo was now completely at the mercy of the beast that now holds her tight. With her body held by its tentacles, she could do nothing but let it have its way with her.

Not only did it have her legs spread wide but also her arms had been stretched out like a starfish, helpless to it. The Beast wrapped more tentacles around her chest and waist, squeezing her body tight. As The Beast held her its tentacles melted her clothes from her body, leaving her almost completely naked. The only thing that Mary-Jo had on was what was left of her pantyhose on her legs.

"Please let me g…" she began to say but before she could finish her sentence, The Beast forced one of its tentacles down her throat. She could feel it pushing down her throat, but for some reason it did not make her gag. It kept pushing and pushing. She did not know how far down into her it had gone.

The Beast lined up another tentacle with her pussy. It carefully probed at her pussy with a large member, she could feel it dripping its juices over her pussy and inner thighs. It pressed the tip into her. It was the largest thing that had ever been inside of her before, but her pussy expanded to take the large member deep inside her. She could not bring herself to admit that this was turning her on, but the over welling pleasure that the beast was giving her was too great. She softly moaned though the invader in her throat.

The member inside her pussy was now slow pounding her pussy. Mary-Jo began to moan louder and louder, only to find that the beast was not done with her yet. The Beast pushed its member into her arse, this one as even larger than the one inside her pussy. This one did not go as deep as the rest but it plugged her up and began to expand outwards. Stretching her arse as wide as it could.

The Beast started cuming all over her body as the fluids made contact with her skin, her skin started to change. Her skin started becoming black and shiny, looking like she had been dipped in rubber. The fluids came out of her with more and more pressure, and before long her body was completely covered in the fluids. She just hung there bathing in the juices. She was in too much pleasure to notice that her body was changing. The beast started to pound her pussy with great speed and force that she had a body shaking orgasm. The beast kept going and going until her body could not take any more. She passed out from the pleasure.

The Beast slowly pulled it tentacles out of her and laid her limp body on the bed coated in its juices. And in the same way it arrived The Beast disappeared into the shadows. Mary-Jo laid there limp her body now completely naked, with her skin shiny and black. Her hair was gone. She looked like a bald, naked whore that had been dipped it liquid latex.

When she awoke, her body was aching from the crippling orgasm. She was still coated in The Beasts juices, but she did not care. She had just had the best sex ever and wanted more. Looking around she could not see the beast. She then caught a glimpse of her skin that was now black and shiny. She was shocked. She pulled herself up to the head of the bed and rested against it. The sight of her body stunned her. She just lay there and looked at herself, not sure if she was dreaming or not.

As the beasts juices dried up, her skin became more and more flexible. And for someone that had just been a fuck toy for a tentacle beast she was extremely horny. She could not help herself, her hand slipped across her body to her nipple. As it did, it made the sound of rubber on rubber. For some reason this sound turned her on more. Her nipples were so sensitive that before long she was moaning loudly and was on the edge of orgasm. Quickly she pushed her body to orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs, as it ripped through her body.

She decided that she could not keep lying there all day, so slowly she slid her rubber body to the edge of the bed and carefully she stood up. She was a little off balance at first. But before long she was walking with some ease. She walked over to her dressing table, and looked at her new rubber self in the mirror. She was shocked at just how much of a transformation that she had had. Looking back at her in the mirror was a bald black rubber head with every one of her features perfectly coated in shiny black. The only thing that was not black was her eyes that were super shiny silver.

She poked herself in the cheek. She felt it, but it was more pleasure than anything else. She pushed harder, and there was still no pain. In fact her finger started to sink into her skin. She pulled it away quickly, not sure, if she saw what she did. She pinched her forearm and pulled her skin, it came away easily. She pulled and pulled, her skin pulled almost a foot away from her body. And when she let it go it snapped straight back with a crack.

To try to take her mind off what she had just become she sat down to watch some TV. As she was watching a super sexy model came on for an ad for makeup. Mary-Jo loved the shoes she was wearing, she loved them so much that her body began to change. Her feet changed into the 6” inch red pumps that the model was wearing. She sat there and thought to herself, "If I can do this by thinking about it what else can I do?"

Then an idea hit her sex-filled mind. She tried to concentrate on her idea. As she did she felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Slowly a large black rubber cock started to grow. It started small, but within seconds, it grew to 12 inches. She wrapped her hands around it and stroked it slow and softly. She could feel the orgasm quickly building inside her. It did not take long for the orgasm to rip though her body and force what looked like gallons of juice out the end of her hard cock, it would not stop. The juices coated her legs, the floor and sofa. She looked at the mess she had just made, she did not care one bit, she was just so happy.

She lay there drained of energy, her cock still hard. She tried to concentrate on making it disappear but she was just too drained. All she could do was lie there and watch TV. It did not even make sense what she was watching, her mind was flooded with her new powers and how this happened to her. Sitting there is her new sex filled world she fell asleep.

+ + + +

When Mary-Jo awoke she was still sitting somewhat upright on the sofa, most of the juices that she had coated everything with was gone. But there was something different, the floor and the sofa where the juices had been, had changed into rubber. They were still the same color just rubber. She thought this to be very interesting

She decided to shower up. Carefully she lifted her rubber body off the sofa and walked to the shower. There is one upside of being rubber, no stains on clothes, she thought to herself. Once the shower was hot she stepped in, the water ran down her rubber skin. She giggled to herself as she listened to the sound of her rubber hands soaping up her body. It was a very different sensation soaping up her hard cock. She ran her soapy hands up and down the hard shaft. Trying not to turn herself on anymore or she would be in here for hours. Now that she was happy and clean she thought she better try and make her member disappear. With all her concentration, slowly the hard member shrunk back into her body. She smiled to herself and finished cleaning herself up. Looking down she was still a little worried about the size of her belly, she had tried to make it shrink but it did not change.

Mary-Jo turned the water off and dried herself up. She started to wonder how long her belly would stay inflated. Mary-Jo hoped that it would start to shrink soon, she wanted her body back. Before her time with the beast, her body was almost perfect, she had always thought her breasts were too small and wanted a smaller waist. However, when she dressed for clubbing, she always found ways to make it look better.

Now that she was clean she needed to find something to do, she couldn't go out like this, well at least not yet. She knew that she would have to at some point but she was not that desperate yet.

Walking slowly around her apartment looking for something to do, she stopped at the door to her home office. Since she had nothing else to do she went in and fired up the computer, and before long, she found herself looking at sites for sex toys. After hours of looking, she had ordered a lot of different toys and fetish clothing, all on overnight delivery.

She thought it was time to try to get some real sleep. She quickly fixed up her bed and slipped her rubber body between the silk sheets. Laying there she tried to get comfortable. After closing her eyes, she was sleep in minutes. She slept all-night and was only woken by a knock on the door. She looked around and found nothing that would fit her. She had no choice but to go to the door naked.

She opened only enough to see the delivery boy, who was somewhat cute. He was a bit younger than her but still cute. She could see the shocked look on his face. She grabbed the clipboard from his hand and sign for her package. "May I have my package now?" Mary-Jo asked.

The delivery boy managed to get out a couple of words "YYY..yesss. ma'am" then she opened the door so he could roll the large box in.

"Please bring it in" she motioned to the boy. She thought he was 20ish, and now that she was super horny again, she wanted him. As he rolled the box in, she closed the door behind him. He looked back in shock. She was standing there naked. His draw dropped to the floor, he was speechless. Mary-Jo walked over to him and slipped a hand into his shorts. He almost jumped through the roof. She could feel his member instantly became rock hard. "Strip" She commanded and for an unknown reason the boy removed his clothes without question or reason.

He stood before her with his rock hard member standing for her to see. He looked down at it and saw that it was bigger than normal, it was almost double in size. "Horny?" Mary-Jo asked.

"Yes Ma'am" he responded.

"Kneel" Mary-Jo command. He dropped to his knees and looked up at her awaiting her next command. "Wow" Mary-Jo thought to herself, "I can control him, I love this idea. What should I do first?" She walked closer and stopped with her pussy just an inch from his face. "Lick" she commanded

Without hesitation he forced his face into her pussy and quickly flicked his tongue over her wet clit. She started to moan softly.

Then just on the edge of orgasm she commanded him to stop. He just kneeled there waiting for his next command. Mary-Jo walked over to the large box and opened it. She reached in and felt around until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a shiny black rubber outfit and matching shoes. She looked the outfit over, she had bought it for herself but she had a nasty idea. "Come here" she commanded her newest toy, “Put this on" as she hand him the outfit.

He began to pull it on, he work his legs though the outfit and pulled it up on to his body. As it came up his body he slipped his arms into the short sleeves. He worked into it slowly. Once it was fully on he squeezed his feet into the small 6" pumps.

Then he stood there like a robot awaiting instructions. She just loved her new toy. It was standing there on its heels wearing its shiny latex Maids outfit that barely covered its arse. Its rock hard cock was sticking out from under the skirt. The only thing missing was breasts to fill out the front. Mary-Jo reached back into the box and pulled out a latex hood that only had eye holes and locked at the back. She handed it to her new Maid that pulled it on with the need for command. She looked over her new maid, and was mostly pleased with what she saw.

She leant against the wall sticking her arse out at her Maid. Slowly she let her feet slid apart, letting her Maid see her dripping wet pussy and tight arse. She slipped her hand down over her body and between her legs, carefully rubbed her clit with the tip of her finger. She looked back and could see that her Maid's cock was dripping precum on the floor. She smiled with an evil smiled as she slipped a single finger deep inside her pussy, buckling at the knees with the wave of pleasure that swept over her.

Then she slipped in a second and third finger and before long her body shock with a heavy orgasm. Still horny she slipped her forth finger in and began to drive them in up past her thumb. Now taking her whole fist deep into her pussy. She was in a state of constant orgasm, them with one deep final thrust she pulled her hand back out and squirted her juices all over the floor.

Almost completely drained she slowly walked around the room and fell back on to her sofa. From where she commanded her Maid to clean. As she lay there, coming down from her high, Maid got to work cleaning away. Maid started with Mary-Jo’s juices, then worked its way around the apartment. When Maid was finished Mary-Jo was fast asleep on the sofa completely drained of all her energy. Maid carefully picked up the rubber slut that he now called mistress and carried her to the bathroom where he placed her in a hot bath that he had ran for her. Softly Maid clean Mary-Jo’s soft rubbery body making sure not to miss a spot. Once Maid was happy that Mistress was clean he picked her up out of the bath and carried her to bed. Before putting her to bed he carefully dried her and then placed her between the sheet before lying on the foot of the bed like a puppy still dressed in his Maids outfit and pumps. Together they slept through the rest of the day and night

Mary-Jo woke to see Maid curled up on her feet. She climbed out of the bed. Her body was still drained from the massive orgasms that rocked her the night before.

"Make me some breakfast" she commanded. Before she had finished speaking Maid was up and on her way to the kitchen. Mary-Jo walked slowly to the table and sat down waiting for Maid, it only took him minutes to come back with a bowl of cereal for her.

"You may have a bowl but you must eat it on the floor like a good pet!"

Maid walked off to the kitchen and made himself a bowl, then placed it at her feet and began to eat like a puppy. Once they had both finished their breakfast, Maid was just sitting there waiting like a good pet.

"Come" she command as she walked to the living room and sat down on her sofa. Maid crawled along behind her and sat at her feet. "Strip" she commanded again. Maid stood up and removed her Maids outfit and pump. He stood there with his member sticking straight out and still rock hard.

"It is time for you to leave. Once you leave you will not remember a thing about what happened here. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Good. Now get dressed and leave" Maid quick got dressed and walked out the door. As he passed thought the door his mind went blank with what have happened over the last 24 hours. Somewhat lost he walked to the lift and pushed the down button.

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