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by Enclosed Lady

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© Copyright 2005 - Enclosed Lady - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; rubber; encased; sci-fi; reluct; X

Tentacles! by Enclosed Lady – enclosedlady (at) yahoo (dot) com 

A chemical female scientist tested her new rubber experience to enclose her ex-submissive girlfriend. During the process, the female meet some tormenting uninvited guests.... 

Year 2083 - at 17:00 Paula entered the elevator in secret military base. Meters below the surface, the doors opened revealing a long metallic corridor, a scenario only seen in science fiction movies. The steps of Paula echoed through the hall until she stopped in front of a large metal door passing her authorization card and password to open it. Inside, the laboratory was very advanced with huge equipments, computers and chemical liquids. Paula was proud of being the Chief of Bio-chemical research for the government, a position she achieved after a quick relationship with another woman, in the Administration Boarder. Something of course, she wanted out of her records and she knew exactly how... 

Heading to a similar room, Paula entered another code, waited for the confirmation and another heavy door was automatically opened. The new room was heavily sealed and very cold. Opening what looked like a small chamber, Paula removed a transparent cube with a small black ball inside. "Hello little one.." she said smiling. Carefully she set the box inside a refrigerated portable valise and left the room and the facility. 


20:00 - Dyla closed the door of her apartment just to open it again when the door bell rang. "Yes!?.." she said a little grouchy after a whole day in the city hall talking with authorities and the Administration Boarder. A young boy then gave her a fedex package that she decided to open minutes later on her room. Inside there was a small metal box and a card: "Open after 00:00, it's a surprise, love Paula". Dyla thought strange a gift from her ex-lover and Mistress, but somehow the respect she had for Paula, made her follow the instructions and open after midnight. 

00:12 Dyla opened the box, wondering what could be. Inside she found a small jelly and shiny 3" black ball, something even odder then she used to get when she was Ms Paula's submissive. Removing the black ball, Dyla noticed the object was very smooth. Squeezing it for a few seconds the black ball became sticky, very quickly melting in Dyla's palm "Oh growss!!" she complained going to the bathroom to wash it off. Useless, in 5 seconds her right hand was rubbered. "Wait a minute..what's this!?.." she asked touching the sticky area with her left hand. Surprisingly the rubbered-jelly form infected her left hand and in a few seconds both were covered with the black substance. Dyla was cursing and shaking desperately both arms while going to the bathroom, but before she could reach the towel, small tentacles formed in each finger, pulling both hands together. Dylan was terrified and not believing what she was seeing! Forcing her arms to separate her hands she only provoked another reaction, the black substance started to move again, and this time, covering her arms. 

Quickly the thick substance was spreading through her body, passing under her clothes and somehow was incorporating each piece of her executive garment to its own mass. Dyla could feel her bra for a while before feeling the substance directly in touch with her skin. Her clothes turned into the substance, molding her body as a magical and diabolic nightmare. Dyla then decide to call for help but in the second she thought about getting help, the grip of the substance around her breasts tightened, squeezing her nipples, making her scream. The substance was now wrapping snugly around her neck moving to her face. Feeling panic and trembling in fear, she closed her mouth tightly avoiding the penetration. But was useless the substance managed to slide inside her mouth and her tongue could probe the rubber taste. Soon a mouth gag was formed, working like a powerful as a pump gag and shutting off her moans. 

But things were just starting. The uninvited substance was sliding over her belly, hips, crotch and legs covering the rest of her slim body. Daly was desperate she couldn't believe it was real, her legs were rubbered with a natural glow and she was being lifted by two high rubber heels as if she were using boots. While she watched with horror her new form, the thick spreading began again to act around her face, moving over her cheeks, jaw and ears. Her hair was plastered with the rubber and soon her face was covered, firmly hooded by the substance except for her nose nostrils and eyes. Even her ears were invaded by the rubber and Daly had the impression she'd gone deaf. Simultaneously, more tiny tentacles began to form around her thighs, legs, belly and arms. The tentacles looked like small snakes dancing over her body, teasing her, wrapping her like a net, caressing her insidiously. The feelings of the tentacles made her body respond to each teasing touch. 

As uncomfortable the idea was, she felt a warm sensation and an unexpected wetness, that provoked a disturbing fear of what would happen after, but the thought was already captured by the substance that immediately began to act. A tentacle formed behind her and submerged like a snake under the rubber skin, Dyla felt something spreading her bottom cheeks. Suddenly a very small tentacle tried to invade her anus and she gasped with the attempt. After a few more seconds and her channel allowed the rubber object to enter. Once inside, the rubber tentacle began to enlarge until it was 6' long and 1'5" thick. Her stretched anus was aching, a painful burning sensation. She tried to expel the intruder but was too late, she was already deflowered. Thinking nothing else could be worst, the front dildo began to move, the wetness and shiver of arousal she was feeling made the dildo to stiff as a male organ while she watched with horror in front of the mirror. Her female form imposing a 2" thick, 7" long black rubber penis that began to disappear inside her. She felt a shiver of arousal as the rubber tentacle passed her labia. It was like if the invader were absorbed or swallowed by her vaginal entrance. The rubbered thick tentacle disappeared complete inside her. Now all her holes were sealed, she was a rubberdoll with no entrances, her eyes and nostrils was the only thing left from a woman once called Dyla, now a shiny rubber model. 

When she finally got used to the idea of the invaders, the tentacles in her vagina and anus began to extend their pump continuously in and out. Dyla now was helplessly being anally deflowered by a rubber tentacle dildo, while the other tentacle worked inside her tight vaginal channel. She only could gasp and breathe hard with each stroke of the rubbered pulsing mass. When the tentacles finally began to shove faster, punching more and deeper into her backchannel and ramming painfully inside her vagina, Daly was struggling and twisting widely on the ground, her hands linked by the material and her legs moving madly. The disturbing level of excitement though, was making her enjoy the sensations of her vaginal attack. A strong orgasm suddenly made her body tremble. But the attack didn't stop, the tentacles kept their sexual digging and throbbing without mercy. Daly's body was burning with the pushes, she felt asphyxiated by the gag since her breathing was hard through her nose. Soon another orgasm automatically sent waves of sexual pleasure over her body. Daly was desperate, moaning inside her tentacle gag, twisting, struggling but all useless, she would stay sealed for the whole night and tormented by the pumps until her scientist Mistress arrives... 


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